It’s Hunting Season for Heretics

Not long ago I saw something on social media that had a particularly troubling effect on me as a fellow follower of Jesus. Of course, we see deeply disturbing things on social media everyday. Things that trouble us not only as Christians but, for crying out loud, as fellow humans. Things much more troubling than what I’m about to share with you today. I may comment on those things and cry out to God about those things but I’d less likely write a blog post about them. Other voices are more qualified. My concerns and the kinds of things I write about are more inclined toward matters involving the community of believers in Christ. I love the community of faith so much. Called to discipleship, it is the focus of my life passion and has been for thirty years. I only have one small desk from which to watch our world so I miss a lot but, among the things in my eyeshot, I see so much cause for praise. So much good. I see stirrings of revival. Outbreaks of evangelism. Demands for justice. I don’t know how anybody truly awake in the believing world could claim that nothing good is happening in Christianity.


But the reason I’m writing today is that I’m seeing a burgeoning trend out there that is toxic, dangerous, and slanderous. Nothing about it carries the scent of Christ.


It’s a witch hunt. Only, instead of witches, it’s heretics and false teachers.


I’ve been watching the witch hunt for several years and seen the usual targets and been one of the usual targets. The lists are growing by leaps and bounds and list-makers are proudly joining ranks. This is part of our brave, new world. And everybody’s game, especially anybody vaguely outspoken. An addition was made to the list here recently that was so absurd that it would have been laughable had it not said so much about where this whole trend is heading.


I’ll leave out the names of other targets and speak firsthand from my own experience. After all, the thing that troubled me on social media recently was personal. It was an attack not made behind my back. It was said where I would see it.


The tweet referred to me on my feed as “false teacher @BethMooreLPM.”


Nothing was new about seeing that. I also regularly get called a heretic.



As unpleasant and bewildering as it is, that’s not the part that particularly disturbed me. The part that got me is that it came from 22 year-old young woman.




Maybe she started young and really had done enough of the Bibles studies or read enough of the books to support a doctrinal evaluation like that.


What is more likely is that she believes it because it’s what she’s heard from someone she respects.


Or maybe she’s seen evidence with her own eyes through segments of video-teaching taken out of their original context and strung together in such a way to suggest a representation of an entire thrust of ministry.


I don’t know exactly how she came up so confidently with that label so early in her adult Christian life but somehow she did.


The tweet didn’t make me mad. It made me sad. I wanted to ground her and give her a homework assignment. Lest you go looking for her, I deleted the comment from my feed when I knew I was going to write this post. We’re not going to respond to unkindness with more unkindness. That’s not God’s way. Anyway, the odd thing of it is, I loved her immediately. My calling is discipleship and my focus is women. I want women plugged into churches. I want them continually sitting under pastors, shepherds, and teachers. I love to hear that women are studying in group environments but I also want them to study for themselves. Not just get spoon-fed what to think and not only about the Scriptures and the local church but also about the larger community of faith and those who serve within it. About the responsible use of voice. About what qualifies as a heretic. About mutual respect for their own brothers and sisters in Christ. About fair evaluations. Due diligence.



I’m still very much on my journey, too. Such a long shot from arriving. I’ve woefully regretted things I’ve said and some things I’ve taught. All of us are on a learning curve in this culture entrusted to our care. But, as we learn and as we operate in these public forums where everybody has a voice, come, let us reason together.


There is a mighty wide pond between “I line up with him/her” and “He/she is a false teacher.” Let’s think about wading through it. That’s all I’m saying.


In a massive cross section of Christian voices on social media, the bottom has dropped out of an entire line of reasoning and way of relating to one another.


We’ve jumped straight to terms like “false teachers” and “heretics” instead of expressions that very likely represent the differences more accurately. Such as…


I strongly disagree with _________________________ about _______________________________.


Or even,


I believe __________________________________ is unsound about ____________________________.


Disagreement is not a qualification for declaring someone a heretic. Even vehement disagreement.


As well, getting something wrong doesn’t automatically make a person a false teacher. If that were so, we’d all qualify at one time or another. There are vital elements that need to be considered, taught, and discussed among us in our Christian environments like what constitutes proper criteria for making claims of heresy and false teaching and what is orthodoxy? How do we wisely oppose and confront? How does Jesus say to handle it? What really are the deal-breakers?


Of course there are false teachers! Of course there are heretics! Of course they must be questioned! Of course, people should be warned! Of course teachers of the Scriptures must be held accountable for what they’re teaching!


My concern today is the disturbing trend of throwing dangerous labels around because of what we’ve heard and not what we’ve investigated fairly and properly. I realized several years ago that one of my most outspoken critics has never even cracked open one of the Bible studies. Not one. Doesn’t want to either. All there is to the entire ministry from his perspective is this: “she claims special revelation from God.” And, based on his summation, I equate these “special revelations” with the Word of God.


Are you kidding me? He can say that from a distance but I do not believe he can make that claim close up. If he can, I’m the one that needs grounding.


We are the Body of Christ. We are brothers and sisters. Even when we are utterly convinced the other person is wrong and we have doctrinal ducks in a row to prove it, we are never to treat one another “as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.” (2 Thessalonians 3:15) Yes, we must hold one another accountable and hold ourselves accountable. We question one another. We by all means keep discussing and debating and entering into healthy disagreements.


But we stop short of labeling one another things like false teacher and heretic until we’ve done our homework.



This isn’t a polished post. No time this particular day to make it so. But I offer it to you with one simple hope: that we’d be among those who take pause. Among those who consider ethics of speech to have an important place on our Christian platforms. Among those who think before we speak.


It’s hunting season out there. Let’s be careful how we hunt.




Brothers and Sisters, I wrote this in a comment as I closed that portion of the post but it could easily get lost in well over 300 entries. I thought I would add it here as well:


Hey, Everybody. I so appreciate you stopping by. You guys have really kept me busy this weekend moderating all these comments and entering into discussions both here and elsewhere. I have a taping this coming weekend and need to prepare four different teaching sessions toward it. It will keep my hands full every single day. We also have our big Scripture memory post coming up later this week here on the blog so we will be very occupied with those things. For that reason, I am going to need to close the comments at this point on this post. I’m the only one moderating this post and I am out of time. My attentions must now turn to preparation for the taping.

I do want to tell you something though. This comment line has had value in my life and ministry. I want you to know that and I want to thank you. I am a thinker and you have caused me to think and to pray and to worship and to read and to reflect and to remember and to reconsider. Those are always good things. I love to learn and I promise you that as long as I live and breathe, I will seek to keep learning.

It is doubtful that I will ever satisfy my harshest critics but I want to be a loving fellow-follower of Christ. Just as they do not line up with me, there are distances that I cannot go with them. I believe God can be more willing to reveal Himself in our day than some of my brothers and sisters do. I believe the New Testament well supports such a stand. It is easier and more controllable and comfortable just to say that He does not and it cuts out so much of the risk but I don’t believe we can control the Holy Spirit like that without ultimately quenching Him.

We must test everything and hold fast to what is good. We all must stay in God’s Word, study it hard, pray, fast, memorize. The God-breathed Word recorded on the pages of Scripture is our Truth, our authority, our standard by which all else is measured. Nothing equates with the Scriptures: no word of knowledge, no prophetic message, no insight, no revelation, no dream, no vision. Nothing. That doesn’t mean they can’t be valid. The New Testament says they can. But they must never supplant or be placed on the same level with the Scriptures. The Word of God is how we test everything else. We also must keep subjecting ourselves to accountability and stay attached and approachable to a sound body of believers in a local church.

And as we do, may God pour His Holy Spirit upon us. Profusely. Extraordinarily. Miraculously. We need Him and want Him desperately. May He renew wonders in our day. May He anoint us powerfully and shield us protectively.

In John 5:39-42 Jesus confronted a group of leaders with words that have long since made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He told them that they “diligently study the Scriptures” but went on to say, “you do not have the love of God in you.” It is possible to be a diligent, devoted student of the Word of God without having an ounce of His love in our hearts. Brothers and Sisters, let that be far from us. How we treat one another matters. Let’s not grow cold to one another even in our disagreements. Faith, hope, and love. These are the things that remain.

I am honored to serve you and it has been my honor to host you this weekend here at the blog. Stay the course, everybody. Don’t grow weary. Jesus is so worthy. And it won’t be long until we see that glorious face.

In the bonds of His love,


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  1. 251
    RLK says:

    Sweet Beth,
    We all appreciate you and your anointed teaching more than words can express. Outside of my two pastors, I have learned more from you than any other earthly teacher. Your teachings have encouraged me In the darkest days of my life, thus far. In obedience to your calling, you are forced to do battle on the front lines and I can assure you we would all “take a bullet” for you, were it possible. Your Father adores you and loves you so very much. And, so do I!

  2. 252
    Melissa says:

    Great unpolished post. Well spoken. I encourage people to visit other denominations from time to time (those preaching sound doctrine) because we easily can become cliquey and prideful based in this church family or that. God is love and His love is deep and wide and long.

  3. 253
    Redeemed says:

    What is alarming to me is the safety we feel behind our computer screens, the relative anonymity we feel we have, that we could call someone a name that we would not be so quick to jump to if we were in a face to face conversation.

    Peter taught to respond to those who question us “with gentleness and respect”. Beth, your maturity and depth of love for our young women is your “good behavior in Christ”. Thank you for your example. You rock.
    1 Peter 3:13-16

  4. 254
    Stephanie Rafferty says:

    Thank you Beth for having the courage to stand up and teach God’s Word even when that means you are an open target. I cannot tell you how the ladies in my little Bible study and I have grown in our love for Jesus as you have led up right to the Water of God’s Word to drink. Keep teaching dear sister in Christ!

  5. 255
    Robin Charmaine says:

    You despise youth, Beth Moore, to justify your wrongful place as teacher in the church. You either accept the Word as true (and Jesus is the Word of God, so denying any of the Bible in context is tantamount to denying Christ), or you embrace and accept it. You are a false teacher. It doesn’t matter how we feel….Eve felt that picking the apple was good. Women getting abortions feel like they’re making a responsible choice. Feelings are not a teacher, that’s called “sensual wisdom” (James 3:15), truth is what matters, and our response to it.

    1 Timothy 2:12-14
    “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve; 14 and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.”

    • 255.1
      Alisha says:

      Beth does not teach men nor exercise authority over them. She writes Bible studies for women. If you would take the time to open one of her studies and look at for yourself, you would see the truth. May God bless you and help you to see.

    • 255.2
      Susan says:

      Robin, you should go before the Lord, humble yourself and ask Him your question. Ask the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob; the great I AM why HE called Beth Moore out of darkness into light, why did HE raise her up for such a time as this? Why did He take the ashes of her life and turn them into beauty, then set her on a worldwide stage to bring His hope of restoration to a hurt and dying world. Have you not read of the women throughout the history of the Kingdom that served their God in the way He instructed them. Do Not Be Deceived! Beth Moore’s Ministry could not bear the Kingdom fruit that it has without His anointing upon, with out His breath of inspiration upon it, in simplicity without HIM. BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHICH VOICE YOU LISTEN TO, THERE ARE VOICES SPEAKING THAT LEAD TO DESTRUCTION!!! The word says My sheep hear My voice. Humble yourself before Him, ask Him to silence all other voices and ask Him why he called Beth to teach. He has equipped her to breakdown denominational walls, to bring believers together in unity,to know Him in a deeper way, to be set free from strongholds. She is submitted to men in authority over her and to her husband. Be very careful that you don’t fall into the company of the accuser of the brethren, if Beth is out of order entrust her to the Great Shepard she serves, He is mighty capable to bring her into order.

    • 255.3
      Gil says:

      And Robin, just where is Beth teaching men and exercising authority over them? You apparently missed the entire thread of insight that she was writing about. I would encourage you to re-read her article, but pray first and ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight to hear Beth’s heart, rather than shred her with your scripture that really doesn’t apply in this situation.

    • 255.4
      Jennifer says:

      I recommend reading the book “Captivating” by Staci Eldridge. I think you might really connect with the 1st chapter about Eve. Its a great book for women!!

    • 255.5
      V says:

      Dear Robin. It is important to take all scripture and not just dwell on a few versus. In 1 Corinthhians 11:5 women do speak in the church. There were numerous women who preached, teached mentioned in the Bible. Life is a hard road to travel on and we need to encourage and help each other. If you don’t feel comfortable listening to a women, that is fine for you. What is important is that we all continue to grow in Christ. Blessings to you my sister.

    • 255.6
      Logan says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and say what everyone else on this thread is thinking but won’t say…Robin go troll somewhere else! For one thing you more than anyone are speaking out of turn. It’s women like you that Titus two speaks of being vicious gossips. The verses you’re quoting you’re taking out of context. As a pastor and a man, I find Beth’s ministry to be Biblical and of sound doctrine.

      To sum everything Robin…go away. If you don’t like Beth, fine, don’t read her books and don’t read her blogs. You aren’t being like Jesus or like Paul you are being a troll.

      3 Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. 4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Titus 2:3-5

    • 255.7
      Holly Nelson says:

      Mrs. Moore did not seem to be ‘despising youth’, but seemed to be commenting on the lack of insight and experience a 22 year old has, and yet, how she felt so assured in calling someone a false teacher who has devoted so many hours to Bible Study and prayer and has been through so much that has caused to her grow. We all would do well to carefully examine all teaching, and line it up with Scripture, the whole of Scripture, as Mrs. Moore teaches so clearly to do. I am fairly sure that if we sat her down, and asked her, Mrs. Moore would say that we should do this with all her teaching, and anything that didn’t line up with Scripture should be chucked out. As far as I have heard, Mrs. Moore teaches WOMEN, not men, and in that, she is following Scripture as well as she knows how. She is not functioning by feelings, as you assert so strongly. She has used her life experience, which was given by God, to change her, and cause her life to be focused on knowing God’s Word, and teaching it in its entirety to women, so that we can NOT be drawn away by false teachers, of whom there are many. I currently live in a country where there are so many false teachers, we are hard-pressed to find one solid Biblically-based teacher of the Word. Spend your time elsewhere. Let’s all read our Bibles and pray for wisdom, so that we encourage those who need encouraging and discourage those who are drawing folks away from the truth of the Word.

  6. 256

    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    As I was reading a few of the comments and your response, I felt led to check the archives for some of your previous blog entries. My search caused me to thank God for His love and preparation that was given ” out of the blue, in your quiet time”.

    Want to Wrap a Little Skin around a Scriptural Concept?
    August 21st, 2013 Beth
    Tags: Posted in Beth, Uncategorized
    Hey, Dear Sisters! Well, surely after all these years I don’t have to tell you that you are my go-to group and all-time favorite resource for surveys or insights into various Scriptural concepts. God started pressing a topic on my heart about a week and a half ago out of the blue during my quiet time and, since then, I have been all over both Testaments searching every spot where it rears up its head. Now I’d love to add some layers of examples and insights from life experience on top of it. The topic is accusation and it ultimately centers on the enemy as our accuser but I feel like God is leading me to gain some understanding of ways it weaves itself into our human relationships.

    Isn’t God Awesome! Even in an awkward event, God prepares us and works it for our good.

  7. 257

    Amen. Pause and then think before we speak. Love somebody. That’s a good word, sweet Beth!

  8. 258

    I was studying Colossians 1:9-14 this morning, when Paul prays for them to have spiritual wisdom and understanding…this is what Vine’s Expository Dictionary says about “understanding” – it suggests the penetrating consideration which precedes action. That’s what I thought of when I read your exhortation for us to be those who pause. We need penetrating consideration which proceeds action!

  9. 259

    Mrs Moore wrote: “Disagreement is not a qualification for declaring someone a heretic.” OK, fair enough. However, I ask Mrs Moore specifically and biblically, what IS a qualification for declaring someone a heretic?

    • 259.1
      Susan says:

      Just looked up a quick definition of “heretic” and it says, “a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted”.

      It’s interesting that Jesus himself was considered a heretic of his day. The Prophet Isaiah wrote of him, “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.”

      He was so at odds with what was generally accepted that he was hated and crucified. Yet he loved so much that not even that could stop him and nothing ever will.

      If anybody who is striving to follow Jesus and who loves God with all their heart, and mind, and soul, is unkindly labeled a heretic, may they take comfort that they are in the most excellent of company.

      The fiery furnace may be exceedingly hot, but the Son of God walketh with you.

  10. 260
    Bethany says:

    Thank you for addressing this! A month or so back I read an unflattering comment on a social media venue about you being a false teacher. I was bothered by it but also curious about their ideas. I admit that I went ahead and spent a considerable amount of time reading their comments. Many stood up for you but many agreed with the original commenter. I found myself thinking about the possibility, because you know we are all swayed by one voice. At least that is true for me. As I read, I was so troubled by what they were saying.
    I began doing your bible studies with A Woman’s Heart back in the late 90’s. I have done every study that you have released. I have been mentored my entire walk with Jesus by you and by your bible studies. You are my spiritual mother (I was not raised by Christians). I was only 17 when I accepted Jesus and did the first bible study a few years later, so when I say that you are my spiritual mother I mean that from the perspective that I grew into an adult with you teaching me all of the major things that I needed to know about relationship with Jesus and what the Christian life is about.
    I know from many many years of experience with you that you are true and trustworthy. Thank you for putting yourself out there and risking attack from those who don’t know you or your heart. To those of us who do, you are treasured.
    You are loved dear one!

    • 260.1
      mercy4Drew says:

      This also happened to me but in another forum where world religions was being discussed. Someone commented about Beth Moore in a negative way and I felt my face flushing, the irritation rising up in me. I knew the person making the comment had never studied any of LPM material but was also speaking from second hand information. I kept thinking, “I am going to have to say something…” but bit my tongue, literally! Her ministry has been an inspiration to me and is true and trustworthy.

  11. 261
    Kim Martin says:

    I think you’ve really touched on an important issue here in the body of Christ. God has called His church to unity and given us careful instructions on how to lovingly correct one another. If we could only see how heart broken He is over the careless words and criticisms we use so readily. The fight should not be within the body. Let’s reserve that for our true enemy who does use false prophets and teachers.

  12. 262
    Carole says:

    Beth, Several months ago a friend sent me an email that had links to several sites that had a list of false teachers and your name was on the list. She asked me to read the articles and get back to her. The bits and pieces of the articles I read were written by a women who seemed blinded by legalism and her comments were ugly and not at all Christlike.
    I have been leading your studies for at least 10 years. Here is a little of my story; My family attended a church that we were very active in, especially the music ministry. The kids and I often sang in church, but only traditional songs or hymns. Truth is we were tired of the same songs and after practicing a few contemporary songs I asked if we could sing them in church. I will not go into great details, but that question started a huge problem. After all the smoke settled we found ourselves without a church. We were hurt so badly by the pastor and a few leaders over worship music that I thought my heart would literally break into. Our family along with two other families were actually put out of the church and the people were sent a letter starting with Ps.1:1. We were shunned by friends that we had gone to church with for years because the pastor told them we had a different, “Agenda.” I`m talking about Baptists hiding in clothes racks so I wouldn`t see them, running from the isle i`m in when in grocery store etc. All because several families wanted worship music.
    We finally found a church about thirty miles away where no-one knew us or the situation, but I could not get over what had happened. I thought about what it had done to my family and the lose of friendships. It was so hard to believe that no one ever came to us for an explanation and the hurt turned into anger and then bitterness. It wasn`t long, however, before I was introduced to a women who would become my dearest friend. I really don`t think it was a coincidence that she was the bible study teacher and someone I could finally open up too. However, It wasn`t until the bible study class offered “Breaking Free,” that I began to heal and accept the freedom to live the abundant life that Christ had died for.
    We have since moved on and now go to a church closer to our home. About 10 years ago I started leading a bible study for women and I started with “Breaking Free” and usually repeat it about every two years. Why, because I think we are all in bondage to something and until we are free we cannot live the abundant life that God has for us.
    It was difficult to read the things written, but, mostly because of the hatred from someone suppose to be a Christian. I`m so sick of Christians beating up on each other.
    I will say one thing, Beth, “In the articles I read you were listed with who I consider the best preachers and worship leaders in the country.” So I guess we can say you were in “Good” company.
    I have taught almost all of your studies and it has been such a privilege to do so. I thank you so much for writing, “Breaking Free.” I honestly don`t know where I would have been if I had not done that study. I often tell my bible study ladies that you must have written it for me. One thing I know and that is, God handed “Breaking Free” to the leader of that study, my dear friend many years ago and I am almost sure I heard Him say, “Someone I love dearly needs this study now because I want to use her for my glory someday.”

  13. 263
    Tanya Smith says:

    Thanks Beth. I’ve not seen much of this but I’m not in it from your perspective. What I do see a lot of is Christian opinion. Movies and media. I think its fear myself. A lot of it. I think maybe fear of dishonoring God that turns proud and presents as self righteous. But my bottom line (growing up with people like this and seeing a lot of it even now) is that God is bigger. So what have I to fear. I may choose to abstain but let me not choose to abstain without knowledge. Real knowledge. Not passed along he said she said knowledge. In this way only can I give a reason to those who might notice my abstinence. Or my indulgence (as in “I thought Christians didn’t…..” type ideas).

    There are different styles of learning and speaking and such that minister (serve) us in different times. I am grateful for you. And lest I be accused of following you as some will say.. I love Kay Arthur and Stasi Eldredge among others…I’ve read many. Some big and some small. The Lord has used them all.

    We are all a work in progress. We are all fallible. May we not forget that as we judge (hold a standard to meet) for others that we will be measured against the very same standard.

    Love is truely the bottom line. Did we love well. You have loved well my dear sister. I hope that something like that will be said of me. I hope I stand and that I love…and that I do not give up. The Lord who began a good work…He will prove faithful. might we all all honor that.


  14. 264
    cindi p says:

    I follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and not Beth Moore.

    • 264.1
      Beth says:

      I would not want you to do anything less than follow Jesus Christ. Him alone.

      • cindi p says:

        We do not have much time on this earth and I feel that Christians (especially, women) are ignorant of the Bible. If we are going to use our precious time reading, we should be studying the greats such as Ironside, Chambers, Lutzer, Spurgeon, etc. There are many others and they will never be known by the young. But first and foremost we should be studying our Bible so much that we know what every chapter is about if called upon to defend the truth.

      • Valerie says:

        Not sure how anyone has time to look at another when our ONLY WAY to Glory is to fix our eyes upon Christ – the living word of God. We can measure/judge no one but our own selves against His Holy example for this life. Knowing that we all fall short we do well to remember: truth and grace.

      • Annette says:

        Thank you for teaching and showing so many of us (younger and older)Jesus Christ and His Word. We love Him more and are closer to Him because of sister’s like you.

    • 264.2
      Robin Charmaine says:

      Amen to that, Cindi. Funny that she didn’t respond to my comment above, regarding denying the Word of God… I provided scripture in context, and no response. Why?

      • Pam says:


        I believe Alisha’s comment about Beth not teaching men nor usurping authority over men is accurate. Every church I’ve ever known has women teaching women and children.

        One thing is for sure, we will all stand before God on Judgement Day and I will only answer for myself and no one else. Let’s not sow discord, but pray for one another.

    • 264.3
      Melissa says:

      Personally, when I first opened a Beth Moore study I didn’t complete it I was a dysfunctional mess and it made me WORK to get the answer and heaven forbid I have to think through and re-feel a feeling. BUT then I began completing them one after another and reading more of God’s Word and I felt like I was taught how to seek the Lord. I have four children, a husband, extended family and a public school community I am involved with daily….being taught to seek the Lord by you Beth and others, John Eldredge, my former pastor, Counselors and friends has changed a cycle,of disfunction for me and all I have mentioned. I am doing your living beyond yourself study and finished up the wel on Joy. That enemy still is prowling and knows how to steal our joy…..please know you and your ministry have only steared me closer to Abba.

  15. 265
    Ashlie says:

    AMEN!!! I have had a hard time with what people so carelessly say about those sharing God’s Word, and the worst part is it’s other Christians!

  16. 266
    rich says:

    I found this to be a helpful article about what is or is not heresy.

    I have often been perplexed by this whole subject and I do agree with Beth that the word heretic is tossed around way too much.

  17. 267
    CL says:

    I have done many of your Bible studies and have not heard you teach anything that does not line up with Scripture. However, I believe that what is confusing currently is that you are partnering with those that are false teachers-several from the Word of Faith movement (prosperity gospel). I won’t name names out of respect to your point in writing this blog but this is a concern several of us would like to understand.

    Thank you!

  18. 268
    Pam Durr says:

    I so appreciate this posting. My church begged me to teach a Ladies Bible class last Sept. Ever since then, I feel like I have been going through a crash course in life! Studying the Word has been amazing! But even more surprising has been the revelations in PEOPLE! Even dear friends are different! I have prayed for the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit regarding people AND HE HAS SUPPLIED!!! I have participated in several of your Bible studies and have enjoyed AND LEARNED from them all!! Your race is not over. The MOST HIGH will let you know when your race is won. Ps.62:2 is my life verse. Dear sister……do not be moved or shaken!!!!! Blessings to you! ❤️

  19. 269
    Stacey says:

    Beth, I can not for the life of me understand anyone who has ever listened to you teach calling you anything but “someone going hard after HIM” My girlfriend and I’ve have often said after one of your lessons we need to go lay down. We cant even imagine how tired you must be after delivering it.

    I’ve told you before but will say again, your obedience to Him has changed a generation of women, namely my daughters. I will not go into the life and craziness I was raised in but I can tell you I was not discipled to love the Lord. That was such a foreign concept to me I think I thought it was a fairytale when I was in my teens and early 20’s. I will not profess to know what your ministry has cost you but the more I learn about following Him the more I recognize it probably not only cost you but also your sweet family. I know you count it all as loss but I will be forever floored with gratitude to you and yours every time I see one of my sweet girls bow their heads or see them reading the word or praising Him. For me to get to see and experience this there are no words to express my gratitude for your sacrifice. Your work and passion for Him has inspired me and given me a desire to know and love Him more. Of course He kept his promise that if I search for Him I will find Him one promise I had no idea was true until you challenged me see if it were true. One of the things I love most about you is how much more you love Him today than the day I did my first study with you. Your love for Him has fueled my desire to want to love and know Him more. Thank you forever.

  20. 270
    Kathy Dublin says:

    i’ve been one that has grown in my faith and my understanding of the bible because of your teaching, Beth; and i know i stand with many others when i say that…

  21. 271
    Kim B. in AZ says:

    I totally agree with you. I heard a speaker once speak out against those who were teach things that were not biblical, in doing so he did the very thing he accused them of. He took their words out of context to use against them while saying they were taking scripture out of context. While I could agree that the teaching of some of the individuals he spoke of were off a bit. For the life of me I will never fully understand why we condemn others for doing something then turn around and do it ourselves. Making it ok cause we know the truth ( or in some instance think we know the truth) and so therefore we are right. There are many times in our lives where we know the truth and yet twist it to match up to our thinking. When really our thinking is about as far from what was intended as one could get.

    Thank you for teach the whole word of God.
    Kim B, in AZ

  22. 272
    Marsha Householder says:

    Reading this made me sad. I have grown so much through your Bible Studies. The encouragement I have received through the years has been invaluable. I am going to pray for this dear person because I believe she has been misinformed as well as misdirected.

    Additionally, your willingness to share your heart with us has been such a comfort to me. And, your books have been medicine to me soul.

    Please don’t let this discourage you. Take courage Beth, “for no weapon formed against you shall prosper,”

    We Love You Very Much.

  23. 273
    Shaley says:

    Love you Aunt Beth, that’s what we call you in our Bible Studies 🙂 Leading a group through “Children of the Day” right now… Just finished session 6 on not quenching the Spirit. Have a mix of back grounds and your lesson brought unity. UNITY Jesus’ prayer for future believers. You’d be quenching if you pleased everyone, you taught me to be a peacemaker not a peacekeeper. Your sharing in Christs sufferings beautifully. The witch hunt IS getting loco though, you are right about that sister!

  24. 274
    Sandy F says:

    Not easy to do when the enemy sends a critic…I admire you for continuing to stand in Christ, continuing to teach His Word and Truth. May all the hurtful words roll off in the face of the glory of God. God is pleased with the sacrifice that you have been offering up.

  25. 275
    Tracy Sharp says:

    Thank you so much Beth for sharing your heart. My heart absolutely breaks for people who have allowed the enemy to attack them in this way. This issue is so divisive to the church. People need to realize that the enemy would love to keep us busy with name calling and bickering instead of furthing His kingdom. I am so thankful that these hurtful words have not stopped you from empowering women to love and know Jesus more and more everyday. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable.

  26. 276
    Martha says:

    What part of “judge not, lest you be judged”do people not understand? They are welcome to have an opinion, but “Lord, today please give me kind words. For tomorrow I may have to eat them!” Keep on teaching, sweet Sister. Many of us need your wisdom. Your dedication to God’s Word and The Lord Jesus Christ is not lost on us. As an alternative perspective, please consider…

    Romans 16:17 ESV
    I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

    2 Timothy 2:23-25 ESV
    Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth,

    2 Timothy 2:14 ESV
    Remind them of these things, and charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers.

    Romans 14:1 ESV
    As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.

    And finally,
    1 Timothy 6:20 ESV
    O Beth, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,”

    This I learned for you, Sister Beth, from “Praying God’s Word”. Take comfort, sister, friend, teacher. Your gifts are needed in this hurting world.

  27. 277
    Punky Tolson says:

    Beth, thank you for addressing this with such a loving heart. My husband, John, and I are in full-time ministry and I will tell you that this subject makes me so sad. Flat wears me out. There is so much at stake with all this witch-hunting in the body of Christ and I believe Jesus speaks to that in John 17. There’s a lost, hurting world out there and they’ll know if Jesus is the real deal by how we Christians treat one another… how we love or how we don’t love. Francis Schaeffer said, “We cannot expect the world to believe that the Father sent the Son, that Jesus’ claims are true, and that Christianity is true, unless the world sees some reality of the oneness and love of true Christians.”

    But glory to God, there is so. much. good. happening… so many lives being saved and discipled.

    And can I just say that I am so sorry you have to read some of the meanie comments on this blog. But, girl, I know you are loving and praying on every cotton pickin one! I love Jesus so much, and you’ve helped me to do that. Thanks so much!
    xoxo – P

  28. 278
    Susan says:

    This is a great topic! I love my own church, but one of the reasons that I’ve loved reading Beth’s books and have turned to them for support is that she doesn’t shy away from the hard topics that many others teachers are unwilling or unable to face. She has “been there” and she’s courageously and unselfishly sharing her journey with us. And she does it with such love–which is all that most of us are looking for anyway.

    Although we all desire to get along with everybody, when we read the Gospels, we realize that this is not what Jesus promised us. Read Matthew Chapter 10 for starters.
    And in the Book of John, Jesus tells his followers, “These things I have spoken unto you, that IN ME ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.”

    And the hardest lesson of my life has been learning to stop trying to please others and to please God alone and to find our peace and strength in His Word. If we attempt to make peace with worldliness and the carnal mind we end up losing our effectiveness as disciples of Christ. Unjust and ridiculous criticisms are only decoys attempting to divert us from our God-given purpose. We can have more faith in the Holy Spirit to guide and correct people.

    Even though I’m not Lutheran, I love watching the movie “Luther” (about the religious reformer Martin Luther) that came out in 2003. What would we have done without this guy! Would God’s Word still be hidden from us in an unknown language?? He loved the people so much that he risked life and limb in translating the Gospels into a language which the people could understand. He wanted us all to know the love of God. And that’s what Beth is doing, as well.

    None of God’s true followers will escape persecution for righteousness sake. There are people throughout the world who would like women to be silent and veiled–unseen and unheard. However, Jesus said “Follow me” and this is what we must do.

  29. 279
    Debbie Hammagren says:

    Dear Beth, Your writings, teachings and heart for my Jesus have been such a blessing in my life. Please continue your love and ministry for us women who need your “revelation”

  30. 280
    Sandy Carney says:

    I agree with everything you said and have incredible respect for your integrity as a diligent Bible scholar and your humility as a teacher knowing your greater accountability before the Lord. I’m biting my tongue not to reply to your critics because I’m not going to stoop to their level. Just keep seeking and finding and sharing with the rest of us. All of us will be judged according to the measure we use. Keep sowing Life and Light and Love dear Beth, and may the Lord bless you and keep you and confirm to you that you are doing and speaking EXACTLY what He wants you to say. The souls of countless women set free from our pits testify to the Living God that His words and your insights have borne much fruit in our lives! Thank you so much!

  31. 281
    Elizabeth Martindale says:

    Beth Moore,
    I set amazed. I just had a conversation with my father this morning about this very thing. It seems every time I am blessed by an anointed message from a very select few television ministries, my Dad points out that they are false prophets and he can show me Web pages to proof it. I recently saw a post about you and was burdened further. I finally got released to stand and tell my dad in love that we must be careful when speaking against God’s anointed. He is a minister and I pray God opens his eyes. I was called into ministry 2 years ago and had this knowing that the Lord would have to grow me and prepare me for this type of attack. I am standing in grace with you Beth. Trust his Word. We will see the salvation of the Lord. He is our defender. I am praying for you each time the Holy Spirit drops you into my heart. Ask the Lord to fight for you. I asked him to fight for me and my husband and I just had the conversation that we are sitting warm, snug and peaceful in our living room knowing full well that there was an army of angels around us. I sensed the army of angels as I pulled into the driveway. He will fight for you. I love you. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. I could write a book on the number of times I have received healing, revelation from the Holy Spirit, and rejoiced during your teaching. One day you told us to take hold of the Lord as Jacob did and not let go until we received our blessing. I did and was blessed. I even received a new name! Glory in the highest! Thank you Jesus for allowing us to enter into the suffering of Christ! Be so blessed my sister. If I don’t see you on this side I will see you on the other side and worship the King together!

  32. 282
    nancy blanks says:

    Dearest Beth, thank you for your faithfulness to the whole counsel of the Word of God.
    I wish I could share with you over a cup of coffee what an impact for Jesus Christ your Bible studies have had on the lives of the women I mentor and disciple. I always remind then that you love God, His Word and women. What a powerful force that is.
    Thank you for directing us to God and not to Beth Moore. Thank you for your obedience to the call on your life as you point women to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

  33. 283
    Mary T says:

    Beth, as a Catholic Christian, I am often asked about my following Christian bloggers and participating in their Bible Studies. I have gained so much insight in God’s Word from blessed women and men that have been called by God to share His Word! To encourage and inspire through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…to lift up those that have lost their way either in trials or tribulations or simply in the struggles of daily life! I for one believe that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ! Our faith in Jesus brings us together as we await His coming to take us home to our beloved Father! I thank you for your choice to follow Him and teach those who desire to know Him and love Him more… to seek His Wisdom and Understanding as we honor and glorify Him in all we do! I might have gotten a little carried away…but I will pray for that young woman that the Lord take her along her journey with and to Him with open eyes of His Love! God bless you Beth! May the Lord bless you and keep you! May His face shine upon you! As you change the world one day at a time! Amen!

  34. 284
    Vicki says:

    What I know is that God used Beth Moore and her teaching on “God’s purpose for your life”, to reach the places in my heart that no one else could reach and my life was changed. I love the Bible Studies and books I have read. I have given many as gifts to other women. I am thankful that you teach God’s Word, Beth. I have never met you in person, but I thank you for being a blessing in my life and I love you as one of my own dear sisters. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy but Jesus said He has come to give life, ABUNDANTLY. Keep speaking life, Beth.

  35. 285
    Karen says:

    Just keep loving and praying for all of us. Love and kindness is really what it is all about.

  36. 286
    Laura Blackman says:

    Dear Beth,
    I thank my God for you every time I think of your influence in my life. One day when I meet you in heaven, if not sooner, I plan on giving you that thanks in person along with a hug! You shall know them by their fruits and you, siesta, have the kind of fruit that only comes from Jesus. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  37. 287
    Jan Witt says:

    Well said! All I can say is that my walk is much sweeter following studies you have taught. I am grateful to God for putting me in a women’s group who started doing indepth Bible studies. Thanks for teaching the WORD.

  38. 288
    Debbie Boudreau says:

    This just hurts my heart. Stay strong in the Lord.

  39. 289
    Daniel Dyer says:

    I don’t watch Beth Moore enough HOWEVER I know women who do and have grown in their walk with JESUS CHRIST from her ministry.
    That verse is so abused and shredded by Christians.
    Paul was saying a woman is not to exercise authority over a man or be his teacher!
    This does not at all say women shouldn’t be in ministry!
    We fail to see a woman was the first to the tomb and it was put in the bible for a reason.
    Paul says women should have a head covering in church……I hope your obeying that.
    He also says long hair for a man is wrong.
    JESUS didn’t obey paul.
    We need to understand the cultural relevance for all scripture and context lest we do exactly as Beth Moore said here.
    Shred each other to pieces and fail to walk in unity.
    JESUS said by THIS the world will know you are my disciples……that you love one another!

  40. 290
    Angela says:

    Finding you a few years ago was one of the best things for my walk with Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind about your integrity. The Lord is with you, Beth. XOXO

  41. 291
    Chris says:

    You made several very good points, love those who persecute you is something so many need to embrace. I honestly haven’t seen much of this witch hunt but then again I haven’t been looking.

    I simply want to thank you for writing this and many of your studies. Our womans group has gone through several of them throughout the years. We are always careful to run everything through the scripture it self and in so have found your teachings very insightful and helpful in growing in our walk.

  42. 292
    Christine says:

    I think it is time all of us “soldier up” and act as one unit, one force, under Christ as the world is plunged deeper into 50 Shades of Darkness.
    Satan and his army is stampeding across this planet. We don’t have time for anything else but to stay close to Jesus and each other.

  43. 293
    Michele Durrance says:

    False accusations of this type make me sad on one hand and on the other, it stirs in me a mighty call to prayer for the body of Christ. I’ve seen lately how women in leadership positions in my church have been under attack and obviously the enemy is angry and attacking you too Beth. We need to take a stand against the enemy- united, praying for our teachers and leaders! You must be making some huge headway in the lives of women so I say- way to go Beth Moore and we’ve got your back!!

  44. 294

    Thank you for writing this. I do think there is so much fear driving folks to be so hard lined about these things. In our culture, we don’t have a lot of time to do research on everything we hear or read, so it’s more convenient to slap labels on teachers and pastors that are often too harsh and poorly substantiated. Then we can flip through the lexicons of potential learning materials faster, and make safer choices. But the process is flawed and the results are unreliable.

    Even if we need to take a “baby out with the bathwater” approach for ourselves, we do need to show maturity and carefully phrase our argument, if we even need to wage it at all, because we do influence other people, and we can be wrong, because we are no less fallible than the folks whose pedestals we seek to demolish. I admit I’ve been guilty of painting with a broad brush in the past, but I have learned to be more specific when asked for my recommendations like you said. There’s a big difference between saying, “that person is a heretic,” and “that is a heretical statement.” We are all capable of making heretical statements, or even mistakes, but the grace God extends to us should reach to each other.

    For example, I greatly appreciate you, the example that you set for women in ministry, and your ability to crank out in depth study material year after year. I have never been through a more challenging women’s study than yours, and I have great respect for you. You expect women to think, to study, to learn, not to be fluffy and superficial in their faith. But there are things I disagree with you about, two things that I think are quite important, and I would love to discuss with you someday, but those differences don’t come close to “heresy,” nor would they ever keep me from recommending your studies to any of my friends.

    I pray for you, and for all of our faith leaders, because the enemy is vying for your attention at every turn. I hope that folks at your level can try to understand the reasons why these labels get thrown around, and can remain open to listening when a valid concern rises to the top of the heap. You guys aren’t impervious to error, and sometimes the only people with the nerve to correct you are people who have no way to ever actually get your ear.

  45. 295
    Texas in the mountains says:

    It grieves me to see how freely our brothers & sisters in Christ criticize those who we don’t agree with theologically. There is so much room in the kingdom of heaven for different veiwpoints. It broke my heart to hear a woman tell a young man that he couldn’t be a believer in Christ if he was gay. Jesus said “Come to me, all who are weary, and I will give you rest.” No qualifiers!! So many teachers/preachers are severely criticized for what they say that is taken out of content. Oh sisters! Speak love! Don’t do the devils work for him! They need to know we are Christians by our love.

  46. 296
    OraDell "Okie"Murray says:

    I appreciate your interpretation, view point, dialogue, and love of God’s word. I lov the fact that you say you are a teacher of women. That’s me! I get up every morning and can’t wait to do my ‘home work’! Thank you for all the working hours you spend for me to have a Bible study. Everyone has someone who doesn’t like the way they do things. I tell Christmas stories centered around Jesus’ birth. They are given to me by God. I couldn’t think of them myself. Lots of people love them, lots don’t. I guess that’s life. Well, when I choose what Bible Study I am going to do, it’s Beth Moore’s! You are faithful to God’s Word! Goooo Beth!

  47. 297
    Sharon says:

    I love doing your Bible studies and I have grown as a Christian as I do them. Please keep on doing God’s work and sharing it with us.

  48. 298
    Cathy S Culver says:

    Beth, you and your studies pulled me from a darkness and total illiteracy of God. I was not raised in a church and knew nothing about God after my son became ill and lost 3 limbs, my mom died and I lost my dad and sister too along with a boyfriend who overdosed and left me pregnant. I could not get lower, nor destructive of self nor feel worthless as a mom who didnt keep her child safe. An Christian based agency helped me with diapers while I was broke getting prosthetics for my son and 2 days a week therapy because I was going to give him back legs and an arm. The agency led me to a church but the church led me to your studies. You taught me that God loved me and I was worth loving all through the word of God. With Jesus’ strength and my church and your studies non stop, my life became liveable again my children so precious and I started looking at the blessings instead of heartache. I am a faithful member of my church and have been saved but I hate all the clicks in the church and try to live by God’s word alone which you taught me with your studies. Whenever you taught, u followed it up with scripture that kept me reading and reading. Ive only been saved 4 years now but I cant thank you enough for my life back. You love for Jesus shines on everyone you teach or does your lessons. I have no idea how anyone could say a bad word against you. You helped me survive alone with 3 kids and God. Our life is great 8 years later and my son now 16 along with his twin. They have seen the change in me and know anything is possible with God. I truly thank you and I am just finishing up “Children of the Day” with a wonderfully zealous woman who loves God as much as you.
    I guess what I was truly answering was yes there are false teachers and we can tell them as their colors come out but you are constant in your love, knowlegde and teachings and I dont see how anyone can say that you aren’t gifted and true. You saved my life.

  49. 299
    Anne says:

    I think your post for me, at least, was to let me know I am not alone. A young lady in my work place (half my age, too) is stirring things up. I hate this negative drama. Don’t have time for it. Jesus is coming and we have to get our homes/lives in order. In my case, the person is not saved and I so need the Lord’s covering for things I say or don’t say. I know the enemy is making me think I’ve ruined the situation by not making Jesus look good. I need much prayer. My mind and emotions are a mess.

  50. 300
    Dave Mitchell says:

    2Pe 2:1-3 KJV But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. 3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.