Video Scripture Memory Update and Deeper Still

Hey, You Darling Siestas! I hope you are well and blessed in the perceptible presence of Jesus Christ. Just a couple of pieces of news this stormy Sunday afternoon in Houston, Texas. I wanted to let you know, lest someone be devastated by the delay, that our much-hailed Grand Prize Scripture Memory Competition Winner will be unveiled on Friday of this week rather than Tuesday. Due to a yet unexplained technical problem, some of the videos arrived in our inbox expired and we wanted to give them time to be resubmitted. After all, this fierce competition has caused an uproar second only to American Idol and the talent just keeps rolling in. Brace yourself.

I love y’all so much.

Grinning so wide that my ears feel all tight.

I just returned from Deeper Still in Atlanta, Georgia where a whopping 19,000 of us raised the roof in praise to the One True God and studied our heads into a migraine. (Not really. Haven’t ever really had a migraine but if you were prone to one, we no doubt gave you one this weekend but, Child, you can’t say you didn’t hear some Scripture.) God gave us a terrific group! One of the best huge groups I’ve ever gotten to be part of. (Don’t worry, Raleigh. You are still in a tier all by yourself but, I’ll be honest, this group got mighty close. Their love for Jesus was large and loud and they hung tight all the way to the last second of a long conference.) You’ll never guess who was sitting on the very front row next to the Governor’s (precious) wife. Our own Siesta, Georgia Jan! I LOVED HER! She’s the one that told that hilarious story recently about her church choir singing a special in a worship service about coming to Jesus with your burdens and, when a woman actually got up and came to the altar, they all thought, “What on earth is she doing? And in the middle of our special?” (My paraphrase but I laughed my head nearly to the floor over that honest appraisal.) Georgia Jan was one of those ultimate kind of people every teacher wants to have in class. Completely engaged and talking back to you constantly.

Guess who else was there? Big Mama and Boomama! (Don’t tell me you haven’t ever checked out their blogs. They are a blast.) I’m not kidding – I was totally starstruck. They were there in an official guest-blog-writer capacity with some of the LifeWay folks so I got to meet them at sound check then have them right behind me next to Amanda and her good buddy Janelle (we missed you so much, Sunni! Next time?). They were all right there where I could pat on all of them. (I’m a patter. I could mother a fence post as my grandmother used to say.) Big and Boo were just as fun as I thought they’d be. Better than that, they obviously have a keen liking for Jesus and His Word and that just says it, doesn’t it? Funny. Godly. Man, I love that.

One of my biggest highlights is that I got to be with both my daughters all weekend. Amanda and Janelle flew up with me then we met up with Melissa once we got there. We got to worship together (Trav and the team were in full throttle gift-mode) and open the “Holy Scripts” (as Melissa calls them with no small reverence) together during the conference. Lis’s Colin even joined us for the last session. He was so cute trying to fold his whole six-foot three-inch self up inconspicuously in a raging sea of capri-pants. Needless to say, the event was our highlight but the girls and I also had a blast together after it was over last night then again this morning. The funniest thing happened after the conference ended at 5:30 PM. Melissa went to so much trouble to make reservations at the ultimate spot to get a taste of beautiful, historical Atlanta, Georgia. We went to their version of the Spindletop (I can’t remember the exact name but most of us who attended the conference were there). It is a restaurant on the 76th floor of a building smack in the middle of downtown. It (the top floor, not the whole building) rotates over the course of an hour to show you a panoramic view of the entire city. Really cool. You can even see tons of landmarks built for the Olympics. (Well, three.) The problem is, the constant motion made Melissa seasick. She could hardly eat a bite of her shrimp and grits. And, boy, were they good. She turned white as a sheet and she and Colin had to go sit in the lobby of the first floor while we finished. I’m laughing my head off because we Moore’s cannot do one single thing without high drama. On our way out of the hotel, Melissa got an expression on her face that made her look about six years-old then she chirped, “Mom, that thing was hauling!” Slight exaggeration but it will make me laugh the rest of my life. She is priceless. Both my girls are. My favorite two people to be with in all the world. And their daddy makes three. We girls sat on my hotel bed last night with room service desserts and laughed until we literally cried. Honestly, I thought my face was going to freeze into a contortion. First thing this morning we got to see Melissa and Colin’s apartment and it is absolutely adorable. And smelled wonderful. You guessed it. Apple Crostata. Warm. Buttery. Apply. With a touch of orange.

Well, my man’s about to get home and I haven’t seen him in four days so I better get off of here. But not before I tell you how much I love working with Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur. There is simply no one on earth I respect more than Kay. I have literally never known a soul more devoted to the Word of God than her. And that Priscilla? Sheesh. (If that means anything bad, I don’t know it.) She is something else. One of the most gifted young communicators I’ve ever seen. We have become true friends over the last several years. I cannot express the joy she brings to me and how certain I am of God’s powerful call on her life. Keith and I are coming to love her and Jerry very much. And I don’t even have to tell you how I feel about Travis and the team. He had great new songs this weekend but held on to my favorites. Trav’s Angela was with us on the platform and I LOVE her being there. Talk about a woman who loves God’s Word! I don’t know another woman on God’s green earth I’d rather impact my daughters. I told Trav and Ang today that if we’d never worked together on the road as partners in ministry but had simply attended the same church, the Moores and Cottrells would have been BFF. It’s a fact, Jack.

That’s all for now, Girlfriends! Sure loved having a cup of coffee with you. Stay in God’s Word, young ladies! JESUS IS LIFE. I’ll talk to you soon because it’s almost Bible Study Tuesday! Get the last of your homework done, Girls!


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  1. 1
    Britiney says:

    What a hoot!! Almost makes me sorry I’m not a southern girl. Almost. I have always said I should have been Scarlett O’Hara. Frankly my dear . . . you get the picture. I keep meaning to *ask* (as if posting a comment here is asking) if there is somewhere I can get the Boise commissioning. I kept waiting to see it, but may have missed it. Is there a link or something? Thanks in advance. I know last time I posted a comment someone emailed me to answer my question. you can reach me at britineyj at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  2. 2
    Pat S. says:

    It was so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for the update on the Deeper Still Conference and all the fun with the girls. I have prayed for you “extra hard” this week knowing you are up to your neck in finishing Esther. Only a woman working under the power of our God could keep your schedule. We so appreciate you and your willingness to give so much of yourself.

    Our group is loving the study even though our toes are so sore!! Thank you for suggesting it.

    Pat S.
    Lago Vista, TX

  3. 3
    littlesanctuary (kim) says:

    I was there and greatly blessed.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    I am so full! It was a mighty, powerful weekend! Beth, please print the commissioning you had us do. Thank you, love you, God bless you!!

  5. 5
    Patty says:

    I loved reading about your weekend with your girls!! How fun!! I was talking with Kim as she was standing in line and when she got into the arena and as BooMama came up to her to ask her a question. I think Boo and Big need a reality show, I am certain of it. They keep me laughing!!
    I was getting ready to complete my homework but I checked on the LPM blog to see if you had checked in, a Siesta has to know how the conference went!!
    I will check back later to see if Melissa has posted our recipe. I am doing the study with 5 people now, three of which are on speaker phone!! Three of us submitted a video and I am still in shock we sent that in. If you give an award for the silliest video we gladly accept the prize. :0)
    Have a great evening with your man!
    Much love,

  6. 6
    Heidi in Austin says:

    Beth- I love hearing about you and your girls- you all have so much fun together! My own mom, sis, and I can’t wait to see you in San Antonio!

    Quick question- some girls at church were thinking the live simulcast event would be just exactly the same as San Antonio and were not going to go to one of them. Will it be the same? I said Does it really matter??? Can you ever get too much Beth??? or too much Jesus???

    I am doing my homework and have my scripture taped to the bathroom mirror! Learning so much about my God and myself!
    Heidi in Austin

  7. 7
    KC In Katy says:

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like an incredible weekend.
    One more day of homework to complete. Can’t wait for Tuesday. Absolutley treasure this study. I can’t wait to see what else God will reveal to me. Just the first two weeks have been amazing.
    Much love,
    KC in Katy, TX

  8. 8
    Gabby says:

    I just can not form the right words to let you know how much I appreciated the word each of you brought to us “hungry” women. The wilderness, the media, the need for writing scripture on our hearts. It was the reminder that I needed so badly. It all comes back to Jesus. It all starts with Jesus.
    I am so glad I got introduced to Priscilla. I will never forget the pancake story- I totally and completely LOVED it!

  9. 9
    elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    Powerful update…almost made me feel as if I was there. A weekend with you women would last long and deep…of that I am sure!

    I spent the morning with my adult senior SS class. Our class of 27 pales to your 19,000, but the amazing thing in both scenes is that God comes. Regardless of our numbers. Regardless of issues. Regardless of our contemporary or our traditional. He simply shows up when he’s the center of attention, and I feel so blessed to share this journey with some senior adults (30 plus years beyond my birthday and far beyond my wisdom)who love me…

    most days inspite of me.

    God bless you all in your work for his many kindgom purposes this week. I think that you’re the best!

    peace for the journey~elaine

  10. 10
    Little Steps Of Faith says:

    I am so glad you mentioned my favorite Baptist Pastor’s wife:) Georgia Jan:)
    I just love her.
    I got to meet her when I wrote with a pink highlighter on a journal page and held it up…
    ” Anyone a siestas out here?”
    And she was the first one to jump for joy in answering from right behind me…” I am!!!”

    I fell backwards into her during Praise and Worship at the last Living Proof Live Jax LOL!!!
    She also prayed with me, she is so sweet!
    And you are so right about the teacher part Beth…she will knock your socks off with a word from God:)
    I would actually say because of her words in prayer at the conference, I am back where I need to be:)
    God knew we needed this blogworld,
    we all needed each other:)
    Small world of Siestas 🙂 I love it!

    I hope you all have had amazing moments like that:)

    Love you!

  11. 11
    Gayle says:

    Beth, I was there this weekend in Atlanta and I have hardly been able to keep the lump out of my throat since.
    What a wonderful, worshipful experience. I have to say, I envy y’all so much for “getting” to do this as much as you do (I envy in deep love, of course, you know ;)).
    I told my friend, I can’t imagine what it must be like to look around a packed out stadium and be able to see almost 20,000 of my fruit. It overwhelmed me! I would love to impact people for Christ the way you have.
    You are so blessed!
    Thank you (and of course, Priscilla and Kay) for an amazing weekend in the Lord! Love you…

  12. 12
    Tammy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend..what I wouldn’t do to hear you in person miss beth..I just love you. I have my homework done….still working the verse…let me tell you God has been working my heart about being in HIs word….so I have..I want to be in love with Him…
    Looking forward to Tuesday.

    blessings and love

    PS…That seventy sevens in the Daniel study has my head spinning literally at times…but I am hanging in there as are all the ladies in our study

  13. 13
    Michelle V says:

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there, but I loved reading about the weekend! I’m so happy you got to have some special time with your girls! I love Big Mama and BooMama and was reading their updates during the weekend.

    I’ve got my homework done and I’m ready!

    You bless me so much!


  14. 14
    Rachel says:

    I have yet to process all I heard and learned this weekend!! I have been to three LP events (loved them all of course!) but Atlanta takes the cake! Man was Priscilla on fire for Christ and Kay…I don’t have words. I am embarrassed to say that I wasn’t necessarily excited to hear her speak. I have never read any of her writings before now (that is soon changing) Looking forward to it but just didn’t think I would be brought to my knees as I was this past weekend by God’s words through her. We got home at around 1:30am (My mother almost killed me as she wanted to stay and live it up in Atlanta for one more night…I wanted to come home to my babies) but even as I arrived home so late I went back to make sure I had all my thoughts written down to further study this week from the scriptures she went over.
    And Beth…I just love you! You are so funny…real…a hoot! I hope you know what you mean to my small, little life!
    And Travis and the team…WOW! I can’t say enough about them.

    Mandisa touched my heart so much.

    During the lunch break we had gone outside to get some fresh air and one of the arena staff members, Jim, was standing by a set of doors that would allow ladies out but not back in. The re-entry doors were about 15 feet down and of course lady after lady would smile and ask Jim if they could I please just come on through that way as it was closer for them and their shoes. Jim, each time, without as much of a smile would said firmly “No ladies, you must go back through the re-entry doors.” Well, being my talkative self I walked over and said “‘Bout right now your wishin’ this was a basketball game aren’t you?” He said, “Yep!” I thinking I was clever said, “Why…so you wouldn’t be dealing with all these ladies?” He said, “Nope…so I could be yelling right now!” I asked God to bless Jim. Too funny!

    ps…Beth, would it be possible to get a copy of the commission you gave to us at the closing of the day?


  15. 15
    Cheryl Barker says:

    Beth, I loved hearing about how you love being with your girls. I feel exactly the same way about mine. I got to spend a day with my Kristin and Kelli this week, and we helped Kelli car shop. As you can imagine, we caused a stir on the car lots 🙂 I posted a little about it and a picture of the end result earlier this week on my blog if you’d like to check it out 🙂

  16. 16
    Bobbie says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend–just a warm up to out Fiesta!! 19,000 is a lot of women, what a great blessing for all of them, to be with 3 wonderful women of God…and Travis, too! I know that place was rockin’!

    It’s always fun and heartwarming to hear your stories about your time with Amanda and Melissa. I cherish the time I have with our son & daughter and their families.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday!
    Blessings to all

  17. 17
    Kristib says:

    Deeper Still was awesome! I didn’t just get A Word, I got a whole dictionary! (ha, ha) I was so pleased to meet your precious Amanda! She is just beautiful, like her sister and mom! I didn’t know she was so tall! (I think her friend Janelle made our picture where my head comes up to about Amanda’s waist. Maybe she had on tall shoes or maybe I am just short.)

    Just like you I go to a conservative church and being a wife of a staff member sometimes I feel uncomfortable being demonstrative with my praise. But oh girl, this week-end I had a front row seat both days on an aisle where I had plenty of room to dance my shoes off! It was so cool to see Miss Kay bust a move! By the way, I am in urban ministry, so I loved the rapping! (just don’t go gangsta on me, o.k.?)

    I tell you, I haven’t laughed so hard and cried so hard in a long time!
    My cup is full and overflowing! I was in a dry wilderness, but the Lord poured down on my parched spirit!

    Shout out to Dori, Tammy and Kim! It was great to see you siestas! Sorry I missed Georgia Jan, Big Mama, and Boo Mama. 🙁
    Can’t wait for San Antonio where I hope to hug not only your necks but lots and lots of siesta necks!

    Prasie You Lord for you servants, Beth, Kay, and Prisilla! We got some meat!

    I am high as a kite and there is no high like the Most High, as you say Beth!

    Much love!
    Kristi B.

  18. 18
    Melana says:

    Well, that was a wonderful post. So newsy and fun! I’m so glad you had fun with the your girls. AND, 19,000 women!!! WOW, what a blessing!

    Yeah we had trouble with our (winning?) entry for the memory verse, showing up right, but finally it worked. I emailed my NOGS and wondered if it were wrong to pray that we win. We think it would be ok. So Tuesday, we’ll be praying that we’re the winners, come Friday.

    We’re anxiously waiting for Tuesday! We are being challenged!

    Melana in Wyoming

  19. 19
    Patricia says:

    Every time I read your blog, Beth, I laugh and cry at the same time….and it’s all so good.

  20. 20
    Dori says:


    I’m sitting here in my pj’s after getting back to Middle TN from Atlanta last night somewhere around midnight. Had to get back to teach 23 eager 2nd graders the story of old Jonah this morning. But I thought of you and smiled when I caught myself explaining to these little guys and gals that Jonah’s shipmates were praying to the little “g” god, but after they threw old Jonah overboard they began to worship Yahweh, the One and Only Big “G” God! Before class was over they had it down, sister…they knew the difference in a little “g” god and Him!! I wanted somehow to work our Saturday afternoon scripture memory session with you into the lesson, but I’ll have to table it for another day!! 🙂

    But now I’m sitting here with that tired, stinging feeling I have in my eyes after attending a conference and being so tired and full on the Word that I don’t know what to do with myself!! It was such a sweet, sweet time.

    Highlights for me:

    1. Hugging your sweet Amanda’s neck because all of this tireless blogging work has helped me make some of the dearest friends I have — sisters in Christ I would have never known had it not been for her. I’m sorry I missed Melissa for her writing is so powerful and has already blessed me in some of her posts.

    2. Boo and Big — although I think Big needs to change her name because she isn’t Big at all!! Maybe it’s a heart thing — for her heart must surely be a ginormous!

    3. The Rap — ‘nough said!

    4. Mandisa…not Mandisa! Lici is a dear family friend and I was so glad to see her one last time before she leaves us in TN and heads off to FL.

    And can I just comment on Angela? You said it absolutely right when you said that there is no one else you would have impact your girls. I’ve known Ang for about 20+ years now and I have to say she is one of the godliest women I know. When she speaks of Him I listen because I know it will be something insightful and profound. Love her and love to pray with her. Trav did a good thing by chosing her!

    Sorry to be long winded. I have a mound of laundry to tackle now. Did I mention that we were in Atlanta for 8 solid days on vacation leading up to DS?? So couple together a very busy and exciting vacation and then 2 solid days of powerful teaching, praise and worship and laughing until I cried and I’m spent — completely spent and filled to overflowing!!

    Love you girl and love hanging out with you and the other 18,998 women who were there with us.

    Rest and take care!


  21. 21
    "Miss" Clair says:

    Good to hear from you! What a wonderful weekend you had, wish I could have been there!! Looking forward to the scripture memory video results!! We had hoped to participate, but couldn’t get it together. We wrote a song and even had a name: The Pointer Siestas!!:) Can’t wait to meet with my Middleburg siestas this week for NOGS sessions 1and 2!!

  22. 22
    whittakerwoman says:

    Oh Atlanta was so great! Thanks for coming to this city! H

  23. 23
    boomama says:

    You know that I would much rather be funny than serious because, well, funny is easier, but I want to tell you this: yesterday afternoon you hit on everything – EVERYTHING – I have been wrestling with for the last six or seven months. So thank you. What an incredible two days.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    The absolute true Word of God was served to the 19K women this week with such a passionate love of the Lord.

    Beth, you taught with a boldness, with a confidence, with a fire I don’t ever recall you having before! What’s that about? Bring it on!

    I loved you admitting that you feel inadequate – as hard as that is sometimes. My friend, who is a Bible teacher, said she felt so inadequate next to you, and I feel so inadequate next to her. Isn’t that just like us all? If you are as on fire for the Lord as you taught yesterday, I know you will seek His face daily and only His face and I know without a doubt, when you teach the truth of God’s Word – it will be all from our Holy God! Praise God!

    You, Kay and Priscilla just threw down the largest piece of meat in front of me this weekend – and I just told my friend that the only thing I can do now is eat it now one bite at a time and digest it slowly! The weekend was overwhelming with Him.

    The great big God who spoke wants to make Himself known to me – me. Am I listening to His voice? Am I hearing His voice? Am I prepared to hear His voice? Am I willing to believe what He tells me? Am I willing to obey and trust His voice? These are questions I’m focusing on for the next season in my life.

    Thank you to all of you, the praise team, and all who were behind the scenes. This was truly a God driven event..

    May God continue to reign in all of your lives!


  25. 25
    Melissa says:

    Just wanted to say I LOVED the weekend in Atlanta! I have a boatload of truths to digest that I’ll need a month or so to get through…
    Thanks for doing it for us – all three of you ladies!

  26. 26
    cindy says:

    Hey, it was fun to think about you being in Atlanta this weekend. I am here also from up north with my family visiting relatives for the week. We’ve had such a blast, doing the awesome aquarium. the neighborhood pool daily and just hanging out. I even tried the black bean recipe from the No Other Gods book. Everyone loved it! See you in San Antone….
    Cindy R.

  27. 27
    Bethany says:

    My Dear Sweet Beth, I soooo enjoyed the weekend. I was able to sit right behind Melissa and Amanda, but never had the chance to hug your sweet necks. God did something in my heart in all three sessions that I cant describe. I found myself anxious that I would miss something. I kept telling myself, “breath and write as fast as you can!!!” I adored Priscilla! I’ll never forget Kay’s message and God rocked my world with yours. I have been working on memorizing scripture for the past few months and that just encouraged me even more. It had everything to do with what he has already begun to teach me over the past year. Thank you so much for serving us. I love you so much. Bethany in GA

  28. 28
    Melanie says:

    The conference was awesome; the messages, powerful, the worship…oh my the worship, incredible. A blessing from start to finish. Oh and everyone just about fell out when you and Priscilla did your rap duet during Joyful, Joyful.

    And as if that weren’t enough, it seemed to my sister and me that God decided to give us a little tickle when, upon arrival to an already packed arena on Friday night we were blown away to find the last two seats on the end of the 1st row right behind the production team still available (we apparently were sitting behind “Red” as that chair was marked “Red’s Throne”. What fun to watch them do their thing and to watch you all come out.

    What a blast and what a blessing!


  29. 29
    Melinda says:

    Hey there…so glad to hear it was such a blessed time! On Friday night, I was walking with my Ipod in place and heading to the beach for a sunset. I was praising the Lord as Travis was singing “Forevermore”, and I looked at my watch and smiled, realizing that there were thousands of women in Atlanta more than likely doing exactly the same thing at the same time. Awesome.

    Oh, and when I ate at the same restaurant earlier this year, a waiter came to my table carrying my purse. Seems I had left it on the ledge that stays in place and we just moved on without it! Made me wonder how many times we’d passed it!

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Oh I was there and loved every minute of the conference. Beth, this was the first time my sister had seen you speak and she loved the way God used you. I was amazed (once again) that you….all 5 feet of you…could make an entire coliseum stand on their feet and recite John 1:14 like you did! I just had to giggle. We had seats WAY UP so of course we had the last part of the verse. It almost made me sick to stand up that high and I’m 6’2″ you think I’d be used to that!!!

    I love the truth you had us speak into one another’s eyes. I cried the entire time. By the time I left I was so emotionally spent! And AMAZING GRACE…Oh my….that was my grandmother’s favorite song and I cried the whole time AGAIN.

    Okay, so I cried alot.
    Glad to got to experience the Sundial….and I can’t go there either…it makes me sick too!

    I had no idea Big and Boo were there. I read their blogs all the time.

    Okay, I could write a book.
    Blessed to be there with you…
    Julie in SC

  31. 31
    Lisa says:

    Oh, I just can’t get over this Deeper Still weekend (in my hometown, no less!) and I pray I never will. God just keeps speaking to me! And my children have now learned John 1:14 with motions. 🙂 They were so tickled to imagine all of us ladies doing that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you Beth for being obedient and speaking His word to us. You, Priscilla and Kay are His gifts to us all.

  32. 32
    Stacy L Harp says:

    Hey I have a question, are there ever going to be any events in Southern California where I live? We are the Evangelical capital of the world ya know….okay, maybe not the capital but a sure big city….

    I am doing my study and dragging my husband into every lesson. (See it’s an evil trick…hee hee, I do my study and then I have him answer the questions too…) I’m having so much fun. We started the study while I was in Colorado Springs 😉 Thank God for the Focus book store, that’s where I snagged the book….and then we went to the Voice of the Martyrs conference in Bartlesville OK and met some of the most amazing Christians ever.

    In fact, if I could I’d want to meet all the persecuted christians I could, these people have real faith…real tried and true faith. A very humbling experience.

    Anyway, all that to say, I’m catching up!

    Thanks for the updates Beth-a-roo 🙂

    me 😉

  33. 33
    StaceyStace says:

    There is a restaurant like that in San Antonio, too, ya know? Hubby and I were there last year and loved it. Can’t wait. So glad all of you had a fresh touch from the Father this weekend!

  34. 34
    kat says:

    I came to Atlanta with anticipation…and I did not go away disappointed. My goodness, did I feast at the table of the Word of God. All three of you brought it…and it is going to take a while for this gal to be able to process all that He had for me. Thank-you!!

  35. 35
    Cathy W says:

    I was in Atlanta this weekend and I must say I was truly blessed. I have only dreamed of seeing you live and in person..but to see Priscilla and Kay and you all together….WOW!!!! I have a story to tell you very quickly…We drove up from Mississippi so I borrowed my husbands GPS system to get around. Let me tell you how God has a sense of humor. I had to get someone to watch all my critters while I was gone. (7 horses, 3 dogs and 10 cats) Anyway, I entered the the name of the arena into the gps along with the address of 1 Philips Drive, Atlanta..Well we left the hotel and began our journey to Philips Arena on Friday night, we left early enough to park and get a seat..WE Thought!!! I was driving along, never thinking I would get lost with the gps system. We went into subdivision after beautiful subdivision. I was getting nervous but I tried not to let on…one of the ladies with me said we must be entering on a back road..I told her I did not know..Well we ended up at a horse farm on Philips Circle in Atlanta….So I guess God wanted me to visit with some horses before getting to hear that wonderful message..Any how just wanted to share how I made God laugh..oh yeah we got to the conference in time and we LOVED it. I would love to have a copy of the commission we said at the end if possible..God is so good and He shows me how HE is in control of my life daily. Thank you for allowing God to use you and touching all of our lives..We love you and Thank God for you…

  36. 36
    Julie says:

    Beth – I’m a regular reader but a rare commenter. This entry makes me more excited for your visit to Montana in September! We won’t make 19,000 but we’ll be hyped just the same! I can’t wait – I’ll be engaged from a front row as encourager just as I was last time you were here. I’m leading my second group of ladies through Stepping Up and we’ve been so enthralled with what God is doing. It’s a life changer…definitely.

  37. 37
    Anna says:

    This weekend was a blessing that I absolutely cannot put into words.

    First of all — I wasn’t supposed to be there! I tried for 3 months to work it out so I could go, but I just couldn’t get it to flow right. I’m a single mama with a limited income and even more limited childcare! I finally gave up and just started praying for all of you attending in my place — LOL! And then on Monday night (yes, Monday, 6 days ago!) I got a phone call from a friend of mine saying that one of the ladies in her group backed out, the ticket was paid for, the transportation provided, and the room was paid for — could I work out a babysitter? I was jumping up and down in my living room and hung up on her to start calling around. I doubted I would be able to find childcare for the WHOLE weekend, but maybe I could tag-team? Well God is GOOD, because the very first person I called agreed easily (I didn’t have to coerce or threaten! haha) to staying at my home with my precious 4-year-old daughter from 4:30 Friday morning until 2:00 AM Sunday. And because I didn’t have to pay for anything other than my food on the trip, I could afford to pay her fairly well! Praise You, Jesus!!

    I am so tickled that God got me there the way that He did. Only Him!!

    And the weekend? Un. Be. Lieve. Able. Oh my word, it surpassed my expectations. I left there 5 pounds heavier because of all the junk food we ate on the road, but a million pounds lighter in spirit because of the SHACKLES THAT WERE LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God in Heaven, I have been on my face before Him for a month now praying for Him to show me the Truth on how to be free, and ladies, I walked into that conference bound and gagged in captivity, and I danced out singing for joy in FREEDOM!!! I don’t know how to live in freedom yet — I have always been a captive. But I’m going to have an absolute blast finding out how to truly enjoy this fresh air!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sorry this is so long, but I can’t be the only one that knows how great my God has been to me!!

    P.S. I second the request for a copy of the commissioning!

  38. 38
    Amy says:

    I wanted to write and say that I so enjoyed the conference this weekend! I have done Bible studies by all 3 of you, but this was the 1st time I’ve heard y’all in person. I’m so thankful for the three of you. Still processing it all.

    By the way, I was at the restaurant you were referring to in the blog this past Tuesday. My husband and I live about 2 hours away and we were up there this past Tuesday. My husband surprised me by taking me to eat there (it’s called the Sundial) and then we stayed in the hotel there as well. We were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. Every now and then the rotating of the restaurant would give me kind of a funny feeling as well. Oh, we had the shrimp and grits as well. Mmm, Mmmm!!

  39. 39
    Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! says:

    “If that means something bad, I don’t know it.”

    That is one of the cutest things I have ever read in my life.

  40. 40
    KCarlson says:

    Beth I was at the conference and it truly was amazing. What a blessin to see the 3 of you being willing to bring God’s word to us even if it is something you dont want to. It was apparent Kay gave a tough message but it was touched and anointed by God and I was awed by her humility and passion to make sure we only saw Him. Thank you for making it truly a life changing weekend.

    PS… You brought me to tears as I watched you lay hands on women who were at the alter praying. I know you would of held each one of them in your arms if you could. I truly could see and feel the compassion of the Lord flowing through you. Thank you for being willing to be used by Him.

  41. 41
    Big Mama says:

    Oh no, I was the one who was star struck. Loved getting to meet you after all these years of God using you to draw me closer to Him.

    Of course I couldn’t say any of that because I would have gone straight to the ugly cry. Just know that I love you because you appreciate the bizarre. 🙂

  42. 42
    Katherine says:

    Beth…What an amazing weekend. My girlsfriends and I were so blessed, challenged, and awed by The Word brough forth. The worship was incredible that Travis brought us into and Mandisa can sing! You girls had me laughing so hard throughout the weekend. You are hysterical together. I love seeing the 3 generations working so well together. What a testimony of God’s ways. Priscilla had wonderful illistrations that made her message even more real. Thank you, for giving of yourself to come and minister to us. I was so moved and renewed by the Holy Spirit through this conference. God has used you in my life in so many different seasons and I am grateful. My chains are broken and others continue to break b/c of your life message. My desire is that Jesus is always my One and Only and I look no other place to find fulfillment. My desire like yours, is that it is said of me and my family, they loved the Lord their God with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their strength. My heart has so much gratitude for you and your daughters and all that you have given so that we may see Jesus more and more. Your relationship with Jesus is so tangible and contagious. Jesus used you to ignite a fire and show me that His desire is for an intimate relationship with me. Thank you for being translucent so I could see Jesus. I love you Siesta!

  43. 43
    Twice Blessed says:

    Miss Beth (I learned that from Priscilla), Deeper Still was my first ever women’s conference and what a conference it was!! I’ll just have you know, the devil was all over me before I ever walked in the door, but God is more than good. I lost my wristband at Don Juan’s during lunch but did not figure that out until 5PM, just as we were leaving to get in line!! To make a long story short (kind of), I was going to dig through the trash (before I ever heard Priscilla’s story) for my ticket but instead one of my fellow ladies suggested going to the box office. They were so sweet to me (as I cried), gave me another wristband, hugged me (as good Southern women do), and told me my blessings would be many. They were not wrong!! Thanks to you, Miss Kay, and Priscilla for one of the greatest highs I have ever been on! I was the first one up today to share when the pastor asked “I wonder, does anyone have a testimony to share?” I jumped up (literally) from my seat and shared. Respectfully, I stated to my dear pastor: “I listed to everything you said this morning, but I honestly could not wait for you to sit down so I could get up here!” That is the honest truth, Miss Beth. Thank you again for a wonderful weekend with my LOVING LORD. (By the way, I learned that scripture–I even know every motion. From a school teacher to a Bible teacher–that was a great way to teach us!)

    Much love in Christ, Tanya Beard

  44. 44
    Brandy says:

    Hey there Beth! It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Atlanta! I am in Prattville,Al only 2 hours away but was not able to be w/ you guys this time… I hate that I missed such a blessing. I so love you, Prisilla, & Kay, and Travis and the team! Praise God for you all. Keep up the good work.
    God Bless!

  45. 45
    Isaac's Mom says:

    Thank you for the post. It made me smile. My man and I have recently adopted a daughter. And by recently I mean like last Thursday recently. I can hardly wait to share what only Mothers and daughters can share!! When you talk about your time with your girls it is so encouraging.

    Isaac’s Mom – and Now Janie’s Mom too,

  46. 46
    wendymom says:

    I loved being there this weekend, and Emmy and I walked over and met Bigmama and Boomama ourselves. I loved meeting them. BUT the highlight of the weekend was of course listening to 3 incredible, God-ordained Speakers bringing a FRESH word to my heart!! I did have a migraine when I left. I was so overwhelmed with God’s word that my poor, immature little brain didn’t know where to put it all.

    I wish I would have known that was Georgia Jan, I was sitting right behind those ladies, I love reading her comments as well.

    My highlight of the weekend was packing in 9 of my kids and my hubby to Cartersville to hear Travis and the team tonight. They got a small taste of what I experienced this weekend. I am in heaven (well, not really, but close to it). I love worshipping to all of his gang and praising Jesus to that music. I am just downloading The Mercy Seat as we speak, which by the way ladies, you will have to dig on itunes to find it. Vicki Yohe was the recording artist, and I found one recording listed on Ultimate tracks on itunes. It doesn’t compare to Travis and the gang singing it. Praise Jesus, that was awesome!!

    Thanks Ms. Beth, for once again, wetting our appetites for more of God’s word. Thank you for being vulnerable and His servant, and Oh Priscilla and Ms. Kay were incredible as well. I had never heard them speak LIVE, and it was such a treat to my heart. They are both hysterical and SMART!!


  47. 47
    Dana L. says:

    This weekend was my first “live” Beth event. I was completely blown away by all three women. God had a lot to say to us in Atlanta! I was sorry to see it end. Thanks!

  48. 48
    pam says:

    Hello Beth & Siestas,

    So glad to hear how things went at Deeper Still. I was blessed by the DS conference in San Fran last year…a friend and I traveled all the way from Chicagoland! You 3 are awesome and inspiring!

    Anyway, I wanted to comment on poor Melissa’s motion sickness. Bless her heart, I truly can empathize…I’ve been sick on boats, a helicopter and my favorite story: while parasailing! That’s right, I actually “lost my lunch” and if any of you siestas were on a jet ski below several years ago in Florida, I’m SO SORRY! What could I do?

    Ok, my confession time is over and I do feel better.

    Blessings to all!

  49. 49
    delta says:

    Dear Beth,
    I attended the Deeper Still Conf this weekend and it was amazing! I turned 40 this past March and my “mother of the heart” turned 60 and our husbands got this weekend for part of our birthdays. We have had a blast. We were so blessed by the Word that each of you brought to us and I agree that Travis and his team were so annointed. I’m so glad you had a great time with your daughters. Never, ever give that up or trade that time for ministry. I have two daughters also and I really admire the boundaries you place around your time with your family. As much as I would love to have a cup of coffee with you and just talk I believe you are doing the right thing by guarding that time. Thank you for all you do to draw us closer to the Word and thanks to your daughters for sharing you with us. I love the summer bible study and need to catch up since I have been playing in Atlanta for 5 days! love ya

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    I was blessed to be in Atlanta this weekend and to have my newly-married oldest daughter with me…her first such event. Not only am I in awe of every single moment for myself, but the pure joy on her face as she stood among the 19,000 with her hands high in the air (believe me, she didn’t learn that at our church)praising her God will always be an image I hold in my heart! It was so evident that the entire arena had been thoroughly prayed over…no weapon of the enemy could penetrate that sanctuary! From the first note of the beautiful violin, we began to weep and really didn’t stop until the final echoes of all the sisters voices as we sang to the God who showed himself so strong. He IS wonderful, glorious, holy and righteous…victorious, powerful, omnipresent, soon and coming King.

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