The Happiest of Birthdays to Mom & A Celebratory Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of the birthday drawing! Your names are posted below. Watch your inbox for an email from Living Proof later today so that we can get you your gift!

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A few nights ago I walked my buck wild new puppy around my neighborhood, watched the sun sink deep down into the horizon, and then settled in back at home. I flipped on my favorite season of the West Wing and I ate an entire bag of tortilla chips and ¾ a jar of my favorite salsa for dinner. What is it they say again? The apple does not fall far from the tree. Or something like that?

You see when we were growing up Mom would throw us kids in the back of Brontosaurus the station wagon and haul us halfway across the city to her old favorite Tex-Mex joint. She ordered a pint of salsa and a gigantic grease-stained brown paper bag of tortilla chips for take-out and she would eat all of this and only this for her dinner. Her own dinner. I can’t remember what we kids even ate, or if she fed us at all. I’m only kidding about that last part.

My mom was born at high noon in a fierce thunderstorm, my grandfather said. Her presence still shifts the atmosphere. A few weeks ago Mom left for a week in the hill country for a time of writing and solitude. The second she got back home, I loaded up my stuff and headed out to spend a night with she and my Dad. You see, for me, going to hang out with my parents isn’t really like going to hang out with the parents. Far from duty, it’s one of my favorite things to do. We caught up on all the life stuff that night. And then in the morning we drank our coffee in our pajamas and by 8:30 a.m. at the latest we had already covered topics such as the theology in Ephesians, the New Testament canon, the Holy Spirit’s role in the interpretation of Scripture, and the Festal Letter of Athanasius.

I have to say, this woman utterly dazzles me. She is the sweetest in the land. She is gracious and sanguine and loving and kind, no doubt, but she is serious and intense and focused and courageous. She has opinions and perspective and boldness and wisdom from the ground like no other. For all her awesomeness she is not self-righteous or squeamish, and God knows I have pushed her limits.

Mom is deeply committed to our family and I’ve always known that full well but I’ve also seen that she’s preoccupied with something a whole lot bigger than us. Probably the most important thing I have learned from her is that being caught up in Jesus and what He is doing in the world is everything. It is the ultimate priority and a family committed to His work in the world will get the privilege of making sacrifices together.

The four of us

Mom and Dad

Over the past few years in my own journey I found myself in an unknown place, a place where a heart could break deeper and wider and in more directions than I could have imagined possible. Mom has walked alongside me on this road further than any human could be expected to walk with another. She would have had good reasons to just sit out a while and catch her breath. But she never left my side. The road has been bumpy but also tedious and repetitive. When the landscape didn’t seem to change for a long, long time, she kept plodding along with me, carrying my burdens and helping me shoulder the grief that felt too much to bear.

Mom & Me Walking

Mom is tender and she is strong and she is not afraid to look pain and grief and loss dead in the eye. Even more, she is daring enough to hope against hope. To see in others, even me, the beginnings of life and growth and health and wholeness where others might only see brokenness and death. She has shined the light of Jesus on me more times than I can count.


She can fry a chicken and whip up mashed potatoes and gravy with the best of the Southern cooks. Her pleasures are simple: the reading of books, sitting on the front porch, walking her dogs in the woods, eating dinner with my Dad, playing games on the floor with her grandkids, and drinking tea with Amanda and me. But make no mistake she is wicked smart and complex and multifaceted. She is so much more than even the best caricature of her could ever hope to be.

Mom & AB on Piano

I love her.

Punting the River Cam

Yes, I love her. If one photo could capture the light and color she brings to my world, this is it:

The Color She Brings

It is my joy and honor to be her daughter and also to work for her at Living Proof. This blog giveaway is just one of many ways I celebrate her beautiful life today.  The first three gifts are from Living Proof and the last two gifts are personal gifts from me.

First and foremost, we are giving away eight Key Word Study Bibles. My mom gave me one of these Bibles many years ago. It was one of the first Bibles I ever really remember being excited about. It helped me become familiar with various Greek and Hebrew words before I ever took a Greek or Hebrew reading class. Every time I read it I was reminded that the Scriptures we hold in our hands in English are a translation. Remembering this often is a good thing and will take a person a long way in the study of the Bible, I think.



Second, we are giving away an assortment of several pounds of favorite Houston coffee beans. My mom is a serious coffee drinker, so this is just an obvious addition. This package will include but not be limited to one of my current favorites:

Temporada 2

Third, we are giving away an arrangement of fresh flowers Mom loves. And, really, who wouldn’t like these?

Olive & Cocoa Floral Bouquet

Fourth, we are giving away a crossbody saddlebag. Mom and I both carry versions of this crossbody bag over and over again until one breaks and we have to buy another one.

The Savannah Saddlebag

Fifth and finally, we are giving away a small bottle of Flowerbomb. Mom wears lots of different perfumes, but she most often travels with this one.


So, if you’re interested in our giveaway please do pop on and say “Happy Birthday” and show Mom some love. Your comment becomes your entry into our random drawing. Comments will officially close 24 hours after the post is published, and please only one comment per person. The names of our winners will be posted at the top of this post at some point on Thursday.

I hope you all are happy and well.


And, Mom, I love you!

The best is yet to come,



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  1. 5501
    Jo Ann Stapleton says:

    I wanted to say Happy Birthday I became a Beth girl a few years ago when a friend say, do you wanna go do a Bible Study with me that will change your life. Well, I did and I was introduced to you. I love you and your over the top on fire for Jesus teachings. You are an inspriation and a blessing. I was blessed to see you in Tampa with my little sister. Your message was truly the voice of God speaking to me. I am in the process of learning how to renew my mind. I have had some problems from the past- yes looking over my shoulder fit me… and I walked away Saturday, knowing I heard the voice of God. You truly are a blessing to each of us. I thank God that we are able to celebrate your birthday. THank you Beth for being obediant and standing in the gap for us that need someone.

  2. 5502
    Kerry says:

    Beth, happiest of birthdays to you!! You are a gift and a treasure and I am so happy that I stumbled upon your Bible studies by chance (or rather, by God’s provision) so many years ago. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful year! xx Kerry

  3. 5503
    Pattie Jenkins says:

    Happiest Birthday Beth. I have enjoyed listening to you from all over the country. My husband and I have moved several times and each time I have been in bible studies that are Beth Moore studies. (GO figure) They think is something new each place I have arrived and I just rejoice that it something familiar. One of my last moves I found a cassette tape from your early days at Second Baptist and I was working in their child care, they would give us the tapes when we work the bible study time. I rejoice in our Father how far you have allowed Him to use you in sharing you love and life with woman everywhere. Thank you for helping me grow as a Christian Women. Blessings to you.

  4. 5504
    Cassia Glass says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Beth! Melissa’s words remind all of us how much we owe your sweet family for sharing you with us. God bless you always!

  5. 5505
    Kari Farwell says:

    Happy birthday, Beth! I want to be like you when I grow up! Your love for the Word of God inspires me, and I long for the tenacity that you have to dig in. Many blessings to you on your birthday. I was just telling the young woman I studying James with (Mercy Triumphs) that I would LOVE to sit down and have coffee with you some day!

  6. 5506
    Laurel Taaffe says:

    Happy Birthday Beth!!
    I attended your event in Atlantic City, NJ this past March and am using this birthday wish as my way of also say thank you. The minute I sat down, affirmation after affirmation, poured out of your mouth. I answered the call to serve God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength because I literally felt His Spirit pulling me out of my chair. So thank you for saying yes to our Mighty God and your willingness to be transparent. Happy Birthday!!!
    In His Grace,

  7. 5507
    Michelle TG says:

    Happy birthday, Beth! Words fail to express my gratitude for your life’s work. Praying your birthday is filled with time spent with those dear to your heart.

  8. 5508
    Annette Gillen says:

    Birthday blessings to you Beth! I was up in Tampa last weekend to see you and came back so REnewed. I pray that God continues to bless you in your ministry. Please keep on doing what you are doing till you can’t do it anymore!

  9. 5509
    Diana Brech says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth!! May your day be filled with beautiful memories and great blessings..Thank you for all you have done with all your great bibles studies. The women’s ministry at my church just finished “Breaking Free”, I just loved the study, in fact, I have loved all the ones I have done. You have a gift from God and all women who do your studies or see you in person have been blessed in so many ways. Looking forward to see you in August in Milwaukee as this has been my dream for a long time. Again Happy Birthday, my sister in Christ.

  10. 5510
    Tricia Neumann says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Thank you for always preaching the truth and for being real to all of us!

  11. 5511
    Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! I hope your day is filled with sunshine and cake. 🙂

  12. 5512
    Dianne says:

    Happy Birthday dear Beth! Thank you for saying yes to Jesus! We are all wiser for having you in our lives! Have a fantastic day!

  13. 5513
    Lil Noland says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! I pray that God continues to bless you in your ministry and even more so in your family.

  14. 5514
    Beverly Schlomann says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Siesta! You are just a few months older than me 🙂

    I love, love my Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible! After I wore out my NIV edition, I bought an ESV for myself for Mother’s Day (my husband just grinned, because he knew that that would warm my heart even more than flowers)

    I wish you a blessed day, and many more years of faithfully following our Savior!

  15. 5515
    Alesha says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! I don’t care if I win a giveaway… I just really want to THANK YOU for your ministry and example. From a wife and mom of 2 who is trying to live this thing out well I sure appreciate your insight, encouragement and contagious joy in Jesus. Bless you and your family. Happy Birthday!

  16. 5516
    Gena says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth!! That’s quite the gift from
    Melissa. See you in Cincy. Much love to both!

  17. 5517
    Linda Patterson says:

    Happiest of birthdays!! Thank you so much for all that you do for the Kingdom and for me. I feel like part of your family. You are in my prayers. God Bless!

  18. 5518
    Debbie Winn says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Your studies have made such an impact on my life. Prayers for God’s continued blessings on your life and ministry!!

  19. 5519
    Linda Kirk says:

    Happy Birthday to a woman that opened a whole new world to me in Bible Study for women. I have had many a Bible Study and my husband, a pastor and retired Chaplain from the U.S.A.R. is great at Prophecy teaching. But to hear it from you Ms Beth, with the enthusiasm and love – such deep love- it lifted me and my ladies at the church and brought new meaning and memories we will never forget.
    Thank you for your studies and your love for Jesus.
    Happy Happy Birthday.
    Linda Kirk

  20. 5520
    Kaydi Johnson says:

    Beth, Blessed, Extravagantly, Through, Heavenly Father. How wonderful to have a glimpse on this side of Heaven how God had worked in your life and the lives of your daughters. I have two sons, but one just got married, so now I also have a daughter. I am praying for all of them that God would be their passion and pursuit. This letter is an amazing birthday gift.

  21. 5521
    Emily Waddell says:

    Happy Birthday to you! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  22. 5522
    Sarah Macht says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! I am so grateful for the work Jesus does through you. You are the one who gets me excited about studying His Word. I am been blessed beyond measure by your knowledge, spunk, sweetness and pure love you have for others. May the Lord bless your new year!

  23. 5523
    Jenn K says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! Thank you for being a faithful servant of the gifts God has given you. Have a wonderful celebration of you!!

  24. 5524
    Connie Feight says:

    Happy Birthday dear Beth! I pray for you double portion of blessing. You are an astonishing light for Jesus,and Your walk has helped me and my daughter walk more in our shine for our Jesus. He loves you so much,and is so proud of how you represent Him. Thank you,you are a birthday gift to us all. SHINE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 5525
    Cindy says:

    Birthday blessings, Beth! So thankful that you continue to say “Yes” to Jesus.
    God has used you abundantly in my life. Glory to God! Love and prayers from TN!!

  26. 5526
    Andrea Hester says:

    happy birthday, Beth! I praise God for you and for the wondrous work He has done and continues to do in your life, empowering you to bless so many women! I look forward to sitting down for tea and chatting someday, if not this side of heaven, then there. Blessings to you, today, sweet sister.

  27. 5527
    Rosane Garcia-Hisek says:

    You are such an inspiration to me and many other women around the world. Keep shining your light in a world that so desperately needs it!!!Love ya,
    Rosanne Garcia-Hisek

  28. 5528
    Hillary says:

    Such a sweet post. Happy birthday, lovely lady! My friends and I are doing Breaking Free together, and have been so greatly challenged and changed. Thank you for your sincere servant’s heart!

  29. 5529
    Diane says:

    What a great legacy you leave. Happy Birthday, Mom!

  30. 5530
    Kimberly says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth Moore! Thought we have never met, I count you as one of my spiritual mentors. May God bless you and your sweet family as you celebrate.

  31. 5531
    Sue Christian says:

    Happy Birthday Beth. What a gift you are to me. I pray that today you feel as special as you are. God has truly chosen you to be a vessel to help others grow closer to Him. Thank you for answering that call. Blessings to you today and everyday! Happy Birthday, Sue Christian

  32. 5532
    Kimberly McCullough says:

    I have never posted on this blog although I have read it for many years. Like countless others, to say my life and walk with Jesus has been changed, deepened, challenged and spured on by you, Beth, would be an understatement. Your teaching and in-depth studies (every one of them…sometimes twice) have been used by our gracious and faithful LORD to help me through divorce, doubt, fear, re-marriage, death, loss, love, parenting, anxiety, clinical depression, and so much more (and I’m only 39 for heavens sake;) I have related to you, felt with you, fought with you, cried and cried with you and laughed so hard that I’ve gotten an ab workout! There is no one else on this earth that I believe I really know and actually don’t know at the same time. What a treasure and unique relationship you have with thousands of women! No doubt, one day you will take your reward in heaven and throw it at your Savior’s feet and there will be a massive dance party and then perhaps even a grand tex-mex feast at the “Siesta-vill” cafe!! Happiest of birthday’s to you, dear Beth Moore! My deepest gratitude and blessing to you!
    “With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.
    As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless.
    He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.
    For who is God besides the Lord?
    And who is the rock except our God?
    It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.
    He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.
    He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
    You give me your shield of victory and your right arm sustains me; you stoop down to make me great.
    You broaden the path beneath me, so that my ankles do not turn. Psalm 28:29-36

    I agree with Melissa. The best is yet to come!

  33. 5533
    Laura Davis says:

    Hey Bethie!!! Happiest of Birthdays to you!!! I’ve done piles of your studies over the years. It was 20 years ago I did my first one! You’ve pour into my soul as the greatest Bible teacher I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to and studying with. Thank you for your heart for people! Muah! Big kiss and throw it all the way to Texas! 🙂

  34. 5534

    Happy birthday, Beth. Thank you so very much for being faithful to God’s leading and calling. Thank you for being vulnerable to many. Your studies ministered to me in a transitional time between college and being a young single and I learned so much about God’s Word. That time has trickled over eight years and into now being married almost four.
    Thank you. Happy birthday!

  35. 5535
    Micah Maddox says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth! God’s light shines through you! I hope you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

  36. 5536
    Leslie Olson says:

    Happy Birthday to an amazing woman who held a flashlight for me on the darkest of “nights” and she shined that light only at Gods word and His amazing son. No self directed worship or accolades for her own ministry – just faithfully putting that light on the Word and teaching me (and several thousand others) how to turn that light on all by ourselves. Happy Happy (Belated) Birthday Beth. YOU ARE LOVED!

  37. 5537
    Kim Broussard says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! What a beautiful birthday tribute by Melissa! You have impacted countless lives and I am one of them. Your gift is what led me to fall in love with his word and for that I will be eternally grateful. Have a blessed birthday!!! You are loved!!

  38. 5538
    kat hawkins says:


  39. 5539
    Iris Stinson says:

    I saw that it was your birthday on my FB page and sent out wishes. Not sure if you got them but will say it again here! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearest Beth, Happy Birthday to you…and many more! I thank God for the wisdom and insight and love you have for Him, His Word and for those you serve. When I know I can study along with you in your various studies, an excitement overcomes me and I can’t wait to dig in and learn. I have been so blessed by so many of them. Because of your teaching I have grown in my knowledge of Him, the One and Only! I am truly grateful. I had to tell you my teacher: Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor. Gal 6:6 The Lord continue to bless you as you bless others. With Love to you Beth- Happy Birthday

  40. 5540
    Robin Moore says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! You have been a special part of my life for many years now. God Bless you for what you have brought to many of us through your teaching of God’s Word.

  41. 5541
    Nancy Speaks says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! Have a wonderful and blessed day! I thank God for you and your ministry. You have helped me grow in faith and relationship with Jesus. Thank you.

  42. 5542
    Amy Pilson says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! Thank you so much for giving of yourself to so many! May each act of obedience be returned to you 100 fold!

  43. 5543
    Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Beth!!

  44. 5544
    Mary Sue Owens says:

    I hope my daughter can say just half as many things about me. I know she has hooked her mother in law on your words and for that I am grateful. But mostly for your example to so many ladies of how to be a daughter and a mother!! Thank you and Happy Birthday. :>)

  45. 5545
    Barbara Carson says:

    Happy birthday, Beth.
    What a great gift from your loving daughter! Blessings to you and you family…And how grateful to God we are that you are ready to enjoy His blessings as you begin a new year!

  46. 5546
    Karen Christensen says:

    Happy birthday and sweet blessings to you, Beth!
    You have blessed and encouraged me so much in my walk with God. Your honesty and vulnerability sharing your past has so helped me to become more free as I’ve realized that our mess is our message. Your scholarly, yet humble way of teaching has created such an infectious thrist for more of the Word and much like Elizabeth Elliot, you have greatly impacted my walk with the Lord! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and happiest of birthdays!

  47. 5547
    Michelle Kukshtel says:

    Happy Birthday Beth. You are truly an inspiration to me. I pray your day is filled to overflowing with all that makes you happiest.

  48. 5548
    Kim Beechem says:

    Happy Birthday! Wow! You are so loved by so many & for good reason! You are such a shining example of Jesus’ love! I’m so thankful for your testimony & faithfulness! You have taught me how to study! Thank you for being so devoted to your family & to Jesus & to us!

  49. 5549
    Galena says:

    Happy Birthday Beth! I am so grateful for you and the ministry God has given to you. You have no idea how God has used you to impact so many of us. I’m constantly inspired by your love for our Lord and His Word. Thank you for your willingness to be a vessel for His service! I pray that God would bless you on this day with more love and joy than you can contain.

  50. 5550
    Ina says:

    Happiest of birthday wishes to you, dear Beth! May your day be full of fun, laughter and love. Thank you for sharing your life and love of Jesus with us all!