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Hi ladies! This week’s most frequently asked question has been whether we will make a DVD available of Beth’s teaching from the So Long Insecurity Simulcast. I finally have an answer for you!

There will be a DVD and the planned release date is July 1.

We have also been asked about The Promise of Security, which is a 40-page booklet of Scriptures that pairs nicely with SLI. It is sold out, but I’ve been told that the publisher, Tyndale, expects to have more of them in early May. They will be available in many bookstores and in our online store for $1.

In other news, I finished Francine Rivers’ Her Mother’s Hope this week and I’m already dying for the next one! Her Daughter’s Dream looks to be coming out in the fall. I just went to her web site to look for that release date and look what I came across! Ha!

This was taken at a book signing that Mom and Mrs. Rivers did together here in Houston.

And, because this post needs yet another topic in it, I want to thank you for praying for my family since Curtis had his surgery 12 days ago. He is doing much better and life is feeling a lot more normal. Sometimes Curtis and I get bored of “normal” but I can assure you we are more grateful for it now.

Have a great weekend, Siestas!

PS – There is a little present at the top of our sidebar for everyone who has asked me how to have the blog posts emailed to them over the last three years. Woo hoo!


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  1. 51
    Hope365 says:

    I loved Francine’s Book also!! Can’t wait for the Fall. I remember reading the Mark of the Lion Series for the first time. Needless to say, I checked out of any responsibilities at the time. Well, my kids were diapered and fed but that was about the extent of it!!

    Glad Curtis is on the Mend!!!


  2. 52
    Deb aka Txmarm says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am that there will be a DVD of the Simulcast! I was beginning to feel ‘insecure’ about the fact I couldn’t attend!!!! LOL But really, after going through the whole process it made my heart ache to not be able to be there. I was thrilled to be able to see the ‘Preparing Our Hearts’ message, although it made me sad to know I couldn’t attend the simulcast. I kept searching the CCN site to see if there was an opportunity to see it online as a pay-per-view.

    I’m handicapped with MS and unable to drive anymore so it can be frustrating at times to live my life through my laptop! I have friends who graciously take me places and my grown kids (27, 23, 21) help me as much as they can but a big part of ‘security’ can be related to independence (theirs & mine!). Needless to say I am still working on this issue as the Lord ‘prepares’ and ‘repairs’ me! I may have MS but MS does not have me! God has me by His Grace & to His Glory!!!

    • 52.1
      Michele says:

      Deb I’m sorry you have to deal with MS.
      I agree that security can be related to independence – physical or emotional.
      Praying God gives you complete security in Jesus despite physical limitations.

  3. 53
    Emily says:

    SO excited to hear about the DVD. Now I better hop to it and get the book read!!

    And jsut for the record…I LOVE the new blog…from the streamlined design to the powerful content (okay, that part isn’t so new)!

  4. 54
    Living4Him says:

    What a praise…..had so many ladies want to share the message with friends…..Thank you for the hard work in putting it together.

  5. 55
    Billsgirl says:

    All good news. I can’t wait to get the DVD. I also recently finished “Her Mother’s Hope,” and am awaiting the sequel. I will be watching for The Promise of Security. We finish up our Spring bible study June 5. It would be a great takeaway for our group.

    PTL that Curtis is healing and feeling more normal.

    Blessings all,
    Mary Ann

  6. 56
    Kim says:

    Couldn’t make it to the simulcast, so I am so thrilled at the blessing of getting it and the scripture booklet.

    I will never be able to say it enough- you and your family are such a blessing. Thank you.

    Glad to hear Curtis is better ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes life so much easier.


  7. 57
    Rockin' My Freedom says:

    Amanda, I just looked up the word “normal” via my mac/apple dictionary/thesaurus. Along with the predictable words: standard, ordinary, habitual, typical, common, everyday, regular…were also these three words:


    …glad you and Curtis got your “normal” back!
    : )

  8. 58
    Katie says:

    I’m very excited about the DVD… I wasn’t able to go, so am thrilled to get a copy!! Thank you!!!

  9. 59
    amybxhill says:

    you are the cutest amanda ๐Ÿ™‚ i love your pic w/ francine rivers! oh, and yay for the dvd!!!

  10. 60
    Kathy Fields says:

    I know this is off the subject, but I hosted the Bible study from last summer and I am being bombarded wondering if I’m hosting another this summer. Are you guys doing anything?

  11. 61
    Jerry Ann says:

    Amanda –
    Thank you for your continued updates on you and your family! Am continuing to pray for healing.

    I am involved in a Believing God study currently, and we are considering doing a book discussion when we finish on “So Long, Insecurity”. We thought of following what was presented on the blog. Any other suggestions?


  12. 62
    Denise says:

    I’ve read almost all of Francine River’s Books; the Lion Series is by far my favorite, but I also enjoyed her new book though I hate waiting for the sequel.

  13. 63
    Kathy says:

    Oh how wonderful with a grateful heart- I have no idea about the side bar- I am in the “ancient of days” regarding such technical opportunities- however, many blessings and love to you and yours- Thank you for sharing with us- An Aunt Kathy in Austin

  14. 64

    I am so excited about the DVD series!!!

    A new Francine Rivers book is always a treat…they don’t come often enough!

    Praise God that Curtis is doing well!

  15. 65

    I’m glad to hear Curtis is doing better! I’m also glad to hear about the simulcast being on DVD! I’m planning on leading a So long, Insecurity discipleship group for the junior high and high school girls in my youth group this summer, and was really hoping I would be able to have them experience the simulcast.

  16. 66

    Was there also going to be a DVD from the Siesta Scripture Memory Team teaching somewhere or did I miss that offer?

  17. 67
    Kathy Knoblock says:

    Thankful to hear about Curtis’ recovey!! Also, the exciting news about the DVD, what a blessing! Just wanted to share, my daughter’s getting married today!! We are very excited and blessed! Love you all and keeping your family and ministry in my prayers. In Jesus’ Love Kathy Knoblock

  18. 68

    Oh, I agree, Amanda, I am also waiting impatiently for the second book — just LOVE Francine Rivers!

    So glad Curtis is healing — still praying for ya’ll!!

  19. 69
    Cathy says:

    Hi Beth, Amanda and Melissa, I just have to tell you a funny story. When So Long Insecurity was released and you were doing the discussions on your blog I thought I really want to do that but I also thought, no, there is no way I can be secure right now, I mean I am pregnant and gaining weight and it will just have to wait until after the pregnancy. And in the back of my mind I am thinking (maybe that means you really need that book). So about a month later my husband bought me the book and gave it to me on Easter – at which I have to say I was a little annoyed – though I didn’t tell him that. I thought I really can’t read this now, doesn’t he know I just can’t be secure right now. I also thought is he trying to send me a message by giving me a book about insecurity even though I know he knows I love your studies and books. I have read the first few chapters and wow is God using this book in my life and revealing that His timing is perfect. So glad the DVD is coming out. Thank you for your ministry! You are such a blessing to me. Cathy ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 70

    I am so glad about the DVD!

    Will the Tuesday night bible study that just finished be made into a DVD too? I hope…:)

    Praying for you all.

    Michelle in VT

  21. 71
    Julie Carlson says:

    Thank you for the special email treat! I am looking forward to having my daily reading of LP to my iPhone! =o), I am going to be traveling a lot this summer, so you will always be with me, just like Mighty Moose and Flat Stanley!

    Have a fabulous and blessed weekend!

  22. 72
    momtotyandow says:

    I am so excited to say that I put what I learned at the simulcast to work. I am at a fancy hotel in Charlotte with my family. Husband has a seminar. Walked right by some business people, women in high power suits and here I am in my t-shirt, flip flops and two noisy kids. They turned their noses up at me. I just looked on with my head held high in Jesus and didn’t worry about it at all. The Lord helped me remember at that moment that it didn’t matter what they though. THey didn’t know me. I have a law degree, but chose to stay home and rear my two boys. I am as important as they are. Wow, the “old me” would have sulked all the way back to my room and prayed that there was no snot on my shoulder that they may have noticed. Don’t care about the snot today!!!! Praise God.

  23. 73
    Gretchen says:

    Hey, Amanda,

    So glad to hear that Curtis is doing better. I, too, get a little “bored” with normal, but you’re right – it is such a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I believe that we were going to also be able to get a DVD of your Mom’s last Simulcast — I think it was on Psalm 39? – any scoop on that?

    Continued blessings to you and your family,


  24. 74
    Melanie says:

    So glad to hear Curtis is doing so well. Actually I was so glad to read everything in this post! I was just looking at “Her Mother’s Hope” online the other day and thought it sounded like something I should pick up. Great news about the dvd too. I’m looking forward to getting my copy! And I’ll be very glad to be getting new posts directly in my email. It’s the little things in life! Blessings… ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. 75
    Tammy says:

    I am so happy to hear this!! I was so blessed at this conference!!!! I want to get this DVD and a couple of copies at that to share with people that I know will also be blessed. I love to hear Beth teach she has really inspired me and I have yet to walk away from a conference where she speaks or a Bible study of hers without learning something. Beth you are a great teacher. I love you in Christ!

  26. 76
    Maryount says:

    Thank you Amanda for keeping all us Siestas posted on the latest. Thankful Curtis is well on his way to full recovery and that life for you is getting back to normal. Very thankful that the Simulcast will be available on DVD. I was going to call your office and check on that very issue. So check that off my huge list of “to do’s”. I would like to know if So Long Insecurities is going to be made into a bible study book? Have a wonderful weekend! From a Siesta that was born in Houston, but has been up north for the past 37 years and all I have left is “ya’all”, and that gives it away every time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 77
    Minta says:

    Please let me know where I can get a copy of the commission we women said at the end of the simulcast last Saturday. These are beautiful words that give us women hope. I shared the 6 points (secure) with a dear frind of mine in Washington yesterday. She has been in my prayers for years for her to know God’s love for her. She was very receptive (thank you Lord). I know these words are for her, too. Thank you, Beth Moore, for opening up God’s word and plan for my life. Through your sharing of walking with Him, I know that He has a plan for my life, also. God Bless – Minta

  28. 78
    Christal says:

    I’m super excited about the new email notification!!!!

  29. 79

    I ALMOST bought ” A Mother’s Hope”, but I decided that I had to be my little individual self, and think to get something I knew I was interested in reading. (so it doesn’t sit on a shelf)- So I got ” Letters From God” to read instead:)
    It seems like such a sweet novel:)

  30. 80

    Oops, make that ” Letters to God”

  31. 81
    Kathy says:

    Thank you doing a dvd of the SLI. I had a feeling there would be one – and I hope maybe a 6 week study to go along with it? I prayed each day for months for all the details for the big day on Saturday and last minute could not attend due to a child and I being sick. I loved reading the comments from ladies who attended and have a friend actually emailing me a synopsis with the points as I LOVE to take notes.
    p.s. I love fashion and can hardly wait to see that outfit of Miss Beths that they are all talking about !!!!

  32. 82
    Leanne Eldridge says:

    Whoop whoop…is all I need to say! I am so glad your man is feeling better. I am with you on wanting to feel “normal” at times, but a hospital visit is not exactly what I am going for ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 83
    Nichole says:

    Oooooh!!! I’m over half-way through the (Her Mother’s Hope)book myself. Loving it so far and I know it will be the slowest summer ever waiting for the next one. Thanks for letting us know about the simulcast. I know some girls who will be doing a happy dance:-). Be blessed.

  34. 84
    Meredith says:

    SO glad that there will be a video…I was unable to attend the simulcast ๐Ÿ™ Thanks so much for doing this!!! I can’t wait until it comes out ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 85
    Candy says:

    I was recently in the Stepping Up bible study with my girlfriends and Beth shared that the song Broken Road reminded her of Jesus. That song was played at my wedding in 2006. Little did I know that I would be in that bible study just 2 weeks before my husband was killed in an accident. When I was asked if I knew what song(s) I would want played at his funeral I immediately thought of this song because what once was a song that made me think of my husband is now a song that makes me think of Jesus. It is a broken road but as the song says it IS blessed by God. He gives me strength, peace, and love every single day. I was blessed by some great women to have been given a ticket to the So Long Insecurity event at First Baptist Woodstock. It’s funny how a tragedy can make you feel insecure, but it certainly can. I am so thankful to have been apart of this event and for the ladies who cared enough about me to send me a ticket. Thank you Beth for pouring out your Love for GOD!

  36. 86

    I’m trying to have a great weekend, but I have an eye infection, which is quite miserable. Unfortunately I get them quite often. And my man’s been gone all weekend. Ooooh, I think he’s home! Gotta go!

  37. 87
    Cheri says:

    I just bought the book, Her Mother’s Hope. I love it!

  38. 88
    Kellie says:

    Y. I. P. P. E. E!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 89
    Jenlpotter says:

    I loved “Her Mothers Hope” I can’t wait for the next one! Do you know how much the simulcast will cost to buy and where we will be able to get it?

  40. 90
    Jackie says:

    I love everything Beth Moore. And I’m not trying to pick a fight. But I was disappointed in the SLI simulcast because there was SO MUCHHHHH music. And way too little Beth teaching. The SLI book is just awesome, and I was hoping the simulcast would be “the book” only live. Many of the ladies I spoke with said they were exhausted with standing and singing, and that they were deeply disappointed in how little content, relative to the amount of time we were together. I’m just saying.

  41. 91
    J Phleger says:

    Oh, how you blessed me with the simulcast weekend before last. I knew you would blow us out of our seats again and you did. Beth, I was wondering at the end of the simulcast we spoke a words over each other and I was wondering if that is in the book somewhere or can you post it so I can affirm myself everyday. I would certainly appreciate it.
    Again, thank you for what you do for the sisterhood.

    God’s blessings to you…….

  42. 92
    Sandy says:

    I am so excited to hear about the DVD and about Curtis getting better and your life getting back to normal!
    Our Wednesday night discussion group is just on Chapters 10-11 and it has been a great ministry to all of us, but especially to one young, single girl who is expecting a baby. It will be great to try to get the women back together in July to view the DVD!
    Thank you all so much!!!

  43. 93
    Praying Paula says:

    Many ladies from the Petersburg, WV area that could not attend wanted to know this question! Thanks for blessing those who could not attend.

    Oh! One of the young ladies attending the Simulcast chose not to attend the Prom because the “dancing” and such..this is a popular young lady!! This was a BOLD standing and a Huge witness to the others, she has not been the same since April 24th.

    God Bless and thank you for encouraging us (your siestas) to keep on keeping on..

  44. 94
    Heather says:

    I just said to my mom right before I read this that I’m SO ready to be back to normal from nursing an intense back spasm that has required me not to lift my toddler and visit a chiropractor for the 1st time. Thankfully he’s wonderful but I do realize I take my health for granted when I don’t have it!
    Take care Jones household!
    SO GLAD to hear about the DVD. My notes are getting soggy and I’m almost done with the book which I L.O.V.E.
    SO THANKFUL for every nook & cranny of this ministry!

    • 94.1
      Bethany says:

      Hi Heather!
      Sorry to hear about your back troubles….I’ll be praying for you. I know the pain, as I’ve been in to see the chiropractor recently too!
      Blessings to you sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 95
    Bethany says:

    How exciting that will be to have the simulcast on DVD. I was at my church’s women’s retreat last weekend and would love to see the simulcast via DVD!
    So glad to hear that you finished the FR book ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome wasn’t it?! You read about my hometown in the book…that was one of the sweetest surprises when I read it!
    Continuing to pray for Curtis’s complete recovery…sounds like he is mending well.
    Siesta’s please be praying for me. I have 28 days to get out of my forclosed rental house and just found out a little over a week ago that I will not be returning to work next year (teacher)…after 6 years there, it was a shock but God is good and I trust Him as He leads me out of this phase of my life and into a new phase. Thank you for your prayers ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. 96
    Beth Averett says:

    I was at the So Long Insecurity live telecast last week. I really wanted to NOT go that morning as that is the day I hang out with my husband, but had already paid my money.It was so amazing for me! I have been so convinced that we, as believers, must stand up, grab onto our Savior, and charge out into the world!! It is time we put our insecurity behind us and get on the ride of our lives with the ONE that makes life worthwhile. My prayer is that I will do just that. We just finished A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place and it has rocked my world!! Awesome!!!!! Isn’t God’s Word the most dynamic, wonderful,inspiring book ever. I never get tired of it!

  47. 97
    Kayla says:

    I just finished the book, but I missed the simulcast. I actually stumbled upon the book in my college’s library. It was totally the Lord for me to find it. I blogged about what I learned at Thank you, Beth, for journeying with us.

  48. 98
    Sarah T. says:

    Let’s see..

    1. I put Francine’s book on hold at the library.. I’m number 43 on the hold list. I will get to read it in about 7 years.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Praise Him! that you are making the DVD available. I am over the moon excited!! I’m one of those weirdos that likes to watch lessons again and again. God gives me new stuff to ponder each time. Can’t wait to show it to my baby girl when she is old enough.

    3. $1 for a Scripture book I can keep with me? Yes and thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. 99

    Those books sound like good reads:) I am soo soo glad Curtis is feeling more normal again!:) Yikes, and no more drainage tubes!


  50. 100
    Princess Bride says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thank you so much for sharing that! It was certainly the culmination to a wonderful work of the Lord via the simulcast. For me, this was the completion of a step in preparation for the next HUGE step the LORD has for me. For the past 4 months the LORD has been doing a mighty work and preparing me for a new ministry. In February, He had me give up my home and placed me in a home that was for sale until it sold. He has revealed a lot to me during those months and kept a lot secret from me. His goal: trust Him.

    Your book had revealed to me just how consumed I was by insecurity. By the end of the simulcast the LORD had lifted me out of that mire to be filled with His security. WHAT FREEDOM! And, how that freedom opens your eyes to so much! I do want to say thank you, Beth, for being in a position to allow the LORD to use you in such a mighty way. Again, His goal: trust Him.

    I knew going into the simulcast that He was putting the final touch on this stage and about to usher me into the next stage. BOY! Did He ever! The house I have been living in has sold, my current job (teaching on a grant) has ended (the grant has expired), the LORD is physically moving me to another location. The only thing is I don’t know where (this state, another state, another country?). I don’t know what He has for me to do. He says, “Trust me. I will let you know when you need to know.” My response, “Yes, LORD.” So, I’m packing up. I am believing God God is who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, I am who God says I am, I can do all things through Christ, God’s Word is alive and active in me. I AM BELIEVING GOD!

    Cindy Legate

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