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We Converged!

I want to take a minute and thank all of you who were with us for Converge last Thursday night at the Berry Center. We’re so glad you were there! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, we were joined by special guests CeCe Winans and Travis Cottrell and his praise team for a night of worship and the Word. It was a wonderful evening and we were so blessed by you! Curtis was our emcee and at one point he asked the people who had never been to an LPM event (like Tuesday night Bible study) to raise their hands. We were thrilled by how many there were. It looked like half to me, but I could be wrong. What a great joy to be able to serve all of you in Jesus’ name!

I’ve had so many sweet friends share with me what the Lord spoke to them that night through Beth’s message. Ladies, isn’t it awesome that we have a God who is active in our lives? Not just when we get to heaven, but NOW? We’re believing Him to work in every person’s life who attended and we’re already praising Him for those testimonies.

A lot of my friends mentioned how neat the stage, lighting and video production were. We contracted some friends from Beth’s Living Proof Live Events (which are done through LifeWay) to help us out with that. They do such an excellent job! It occurred to me that a lot of our girls in Houston have never attended a Living Proof Live event, and that’s totally understandable because we get to study the Word together all the time here at home. But if you really enjoyed the energy and the quality of production of the event – not to mention Travis Cottrell and his awesome praise team – you should look into coming to a Living Proof Live conference in 2009. The conferences are like three sessions of what we did at Converge. Here is a link to the schedule. Our Houston girls will be closest to the El Paso and New Orleans events.

I’d also like our Houston girls to know that a new song from Travis’ Christmas CD has just been added to KSBJ’s Christmas rotation. The song is “Ring the Bells.” It’s one of my favorites. So if you call in and request it, they’ll be able to play it now. If you hear it and love it (which you will!), stop by Travis’ blog and let him know!

We hope many of you will join us this Spring for our Inheritance Bible Study at Houston’s First Baptist Church. We get started on Tuesday, January 13. For more information, visit our Houston Connection page. See you then!

P.S. We’re considering producing a product from the Converge event, but if we decide to do that it will be several months before it will be available for purchase. Thanks so much for your patience!



Hey, Siestas! I can’t believe I’ve let the 1st of December hit before inviting you to please come Converge with us! I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve with my dear brother, Travis Cottrell, and our LPL praise team at this Christmas celebration in Houston, Texas. AND, if you think you can bear it, God opened the door for us to have as our special guest vocalist (drum roll please), the reigning Queen of my IPOD (cymbals and dance), CeCe Winans! Don’t even tell me you can resist that kind of joy.

Our hope is to see lots of people converge in the Berry Center that night that normally might not worship and get in the Word together. We’re planning to make Jesus some room and get a fresh glimpse of His glory. We’re counting on being on His Christmas speaking schedule this season. The evening just wouldn’t be the same without a heaping helping of Siestaville. (I just got a flashback of a bunch of our Canadian Siestas at a recent event with their Canadian flags. Yes, they gave me one and, yes, I stuck it in my big hair. I wish so much it weren’t so far and you could wave those flags in the Lone Star State, eh! We’d welcome you with open arms!)

If the trip is at all doable, you can throw some great Tex Mex and terrific Christmas shopping into it. There are sales all over Houston, the malls are fabulous and it’s not 105 degrees. Nor are you liable to get snowed in. THIS, Siestas, is the time to come to Houston, Texas! No hurricanes in sight. Just a Lone Star that we hope will shine bright over the city that night.

Come on and join us if you can, and if you can’t, we’ll miss you and take a raincheck. Sure love you darling things.

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