Deeper Still – Denver

Check out Rich’s recap from Denver! He incorporated video into this recap and it is super fun- totally felt like I was there when I was viewing it.

Deeper Still – Denver CO from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Brittany says:

    Thank you for coming to Denver it ROCKED!!

    Travis and the praise team were unbelievable- it was a little glimpse into heaven.

    God worked through each of you speaking and taught me new things. Beth, I love how you give context to Scripture- it brought out something I’d never seen in familiar verses. Thank you for all your hard work those rewards will be well worth it!

    I sat in my seat looking over at you wishing I could just run down and give you a little hug and tell you I love you (not love like a crazy fan but love like a daughter would give to her mom)

    And I just have to say that hearing Kelly was really fun since the Bible Study starts soon and I had no idea who she was previously.

    A Colorado gal

  2. 52
    Tanya says:

    My Bible study leader was there this weekend and actually got to meet, talk to and hug Beth Moore at a restaurant after the event. We are so thrilled to be one degree of separation from Beth!!

  3. 53

    It’s almost the 16th June here in Australia and Beth, I want to wish you the Happiest and most blessed birthday you’ve had to date.
    Yesterday (14th) I celebrated my born again birthday – 23years of walking with my sweet, strong Jesus. My family celebrates this day with me. It’s quite funny as they even buy presents.
    Interestingly enough I turn 40 in January and am concerned about wrinkles, flab etc, yet I am busting to have grey hair and wrinkles spiritually. I love the wisdom that age brings. I want that deeper intimacy with Jesus that comes from having walked,talked, laughed and cried with Him.
    Keep keeping on Beth. You have blessed my heart more than you know. Everytime I put on a teaching DVD of yours (Daniel at the moment) and my husband is in the background he ‘inadvertantly’ ends up near the TV listening as intently as I do. My four kids all know you as ‘mummy’s friend, Beth Moore’, even my youngest who is only 4…’s delicious. Keep kicking goals for the Kingdom. The Tobgui’s love Beth Moore 🙂 xxxxxx

  4. 54

    Loved the videos!! Oh how I long for some great Christian women fellowship in my life! Send them & me quickly to eachother LORD JESUS!! Thank you.

  5. 55
    Sherry says:

    Thank you (as always) for doing this…it so fun to see the women of God, worshipping and learning about God…and it encourages me to keep doing the same!

  6. 56
    Deb Martell says:

    That video was a part of my time with the Lord this morning. What a blessing! Reminding me of my Green Bay experience and that I need to keep speaking, telling my/His story with the hope to bring healing to women. Is it not a true privilege to be allowed to participate in His work? Oh, how I love Him!!!!!! Thank you for serving His great kingdom…

  7. 57
    Pat McConnell says:

    Love the video and still shot combo. Can’t wait for December when y’all will be in Birmingham, AL. Already have tickets for me and my sweet daughter-in-love. Praying that many hearts will be changed (including mine)!

  8. 58
    Valerie says:

    Rich always does such a wonderful job. I loved the video & still shots.
    Of course, Travis’ songs are always so anointed.
    I felt like I was there too.
    It’s wonderful to read all of the testimonies of how God worked this past weekend.
    To Him be the glory!
    Asking y’all to keep Oklahoma in your prayers after the floods came yesterday.
    So many have flood damage and no flood insurance. We’ve had quite the weather here the past month.
    Oh yeah….and “Happy (early) Birthday” Beth!

  9. 59
    Jessica says:

    Oh wow, I love this recap. The video portions are beautiful.

  10. 60
    flip flops says:

    Oh my goodness! I so felt like I was there. Ending with that sweet precious baby was………..just darling!
    Thanks to all of you that help to make that happen!

  11. 61
    Mary Jo Marsh says:

    I Love this group – wish I could have been there. You are all so amazing!!!!! God is so Good.
    Lavon, TX

  12. 62
    Ruth from North Idaho says:

    Loved having video with still shots. I was so sorry I couldn’t come, and it gave me a better ‘taste’ of being there!

  13. 63
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    As a Siesta in Siestaville for many years,

    I must share that if you haven’t attended a LivingProof or Deeper Still Conference, You are missing an opportunity to hear,feel,speak,touch,think,and smell the LOVE OF CHRIST JESUS within the walls of a building that is filled with BEAUTIFUL WOMEN FROM ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

    Beth has been anointed, with a calling on her life, to reach out and touch women of all ages through her study, experience,journey and love for JESUS!!


    I NEVER thought I would be a blogger on LPM or facebook ~ However, it has been such a BLESSING to keep in touch with our Siestaville. I have been humbled with such loving and giving “new” Siesta’s since Beth shared this site several years ago. I love you ***Roxanne,Rachel,Moosemama-Melana, Little steps of faith-Angie, Fran,Jenny,Holly,Yolanda, Bethany,(the scripture spirals are a GODSEND ~ I use mine ALL THE TIME = in my car,near my computer,in the ladies room ~ giggle giggle)Linda,Melissa, Amanda,Beth, Lindsee, Teri, and so many more that I would take up this entire comment space to add.
    I call of of you TRUE SIESTA FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are truly blessed to have LPM, Rich photography, and Travis music in our midst.

    Be Still …..
    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina


  14. 64
    Sylvia says:

    The Deeper Still conference was a blessing direct from God. What a privilege I had to be there with my sister-in-law. Beth, Kay and Priscilla are anointed ladies of God. May the Word from the weekend continue to be active and alive in me.

  15. 65
    Nichole says:

    How cool is that? Wished I could have been there. Looks like they had a blast! Of course they did…

  16. 66
    Sabrina says:

    That WAS awesome. Almost like being there!

  17. 67
    Tonya says:

    As I watched the Denver Deeper Still recap, I begain to cry. I can’t wait until, I can take my little girls to a Deeper Still event. I pray that they will have heart for Jesus, they haven’t yet made that public. We haven’t gone to church to much lately either. I live in KY, and when I went to Deeper Still in Nashville, Kay was in a wheelchair. I heard Mrs. Priscilla for the first time and was given strength by her words. Beth was also inspiring to me. I am thankful for your dedication to teaching GOD’s word. I went alone,because my friend chose to stay with her mother who was suffering with cancer. My husband and kids came also, he showed them different things about the city while I was at the conference. I wasn’t where you all were until you came to where I was. We were in the overflow, at Belmont University. That weekend was nice for me to attend, even if I did go alone. I have just one suggestion: Come closer to Ky, I have 4 kids and it is hard to go far away. I am nursing one of them now, so she would have to come too, but that’s ok. Thank you all for your encouragement.

  18. 68
    DonnaE says:

    I’ve been to several Living Proof events but never a Deeper Still. After seeing this video I so want to attend one of these events now!!!

  19. 69
    Sara says:

    I had my ticket for this conference for MONTHS! And due to a herniated disk in my back, I couldn’t go. I just can not believe I missed it. My girlfriend that went came up to me at church on Sunday and I said “I want your notes, but please don’t talk about the worship…I can not bear to hear how amazing it was…”

    So sad I missed it, but so happy for the lives touched while they were there.

  20. 70
    laurena tallman says:


  21. 71
    Rachel says:

    Mama Beth,

    Why does Mother Kay have sunglasses on her head…I feel out of the loop?

  22. 72
    Erin says:

    Love this! We women need to learn to laugh more & leave the rest with God.
    Also enjoyed Life Today 🙂

  23. 73

    Oh this video is so fantastic! I loved it! Deeper Still events are so close to my heart! Who would not love to go to an event where three (and this time four) godly women speakers will be heard from???! And the worship! And the fun! What is not da bomb about Deeper Still? Love the video:) Praise the Lord!:)


  24. 74
    Sue Schwendemann says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Just checking to see if my photo shows.

  25. 75
    Jessica says:

    Thank you for this reminder of the wonderful weekend we had with you at Deeper Still. The teaching was so annointed and timely, the worship so sweet and powerful. Thank you for coming to Denver. Is there a way to re-listen to the teachings by Kay, Pracilla and yourself? I pray the Lord will encourage and bless you as you refresh and teach others!

  26. 76

    June 28, 2010 9:00 am

    Our Sunday School class is studying Esther, a Bible study researched and presented by Beth Moore. On Sunday, June 27, we viewed the 4th session which means my Bible study should have been Day 1 in Esther Chapter 4. I’m a little behind so my study began on page 66 in the workbook which is the end of the 2nd day of the third week (Chapter 3) about casting lots. The Scripture that I started my Bible study with was Proverbs 16:33 “The lot is cast into the lap, but it’s every decision is from the Lord. There are 2 footnotes to this verse: 1) “lot” Reference- Proverbs 18:18 The cast lot puts an end to strife and decides between the mighty ones. 2) “decision” Reference- Proverbs 29:26 Many seek the ruler’s favor, But justice for man comes from the Lord. My comment in my book reads “Thank You, Jesus!”

    I read this one hour before an appointment with a lawyer to see what could be done to open my Mother’s probate which my younger brother has blocked. God gave me this for “such a time as this” – today!

    What I have learned from my study today: The lots that were cast in Haman’s presence occurred in the 1st month Nisan but the lot fell on the 12th month Adar. When Esther was summoned to the king in Chapter 2, the month from the Persian calendar (Tebeth) was used. However, the writer suddenly switched to references of months of the Jewish calendar (Nisan and Adar). This is significant because when the Persian calendar posed a threat to the people of God, He switched their datebook for His own (Jewish). These lots were cast day to day, month to month for a year.

    The next paragraph reads: “No matter how meticulously man plans, any evil scheme waged against a child of God is sketched right before divine eyes on a sacred calendar. God created time, and no human can take it from Him or use it against Him. Time is significant to God mostly because His children who are temporarily bound by its tenets are significant to God. Every man-scheduled date subjected upon one of His children is written, not just on a doctor’s calendar, a hospital’s calendar, or a trial judge’s calendar. It is written on God’s! My comment: “Thank You, Jesus! Read 2 weeks later than supposed to – But in God’s timing!”

    My Mother died of Pancreatic cancer. My Daddy died of a massive stroke. They loved each other and neither wanted to be left without the other one. They were married 64 years from two entirely different lives geographically, culturally, spiritually, educationally, language and foods. Through the years they became one in all of the above. Two things disturbed my parents very much – When my younger brother left his wife for a younger women and deserted his children for her children and when the same brother told my Mother (one hour after she found out she had pancreatic cancer) that he “was finally a Catholic”. My mother told him, “What do you want me to do – kiss the Pope?” Months later I realized that my mother sought out Catholics to witness to and if she was targeting them to witness to, she must have felt that they were not saved.

    They decided together to change their will. Daddy even said it was Biblical because Ricky would still be getting more than his natural children. Ricky’s third was to be divided into thirds: one third for him and two-thirds divided between his three natural children. When we had everything in place to sign the new wills, Daddy had a mini stroke so I thought it best that he not sign his and it was agreed. For some reason the three of us were listed as Personal Representatives (to make it fair). My older brother defaulted to me, but Ricky chose to serve with me. So he is in disagreement with Mama’s will and is blocking her probate from being opened.

    I’m at peace about it but I would like to complete the task of probate. The above lesson reminded me that our God is on the throne and His will will be accomplished! I feel that the wills were signed exactly as they should have been because:
    1. Daddy died first unexpectantly which allowed Mama’s will the one to be carried out.
    2. Found out later that if two wills are different, there has to be 120 hours between the deaths for the second will to be valid. My parents’ deaths meet this criterion.
    3. I cried out to God one night for a very long time asking him for peace in this situation. In the wee hours of the morning, God told me that it wasn’t my battle – Ricky was fighting with our parents who were in Heaven and his children. No judge would let a father win at the expense of his children.
    4. And, finally, my morning Bible study – God is the ultimate judge and His timetable is for a purpose.

    Now, this child of God has sweet, sweet peace about the outcome of this lot that is cast.

    Thank you for the part you have played in my spiritual journey thus far. I cherish your prayers as I continue on this Earthly journey with my Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ!

    Maria Lynn

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