Oh, my, my, my. It is a HAPPY BUSY DAY at Living Proof. We launch our community-wide, interdenominational Tuesday Bible study this very night. We feel like this is the prime thing God ordained this ministry to do. We are discipleship freaks so, as much as we love going into cities and doing weekend events, our highest calling is to walk with a group from Point A to Point B to Point C in a particular book of the Bible or subject matter over a course of several months. We are PUMPED.

Very early this morning while I was at my breakfast room table working on my notes for tonight, I got a call from Melissa who sounded like she was in the first grade. She was on her way to orientation for her second Master’s program (Th.M. in the area of Biblical Studies). Her classes will have her in at least four different books of the Bible so she’s all set for an intense semester in the Scripts.

Amanda will be right there with me and the rest of our hardworking staff as we launch Bible study so that covers the 3 Moore girls. What about all you marvelous Siestas? You may not be starting your Fall Bible studies this week but we surely do hope you are planning to engage in a Bible study of some kind this semester and, hopefully, sooner than later. All our enemy needs is a little time with an idle mind. Around Siestaville, holding each other accountable to the healthy pursuit of Christ is a big priority. So, here’s your chance to sign on the dotted line! What are your plans for Fall Bible Study? In your comment, give…

Your first name or blogger name
The Bible study type (BSF, Precept, etc.), name or subject matter
City and State
Specify solo or group

I always love these kinds of posts. They build up our faith and remind us that a very powerful community of active Christ-pursuing, Scripture-poring sisters is out there. We have different personalities, gifts and styles of worship in Siestaville, but we are of one Spirit and one Body. Let’s celebrate it!


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    Kitty Hill says:

    Good morning!I am brand new at this computer and don’t know if I have a website but I do have an e-mail so here goes.This is the first time I’ve been on this blog spot and I’m amazed at the wonderful letters I’ve been reading. I saw one from Ola Mae dated Sept.10,2009 in Austin,Texas and have been exactly where she was(group setting at new church,knows no one,totally out of comfort zone(Holy cow!)It is so good to know we are not alone in our situations and that God is truly a God of all comfort.I’ve been in 2 of your Bible studies Beth and am so looking foward to the next one. There are no words to describe how the Lord has changed us through them.Thank you dear and loving sister for showing us Jesus! Kitty

  2. 202
    Carolyn Hostetler says:

    I am so excited to start next monday studing Revelation with you Beth. We have 68 ladies signed up. I love to study Rev. I am excited to see so many other ladies want to know about it to. Shipshewana, Indiana
    THanks Beth

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