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Taping at Life Today

You girls know we are absolutely shameless in asking for prayer, so here I come again with another request! Mom is in the Dallas area, my old stomping grounds, this weekend. Between tonight and tomorrow afternoon she will tape five teaching sessions for “Wednesdays with Beth” on “Life Today with James and Betty Robison.” (She’ll teach two sessions tonight and three on Saturday.) She does several of these tapings each year. These weekends are incredibly intense. Imagine a Living Proof Live event with two extra sessions. Each time she is completely dependent on God for a sustained anointing, perfect health, full energy, restorative sleep, concentrated preparation time, focus, and a great connection with the audience – in other words, a demonstration of the Spirit’s power! It is a good and desperate place to be.

My dad is usually with her on these weekends because they feel that she benefits from the covering of his presence and his prayers. He is not able to be at this particular taping, so we would like to ask our sweet siestas to help us with some extra prayer coverage for Beth. These episodes reach what is to me a mind-boggling amount of people. Please pray that Jesus will completely overtake my mom and use her to teach the Word boldly and accurately to the studio audience and viewers at home. Pray that His name will be glorified through all of this. Thank you so much, friends! It is all about Him!

We love you bunches and we are so thankful for you.

PS – You can watch all the previous episodes online here.


Last Day of Taping

Here’s the latest text message my mom sent me:
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! God heard the prayers of the saints! It was cold and at times sprinkling the least bit but mission was accomplished to the great glory of God! 4:28 p.m.

Hey Siestas! I would like to ask for your prayers for the taping today. Beth and the crew were not able to film this morning because of bad weather. They are getting ready to try again right now. Please pray for God to clear out the rain and grant them favor to get everything done this afternoon. He is so gracious! Thanks, y’all!


Two Texts From Mom

1:41 p.m.
God has held back rain because of the prayers of the saints! 70% chance all day! I love you!

5:51 p.m.
God was glorious and graceful! We met today’s goals! Only Jesus!

Thanks for praying for the taping. One day down, two to go.


Remembering in the Desert

Guess what!?!? I am blogging from the LPM office today! Isn’t that fun? I almost brought my camera to document the day, but I decided not to pester my co-workers with a camera flash on my first day back. The Jones family made the move down to Houston two weeks ago. I will still be working mostly from home, but on Thursdays Curt and I will switch places so that I can work in-office with the rest of the Village. I have been away for four years and I probably don’t need to tell you how good it feels to be able to see and talk to these wonderful women again on a regular basis! There is a lot of iron sharpening iron in this office and my spirit dearly missed that while I was away. These women have set the bar high and I benefit from their influence in countless ways.

Well, this has been a big week. Curtis started work at LPM, Beth flew up to the Dallas area to do a filming at the Life Today studios, and she heads back out of town again today. She is meeting up with her beloved LifeWay film crew to tape “intros and outros” for the Esther series. (Intros and outros are the little clips you see immediately before and after the teaching sessions.) They will film on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then we will get her back home on Monday. Beth and the crew would love to have your prayer support during the next few days. The biggest request is for great weather and no rain!

In October of 2006, Beth and the crew filmed intros and outros for the updated version of the Tabernacle study. Beth wrote a really neat reflection about that week and, not having a blog at that time, we posted it on our devotional page. Here’s a link to it in case you’d like to check it out: Remembering in the Desert.