For My Simulcast Sisters

I cannot thank you enough for the privilege to serve you at our Living Proof Live 2014 Simulcast. I do not take it lightly. I will think of you for many months to come and will remember this day for years. My deepest hope and prayer is that Christ broke through every distraction and any works of flesh and blood and revealed Himself profoundly, personally, and permanently to you. Forward, Sister. No going back. Your life faces forward from here on out and what you’re doing on this planet means something. Get to it, gifted woman of God, with unwavering confidence in Christ. I pray that every single word He has sown into you will take root and bring forth a harvest. Above all, I pray that God moved upon you and opened your female heart to RESPOND. Not just receive. RESPOND. Do not wait a single moment to take your first responding steps. Move immediately and obediently into what He’s shown you. Blessed is she who believed.


As promised, here are three writings from the simulcast for anyone who wants a copy:


First, the Identity Declaration:


(Click on the picture to enlarge and save.)

Second, the writing called “What does a woman of God look like?” It’s silly, really, and way too wordy but if it broadens our concept, it is worth putting out there. I originally set out to write it as prose on Wednesday before the simulcast as it started turning in my head that morning, but as I fooled with it that day, I just couldn’t resist the rhyme.  (Click on the link to pull up in a separate window.)

What does a Woman of God Look Like


Third, the commissioning we spoke over one another at the conclusion.

LPL Simulcast 2014 Final Commissioning:

My Beloved Sister,
Jesus drew you to this day
To call you to respond.
What will you do
With what He has said?
God chose you and gifted you
For this very generation.
You are the exact woman
Jesus came looking for today.
Stop telling yourself
This is about someone else
You are the one He wants.
You’re not too young.
You’re not too old.
You haven’t strayed too far
Or waited too long.
Let Jesus step fully into your story
And write a narrative for your life
That does the world good
And gives God glory.
People out there need what you have to offer.
Quit listening to your fears and insecurities.
Stand up and step out and meet some needs.
You are my sister.
I’ll cheer you on.
I will support you and love you
I’ll stop competing and comparing.
I want to be a woman women can trust.
Let’s do this thing side by side.
We’re so much stronger together.
Sister, stay in His Word
Fight for love and keep your faith.
Follow hard after Jesus
All the rest of your days.
He will never do you wrong.
He will never reject or betray you.
He will make something beautiful
Out of all your pain.
In every loss
He will be your gain.
A lost world is waiting out there.
The darkness is aching for light.
Get out there and serve with all your might.
Because, my beloved sister.
A woman
Of God.
Go show somebody what she looks like.


Sister, thank you so much. Your time is so valuable. Money is scarce. You could have done many other things with the precious resources you have. You chose to join us for this simulcast. May God take every word He’s entrusted to you this day and cause it to yield a 100-fold harvest. (Luke 8:8)

Stick together out there, Sisters. We are a mighty army in the Kingdom of God. Stay close. Be kind. And be danged courageous.

I love you,



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  1. 351
    Anna says:

    Today was so wonderful and yes, I had felt that there were parts just for me! I love how God makes each of His daughters feel special! Is there anyway I could get a copy of the prayer for the 39 and under women? There was a specific part where she talked about putting something on the back burner and no longer believing in that dream. It almost brought me to my knees. Even though I may give up, thankfully God doesn’t. Thank you and pray you are blessed as much as you have blessed!

  2. 352
    Alicia L Clinton says:

    Thank you Ms. Moore for your devotion to Christ and passion to share it! Everything given today was received early and I pray to apply mist of it soon. Plus I acted out because of it already, one small step and praying many more to follow.

  3. 353
    Carol Munch says:

    Wow, what an amazing day God gave us! We gathered a group of 35 in our church to participate in the Living Proof Live Simulcast and the LORD was there and ministered to us. Thank you so much for sharing the day with us and these precious words.

  4. 354
    Kathy Williams says:

    Wow what an awesome message at the simulcast in Issaquah WA. After tragically losing my husband in 2012, I was faced with a new identity of trying to figure out where I fit in to this life of mine. I told God I wasn’t mad at him and he has been with my daughter and I through every bump in the road, every tear that has been shed, every what if’s, why’s, how come, what for and today I was reminded by God that in order for my healing to come I need to move forward. Quit wondering what about this or that. I now know my true Identity and God has been waiting for me to get it, okay Lord I am kinda slow. I am a Woman of God and I do Believe. God bless you and your family. Kathy

  5. 355
    Margie Miller says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you once again for a wonderful teaching. I know that you touched the lives of so many again and I am grateful you touched mine. Many questions were raised for me, a big one regarding my identity. I am an empty nester who is unemployed. My identity has been wrapped up in either my children (mom) or my work (teacher). I am feeling a bit lost these days as I am not able to find work (age, too much education, etc.) and my children are grown and live far away. Having my identity described in Jesus was/is helpful—gives me a new outlook. I am serving the community by volunteering as a mentor for needy children and this brings me worth and is a blessing. Do you have any kind of study to follow up with the simulcast? I could use some more work. Thank you for all you do.

  6. 356
    Jami Johnson says:

    My heart is oh so happy and filled with such great love.
    Over the past month you and the great word of God you teach
    Has helped heal me. Words that you have spoke and shall never forget.
    Obey God over Our fear. Powerful! Life… What a mess we can make it.
    When indeed it’s so much more worth it to give God the Golry for how He
    Will use our Mess to give Him glory. If there was a way how I would love to chat and hug
    Your precious self. My life has been a serious of ups and
    Downs from te very day I was born. It has messed me up all through days
    Of living.
    From my own father sexually abuseing me and hurting me. That it made me
    Become so numb. And shameful of who I was as a young girl. Always
    Nervous someone may really see what was going on.
    I wanted so badly from middle school on to be just a good girl
    Everything in my life felt so bad. I could just cry my eyes out
    As I think of all Gods grace has carried me through. Ms.Beth, please whatever
    It is worth know that this girl here adores you. One day I pray, and I mean this because I can’t
    Shake feeling my heart to do so. To simply hug you. You are beautiful!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for just being you.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Jami Johnson

    Romans 8:28

    [email protected]

  7. 357
    Placent Delia says:

    Beth, you were wonderful! The topic timely, inspired, and relevant. God bless you with continued strength and enthusiasm. You are a darling of the Lord.

  8. 358
    Teri Trimble says:

    Thank you!!!

  9. 359
    Mary says:

    Wonderful Simulcast! I have seen you live 6 times and this was the best ever. The topic was just what I needed at this time.

    Is there away for my friends and love ones to see it? Someone said it would be rebroadcast for another date? Is there an way people could pay money and be able to watch for their own computers?

    There were so many women from our church who could not attend it and I know they would love to see this especially with this topic.

  10. 360
    Jennifer mosher says:

    Amen!!! This speaks right to me!

  11. 361
    Laura says:

    Thank you LP and Beth for coming and pouring into the lives of thousands. Yes, may the seeds that were sown be rooted and bring a harvest! Thank you for being a gift and blessing; a refreshment and encouragement. Lord bless as we continue to believe and trust in HIM.

  12. 362
    Joan King says:

    Oh dearest Beth. – I so much wanted to attend the conference at Fort Wayne my home. After just returning home from Cleveland Clinic and not ble to breathe well I was informed Ii should not attend. I s there anyway I can get a CD from your message given there. My friends who attended were beyond blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit.
    I do not want my breath come from my physical being but everything breath I take I want to come from The Lord – for he indeed is my breath of life – ans may his breath through me touch whomever he draws close to me. You and your teachimg inspire me to keep going and learn more. I will continue to pray for you and your family for God to provide you strength and endurane. You are deeply loved

  13. 363
    Lori says:

    I was so blessed to be at the live event in Fort Wayne yesterday and the Lord really spoke to me. I’m one of the ones who has been “waiting” for direction before I move. I was really challenged to step out and serve based on what I know NOW and to stop just receiving and RESPOND! The worship time was amazing! I absolutely LOVE the Identity Declaration set to music. Is that recorded anywhere? If not, would you please consider doing it? I think it would be such a help in memorizing it. May you all continue to be blessed!

  14. 364
    Mollie says:

    Thank you, Beth! I am a cup overflowing. Excited about what Father will do and where He will lead with this. I am certain it will be good and FORWARD! We’ve just returned from our third missionary journey overseas and re-entry has been bumpy. But God is faithful to love and strengthen. This was just what I needed. He loves His daughters. Momma Beth, you love us too! Thank you. Thank you to everyone at LPM. You bring living water to your thirsty sisters. I sat with a sister who gave her life to Jesus with you and us in charleston 2 yrs ago– sweet memories.

    May your cup overflow and be joyfilled knowing you brought Him glory in every step.

    I love you, Mollie, now from Atlanta

  15. 365
    Summer Whitten says:

    Blessed so I can be a blessing. Beth, you are living out God’s word and it is SO grand. I loved the LPL simulcast yesterday. It was just what I needed. Bless you. Love you, sister!

  16. 366
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Beth, this post is getting me all teary eyed again. All it took for me to start getting this way yesterday was the second song of the morning, “Victory in Jesus”. I soo needed a day of worship so that I could come back to my family refreshed by Him…Carve out time with Him- that is what I took away the most from yesterday. To love Him more, to know Him more, is to be my everything. Also, the song!:) “I am a woman of God, redeemed by Jesus Christ..” With emphasis and heart:)…I could tell that a lot of the other women at my host location needed a day focused on Him too. When you had us pray at the end, some of them sobbed openly. I have been there before in private, and my heart went out to them…I went back to Philippians this morning, and read some of the first chapter again, and I feel like a great prayer for us all as women of God is Phil. 1:9-11. He really is so worth it all. I love you too Beth. You are a precious woman of God.

  17. 367
    Twila Weiszbrod says:

    Any chance you can provide an audio or video file or link of the song your team created for the identity declaration? That would be a great way to memorize it!

  18. 368
    Michelle Hill says:

    Thank you Beth, for pouring your heart and soul into every Bible study, simulcast, conference you do. God is clearly in every work. I was blessed along with the women who came with me. I can’t wait to share it with my SS class this morning. My friend and I want to meet you one time before we go see our Father, so you have made it to our bucket list…LOL! We love you, Beth! Keep serving Him. He is so worth it!!!!

    It’s All About Jesus,

  19. 369
    Mary says:

    Praise God for this event!!! It spoke directly into my heart and I know it also spoke directly into the hearts of those women around me at this conference. Beth, you and your team are Chosen by God to send His message into the world. Awesome. God is good! Hallelujah and Amen.

  20. 370
    Susanna Sauvain says:

    Any chance there is a list of all the music played and where it can be purchased from yesterday’s simulcast? Wonderful worship!

  21. 371
    Annie Dietrich says:

    Thank you!! Yesterday’s message was JUST for me! Early into the simulcast I heard you say, “Jesus Christ saved my soul and the Word of God saved my mind.” Those are the words that JUMPED at me while I manned the registration table at our church…I couldn’t wait to get in!! Last year, Sept.4th, 2013, I had the first of 2 brain surgeries, which God used to heal me from a life-time of grand mal seizures. Today is DAY 368 of being seizure free!! They use to be daily. Thank you JESUS!!!! And thank you for rejoicing WITH me 🙂 About 2 months ago, I began feeling mentally “fuzzy”. My thoughts haven’t been crisp…almost like I had a thick wool sock over my head. It’s difficult to explain. I have prayed & prayed to have the mind of Christ. Later in the simulcast, you said something like, “Don’t believe the lie that you’re stupid”. I about fell off my chair! I’ve believed that all my life. Thank you! What an honor to pray with & over my sisters! And them praying with & for me. That toothless rat satan has no business in this mind that belongs to JESUS. 🙂 I thank God for His Word, for His love for me and I thank God for you. Have a wonderful, restful Sunday! Jesus loves you!! And so do I.

  22. 372
    Brenda Register says:

    Wonderful simulcast! Thank you! May God continue to bless you as you serve Him! Our God is so amazing! I had my closest friends sitting beside and near me yesterday! They have been so good to me especially during the last 34 months. During that time The Lord took my husband, my daddy and my precious mama home to be with Him. He has proved Himself over and over to me. He is truly a Living God who keeps His Word!!! Amen and Amen!

  23. 373
    Carla says:

    Thank you so much for the bible study on Saturday. It literally was a life saver!
    Woke up this morning renewed and singing the identity song!
    Yes yes yes! I am blessed! Thank you sweet Beth for following the spirit and encouraging us to do the same!

  24. 374
    Jill says:

    Yesterday was amazing! God spoke loud and clear to my spirit. He is asking me to respond to my stronghold of insecurity and hypersensitivity. How do I do that? Help?

  25. 375
    Jennifer says:

    Thank you Beth for taking the time to write and share your heart with us. Every single time I read one of your books or listen to you speak it hits me straight in my heart. You have been blessed with an amazing gift and I appreciate you. Your words are such an encouragement to me and I am thankful God has used you in my life. I truly cannot wait to meet you in heaven!

  26. 376
    Cari says:

    What a beautiful Day in Fort Wayne we Traveled from Chicago to come see you and it was worth the trip.

    Bathed in his Grace


  27. 377
    Cheryl Rila says:

    Beth-what an incredible day at Oil City Community Alliance Church in Oil City, PA yesterday! My first Beth Moore simulcast-but it will not be my last! The church gave of themselves with a wonderful service for the ladies of our community and you? I can listen to you all day long – you’re like a beautiful song in my heart. Thank you for touching the lives of so many women around the world. You are truly blessed and a blessing (not to mention my 20 years living in Dallas/Ft.Worth area makes any difference 🙂 ). Thank you for sharing Jesus.

  28. 378
    Sara says:

    Thanks for sharing these – enjoyed spending the day with you, even if I was in Kansas!

  29. 379
    Maria Makkas says:

    Good day! There is a song that is sung at your conference and I would like to download it purchase cd that it is on…I love it….the problem is I don’t know the name ….I call it the”awesome” song cause they say that throughout the song…can you provide me with any info? Thanks
    Be blessed

  30. 380
    Lori Lindsey says:

    Left the simulcast in Fort Wayne overflowing with the Spirit. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Is there anyway the song your amazing staff came up with for the Identity Declaration could be posted? I am part of a girl ministry and am planning to print the beautiful printout and frame it and would love to have the song available to go along with it to help the girls memorize it.

  31. 381
    Michelle Hyatt says:

    This was my first time hearing you….can you believe that? I have a ton of your books and a ton of your devotional book, but never heard your voice!
    I loved this simulcast and loved being able to see your passion! Now when I read your books, I will now surley hear that Texas accent coming on strong!
    Love you and all you do!!

  32. 382
    Jill says:

    I was watching the simulcast yesterday from a local church in Nebraska. My friend offered me a ticket last minute, so it was really an inatance of needing to have some time away from my 3 small children (who I love but have become somewhat overwhelming). Before yesterday, I was one of the “whole life Christians” that knew God and heard about Jesus at church. I felt uncomfortable from the begining. Not that i wasnt enjoying it and taking lots of notes, just that I could feel a challenge coming. Yesterday I had a moment when I felt like Jesus just hit me in the face and said ” STOP… Don’t you get it, I am YOUR SAVIOR. You are good enough.” I cried through the prayer asking him into my heart. I couldn’t even raise my hands. Unfortunately I had to leave after the second session, my brain was just overwhelmed and I only had daycare until 2:00. The issue is, what do I do now? My husband thinks I have lost my mind, and maybe he is right. Thank you for the amazing presentation and for the challenge. God is Good and he definitely works through you.


    • 382.1
      Beth says:

      Jill, there is very little doubt in my mind that you were flat-out saved yesterday. It was your spiritual birthday for becoming a Christian. My heart is overflowing with love and joy and you know by now from the verses we studied that God Himself is rejoicing over you. In answer to your question, “What do I do now?” – You need a group of fellow believers to walk with. All of us do! I am so thankful that you were at a local church in Nebraska and that a friend gave you a ticket because that is exactly where you begin. Tell your friend and also go back to the church in Nebraska. Talk to one of the mature women in the faith there and she will help you begin your walk with Jesus. We would recommend that you begin attending church and try to get into a basic small group Bible study. I pray that your husband over time will end up being very, very blessed by your decision and will ultimately be drawn to Christ himself but please know that that is God’s responsibility and you don’t have to take it on as your personal mission. You just pray and place it in God’s hands. We humans lack the power to do it. Our trust must be in God and His steadfast love for all our loved ones. The Bible talks about a believing (Christian) wife being influential toward her husband’s faith – not by pressure but – by her gracious lifestyle and the outward demonstration of inner peace and joy that are invading her heart. (1 Peter 3:1-2) Your husband will see over time that you have not lost your mind (smiling) and that whatever has happened to you has had a positive impact. Place all these things in the hands of Jesus and let Him work it out day by day. Resist feeling overwhelmed by all that it will entail. Rest your heart right now in knowing that you belong to Jesus. You made the most important decision of your life yesterday. May joy and peace invade your heart and soul. I am honored to call you my sister.

  33. 383
    Cathy Correnti says:

    I had a great time yesterday at the simulcast. I live in NH and went to the Milton church because someone invited me. It has been a long time since I’ve been to a seminar/ conference. I had never heard you speak before yesterday and it was definitely ordained by God that I should be there. My family and I have been doing home church for 4 1/2 years and it felt good to be part of something bigger yesterday. I have the identity declaration in my head from the song that was put to it. It’s much easier for me to remember things if they are put to song. Thank you for listening to and obeying God’s voice by speaking to all of us women. I will try to WOMAN UP going forward. Thanks Beth.

  34. 384
    Dee Bentley says:

    SO thrilled that I got to attend yesterday in Ft.Wayne. My neighbor/friend and her sister , her friend/co-worker, and my pastor’s wife (my friend and mother of 4 babies under the age of 6 and her first time away while her husband was alone with them all night,lol) all got to attend . A ‘tas philas’ weekend,well spent together .Five different women in many ways (age , backgrounds,stages in life, etc) with 5 minds to know Christ better. And , of course , to get to see our favorite teacher in real life helped, too.:)
    I was a little bummed at first because it was 3 months ago when I made the plans to attend this. And our plans included staying at a HOJO the night before, since we live about 3 hours south of Ft.Wayne. High school Football was far from my mind when I decided to go. I am not a fan , but am a big fan of my sophomore ( my youngest of 3 sons and only one left at home) that plays varsity defense and some offense (oh I hope I’m telling this right because sports and their related terms are not my thing). Our high school team is pretty good and I had a feeling I was going to miss something huge in my son’s life. And I did. He is second string (I think this is right) quarter back and he got put in the last quarter and among other things, ran a 50 yard TD. UGH! I missed it. As little as I know about the sport and really don’t care for it,I would have known and been the proudest mom as he ran that ball across that line .
    All that being rambled on about, is just to say , I’m so glad I went. I love when Jesus shows up and works on my heart. I need Him. I need to know Him more . And Beth ,if you read this,I am not idolizing you or trying to lift you up above God, but ‘tas philas’! you got yourself a gift and I so love benefiting from it. I always love your studies and I’ve hosted and attended Simulcasts before , but this was the first in-person ,live event. Even though I missed a spectacular event in my 15 yr old’s eyes , I witnessed an amazing event in the eyes of God that will have eternal value.

  35. 385
    Lori Henderson Pierce says:

    First time I have done the simulcast and loved it. I facilitate your studies all the time at my church. Thank you so much for love, dedication, and wiliness to serve us women! We are a Woman of God. Blessed is SHE who believed. 🙂

  36. 386
    Kathy DeLeon says:

    A billion “Thank You’s” would not even begin to express the gratitude I feel inside right now! Yesterday God used you in a mighty way to communicate some very precious truths to me and I’m pretty sure I will never be the same. My heart has been hurting for quite sometime now…causing me to keep my distance from anyone or anything and after praying and asking God to show me why all the suffering…He remained silent. Your tender words about someone who has unforgivness towards their mother hit me like a sledgehammer! I am 39 years old…and was also sexually abused from the age of 5 to 11. Two summers ago I mustered up the courage to tell my mother and our relationship has been strained ever since. “Hide the wound, bind up the hurt.” That’s what my wounded soul has been doing all my life…yesterday that changed. You brought insight about joy and needing friends. And letting God have access to my heart. Lesson Learned! Thank You Beth Moore!

  37. 387
    Annie says:

    I attended your simulcast in Canada and my heart is still overwhelmed with all the love and encouragement. I pray God blesses you Beth Moore and your worship team. What an amazing day, it taught me so much about how to be a better friend and lose all my insecurities. I will forever be changed because of what God put on your heart. Bless you and keep telling your funny stories Beth; it is what makes you so awesome:)

  38. 388
    Charity says:

    After the simulcast, I picked up my three-year old and we journeyed home together. He began asking me different questions about the event. I gave him a copy of our session guide and showed him your pictures. He pointed to your picture and said, “This one is Beth Moore? She is the one who teaches mommas about Jesus”. To which of course I exclaimed, “Yes buddy! She is the one who shares the hope of Christ with mommas and girls all over the world”.

    I am a better momma to this little one because of the healing received through many of your books and bible studies. For that I am forever grateful! You are gift and I praise God for all that He continues to do through you. Thank you for gifting women with your time and love for Jesus Christ.

  39. 389
    Anna Norris says:

    It was such a blessing to be with you and serve with you in Fort Wayne. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for encouraging women to not just be a woman, but to do it well.

  40. 390
    Julie says:

    What a lovely day yesterday at my first simulcast. Ajax Ontario. I have printed off my Identity Declaration. I have been set free of old wounds and know enough now not to let new wounds become old wounds. My heart is in God’s hands now.

  41. 391
    Lindsey Duncan says:

    LPM and Beth Moore: You are so appreciated! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Thank you for your desirer to share it with so many across the world. It was definitely a message that I needed to hear. I LOVE the Identity Declaration – It’s going on my rear view mirror! Thank you again, God Bless You!

  42. 392
    jana west says:

    Thank You All !!! the simoulcast (sp) was wonderful!! the best so far! PS I have no girlfriends, praying about that!!

  43. 393
    Kara says:

    It would be AWESOME to be able to download the Identity Declaration song!!

  44. 394
    Michelle says:


    Thanks so much for yesterday. What a blessing. I will take what God moved in me revealed to me and respond with love and compassion towards my sisters and others in the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

    I already have my identity Declaration printed several times and am sending it to every woman whom God has laid on my heart.

    Thanks again for following God and His plan for your life to touch ours.


  45. 395
    renee ewbank says:

    I was able to attend the simulcast at a church,the day was a tremendous blessing in my life,i ask for prayer to grow in my relationship withGod,and that i will be set free from fear,panic anxiety,thankyou for your wonderfull messsage GOD BLESS

  46. 396
    Morgan Duncan says:

    As always, I walked away from your conference a more enlightened Christian woman. But the difference this time, is that I feel more confident being a woman of God. I catch a lot of flack from my family, (not my husband, thankfully), because we were all raised Catholic. My mother is still devout Catholic, and I have know doubt that she is a true believer. I’m not criticizing the Catholic Church. But my sisters believe in the new age concept of not accepting the Bible in its entirety. We have interesting family gatherings to say the least. I thank you for a renewed sense of what is true and what to stand for, even when it is difficult because it’s people you love that is coming against you. Please don’t stop your work, Beth, you are very needed in this time of battle! Thank you very much!

  47. 397
    gayla mckinney says:

    Thank you Mrs. Beth!

  48. 398
    Audrey says:

    I so enjoyed the simulcast yesterday at FBC of McComb, MS. I am a 59 year old grandmother and when there is a LPL conference in our area I babysit 3 of my grandchildren so my daughter can attend. On Sunday nights our women’s Bible study group meets at 5:30 and at that same time I am teaching a DT class for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders. So as you can see I am left hungry for some praise, worship and study of God’s word with just women. Thank you for making that possible for me yesterday.

  49. 399
    Brooke says:

    Such an amazing day. Such a renewal of my commitment to being a woman of God. Thank you Beth for putting your heart out there to touch so many.

  50. 400
    Marilyn langley says:

    I was at the Ft Wayne live broadcast September 13, 2014 and I turned to a stranger in the sea of 11,0000 faces to repeat the last statement of your program. Her name was Karen and she cried and cried the whole time. Tears streamed down her face as I recited that we were women who were strong and whom Jesus loved. When it was over we hugged tight and I realized that was why I was there yesterday. To be able to offer comfort and hope to a young women who is struggling. Thank you.

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