Video Scripture Memory Update and Deeper Still

Hey, You Darling Siestas! I hope you are well and blessed in the perceptible presence of Jesus Christ. Just a couple of pieces of news this stormy Sunday afternoon in Houston, Texas. I wanted to let you know, lest someone be devastated by the delay, that our much-hailed Grand Prize Scripture Memory Competition Winner will be unveiled on Friday of this week rather than Tuesday. Due to a yet unexplained technical problem, some of the videos arrived in our inbox expired and we wanted to give them time to be resubmitted. After all, this fierce competition has caused an uproar second only to American Idol and the talent just keeps rolling in. Brace yourself.

I love y’all so much.

Grinning so wide that my ears feel all tight.

I just returned from Deeper Still in Atlanta, Georgia where a whopping 19,000 of us raised the roof in praise to the One True God and studied our heads into a migraine. (Not really. Haven’t ever really had a migraine but if you were prone to one, we no doubt gave you one this weekend but, Child, you can’t say you didn’t hear some Scripture.) God gave us a terrific group! One of the best huge groups I’ve ever gotten to be part of. (Don’t worry, Raleigh. You are still in a tier all by yourself but, I’ll be honest, this group got mighty close. Their love for Jesus was large and loud and they hung tight all the way to the last second of a long conference.) You’ll never guess who was sitting on the very front row next to the Governor’s (precious) wife. Our own Siesta, Georgia Jan! I LOVED HER! She’s the one that told that hilarious story recently about her church choir singing a special in a worship service about coming to Jesus with your burdens and, when a woman actually got up and came to the altar, they all thought, “What on earth is she doing? And in the middle of our special?” (My paraphrase but I laughed my head nearly to the floor over that honest appraisal.) Georgia Jan was one of those ultimate kind of people every teacher wants to have in class. Completely engaged and talking back to you constantly.

Guess who else was there? Big Mama and Boomama! (Don’t tell me you haven’t ever checked out their blogs. They are a blast.) I’m not kidding – I was totally starstruck. They were there in an official guest-blog-writer capacity with some of the LifeWay folks so I got to meet them at sound check then have them right behind me next to Amanda and her good buddy Janelle (we missed you so much, Sunni! Next time?). They were all right there where I could pat on all of them. (I’m a patter. I could mother a fence post as my grandmother used to say.) Big and Boo were just as fun as I thought they’d be. Better than that, they obviously have a keen liking for Jesus and His Word and that just says it, doesn’t it? Funny. Godly. Man, I love that.

One of my biggest highlights is that I got to be with both my daughters all weekend. Amanda and Janelle flew up with me then we met up with Melissa once we got there. We got to worship together (Trav and the team were in full throttle gift-mode) and open the “Holy Scripts” (as Melissa calls them with no small reverence) together during the conference. Lis’s Colin even joined us for the last session. He was so cute trying to fold his whole six-foot three-inch self up inconspicuously in a raging sea of capri-pants. Needless to say, the event was our highlight but the girls and I also had a blast together after it was over last night then again this morning. The funniest thing happened after the conference ended at 5:30 PM. Melissa went to so much trouble to make reservations at the ultimate spot to get a taste of beautiful, historical Atlanta, Georgia. We went to their version of the Spindletop (I can’t remember the exact name but most of us who attended the conference were there). It is a restaurant on the 76th floor of a building smack in the middle of downtown. It (the top floor, not the whole building) rotates over the course of an hour to show you a panoramic view of the entire city. Really cool. You can even see tons of landmarks built for the Olympics. (Well, three.) The problem is, the constant motion made Melissa seasick. She could hardly eat a bite of her shrimp and grits. And, boy, were they good. She turned white as a sheet and she and Colin had to go sit in the lobby of the first floor while we finished. I’m laughing my head off because we Moore’s cannot do one single thing without high drama. On our way out of the hotel, Melissa got an expression on her face that made her look about six years-old then she chirped, “Mom, that thing was hauling!” Slight exaggeration but it will make me laugh the rest of my life. She is priceless. Both my girls are. My favorite two people to be with in all the world. And their daddy makes three. We girls sat on my hotel bed last night with room service desserts and laughed until we literally cried. Honestly, I thought my face was going to freeze into a contortion. First thing this morning we got to see Melissa and Colin’s apartment and it is absolutely adorable. And smelled wonderful. You guessed it. Apple Crostata. Warm. Buttery. Apply. With a touch of orange.

Well, my man’s about to get home and I haven’t seen him in four days so I better get off of here. But not before I tell you how much I love working with Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. There is simply no one on earth I respect more than Kay. I have literally never known a soul more devoted to the Word of God than her. And that Priscilla? Sheesh. (If that means anything bad, I don’t know it.) She is something else. One of the most gifted young communicators I’ve ever seen. We have become true friends over the last several years. I cannot express the joy she brings to me and how certain I am of God’s powerful call on her life. Keith and I are coming to love her and Jerry very much. And I don’t even have to tell you how I feel about Travis and the team. He had great new songs this weekend but held on to my favorites. Trav’s Angela was with us on the platform and I LOVE her being there. Talk about a woman who loves God’s Word! I don’t know another woman on God’s green earth I’d rather impact my daughters. I told Trav and Ang today that if we’d never worked together on the road as partners in ministry but had simply attended the same church, the Moores and Cottrells would have been BFF. It’s a fact, Jack.

That’s all for now, Girlfriends! Sure loved having a cup of coffee with you. Stay in God’s Word, young ladies! JESUS IS LIFE. I’ll talk to you soon because it’s almost Bible Study Tuesday! Get the last of your homework done, Girls!


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  1. 51
    Lindsee says:

    What a FABULOUS recap! It sounds like an absolute blast. And there’s nothing better than sitting on a hotel bed laughing your head off with the girls. Oh my!

    Getting so excited about Siesta Fiesta!!! Can’t wait to hug all of your necks!!

    Love you all,


  2. 52
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Aah! I’ve still got to do the second week. I got busy with Step Study stuff. i’ve really got to figure out how to prioritize my studies so I can keep track of them both. And one of my ladies doesn’t even have her book cause she’s been in California, so I couldn’t get it to her. Boy, she’s gonna be way behind. i hope it doesn’t stop her from coming! I love her so much and want so badly for her to come!

  3. 53
    DigiNee says:

    Thanks Bethie for keeping us posted on your comings and goings . . . always a delight to read your posts.

    Praying you wrap up Esther and then have a bit of a breather. You are way due!

    Peace – have a great week Siestas.

  4. 54
    Becky says:

    My dear siesta Beth,
    I was at the conference this weekend and I came home with my spirit completely full to the brim with new wine. When our group was first planning the trip I was not going then a couple of months ago I called my friend Lana and told her I had to get away and be with God and asked if she had another ticket and sure enough she did. Well, I can say I truly spent the weekend with God. Thank you so much and also Priscilla and Kay. It was wonderful. But I must tell you about the experience I had while I was there. The ladies that I went with is our Monday night Bible Study and we have been together for a little over 3 years and have gone through so much together and still are and we all needed what God gave us. But I have just got to tell you.
    I had read the Deeper Still blog and knew about the walls that were going to be there for us to sign once so we got our seats Friday evening we went walking and came upon the first wall. It was the one with History at the top. I explained to a couple of them what it was and I wrote my prayer concerns. Well, Saturday during the worship time when they brought them in and placed them on the stage I just knew something awesome was about to happen.
    Well my prayer concern was
    “For my youngest son Mat and the direction of my ministry. I asked the lady if we could sign our names and she said sure. Well I did I signed it just like I sign my comments on your blog Becky Attalla, AL. As the music was playing and Travis was singing I started thinking about what I wrote and was reading all that the other ladies had wrote. Then I started praying, “God please show me” Then I found myself praying even harder “GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST SHOW ME SHOW ME YOURSELF” Just after I said the very last word I looked and there right in the very middle of the big screen there is was, my prayer and name, at that very moment I felt a washing of the Holy Spirit like I have never felt in a long time. I looked at my friend Lana and told her look she what HE has done. I began to sob not just cry but sob. I know to some that may not sound like much but at that moment I knew without a doubt HE heard me among 19,000 women. I am still flying on His wings from all of it. I teach junior high and also youth discipleship training and God allowed me to be able to share my experience in both lesson I had to teach today. Thank you so much for all you do and I hope you got the card I laid in your chair Saturday. You and the other ladies are truly a blessing and a gift from our Father.
    Well I know this was kinda long but I just had to share it with you. Thank you again.

    Love you
    Attalla, AL
    Check out my blog and you will get to see our group that was there we were in the 3rd made a dwelling place. We all love you. Also thanks for opening the altar up to all of us.

  5. 55
    Anonymous says:

    There are so many things that flash into my head about this weekend that I would not even know where to start…from pancakes to Kay busting a move. So many WORDS that my head spun, my heart burst and I still can’t swallow the lump in my throat. Thank you so much for this event and all the ministry that you and the others do. Because you have stepped aside and really let God work through you so many, many, MANY women don’t have to be stuck with a stale, duty filled life of religion but a relationship with the ONE AND ONLY JESUS that can only keep going Deeper Still. Thank you, thank you for bringing that to us!
    From just a woman in the crowd with no special title or name with tears streaming down her face thanking God for all his blessings upon blessings.

  6. 56
    Anonymous says:

    I just wanted you to know what an awesome blessing this weekend was to me. I have tears streaming down my face as I write this just thinking about how wonderful our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is. I went with a group of ladies from church and I told the carload I was riding with that the devil had really been working this week. He did not want us to go. God was with us. To Atlanta from Northwest Alabama is usually a four hour trip. On the interstate in B’ham was something off a car, the cop said it was a drive shaft, anyway we hit it. It all happened so fast. We knew we had blown a tire but after getting to the side of the road we realized it was two tires. I knew a family member that was only a short distance from where we were and he was able to get us a towtruck and direct us to the closest Sams club. After 3 hours Sams and at 5:00 Atlanta time we were on our way. We still have 2 hours of travel time and this conference starts in two hours. We were all still trying to be positive even knowing we were going to be late. But God was still with us. Between Bham and Atlanta, looking back, it seems as if God just cleared our path. We didn’t get tied up in any more traffic even with the various construction. In Atlanta we had already been forwarned that is was going to cost 20. to park in the parking deck so we were preparing for that. Somewhere downtown I missed one of the roads on the directions and we ended going around the arena in a different direction and “just happened” to find a parking deck that only charged 10. Praise the Lord. We made it to the arena and were allowed to come in some doors even though they were marked not an entry. Praise the Lord. There was another group of ladies sitting behind our friends who were holding seats (four, which is exactly what we needed) for some of their friends who ended up sitting elsewhere so we were able to use those seats. The Lord was with us. If I can back up a minute, while we are at Sam’s we realize we have 12 of the tickets needed to get in with us. We were so worried that we were going to cause other people to have to be late because of us, but the one who purchased these tickets for us was able to go to the will call window and they gave her the tickets they needed so they could all get in. Thank the Lord. I know this is a very long post but I wanted you to know how good the Lord was to us. Everything satan threw our way, the Lord was right there waiting to smash him. The only part of the conference we missed was the opening part of the praise and worship. I got to hear them sing the mercy seat song when we walked in. Praise the Lord!!
    It was an awesome weekend. I was challenged greatly by all three of you and extremely blessed. I have rekindled the flame to draw closer to the Lord and His word. Thank you all so much!

  7. 57
    Anonymous says:

    I just love a good report. The Word, the worship, the friends, the food. It’s good to know God’s in His heaven and all’s well on earth.

    Today’s a sad day for us. Jesus took home one of our good buddies this afternoon. He crashed his Super Cub just a couple miles away, flying home. He leaves his wonderful wife, college-aged daughter and son who just graduated from high school. Such a loss. General aviation and Alaska sometimes don’t mix real well; all it takes is a gust of wind during landing…

    What a reminder that life’s a pilgrimage – and we each have an appointment. My friend had his this afternoon on an otherwise sunny, beautiful June day. If you think about it, please remember his family to the Father of All Comfort.

    Thanks, Siestas.

    Warm in Alaska.

  8. 58
    Charm & Grace says:

    Just have to say that God was so AWESOME in the DS event this weekend. He SHINED!!! He is awesome in how He pulls it all together and uses people to bring such glory and honor to Himself. He was awesome in the teaching from 3 godly, surrendered women (not that I know you personally, but it is quite evident by even your interaction with one another… I love how you pray and root for one another like good siestas should!) One of the most poignant things about the weekend for me was how awesome He is in raising up generation after generation (74, 51, & 30-ish?) of submitted, Holy Spirit-gifted women to proclaim His word in fresh ways for those of us who are willing to be taught the Word.

    God bless you, Beth, for being a willing vessel! And Priscilla, with her 6-month pregnant self, and Kay with her beautiful, full-yeared wisdom — you were all amazing as you poured yourselves out as a drink offering — almost literally — as we watched, took notes as fast as we could, (with some jumping up and down thrown in, thanks) and tried to take it all in.

    We laughed in the car that you (Beth) were in that last session, because only you could have kept that crowd as rapt at attention as we were while fighting that afternoon nap-needing slump (after being up all night talking to our siestas.)

    One of my favorite moments was when the artist painted on the His story boards. As an artist, I long for my artwork to glorify God and show that there is a purpose for beauty in the things we create because He is our Creator and He is beauty. So that moment really spoke to my heart in a significant way. It was beautiful as He was in the center of it!

    One more thing and then I’ll hush… In addition to a very close friend, I got to share this precious time with my mother and my mother-in-love.) How precious is that? I can’t imagine any two people I would rather have shared it with. Well, o.k. maybe the other 18,997 ladies! God is great and greatly to be praised.

    Deeper still, indeed…

  9. 59
    Karla says:


    I’ve been to that restaurant…The Sun Dial, atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel! I love that place! I was there “awhile back”…in college (Go Buckeyes!) with two of my dearest girlfriends. We had a blast! Maybe it’s a Siestas’ restaurant. You know, one of those places where you go with “the girls”! Just your mention of it brought back some absolutely wonderful memories. Thanks!

    Wapakoneta, Ohio

  10. 60
    Karla says:


    I’ve been to that restaurant…The Sun Dial, atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel! I love that place! I was there “awhile back”…in college (Go Buckeyes!) with two of my dearest girlfriends. We had a blast! Maybe it’s a Siestas’ restaurant. You know, one of those places where you go with “the girls”! Just your mention of it brought back some absolutely wonderful memories. Thanks!

    Wapakoneta, Ohio

  11. 61
    "Just Me - NC Beth" says:

    Beth, sipping on my first cup of the morning, and immensely enjoying every word of your post! You are truly “somethin’ else!!” (and that is a good thing!)

    As always, thanks for sharing with all of us!


  12. 62
    Debbie says:

    This is my very first time writing a comment on this blog. Please forgive me if I’m not clear, but I’m still a bit bleary eyed after our amazing weekend in Atlanta.
    Priscilla, Kay and Beth were a powerful to see and hear. Travis and the worship team were unbelievable! It was truly a gift to be there with 19,000 women that love the Lord.
    However, this may come as a surprise you to many of you….but I came home feeling differently than I would have expected. The spiritual high that I had anticipated just wasn’t raging the way that I had planned it would. (my first mistake…planning how the Lord would work. Jeepers, you’d think I’d know by now that he doesn’t need my help!)
    But, as a result of my journey (with 13 other women) to Atlanta, I received a very precious gift. Yesterday afternoon as I was processing the powerful words that I heard this weekend I felt the Holy Spirit impess something different on my heart.
    A feeling that perhaps I was actually seeking to MEET God in Atlanta. And ever so tenderly I felt Him remind me fresh that he is right here, right now. I didn’t have to chase him down….Praise Him that He meets me every morning at my kitchen table. Even willing to spend time with me with my bed head and fuzzy pink slippers. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I can hardly think of a more valuable gift than that. A clear understanding that He is with me anytime, anywhere.
    It’s funny how God works, He took me to Atlanta to realize that every morning he is waiting for me to wake….ready to go “Deeper Still.”
    Blessings to Priscilla, Kay and Beth on their powerful ministry.
    Please forgive me for going on so long….Thank you for the oppotunity to share my thoughts on this wonderful blog.

  13. 63
    cherbear says:

    This is a cooking comment, nothing spiritual, although I do believe the good Lord gave us bountiful, enjoyable, beautiful things of this earth for our nourishment and pleasure! Anyway, I am not sure if the recipe Melissa uses for her Apple Crostata is the Barefoot Contessa recipe, but if is is I agree it is delicious. I made another version of it this weekend by substituting 1/2 pound EACH of blueberries, small localy grown strawberries and raspberries. I did everything else the same and it was delicious. My mom lives only 27 miles away, so I won’t have to overnight it to her for her to sample! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy! Cheri

  14. 64
    Heather says:

    I got sick when we went to the sundial as well … I’m assuming that’s where you are talking about. Since it was just me and the hubs we had to leave in the middle of our meal … found out later that I was pregnant with our first … I’m wondering if that’s why I got sick b/c I never get motion sickness!

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Atlanta was Awesome and helped to bring me out of a season of “Wilderness” (deep depression) that I thought I’d never come out of. God is so AWESOME!

    Could we please get a copy of the commissioning?

    Thanks so much!

  16. 66
    Sheryl says:

    I thought this was neat and wanted to share it with you, Beth. I was planning on working at the Deeper Still conference but some family “things” came up and I wasn’t able to.

    Anyway, my sweet man called me on his way home from work and said, “Guess who I think I just saw?!” Being the inquistive person I am replied, “WHO?” “BETH MOORE!” It looked just like her and she was walking across the street. It gave me a pain in my heart that I wasn’t going to be there but it was so funny to hear the excitement in his voice that he had seen BETH MOORE!

    Marietta, GA

  17. 67
    Anonymous says:

    I too was in Atlanta. It was a much needed drink from the well of Living Water! The teachings and the music are an equal blessing. I immediately told our Music Minister about the song, “Mercy Seat.” How beautiful!

    My brain and soul are so happy to receive that much to ponder. Thank you for all you do.

    (For Priscilla, we ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home!)


  18. 68
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Good to hear from you Spiritual Mom Beth:)

    That’s such a blessing to know that you got to meet Georgia Jan and Big Mama and Boomama! My group that went to Deeper Still got a WORD-praise the LORD:)

    I am blessed to know that you are full of joy and got to spend time with your daughters and those who are so dear to you:)

    I wanted to let you know that I found out this morning that my fertility treatment didn’t work-and I have been thinking about what Priscilla said this past weekend about not fighting the wilderness season you are in and clinging to HIM-I still feel like crying though-is that okay? God prepared me, He sent me Isaiah 30:18 through a friend. My favorite translations of this are the Amplified and the New King James Version.

    Love you Beth and crew, please pray for me if you get the chance, I am also going on mission trip this coming week. I just want to glorify God.

    Love in CHRIST,


  19. 69
    Anonymous says:

    I cannot even put into words the blessings I received this weekend. All three women were truly amazing and touched an area in my life in a different way.

    I too would like the commission that Beth read at the end of the conference….

  20. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Deeper Still was so amazing. Of course a 74 year old woman (Kay Arthur) teaching the Word of God (dynamically) in high heels is amazing anywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beth — I have to tell you — I’ve been to many Living Proof events and I always love to find where you are sitting when the music starts. You have some SERIOUS rhythm! It just encourages me to praise God with all my might too! (Hey, if our godly Bible teacher can, we can!!) One minute you’re dancing and another minute you’re on your knees. AWESOME!
    Thanks for being so faithful. God has used your Bible studies in a mighty way in my life. I know I speak for all of us Siestas when I say we love you. And love Him more because of you.

  21. 71
    Fran says:

    Oh I how love you all Beth and team!

    Thanks so much for every single detail! Can’t wait for August!!!!

    Big hugs and thanking God for you!

  22. 72
    Tracey says:

    I wish I could have been there. I was tending a sick toddler ๐Ÿ™

    BTW, the restaurant is called the SUNDIAL ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m an Atlanta native. There were 6 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting and enjoying Daniel while DS was going on. Praying for you and the Esther study. HUGS

  23. 73
    Bethany@MyLifeinBlack&White says:

    Beth, we had a BLAST with you and our 19,000 sisters! We shared in church last night about what God taught us this weekend, and it was obvious that He took all of our ladies “Deeper Still.”

  24. 74
    Kelli M says:

    I was at the conference and am still trying to digest it all. What a fantastic group of women! And I met some of the greatest women in the boxed lunch line! HA! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beth, I just love the way you were hugging your daughters and rubbing their backs during the whole time. I have a daughter in high school and we are just as close. And to make us closer, we are now soaking our feet in the tub at night. What wonderful conversations we have during that time! Thank you so much for your living your life as a testamony to what a godly mom looks like!
    Oh, and I think you have a career in Christian Rap!!!!!! You are a hoot! Keep it up!
    And I’m trying the Retin-A!!!!

  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Beth,please pray for me. Saturday was The Day. Now I am pure and am totally forgiven!!!!! I ‘m leaving it all behind at the alter and moving forward!!!!
    KM in MS

  26. 76
    MichelleT says:

    I cannot begin to put into words what this weekend meant to me. I came to Deeper Still by myself in need of a “spiritual retreat”, I had been feeling parched and stale in my walk with God. He is so faithful, and so lavish in His love. To be in His Word and to worship Him so openly — it couldn’t have been any better this side of heaven. My hotel was just 2 blocks from the event, and when I got back there Saturay evening I fell into a heap. I couldn’t get to my rooom fast enough before the tears of gratitude fell in sobs. I love Him so! Thank you for being part of such a special weekend. I am so thankful for you.

    From the section I was sitting in, I could see the “pats” between you and your girls. Although I was there on a mission to meet with God, it made me miss having my mom with me. She and I have made it to a few LPL events together over the years, and always turn them into great “girls weekends”.

    Much love,

  27. 77
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    I had an apple crostata in the airport starbucks this week on the way home from a funeral in Texas and thought of you Beth.
    Don’t worry, it was a good funeral. Long life, lots of grandkids, wonderful Christian lady and a family full of people who all know we will see each other again in heaven.

    anyway, just wanted to send you a hug and say that “yes, apple crostatas (even those made for mass marketing at starbucks) are a little piece of heaven”


  28. 78
    Tara says:

    Thanks for the recap on your weekend! What a wonderful time in Atlanta, with 19,000 girls and your 2 most favorite ones:)Picturing you all in the hotel room with your desserts was a hoot! What a neat weekend!!!

    Being a Raleigh girl, I am glad that the crowd was a good one for you!!!! I had several friends who were able to go, and they said it was amazing. Praise the Lord! It makes me look so forward to San Antonio in August!

    Praying for you this week, as always! Love you, Friend!

    Much love and appreciation,

  29. 79
    Aimee says:

    “MY CHAINS ARE GONE, I’VE BEEN SET FREE! MY GOD MY SAVIOR HAS RANSOMED ME…” WOW WOW WOW! What an amazing weekend we had in Atlanta! I am still processing! As I was getting ready for church yesterday morning, I had a Chris Tomlin CD in and Amazing Grace (same version Trav and Team sang) came on. Turning off the hair dryer (no, in case your wondering, I was NOT at that pivotal hair moment yet). I was brought (back) to tears as I saw the sea of sisters from the event. I had to get on my face right there on the bathroom floor! Thank you Lord, I had not put on my makeup yet since I could NOT hold back tears!

    I was so full upon entering church, I just couldn’t keep the smile off my face. Not only did we sing Amazing Grace (same version above) but my pastor also touched on what you, Kay and Pris taught! Amazing! I can’t wait to share with people in my life…God is moving! God is living! Jesus is THE ONE AND ONLY!

    PS Do you think we could make a Priscilla doll that you could sqeeze and it would name the books of the Bible and what God is in each! I love it!
    Love you Beth! Have a blessed week!!!

  30. 80
    Susan says:

    What a wonderful, filling weekend in Atlanta! I am still trying to process everything. Seeing Kay, Prisilla and you all together was almost more than my right-brain could take in. I love you all, and thank you all for being used by God so fully. As a “Raleigh Girl” I must say – it only gets better, doesn’t it? Love to you all, and especially to you, Beth, who has the talent to make everyone feel as if she is your BBF. Thanks so much! Susan from Hickory, NC

  31. 81
    Mitzi says:

    I was so bummed that I was going to miss the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonia, but I consoled myself that I would get to attend Deeper Still, right here in Atlanta, and I was one of the first to buy a ticket, eventhough none of my girlfriends could make it.

    Well wouldn’t you know it, as life sometimes works, I was teribly sick and couldn’t attend. I had to give my ticket to a dear siesta in SC who was taking a missionary friend. I know God must have given them a huge blessing from it, and I have been praying hard for all of y’all, but selfishly I am up to my eyeballs in bummedness (that’s my 5 year old’s word, pronounced bum-ed-niss.)

    I am so glad to hear all the highlights, as I scan this blog, Big and Boo’s, the All Access and the Deeper Still ones to get the whole low-down. It sounds like the Holy Spirit was IN THE HOUSE and I can’t wait for the next time.

  32. 82
    Jaime says:

    We loved every minute! God was so there!!

    Beth- your pink jacket was perfection!!

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Great to see you this weekend, and although I was focused on receiving a word from God, I did have to sneak peeks at your girls. Being bold and vivacious myself, I must say I am partial to Melissa. She’s gorgeous, and I do not believe that she is eating all this food she writes about.

    My heart is full. Yesterday at the alter call at my little country church, I went up to pray with a women whose husband is waiting a kidney transplant. It was one of those prayers that I was so involved in that when I got up, I was not sure how long everyone else had gone back to their seats. I was trying to sneek back to my three young children seating alone because my husband was doing the sound. My preacher grabbed me and asked me to give the closing prayer. I was shocked because in 14 years, I can only remember a women praying a few times in our church. I don’t know what I said, but I just had so much overflow. I know those sweet country peopole love me, but I think I scare them sometimes. Anyway, they were kissing all over me. I am just riding on this overflow and loving it.

    Jenny in Bama

  34. 84
    Anonymous says:

    For those of you who didn’t make it to Deeper Still – Beth could not be more right about how awesome the weekend was and what she didn’t share is how much of the scripture in the Bible study we are doing showed up in references through the conference. The Holy Spirit was ever present and we were all blessed by 3 wonderful teachers who allowed God to speak through them in message and song.

    Virginia T

  35. 85
    Dionna says:

    I so agree with you about our daughters being our two favorite people to hang out with! I have two girls and they are 9 and 11 – and they are STILL my favorite two people to hang out with. I know that will only enhance as they grow up.
    I SO wish I could be doing this Bible Study but we are about to hit the road for a 3 week family excursion across the U.S. Maybe next summer?

  36. 86
    lbredhead says:

    Oh my Gosh …. just hearing all about Atlanta just makes me dance in my office for San Antonio… I have tears in my eyes just reading all of God’s wonderful blessings that were in Atlanta this weekend… I Can’t Wait for Siesta fun..!!! And oh how we wish Melissa was cooking her Apple thing for us.

    Anyway, I am so hyped we are in July and August is just around the corner… get ready to hoop in holla Texas style…Yeee Haw yall

    Lot of love,
    Lichelle in Austin

  37. 87
    Kathleen in TX says:

    That sounds like a wonderful time! I’ve already been hearing how the conference spoke to people’s hearts, I wish I could’ve gone!

  38. 88
    Yolanda says:

    That GEORGIA JAN is the best and so are the rest of The Siesta’s!


  39. 89
    CatLynClark says:

    Deeper Still in Atlanta was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. It was such a blessing for me and 3 Bible Babe sisters to be there. We had a wonderful “girls out of town” weekend and laughed till we cried. It was incredible to hear God speak to us through you, Priscilla and Miss Kay. Mandisa and the praise and worship was an awesome blessing also. God is so good — blessing upon blessing upon blessing!!

  40. 90
    Momma 2 5 says:

    I can just visualize everything you are talking about! Don’t worry Melissa, I get motion sickness too. It’s alright! You know, they will NEVER let you live that one down!

    Can’t wait to hear from you on Tuesday. God is really kicking my tale with this one!

  41. 91
    His Forevermore in GA says:

    Dear Beth,
    The Deeper Still Event was awesome! We all came away with so many messages from God! I wanted to share how our group experienced God blessing some South GA country girls! We had made reservations at a hotel downtown (member of a well known hotel chain-but won’t say it’s name) back in February for the event. Our girl reserved two rooms with two double beds for the 8 of us and called three times to confirm our reservations. Well, when we got there they did not have our reservations correct. She of course had all the documentation even the name of the person she talked with when she made the reservations. So to make a long story short, they ended up offering us the penthouse! We all got to stay together in a once in a life time amazing place! Honey, we were country come to town! We wish you could have been with us, wandering around from room to room hooping and hollering! We all sat around the huge jacuzzi tub and had us a foot washing, washing and massaging one another’s feet! On the way home, we called back and inquired of the price of the penthouse…$2000 a night. We got it for the price of a regular room $190 split 8 ways…we stayed in the penthouse for about $27 dollars each! Ain’t our God great!!! I knew you would appreciate how God took care of us…we love you so!

  42. 92
    valerie says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend all the way around.

    Wow…if I ever get to visit Atlanta I want to find out where that restaurant is that spins.

    Glad you gals got to enjoy some great laughter and “Moore” memories.


  43. 93
    Sooz says:

    What a great weekend! Don’t worry to Melissa because I had the same sickness from the spinning our last time in Atlanta. Wow it moves faster than you my opinion of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. 94
    baseballmama says:

    I was there! My girlfriend and I flew from Texas just to come see y’all. And OH MY GOODNESS did we get a word! We both laughed, cried, and had an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit. I just have to add that Kay Arthur can BRING IT! I wish I had a copy of her session to show to everyone I know (well at least our Sunday School class). I know this is a women’s event and I love worshipping the Lord with other women, but I during the whole weekend kept wishing my husband was there. He would have been so blessed. I don’t think he’s every experienced the overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit that we got this weekend and I want that for him. I want that for him so badly. Thank you Beth.

  45. 95
    Deanna says:

    Our group had a blast in Atlanta this weekend. My oldest daughter Stephanie who is 23, the sweetest little thing, so funny and silly kept telling the other ladies in our group, “Well, you know my mom and Beth are best friends, they just haven’t met yet”. When Beth had Amanda and Melissa to stand, I said “there they are, my two god-daughters”. Needless to say we had a lot of laughs over that whole thing all weekend.
    When we first got to the arena on Friday night, as soon as my feet were inside the door of the building, I could feel the presence of God in that place. And when the praise and worship started, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever been blessed to be a part of. 19,000 women lifting our voices and hands to our true Best Friend, our Savior Jesus, the One and Only. Like others, I am still trying to process the teaching of all three ladies. It was powerful!!! I really don’t have the words to express how amazing and awesome this weekend was to each lady in our group. I know we left changed and pray the Lord continues to fan the flames.

  46. 96
    Bridgette says:

    I attended the Deeper Still conference in Atlanta. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it!

    Like Beth said, there were 19,000 of us. I’ve never been anywhere with that many people to the best of my knowledge. Let me share with you a few profound moments. We were singing “On Christ the solid rock, I stand” and there wasn’t a person sitting. It was during a part when the music faded a little and you could hear everyone singing.
    There was also the time when Kay was teaching and she left off her last point. (Point #7)She started to close in prayer. I started wondering, what was Point #7?, but I was not the only one. People started shouting, Point #7! We were definitely hungry for God’s Word and His Truth!
    Then of course, Shackles! I love that song. I did not realize that Beth Moore even knew Mandissa. Shows you how much I know! I have always thought of her though when I hear it. I’ve always thought, Beth would love this song! Beth was hilarious! She even rapped for us!
    I just couldn’t get over it. I kept thinking, What is God feeling right now? All these women, praising Him and raising their hands to Him, hungry and thirsty for God. He was there, and I’m sure that there were lots of women who left knowing that they had been fed with God’s truth. I pray that we all left changed forever and ready to answer His calling on our lives!
    It was amazing!

  47. 97
    Donna says:

    I was there this weekend with my daughter in law (our first time doing anything together w/o the son), my daughter and her mother in law & sister in law and about 6 other friends. God knew where we needed to be. It was amazing to watch my girls worship the Lord. We go to church together every now and then but it was amazing to see them come in to their own. I know that doesn’t make sense, it’s hard to explain!

    After arriving at the arena Friday evening everyone left our seats except for my daughter and her mother in law. She (the daughter) told us she was pregnant again but it doesn’t look good. She lost a child back at Thanksgiving so we were really hopeful this time. They told her last week after an ultrasound that she is 8 weeks but the baby was only at around 6 weeks size and her amniotic fluid is low….but there is still a heartbeat. We were of course devastated but I am so thankful that we were both there for her along with her 2 sisters in law (one of which is pregnant) and in such a positive place. There were a lot of tears, hugging and hand holding going on in our row!

    She goes in at 10:30 AM (eastern time) on Tuesday July 1st for another ultra sound. We are praying for a miracle and if anyone would like to pray with us we would so appreciate it. I know God doesn’t make mistakes and I also know he can perform miracles at any time as well. I know we have to accept His will but I am so hoping and praying that His will gives us a beautiful healthy happy child and mother!

  48. 98
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Oh Beth… I have a story about the Spindletop in Houston that pre-dates my birth.

    My mother was some months pregnant with me and they lived right there in Houston. I was born at Spring Branch Memorial(?) Hospital, at least that is what my baby book says… Anyway, my mom and dad went with some friends to eat at the Spindletop.

    Now the rest of this story is mostly the way my dad tells it so forgive me any inaccuracies – but, the way it is told my mother ordered a big plate of fried shrimp for dinner. She was so excited and anticipating the outing. And, she just loved shrimp. Well once there, the motion or the heights or the nature of pregnancy itself just did her in – which by all accounts my beginning was almost her ending so miracle abounded in those days in 1970. She was sick through most of her pregnancy and nearly died in childbirth. I grew up believing I had given my mother high blood pressure. She did, too.
    But, thankfully we both know that it runs in the family and just showed up for her during my birth.

    Anyway… So a few bites into this plate of shrimp she needs to find the “Ladies’ Room” so she can unload that bucket of shrimp roiling around in her stomach. So she gets on the “conveyer” belt walkway going the wrong direction trying to find the elevator. She needs to get out of the room according to Dad. She kept walking but could not find the elevator. My dad said if she would have stopped walking the conveyor would have delivered her to it straight away, but I have a hard time picturing that. When she finally did reach the elevator she said the poor people who got on with her had an encounter they will never soon forget because she never quite made it to the “Ladies’ Room.”

    She has only recently (and I’m 38) begun to eat shrimp again. Good gravy what pregnancy can do to a woman, but that baby – oh, the babies make it all worth while.

    Blessings, Ya’ll. And, thanks for sharing. TWINKLE was there, at Deeper Still, too, Mrs. Beth.

  49. 99
    Gabby says:

    I meant to add that your hair was simply Up-lifting. “You must know how to work your product” was your hair advice, and it was too funny!
    Humidity and Humility. I love that you told us they are one letter apart! You should have seen me at the beach here is SC a couple of weeks ago! Talk about NO pride.

  50. 100
    Julie says:

    Wow! Thats all I can say after the awesome time in the Word we had in Atlanta. Our whole group came home so full, not only of praise for our Wonderful, Faithful Savior but full of THE WORD- I have never heard Kay Arthur teach with such passion and annointing and girls,if you haven’t had the opportunity to hear Priscilla Shirer teach -RUN get any of her bible studies. Miss Beth taught us a truly inspiring(read wild)way to memorize John 1:14. Thank you Miss Beth, your obedience and your passion for His Word truly inspire.
    God truly gives GOOD gifts to His children.

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