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OK, Siestas, we’ve had an intense couple of days so let’s lighten it up a little bit! As a bunch of you know, I’ll hop on a plane Monday and head to New Orleans to tape the updated version of Breaking Free. I’d love to have some input from you and, goodness knows, nobody can tell a story like a siesta. I can’t wait for you to see how much I used your survey comments in the Esther Bible study. I’ve already got some great stuff from you for Breaking Free from a post several months ago where I requested testimonies about captivity or freedom. This time I’m asking you if you have some fun stories I might want to use for illustrations. You don’t have to worry about how they’ll fit. That’s mine to worry about. You just spill the beans.

Here’s what I’m looking for: CLEAN stories of something funny or amusing that has happened to you or someone you know really well that wouldn’t mind you tattling. Here’s a perfect example: Travis and Angela Cottrell’s youngest son, Levi, recently wrote his kindergarten teacher a thank you card for showing a particular kindness to him after his surgery. You know how every little boy gets a crush on his teacher. Levi’s just wild about her so, unbeknownst to his parents, he got into Angela’s wallet and pulled out the stash she’d just cashed at the bank and sealed it in the card. It wasn’t until the teacher called that they realized the money was gone. It gave a whole new meaning to trying to repay someone for a kindness. That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about but it doesn’t have to be sweet or about children. It can also be stupid and embarrassing as long as it’s CLEAN!

The real challenge is going to be keeping them short enough to post and for all of us to read. I’ve noticed something in blog world. Most people are so pressed for time that they pass over really long entries and comments so, unfortunately, some of the comments that took the most time to write get read the least SO, just one paragraph, everybody!! I think we could all use this today!

Thanks, Sisters! I can’t wait to read them! I can always count on you guys.

You are loved here at LPM!

PS. OK, I have laughed at your stories until my stomach is killing me. (Maybe I can blow off my sit-ups tonight.) This is the latest one that nearly killed me:

Don’t know how you can tie this in to anything but here goes. Years ago I had a toothache late in November and went to the dentist. He and his assistant were examining my tooth when the asst. said, “Did you see all that food in there?”. I, of course, can feel the heat in my face and am thinking, “oh, I forgot to floss!” Then my dentist said, “Yeah, it’s a real smorgasbord.” At this point, I am just mad but voiceless because of all the equipment in my mouth and the assistant says, “Yes, the receptionist really out did herself this Thanksgiving.” 🙂 God knew how long to leave the equipment in – perfect timing.
November 6, 2008 10:56


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  1. 151
    Karen Isbell says:

    During my first week of college as a freshman I was walking from the student parking lot to my dorm (at least 2 miles). I had called my mom (of course) to update her and was just chatting away. I was walking past several very cute boys when my phone started ringing! At some point our call had been dropped, but I never stopped talking to know and my mom called me back! I laughed so hard at myself.

  2. 152
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Had to think about this one:):
    Last Sun my little neice did a face plant in the dirt after falling off the swing on the playset out back. Well, my sis-in-law has three boys; and my neice, boo-hooed like bloody murder-drama everywhere; so my sis-in-law says, “Wow, the Lord really knows what He was doing” (giving her only boys). I laughed, cause being one of five girls, I know girl drama:) I told my neice, “It’ll heal before you get married.”:) She’s three:)

    Love ya’ll at LPM-cute things ya are:)


  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    My friend Gayla was walking through deep snow, following her Father along a fence line when she reminded him, “Walk straight Daddy, I’m following in your footsteps!”

    More perfect words were never spoken!

    Luv to you all,

  4. 154
    Dee says:

    I had only been at my job less than a year when we had our annual Christmas party, a covered dish lunch at the City Auditorium. I dressed as cute as I could even down to the pantyhose. Thought I looked pretty good. My dish was steamed broccoli. When I entered the building, I guess my the heel of my shoe caught on the door jamb, I slipped, and slid in on my knees, the broccoli held high over my head like a trophy. Never spilled a drop! But I was so embarrassed. I had a huge run in my hose, and my coworkers said I came in doing the “Electric Slide.”

  5. 155
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    (giggling out loud)! Oh these stories make me laugh!:)


  6. 156
    Gayla says:

    My principal told of a time long ago when his little boys were very young. It was Halloween, and they had just learned of all the characters in the Halloween spectrum. So when the family rolled out of their panel station wagon at a nearby Walmsrt, he couldn’t believe his ears.. His young sons had spotted a sweet group of Amish women coming down the street right beside the car. “Daddy, Daddy… what are those?” Dazed silence (big mistake). “Daddy, are they WITCHES?????”… uh, no.

  7. 157
    SSharron says:

    Your story is hysterical. This has been so much fun to read! See you in New Orleans!

  8. 158
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    I once lived in a main street historic district. The enormous house next door had been converted to an assisted living home.

    I have this habit of ironing in my underwear. I rarely closed the blinds because I naively assumed they all had impaired vision which would keep them from seeing all the way from their house into my windows.

    At Christmas I baked an enormous amount of cookies and took them over to my neighbors. The administrator introduced me to some of the residents and one of the gentleman said, with a grin on his face,

    “Are you the one that irons??”

    I shut the blinds from then on..:))

  9. 159
    Susan Williams says:

    We have children’s sermons every Sunday at our church. One Sunday one of the kids looked at our Pastor and said… “see my new shoes?” Bro. Thomas said, “those sure are sharp.” The little boy said… “they’re not sharp, in fact, they don’t hurt me at all.”

  10. 160
    ginnyh says:

    I definitely would have to call this one of my most embarrassing (and hilarious) moment.
    I had gone to a flea market one afternoon and was just browsing. Because it was summer, I had worn a skirt. The half slip I wore was old, but I hoped the elastic had another 100 or so miles on it.
    I’m walking along when suddenly, I feel something around my feet. My heart racing, I glance down. There lay my slip on the floor.
    I looked around as nonchalantly as possible, made my way to the nearest display table and carefully shoved the slip under the table with my shoes.
    Then I scrambled out of there as fast as I could. The minute I was outside, I started laughing and could barely unlock my car (before keyless entry) because I was laughing so hard.
    PS. I haven’t been back to that flea market. And yes, I bought a new slip.

  11. 161
    Anonymous says:

    I was watching a show on TV where a couple were renewing their vows, my seven year old son, came in and joined me, after the show was over, he was getting alittle upset and I said, whats the matter, he said I thought they were reviewing their vowels, and I was going to help them, A E I O U.

  12. 162
    Linda says:

    My 5 yr old son Joshua asked his Dad if he could underline in his Dad's bible. He told his Dad that he was looking at his bible and noticed that there were a lot of pages that he didn't underline so he wanted to help. My husband explained to him that as he studies his bible certain words or verses stand out to him so he underlines them. My husband told Joshua he could underline in his own bible and gave him an example of how to do this. He told him that he could underline the word Jesus in yellow as an example. Well, later on Joshua comes over to me and says, "Mom, I underlined a lot of stuff in my bible." I asked him what he underlined and he said, "I underlined only the good words in the bible. I saw a bad word but I didn't underline it." I giggled and told him that he did a good job. After he finished underlining all of the "good" words he came and told me that now he was going to underline all of the "bad" words in the bible. I cracked up when I saw what the bad words were. The words were… no, hate, ruler, & hell.

  13. 163
    Kristin in Austin says:

    My grandmother passed away ten years ago, and my sister Julie was explaining her passing to my then-three-year old niece Chandler. The conversation went like this:

    Julie said, “Chandler, Great-Grandma Theresa died yesterday. Mommy is sad, and I know you are sad too, but Great Grandma lived a long and wonderful life. And she is in Heaven now! The very second that she died, she went straight to Heaven!”

    Chandler sat there for a moment pondering all of this, and then said, “What color is her car?” Julie said, “What?” And Chandler again said, “What color is her car? The car she drove to Heaven?”

    HA! Chandler figured if you’re gonna go to Heaven, you must have to drive there! SO FUNNY!

    Blessings to you in New Orleans! I am doing the “Breaking Free” study right now, and it is revolutionizing my faith and changing my life! More to you about that later…

    Kristin in Austin

  14. 164
    Kim ~ "Mama G" says:

    My husband and I work on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee and last year we were both working when our son was involved in an automobile accident. Tim said, “let’s go.” We told our captain of the situation and took off. Tim was already out the door and I was riding the escalator down (about 1/2 way down) when my captain yelled, “Kim, you forgot your cell phone.” I turned around and started running up the escalator to no prevail. I ran faster and faster and finally made it back up (seemed like 20 minutes). I was so out of breath but got my phone. People were staring and laughing(I was laughing too)!!! Later when I got to the bottom, I thought, “you dummy, all you had to do was have her put the phone on the escalator and let it ride down to you. Then I really started laughing at myself. Called her on her cell and we both about died. We’re both blondes!!!! And our son was not hurt at all, thank YOU LORD!

  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    My daughter, Cassidy, at age 2 and 3 would get books and read them to herself. Not actual reading, of course, but making up stories as she went along. She had a baby Bible that I read to her all the time. I just knew she was absorbing all of these stories. So one day she was in her room reading, and I was listening at a distance. This is what I heard.
    ” Abraham, load up that camel! We’re going to Jackson!”
    And “Hey, disciples! Get out of that boat! Your mama’s are coming to pick you up!” This is recorded in her baby book. Monica in Mississippi.

  16. 166
    Holly says:

    My mom was looking for an address once, and having a hard time finding it. She was close to the police station so she just stopped to ask where the road was. When she asked the receptionist where Franklin street was, he replied, “Honey, you’re on it!”

  17. 167
    Anonymous says:

    My sister, Pam, likes to keep a clean kitchen, as a result her kids are not allowed in there.

    Her middleschooler, Miranda, had to bake a cake for a science class and describe the “science” of it.

    My sister reluctantly let her, she told her daughter to follow the directions exactly, dont make any messes, and clean up after herself.

    My sister left the kitchen and came back in to check on her daughter, and Miranda had her bare hands down in the batter mixing it.

    My sister exclamied, “What are you doing!” Miranda said, “It says on the directions ‘Mix by hand’!”

    Miranda was following the dirctions exactly!

  18. 168
    Anonymous says:

    oops, meant to add this one to the cake batter story.

    My sister Pam is the one who doesnt allow kids in the kitchen.

    We had our families together and were cooking in the kitchen, when we realized we needed some cooking oil.

    We sent her teenage son over to the corner store to buy some. He came back with a container of Motor Oil.

  19. 169
    Cherrilynn says:

    Hi Beth, I have been trying to teach my son to pray for what he needs not necesarily what he WANTS.
    2 years ago when my son was 4 years old we were in the Dollar Depot. He and I love that place. He has heard to myself, on may occasions, “This is nice but I don’t need it” This particular day we were in a very busy store looking at the many beautiful items. As if he was reading my mind, My son exclaims in a loud voice “Hey Mommy look at all the stuff we don’t need!!” Everyone around us burst into laughter. I guess my son is really listening to me!

  20. 170
    Anonymous says:

    My husband took our then three year old and five year old daughters through a fast food drive through for lunch one day. He was trying to save a few bucks by buying only what they would eat and therefore skipped the kids meals. As they pulled away from the drive through, our five year old looked through the bag not finding her special bag with a toy. When she asked her dad about it, he explained that in order to save money, he only purchased what she would eat. Her little lip began to quiver as she told him, “this isn’t a happy meal, this is a sad meal.”

  21. 171
    Julie says:

    One day the cable guy was at my house hooking up my high speed internet. I had a smallish dog at the time – around 18 pounds – that loved to be held. He circled me until I picked him up but he also had this habit of beginning to recline while I was holding him until it got to the point he was so heavy it was hard to hold him. As the cable guy is explaining some stuff to me he sat back in my office chair (it reclined a little bit). As I listened to him the dog grew heavier and heavier in my arms. Finally I said “can you not lean back please?” TO MY DOG! The cable guy in the chair sprang forward and said “oh, sorry.” I was horrified. I tried to explain I was talking to my dog but he must not have bought it because he sat straight as an arrow in that chair until he was done and got up to leave.

  22. 172
    Anonymous says:

    I had to speak at a ladies’ function several years ago and decided to wear my prettiest new dress with a very full skirt. The morning I was to speak I realized I had not done laundry recently and so needed to grab a pair of my husband’s boxers which he had never worn. I proceeded to the church and noticed that everyone seemed in a great mood because they were all laughing. I spoke and again everyone seemed to really be having a good time. Finally, one kind lady came up to me and whispered in my ear, “You may be sexy, but you don’t need to advertise it.” I knew two things immediately – one – my skirt was caught in my pantyhose and trwo- I had accidently picked up the boxers I had gotten my husband for Valentines Day which had the words Sexy Boy written all over them! I could have died!

  23. 173
    Tamara says:

    A friend is a first-grade teacher at a small Christian school. One day she caught a student cheating (then lying about it), so she sent him to the principal’s office.
    The principal, instead of delivering his usual “stern talking-to,” asked the boy to find a Bible verse that addresses his bad deed.
    After a few minutes, he was smiling, triumphant: “I found one!”
    The principal asked him, “Well, what does the Scripture say about what you’ve done?”
    Boy: “That I shouldn’t have lied to Mrs. Cocchiola because she’s a woman.”
    Principal: “I don’t understand. What verse did you find?”
    Boy: “Leviticus 18:22, sir. It says you shouldn’t lie to women like you lie to men.”
    After that day, the principal decided he’d find the verses for the kids.

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    We have a prayer chain at our church. I was particulary concerned for one of our brothers who was having surgery for an anurism. We had a few brothers who were having surgery that week, and they were heavy on my heart and mind.

    A few weeks later we were having an all church dinner, and people were lining up to get food, and I am a big talker. In between chasing my 4 kids, and trying to keep my head on straight, I passed by one of the brothers that had surgery. Assuming that the anurism was in his head, I eyed him over, and said, “wow, you look good! How was everything with the surgery?” He nervously answered, “All went well”. I eyed him over again looking to see if I could see his incision, and I said, “I was trying to get a look at your incision, they must have done laproscopic surgery.” He cleared his throat, and said nervously, “yes, three little punctures.” His wife was giving me strange looks and pulled his hand and said, “come on dear”. I, being a nurse, and as my friends tease….crazy, and will ask anything, asked to see his incision. His wife said, “we need to get in line.” And they walked away.

    I went and stood in line, and just happened to be standing next to his daughter and her husband, I made small talk, feeling self conscience, that I tend to ask too many questions, and I commented, “I hope I didn’t offend your parents by asking to see your fathers incision. I tend to be a little too outgoing sometimes.” His daughter, looked at me strangely and said, “you know he had prostrate surgery, right?”

    I nearly fainted, I could hardly speak, I had asked a man to see his surgery on his prostrate, and I was thinking he had anurism surgery on his head!

    It is the big laugh at church right now.

  25. 175
    Anonymous says:

    When my son was three, he was in the bathtub splashing and getting water everywhere. He had already been told not to splash.

    I reminded him, “In the Bible, Jesus tells us to obey your parents.”

    He quickly without even blinking said “Does it say that in red letters or black letters, because Jesus only says the words in red letters.”

    I was speechless!

  26. 176
    SharonAnnie says:

    My daughter is turning 40 this month. This happened when she was 3 1/2, so you can see it's a family favorite! She was in the family room with her 1 1/2 year old brother and started yelling, "Mommy, come quick. Johnny just bit himself on the ear." There was my poor little boy with giant red toothmarks on his ear. Needless to say, we had to have a talk about lying :>

  27. 177
    Anonymous says:

    My husband used to work at a grocery store, usually at the check out, but sometimes stocking shelves. One day I stopped by the store and saw him in the freezer aisle leaning over the case. I quietly came up in back of him and spooned up in a very familiar way. He turned around and it wasn’t HIM! I screamed so loud that people came running to help, which only increased my terror. To top it off, turns out his parents went to our church. Talk about small town!

  28. 178
    Sherry says:

    My 6 year old daughter has always been a joy. She says things you can’t even imagine. When she was about 3 years old she went through this phase where if you asked her “where is Jesus?” She would respond that he was in her heart. Well one day we were sitting at the diningroom table eating breakfast. We had prayerd prior to eating and got talking. I asked her “honey, where is Jesus?” she rubbed her tummy and said “eating pancakes.” It was so precious to us that we still reference it regularly!

  29. 179
    Rose says:

    When my son was 3 we took him to “big” church to worship with us. When he heard our pastor begin to preach he very loudly said, “Is that God talking?” Too cute! Boy did we hear chuckles all around.


  30. 180
    ka says:

    There are so many I could write a book. Last year I was hard at work on a craft project. I had these little peppermint scented candles and I remembered in school our teachers used to give us peppermints during tests. They’re supposed to make you smarter or concentrate or something. So I light the candles, thinking they’ll make me, I don’t know, more creative? A few minutes later I’m hot glueing a jewel to a page when I smell something burning. “Man, this hot glue gun really stinks!” I thought. About 5 seconds later my head got really hot, and I realized that it was not that the hot glue smelled bad, but that my bangs had fallen into the candle and were on fire. So much for the peppermint making me smarter.

  31. 181
    Sitesx6 says:

    Short and sweet:

    I had a piece of Twizzlers in one hand and a cat treat in the other (to give to my cat.) I was talking and at the same time went to take a bite of licorice, but instead ate the cat treat….I can’t multi-task obviously! GROSS!

  32. 182
    Sandra says:

    While our new house was being built, my 7-year-old son was upset that our bedroom would be downstairs while his would be upstairs. He wanted to know why we would choose a house that had the bedroom downstairs. Before I could answer, my 9-year-old piped in. “Nick, don’t you know?” I held my breath not knowing what he would say … “so they can sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack”. I sighed a breath of relief.

  33. 183
    Tisha says:

    I’ve been too busy reading to post. But did want to tell you a story about my sweet 2-yr old daughter. As we left the house one day, she was exclaiming in her sweet little voice that “God made the twees(trees), God made the sunsine(sunshine), God made the sty(sky). Him’s a fweetheart(sweetheart)!!” Can’t you just imagine God smiling at a 2-yr old calling Him a sweetheart.

    Blessings to you, Tisha

  34. 184
    Amy says:

    My youngest son Justin is notorious for saying words the wrong way. Years ago, his brother was in the bathroom at a restaurant with stomach problems.He didn’t come out for a while and my husband was paying the bill, so I sent Justin in to check on Austin. He came out and I said, “Well, what is he doing?” He said, “I can’t tell you Mommy, but it starts with an “f” “. My mind raced and having a boy, and knowing my other one was in distress I assumed he was about to use the “f” word that means gas, which I’d requested him not to use on many occasions. I said, “Starts with an f?” He said, “yep….he’s frohwin’ up.” LOL! Love that kid of mine…..:-)

  35. 185
    charlotte says:

    My 2-1/2 year old, Lydia, gets words mixed up a lot, which is very cute and funny trying to figure out what she means. One mixup is when we have lunch and she confuses turkey and ham… which is understandable since the packages look similar. However, at a family outing to the zoo this summer, we came to the section where there are deer and turkey and other “hunted” animals. I called to Lydia and said, “See the deer and turkey…” Suddenly she yelled to her daddy, “Look, Daddy… ham… ham…!!” It took us a few seconds to realize that she was confusing ham with turkey… guess the package doesn’t really have anything to do with it!

  36. 186
    Joy says:

    In our town, there’s a fabulous frozen custard shop called Andy’s and their specialty is a “concrete” (like a blizzard or a McFlurry).

    When passing Andy’s on our way to Wednesday night church, my 5 year old son said, “Momma, when I go to Andy’s, I eat a sidewalk.”

    I paused, pondered, and replied, “Do you mean, you eat a concrete?” As though it was a common mix-up, he said, “Oh, yeah, that’s what I mean… a concrete.”

    I don’t think he understood why I was laughing so hard from his sidewalk/concrete mix-up!

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    A number of years ago I was attending the wedding of a highschool friend. This was the first time we had all seen eachother since graduating. Naturally I wanted to make a sophisticated impression. After all I was the only one who had gone off to live in the BIG CITY after high school.

    The wedding was in an upstairs chapel. On our way back down the stairs, with all my old highschool friends behind me, I tripped, slid down the stairs face first, and landed at the bottom of the landing with my skirt over my head and my rear end sticking directly up the stairs at them. Yes, I left an impression alright!

  38. 188
    Anonymous says:

    We celebrated my grandson’s birthday at a Japanese steakhouse with all of his cousins present. Although he was very excited to be there my grandaughter was not. When asked why she explained yes the fire does scare me but “I think he wants to fight me”. I can only imagine how the fire combined with the fancy knife works look to a four year old.

  39. 189
    Sharon says:

    Okay, I know you have alot of kid stories but I could not resist:

    My three year old twins went to VBS this summer and learned about saints and Peter was the first one they talked about. I didn’t know if the subject was over their heads until a few months later when we were reading “Peter Pan”. In the middle of the story, both girls said,” Peter is the rock, he was crucified upside down.'” And no amount of explaining can convince them otherwise. But I understand the confusion because when I was their age I was thoroughly convinced that Jonah and Pinocchio were one in the same.

  40. 190
    Renee says:

    So here’s a second one I can’t help but share.
    Around the age of 35, I became panicky about the aging process that was occuring on my face. (Now 9 years later, I have gotten over it!) One of my girlfriends recommended I go to the doctor and get a prescription for a Retin-A type product because she was using it with great success. So, I did as she suggested. The first two or three weeks, there was a massive amount of skin sloughing off and my face was in a constant state of peeling. I kept trying different foundations to cover that up as much as possible.
    Well, one day I had a new foundation on that actually acted the opposite. It really just accentuated how dry and scaly my skin was. My son was 5 at the time and his kindergarten class was housed at a local church. As I was parking my car at the front door, he came bounding out with his teacher as they had seen me arrive. I rolled down my window to talk to them and he came to a screaching halt with a horrified look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he just stared and pointed at my face. I told him it was no big deal, just dead skin, and asked for a hug. He sadly said, “Momma, I can’t touch you anymore cuz I think you have ‘leopard seed’.” When I realized he meant leprosy, I thought I was going to fall out of my car laughing.

  41. 191
    Michele says:

    OK one more. After church one Sunday I saw my husband out of the corner of my eye talking to a friend of his. I proceeded to walk up to him, all the while speaking to other people I would see walk by (after all I see him in the corner of my eye- right?). I get real close to him (like the kind of close only a wife gets to HER husband), put my arm around him, and I am looking at his friend. I say to him, “Babe, I just have to get my coffee cup out of the fellowship hall, and then I will be ready to go.” He says to me, “I don’t care what you do.” I turned my head to look at him and SCREAM “AHHHH” to the top of my lungs. It was not my husband!!! I ran off – totally and utterly embarrased!

  42. 192
    kgeverett says:

    A good friend of ours has a Chihuahua dog named Chili. Chile, like most dogs of that breed, is not fond of many people. However, Kacie, my four-year-old daughter made Chili’s short list. Kacie can get in Chili’s face, kiss her, love on her and pet her with great affection, but Chili barks and shows her teeth to everybody else. A couple of months before Christmas, Kacie started begging us for a “Chili Dog” and started praying for it. Every night she told God she really, really, really, really, really wants a Chili Dog. One night, after her prayer, she asked me when God was “gonna give her that Chili Dog.” I told her that God always answers our prayer, but sometimes the answer is no, and sometimes he doesn’t answer right away. She was in bed and she raised her arms and said, “God, when you gonna tell me yes, or no, cause I need to know, cause if you say no, I’m gotta ask Santa Claus for a Chili Dog.” If God said no, she was fine with it, but she was moving on to ask for her desire from where ever she thought she’d get it. Aren’t we just like that at times? She did get a dog (although it isn’t a Chihuahua), in fact that was already in the works but we decided to give it to her before Christmas. We didn’t want the fat guy in the red suit getting credit for it!

  43. 193
    April says:

    My friend Shelly can be absent minded sometimes, even to her detriment. She had a dentist appointment at one of those buildings that houses many different doctors. Unfortunately for Shelly she accidentally walked into the OB-GYN thinking that she was in her dentist office. She walked up to the OB-GYN receptionist and said cheerfully “Hi, I’m here for a cleaning.” It’s been several years and I still laugh hysterically thinking about it.

  44. 194
    Stormy says:

    When my sister was expecting my nephew, my mom, other nephew and myself went with her to find out what if the baby was a boy or a girl. We so badly wanted a little girl. So there we were looking at the screen seeing the baby. When the ultrasound tech. asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. We all said yes and awaited the news. The words It’s a boy came out of her mouth. Oh, the look on my other nephews face was priceless (he was 6 at the time). He looked at the tech and said: “But I wanted a sister, can’t you send him back?”

  45. 195
    Jennifer says:

    This past summer my husband was outside grilling up some chicken when he came in and asked for “a tong”…I am thinking in my mind “well, I wouldn’t call it ‘a tong’, it’s ‘tongs’ because there are two parts to it, like ‘pants’, you wouldn’t call them ‘a pant’ “, so I concluded my thought and got out the utensil he was asking for and very confidently said to him, “well, I call them pants!” Yes, I did say that out loud, and now my whole family calls the tongs “pants”!

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    When I was in high school one hot summer day I decide to open the front door and lay half way out the door. I feel asleep and didn’t know it until the ambulance pulled up and the perimedics tried to revive me that someone had called 911 because they thought I was injured. What a good samaritan. God is always watching out of us!

  47. 197
    Bridget Turner says:

    Here’s a recent conversation with my son. “Mommy our house has 4 bedrooms right? Yes it does Joshua. Why do you ask? Well, I have a room, and sister has a room. So why do you and Daddy share a room? You can use this one across from me!” Once I stopped laughing, I explained that Mommy and Daddy like to share.
    Oh the wonders of a six year old boy!

  48. 198
    Redeemed by Christ says:

    When I was in preschool I was coloring with a some other children when I blurted out that I knew Jesus. The other children and the teacher were confused. I went on to tell them that Jesus lived behind my church in a trailer and smoked cigarettes. The man I was telling them about went to my church and had a long beard. So long story short my mom got a phone call telling her about my little out burst in class that day. She talked to me about it and told the man I was speaking about. He told my mom and dad that he was so convicted by what I had said, so much so that he quite smoking. To this day he still tells the story of the little girl who was the reason he quit smoking because she told her class she thought he was Jesus.

  49. 199
    Stacy says:

    I am so grateful that, despite all of my shortcomings, God is helping me to raise little girls that love Jesus.

    At the preschool where the girls attend, they have Bible time each morning. Yesterday morning, after they had their lesson, they were about to sing their praise song and Emily asked Miss Jean: “Can we just raise our hands while we sing to God?” The teacher said that all of the other children followed Emily’s lead and raised their hands while they sang.

    Miss Jean said: “In my church we just don’t do that, but even I was raising my hand for Emily.” Then Miss Jean said the most wonderful thing…she said “That girl was born to love Jesus.”

  50. 200
    Ashley says:

    We were moving from our old home into an apartment while our new house was being built, and my husband and some of the guys were moving some of the larger items. I was unpacking at the apartment. My husband called to say they ran out of room in the storage unit and needed a place to put the couch. They had already tried several people, and no one had room for it.

    I called a new friend’s house and left a long, detailed message on their machine about how we needed a place in their garage to put the couch. I hadn’t met her husband yet, and I’m sure he listened to my very long message since my new friend was out of town. My husband called me back later, saying they had finally put it in our other friends’ kitchen. Our conversation went something like this:

    Me: “You put it in their kitchen?!”
    Him: “Yes… they said it was fine.”
    Me: “Are you sure there’s room in there?!”
    Him: “… uh, yeah. They said it’s no problem. They have plenty of room. They’ll probably even use it.”
    Me: “Ooookay…”

    A few days later I was visiting the friends who were graciously storing our couch in their kitchen, and it was only then that I realized my husband had been talking about the REFRIGERATOR the whole time!!! I guess I need to work on my listening skills…

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