It’s Hunting Season for Heretics

Not long ago I saw something on social media that had a particularly troubling effect on me as a fellow follower of Jesus. Of course, we see deeply disturbing things on social media everyday. Things that trouble us not only as Christians but, for crying out loud, as fellow humans. Things much more troubling than what I’m about to share with you today. I may comment on those things and cry out to God about those things but I’d less likely write a blog post about them. Other voices are more qualified. My concerns and the kinds of things I write about are more inclined toward matters involving the community of believers in Christ. I love the community of faith so much. Called to discipleship, it is the focus of my life passion and has been for thirty years. I only have one small desk from which to watch our world so I miss a lot but, among the things in my eyeshot, I see so much cause for praise. So much good. I see stirrings of revival. Outbreaks of evangelism. Demands for justice. I don’t know how anybody truly awake in the believing world could claim that nothing good is happening in Christianity.


But the reason I’m writing today is that I’m seeing a burgeoning trend out there that is toxic, dangerous, and slanderous. Nothing about it carries the scent of Christ.


It’s a witch hunt. Only, instead of witches, it’s heretics and false teachers.


I’ve been watching the witch hunt for several years and seen the usual targets and been one of the usual targets. The lists are growing by leaps and bounds and list-makers are proudly joining ranks. This is part of our brave, new world. And everybody’s game, especially anybody vaguely outspoken. An addition was made to the list here recently that was so absurd that it would have been laughable had it not said so much about where this whole trend is heading.


I’ll leave out the names of other targets and speak firsthand from my own experience. After all, the thing that troubled me on social media recently was personal. It was an attack not made behind my back. It was said where I would see it.


The tweet referred to me on my feed as “false teacher @BethMooreLPM.”


Nothing was new about seeing that. I also regularly get called a heretic.



As unpleasant and bewildering as it is, that’s not the part that particularly disturbed me. The part that got me is that it came from 22 year-old young woman.




Maybe she started young and really had done enough of the Bibles studies or read enough of the books to support a doctrinal evaluation like that.


What is more likely is that she believes it because it’s what she’s heard from someone she respects.


Or maybe she’s seen evidence with her own eyes through segments of video-teaching taken out of their original context and strung together in such a way to suggest a representation of an entire thrust of ministry.


I don’t know exactly how she came up so confidently with that label so early in her adult Christian life but somehow she did.


The tweet didn’t make me mad. It made me sad. I wanted to ground her and give her a homework assignment. Lest you go looking for her, I deleted the comment from my feed when I knew I was going to write this post. We’re not going to respond to unkindness with more unkindness. That’s not God’s way. Anyway, the odd thing of it is, I loved her immediately. My calling is discipleship and my focus is women. I want women plugged into churches. I want them continually sitting under pastors, shepherds, and teachers. I love to hear that women are studying in group environments but I also want them to study for themselves. Not just get spoon-fed what to think and not only about the Scriptures and the local church but also about the larger community of faith and those who serve within it. About the responsible use of voice. About what qualifies as a heretic. About mutual respect for their own brothers and sisters in Christ. About fair evaluations. Due diligence.



I’m still very much on my journey, too. Such a long shot from arriving. I’ve woefully regretted things I’ve said and some things I’ve taught. All of us are on a learning curve in this culture entrusted to our care. But, as we learn and as we operate in these public forums where everybody has a voice, come, let us reason together.


There is a mighty wide pond between “I line up with him/her” and “He/she is a false teacher.” Let’s think about wading through it. That’s all I’m saying.


In a massive cross section of Christian voices on social media, the bottom has dropped out of an entire line of reasoning and way of relating to one another.


We’ve jumped straight to terms like “false teachers” and “heretics” instead of expressions that very likely represent the differences more accurately. Such as…


I strongly disagree with _________________________ about _______________________________.


Or even,


I believe __________________________________ is unsound about ____________________________.


Disagreement is not a qualification for declaring someone a heretic. Even vehement disagreement.


As well, getting something wrong doesn’t automatically make a person a false teacher. If that were so, we’d all qualify at one time or another. There are vital elements that need to be considered, taught, and discussed among us in our Christian environments like what constitutes proper criteria for making claims of heresy and false teaching and what is orthodoxy? How do we wisely oppose and confront? How does Jesus say to handle it? What really are the deal-breakers?


Of course there are false teachers! Of course there are heretics! Of course they must be questioned! Of course, people should be warned! Of course teachers of the Scriptures must be held accountable for what they’re teaching!


My concern today is the disturbing trend of throwing dangerous labels around because of what we’ve heard and not what we’ve investigated fairly and properly. I realized several years ago that one of my most outspoken critics has never even cracked open one of the Bible studies. Not one. Doesn’t want to either. All there is to the entire ministry from his perspective is this: “she claims special revelation from God.” And, based on his summation, I equate these “special revelations” with the Word of God.


Are you kidding me? He can say that from a distance but I do not believe he can make that claim close up. If he can, I’m the one that needs grounding.


We are the Body of Christ. We are brothers and sisters. Even when we are utterly convinced the other person is wrong and we have doctrinal ducks in a row to prove it, we are never to treat one another “as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.” (2 Thessalonians 3:15) Yes, we must hold one another accountable and hold ourselves accountable. We question one another. We by all means keep discussing and debating and entering into healthy disagreements.


But we stop short of labeling one another things like false teacher and heretic until we’ve done our homework.



This isn’t a polished post. No time this particular day to make it so. But I offer it to you with one simple hope: that we’d be among those who take pause. Among those who consider ethics of speech to have an important place on our Christian platforms. Among those who think before we speak.


It’s hunting season out there. Let’s be careful how we hunt.




Brothers and Sisters, I wrote this in a comment as I closed that portion of the post but it could easily get lost in well over 300 entries. I thought I would add it here as well:


Hey, Everybody. I so appreciate you stopping by. You guys have really kept me busy this weekend moderating all these comments and entering into discussions both here and elsewhere. I have a taping this coming weekend and need to prepare four different teaching sessions toward it. It will keep my hands full every single day. We also have our big Scripture memory post coming up later this week here on the blog so we will be very occupied with those things. For that reason, I am going to need to close the comments at this point on this post. I’m the only one moderating this post and I am out of time. My attentions must now turn to preparation for the taping.

I do want to tell you something though. This comment line has had value in my life and ministry. I want you to know that and I want to thank you. I am a thinker and you have caused me to think and to pray and to worship and to read and to reflect and to remember and to reconsider. Those are always good things. I love to learn and I promise you that as long as I live and breathe, I will seek to keep learning.

It is doubtful that I will ever satisfy my harshest critics but I want to be a loving fellow-follower of Christ. Just as they do not line up with me, there are distances that I cannot go with them. I believe God can be more willing to reveal Himself in our day than some of my brothers and sisters do. I believe the New Testament well supports such a stand. It is easier and more controllable and comfortable just to say that He does not and it cuts out so much of the risk but I don’t believe we can control the Holy Spirit like that without ultimately quenching Him.

We must test everything and hold fast to what is good. We all must stay in God’s Word, study it hard, pray, fast, memorize. The God-breathed Word recorded on the pages of Scripture is our Truth, our authority, our standard by which all else is measured. Nothing equates with the Scriptures: no word of knowledge, no prophetic message, no insight, no revelation, no dream, no vision. Nothing. That doesn’t mean they can’t be valid. The New Testament says they can. But they must never supplant or be placed on the same level with the Scriptures. The Word of God is how we test everything else. We also must keep subjecting ourselves to accountability and stay attached and approachable to a sound body of believers in a local church.

And as we do, may God pour His Holy Spirit upon us. Profusely. Extraordinarily. Miraculously. We need Him and want Him desperately. May He renew wonders in our day. May He anoint us powerfully and shield us protectively.

In John 5:39-42 Jesus confronted a group of leaders with words that have long since made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He told them that they “diligently study the Scriptures” but went on to say, “you do not have the love of God in you.” It is possible to be a diligent, devoted student of the Word of God without having an ounce of His love in our hearts. Brothers and Sisters, let that be far from us. How we treat one another matters. Let’s not grow cold to one another even in our disagreements. Faith, hope, and love. These are the things that remain.

I am honored to serve you and it has been my honor to host you this weekend here at the blog. Stay the course, everybody. Don’t grow weary. Jesus is so worthy. And it won’t be long until we see that glorious face.

In the bonds of His love,


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  1. 201
    Kim W says:

    Thank you, Beth, for this response. Social media is a mixed bag – it provides a wide platform for wonderful information and causes, but also enables the spread of false accusations and hate.
    I love that you respond with concern in a living way. Let’s pray that this young woman will grow to realize that she should never simply put herself in total alignment with any human. She should grow in her faith as a personal journey with her God. I learned many years ago that I will probably never agree with a pastor or other teacher completely, but I certainly can learn and grow through listening and thinking about what many of them say. I count you among one who has taught me much. Thank you.

  2. 202
    NaomiR says:

    Beth… I hope it’s ok for me to speak from my heart here! These thoughts have been so much in my mind lately. You see, I came out of a church that would *easily* be called a “heretic church.” You can call it a fringe religious movement or a cult and either might apply. I absolutely do not believe they preach the Gospel in its power and purity – *but I was raised in that church and was saved – in my bedroom at home – while believing my church had absolute truth.* If Christ had come back I believe I would be one of those found believing him even while attending there. The fact that He brought me out – doesn’t that testify to His love and Spirit? Yet very great, Scripturally aligned “Bible teachers” would look at it and say no one attending a church like that is saved. I get it. I see how they can view it that way if you take certain Scriptures and grind them down into someone. This assumes though that they know every thought and perspective of that person’s heart before God – and no one can know that. They are throwing about hundreds and thousands of hearts of people that are searching for God and want God more and more. Treat them with gentleness and love, not with censure! So many of them are ignorant and need your love and kind teaching and probing questions, not judgment and generalizations! By all means, question the doctrine; show where it doesn’t line up Biblically. Expose it on the internet. Don’t allow more people to be caught. But treat the people with kindness and respect because they are God-created. Disagreement does not mean hate speech or labels that almost automatically put someone on the defensive. This lines up with one of your previous posts about those within Christiandom who do not believe the Spirit may work in our lives with personal revelation, help, answers, etc. outside of something written in Scripture. For some it is a sticking point – for me, I hope I can love those on both sides of the issue and cannot we extend grace to someone who views it just a little differently than us, even when we feel strongly about our perspective…

    Secondly, as I came out of one of those churches and do have huge concerns and disagreements because of my personal experience with certain similar doctrines and such, I do a lot of reading on the Internet. I learn the signs of abusive and so-called heretic churches. Thus it was interesting to stumble across a site that said Beth Moore once visited such-and-such a church and thus she is a false teacher because she associates with false teachers. (because you once visited one church to hear one speaker who was visiting!).
    As I turned that thought over in my mind for a few days, I realized I was proud of you. You know what’s easy? It’s easy to stand behind the “safe” line of perfect Biblical doctrine and say that “they” across the line are wrong. But if we see one person erring in one thing, do we automatically assume they are a “they” and ostracize them? As you pointed out, at one point (and probably still) in our lives we all have some wrong ideas or teach something incorrectly. If we are going to make perfection the standard, we have all lost. But what about if we decide – not to approve the doctrine of, but – that we will not purposely exclude people from love just because they think slightly differently? Would we ignore a non-Christian on the street who needs help? Than why do we ostracize those who could be part of the same body as we? I do believe God needs those who will be his voice, his heart, the planters of questions into the hearts of those who are caught in seriously “heretic” churches. Those people are (often) hurting, chained, and blind and desperately need the Gospel. Who will show it? The internet sites that call them heretic?

    Understand me, please. I know doctrine can be so dangerous. I know the Bible calls for us to expose such things and to not allow them to thrive in OUR churches. But it still is a mission field of people who need a plain, real, unfettered Jesus. I am not scared of false doctrine – I lived in it for 30 years and have fought through the vestiges that remained in me. JESUS is my security and He will continue to work in me and heal me and restore what I’ve lost through that. I’m proud that you could extend a hand to someone who the main part of Christiandom would say is not completely in line with the word. Being a friend does not automatically represent agreement in every facet of life – or none of us would have true friends.

    Bless you, Beth… Thank you for writing this. And if I’ve misrepresented something or not verbalized it as well as it should be, forgive my weakness in that. I feel so strongly that people need to understand that even within cult churches there are children of God just desperate for truth and they need those who will bring the Gospel to them fearlessly in love – wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.

    Let us all investigate carefully and then still remember that the light can still shine in darkness. Perhaps we do not invite these people to preach to our congregations… but we can chat with them on the street and invite them to lunch and someday they will ask us why our kids are so happy and why you shine with light and how they can have faith like we do.

    Blessings and love.

    • 202.1
      Janet Mitchell says:

      NaomiR, It is encouraging to read your testimony of coming out of a cultlike group yet having understood enough truth through your personal study to come to faith in the one and only true Jesus.

    • 202.2
      Angie says:

      I appreciated much that you were so transparent here. I wanted to point out what you said about questioning the doctrine …you are absolutely right, and like you I myself have been under actual false teachers that believed so differently than what God’s Word says and it was the truth that saved me from being sucked in more. I think the issue that is the scariest is people don’t question what they read or hear…and until you’ve been in the grips of false teaching and survived it, most times people take the organization they attend at face value.
      I wanted to share what you did here but I think God asked you to instead. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • 202.3
      Joan says:

      Naomi,I’m encouraged by your post and encourage you to continue to discern and seek out truth. When in doubt check it out. I’m also a survivor of R.A. It was one of the first thing I was taught during my healing process.I understand how difficult it is and how sad it is that us survivors not only do we need to heal and the church should be the safest place to do it. We also have to be ex stream causes of what church leaders teachers we listen to. It is obvious Satan is desperate he knows his days are numbered. So he is after the Church because he wants to cause division. Pastors are human and can become decided as well. Satan knows it as well. So he is now using the church to carry out hos mission. I Thank God I have a Pastor who shares truth and asks us his flock to keep him accountable by encouraging us to test everything he teaches, and to feel free to contact him anytime with our questions and concerns. All I can say is folks if your Pastor is not willing to be held accountable Run.

      Beth Moore is one of the vessels he has used to help me as well in Journey. I can’t thank God enough for her. The conferences and studies everyone it’s like they were created and happened just for me.

  3. 203

    Thank you, Beth for sharing this, as it has been such a burden on my heart for awhile now. I am embarrassed to say that because of this growing issue, I have been less bold in my ministry out of fear of being labeled in this way. I’ve been consumed with fear that I would say something wrong or be misunderstood, so I end up not saying anything at all at times. Perhaps that is what the enemy is after in this – to keep us quiet out of fear. I am encouraged this morning to continue speaking out what the Lord teaches me through His Word. I may get it wrong sometimes and I might be misunderstood, but I need to be obedient to what God is calling me to do and not allow the misunderstandings of others keep me from my calling.

  4. 204
    Yankee says:

    Carry on Ms Beth!!! We are holding hands together!! Love YAN!

  5. 205
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    Beth and Siestas:

    I posted last night, but have been reading through these comments again this morning. I also did some internet searches to update my knowledge of what is out there concerning this topic.

    Beth, you are right to have so much concern for the Christian community! My goodness, the labels ‘heretic’ and ‘false teacher’ remind one of a time in long ago Salem.

    I led the Children of the Day study in my church last fall, and I remember an entire video session midway in which you addressed this topic. I am glad you are bringing this issue to us on the blog.

    We do need to be aware that it exists so that we can pray that this problem within the Christian community can be eliminated.

    I memorized Ecclesiastes 1:9 in your ‘Living Beyond Ourselves’ study: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

  6. 206
    Sandi T says:

    Hello Beth, Thank you for sharing this. Social Media has given place for people to speak their minds anonymously, therefore they feel they can say whatever they want and not be held accountable, and it’s not just in religious matters either. My Pastor recently said that there are 3 things we can not judge someone for. 1) Salvation. We don’t know their heart. 2) Motive, because we don’t know their heart, and 3) their service to God, because we don’t know the first two answers. Our group of ladies often pray for you and thank God for using you to disciple women. Keep up the GOOD fight sista!!

  7. 207
    Paula says:

    Praying for you too, Beth
    tks for sharing

  8. 208
    Sharon Weldon says:

    Thank you Beth for addressing this issue. I had read that comment not only on Twitter but Facebook I personally was outraged to think that someone would use the word heretic. It made me wonder what this person thinks when you and the other people in the conversation lead people to the Lord. What does that mean to them? It is a sad day when we see Christians coming against Christians when God has called us to be One part of the body coming together as one church. You have been a great inspiration and instrument in my spiritual growth and I feel that you have been forthright and telling your group of women that you teach to check the Scriptures for their selves. Love you lots and God bless you.

  9. 209
    Deborah Mott says:

    Right after posting this morning was listening to You Tube Song You are my hiding place by selah the video pictured Psalm 31:19-22The Message (MSG)

    19-22 What a stack of blessing you have piled up
    for those who worship you,
    Ready and waiting for all who run to you
    to escape an unkind world.
    You hide them safely away
    from the opposition.
    As you slam the door on those oily, mocking faces,
    you silence the poisonous gossip.
    Blessed God!
    His love is the wonder of the world.
    Trapped by a siege, I panicked.
    “Out of sight, out of mind,” I said.
    But you heard me say it,
    you heard and listened.
    My prayer for you to continue to run to our LORD as your place of safety!
    Seemed perfect. How I hope to encourage you! HIS BEST TO YOU AND LPM!

  10. 210

    False doctrine and biblical illiteracy are rampant within the church today. This is the concern we as “heresy hunters” have. Teachers are called to a higher standard and will be judged more harshly when we stand at the Great Throne of Judgment. This should cause us to tremble. Right doctrine matters. It affects our view of everything from ethics to law and culture. As Henry Van Til once said, “Culture is religion externalized.” If we have a wrong view of doctrine we will have a wrong view of everything. There is no discernment amond many professing Christians today.What many view as Christian is in fact humanism masquerading as Christianity.There is no knowledge of Church history, the Reformers or Puritans. Christianity is relegated to a feel good spiritual matter with no thought to applying our faith to all of life.A biblical worldview is comprehensive. Scripture speaks to every sphere of life. It’s time we, as Christians, delve into the Word and gain a better understanding of right doctrine and right living. Orthodoxy meets orthopraxy.

    • 210.1
      Donna says:

      Christianity Today had a recent article about how the ancient heresies are making a comeback in evangelical Christianity. When Biblical knowledge and the great Christian apostolic tradition are ignored this happens; this isn’t to say people aren’t saved or don’t love Jesus–but many don’t accurately know who He is. When I was growing up everyone just about belonged to a denomination of one sort or another. The disadvantages are all the headaches of organized religion. The advantages are accountability; pastors who have been to seminary, governing boards of knowledgeable laypeople. It’s so easy for anyone to fall into objective heresy–I was going on about angels and my sweet daughter said, “Mom–that’s heresy.” She was right! And my husband who is a devout Presbyterian took issue when I said Jesus isn’t a human person. He’s a divine person with a human nature and a divine nature. (He’s one person, not two people. So easy to get things wrong! Doctrinal distinctions matter. But charity, charity, charity above all!

  11. 211
    Joan says:

    Beth Thank You for sharing this and your heart with us. As I have had been in a tug of war match with fear of stepping out further in Ministry for this very reason.Thank You for being the woman of God you are and an awesome mentor by teaching and showing us how to handle these situations by walking in Love.

  12. 212
    Valerie says:

    You are so right Beth! It has been bothering me for quite a while. I confess, I have labeled in my heart a couple of widely know teachers as heretics for things they have taught publically, but immediately felt the Holy Spirit challenging me on it. I don’t know what is truely in their hearts, only God does. I do believe they are so off base in teaching a properity gospel, or lack of heaven or hell, but God alone should judge. I will stay away from their teaching. I have never been interested in speaking on social media against anyone but even so I need to be careful with the thoughts of my heart as well. Thank you for your post.

  13. 213
    Gina says:

    Thank you for posting this, Beth. I usually don’t comment on posts, but I feel strongly about this issue as you do. Then, I just happened to be reading Romans 15 this morning. You are doing what is right and building up women in the Lord. I pray that this young lady accepts your homework assignment.

  14. 214
    Rita says:

    Amen Beth. They need to realise how the enemy loves division, libel and slander

  15. 215
    Stephanie Spitaletto says:

    Wow, what perfect timing! Could not be better stated. Thank you.

  16. 216
    Linda Smith says:

    AMEN! Well said!!!! Totally agree!

  17. 217
    Susan says:

    Amen, Beth, amen.

  18. 218
    Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing so beautifully and articulately on this subject. I plan to keep this post and refer to it when I hear similar things. I feel the spirit of accusation and fear drive this. One way to look at it is, it is really not the person but the spirit that is working through them, which, we all can succumb to if we are not aware of what is happening. And, we do it in the name of Jesus. So sad. Because you are on the front lines publicly, you feel the brunt of some of these labels where most do not, but I’m thankful you shared because when we do hear others labeled, we need to speak up with a response that is biblical and Christ centered. Thank you again!

  19. 219
    Faith says:

    I really appreciate this post and your response to this trend and this kind of criticism. I’m in a season of moving more back into ministry outside the home after being home with my kids and I’ve dealt with fears of what others will say and think about me, especially seeing the ways people get picked apart on social media. I appreciate your example of love and humility in how you respond to the critics.

  20. 220
    Pam Mayer says:

    There was a time in my life that the only reason I knew to face plant myself on the floor and ask my husband to pray peace over me and then ask for help in taking the next right step, was because of God bringing words I had internalized–from reading your books and time spent in your bible studies–to mind in my darkest hour. That was over 7 years ago. I will always thank God for you, Beth Moore, and I will personally testify to your teaching being tested, tried and true!

  21. 221
    Anita Absher says:

    I am compelled to share how you have impacted my spiritual growth. Over the years I would force myself to do a little bible study, yet would often feel condemned and frustrated. Your bible studies helped me to love the word and in turn understand and love Jesus with new eyes! I can never thank you enough for persevering through the persecution to lead women closer to Jesus. Your humble, exuberant example means everything to me. I pray for you often! Please keep writing studies and teaching! Hang in there Sistah!
    Truly love and admire you,

  22. 222
    Val May says:

    Well said! I see it happening all around! We need to pray pray pray!

  23. 223
    Beth says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, thank you so much for stopping by and for entering into the conversation. I will continue to moderate and post as many comments as I can but, from this point forward in our comment line, I’d like to keep our discussions on the topic rather than upon the young woman. I mentioned her only because I felt that, at her young age, she might not have had the time to complete enough of the Bible studies to give a fair evaluation. I do not know if she had or not. What I do know is that many who are using those kinds of terms about various long-term servants of God have not fairly evaluated the body of their work. She was not meant to be the point. Her words were just a catalyst to a conversation. The trend was meant to be the point.

    I have a strong maternal instinct and feel a great deal of responsibility as an older sister in the Body of Christ. Some of the comments have brought out a protectiveness in me toward the young woman and I’d like to veer away from those from this point forward. I believe she is a servant of God and loves Him and seeks Him. I bless her. There is room in the Body of Christ to see things differently and still treat one another with respect.

    Thank you so much for understanding.

    • 223.1
      Linda says:

      I just love you…your graciousness is abounding.

    • 223.2
      Alisha says:

      You are so precious! Here you are, after being attacked, defending this young woman. If that isn’t showing the love of Jesus, I don’t know what is. May God bless you and continue to bless your ministry. Through you, God has grown my faith and strengthened my walk with Him. Love you so much!!!

    • 223.3
      Fran McCurry Plott says:

      I think that I was too focused on the young woman, too, but I was trying to point out that there are people in many areas of service to others that are judged harshly and unsoundly by people who have only minimally familiarized themselves with the work of the person they would judge. And I mean Christian judging Christian. From your entry above, ” What I do know is that many who are using those kinds of terms about various long-term servants of God have not fairly evaluated the body of their work.”, I do see that we are, however, on exactly the same page!
      This thread is one of the most interesting and diverse that I have read on the blog. I commend you for publishing every view I have seen. I have been a Siesta since its inception, and I have led and/or done almost all of your studies. I have had the joy of attending 4 LPL weekends and 4 simulcasts worshipped beside you, Amanda, and Gay on the front row of Bayou City, and have found your doctrine sound and your enthusiasm and love for Jesus entirely genuine and contagious!
      Press on, my mentor and Sister in Christ!

  24. 224
    Mary Gegare says:

    Dear Beth,
    You don’t have to post this as I have already posted a comment. As I read thru these comments, my heart hurt for you. I’m praying for you today. Love, Mary

  25. 225
    Bonnie says:

    I agree with you Beth, and your words in this post are very life-giving. We are brothers and sisters just trying to walk this thing out, lets help each other along and if something that has been said isn’t sitting right with us then let us reason together. And like you quoted, never treat one another “as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.” (2 Thessalonians 3:15) Love you Beth. Thanks for sharing truth and gentleness in this post. Show them Jesus girl. 🙂

  26. 226
    Deborah Mott says:

    Dear Beth, please forgive me for any comment that seemed against any person. What I am against is falseness, accusations and hurts we do to one another purposely or inadvertently. I guess we all don’t realize our words can be taken wrongly from our hearts motive and also can be unconscioualy related to the wounds of our own lives from false accusations! I appreciate your protective stance. My heart was to protect and encourage you. But I know God is your Hiding Place and He has you. I must have said the wrong thing but it was not my heart to say anything offensive. I am so heart fully sorry. I wanted to encourage you, and help not cause you any pain tension or turmoil. I apologize. May the LORD use this to teach us all. John 17 us!

  27. 227
    Melissa says:

    I could not agree with you more,well spoken.Thanks you for the encouragement and sound teaching.

  28. 228
    Caroline Wilhite says:

    Even though I don’t agree with some of your fundemental beliefs, like the plan of salvation, you have taught me so much! You inspire me to have a passionate love for God and His Word like no one else! You’ve challanged me to grow in my faith and it has changed the course of my life. Two years ago I had no faith the God would use me to help people become true disciples of His. God has since used me to help five women become Christians! Thank you for all you do and for loving God and His people so selflessly.

    Jesus promises that His followers will be persecuted. It’s an honor and a badge of courage you wear well, dear sister.

  29. 229

    Hello Beth,

    I never read your blogs before but for some reason this one caught my eye. I’m not a pastor but I do share the word of God through the films I make. Your post convicts me in such a way. Although I never believed you to be a false prophet or heritic, I am guilty of jumping on the bandwagon pertaining to a few teachers that those I trust and respect have told me they were. I took it as fact. Even though it might be truth, I never did to much homework myself, other than watching a video or two. Thank you for this. In the future I will make sure I do my homework as well!

    God bless you!

  30. 230
    Brenda McIver says:

    Sweet Beth,
    Thank you for taking the time to address this issue, especially since the sentiment seems to be growing by those who have never taken the time to pick up, read, and much less do one of your studies. I have been leading your studies for over 15 years. I love your humility, always pointing us to Jesus, not yourself. Always challenging us to search the scripture ourselves and not take your word on the teaching. It is our responsibility to lay all teaching against the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to show us His Truth. I admit I was not only deeply disturbed by several videos that popped up where your teaching was clearly strung together and taken out of context. I have been praying the Lord would give you the words to respond to such claims and am grateful today to see a true servant of God, humble and sincere, admitting to growing and making mistakes, but growing and pressing forward. That is a mark of a true servant of the Lord. Thank you for always giving the Gospel message in each study. Please continue on and finish this race strong! I thank the Lord for the special gift He has given you….Application, your gift has allowed me to take the scriptures and apply them, personally to my life. Isn’t that what Jesus did? I love you sweet teacher,

  31. 231
    Llew says:

    19 Ropata st

    Seems like there are others in the same boat as we are. Thats an encouragement in itself. yeeeaah!
    Like others, I know what it’s like to be called pagan, heretic, in error in my search for the God whom we all serve.
    Here’s the catch for me. It comes from members of my own household, who I live with every day.

  32. 232
    Shelley says:

    Thank you for the post. The first thought that came to mind was one of thankfulness; thank you for your willingness to be open and brave and honest and kind and seeing beyond the natural. I am praying with you and for you……knowing Our God sees, redeems and works things for good. Beth & LPM team you are loved ❤️.

  33. 233
    Christy says:

    Oh mrs beth, well said! I love you in Christ. I have learned so much from God through you. Not that I too have all the answers, but I, like you, have the same Holy Spirit, and He flags in my spirit that you are the real deal ie: the farthest thing from a heritic or false teacher. Is someone would take the time to “reason together”, they would realize what a heritic/false teacher really. And you ate not that. Thank you for always being so authentic and genuine. You are much loved by me and ultimately Christ Jesus Himself(not that you don’t know that or are even questioning that. I’m just trying to encourage you. That’s all.). I love you dearly mrs Beth. Love in Christ, Christy

  34. 234
    Carol VanderWal says:

    My dear Beth, a very sad blog but I am glad you wrote it. I began leading Bible studies about 10 years ago and have enjoyed all of yours. I love the way you get us in the Word. But when Daniel came out the church I was attending told me I could only teach the first 6 weeks, long story and I ended up teaching elsewhere. I totally get being told things from someone who had not done the study. We love your studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Love, Carol

  35. 235
    Joy Alford says:

    AMEN! Thank you for taking time to write this email. Just want you to know that I have always admired and been amazed at the gift GOD has given you and how you are able to express HIS WORD (through much preparation and study, I might add); therefore, I feel that it is my responsibility to take your teachings (and other teachers that God has given this wonderful gift) and apply it to my life BUT most important it is my responsibility to study THE WORD myself which gives me wisdom and understanding to discern who are heretics and false teachers.
    Joy Alford

  36. 236
    JoAnn says:

    How about we really get right and just not hunt at all. What if we realized that when we speak that way, we are speaking about God’s creation. It isn’t easy to do when people use social media to blast someone because they can and because it is so available and they don’t have to see the person’s response or hear a response face to face. But God calls us to love one another and He also calls us to love our enemies. So what if we just went immediately to prayer about that person or situation? That is my goal this year. Thank you Beth for leading with integrity.

  37. 237
    madelin says:

    THANK YOU, Thank You, THANK YOU!! I see this apply to politics, social issues, culture and the list goes on. This hunting, vicious name calling must stop because it is killing our witness.

    “But the reason I’m writing today is that I’m seeing a burgeoning trend out there that is toxic, dangerous, and slanderous. Nothing about it carries the scent of Christ.” Spot on Siesta Mama. God Bless you!!

    I am crying out to God for unity not uniformity, revival & reconciliation in the Church and above all that I wouldn’t develop a root of bitterness or hardness of heart over these disturbing trends. Lord help us.

    But as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy. 1 Peter 1:15-16 HCSB

  38. 238

    Thank you so much for being strong enough to continue your ministry, not backing down when someone takes a cheap shot. There are so many of us who are growing because of your work in the Kingdom. I thank God for you!

  39. 239
    Garrett says:

    “Of course there are false teachers! Of course there are heretics! Of course they must be questioned! Of course, people should be warned! Of course teachers of the Scriptures must be held accountable for what they’re teaching!”

    Beth, would you be willing to warn your follower as to whom the false teachers of our day are? Since you said “Of course, people should be warned!” Would you enlighten us? I am serious. I would love to know your views on this and it would be quite helpful to those who respect and follow your ministry.

    Does Does Benny Hinn qualify? Rod Parsley? Creflo Dollar? Todd Bentley? What about Pope Francis?

  40. 240
    stephanie trenaman says:

    Matt 7:15-20. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing…Thus you will know them by their fruits”. The Lord has placed this scripture on my heart now for about a month, so much so that I know a part of it is to impress upon my children, what is fruit, what is the fruit of the pirit, who is true in your life and as you choose friends, Who is Truth. My situation is different but our hearts are in agreement. This young generation is in danger of being misled, more so than any generation that came before them. FRUIT is what proves us as disciples of Christ. We will know each other by our spiritual fruit, we will know false teachers by their fruit. You, fine woman of God, have mentored me for fourteen years and I see your fruit. (That makes me want to giggle!) Keep producing! Let us join together in the planting and the watering for His harvest (this same sentiment may have already been mentioned in comments, if so, forgive me for the repeat, but as a busy mother of a tween and a teen, I didn’t have time to read them all!) 🙂

  41. 241
    Ruth says:

    My question is when should we call out false teaching when affecting so many?
    Jehovah Witness verses Joel Olsten?

    I ask this in a gentile way. I know our tone can also get wrong interpretation on social media.

  42. 242
    Lou says:

    Beth, discernment is not knowing what is right and wrong but rather knowing what is right and what is almost right. You are right that when one makes a mistake or gets something wrong the heretic label or false teacher label gets thrown like substitute refs on Monday night football throwing flags. When one is in a position of instruction especially publicly there also is imposed on such a person a higher degree of accountability. It is of the utmost importance that any teacher of the Gospel in such a public forum such as yourself or others be accountable for teaching the truth of Gods word. When a mistake is made it should be addressed publicly and corrected. No one is perfect even Moses sinned along with Solomon, but we all need to adhere to the truth of Gods word which is contained in the Bible. For myself when I hear of contempletative prayer, ecumenicalism, and an emphasis on experiencing God and trying to hear Him actually speak I see a red flag. Maybe it’s me and my lack if biblical knowledge, but when I want to know Gods word I read the bible, and when I want to hear Gods word I read the bible out loud. I pray for truth and discernment when ever I read and listen to teacher and preachers, for without truth there is only confusion and confusion of of the evil one.

    • 242.1
      Lori Young says:

      When you read the Bible, you must encounter example after example of God speaking to His people. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever and He’s still speaking to His people. The veil’s been torn, the Holy Spirit has come…it’s for you too. No need for penalty flags or red flags.

  43. 243
    Donna says:

    Dear Beth,
    I love all your teachings. Of all classes we take at my small group. Yours are always my favorites because of the depth of your studies. Some people want the more simple stuff that requires no work which saddens me because we don’t learn anything with those classes. When I take a class I want to learn something not just sit and chat with others. I know fellowship is important too but the meat of the word is so much more and I always get that with your classes. Thank you so much for sharing this message on heretics and for still doing what you do even with these attacks. You are a special woman of God.

  44. 244
    Gina Higgins says:

    Mrs. Moore,
    Thank you for discipling all of us.
    You are a Truth-filled, trustworthy, virtuous, strong and courageous, gentle, kind,
    humble and funny woman! The Light that shines through you is gloriously radiant and
    illuminates our path in only the way a great teacher can.
    You are Living Proof of a Beloved Creator and a Good God.
    Thank you for your sacrifices for the Body of Christ and for braving
    the front lines on our behalf.
    Wishing & praying you are comforted, strengthened and filled with even
    greater measures of His love and peace.
    God Bless You & Yours, Always and Forever.

  45. 245
    Julie Reynolds says:

    My dear Beth, I am so sorry for the hurt of name calling but I am so thankful you wrote this post. This is a topic that has needed addressing and I think you did a beautiful job.
    When I first started leading Women’s Ministry at our present church I asked the pastor’s wife to go to one of your conferences with me. She could not give me an answer until after her husband did some research and “approved” her going. I knew there was a lot of negative things out in internet land, but I also found them to be loosely based on things taken out of context and people who I feel in my spirit are just plain jealous. However I was not surprised when my pastor (he’s a bit of a bulldog when it comes to checking into things)came back and said “I can’t find anything biblically inaccurate that she has written or taught. Every thing negative I found about her was from people who were grasping at straws to find fault.” We had a wonderful time at that conference and have been to several more since then. Our church has also been a host church for simulcast on two occasions.
    Please keep doing what you are doing. You are shining light in the darkest of places. The Kingdom needs you and your ministry Beth. Thank you for all you do.

  46. 246
    Denise says:

    Wow Beth how hurtful! I am sorry. It is harder to share faith at work due complaints at times. I love Jesus! I love sharing with those in agreement, and I am more cautious now.
    Thank you for your faith and awesome Bible studies to help us understand The God we serve! Don’t stop please!

  47. 247
    Linda says:

    One of the many things I love about your teaching is your honesty, I’m doing the last portion of Daniel these days and you’re always reminding us of the various schools of thought out there and that we should dive into them ourselves.

    Beth, please stay strong and true to the Truth and continue boldly teaching us forward. You are such a blessing to many!

    Keep up the Good News and the good work. Love you so much!

    Indio, CA

  48. 248
    Jodi says:

    This makes me sad as well. Great exhortation for us to “take pause.” I continue to lift you and your ministry in prayer; it’s done so much for many of us to have a closer walk with Him.

  49. 249
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Beth
    2 Tim. 4:1-5 came to mind when I read your blog. We are truly living in the last days, and ears are wanting to be ‘tickled’. That unfortunately, is especially happening in the church today. Satan wants nothing more than to see the church destroyed.
    Its why we NEED to KNOW God’s word for ourselves and not entrust our hearts and minds blindly to another. It’s why we have the Spirit with in us. The Spirit guides us and teaches us.
    God has placed you in a position of teaching others don’t ever doubt that! God has used you and your bible studies to bring great healing into my life! Could He have done that some other way? Absolutely! But, He chose to use you in my life and I’m so grateful to Him for that!!
    Keep on dear sister! Keep running the race! just remember I’m running alongside you!! Maybe not very gracefully, but I’m running!! :))
    To all you sisters, keep on running!!

  50. 250
    Renee Goodwin says:

    I am a Bible college student headed for seminary next fall. I serve as an elder in my church and teach an adult Sunday school class every week. I disagree with you theologically on some pretty major things and I don’t use your materials in my classes. But you are not a heretic. You are my sister in Christ and I would gladly welcome you into my home and my church anytime. First Corinthians tells us that “the greatest of these is love” not “the greatest of these is doctrinal purity.”

    • 250.1
      Beth says:

      May Christ continue to reveal Himself so powerfully to you, Renee, and raise you up mighty as a teacher. I so appreciate the respectfulness. You would be welcome in my home and church anytime as well.

      • Amanda says:

        I love you. You are a precious gift in my life. The Lord has used your studies to draw me closer to Him and to show me that His grace is enough. Thank you for your faithful service and obedience. Bless you, dear dear woman.