Hey, Siestas! I can’t believe I’ve let the 1st of December hit before inviting you to please come Converge with us! I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve with my dear brother, Travis Cottrell, and our LPL praise team at this Christmas celebration in Houston, Texas. AND, if you think you can bear it, God opened the door for us to have as our special guest vocalist (drum roll please), the reigning Queen of my IPOD (cymbals and dance), CeCe Winans! Don’t even tell me you can resist that kind of joy.

Our hope is to see lots of people converge in the Berry Center that night that normally might not worship and get in the Word together. We’re planning to make Jesus some room and get a fresh glimpse of His glory. We’re counting on being on His Christmas speaking schedule this season. The evening just wouldn’t be the same without a heaping helping of Siestaville. (I just got a flashback of a bunch of our Canadian Siestas at a recent event with their Canadian flags. Yes, they gave me one and, yes, I stuck it in my big hair. I wish so much it weren’t so far and you could wave those flags in the Lone Star State, eh! We’d welcome you with open arms!)

If the trip is at all doable, you can throw some great Tex Mex and terrific Christmas shopping into it. There are sales all over Houston, the malls are fabulous and it’s not 105 degrees. Nor are you liable to get snowed in. THIS, Siestas, is the time to come to Houston, Texas! No hurricanes in sight. Just a Lone Star that we hope will shine bright over the city that night.

Come on and join us if you can, and if you can’t, we’ll miss you and take a raincheck. Sure love you darling things.

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  1. 1
    fuzzytop says:

    Sniff sniff….. I’m sad I can’t be there, but I’m certain the real Lone Star will be there!


  2. 2
    Mike + Stacey Duncan says:

    oh my goodness i wish i could come, but i’m coming down to houston over Christmas (my family lives in the woodlands) and its just too much to travel to houston twice in one month! i’m so sad….

  3. 3
    Shelly says:

    Officially bummed that I won’t be there, and only my better half will!

    Jesus will be taking up a lot of space here though in the final days of a siesta wrapping up finals, papers, and pretending she has enough muscle to use her snow shovel.

  4. 4
    JoAnn D says:

    That sounds wonderful!! It’s a long way from Norfolk, VA but I’ll be with you in Spirit. And, of course, there will be some video footage likely to follow that will hlp ease the pain. My 5 yr old granddaughter just love CeCe Wynans. Go on and lift up that Lovely Nmae. We here in VA are right behind you!

  5. 5
    Nadine says:

    You bet I’ll be there. Lord and Houston traffic willing that is.

  6. 6
    Jen says:

    We already have our tickets 🙂 So excited… I can’t believe it is next week. YAY!

  7. 7
    Holly says:

    Do you know? I have held my email about this in my “need to reply” box for a long time now and prayed everytime I read it for God to make a way. So far, I do not see it, but you never know what God might do! My heart will be there. And I love my CeCe! She is a triple blessing with you and Travis…yes, Ma’am!

    PS We’ve got some snow!! And a day off with all my kiddos–another blessing. Yes!

  8. 8
    Alisha says:

    Sounds like so much fun. You gals at Living Proof (and guy – sorry Curtis) sure know how to have fun. I’m just extremely thankful you guys were able to stop by my little home state of Delaware this October. What a blessing!!! First time I had ever been to such a thing. A word in due time! Praise HIM!!! Have Fun!!

  9. 9
    Christina L says:

    Wish I lived closer!!!! You need to have one of those events here in Tulsa, OK. I am sure it would be awesome.

  10. 10
    Missy says:

    :*( See me crying there. Oh how I wish I could be there!! Can’t y’all get it televised or tape it and put it on your website…or somethin’?? 😉 Just trying to think of a way we all can be a part of it. I know it’s going to be wonderful and God’s going to be all over it! 🙂
    Maybe next time…

  11. 11
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Wish I lived closer…I’ll take that rain check!

  12. 12
    Patty says:

    I have been praying about this sinc I learned about it. I haven’t given up on coming. 🙂 Love me some CeCe and this goes without saying…Miesta Travis and Mama Siesta! If I don’t get to come have a blessed night worshiping our Jesus!
    Love you,

  13. 13
    Momma-of-5 says:

    Can I move to TX? NJ has NOTHING. We’re a spiritual desert. Can’t get Christian Musicians…nothing! One Christian Radio Station…that’s it!

  14. 14
    Lelia Chealey says:

    Oh I would be there in a heart beat if I could. I’ll pray over all of you speaking, singing and attending. May no one go home that night unchanged!
    love ya,

  15. 15
    Nikki says:

    I soo wish I could be there! Sad day though because it’s just too far and I have friends coming to town that weekend and need to prepare. I am sure that it will be a blast and great things will be happening.
    Have fun getting your praise on, Mama Beth!


  16. 16
    Sara Re-nae says:

    I work for the airlines, so you’d think it’d be no problem to come, but we avoid traveling during the holidays like the plague! Sounds like it’ll be awesome though, and may the Lord draw so many unbelieving hearts to Him this season.

  17. 17
    Lora says:

    I’ll most certainly take the rain check!

  18. 18
    HisTreasuredPossession says:

    Oh, I sooo wish I could go! The 11th is my 30 birthday and what a way to have it celebrated! Well, I’ll be thinking of you all!

  19. 19
    cheryl says:

    Oh how I wish I could! But instead I get to have a root canal! Lucky me. 🙂

  20. 20
    Moose Mama says:

    Your website is my homepage, so everytime I open the internet, I see this poster. Would sooooo love to be there.

    Put up the tree last night, listening to Travis’s Christmas CD!!

    Shopping in Houston in December….probably a little nicer than San Antonio in August. Don’t think Miesta Moose is ready for another trip to the south. He really likes the colder weather. Supposed to snow tomorrow here…he’s very excited!

    Will certainly be praying for this ministry to the community, next week.

    Melana in Wyoming

  21. 21
    Heather says:

    I so wish I could go. But with the looming job loss I don’t think it would be wise to go~! Hope it is a blast!

  22. 22
    whywalk says:

    Planning to be there…with about 12 ladies from church in Brenham as well as my mom, sis, and a coworker.

    Soooooo excited!!!!

  23. 23
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    wish I could wing my way over there. but I will be praying for you all. For God to burn through you and leave nothing but incandescent reflections of HIS Almighty Glory.

  24. 24
    Sandee says:

    oooh, I wish……

  25. 25
    MITZI says:

    I wish it was that easy Ms Beth to come and worship Jesus with you and Cece. BUT, I can eat some SoCalMex food in Jesus honor while you are Converging. Bring on the Salsa!

    PS Please make a Christmas video out of this.

  26. 26
    Nana 2 four says:

    Oh, man! I wish I could be there. Houston is a little too far away. I will definitely be praying for God to move in that place and for everyone to get a touch from the Master. What a great trio of talent!

    In His Grip of Grace,
    Beth Herring

  27. 27
    Pam B from SC says:

    Sounds absolutely lovely! I’ll have to stay here in SC, but you can bet I’ll be praying for you.

    CeCe Winans! Woot!Woot!

  28. 28
    Worshipping One says:

    Boy do I wish I could attend…blessings on all of you who can. I know God’s presence will be all over it! I’ve never been to Houston and I have loved ones there. Maybe someday, it’s a long way from Michigan.

  29. 29
    Arielle says:

    I wish I could be there.. 🙁 Be sure to post lots of pictures!


  30. 30
    Katie says:

    I would LOVE to! Just can’t afford it! 🙂

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Hand me the Kleenex while I cry myself a river ’cause ain’t no way I can make it down that far south to join you all. I’ll just have to “converge in spirit.” Blessedly The Lone Star shines brightly enough to light the way for us all…

    Merry, Merry One and All,

    Warm in Alaska.

  32. 32
    Leslie says:

    I’ll be there with my mother and some friends in tow! Looking forward to it!

  33. 33
    SarahfromWyoming says:

    Oh I wish…..but one of these days I’m going to take you up on it. Never been to Texas but someday I will.
    Praying for the event

  34. 34
    Miranda says:

    I’ll be partying it up with Jesus over here in the Peach State!

    (Him and I are on a mission to see the rest of my family.. mama, sister, etc.. come to Christ!)

    What a Christmas that will be! So yeah..I’m thankful He is omnipresent! He’ll be with y’all AND me too! Woo Hoo! Love ya! Have fun!!

  35. 35
    Cassie says:

    My Mom and I are coming. This is our Christmas present to our self.HaHa. We can’t hardly wait..This has been a long hard year.

  36. 36
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    I saw this on the LP page a month or so ago and got all excited. I had it all planned out in my head…sleeping in, shopping, eating at Mi Tierra’s, and coming to get a fresh dose of the Word. I was going to ask my MIL to meet me there from the Corpus area. Unfortunately, my DH informed me that he had to go out to sea for three weeks (He’s in the navy). Guess when?!?!? Yep, he messed up my plans all right. Soooo….I’ll be with you in spirit. Maybe even doing a little praise dancing to CeCe on my own. Have fun!

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    I wish it was closer as well. We are still pulling to have you come to the Canadian Maritimes Beth maybe 2010???????

  38. 38
    Lindsee says:

    WOO HOO!!! I am so excited. And actually sitting here with 2 of the ladies I am bringing with me! Next week can’t come soon enough! 🙂


  39. 39
    Kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    OH I can’t come and I so would love to. How about something in the Branson area soon, very soon.
    Amanda push for it, you have in laws in the area.

    I’ve had a lousy 10 days …been sick…went to dr shot (Ouch!) and more meds…told them four times I can’t take this rx….it gives me vertigo…get to the phramacy and what do you think they phoned me in….yep…same med….not a good day today so I wish that I could make it better by looking forward to a Houston trip but I guess not…

    Praying for you

  40. 40
    Siesta OC says:

    OK, this is just mean, to wave something this wonderful, right in front of my WEST COAST face.

    I so badly wish I could be there;and anyone, even remotely close, y’all better go!

  41. 41
    Emmy says:

    I am going to look into flights! Think it would be so fun! Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas!
    Emmy : )

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Just think, if this were Heaven, we could just use our wings and fly over to Converge! Unfortunately, my 1986 station wagon doesn’t fly – right now it barely drives.
    Will be praying up some capital-J Jesus for an awesome crowd.
    P.S. – Anonymous who was the first to reply: I’m geographically challenged. Where are the Canadian Maritimes?
    Kim in Apex, NC

  43. 43
    Pam B from SC says:

    Converge. Interesting word. Wouldn’t it be the most mind-boggling thing to imagine the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost converging on this event?

    In, through, and over us all is the Lord God Almighty. Born again to life anew.

    Converge. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  44. 44
    Profbaugh says:

    Shoot! Wish I could be there, but our graduation ceremony is Friday, Dec. 12. I’m looking forward to celebrating with our December grads on their special day.

    Enjoy Converge!! Sounds like a wonderful event.

    Much love,

  45. 45
    grayse says:

    SO wish I could converge…but alas I cannot…Hope you all have fun converging though! LOVE the word, I think I’ll use it as often as possible…like in “conversion oven”? HA!

  46. 46
    strngthnhm says:

    p l e a s e could you all consider taping all of the evening or part of it, if only just the message from beth. esp for those of us from canada. !! (even if for a cd for next nov and dec 09). i am sure i speak for many dear siestas. thanks.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to take the raincheck as well. It would be an awesome trip but like so many others I can’t afford it. Will be praying God’s blessings on you all though! God Bless!
    Charlotte – in Georgia

  48. 48
    Cheryl from Canada says:

    As one of the flag bearing Canadian siestas – I would love to hop on over to Houston but not very doable at this time since we just returned from our last event. And speaking of being snowed in – I believe it has snowed every day since we have been home. That is early even for Canada. So Beth let this serve as our invitation for you to come our way!!! We know you went to Vancouver last year but we’re from Ontario and that is quite a ways from Vancouver. We need a fresh word here.

  49. 49
    bethany says:

    Oh…if I only had and endless money supply I would so be on the next plane out of this very foggy california! Due to the fact that I don’t (and grateful for that hedge of protection!), I will have to be there in spirit with you all! I am so excited though that I am going to get the wonderful opportunity to see none other than the very gifted Michael W. Smith on his Christmas tour in 2 weeks! What a way to bring in the season!

  50. 50
    Julie Reid says:

    This Siesta already has her tickets and I’m bringing my husband and my baby tween (12 yr old) with me. This will be their first LPM event. I can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s next Thursday!!! Are the Siesta’s meeting? I would love to meet some of ya. Love to all!!! Julie

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