It’s Hunting Season for Heretics

Not long ago I saw something on social media that had a particularly troubling effect on me as a fellow follower of Jesus. Of course, we see deeply disturbing things on social media everyday. Things that trouble us not only as Christians but, for crying out loud, as fellow humans. Things much more troubling than what I’m about to share with you today. I may comment on those things and cry out to God about those things but I’d less likely write a blog post about them. Other voices are more qualified. My concerns and the kinds of things I write about are more inclined toward matters involving the community of believers in Christ. I love the community of faith so much. Called to discipleship, it is the focus of my life passion and has been for thirty years. I only have one small desk from which to watch our world so I miss a lot but, among the things in my eyeshot, I see so much cause for praise. So much good. I see stirrings of revival. Outbreaks of evangelism. Demands for justice. I don’t know how anybody truly awake in the believing world could claim that nothing good is happening in Christianity.


But the reason I’m writing today is that I’m seeing a burgeoning trend out there that is toxic, dangerous, and slanderous. Nothing about it carries the scent of Christ.


It’s a witch hunt. Only, instead of witches, it’s heretics and false teachers.


I’ve been watching the witch hunt for several years and seen the usual targets and been one of the usual targets. The lists are growing by leaps and bounds and list-makers are proudly joining ranks. This is part of our brave, new world. And everybody’s game, especially anybody vaguely outspoken. An addition was made to the list here recently that was so absurd that it would have been laughable had it not said so much about where this whole trend is heading.


I’ll leave out the names of other targets and speak firsthand from my own experience. After all, the thing that troubled me on social media recently was personal. It was an attack not made behind my back. It was said where I would see it.


The tweet referred to me on my feed as “false teacher @BethMooreLPM.”


Nothing was new about seeing that. I also regularly get called a heretic.



As unpleasant and bewildering as it is, that’s not the part that particularly disturbed me. The part that got me is that it came from 22 year-old young woman.




Maybe she started young and really had done enough of the Bibles studies or read enough of the books to support a doctrinal evaluation like that.


What is more likely is that she believes it because it’s what she’s heard from someone she respects.


Or maybe she’s seen evidence with her own eyes through segments of video-teaching taken out of their original context and strung together in such a way to suggest a representation of an entire thrust of ministry.


I don’t know exactly how she came up so confidently with that label so early in her adult Christian life but somehow she did.


The tweet didn’t make me mad. It made me sad. I wanted to ground her and give her a homework assignment. Lest you go looking for her, I deleted the comment from my feed when I knew I was going to write this post. We’re not going to respond to unkindness with more unkindness. That’s not God’s way. Anyway, the odd thing of it is, I loved her immediately. My calling is discipleship and my focus is women. I want women plugged into churches. I want them continually sitting under pastors, shepherds, and teachers. I love to hear that women are studying in group environments but I also want them to study for themselves. Not just get spoon-fed what to think and not only about the Scriptures and the local church but also about the larger community of faith and those who serve within it. About the responsible use of voice. About what qualifies as a heretic. About mutual respect for their own brothers and sisters in Christ. About fair evaluations. Due diligence.



I’m still very much on my journey, too. Such a long shot from arriving. I’ve woefully regretted things I’ve said and some things I’ve taught. All of us are on a learning curve in this culture entrusted to our care. But, as we learn and as we operate in these public forums where everybody has a voice, come, let us reason together.


There is a mighty wide pond between “I line up with him/her” and “He/she is a false teacher.” Let’s think about wading through it. That’s all I’m saying.


In a massive cross section of Christian voices on social media, the bottom has dropped out of an entire line of reasoning and way of relating to one another.


We’ve jumped straight to terms like “false teachers” and “heretics” instead of expressions that very likely represent the differences more accurately. Such as…


I strongly disagree with _________________________ about _______________________________.


Or even,


I believe __________________________________ is unsound about ____________________________.


Disagreement is not a qualification for declaring someone a heretic. Even vehement disagreement.


As well, getting something wrong doesn’t automatically make a person a false teacher. If that were so, we’d all qualify at one time or another. There are vital elements that need to be considered, taught, and discussed among us in our Christian environments like what constitutes proper criteria for making claims of heresy and false teaching and what is orthodoxy? How do we wisely oppose and confront? How does Jesus say to handle it? What really are the deal-breakers?


Of course there are false teachers! Of course there are heretics! Of course they must be questioned! Of course, people should be warned! Of course teachers of the Scriptures must be held accountable for what they’re teaching!


My concern today is the disturbing trend of throwing dangerous labels around because of what we’ve heard and not what we’ve investigated fairly and properly. I realized several years ago that one of my most outspoken critics has never even cracked open one of the Bible studies. Not one. Doesn’t want to either. All there is to the entire ministry from his perspective is this: “she claims special revelation from God.” And, based on his summation, I equate these “special revelations” with the Word of God.


Are you kidding me? He can say that from a distance but I do not believe he can make that claim close up. If he can, I’m the one that needs grounding.


We are the Body of Christ. We are brothers and sisters. Even when we are utterly convinced the other person is wrong and we have doctrinal ducks in a row to prove it, we are never to treat one another “as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.” (2 Thessalonians 3:15) Yes, we must hold one another accountable and hold ourselves accountable. We question one another. We by all means keep discussing and debating and entering into healthy disagreements.


But we stop short of labeling one another things like false teacher and heretic until we’ve done our homework.



This isn’t a polished post. No time this particular day to make it so. But I offer it to you with one simple hope: that we’d be among those who take pause. Among those who consider ethics of speech to have an important place on our Christian platforms. Among those who think before we speak.


It’s hunting season out there. Let’s be careful how we hunt.




Brothers and Sisters, I wrote this in a comment as I closed that portion of the post but it could easily get lost in well over 300 entries. I thought I would add it here as well:


Hey, Everybody. I so appreciate you stopping by. You guys have really kept me busy this weekend moderating all these comments and entering into discussions both here and elsewhere. I have a taping this coming weekend and need to prepare four different teaching sessions toward it. It will keep my hands full every single day. We also have our big Scripture memory post coming up later this week here on the blog so we will be very occupied with those things. For that reason, I am going to need to close the comments at this point on this post. I’m the only one moderating this post and I am out of time. My attentions must now turn to preparation for the taping.

I do want to tell you something though. This comment line has had value in my life and ministry. I want you to know that and I want to thank you. I am a thinker and you have caused me to think and to pray and to worship and to read and to reflect and to remember and to reconsider. Those are always good things. I love to learn and I promise you that as long as I live and breathe, I will seek to keep learning.

It is doubtful that I will ever satisfy my harshest critics but I want to be a loving fellow-follower of Christ. Just as they do not line up with me, there are distances that I cannot go with them. I believe God can be more willing to reveal Himself in our day than some of my brothers and sisters do. I believe the New Testament well supports such a stand. It is easier and more controllable and comfortable just to say that He does not and it cuts out so much of the risk but I don’t believe we can control the Holy Spirit like that without ultimately quenching Him.

We must test everything and hold fast to what is good. We all must stay in God’s Word, study it hard, pray, fast, memorize. The God-breathed Word recorded on the pages of Scripture is our Truth, our authority, our standard by which all else is measured. Nothing equates with the Scriptures: no word of knowledge, no prophetic message, no insight, no revelation, no dream, no vision. Nothing. That doesn’t mean they can’t be valid. The New Testament says they can. But they must never supplant or be placed on the same level with the Scriptures. The Word of God is how we test everything else. We also must keep subjecting ourselves to accountability and stay attached and approachable to a sound body of believers in a local church.

And as we do, may God pour His Holy Spirit upon us. Profusely. Extraordinarily. Miraculously. We need Him and want Him desperately. May He renew wonders in our day. May He anoint us powerfully and shield us protectively.

In John 5:39-42 Jesus confronted a group of leaders with words that have long since made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He told them that they “diligently study the Scriptures” but went on to say, “you do not have the love of God in you.” It is possible to be a diligent, devoted student of the Word of God without having an ounce of His love in our hearts. Brothers and Sisters, let that be far from us. How we treat one another matters. Let’s not grow cold to one another even in our disagreements. Faith, hope, and love. These are the things that remain.

I am honored to serve you and it has been my honor to host you this weekend here at the blog. Stay the course, everybody. Don’t grow weary. Jesus is so worthy. And it won’t be long until we see that glorious face.

In the bonds of His love,


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  1. 1
    Carolyn says:

    Thank you, Beth…this is something that’s been bothering me for years, but I couldn’t articulate it!!!!

  2. 2
    Shannon Rogers says:

    Thank you for posting. As a woman studying for and entering the ministry in my middle years, my husband is particularly concerned for me and the punches those in such positions have to deal with. I pray I am able to handle it with such grace as you. My heart is for teaching the Word and defending the faith. As a country we have so watered down the truth of the Word. I have a passion for helping others seek the truth of God’s Word. But I also know being in ministry is costly.

    • 2.1
      steveharrison says:

      I thought this was very good on the topic of taking hits or being punched.

      • Deborah Mott says:

        Beth has taken hits we don’t even know about. Like Paul perhaps they have or feel like they have left her dead or half dead or whipped as if beaten. BUT GOD has raised her up and in all this she is MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! I read your blog article. It is good food for thought. Jesus told us to expect to be hated. BUT GOD IS FOR US….!!!! With US and IN US IN CHRIST! We win because HE WON!

      • Julie says:

        Thank you for sharing…very good post and needed reminder !

  3. 3
    Linda B says:

    Beth, I think folks are meaner today because they can hide behind the anonyimity of the Internet. Society is losing politeness and young people have no social skills because they interact with a screen so much. I have taken several of your studies & they have been a blessing to me. I love your wit and Sanguine personality. This post is spot on and show great humility. Love you!

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Beth, I’m so sorry that people say such hurtful things. That does not build up or unify the body of Christ. Just want to say I thank you so very much for being obedient to your calling. I am a life who is changed. In my late 20’s (almost 30 years ago…), I sat in Bible classes under two women who taught me so much about my relationship with Christ and the importance of time with Him each day. My family moved out of state about seven years later. Moving to a place where I knew no one and did not have the same type of teachers in the Church we started attending, I started meeting with a few new friends in my home and the first study was “Jesus the One and Only.” Beth, I’m so thankful for all of your studies and your blog and your staff. I have done all of your studies and each one is my new favorite. The thing is, it’s because my relationship with Christ is deeper. I love you very much, siesta mama, and I thank you for your desire to lead us all to a deeper relationship with Christ.

  5. 5
    Kevin says:

    Hi Beth, I know you minister to primarily to women but I follow you on twitter and appreciate your ministry and encouragement to many of the gals in our church. I appreciate your insights into God’s Word as well. Thanks for this excellent post and everything you do. Blessings.

  6. 6
    Pam Burkham says:

    Precious Beth,
    My heart hurts for the ugliness shown you and for this young woman who posted the utterly ridiculous comment. I want to say to her “what are you thinking?” but I realize we must be sad for her and pray for her and above all love her. It is hard to love those who hurt us and hurt the cause of Christ, but it is our calling. I thank God for you and your dedication to teaching the word of God.

  7. 7
    Brandon Cox says:

    Amen!!! I’ve been so burned lately by the “watchmen” with their “discernment” ministries labeling and accusing and stirring embers of division within an already fragile body of Christ. After all these centuries, it still makes us feel good, albeit temporarily, to find someone with whom we disagree, label them a false teacher, and rally our friends to burn them at the stake.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Stay focused on your calling, and kill’em with kindness!

  8. 8
    Kristi says:

    I love you, Sister!

  9. 9
    Becca Groves says:

    I’m so grateful you wrote about this. I think we have been positioned as judge for so long, judging singers on tv, judging who wore it best, judging sermons, worship leaders…

    MERCY! We’ve all become a bit too quick with words, quick with an opinion. Especially within the church. And the words are getting stronger and more and more hurtful and ultimately destructive. Thank you, Beth, for your life-giving words and call for the same.

    • 9.1
      Lisa Markley says:

      Amen, Becca. Love this observation. And now people with stronger and stronger opinions have a forum to shout their unsubstantiated, unloving, and/or just plain careless thoughts to a wider audience than ever before through social media.

  10. 10
    Lisa says:

    It reminds me of the time one of my ‘lil loved ones in the family, age 9, said, “It’s all because of the government,” referring to some injustice at her school. I thought to myself, I never felt that way in the 4th grade. Never. About anything. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, bless her ‘lil heart, and neither does the 22 year old. It’s been spoon-fed to her by someone who hasn’t done their research. These are easy go-to, trite responses. I’ve done all your studies and I know what you’re doing and you’re my best and favorite teacher. I’m so grateful for your teaching. It’s sound and heartfelt and Bible-based. Thanks Beth.

  11. 11

    Amen, Beth. And I so admire the way you’ve responded here and reminded us all how we should respond in similar situations — with kindness and thinking before we speak. Blessings, dear one!

  12. 12
    Janet says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. The trend has been breaking my heart–especially when people spread the word without investigating its truth. We need to pray for each other, correcting or addressing concerns privately (as in not through social media) and with lots of Christian love. I pray many will think on what you’ve said. I pray God will act to reverse this painful trend. I pray He will greatly encourage you today, too!

  13. 13
    Shannon says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve never said such things out loud, but likely harbored an inaccurate (& quite self righteous, now that I think about it!) sentiment towards a well known pastor. God forgive me and give me the proper heart towards others.

  14. 14
    Fran says:

    Thank you wise woman. I have 3 teenage boys and now that they are getting older, especially the 18 year old, I have to guide them carefully down the path of “how do you know that to be TRUE?” Please, son, don’t believe everything you read about a person, a person’s take on scripture, what you think is right because so and so said it…do your own homework, study and seek wise counsel and then try to understand it all and make a sound decision. This generation is definitely instant everything…teaching them to slow down and investigate is tough.

    I appreciate your words so much here. Thank you!!!

    Personally, you introduced me to Jesus through bible study years ago…”Jesus the One and Only” and I thank God for you, always. Press on sister. I appreciate your boldness, courage, gentleness and grace along the road. xo


  15. 15
    Sarah says:

    Oh Beth, I love you and your wisdom. Truly you act in a way that is worthy of the gospel and have SO much you teach us fellow women through your actions AND your studies. My Catholic bible study group were recently told by our priest to only use Catholic sources for our studies in our in-church group, and I was so dismayed because it meant we can no longer do our Beth Moore studies which have been so amazing for our group. We have laughed cried and nodded in solidarity with you so many times through yuor DVDs. Even though we are different in some doctrine, shouldn’t we truly be trying to build our Christian community up and running after the fruit of the Holy Spirit together? We *can* do that with full conscience while allowing grace for the things we differ on– in the way of the gracious examples you provided, and we did. I wish our priest could see that…if he ever opened one of your studies 😉

    • 15.1
      Donna says:

      Hi Sarah–maybe sit down with your priest and go through one of Beth’s studies to show him what it’s like. He’s just looking out for your spiritual good as your pastor and probably doesn’t know what’s in the study. You could always do the study in your own home with the Catechism and ask the ladies for questions–it could be a very fruitful study. Personally I find very little, if anything, objectionable to Catholic doctrine in Beth’s studies. We disagree on “once saved, always saved” but I honestly think that boiled down and understood in daily Christian living it’s not a problem–all Christians agree that we have to trust and obey in our walk. I disagreed with the “big rock, little rock” theory, but that’s only a theological opinion and not a hill to die on IMO. Anyway, I’ve talked too much but I have to say, I returned to Christ through one of Beth’s studies when she had us imagine ourselves beneath the Cross with His blood falling on us–He took that and just ran with it. Beth–I am so grateful for your ministry!

    • 15.2
      Donna says:

      Your pastor is probably worried because many people do leave the Catholic faith–but it’s partly because until recently we’ve done a horrible job with teaching and passing on the faith, and with teaching the Bible. But that’s changing and there are some great Bible studies out there. We can work together in our love for Scripture–St. Jerome said “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” People are just afraid. That’s the source of so many problems—fear. And the enemy of our souls loves for us to fear and hate each other, doesn’t he? Beth is *awesome*!!!

  16. 16
    Betty M says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I wrote a post to you shortly after Billings about this very issue and I am pretty sure it was not shared with everyone and that is fine BUT I am well aware of one group that has called you a false prophet and a heretic (remember that is hair a tic!!!) A little humor meant here. I am a member of the one group.
    Anyway, I did not know what to think so when I went to Billings I went as a skeptic. Would I indeed see you as a fake someone so arrogant I could not stand to be there in the same arena. I was prepared to never do a study of yours again if I felt lead falsely.
    I was very pleased with what I saw there. More importantly I think Jesus was pleased as well. I saw a gal I have grown to love through doing many studies and watching you on Life Today. Do I agree theologically with you on every point? NO! But does that give me the authority to stamp heresy on you? Of course not! Also, what I saw was a gal very much in love with her Lord and Savior one who was doing all she can to teach others about the freedom we have in Jesus. I wrote in this blog too
    that it is your past that makes your ministry so powerful.
    I wrote to this critical group several day later and I had a lot of hateful darts thrown at me too BUT I also had members of the group tell me they have been blessed as well by your ministry. It is not everyone within these groups who is name calling etc but those who feel threatened.
    So, I am still following your blog,still doing studies, I see you as a sincere Jesus lover and follower. I truly believe there is some heresy in every system of doctrine. Name calling and isolating in our own little boxes is a ploy of Satan’s to lessen the power of God but hey, he loses!
    We can all agree we are saved by the blood of Jesus and we are all eagerly awaiting His return.
    Beth, out time is short and Satan is growing ever stronger as we are definately in the early stages of the last days. We are going to encounter some very dark days ahead so we need to keep our eyes upward and outward. Now is not the time to cower. We need to keep our faith strong through these dark times because we know the future is ours and we have such a future ahead of us when we get beyond the end times it should quicken us to get the Gospel out to as many as we can so we can look with eager anticipation to that great day of His return! I look forward to that great day with much eagerness I look forward to spending eternity with all you great sisters in the lord!
    Even so come Lord Jesus!

  17. 17
    Steve Davis says:

    Beth, I have done several of your studies with my wife. Every one of them were challenging and enjoyable. There may have been a couple things I disagreed with, but then again, I disagree with some of the things my mentors say too. Just let me say Thank you and keep doing what you do Sister.

  18. 18
    Greg Car says:

    Beth, thankyou for your humility, tenderness and compassion. Peggy and I so appreciate your humor, depth of teaching, your love for the Body of Christ! We are currently going through the Daniel dvd series, tremendous!! You are a repairer of the breach, a restorer of paths to dwell. Entering my 39th year of pastoring and toiling with the folks, teachers such as yourself are a wonderful gift to the church. Regarding the accuser of the brethren spirit, it is truly an anti-christ (anointing) spirit. As a recovering slanderer my challenge is to refrain from taking the offense of teachers such as yourself and slandering the slanderers, so thanks for your example of coming in the opposite spirit.#togetherwecan

  19. 19
    Dawn King says:

    I agree, Beth. Christians too often spend time shooting each other and it makes us stink to high heaven to unbelievers.

  20. 20
    Kim Starkey says:

    I am so glad you addressed this issue. I lead a women’s Bible Study and have done most of your studies and we have all grown immensely from them. We almost didn’t do Children of The Day this fall because of this very thing. we prayed about it and tested the spirit. So glad we decided to do it and didn’t cave to the ones on the heretic hunt. May you be encouraged to keep teaching and not give into them tearing you down. God Bless you Beth!

  21. 21
    Robbie says:

    I am of your generation (58) and I’m just recently digging in the scriptures and reading from much studied commentators as I have never done before. It seems the hunger to understand is MUCH greater than ever before. I too am so broken hearted over the fact that our brothers and sisters are so busy “witch hunting” and backbiting that they have become distracted from the word given to The Preacher: Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecc 12:13
    1 John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.
    And the world is watching and wondering “Why should I want that”.
    I’m praying for you and all who are working in this world to help each other GROW!

  22. 22
    Susan Craddock says:

    Dear Beth,

    I am so sorry that anyone would slander you and the work that you have so diligently done for the kingdom of God. I happen to know what it is to be maliciously slandered and so I will be praying for you with understanding. Your teaching has really been aligned with God’s Spirit to bring His faithful love to me through your video Bible studies and workbooks on too many occasions to count. Thank you for your perseverance and focusing on Christ’s love for all His wounded sheep.

  23. 23
    Betty says:

    I am amazed about how you have handled this situation.
    You have sooooo much wisdom.

  24. 24
    Lori_Tampa says:

    Beth, You are so brave. I can hear the song “You make me brave” I my head as I read your post. I pray that I could be so humble that I could handle this with such articulate grace. I have a FB group called GLOW (God Loving Obedient Women), I was taken aback when one of my members who happens to be Catholic attacked another member who happens to not be Catholic. I was so thankful that the Spirit directed me to ask my mentor and spiritual mom to step in. We all need more wisdom how to correct in love. Thank you for obeying His call on your life.

  25. 25
    ellen husel says:

    Oh my, how sad. We who love you and the ministry, know better than that. God bless you, dear Beth. I’ve been called worse,and I always think, heck they don’t even know all my faults. Thank goodness for Grace. We need to extend that Grace to others. Ellen

  26. 26
    Natalie says:

    Yes! Thank you, for giving voice to this issue. As a momma (and as a human being), I am very concerned about this trend. My favorite line, “Among those who consider ethics of speech to have an important place on our Christian platforms.” Yes, please.

  27. 27
    Debra Dinges says:

    Dear One be encouraged– Though None go with me, still I will follow. My secret santa at work gave me your devotional “Portraits of Devotion” I love God’s Word, and your devotional is making passages absolutely jump off the page and into my heart where God changes me from the inside out! What the enemy has meant for evil, God is going to bring amazing things. Thanking God for the blessings He will be sending to the 22 yr old. Hurting people hurt other people, and difficult people have difficult situations. Praying the spiritual eyes of her heart will be enlightend and she will know that God completely loves her, and she is totally accepted, secure and significant in Christ, The Truth, Jesus, sets us all free if we choose to believe it! Warm Heart hugs from freezing cold in Illinois!

  28. 28
    Debbie Turner Chavers says:

    I am sorry, Beth. May God comfort your heart even as He gives you wise responses from His word. I am not on twitter but I appreciate the wisdom of you removing the tweet. Matthew 5:44
    From one sister in Christ Jesus to another, I am sending you a hug and a thank you.

  29. 29
    Elaine says:

    My precious little sister, thank you so much for showing all of us how to handle such accusations! I do believe you would have imploded long ago if you hadn’t been obedient to His call.

    It seems the “barkers and biters” are increasing as the time for our Lord’s return draws nearer. We should be drawing closer, protecting each other from the enemy; instead we often do his work for him! I pray this young woman will not only be drawn to the truth, but will influence the person who wrongly influenced her.

  30. 30
    sara Bowyer says:

    I was surprised at my reaction to these words and totally taken off guard when I a vision of a scene that happen over 20 years ago popped in my head. It was our first pastorate out of seminary, my husband was the associate. there had become a rift between those in the church who had grown up there and those in the church who were newer. A rift over changes but ultimately over control. I see it so clearly, because it nearly knocked us out of the ministry. The man came down the isle of the church during a heated business meeting and looked directly at my husband and the youth pastor and said “there is a special place in hell for pastors like you” I could not believe that someone could EVER wish hell on ANYone let alone another believer. And I decided right there that if this was the ministry…I wanted no part of it and told my husband so. Thankfully God had other plans and brought us to a place where we could heal and continue serving him. But you know, now so many years later I can still feel that pain of those words so strongly. We don’t realize the depth and breadth of our words. We throw them out there so flippantly at times. Thank you for this post.

  31. 31
    Allison Ashton says:

    Beth, I have always appreciated your feet on the ground and never suspected your authenticity. For a teacher that has the world viewing you from different places and spaces in their lives, I have always appreciated the constant humility you carry and not someone that can no longer be approached as I have shown up to say hi! to you from time to time. I think as you said, to be willing to discuss, to be enlighten, to change is BIG. To make sure it is lined up with the Word is so good!
    Always… Allison

  32. 32
    Allison Ashton says:

    oh Yes! Most definitely your teaching has stirred so much in me. And never did I hint that it was NOT a strong study of His Word. Sometimes, I had to think about it, maybe I did not totally agree at a certain comment you made, but pondered it. But, I knew, knew you stuck to the word of God. I knew that, absolutely!

  33. 33
    alyssa says:

    Siesta Mama,
    Thank you for your ministry. Thank you for your books. So Long Insecurity changed my outlook on myself, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things helped me get through a difficult time with my church, and I really believe the verses I memorized during SSMT in 2013 saved my marriage. Really. Be encouraged, siesta mama, that you are running your race well. And thank you for reminding us how to respond with grace and truth. And it does kinda crack me up that your first response is…”there’s something wrong in the body, let’s get to fixing it!” You are truly called to disciple! 🙂 Keep up the good work, Beth, you are a mighty woman of faith.

  34. 34

    Thank you, Beth. I, too, have been on the receiving end of these words, and it is toxic. It’s especially toxic when the Christ follower on the giving end of them is not willing to discuss, but only wishes to accuse and then discuss with others. You’ve articulated this post so well, and I’m sorry you’ve had to do so. I’m also sorry you’ve had to walk through the feelings and emotions these accusations bring. I’m grateful for you and for your ministry for Him!

  35. 35
    Gloria F says:


  36. 36
    Mandy says:

    I want to thank you Beth for your faithfulness all these years, you have blessed me so much through the Bible studies, books and even this blog. I am so glad that we do not have it all together or “know it all”, for we truly need each other according to Ephesians. Will also pray that this young girl will be led into all truth.

  37. 37
    Linda says:

    I ran across this post and I am glad that I did! I am not a regular reader here, although I have a few of your studies. I am the wife of a retired pastor/professor and have taught my children to love God.

    Two of my grown children have been under the teaching of a man that I did not agree with, even being personally hurt by his teachings some years ago. I had prayed for him in the ensuing years, even as my children grew in Christ thru it all.

    Recently, this pastor was labeled by other “christians” as a heretic. He was treated shamefully and much dialogue was “shared” about the accuser’s views in public and online. One of my children has now rejected the church (although not rejected Christ) because of the vitriol that he has experienced from some of his former “christian” friends. I was not happy with some of this pastor’s teaching over the years, but believe that praying for him was the best response, even speaking to him at one point. The rest is in God’s hands.

    People who place labels on other Christians had better be aware that they are also responsible for those that they influence, not just the “heretic.” We do not live in a vacuum. Your last words were the best: Think before you speak! Thank you for your wonderful post on this subject. Thank you for your boldness to speak responsibly. Bless you!

  38. 38
    Tracye says:

    What an appropriate response to an inappropriate statement. Nothing can make me as angry as when someone hurts my feelings! I’m sure such a comment hurt you deeply. And yes, that poor misguided young woman needs our prayers!

  39. 39
    Jodie Bowling says:

    It saddens me that in this age we are living in that not only are we battling maintaining integrity under the magnifYing glass of the world at large, but also those who claim to be brothers and sisters in Christ. I have to look at my own life and experiences, and I have been challenged and encouraged to memorize and search the Scriptures for myself through the Bible studies I have participated in by Beth. I was one of the women to memorize the book of James during the Bible study over James. I have never been more inspired to get in the Word and read for myself what God is saying. Thank you, Beth, for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and writing and teaching the Bible studies that God has used to sharpen me!

  40. 40
    Wilma says:

    I just want to say thank you. I had never had the love and desire to study God’s word on a regular basis until I took your first Bible Study. God has used your studies to prepare me for the journey ahead. Had I not had your Bible Studies I don’t think I would have made it. I now have a love for God’s word that cannot be filled it just makes me hungry for more and more Jesus. Satan always tries to destroy the ones God is using for His Kingdoms work. Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness!

  41. 41
    Carolyn Zobrosky says:

    People like power and for some reason it makes them feel powerful to lash out like that. It’s very sad and we needed your insight on this. Funny thing is that someone so young would feel the need to be so critical. I am always in your corner, Beth. You have meant so much to me in my spiritual journey. I started your Bible studies when I was going through an especially difficult time and wondering if God truly is who he says he is. You pointed me back to my loving heavenly father and I am so grateful. If someone is critical of you they really don’t know your heart. There’s no way someone can sit under your teaching and not see that the beat of your heart is to honor the Lord and serve him. I do think we should be able to disagree, even with fellow believers, but people are taking it to a different level now. We all know you take a lot of heat for what you do. Thank you. Love and hugs from Georgia.

  42. 42
    Angie says:

    I have done five of your Bible studies and have learned a lot out of each one. Brothers and sisters in Christ should treat each other with the the love Christ showed us.

  43. 43
    Jennifer Smith says:

    I’m for you Beth! Love your studies, I want to do all of them. I know God has given you time to study topics and things deeper then you bring it to us in such a digestible manner to catch up on that which you have done. I have a degree in Contemporary Ministry and Theology and I certainly don’t think you are wither of those names. We really do need to be careful with our words and accusations.

    I want to be a bible teacher one day. This is the reality of what is bound to happen when you are on the frontline from God. One thing the church needs to steer clear of is internal fire! Like a country sending rocket fire against itself. And yes there are many teachers that I listen to and grow from that sometimes I just don’t agree with one or two things they say, I still listen to them.

  44. 44
    Angie says:

    Sweet mama beth…
    I want to say I’m so proud of you for this post. And I’m sure there will be someone out there that repeats this post over a radio show…but it doesn’t matter. You are who you are and you are loved first by The Lord and I believe that you have been placed in this time in history to teach during the last days for a reason. You are needed.
    If I have learned anything more lately is this world is all about their own agenda, and humility pretty much is non-existent. There are extremes at every place you look. I’m not sure why people walk around feeling so entitled to their behavior, and that they want it all “their “way but God does not live by a Burger King rule…It’s about His standard.
    I love one of the things you said in “Believing God,” about how if we bring God down to being common and like any other god then how can He be the God that saves us….something to that extent. So that’s where I’m at one this…how many are so led astray that they don’t know they are….I could go on and on but remember God is just. He will speak for you and anyone who speaks and stands for Him. Love you!

  45. 45
    Kim says:

    Dear Beth – Thank you so much for posting this. I have been reading more posts from those in ministry trying to get people to stop, and cool down a bit before posting. Words do mean something, and can slice open a heart very quickly. It is very important to research and study what you are reading, with what you are being taught in your own congregation or studies. We are human, we do make mistakes trying to follow in Jesus foot steps. We repent, turn the boat towards God and keep moving forward.

  46. 46
    Betty M says:

    This is probably a post that might not be wished to share also with this group. I have no way to address this issue other than in this manner.
    I got back to a group tonight that I have witnessed using this terminology and admonished them in the kindest terms I could but I in effect told them to “grow up” that I find the conduct of the group such as name calling and mockery troubling and distressing. I told them that they should address as false teaching and heresy in more respectable fashion using the names of those they disagree with by name in a way as to show more respect. One thing I did learn the term heretic they use is NOT to be used in a way as to condemn one to Hell and one leader did tell me that they feel yes there will be heretics in Heaven because all heresy really is, is “bad theology!” Well that is news to me because to my growing up Baptist mind, heresy was considered a damning offense. So I feel then we don’t have to feel so badly being called such as we all have “bad theology when you get right down to it at times!!
    So hey do not sweat the term as it means nothing more than maybe a wrong call on a certain passage of scripture and who has not had a bad call on scripture a time or two! I think it is to be condemned if someone teaches falsely and knows it and uses it to their own benefit. We have all seen tele-evangelists who took advantage of the poor to their own benefit and to them the judgement of God has come down hard on but not to you dear sister. Keep looking to Jesus and you will be blessed as you have been.

  47. 47
    Angela - Puzzlepiecesista says:

    In my spirit I don’t even know how I want to respond to this post, except to say that this trend has concerned and alarmed me for many years. God even warns us in HIS word NOT to lift our hand against one of HIS anointed. DISAGREE…fine…take it up with the LORD…..but are any of us called or anointed by GOD to determine whether one or another is a true follower of Christ or a Heretic or False Prophet….I think we all no the answer to that is a resounding NO!!!! What we do know is that the things that grieve our hearts, also grieves the heart of GOD. We can find comfort in that. One of the things you said in your post warms my heart

    • 47.1
      Angela - Puzzlepiecesista says:


      One of the things in your post that warmed my heart much like a triple Venti Caramel Latte

  48. 48
    Lisa Hill says:

    Miss Beth, funny how, when we are undergoing an attack on our faith, the Lord brings before our eyes a nugget of gold from His Word. Today is no exception. Today’s verse of the day from YouVersion is Ephesians 6:12 “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” Please take encouragement from knowing that those who are critical of you are only a small amount. Thank you for serving Christ and don’t be discouraged by those few, fiery darts/arrows. Can’t wait to see you in Heaven! 🙂

  49. 49
    SUE says:

    Phenomenal response! My heart goes out to you. I know to well how it is to be persecuted for loving Jesus, being judged, ridiculed, criticized and being called names that I can’t even repeat and how I listen to false teachers & so on. At first it really bothered me it tore my heart out. I came to the realization that it wasn’t about me it was about them their insecurities and the anger within themselves. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy it took time to let that go. It also made me stronger. This person sounds like she’s labeling you, judging and disrespecting you. What she says to you isn’t a reflection of you it’s a true reflection of her. Sorry you have to go through this I’m going to pray for you as well as pray that she finds the truth. Remember you are who God says you are. God Bless You

  50. 50
    Clara Hanni says:

    Dear Sister Loved by God…… In all of this name calling and labeling I wonder how this glorifies the one who gave his life for me. People labeled Him when he walked this earth. They questioned Him on his ministry. We are to be different in this world..not like those who do not KNOW HIM.
    I am a lover of Jesus and I have read and taken your studies and they have brought me closer to JESUS, Lover of my soul.
    Thank you for your work and passion for Jesus.