Hi Y’all from Denver!!

OK, so I wrote you guys a catch-up post this morning from the airport/plane in Houston and pushed “publish” right before they shut the door and made us power down and the internet knocked me off without saving my material. I was so completely annoyed.

Now I am sitting in my hotel room typing as fast as I can because I get picked up in a little over an hour and I am a LONG way from ready. I still have early this morning’s hair, not to mention make up. Not to mention deodorant. I told you this morning what all I’d been doing but no time for that now. I’ll catch you up on stuff later. One of the things I did tell you, however, was how thankful I am to have some big projects behind me (like the Israel trip) so that I can now resume my normal amount of activity in Siestaville. I can’t wait for our summer Bible study to start. I hope so much you’ve acquired your workbooks and that you’re forming small groups, if not in person, on line.

May I also say that I miss our Scripture memory team like crazy and you can rest assured we will pick that back up in 2011? Meanwhile, I have my own spiral going and I hope you do, too. In fact, mine is in my purse right here in my hotel room. Let’s see if I can spit out one of my latest verses without looking. Oh, yeah…

“If I could speak all the languages of earth and angels but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy and if I understood all God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge and if I had such faith I could move mountains but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it. But if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude…”

Yep, the Love Chapter. Sometimes it all comes back to that. And, yes, I memorized it years ago and out of the KJV but, based on some feelings I was fighting about four months ago toward someone, it obviously hadn’t fully taken. Sometimes God and I work on new lessons and sometimes we just go back for a refresher on an old one. We’re back.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, I know. I was about to tell you that I’m in Denver for Deeper Still with my friends, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer. I can’t wait to hear what God has to say to all of us through them. And, we are so entirely jazzed to have Kelly Minter joining us this weekend (yes, our summer Bible study author). She is a great joy to me.

Shoot fire, I’m running out of time. I will try to write you guys on my way home Sunday. But I just have to tell you one little thing. I checked into my hotel room and there was a gift bag sitting on the bed. I thought it was a bag of snacks because our event coordinator will often leave one of those in our rooms for Deeper Still. While I was unpacking, I glanced back over at it and realized it said, “Happy Birthday” (not till next week) but I knew then that it wasn’t snacks. I pulled out the purple tissue and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT WAS AN I-PAD?????????????? I NEARLY FLIPPED!!!! I set it down on my bed and paced back and forth in my room staring at it like it might turn into a pumpkin. I wasn’t going to get one because I just couldn’t justify it. Still can’t. It’s just grace. Plain and simple. Grace. I’m just so-the-opposite-of-ticked.

GOTTA GO!! I’ll write you Sunday.


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  1. 101
    Heisfaithful says:

    Hi Beth!
    I’m really praying that I make it to at least one Deeper Still event this year. Really working on it. And I so miss the Siesta Memory Verse Team. I’m back to working on verses for myself. I’ve been memorizing Psalm 91 and I’ve finished up to verse 13. I’m so glad you’re planning on doing this again next year. Thank you for all you do and you remain in my prayers…

  2. 102
    Jennifer S. says:

    Well good grief who was it from?????
    Happy Pre-Birthday!!!!!!!
    My friends and I will be seeing you in a couple of weeks and we are too are the opposite of ticked!!!!!

  3. 103
    Roxanne Worsham says:


    I will be in Brazil on a mission trip so I will miss your bday. πŸ™
    I love you and wish I could be here to share your special day with you. I am soooo wishing I was NOT going on the trip. But my man and my man cub are going and I certainly don’t want to be left home alone!! I guess the LORD has something really special in store to call me so far away.

    So, my son bought me one of those I-Pads for Mother’s Day. I LOVE IT! It is way cool for emailing, playing games, and writing. It is like a little computer at your disposal all of the time. If you have an I-phone, it will be an easy transition. If not, you may need a little guidance.
    Apple’s technology is amazing!

    Please pray that the LORD will change my heart about the mission trip. I can’t wait to be with the people and to love on them. I am DREADING having to stay in total strangers homes where we share no common language. πŸ™

    I am making a set of flash cards with English words and phrases on one side and Portuguese on the other. I am also bringing with me a bunch of beanie babies to give to the children of the orphanage where we are going.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. 104
    Anna Mitchell says:

    You are just absolutely adorable, Ms. Beth!(thinking your iPad would turn into a pumpkin!…one too many fairy tales.) I saw you 3 at the Deeper Still event in OKC in December. Life changing. You won’t probably remember, but as you were leaving–myself and a girlfriend- yelled out at you, “We love you Beth!” as you walked right past us. You stopped and looked right at us and said, “I love you too.” -and put your hand on your heart. I think that’s your specialty. You leave us women feeling sincerly loved by you. And you met us girls right where we are. I am excited for the ladies experiencing Deeper Still this weekend. I know what they’re in for.

  5. 105
    Georgia Jan says:

    Hi Bethie – So good to hear from you!!! I prayed for you this weekend – specifically for Deeper Still. I’m coming to DS Birmingham in December, can’t wait!

    Three things:
    1. I have my book for Summer Bible study!
    2. I am so glad to hear there will be a Scripture Memory 2011, and I have continued in 2010 – I believe the discipline will stay with me – can’t thank you enough.
    3. I hope your birthday is great – a Georgia package is on the way…

    An iPad? How fun! I am holding out that Verizon will get the iPhone – I love my Blackberry, but would LOVE LOVE an iPhone!!!

    Yesterday was my 33rd wedding anniversary – you must look at the picture of me and Gary as we left the church in his baby blue Ford Pinto…it matched his baby blue leisure suit!!! (Melissa and Amanda both saw it on Facebook and loved it.) Hilarious. I did not mention his white belt and white patent leather shoes…

    I posted it on my blog too! http://granjansjoy.blogspot.com

    Much love, have a good weekend! I know you are glad to have the So Long Insecurity event and the Israel trip behind you…I’ve prayed for your rest and some more Bibby time.

    Your friend, GJ

  6. 106

    Hi there I am so glad we are doing scripture verse memorization again in 2011 can’t wait. I am memorizing this yr. I started in Jan2010 But I am only doing one a month and I try to say my scripture verses everyday before the day starts I was suppose to be at DEEPER STILL this weekend but the hotels were to expensive even though I had reservations but I got to thinking better not go espically being unemployed. So I have been a tad bit sad because I really wanted to be there. But GOD is good and there will be other times that maybe I can go.
    Happy Birthday early and May Your Socks Be Blessed right off of you this weekend.
    Awesome about the IPAD and you deserve it .
    Love you so much

  7. 107

    Got my “Ruth” book yesterday and have glanced through it. Excited about summer Bible study. Didn’t get to participate last summer. Me and my BFF from High School are doing this one together….online. I’m in MS and she’s in GA.

    And, YES, I have a spiral going this year too. Verse started on June 1 was Isaiah 58: 11.

    One of my good blogging friends….that I’ve never met in person….is with you at Deeper Still this weekend.

    So good to hear from you!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  8. 108
    Angela says:

    Beth, Who was it from????
    My birthday is today…the big 40….
    Was sad about it, but my dear husband has made it do special, how can I be sad to getting older with such a great guy?
    Pray your event and blessed and you enjoy that ipad!

  9. 109
    Renee says:

    Can’t wait for the Bible study! In the meantime I just have to say: you are going to love your iPad!
    I do all sorts of things with mine!

  10. 110
    moongirl says:

    Wow! An iPad!! Who’s it from???? Have fun! Aren’t mac products the best?

  11. 111
    Vanessa S. says:

    I just subscribed to the LPM blog. I hope I did it right as I am not very computer savvy! I am looking forward to be encouraged by my sisters in Christ as we journey together. Beth, I am looking forward to attending your conference in Lowell, MA in October:)

    God bless you,

  12. 112
    Billsgirl says:

    Love it! Truly God intended for you to have an I-pad… We have a scripture memory team going with some of God’s G.A.L.S. It has been such a joy to all of us.

    We thank you for the inspiration.

    Mary Ann, Woodbury, MN

  13. 113
    Tina says:

    Enjoy your time in Denver and the relief from Hot Houston. Also, happy EARLY BDAY and have fun with that IPAD! Around here we celebrate all week long so enjoy!

  14. 114
    Sacha says:

    Hey Beth, I am so glad you received something you wanted! You really deserve so much more! I pray all of you will be used by the Holy Spirit and speak to those who need to be spoken to!
    I love all of you!

  15. 115
    OceanMommy says:

    AN iPad!!!!!! Get out of here!!!!! I am NOT jealous, at all. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I have my spiral going and looking forward to 2011. Been horrible at checking in with Leah at the Point each month, but I am still working on my memory work.

    And the love chapter is timely for me today. Tomorrow more than any other day in my life I need to have this chapter on my brain and in my heart. I know that if I haven’t spent enough time soaking in it, I can not do what God has called me to do. I have spent enough time praying about the battle part of what could happen BUT, I need to spend more time asking God to help me love and for the other person to realize how much they are loved. So unclear I know….

    Love this ministry and so thankful for each person in it!

  16. 116
    Laura says:

    Just got home from Deeper Still in Denver. It was so good. This was the first I had heard Kay speak, boy did she bring it or what! Beth, I sure would have liked to hear your other 2 points. It seems like no matter how long the event is, it is never enough time. I just can’t seem to get enough of God’s word. I am sorry you didn’t get our typically beautiful Colorado weather this weekend, but I did like the verse about God coming down with dark clouds under his feet. Many blessings.

  17. 117
    Cathy says:

    What an amazing conference in Denver!! I learned so much, but more importantly had fun loving Jesus with you guys

  18. 118
    Lynette says:

    You all blessed us so much at Deeper Still this weekend. Thank you for letting God use you.

    I wanted to say that your arms were looking very good. Your quest to get arms like Nicole C. Mullen is coming along very nicely πŸ™‚

  19. 119
    Dea Moore says:

    My godly grandmother used to say “shoot fire”!! Oh how I miss her. So wish she could have done your studies. She would have loved, loved, loved them but not as much as she loved Jesus. I fell in love with Him as she rocked me in four/four time from the songs out of the shape-note hymnal. Can’t wait “meet” her “in the morning with a how do you do”!”

  20. 120
    leslie says:

    mama siesta,
    i just got an ipad this week-end, (also a God thing) so i’ll be anxious to hear about your adventures in i-padding…don’t know why but that sounds like hanging out in slippers…and I am praying for all the Deeper Still participants both on-stage and in the audience to have a blessed week-end!
    Leslie in Utah

  21. 121
    Siesta OC says:

    I cannot go into how I feel…spent for the glory of GOD! I have never been to a Deeper Still event, and well it blew my mind. Traveling from Orange County, I met up with Siesta’s for the first time that I had never met but have connected with over email, what a blessing and what a gift they are. They were so thoughtful, checking in on me (across the room from where they were sitting – I got a pic with Miesta Moose, my life is complete).
    My head is spinning. Kelly was a gift to this single girl who needed to hear I am not the only one. And let me just say, GOD asked my ride to ask for directions which turned into me being an encourager…when GOD has a plan, HE DOES!!

    I can’t believe the way the LORD sees me – like Hagar.

    Blessings in HIm, Molly

    • 121.1
      moosemama says:

      What a treat it was to meet you sweet Molly….Not just for Miesta Moose but for his Mama. Looking forward to many years of chance meetings with you.


      • Yolanda says:

        You are just as beautiful in person, as you’ve presented yourself to me in the past two plus years. It totally, rocked, to meet you in person.

        Love YOU!

        • Siesta OC says:

          Yolanda – you are so fun! i loved meeting you – you are so thoughtful (i love my journal) and the verse you attached.

          What a dear sister you are to me.


      • Siesta OC says:

        I dearly loved meeting you – what a surprise blessing! I can’t wait to meet up again either (next time we will sit together)


  22. 122
    Rebecca says:

    Hello Momma Beth! Gesh, it has been over a year since ive posted on here! I fell like ive been siesta deprived! I saw you this weekend in Denever! You spoke right to my heart yet again! I was about to say hi to you but you had to run, maybe next time πŸ™‚ be blessed! Happy Birthday!

  23. 123
    Joan says:

    Just left Deeper Still in Denver, what a blessing! Thank you for sharing from your heart, for challenging us and worshiping with us!! All four of you ladies are amazing, gifted bible teachers, speakers and we are BLESSED that you share your gift with us.

    What an amazing way to start the summer!

    Love to you!

  24. 124
    Kelly Fitzpatrick says:

    Dear Beth,
    I was at Deeper Still this weekend and let me tell ya, you did an amazing job. I talked to you at the end of the panel. I am the 12 year old. Remember? Kelly? I just wanted to let you know that this weekend was amazing. It was my first womens conference and I LOVED IT! You, Pricilla, and Kay did a wonderful job and told me how to go deeper still. I know I am 12 but I learn things fast. What you told me today after the panel made me so happy. I was on the verge of crying it was so special. Yes I do want to become a missionary in the tribes of Africa! I really enjoyed your lesson on blessings and I loved your humor on the panel. It made me feel so great.. I mean glad ;)… when you told me that God loves me. It makes me feel great anytime but to hear it come from your mouth made me feel GLAD. I asked you the question I asked because many women that preach always preach to… well women! They talk about things they dont think I understand and so they treat me like a child with respect of a child. And since you really inspire me when you said women, I prayed and thought I hope she doesnt mean JUST women! So I gathered the courage to ask you what you actually meant. And I thank you SO much Beth Moore for giving me the knowledge that I AM considered a woman… in Beth Moore’s eyes. πŸ™‚ thanks so much and may it be God’s will to bless you and your family more and more. =)

    Your sister in Christ Jesus,
    Kelly Fitzpatrick

    P.S. I did fill out the evaluation sheet. So take a peek and tell me what you think!

    • 124.1
      Nesha says:

      So thrilled for you attending your first conference! Yes, you are a sister (woman) in Christ and He will use your gift no matter the age. So wish I could hug your sweet neck right now (hugs)!

  25. 125
    Carla says:

    Hi Beth, Can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that our beloved leader has occassional bouts with human flaws and is not to high and mighty to admit it. I too have to go back to an old lesson that I thought He had gotten through my thick scull earilier but to only find out that it didn’t. I’m wanting to get back to some serious scripture memory. Have a great time in Denver, love ya Carla

  26. 126
    Deanna says:

    It was such a privilege to hear you in Denver this weekend!! I was so encouraged! I was bummed that they didn’t get to your answer on how you stay so adorably cute/fit! Love hearing about your marriage. It’s so encouraging to me because our marriage, too, is a miracle and has been like a roller coaster. Wondering if you have a book/study on marriage.

    I met you once at HFBC when we thought we were moving to Houston. You made me feel like we had been friends for life. Said you’d remember my husband’s name ’cause your SIL’s name is Curtis.

    Thank you for your obedience!!
    Deanna Smith

  27. 127
    Melissa says:

    I have missed you so much. Love you! You are so blessed with the I-pad. WOW!

  28. 128
    Connie Hein says:

    Dear Beth,
    Colorado loves you! We loved having you grace our fair state with your love of Jesus and love of us. We felt your love in the group of 49,00000000 women! We loved worshipping with you and watching you enjoy worshipping with us. Our only complaint???!! We wanted more Moore!! Thank you for following God’s leading and taking us along for the journey. Thank you for being open and honest and real with us Coloradoans! God bless you Beth – i pray i will get to meet you someday and tell you face to face what a blessing you have been in my life. I feel like you are one of my best friends and have learned so much about passion from Jesus from you my dear sister in Christ. Safe travel. Come back soon!!

  29. 129
    Rachael says:

    Beth – thank you so much for Deeper Still this weekend (and the other girls as well)! It was such a blessing. The girls in my group laughed and cried. It was so awesome. You are a blessing to us. I’m humbled to have spent a fraction of time learning from you!

    Much Love,
    PS – Happy Birthday!!

  30. 130
    Pam says:

    Feeling opposite of totally ticked–how cool is that. I LOVE my Ipod–can’t imagine an I-Pad! That is awesome–enjoy it! I would like for someone (or several)to tell me how to study this Bible. I want to know His word–haven’t been born again too long and often feel overwhelmed when I try to read. How do you all know so much? Beth–can you share with me what your spiral is? I have learned a great day in my walk with Jesus but would really like to learn how to really study His word and hear His voice.
    Thank you for anyone willing to share

  31. 131
    Kathy says:

    God Bless You, Beth Moore- I was just telling a friend today what an inspiration you are to me- I’m OLD and your amazing witness is profound (I’m very particular at this stage in life) I have been convicted most recently that his greatest desire is to have a personal realtionship with each of us- how amazing- in this world of ours, we often believe it is our “works” or doing “good works” that he wants- Have a joyous gathering- An appreciative Siesta- Kathy

  32. 132
    Kay says:

    Beth,this weekend was incredible from the first song on Friday to the last question posed to the esteemed panel this afternoon …. and everything in between was some mighty strong teaching. You ladies are quite a team.

    My husband and I came up earlier in the week to have some quiet time in the mountains and fly back to Houston tomorrow. Indeed “God has been good to us and we are glad!”

    Thank you again for bringing His message to us.
    Love you!

  33. 133
    Michelle says:

    I SO miss the scripture-memory challenge too! Accountability through this blog was a huge help (though I know it’s no excuse not to memorize). I look forward to getting back on track with that in 2011!

  34. 134
    Melana Cummings says:

    Deeper Still lived up to it’s name. It was PHENOMENAL! Beth, I am so glad I loved Priscilla and Kay as much as you!

    Thanks for the hug πŸ™‚


    • 134.1
      Jillian says:

      Oh Moose Mama! I wish I could have connected with you! I crashed your party in Laramie in ’09 at Jeffries after LPL. Are you the creators of Kay’s ‘Possum Queen’? Let’s connect at the next one…

      • moosemama says:

        Hi Jillian! I remember you crashing our party..hahaha. Nope I didn’t do the possum queen sash. I came alone to this conference and stayed with other friends in the area. Yep, wish I’d known you were there πŸ™


  35. 135
    Erica says:

    To say that the weekend in Denver was a blessing…. serious understatement. Thanks to you all for BRINGING IT. You brought it. Big time.

    I’m not one to usually participate in “activities” like writing on the glass boards with the trees (kind of like I’m not one to usually comment on blogs), but God gave me a few words in prayer to Him to write. The very thing I wrote was, of course, the very thing God spoke to me through each of you (I’m talking like right down the VERY WORDS coming out of your mouths). I’m so looking forward to going deeper… knowing my God, emptying my quiver, moving out the rubble, and living coram Deo. I am BLESSED. BL-ES-SED.

    I am hoping that you’ll post the commissioning somewhere?….

  36. 136
    aussie monica says:

    Blessed Birthday Beth! I’ll be in -between timezones next week so I will wish you a happy birthday now.
    Please pray for me as I make the trip back to Canada with a 4 year old and a now crawling 10 month old!

  37. 137
    SueB says:


    Tornados in Denver? Yes, I told my friend back in New Mexico as we drove to Denver, and the wildest one has a name… Beth Moore! She comes into town and swoosh changes your life right along with Jesus. I so wish I could have been with you and all the siestas. We passed busloads coming from Churches I knew they were heading to Magness Arena. Can’t wait to see the video. The Grandson was sick when we got here to babysit (his parents went to San Diego for the weekend)
    We got some bonding time, and it was my Birthday today.
    Can you believe there was hail as big as apples? Well of Course everything from Texas is Big, right Beth?
    Hope you enjoyed Denver and your I-pad.
    Blessings, SueB

  38. 138
    Deanna says:

    I, too, am new to the blog. I am trying to figure out what the Siesta Scripture Memory Team is about (and the spiral). That page is giving me an error. Can someone explain to me?


    • 138.1
      Kathy B says:

      Dear Deannna,
      I hope someone else fills you in on the Memory Team as I only began following this blog this past February. But I couldn’t resist putting in a plug for the “spirals”. Honey Hush! They just may change your life. I’ve heard Beth say she thinks the person who invented them was divinely inspired. I agree. She’s talking about those plain jane sets of note cards that are spiral bound. Why all the fuss? Because you fill them with scripture verses that God is speaking to your heart and then keep them where you will see them, refer to them, repeat them and by God’s grace, memorize them. And then the miracle of God’s indwelling Spirit sets to work doing what He does: changing us by activating His Word. His powerful, living Word. Available at a Walmart near you. Who knew?

  39. 139
    Tiffany says:

    Praying for you and the Denver conference! I live in Denver and I wish I could have made it!!

    That’s so great about the I-pad πŸ™‚

  40. 140
    Billi Ney says:

    I justify my I-pad everyday!! You will love it girl, you can add application to have the Bible right at your finger tips. OH I have the NIV, King James,and I journal on mine. Oh and by the way in the I-Book store, I have some of your books I have bought off there! I hope you Enjoy the early birthday present… Today is actually my Birthday, the big 26..and My hubby got me My I-Pad for my birthday a couple weeks ago too. So HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY FROM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL ! take care..

  41. 141
    AvA says:

    way cool! ipad! i’m an apple product girl by choice! up way too late from a dr pepper i had towards the end of a wedding a photog friend and were shooting. keep up the great work!

  42. 142
    Kelly S. says:

    An iPad WOW!!
    I love the Deeper Still events, and I am sure this one was fabulous! Thanks for the encouragement on our memory work. My spiral is going strong and Tuesday makes half-way for 2010. I’m doing mine with Leah at The Point πŸ™‚

    love you πŸ™‚

  43. 143
    April Nicole says:

    WoW. Don’t you love how God gives us the best surprises? And so personal at that! There is no doubt that I would have turned into a pumpkin if I found an iPad on my bed :O) Happy early birthday.

    HOpe you have a safe trip home today. Wish I could have been there with you guys this weekend. I bet it was awesome!

  44. 144
    onehappychic says:

    Reading your blog from my magical iPad … you’re going to love it!!! Happy early birthday!

  45. 145
    Susan says:

    I’m new to blogging and up until now didn’t feel it was something I needed to know. But I have just finished Beth Moore’s book on insecurity for the second time and just couldn’t not say something. The Lord has so blessed me with this book, I have struggled with this issure my entire life and reached for every ‘self help’ book I could find. But God led me to this book and I opened my heart to his healing. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Because I thought I could fix this myself. I praise God for leading me to this book and I praise Him for giving Beth Moore the insights and words to write.

  46. 146
    Donna says:

    You didn’t tell us who gave you the I-PAD!!! How wonderful a gift.
    I wish you would give Kay Arthur a hug for me. I worked at Precept Ministries for 10 years… I learned the Bible like I never had before. I love your studies too cause you are teaching me to love scripture like I never had before. I hope I can do the on-line Bible Study, not sure if I can get the book… Thanks for your testimony and realness.
    Much love!!!!

  47. 147
    Laura says:

    Oh, how we loved you here in Denver, Miss Beth! Sorry the weather was so lousy, but as you pointed out, the Lord really “rained” down his presence over us. It will take me weeks to fully process all He showed me through yours, Kay’s and Priscilla’s messages, and I’m so eager to digest all the scriptures and notes I took! Weeks, I tell you…weeks. At this point I know that I’m challenged to empty my quiver and to live “coram Deo”. Thanks for the blessing of your presence and teaching, and please thank your man for his sacrifice of sharing you with us this weekend!
    Denver, CO

  48. 148
    Kathy Gerlach says:

    This is Sunday, so I hope your time in Denver not only blessed all those who attended, but you as well. I am just getting into these Blogs, and this is great. Thank God for leading me to this site. I am learning a lot and find that it oftentimes goes along with something at my church. Isn’t that something!
    Hope you have a safe trip home, and maybe a restful Monday. Have a really Happy Birthday!

  49. 149
    cindy says:

    I already left a comment yesterday, but I’ll send another one now that the entire DeeperStill event is over. WOW! What a fantastic weekend, God was “in the building”, that’s for sure. You women are amazing. What a nice mix the three of you are, so different, yet all profound in your own ways.

    I was blown away by Priscilla’s intensity. Those veins were popping out on her neck and all I could think about was that if I were her I’d be collapsing in a heap for a nap afterward! Loved her bow and arrow analogy and how you picked up on that in your talk after her. Powerful.

    I woke up this morning thinking about the event and texted my friend who also attended. She said she too woke up thinking about it.

    Aaaaah, breakthrough with my 13 yr. old son. I bought your book, “DAVID, 90 days with a Heart Like His”. My son saw it on my bed this morning and commented, “That looks like a really good book. I read the first 10 pages last night”. This is a kid who does not voluntarily read, EVER! This is also a kid who is wavering between on-track/off-track behavior. It’s a start…..Perhaps he’ll stay interested and read more.

    Love you Beth. Thank you for all you do. You are my rock star!

  50. 150
    kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    Please pray for the family our dear friend an Siesta Connie. Connie took her life last night. She was heading up our Living Proof Simulcast. We are devestated, shocked and saddened. Many unanswered questions. She leaves behind a husband, two children and young grandchildren.

    • 150.1
      Beth says:

      Oh, my gracious, Kathy. I am just sick at heart.

    • 150.2
      Pam says:

      kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas-
      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. While it may appear things are fine on the outside, no one knows what one struggles with on the inside. My heart aches for you and this family. May God give you the strength to get through the next few days.

    • 150.3

      Sending prayers of peace and comfort to all of you who knew and loved Connie. I am soooooo sorry and so sick to hear this. Makes me really sad.
      I hate the devil!

    • 150.4
      Song Catcher says:

      Devastating, Sending prayers and love to her family and friends.

    • 150.5

      I had this happen to me two weeks ago; you are right there are many unanswered questions, but God knows the answers.
      Personally, my friend was dealing with a lot on the inside that she hid from the world. I will tell you what a good friend told me in this time. It was never far from God’s sight…any of it.
      I know there is controversy on if you take your life you go to hell, but personally, I think that God knew her heart, knew it was suffering..and its of course only my thought, but I believe she is safe in the arms of Jesus now, where she can’t suffer anymore.
      I’ll be praying for you; its tough, but I am sure like my friend that yours left a legacy…concentrate on that. Live on from that. God bless.


      • kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

        Thank you Angie for the nice words. I have no doubt she is resting in the arms of our Lord! We are beginning to hear a few issues that none of us knew. We will continue to hold her dear and pray for her family.

    • 150.6
      Yolanda says:

      Lord, have mercy.

    • 150.7
      Becky says:

      To everyone in Siestaville-
      I’m soooo saddend to hear about our siesta Connie. Sorry to say, I did not know her. It is always shocking to hear that someone has taken their own life. Seems as we get older life gets harder. We do not know what goes on in another persons mind. A person may look fine, sound fine, but inside a raging battle is being faught. Shots are being fired from many different angles, and sometimes the mind gets hurt.
      Let’s pray for this family after you read thise blog comment. Let’s all make it a habit to pray for each other. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but we are here in siestaville together. We are each a breathing living woman who hurts at times, some of us more than others. Let’s pray that out Lord will heal the siestas and their friends and loved ones that have hurting minds, broken hearts.
      We all know this pices of truth……..
      Jesus is the answer to all of it.
      Please forgive me if this sounded strange or dufus to you.

    • 150.8
      Amanda says:

      Kathy, this is so heartbreaking.

    • 150.9
      moosemama says:

      Oh my. God bless her dear family.

    • 150.10
      Siesta OC says:

      I don’t know what to say – praying. I’m stunned, i headed up simulcast’s at my church…even though i don’t know here, this feels personal.

    • 150.11
      Leslie says:

      continued prayers for this precious family and all of you in her community of caring and concern…a siesta in utah

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