One of Your Very Creative, Valiant and Delightful Sisters in the Faith…and Her House

I am about to do something I have loved like crazy on other blogs but never done on this one. I am about to take you on a house tour. More importantly, I’m about to introduce you to one of my favorite people on the planet and a hero of the faith in every sense of the word. I met Janice Meyer about 10 years ago when I was on Life Today with James and Betty Robison for the first time. She has worked for them for 30 years and, when she’s not globetrotting for their missions’ ministry, she floor directs on the set during tapings. I liked her immediately because she was warm-hearted and a ton of fun and we shared a connection through several of the Bible studies she had done. Then, through all the years of serving with James and Betty, we truly became good friends and faith-sisters. You bond with the person who stands guard over you in the bush in Africa while you try to talk yourself into being able to tinkle under a tree in a part of Angola where old land mines are believed to still be buried. That was a lot of words in one sentence but it was about as succinctly as I could put it.


Here she is, so you can picture her before I escort you through the front door of her house:


Janice is the international photographer for Life Today. (James and Betty’s whole ministry is called Life Outreach International but, to keep from confusing you, I’ll stick with the name of their television broadcast because that’s what will be most familiar to you.)  She has been to 64 countries on behalf of their ministry and not to sight see. Two things drive her all over the globe: desperate need and full-on crisis. Because pictures say so much more than words, she goes to the most horrid conditions you can imagine so that viewers don’t have to take their word for it when they say that people are suffering terribly on this planet and, jointly, we can help.

Here’s the deal about Janice and one reason I want to introduce her to you. She has seen more suffering with her own eyes – more starvation, malnutrition, life-threatening thirst, sex trafficking, oppression, and corruption – than any person I have ever known in my life. And she has as much joy and delight and hope and faith and unwavering belief in the Scriptures as anyone you will ever encounter. At times, I don’t know how she does it. The grace of God splashing over her is the only explanation because she has never grown hard-hearted and desensitized. She doesn’t endure it because she’s gotten used to it. There is no getting used to what Janice sees. She endures it because she is called by God to do it. She compiled this book from the multitude of pictures she’s taken around the world and laced them with her very moving commentary. This sits in my den. (If you are interested in knowing more about this book, see


Here are two reasons why you who are active in this community can feel a particular connection to Janice. She’s an active reader on our blog and she participates in our Scripture memory team. In fact, when I was there last weekend, this was one of the first things I got to see.


I stay with Janice when I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a Life Today taping. No hotel on earth I’d rather stay in. She has a tiny little guest house out in her backyard and one thing I particularly love about being there is the good company that comes to my door. She is one of the few people I know as obsessed with dogs as I am. That Golden’s name is Traveller. I have known him fur a long time.


OK!!!!!!!!!!! Now, on to the house tour! I’m taking you to some spots around her house because she is so incredibly creative you are not going to believe it. And I might add, she accomplishes every bit of this on a very tight budget. This is a small, modest home and just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Here are a few highlights:


Surely you can tell but, just in case you can’t, it is suspended from the ceiling. This Vespa was completely rusted and leaning up against the side of a building when she found it.  She sanded it down and put paint on it, fixed his lights and named him Rusty.

This tractor grille came from a farm equipment junkyard she could not pass up in Colorado. Who does this???


This is an old ski lift from Snowmass.


This wall was made from a stack of throw-away wood she happened on. She painted, cut, and arranged all the pieces herself.



This piece may be my very favorite. She also found this in a farm-equipment junkyard and turned it into a table that sits between her couch and a chair in her den. Come on now.photojanice9.JPG

These are the drawers in her bedroom. Yep. A chicken coop.


This is the bedroom in the tiny guest house. Please enlarge this picture and see that she hangs a chalkboard over the bed so that she can write welcome messages to her guests, complete with pictures of their loved ones she’s printed out. Unbelievable. I have never known anyone – on ANY budget – with more hospitality.



And lastly, a picture of Janice and me. Well. A close rendering. It really was taken at my house in the country. I so hope you guys enjoyed this! Now since I’m solo on the blog, I may be throwing all sorts of random posts at you. Every single one of them will come your way with a ton of love. Be encouraged today, my dear sisters! There are a whole lot of us out there who love Jesus! And we’re blood kin. Know this day and then again tomorrow that you are not cast out into these cultural elements alone. We have mighty good company among us. Janice included.



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  1. 1

    Love that Vespa. Very unique items for her house as I’m sure she must be too from your description. I’d love to meet her some day.

  2. 2
    Anne Boone says:

    What a fun post! I am at lunch and so glad I had a minute to see this. What creativity on reusing old discarded items! Love the chalk board in the guest room, so very thoughtful and welcoming! !

  3. 3
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing about this amazing woman ofthe faith. Hope to meet her next year at SSMTC celebration. BTW, I LOVE your random posts…Please keep them coming!

    • 3.1
      Deb Mott says:

      Agree on all points! Love to see a new blog. I feel like I belong on this blog and that this is family and o how encouraging and special it is to see a new post. Every time the LORD speaks to me through it and I learn something, am inspired, feel encouraged, comforted, entertained, edified, motivated to live more fully in the LOVE OF GOD and HIS SPIRIT! Thanks so much Beth! And for this post Janice. It sure is nice to see what people have posted about Janice too. Makes me think of this proverb: Proverbs 22:1 ►
      Parallel Verses
      New International Version
      A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

      New Living Translation
      Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.

      English Standard Version
      A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.

      New American Standard Bible
      A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.

      King James Bible
      A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

      This glorifies our Father in heaven. Rejoicing in this too!

  4. 4

    I absolutely love it!!! Janice may be distantly related to my husband and not even know it! He made me a table from old pallet wood, owns Batman shoes (they have the batman symbol on them and he wears them proudly…he’s 46) and made my son a seat for his room out of an old VW front end that he somehow refigured with a seat and armrests. It’s beyond me. Their hearts for the suffering are brother-sister bonds, too.

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be sharing it with my man the minute he walks in the door.(He might covet that refurbished scooter a little bit.)

    • 4.1
      Deb Mott says:

      I hope your man enjoys this post as much as we have! Would love to see a virtual tour of his creativity too! Sounds fun. Batman shoes. Cool.. Reminded me of my superhero: I call “my man” (taking up Beth’s and your lingo for emphasis) CK (Clark Kent) because he is a superman to me. Smile. Hope your showing him blesses your Friday eve. I love that you show such respect and joy in him! Good to see!

  5. 5
    Natalie says:


  6. 6
    Diana A. says:

    Wow! Cute! Smart! Creative! and LOVE the last pic!!!

    Thank you Janice for allowing our eyes to enjoy your home!
    I would love to come and stay! But you all are sooooo far!
    I’m up in Canada, so will have to just enjoy pics!

    Janice I love your heart placing each piece in your home. And the Red pop of colour is so fun!!!

    Thanks Beth for this new avenue of delight! More & More please!!! I am one of those who watch tv for the decorating shows JUST to see how others make their house into home! Fixer Upper is my Fav and done in Waco!

    Pouring rain here – getting the pineapple express from Hawaii, and needed the pick-me-up!!!

    Bless you all!

  7. 7
    Kay B Martin says:

    Enjoyed this post very much!! What a very delightful, interesting, God-loving and God-serving lady (you too Beth!)!

  8. 8
    Kim Cook says:

    She is a mighty woman of God that loves His people. Those of us that know her are blessed to witness her passion for others. Thankful for those He equips and the respond to His call.

  9. 9
    Elisabeth says:

    Cutest house EVER. Can she please come decorate the tiny place I’m staying at in South Africa? I can’t even begin to imagine what she’d do with findings in these parts!

    What a gem this woman is. Her heart. The obvious passion and joy and zest she has that I can pick up on from here. And the chalkboard over the bed. I teared up.

    Coolest person. Hands down!!!

    • 9.1
      Deb Mott says:

      Your post reminded me that she seems a PROVERBS 31 woman of today! Yes loved your words “the obvious passion and joy and zest she has” … It inspired me to pray to let HOLY SPIRIT lead me more into this kind of abundant thinking and living!

  10. 10
    Janice Meyer says:

    Thank you Beth. You are the best.

    • 10.1
      Elizabeth says:

      She forgot to say you are funny, Janice! I have couple of tapings under my belt and know that to be true. This was a great post. THX Beth!

  11. 11
    jjc says:

    So fun!!! Love that the creative decor packs a story.

  12. 12
    Amanda Keith says:

    Mrs Beth what a fun post! Wanted you to know I had the PLEASURE of meeting your daughters at the galleria last Friday. Melissa was at the Estee Lauder counter and I worked up enough nerve to introduce myself (another Amanda Jones-now Keith) to your Amanda. It’s such a God thing to run into someone you have prayed for and to be able to tell them that in person. She was such a sweetheart and so gracious! You have some good people 🙂 Bless you!

  13. 13
    emi says:

    So fun and such creativity! Thanks for sharing!

  14. 14
    Tanya Smith says:

    Thats cool. I don’t know how she doesn’t get hardened. THAT takes a lot of faith I think. More’n I could muster. But serving holds a great appeal when my daughter is grown. Will have to see. Maybe then the Lord will grant me faith like that to see the worlds suffering and not grow (more) weary but have grace to see a way to help.

    Bless your friend for her service. And her creative heart. I love it. Have done some of it myself but nothing to the same extent.

  15. 15
    Robyn Summers says:

    Beth – I wholeheartedly agree!! She is amazing! I think we all have a list of people who are ‘cool’ people that we know – like we say that we wish we were cool like they are or had a cool job like they do, etc. Janice is definitely at the top of mine. What a wonderful and fun woman of faith! Thanks for sharing her with everyone. Blessings to you!!! (You are way cool, too, by the way!) 🙂

  16. 16
    Dana says:

    Janice is one of the most creative decorators I’ve ever seen! I love her ideas! I love the idea of the pics and Bible verse over the bed to make a guest feel welcome! I’m glad to meet a fellow siesta. Bless you, Janice, for your obedience to God’s calling on your life.

    Blessings to you and our sweet siesta mama too!

  17. 17
    Tamara says:

    “I have known him “fur” a long time.” -Best smile I’ve had today, and what’s not to love about all that creativity and love flowing in that home?!

  18. 18
    Beth Ellsworth says:

    Love so many of her creative ideas but especially the chalkboard over the guest room bed. What a wonderful idea to welcome someone and make them feel at home with a verse of scripture and pictures (will be duplicating that)! Thank you for sharing your friend’s creative abilities!

  19. 19
    Sherri Watson says:

    My best friend works with Janice so I’ve met her several times. I know some of the things Janice has experienced and yet every time I see Janice, she has a big smile on her face and she’s very quick to laugh. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Such joy. Thanks for sharing this side of her creativity.

  20. 20
    Mary G. says:

    That Vespa hanging on the wall?! I was rendered speechless, jaw dropping to the floor! Never thought I would say it, but I love that glass top table, tractor grille on the bottom. Janice you are one who not only one who fully embraces life, but over the top enjoys it! Bless your heart! Growing up in a house of dysfunction life was all about survival. I have prayed as of late help me Lord to be able to have fun, to play and enjoy life the way you intended. Now when I pray I will picture your fun house and your great big happy grin hugging that sweet donkey and say yes Lord, just like that! Grin!

  21. 21
    Kathy says:

    wow; I kept saying that!

  22. 22
    Cynthia Singleton says:

    Beth, I remember you talking about a time in your life when you went through a very trying season , one that you never wanted to go through again. I woke up this morning thinking of that and thinking that that’s what I’m doing”that season”. Oh how I try not to ” stay in the pit” of self pity. Got out my Oswald Chambers devotion book to start January off hoping it will help. It has put a devine perspective on things and I have to say my chin is a little higher. I do catch myself feeling as if there will be nothing left of me if this season last much longer, but oh that’s what is all about. I struggle on thinking of you and what you would say to do ,face in Bible, recite scripture,go to Bible study every week, cry out, and I listen to my praise music very loudly in my car. I looked at your blog today and through this very special friend of yours, I have been very blessed by the simpleness of her life and the limitless travels to see the world through “Jesus eyes”. This blog of yours has so blessed me time and time again and at the right time. Thank you for sharing your heart and life for it blesses mine. From Myrtle Beach to Houston, so far away but so close in Jesus. Look forward to Greensboro,NC in July. Blessed! Cynthia Singleton

  23. 23
    Deb Mott says:

    That was fun and inspiring! I could feel the adventure, vision and creativity that brought Joy to me and meets her provision. What gifted insight.. In Beth’s words, A WILD RIDE of a life (when walking with THE LORD in our inheritance!): A picture of an abundant life. Thank you. Where LOVE is there is JOY! The hope and eternal gifts she brings to others she herself is able to live true to. She seems filled with HIS LOVE that lays down life for others. Love the dogs and donkey pictures. God has a sense of humor that we can see ourselves in animals so readily sometimes. Atleast I can. Maybe I should speak for myself. Smile. Thank you both for sharing. Hope to meet you both someday, God Willing this side….special people with GOD’s anointing and LOVE for JESUS that is contagious! Thanks.

  24. 24
    Paige Watson says:

    What an amazing, creative woman! Thank you for sharing her with us. Inspiring me to do something fun to my house! And believe me I know all about the budget thing. But instead of sitting home feeling sad I don’t have money to decorate my house I think I’ll dream a little bit and then get to action. I needed this tonight!

    • 24.1
      Beth says:

      I hope this inspires you, Paige, and that Jesus puts all sorts of creative, low cost treasures in your path for your sweet home. You can do it!

  25. 25
    Carol Stertzer says:

    Janice is the real deal, and I am thrilled that you have spotlighted her. If I ever travel to any challenging location, I hope she’s in my group!

  26. 26
    Carla says:

    Loved this post! Thank you, Beth, and thank you, Janice, for allowing us a glimpse into your life!

  27. 27
    Lori says:

    LOVE the photo of the dogs on the doorstep!
    And thank you for the link to the book “I Have Seen Him”. I’m placing an order!

  28. 28
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    Dear Beth,
    Just when I think I could not LOVE you “Moore”, it happens. I so enjoyed meeting Janice and seeing her creativity up close. I read the part about Africa out loud to my husband and had him come in from the other room to see the pictures. We are both dog lovers and know how much fun you have with Janice’s furry friends. Thanks for sharing this with us just because you KNEW how much we would LOVE it. Have a relaxing weekend. Love, Linda

  29. 29
    Diginee says:

    LOVE this post ——

  30. 30
    Cheryl, Austin says:


  31. 31
    Julie O. says:

    I love your blogs! We are going on a mission trip to Costa Rica in 1-1/2 weeks, and have a long stop-over in Houston of all places. I so want to find you to meet you, or visit Amanda’s church, or your LPL office! :)…but heading out on foot from the Houston airport and not knowing where I’m going probably isn’t a good plan. HA! But I’ll be glad to be in your city. 🙂 God bless!

  32. 32
    linda says:

    I have had a very rough week, full of unkind, ungrateful, down right rude people . . . thank you for reminding that kindness still exists.

    Praying now for all those I encountered because clearly they are all struggling with something bigger than my rough week.

  33. 33
    stephanie hulse says:

    LOVE this! Thx for brightening my day just by being you and sharing your life, friends, and love of the Lord xoxo

  34. 34
    Priscilla Woodward says:

    What a fun tour! I am totally amazed at the many gifts that God gives his children. She is so creative! I love the Vespa wall. Thanks for sharing.

  35. 35
    Betty M says:

    I am convinced that when Jesus said that he goes to prepare a place for us it is gona be just as unique as we each are. Janice’s place might very well have her creativity written all over it.
    I think one of the coolest things about Heaven is to be able to visit each unique place of each saint. What a great time that will be it may take eternity to visit them all!
    A delightful post!

  36. 36
    Yvonne Gearing says:

    Wow!! What an inspiration! This made me smile and cry (maybe it’s just my hormones-haha). Seriously, thank you for sharing with us about Janice. I could never think to decorate in such a creative and unique way. It made my heart happy to hear about this amazing woman who has obviously learned to love others like Jesus does. I’m heading over to her sight to check out that book!! Love you Beth … and Janice too

  37. 37
    Bethany says:

    Love it! What a unique and creative gal Janice is 🙂
    The book looks amazing. Will be ordering for myself and for my dear friend. I find that I record life in pictures and words. So I can’t wait to get it!
    These posts are fun Beth. Another thing that hit me was how we are all connected as the body of Christ and the connection between sisters in the body is so special. I have to share this with you Siestas. I had the chance this week to pray for my boss, who is a believer. I was called into the office and found her laid out on the ground as if she had collapsed. She hadn’t, she had only laid on the floor herself from severe pain and was waiting for the ambulance to come. It was during those moments that she was on the floor that she asked the other staff members to get me. It was one of the scariest moments because I didn’t know what was wrong with her but the peace of the Lord came over me and calmed every anxious flutter of my heart as I began to pray for her. She told me later that night about how the pain that was so intense stopped the minute I touched her back and began to pray. She said that it didn’t fade, it stopped! That was the Lord! The connection that you experience when you pray for someone is so special and so sweet. I love that about the body of Christ!

  38. 38
    Ceffie Haught says:

    Beth I love your down to earth blogs. The tour of Janice’s house was fun.A house doesn’t have to have fancy expensive furniture to be inviting. I have found the homey the more hospitality. she sounds like a real servant of God that not only uses her talents to do God’s work but to also decorate and offer hospitality. God bless you both for the work you do for the Lord. Ceffie in WV

  39. 39
    Zina says:

    Love this! Thanks so much for Sharing your lives with us….. Very creative, Janice!

  40. 40
    Jenni Banicki says:

    Janice you amaze me! What an incredible heart! You see the beauty and the possibility in what has been broken, forgotten and discarded. No wonder Beth loves you so.

    • 40.1
      Cassia says:

      Well said! I was thinking the same thing, Jenni! And it’s no wonder that she can spend time among those in the most dire circumstances and come out with her joy intact and her faith bigger than ever. She sees beyond what’s there – so like our Lord! Thank you, Beth, for sharing your friend with us!

  41. 41
    Celeste Hill says:

    I love when you do this fun, spontaneous stuff! Janice is a delight & I feel like I know her, we have partnered with James & Betty at Life Today for many years and this past year we received a copy
    Of Janice’s book. I couldn’t put it down as I cried and prayed over those faces and her heart.
    The book is on my coffee table and all who pass through our home see it.
    Be blessed as the two of you have your Siesta time.

  42. 42
    Heather says:

    What a fun post!! And what a great house!! Janice sounds truly awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  43. 43
    Emily says:

    Love,love love!

  44. 44
    Teri M. Smith says:

    Love, love, love this blog. Makes me feel so close to you. I really enjoyed the story tonight and those awesome pictures! Janice seems like she’s a hoot! I love being around people who are blessed with that spirit. They lift you up and they keep you so positive. Thanks for sharing. Take care and keep on keeping on!

  45. 45
    Kim Okerson says:

    Thank you sharing your friendship with Janice. Love the picture of the dogs. What a great friendship you two share and the house is a bonus! Love the chalk board over the bed, great idea.
    Enjoy your week end and Thank you for being such a great friend to each other and blessing us with your blog.

  46. 46
    Hillary Humberson says:

    As you said, creative, valiant and delightful! Joy and awe at Janice’s eye for creativity and heartbreak for all her eyes have seen to help us know. May our Lord bless her always!

  47. 47
    Bonnie says:

    Having been in the Life Today studio audience many times, I have seen Janice in action many times but can’t say I’ve actually met her. I had no idea about her book but now I have to have one. And the picture of her dogs is precious. I have four of my own, so Crazy Dog Ladies unite!

  48. 48
    Mary Dixon says:

    What a terrific post about an amazing and Godly woman! Thank you for sharing your story about Janice!

  49. 49
    Maui Beff K. says:

    Janice IS an amazing friend. I got to know her in 1979 through a mutual friend. To watch the trajectory her life has been amazing. She just loves people and loves Jesus. She is one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever known, and her faith and love SLOSHES over on those who get near her explosive fountain. FAITHFUL will be a mark written on her forehead from the kiss of love left on her head by her Father God.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story about our precious friend.

  50. 50
    Peggy Crews says:

    Thank you so much for posting about real people in a real world. It was uplifting and timely. Thank you for your ministry. You are daily in my prayers.

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