Attention Anyone Who Purchased "Hannah" Biography

My Dear Sisters,

The information I am about to share will only involve those of you who have attended a couple of recent events because I never shared it on the blog. At the same time, this is the most public forum I have for making a public statement so, with your cooperation, that’s the purpose of this post. At the Albuquerque Living Proof Live (July 10-11) and the Greensboro Deeper Still (July 31-Aug.1), I told a story and read an excerpt from a biography entitled “Hannah” that, unknown to the author, was a stunning fabrication. We just had it confirmed last night.

I would never in a million years knowingly mislead the people I have the privilege to serve. In a ministry of this kind, you can imagine that we’ve had many fraudulent stories come through the ministry and most of them never make it to second base. For extenuating reasons beyond what we can share here, this particularly well-crafted one got past us. We did not stumble on the book or the message. We were very much pursued – not by its author but – by its contriver.

I am so sorry, ladies. We would like to do everything we can to offer recompense for our mistake. If you purchased the book based on hearing me tell the story, we want to cover your costs. If you will send the book to us at the address below, along with your name, the event you attended where you heard the story, how you got the book (for instance, Amazon, bookstore, etc.) and how much you paid for it, we will without hesitation send you a check covering that amount. If you happen to still have a receipt or documentation (for instance, from Amazon) stating the amount you paid, if you wouldn’t mind including it, that’s even better. We did not distribute the book nor carry the book on our list of resources but we still feel responsible for those who purchased it. We want to make sure that we bear the expense for our mistake instead of you. Here is our ministry address:

Living Proof Ministries

12131 Malcomson Road

Houston, Texas 77070-2381

Again, remember to include the requested information so we can keep our accounting ducks in a row. I know that you must really be curious and you may be tempted to call or email for more information. We must leave it at this because the story is in constant flux. Based on how things have transpired over the last five days, I fear that the moment I told you one thing, another would surface to contradict it. In order to guard ourselves against perpetuating any further misinformation, we are wise to stay with the most basic facts as we know them. The woman’s story was a lie. That’s what we know. For that same reason, I think we better leave the comments closed on this one so that we don’t raise more questions than answers. Since attention was sought at the disposal of truth and integrity, the best thing we could do is limit the attention it gets now. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Well, my dear Siestas, as you can see, we’re still living and learning around here. We want to believe, love and trust so badly as we serve the public and we want to be highly discerning without twisting off in the flesh of cynicism. The enemy is often very good at his job. You will never waste a prayer on us.

God is so faithful! So worthy of our absolute devotion! So entirely believable!
Thank you for your patience and support. I surely do love you.


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