For My Simulcast Sisters

I cannot thank you enough for the privilege to serve you at our Living Proof Live 2014 Simulcast. I do not take it lightly. I will think of you for many months to come and will remember this day for years. My deepest hope and prayer is that Christ broke through every distraction and any works of flesh and blood and revealed Himself profoundly, personally, and permanently to you. Forward, Sister. No going back. Your life faces forward from here on out and what you’re doing on this planet means something. Get to it, gifted woman of God, with unwavering confidence in Christ. I pray that every single word He has sown into you will take root and bring forth a harvest. Above all, I pray that God moved upon you and opened your female heart to RESPOND. Not just receive. RESPOND. Do not wait a single moment to take your first responding steps. Move immediately and obediently into what He’s shown you. Blessed is she who believed.


As promised, here are three writings from the simulcast for anyone who wants a copy:


First, the Identity Declaration:


(Click on the picture to enlarge and save.)

Second, the writing called “What does a woman of God look like?” It’s silly, really, and way too wordy but if it broadens our concept, it is worth putting out there. I originally set out to write it as prose on Wednesday before the simulcast as it started turning in my head that morning, but as I fooled with it that day, I just couldn’t resist the rhyme.  (Click on the link to pull up in a separate window.)

What does a Woman of God Look Like


Third, the commissioning we spoke over one another at the conclusion.

LPL Simulcast 2014 Final Commissioning:

My Beloved Sister,
Jesus drew you to this day
To call you to respond.
What will you do
With what He has said?
God chose you and gifted you
For this very generation.
You are the exact woman
Jesus came looking for today.
Stop telling yourself
This is about someone else
You are the one He wants.
You’re not too young.
You’re not too old.
You haven’t strayed too far
Or waited too long.
Let Jesus step fully into your story
And write a narrative for your life
That does the world good
And gives God glory.
People out there need what you have to offer.
Quit listening to your fears and insecurities.
Stand up and step out and meet some needs.
You are my sister.
I’ll cheer you on.
I will support you and love you
I’ll stop competing and comparing.
I want to be a woman women can trust.
Let’s do this thing side by side.
We’re so much stronger together.
Sister, stay in His Word
Fight for love and keep your faith.
Follow hard after Jesus
All the rest of your days.
He will never do you wrong.
He will never reject or betray you.
He will make something beautiful
Out of all your pain.
In every loss
He will be your gain.
A lost world is waiting out there.
The darkness is aching for light.
Get out there and serve with all your might.
Because, my beloved sister.
A woman
Of God.
Go show somebody what she looks like.


Sister, thank you so much. Your time is so valuable. Money is scarce. You could have done many other things with the precious resources you have. You chose to join us for this simulcast. May God take every word He’s entrusted to you this day and cause it to yield a 100-fold harvest. (Luke 8:8)

Stick together out there, Sisters. We are a mighty army in the Kingdom of God. Stay close. Be kind. And be danged courageous.

I love you,



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  1. 451
    Karen says:

    Thank you so much for your ministry yesterday- for the encouragement, challenges, the “now” Word to us women, and for allowing your personality to shine through! There was laughter throughout the room many times (as well as tears, convicted silence, and God’s love)- your stories are awesome illustrations!

    It was my first simulcast of yours (I attended my first Priscilla Shirer simulcast a few months ago) & I am grateful that my church- New Life Providence in Virginia Beach, VA- offers these experiences. Both of you ladies are anointed teachers, so passionate, and it translates well.

    I won’t go on and on (smile)… but I will say God confirmed that I need to RESPOND more and challenged me again to look at unforgiveness in my heart towards my mother. THANK YOU for yesterday! I hope to be a part of many more in the future.

  2. 452
    Debbe Block says:

    Oh now I wish I could have watched yesterday! I am at such a low point right now ~ just seeing the printouts was such an encouragement to me ~ thank you! Will we be able to access it as a video at all?

  3. 453
    Kathy Long says:

    Loved the Simulcast! I am sharing the Identity Declaration with my ladies bible study. Would it be possible for you to somehow post or record the song that goes with it? It was very powerful! Need to sing that every morning as a reminder. Thanks for challenging and encouraging us with the Word!

  4. 454
    Sandra Cosby says:

    I was touch beyond measure with Godly wisdom of what confirms to me that I am achieving my walk in God and with God as a Woman if God. This helped me to continue my journey to reach out to women to know who we are! I thank God for you and love you as well as all of the Lifeway Women of God. Peace and Wisdom continue to lead all of you to reach out to Women following the will of God! 🙂

  5. 455
    Donna Oliver says:

    Beth we had a Simulcast at Providence Baptist Church in Harrisburg, NC .. it was so neat to see so many moms with their 20something & 30 something daughters. God worked in our place. I work in a Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center, and things you shared I am going to be able to share with our girls. Thank You so MUCH!!! God has blessed you and in turn you are blessing us.!!!

  6. 456
    Karen Foster says:

    Thank YOU so much for sharing the declaration, description and commission in written form. I have struggled in other simulcasts to note everything and it is so difficult to remember everything also! Beth, I was brought to tears, again, by your appreciation for us attendees coming… I pray that I can, that I will be diligent to respond to God. Thank you so much for your perseverance and drive to keep talking to us!! God continue to bless you and your ministry. We shall not grow weary in doing good!
    with love for you and your staff! karen

  7. 457
    Hannah Nelson says:

    One of my biggest struggles is believing what God says about me and not what the world tells me.
    In fact, I am going to spend my quiet time for a week or two reading verses that go with each of the lines in the Declaration!

    Thanks so much to the ladies put the declaration into song,
    I already have it memorized by singing it. What a wonderful way to have the Word instilled in my mind and heart!

    Is there a way that the song could be published somewhere?

    Thank you for your ministry Beth, I AM A WOMAN OF GOD!

    Hannah Nelson

  8. 458
    Margaret says:

    Thank you so much for an amazing day of worship and learning at your simulcast. Your prayer for us to be transformed down to the marrow of our bones did not come back void. I know God used your wonderful teaching, humor and prayer to do a mighty work in me.

    Suggestion: I couldn’t help but think of how the simulcast would touch all the many women in prison today. If your ministry, or if you pair with someone else’s, has a prison outreach, I believe it would be a tremendous force against the spiritual war raging against us. Just a suggestion and something to pray about.

    Thank you again for following God’s call on your life to aid women such as myself know “who I am and what I am not.” I haven’t stopped singing “I am a woman of God, redeemed by Jesus Christ” and I am whole-heartedly womaning up. 🙂

  9. 459
    Nicolette Ernsting says:

    I thank God for the encouragement from His Word I received Saturday.

    Where can we find a recording of the song that we sang with the declaration ? That is a great way to memorize it.

  10. 460
    Kathy Lopez says:

    Thank you so much, Beth and friends for putting on a wonderful God-filled day of praise and teaching. This was my first simulcast and I truly enjoyed it! And thank you for providing the words to the declaration, prayer, and commission. I have been desperately trying to sing the “woman of God” song, but can’t quite remember the tune. Is there any way an audio of the song could be put on your blog?

    Also, wanted you to know, Beth, that all the women at First Covenant Church in River Falls, WI chose to attend your simulcast over attending the River Falls 2nd Annual Bacon Bash!!! You go girlfriend!

    • 460.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Kathy, you are definitely not the only one asking for that song. Grin. Currently Beth and Travis are putting their heads together to see if and how they can make that available. We will let you all know when that happens! Blessings!

  11. 461

    hallelujah! I love you, too, Beth. I am Pastor of Women’s Ministry at a small PA church. I took a group to Hershey in May and another to yesterday’s Simulcast at our Christian Bookstore! The Lord has worked in a mighty way through you at each event. Yesterday was off the charts! In my small group, there were tears of joy and freedom as well as elation at the Power of Our Awesome God. I really needed to hear the Sweeping section…I am a burned out Pastor lately…I feel new today in the love of our Jesus! I needed to stand and cast off the hurts from men in the past and I felt HIS strength to stick to my marriage of 45 years. I practically shouted God’s love from the pulpit this AM…as did all my sisters who came yesterday. I wish you quiet refreshment of spirit and the love of our Jesus pouring over you this week. The angels in Heaven are rejoicing…as our we. All Glory and Honor unto HIM!
    Your sister, Barbara

  12. 462
    Kathy says:

    I attended the 9/13/2014 simulcast with a very good friend of mine. Satan tried to keep both of us away, and now we know why. The Lord’s message was life changing. Was the simulcast recorded? Is there anyway it can be offered for viewing by the public for small fee? I know so many, many women who would benefit from this message. It touched almost every single struggle faced by women today. The Lord spoke to me in so many ways. For the first time in a long time, I believed Him for a miracle of full scale deliverance. I am one of those women who had “lost something.” I have cried out to the Lord for almost 2 years to restore the joy and “spark” for life I once knew. I became guilty of sliding back into old habits and strongholds because God wasn’t answering my prayers fast enough. Several months ago, He called me into the ministry of becoming a female chaplain to women in the marketplace. Unfortunately, my ego raised its ugly head. In order to humble me, the Lord allowed circumstances and health issues to bring me to a place of seeking Him. Now Satan and my own flesh have been fighting against me. Old insecurities and fears had resurfaced, and I was feeling completely unsuited for this new ministry. While there was much healing that took place yesterday, the two words that kept resounding in my heart were repent and respond. My prayer became “Cleanse me. I have rebelled and fallen back into old SINS. Restore my joy in YOU!” I am clean. I am restored. I am excited to go to those women to whom I am to minister. I am a woman of God . . . forgiven and unbound. Praise the Lord. Thank you Beth for being an instrument for the Lord’s work!

    • 462.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Kathy, we won’t know about releasing the simulcast yet for a few weeks. But feel free to call the office in the next few weeks and we’ll let you know. Many blessings!

  13. 463

    hallelujah! I love you, too, Beth. I am Pastor of Women’s Ministry at a small PA church. I took a group to Hershey in May and another to yesterday’s Simulcast at our Christian Bookstore! The Lord has worked in a mighty way through you at each event. Yesterday was off the charts! In my small group, there were tears of joy and freedom as well as elation at the Power of Our Awesome God. I really needed to hear the Sweeping section…I am a burned out Pastor lately…I feel new today in the love of our Jesus! I needed to stand and cast off the hurts from men in the past and I felt HIS strength to stick to my marriage of 45 years. I practically shouted God’s love from the pulpit this AM…as did all my sisters who came yesterday. I wish you quiet refreshment of spirit and the love of our Jesus pouring over you this week. The angels in Heaven are rejoicing…as are we. All Glory and Honor unto HIM!
    Your sister, Barbara

  14. 464
    Kathy says:

    What amazing day you gave us. I hope I can start my roots and grow. I’m ready for a change and to let go. It was amazing to see you in person…wish I could have meet you but just seeing you in Fort Wayne was awesome. I was thankful I had won 2 tickets so that my mom and I could come. What a day we had. Thank you for being “real” and telling it how it is:) Thank you so much and hope to be able to see you again in person. I wish I had this to replay over and over to remind myself but I have notes to look at and now here:) Thank you so much!

  15. 465
    Alyssa W says:

    What was point #2? We had to reboot during our viewing and missed it. We thought it was going to be listed in the blog, but can’t find it. Please help us out. Thanks so much. I am so thankful I got to be a part of this experience.

  16. 466
    Ceci says:

    Luv your realness & sincerity!
    Thank you for digging deep, speaking truth, standing in the gap, making us laugh and breaking through with the Light of the Word to pierce the darkness.

  17. 467
    Em O'Kelly says:

    Our Deepest Thanks To You Beth And Your Staff. The Encouragment Us Godly Women Took Away From This Simulcast Was Amazing. We Face Many God-Less People Here In The State Of Maine. Godly Girlfriends Are Extremely Important.Our Desire Is For God To Do A Complete Clean Sweep Of Our Hearts. God Gives Us Wisdom And Strength So That Every God-Less Person We Come Across Will See The Joy Of God’s Love And Show A Light So Brightly It Will Be Compared To Our Lighthouses Glowing.

  18. 468
    Melinda Eggers says:

    I was touched by God yesterday! Thank you Beth and team! I wonder if/when we will have the ability to download the song, I am a woman of God?

  19. 469
    Tanya says:

    Shes evvery woman… a song by Shania Twain is like your poem what a woman of God looks like. Check it out if you want. Its a cute song. Its a nice poem too. Thanks Beth

  20. 470
    Teresa says:

    Hello to all the WOMEN OF GOD! Simulcast yesterday … LEFT ME FULFILLED! I was amazed at how much love and joy I got to share with my girlfriends during the day and the friendships that were built. Beth … YOU ARE AMAZING! I recently was saved (9-6-14) and then baptized on 9-7-14 along side of my 14 year old son! Together we are walking in the Spirit of our Lord and building a relationship with HIM. Yesterday was amazing to me! Thank you and much love! Love from Iowa!!!

  21. 471
    Anita Wells says:

    My life is forever changed because of this bible study yesterday. The praise team was incredible. I needed so much to hear those identity declaration and the 7 points. I am a woman of God. Please pray for me… I’ve struggled with so many strongholds for so long. I feel that I was finally able to let go yesterday.

  22. 472
    Kasandra Hayes says:

    I was so blesses and refueled after coming to the Simulcast on 9/13/14. I went to a church where I didn’t know anyone, but they were so kind and God’s love and care showed from the man that met me at the parking lot to the ladies that made me feel welcome. It was awesome. I suppose I should say that I am an African American sister and they were all caucasian. But it didn’t matter. We all came together to receive the word that God had for us and we all accepted it and agreed to respond in the way that glorifies Him. Thank you and your team. Worship was awesome. I am so redirected to what I knew before. We serve a Great God and He love me and has purposed for me to serve Him at this stage of my life. Love It!!! PS – Beth is my sister from another mother!!! Love You so much!!!!

  23. 473
    Carol Smith says:

    I absolutely enjoyed the simulcast! It was exciting and packed full of good truths. Love the Beth Moore bible studies as well! Thank you Beth for all you do for women. You are so special and a great speaker!

    Looking forward to next year already!

  24. 474
    kay williams says:

    Beth, I loved the 2014 simulcast on Saturday. Would it be possible to able to hear the Woman of God song, perhaps on Youtube or somewhere else. I just loved that song. Thanks.

  25. 475
    Joan says:

    It was a fabulous experience. One I am so thankful and proud to have attended. You are Amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  26. 476
    Diane Cordar says:

    My first Simulcast! I loved it. Some ladies from our church and I went to a church not far away to view. One of the ladies who went with us used to be a member there when her husband was Music Director. She knew lots of people and they welcomed her. However, we did not know anyone but they were all so nice to us and made us feel welcome. It was so much better than going downtown to one at the Civic Center. I had attended your event several years ago in Birmingham. The church setting was so much better AND they gave us lunch! As Women’s Ministry Leader in my church, we have done many Beth Moore Bible Studies, the latest was Esther. We have loved them all too. Esther was the best. keep up the good work!!!!!

  27. 477
    Laura Stuart says:

    Standing line in Ft. Wayne, waiting for doors to open on Saturday, I suddenly and completely felt a warmth, comfort, and peace. Along with it came the complete realization that I was being prayed for. It was an absolutely incredible feeling that I don’t ever remember having before. Imagine my jaw-dropping reaction to find your card in each seat, notifying each one of us that we had been prayed for. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.

  28. 478
    Megan Riegel says:

    Thank You To Beth & your worship team!! I have been struggling with depression for about a month. I’ve been under a cloud of dark oppression, fighting for Joy. My barometer is when I’m singing all the time… That’s me living in pure Joy. God blessed me with a miracle healing touch yesterday with you all. I’m back today!! Can’t stop singing our song!!
    Thank You!! Praise the Lord!!
    May I have any info that would allow me to purchase the Identity Declaration song please? I need it to sing over my soul & in rejoicing with my sisters.
    I soo needed every word & every lyric to point me toward Home. Thank you for this LANDMARK for me & my family.
    May God continue to bless your socks off as you bless us!

  29. 479
    Barb says:

    Dear Miss Beth,
    I wanted to tell you how much I gained from the live event yesterday in Ft. Wayne. I came with two of my bible study girlfriends with anticipation and excitement. We were not disappointed and we all felt very connected to God and to our fellow sisters that day.

    Thank you for speaking truth. It’s like you know women! Ha! I realized how desperately I need to sweep the clamour and clutter from my life. Somehow I’ve gotten myself overcommitted. I’m disappointed and miserable and even a little resentful at times.

    Yesterday, I needed some refreshment. The Lord delivered! Thank you for being His instrument. Praying for your ministry, friend.


  30. 480
    Angela Smith says:

    To Beth and her crew,

    Thank you for all the work ya’ll did on your end for the Living Proof Live simulcast. Thank you for your vision. God moved in amazing ways in our church through this simulcast. It was awesome! We are a church in little Northeast Texas town of Pittsburg that had 280 women, all ages, and all nationalities, and all denominations that came together and learned how to do womanhood well. Thanks for listening to God, and doing what he has called you to do. Blessings to you! Angela

  31. 481
    Iris Yeager says:

    What an amazing day it was yesterday! I came with several friends from my church and we were all blessed beyond measure! 10 years ago I was called into Missions so several times a year I am on the Mission Field in either eastern Kentucky or Jamaica. I am so blessed to be able to do this for God! I just returned home a week ago from 5 weeks in Jamaica and needed a “boost” and I certainly received it yesterday! God has put something on my heart to become part of in my church so I am going to move on that this week. I am a woman of God and I want to serve Him where ever He wants me. Thank you for answering the call God put on your life, to encourage and teach other women! God Bless you always!

  32. 482
    Cindy says:

    I know you get hundreds of letters, and this is nothing profound, but wanted to thank you for your obedience to God and openness to be used of Him. Earlier this year, I attended your conference at Hershey, PA,with my two beautiful daughters-in-law. My one son & his wife are in ministry, my other son and & his wife were not walking with the Lord, although she had been doing much questioning, and some church attendance. Your conference and our being able to spend the weekend together brought her over the edge and she and my son are now attending church, fully having embraced Christ! We were in the front row, and I cannot remember her name, but the larger of the two black women on the praise team was her favorite, for some reason she connected with her and was commenting on her all day during the conference. At one point, when the praise team came down off the stage, this lovely women from your team ( could her name be Lisa?) came down off the stage, and walked directly to my daughter-in-law and gave her the biggest hug! She will never know what she did for my daughter-in-law! Thank her for me, she was Jesus to my daughter-in-law that day! As all women, we three have our struggles, and I have been deeply wounded, still trying desperately to close the wounds, but as we held each other and prayed together, healing began, as did a new walk with Christ for my one daughter-in-law, who is the one who home streamed this simulcast yesterday in her home! How God works! Again, the three of us were able to be together ( we all live in different cities). As we enjoyed you together and took time to talk and pray and weep together once again, your ministry through the precious gift of the spirit pouring out of you into our lives, continued a work in each of us! We plan to have the next simulcast in the spring streamed into my home, and once again all worship and fellowship together with more women of God. All this babbling to say thank you, and let you and your team know how much they touch lives in your obedience to God. Our love and prayers are with you! I teach a Bible Study with women who have all gone through deep, dark places, and I will be sharing much of what you shared yesterday with them… you even used some of the same verses and thoughts God has brought to us! Some of your words were so profound as though spoken directly to the women in my group! Thank you once again. Sending a very warm, Christian hug through this email to you! God Bless You, dear sister in Christ!!

  33. 483
    Tammy says:

    Dear Beth,
    Words can’t begin to say what is in my heart. I came feeling voiceless and invisible and left with God responding to my heart. God was messing in my business and I now know He hears my voice and while I am not completely sure where God is going with this adventure I have leaped on for the ride. I am so excited and giddy about it I can hardly stand it. Oh our God is just amazing! Thank you for sharing with us and I have to say my gal pals and I laughed our heads off afterwards because one of us apparently didn’t remember to not be on phone when going to public restroom! Oh it was hilarious and then we just laughed some more. Thank you for getting me into the Word and let me see nothing with God is boring.
    love you

  34. 484
    Jennifer says:

    Will you be sharing the song that was made to the declaration…I am a woman. That was so beautiful and I would LOVE a copy of it somehow and share it with all my girlfriends. I was totally blessed yesterday, thank you for all you do and for investing so much of your life for women <3

  35. 485
    Sheila Hughes says:

    Beth: I was so incredibly moved by the simulcast. Me and three ladies from my church attended at Holly Springs Baptist Church, Garrison, TX. One of the ladies….a dear sister, is in her late fifties and has never attended any type of Women’s Conference. It was amazing seeing how she soaked in every moment of every thing that happened. We all left floating on a cloud! That same sister has a son and a daughter who are not saved. Lord willing, I am going tomorrow morning to witness to that daughter. She so desperately needs Jesus. Thank you, Sweet Sister for all you do for women. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

  36. 486
    Jes says:

    Beth, I have belonged to Jesus for 37 years. My journey has been painful, and I am not yet unbound, but oh! I can almost feel it. Through your prayer after the invitation, I was able to see glimpses of freedom. I am wondering if there would possibly be a way to see it in print? I long for joy.

  37. 487
    ellen husel says:

    Yesterday was my first introduction you Beth and to this ministry. I love Jesus and this last year He asked me to part with my second youngest precious son, John in a very tragic way. I know where John is, I know in my heart that Jesus stood to greet him, but I also am learning to live in this life without him. I’ve never lost hope, my focus got fuzzy for awhile but yesterday God used you to tell me I have a story to tell, a woman to be a voice, an example of Jesus’ great comfort and grace. I am not too old, I am not broken, I am a strong woman of God who has withstood a terrible storm but my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. Ellen,

  38. 488

    Beth, the simulcast was incredible. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Thank you for serving the LORD with such tenacity by serving up His powerful Word to all 190,000+ of us.

    Stay courageous and stay awesome!

  39. 489
    Terri Grant says:

    Thank you so much for being you! I have had the opportunity to see you 2 times now and all I can say is you inspire me to be a better women of God! I also want to give gratitude to your most fabulous American Sign Language interpreter!!!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I was way way up there in the seating, so far up I got vertigo. LOL! However, sign is such a beautiful language, you see my granddaughter is deaf and I so much appreciate you having her! I hope someday to meet you in Heaven. I think we could be really good friends. Thanks again and again…Please tell your sign friend how much I appreciate her too. Maybe the next time you come to Illinois I would love to donate my time volunteering…

  40. 490
    Michelle Carter says:

    Wow! and Wow! Thank you Beth and team for another fabulous Simulcast! We had a rousing great time in Nebraska! Many of our ladies said that those meaningful part was the opportunity to be prayed over. As women, that doesn’t happen very often. We are usually the ones doing the praying over. Thank you for your freeing message, and for allowing yourself to be used by God to deliver it. We are already looking ahead to next year…well, maybe after a week or two 🙂 Blessings to you and your precious family for sharing your time with us!

  41. 491

    Thank you, Beth, all your team, and the worship team for an amazing day. I’m constantly singing “I am a woman of God…” in my head. I went straight from the simulcast at another church to sing with our worship team at my church, and felt like the joy of Jesus was pouring through every note. I couldn’t praise Him enough! Many of the ladies who are joining me this week to begin Children of the Day also attended, and I feel like we’ve been launched into new territory. Exciting territory! God’s territory!

    Please, please, have the ladies record and write down the Identity Declaration song and share it with us! I’d love to start each Beth Moore Bible study singing it, and don’t trust myself to get the melody right. (We try to choose other studies, but love you and have been studying with you for years now, precious sister.)

  42. 492
    Naomi Sample says:

    THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!! I’m so thankful that you have been obedient to GOD’s word and have written so many things that really touch my life starting with BREAKING FREE. I’m going to be teaching my daughter and son that song. Please have your team release it. I have been working today to memorize it. By song I mean the Identity Decalration. You are now officially invited to come to Northern Cal. directly to Santa Rosa. We have a nice church. There is the Wells Fargo Center. I would gladly drive 2hrs to Sacramento sincer there is where the big stadium is.

    I’m a doer. I have always been responsible. I will be 50 in Oct. and I am weary. I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old going on 17. Can you tell which is the girl. I feel I have been going non-stop for far to many years. I don’t know how to stop and rest in the LORD. I realized from yesterday is that it’s okay for me to QUIT. I don’t have to know how, just stop. Enjoy my children. They get on my last nerve though. For now they are my calling and I want them to be strong, fearless and bound in the LORD. Thank you again. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  43. 493
    Lori Pearson says:

    My sister and I had been counting down the days for this event! Beyond the fact that we LOVE your Bible studies, as southern women we are convinced that you could be our best girlfriend! LOL I want to THANK YOU for a truly priceless and profound moment that we were able to share with each other. My big sister and I share a bond that is unbreakable; created in the beginning by hardships and life experiences much like you shared regarding your own. We have been through the good, bad, and the ugly sides of life and we’ve always made it through to the other side giving God the glory every step of the way! We have always struggled with our self-worth and my sister has struggled especially with not feeling “good enough” to do whatever God has called her to do. So when we were able to hold the hands of our REAL sister and repeat after you, words of love and encouragement, it was the most PRECIOUS moment! Thank you! And praise God for loving us and fulfilling all of our needs!

  44. 494
    Jill Emerick says:

    Beth, thank you for leading us back to throne of God and reminding us that we are his dearly loved daughters. I LOVED the Identity Declaration song… Please tell me the worship team will record it and you’ll make it available on iTunes. 🙂

  45. 495
    annette ford says:

    My 1st simulcast. It was wonderful. Next time I will invite a couple Siestas to join me.

  46. 496
    Roxane says:

    What a blessing the day was. It was an extra blessing to share in the event with two dear friends and co-workers.

  47. 497
    Loretta Pearson says:

    This simulcast was amazing! God touched my heart in many ways through Beth’s teaching and the prayers at the end. I feel so encouraged and God opened my heart to areas he’s working on. I am so thankful I could attend!

    Thank you so very much for putting on this simulcast! God’s anointing was all over this event! PTL

  48. 498
    Kathy Smith says:

    Thank you for this amazing simulcast! I am a woman of God! I will respond to what God spoke into my heart and I shared with my sweet sister in Christ next to me. I want to totally be a woman women can trust. Thank you and your great staff and the wonderful worship team. It was a refreshing, healing experience. Will the song “I Am A Woman of God” be put out there on a cd or on I tunes? I would love to share it with my small group of ladies who have studied together for 2 years! I praise God for Beth Moore, Living Proof staff, Lifeway, and Travis Cottrell.

  49. 499
    Adrienne says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for yesterday’s simulcast. There are not enough words to tell you what it means to me that I could be part of it in Portland, Oregon. I took a friend and we both came away changed, renewed, invigorated and raring to go for the Kingdom. I have been in chaplain ministry with Hospice, in skilled care centers, assisted living residences and retirement communities for ten years. I ‘retired’ to care for my Godly 91-year-old mother. Lately, her care and the sense that I’m waiting for the ‘next’ thing God has for me to do have weighed me down at times. I keep hearing God’s voice to my spirit saying ‘your mother is your ministry’. The words of the Identity Declaration ‘commissioned HERE and NOW’ jumped out at me. Just as I was commissioned as a chaplain over ten years ago, so God has commissioned me for ‘such a time as this’ to minister to my dear, little mother. I’m over waiting for what God has planned for my future – and I’m finished listening to the words of the world that at 68 years old life is all heading downhill! Thank you again. You were a conduit of God’s word to our hearts. I left that place a different woman than when I walked in!

  50. 500
    Barbara Wright says:

    It didn’t take long for God to put a new task before me, and it is something only prayer warriors and GOD’s Grace can take care of. Please don’t read further out of curiosity, but with your strong-woman praying-heart, as we need an army.
    A Congolese refugee mom, and dear friend, told me at the end of church that another Rwandan refugee young mother had her children removed by CPS in the middle of the week. The young woman became so distraught that she was placed in the hospital for her protection. She lost her husband in the Congolese-Rwandan wars, and was pregnant by rape when she was sent to Texas by the United Nations. Had a hard pregnancy, but did try to work in a cold room of a vegetable processing plant. Since her baby was born in June, and she has two school-aged children, she did not work for two months, thus no income. She had been working again for several weeks, when her babysitter became worried when she did not return home after her shift, and did not answer the phone. The police were called, about the time the mom showed up. (Story a little murky at this point.) CPS arrived shortly thereafter, found little food in the house, and found out her rent and utilities were way in arrears. There was no translator to explain, for a woman whose experience with uniforms taking your children usually meant they would be found dead or mutilated in the jungle soon after. I learned all this by going with my friend, who has very limited English, to the mom’s apt, where God provided a professional translator who spoke English, Swahili for my friend, and Kinyarwanda for the mom.
    All the women in the room were followers of Jesus!!! At the end of all the identity and story gathering, I pronounced that this was going to have to be a work of God, as no other way was revealed. Then I went around and hugged the body and mind of the young mom, to ask for Father’s healing over her. My friend was on her knees in prayer beside us, and in whatever language, we prayed as the Holy Spirit joined us as strong women of prayer. This little mom speaks so few words, but she was sobbing, as was I as the Mercy and Grace of our Abba was present.
    But now the work begins. I have zero experience in this type of situation, but have told God I will be an empty vessel, so He May be Glorified. Sisters, pray mightily for the enemy to be thwarted at every turn, that these children may see their mother’s face soon, that the finances and legal situation will bring an opportunity for God to receive the Utmost in Praise, and that a Christian family will feel lead to mentor this little family. Because we believe, we can bind up wounds, and unbind hearts, through the power of Jesus’s great love.
    Please pray!

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