Women’s Survey 2014 – Comments Now Closed!

Hey ladies! We want to express our deep gratitude for you honest participation in this survey. Your answers and your sincere vulnerability are gold to us and we do not take them lightly. They will be a source of insight to us for years to come as we seek to serve you. For now we will leave the post up but will close the comments. We appreciate and love you so much! Many blessings to you on this day!



Thank you so much for stopping by! In case you’re new to this blog spot, I’ll take just a second to set the tone for what makes us tick around here. I have had the joy, privilege and responsibility of serving God by serving women for over 3 decades. If you’re a girl, you are an interest to me. I love men. I respect men. I have fabulous guys in my life. But my entire work life is geared toward women. Every few years I pitch a survey of some kind out into the public sphere to gain some fresh insight into the hearts and lives and current challenges of women. So, that’s what this is all about.


If you’re willing to take the survey, your honesty is absolutely crucial. If you’ve gotta lie, pass on by. But, if you’re willing to stick around and tell the truth, your privacy will be completely protected. All comments/survey responses to this post will be kept confidential and out of public view.  That’s why the zero will continue to appear in the comment space.


There is no hidden agenda in this survey.  Rest assured that you will not be contacted or added to any kind of listserv. The purpose is straight forward: to gain insight in order to serve and represent women more effectively in teaching, writing, and communicating. In order to block these comments from public view, it will be necessary for us to close comments to previous posts until Thursday. Thank you for your patience while we temporarily give all of our blog attention to this survey.


Your participation in the survey is, however, your permission for me to quote you (anonymously and with your identity protected)  whether in writing or in speaking and to involve your responses in survey calculations, findings, and conclusions.


A few ground rules: Try to answer all the questions or as many of the questions as possible. Stay succinct on the ones that require explanations but by all means speak your heart. I try to read all survey responses myself. Answers that are short and to the point are a tremendous help.


I cannot thank you enough for participating. Your insight is solid gold to me. May God bless you for your time and input here and may the findings of this survey be used by Him to benefit you and women like you.


Alright. Let’s get started.


Women’s Survey

1. Biographical: Age? Single or Married? City and State (and country if outside the U.S.)?


2. Your biggest struggle or challenge as a woman. 



3. Your biggest struggle or challenge with other women.



4. Do you have good (women) friends at this season of your life?



5. What is something you’ve lost that you wish you could have back again?



6.  What one word would best describe you right now?



7. Do you have a religious affiliation? If so, what?



That’s it! You have helped me so much! I am tremendously grateful. May God reveal Himself to you in a very personal way in these coming days.


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