Hey, Siestas! I can’t believe I’ve let the 1st of December hit before inviting you to please come Converge with us! I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve with my dear brother, Travis Cottrell, and our LPL praise team at this Christmas celebration in Houston, Texas. AND, if you think you can bear it, God opened the door for us to have as our special guest vocalist (drum roll please), the reigning Queen of my IPOD (cymbals and dance), CeCe Winans! Don’t even tell me you can resist that kind of joy.

Our hope is to see lots of people converge in the Berry Center that night that normally might not worship and get in the Word together. We’re planning to make Jesus some room and get a fresh glimpse of His glory. We’re counting on being on His Christmas speaking schedule this season. The evening just wouldn’t be the same without a heaping helping of Siestaville. (I just got a flashback of a bunch of our Canadian Siestas at a recent event with their Canadian flags. Yes, they gave me one and, yes, I stuck it in my big hair. I wish so much it weren’t so far and you could wave those flags in the Lone Star State, eh! We’d welcome you with open arms!)

If the trip is at all doable, you can throw some great Tex Mex and terrific Christmas shopping into it. There are sales all over Houston, the malls are fabulous and it’s not 105 degrees. Nor are you liable to get snowed in. THIS, Siestas, is the time to come to Houston, Texas! No hurricanes in sight. Just a Lone Star that we hope will shine bright over the city that night.

Come on and join us if you can, and if you can’t, we’ll miss you and take a raincheck. Sure love you darling things.

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  1. 51
    GraceandFaith says:

    I can’t wait! Our group has had tickets for 3 months and I have had a babysitter lined up for 2 and a half! Ha! It will be wonderful to worship with everyone! I need to go get my hair highlighted!

  2. 52
    Anonymous says:

    oh and Yes I was with the group who gave you the Canadian Flags and the Maritime flags. Oh how we hope you will be able to come to our part of the country.

  3. 53
    Gretchen says:

    We’ll be there! I am suffering from “Beth withdrawal” since I was too old for Tuesday night Bible study! :-O Can’t wait to see how the Lord will work through you that night!

  4. 54
    Angie says:

    I too wish that I lived closer. I would be there with bells on!!

  5. 55
    Tara says:

    If there was a way, I’d be there! What a fantastic night you all will have- Cece, Miesta Travis, and you, our Mama Siesta! What a night! Sure wish I lived closer and could be there- But, alas, I’m not, so a Raleigh girl I’ll remain!

  6. 56
    JottinMama says:

    Oh, how I would love to be there!!! I am from the Lonestar State – but I live about 1200 miles away now! I so wish I could come. I could really use the teaching and worship. And I could also go for some real Tex-Mex food right about now!

    You can take the girl out of Texas – but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!

    I’ll be praying it is a Christ-filled and joyous event!

    So much love,
    Kate 🙂

  7. 57
    Becky says:

    Oh poo, Wisconsin is so far away!

    Wish I could be there.

  8. 58
    ocean mommy says:

    Oh I wish I could be there!!! CeCe and Travis?!!! Goodness, Jesus is probably going to return with the praise that is going to go on in that place!

    I’ll be praying for you all that night!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    My sweet Siesta Beth, I so wish I could come!! That would so be awesome! Can’t wait to get to Heaven and be able to get together with everyone to worship our mighty King!!!
    I also wish you could tape it or post it or something!
    I love you so much, and even though it is an impossibility for me, I know you guys will praise the roof right off!!!

  10. 60
    Abby says:

    we aren’t talking about how i can’t come to this. we’re not talking about it.

    or about the time i tried to covert a guy in my education class by playing him a CeCe song only to find out he was totally laughing behind my back cause he was a not only a PK, but also some like distant relative of hers. bless my heart.

    so we’re not talking about how i have to miss this ok, mama beth? we’re NOT talking about it.

  11. 61
    Northern Lights says:

    Well if great teaching and good hair (or should that be good teaching and great hair) aren’t enough reasons to love you… you go and throw an “eh” into your post for us. 🙂

    Since there’s so many of us and only one of you, it really would be easier for you to just come up this way. You could bring Keith along and I could hook him up with someone to take him bear hunting. Bible study and bear hunting – how could you refuse that?!?

  12. 62
    puzzlepiecesista says:

    Oh how I would give anything to hop on a plane and attend this celebration. Know doubt ya’ll will raise the roof in the Lone Star State!!! I’ll be listening out for you here in Washington state that night and I’ll be there in spirit praising and worshiping!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a “triple threat”!!!!!!!!!

    Lovin you right back

    Redmond, WA

  13. 63
    Anonymous says:

    A dear friend got me a ticket, so I will be heading your way that afternoon. Yeeehawww!! Lookin’ forward to having a blast with Jesus and the gang.
    Much love,
    Paulette from East Texas

  14. 64
    jennyhope says:

    I am so jealous with a godly jealousy that I can not be there. But 2 quick things:
    1. Morgan found a back scratcher and jumbo pencil tonight (3 yrs old) and she said momma Beth Moore would love this. LOL! She also asked me if I had to go to bible study Tuesday and see Beth Moore. You are a household name. We pray for you around here and she knows you to! She prayed last night for God to pick up her toys. I about died laughing when her dad said maybe Morgan you want to pray for God to give you the strength to pick up your toys.

    2. I am watching Times of Intensive Care from Life Today and WE HAVE THE SAME JACKET!! I ABOUT DIED WHEN I SAW IT! I told you…you are my fashion expert. ha ha!!

    Morgan wants CeCe on her MP3 player…forget wheels on the bus and etc it is CeCe, TobyMac, and Kirk Franklin!! Girls got some taste!!

  15. 65
    stormysos says:

    If only Va Beach were closer to Houston. *sigh* You need to come here, Siesta Mama. But we’ll be thinking and praying for you anyways (the 11th is our last night of “He Is”!). Sure you don’t want to come to the coast? We have malls here too. And you could bring the Man – I know of a guide who could show him around the marshes. 🙂

  16. 66
    Tami in LA says:

    Would certainly do it if it weren’t on a school night! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  17. 67
    Cindy says:

    I wish I could be there! But I am going to San Antonio on the 16th and can’t squeeze two Texas trips in. Hmmm, maybe I could just make it one long trip!

    I know it will be great! Praying for BIG things to happen.

  18. 68
    Melinda says:

    Oh, for the day I’m living back in Texas!

    I feel CERTAIN that event is on His speaking schedule. :o)

    Blessings to you all,

  19. 69
    Ginger from Alabama says:

    Beth and LPM:
    This siesta would love to be there with you and all the other siestas but alas, I cannot be there! Totally turning a slight shade of green… to all of you who will be there to worship and fellowship together!

    Ginger from Alabama

  20. 70
    Jennifer says:

    I will be there with my mom and 2 sisters! We can’t wait!!!

  21. 71
    Bev Brandon says:

    I will be one of those faces in the audience. Coming by myself. Know that there will be a hurting heart hanging on to your every word. No pressure! 2 Sam 23:2 says that the Spirit of the LORD speaks through you and it will be His Word on your tongue. Can’t wait to hear His Voice and worship with Travis, oh my. And CeCe—that alabaster box song so brings God to me when I hear her sing it.

  22. 72
    Linda says:

    As soon as I found out about Converge, I reserved our hotel and marked the date tickets went on sale on my calendar so I could buy them as soon as the site opened! We have a group of 8 ladies on our church leadership team coming from Louisiana, and can’t wait! We’re now counting down the hours and planning our outfits!


    PS. Can you recommend a couple of good Mexican restaurants close to the area?

  23. 73
    Lisa says:

    I would so love to be there. But since I have been to Jacksonville, FL, San Antonio, TX and New Orleans, LA this year, I believe all my travel without the kids points are gone.

  24. 74
    Anonymous says:

    I’m with fuzzytop [Adrienne],
    as I must say “sniff sniff”, as I am not able to come to my beloved Houston for this event, either.

    But, I will be praying for all of Y’all ! May the songs, and words spoken there bring great glory to God ! And, I know that you all will do so ~

    In Christ’s Love,

    Southern Wisconsin

    P.s. As of this moment, we are likely to have a “white Christmas” up here in Wis.

  25. 75
    Mary Watkins says:

    Rain check!

    Ya’ll have fun.

  26. 76
    Keri says:

    I totally missed the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio so I’m super excited about Converge.

    Fellow siestas, I’m going to be helping out at CeCe’s booth……please come by and say hi….would love to meet some cyber friends face to face!!

  27. 77
    millie says:

    i’ll miss converge but i get to see CeCe in concert in fayetteville arkansas on the very next night! more joy! millie

  28. 78
    Pat S. says:

    My husband bought us tickets the day they went on sale!! Can’t wait.

    Pat S.
    Lago Vista, TX

  29. 79
    Nancy Mon says:

    I’m taking some of the girls from the the Ministries staff and CLC office to Converge. We are so excited!

  30. 80
    Bobbie says:

    Whoo-hoo! I have my tickets and cannot wait. Just another reason I’m so grateful that we moved home!!

    See y’all soon!

  31. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, my eccumencial bible study has just begun your Esther series- we have shared many of your studies and you have blessed and challenged us with each study. Thank you dear sister in Christ! Today was especially touching as one of our members recently gave up on life due to a long long struggle with clinical depression. Her precious daughter and her new baby joined us(her mother’s funeral was last week) today for Lesson 1 which had a considerable focus on mothering and how we are effected by our mothers’ difficulties- I believe you spoke through time to this 28 year old mother who has had to uphold a mother who could love others, but not herself due to an early abuse from her own mother. I believe God has allowed this young daughter and mother to be a part of our group(her mother’s group) to allow us to mother her in a new way- both her grandparents are also gone- so the story of Esther is very significant- Love, appreciation and blessings, from Austin

  32. 82
    The Marquarts says:

    i’m comin’ siesta! can’t wait!

  33. 83
    valerie says:

    There is no way I can make it, but for sure if I lived closer I’d be there!

    I know it’s gonna be great!

  34. 84
    montanamovestotexas says:

    I am in Texas, but West Texas, way too far to travel to Houston, my friend and I did talk about it though, longingly!
    We WILL see you in El Paso!

  35. 85
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    I saw that on ya’ll’s web page! I wish I could go, but I havta work and my sis might be coming into town then. I really do like Mexican and Tex-Mex food too (sigh). I will be praying for you all though!!~:):) The Lord is gonna bless!! I like Cece Winans, her music does make me happy!:) Ya’ll have a good time for this siesta, okay? and another video recap??

    Love in CHRIST,


  36. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda and Beth,

    Have had tickets since 9/15 and can’t wait. I purchased several along with mine as early Christmas gifts to friends who have done so much for my family and to finally have my husband be witness to a place full of Jesus and the profound energy of my mentor Miss Beth and the glorious voice and spirit of Travis as well as CeCe and the incredible worship team. We are sooooo looking forward to this especially since living in Northwest Houston, the venue is closer to my house. Whoopeeee!
    Doesn’t get much better than that.
    The Berry Center will never be the same. Praise His name!!!!!

    Much love and many blessings,

    Christine Roskamp
    Houston Siesta

  37. 87
    Sara Re-nae says:

    Hi Miss Beth, I know I’ve already commented, but I just have to write again. This morning in my quiet time I was studying Psalm 126 from your study, Stepping Up. At the very end where you talk about eating the seed vs. sowing the seed it felt like my heart had been pierced with a lance. I sat there stunned as I thought about how often I eat the seed. I immediately prayed that the Lord would begin to help me sow the seed rather than eat it. It was one of those moments where I instantly got it, it wasn’t going to take time to learn.
    So all that to say, may the Lord continue to establish your feet deeply in His Word as you study to teach us; it’s bearing fruit. Lord, pour Your Spirit out on Converge; bring new life to lifeless hearts!

  38. 88
    delisa says:

    Just finished “A Woman’s Heart for the first time. What a blessing…can’t wait for Esther!


  39. 89
    Leanne says:

    Thanks for thinking of us Canadians!!! When I first saw this event advirtised I wanted to come so badly that I actually tried plotting a getaway with my husband where we would “accidentally” end up in Houston on the eleventh…couldn’t make it happen but still wish I could be there (Vancouver is a little far!!). For Kim from Apex…the Maritimes are now often called the Atlantic Provinces and are the group of provinces on the east coast of Canada, all bordering the Atlantic Ocean. There’s your little geography lesson for the day. Now for history….keep Canada in your prayers this week as we potentially face an historical political change. We recently (in October) re-elected a minority Conservative government, and presently the remaining three parties are attempting to topple the government and form a coalition government. Crazy times!! Please pray for wisdom and direction for all involved. Thanks so much.

  40. 90
    Anonymous says:

    We are coming from LA that is Lower Arkansas and we are so excited. Three daughter in laws(one pregnant and still morning sick), me( mom in law) one sister in law, a niece, and the mom of one of the daughter in laws. Whew, all in one big surburban 8 hour drive. Can’t wait. We are all bunking in one suite with sleeping bags and air mattresses. I will be the one without hormones so I will keep everybody straight.

  41. 91
    Dianne says:

    I’ll definitely take the rain check! Wish I could be there. Have fun!!!

  42. 92
    Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says:

    I’m so there. Can’t wait. Been having Beth WDs with no Tuesday nights!!

  43. 93
    Lindsey says:

    (Don’t feel obligated to publish this comment… I just wanted to share this w/Beth and didn’t know where else to reach her. 🙂 I want you to know I’m so deeply grateful for you and I’ve cried so many times in your Bible studies. Your awesome passion for God is inspiring. Anyway, I’m a 24-year-old single girl, and I’ve just started your Breaking Free book — loving it! — and God inspired me with this:)

    My Desire and Delight

    My heart cries out for passion, for a love that overflows!
    This desire has consumed me in a way that no one knows.
    But shallowness surrounds me in this world so dark and grim;
    So the hope of finding all that I desire was getting dim.

    I want someone who loves me for my heart and not my looks;
    I am searching for a hero I can only find in books.
    I want guidance and direction from someone kind and wise.
    A deep and lasting love; no fear of heartbreak or goodbyes.

    A man who’s heart is loyal and devoted to the core.
    I want to be pursued; I want a man who’ll go to war…
    Who’ll vindicate me every time my heart has been attacked,
    Who’ll fight for me and free me from all chains that hold me back.

    I am longing for a purpose, a role only I can fill
    And a total, lifelong peace and joy no circumstance can steal.
    An all-consuming love that sets me free from selfish thoughts,
    And puts me on a course to please My Love at any cost.

    But all these perfect visions seemed so far and out of reach…
    I’ve tried some things to fill the void, but felt empty with each,
    Until the day I recognized my spirit held the key…
    The Voice that I’d been tuning out was there to set me free!

    “Those who seek will find,” He said, yet I’d failed to draw near;
    Forgive me, God, for seeking comfort anywhere but here.
    I viewed You as the path to get whatever I desire,
    But You opened up my eyes and then You set my heart on fire!

    My spirit stirs within me every time I hear Your Word,
    And as I read, I understand my joy is in the Lord!
    My hope is reawakened; I have found the place to start.
    Lord, You alone fulfill the deepest longings of my heart.

    The everlasting love I seek is only found in You;
    You never will reject me, Lord; Your promises are true.
    And in my darkest storms, You are my source of radiant light.
    God, YOU ARE MY DESIRE, my deepest passion and delight!

    (~by Lindsey Muecke)

  44. 94
    Michelle says:

    In the midst of exams, papers due, and financial worries…I am praying that I can still make it there from Waco, TX. God always does amazing things when I take moments like that out to worship alongside so many faithful believers and listen to the voices of one of His faithful beloved children…that’s you Beth! You encourage and uplift me in times of great challenge. Thank you God for the insight that you are already placing in her heart and mind, and for that beautiful way that she shares it with us all. As well as the amazing presences of Travis and Cece. What an amazing night it will be!! God bless all who attend, and those who can’t!

  45. 95
    Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says:

    A group of girlfriends were going to this tonight, and one got the tummy bug and one got a c-section scheduled 🙂

    Which means I have two free tickets if anyone would like them.

    Please email me at

    itsalmostnaptime @

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