New Kind of Ticket Giveaway For LPL 2014! 50 Tickets for Guests for Hershey PA LPL Who Qualify!

OK, everybody! As of today we get to start implementing the directions God placed on my heart for our 2014 Living Proof Live ticket giveaways. For a number of years now, we’ve given away 15-20 tickets (dependent upon the availability of seats) per Living Proof Live event for our blog community. They were first come, first serve and the only qualification was the recipient’s inability to attend without a free ticket. We have had a blast with these “Siesta Scholarships” and felt very led of the Spirit to do them and rarely had a leftover giveaway ticket.

If you perchance read my January 1st post for this year, I shared how God strongly and repeatedly called me to start sowing into different fields in 2014. One huge reason for the shift in focus-group is to your tremendous credit. So many of you are staunch women of God who have been in His Word many years and love Jesus passionately and serve others sacrificially. I have never respected a large community of believers more. Our time on this planet is limited and our resources of energy, ability, and outreach are (at times disturbingly) finite. We are stewards here, entrusted by the Lord of the Harvest to make the most useful investments possible in this terrestrial soil. How will we spend the breath of time entrusted to us? How will God get the most glory out of our brief stay here? These have become my questions, particularly as I consider that, in all probability, I have fewer years of ministry ahead of me than I have behind me. This realization does not make me sad. It makes me bold.


Our new emphasis isn’t rocket science. In fact, it really shouldn’t have taken the lengths God has had to go for me to shake out of it but I’m a relational person who doesn’t like change. I like long histories with people. Blah, blah, blah. I won’t bore you with excuses. The shift of our primary focus at Living Proof Ministries is now officially toward women or girls…


Who don’t know Christ as Savior.


Who have accepted Christ as Savior but have not been discipled at all.


Who don’t know the hope and freedom of Christ.


Who don’t know much about His Word.


Who don’t study Scripture in-depth.


That’s who our ministry is primarily looking to serve right now, not out of convenience to us (because it’s, frankly, not as convenient as we’d hoped) but out of obedience to Jesus. And the fields are white for harvest and so immense that there is ample room and need for every single of one of us! Read that profile again. Those women outnumber the well-discipled by how many hundreds? If you’ve been a regular in this blog community and wonder if I’m saying that serving you is no longer a priority, please don’t misunderstand. The only shift is that I am begging to serve with you. You are giants to me. Try to fathom the fields we could cover if we locked arms. I could give you no greater compliment than to say that most of you already have what women are desperate to receive out there. Let’s go find them!


This is all preaching to the choir, of course. You know all of this and most of you are already doing all of this. You know me. I have to go back to the sundial just to tell you what time it is.


All said, as of today, we are increasing our number of giveaway tickets with great joy and designating them ONLY for guests that meet one of the qualifications listed above in bold print. In other words, anybody can claim a free ticket for someone new to Christ or His Word and willing to come to a Living Proof Live. This one will take sacrifice because, even if you don’t have the money to go, the ticket is not meant for you if you already have a growing relationship with Christ. That’s hard for me to say because I love and value you so much but I need to give our new initiative clarity to keep my staff from having to say it over and over on the phone. They are such servants and I want to take any heat myself for people who might get a bit disgruntled. With this new target group for scholarships, it may mean that you don’t even go to the event or live in the area but you know someone who would chance it if she had a free ticket. Could that be you? Then you qualify to get one for her. Are you beginning to see how it works?


In past years we’ve always posted the giveaways on the day before the event but we will now post them earlier to give you, our bloggers, time to make invitations and see who would go. If you find takers, here’s what you’ll need to do:


Call Living Proof Ministries toll free at 1-888-700-1999 (not 800! It’s 888!) and ask for (or leave a voice mail for) Kimberly Meyer or Susan Kirby. They will ask the name of your guest and arrange for her to have a ticket under her name at the “Will Call” window/desk at the event that Friday evening. You can claim more than one ticket as long as tickets are available, and if you know for certain that your guests are going to use them. Help us make sure the tickets go to good use.


I give you my word on this, my beloved sisters. The gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed and a clear invitation to receive Him as Savior will be issued.


I’d like to say one more thing if you’d stick around another minute. I want to convey the depth of my gratitude to LifeWay Christian Resources. I wish all of you knew the people there with whom I get to work and serve. They’re worthy of being named and described and affirmed one by one but I would not even know where to stop. They work hard and weep with desire to see people know Christ. This new initiative resonated with them so deeply that they jumped on board and took all sorts of actions beyond what I asked. For instance, they have not just given away 50 free tickets to Hershey, PA LPL. They’ve given away several hundred and I expect they’ll take similar approaches to LPLs in other cities. I love the LifeWay Women’s event team and discipleship team so much. That they’ve stuck with me through thick and thin, through people talking smack, and through leadership of the Spirit they had to, at times, trust second-hand is profoundly humbling to me. I never take that lightly. We are very human people who don’t always get it right or do it well but this is real to us. Going forth to disciple people in Christ according to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 is the single most important goal in our lives.


OK, Girls! Hit it! Help me give away free tickets! I love you so much. I want very much to continue to partner with you to reach women who do not yet know our glorious, risen Hope.


P.S. If your wondering what cities Living Proof Live will be in over 2014 so you can join in the invitation initiative, here’s the link: LPL 2014 schedule . Please wait to claim free tickets for guests until the blog post for that city pops up here but, by all means, start thinking about who you might ask. I am so grateful, Sisters! May God bless you with a great harvest of souls in all He’s called you to do.


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  1. 1
    Fran says:

    This is just so beautiful. Thank you Beth and team! I love seeing the Lord do new things!!!

    Praying for PA and praying for those precious women coming for the 1st time to learn, grow, be encouraged, and that the fire of Jesus Christ, himself, be released in great power!

    Much love,

  2. 2
    Betty M says:

    Deast Beth,
    This is just great but you know me by now, I have a crazy flare for the dramatic. I do not have the resources presently now to give the whole $59 towards a whole Early Bird ticket for the LPL event in Billings Mt come Oct BUT HEAR ME OUT GIRLS I AM PLEDGING $30 TOWARDS AN ANNONYMOUS TICKET FOR SOMEONE TO THAT EVENT COULD SOMEONE PLEDGE THE REMAINDER SO SOME GAL CAN GO?
    I will be calling LPL later today or possibly tomorrow with my donation if this is going to be a headache I hope they advise me because my intentions are noble I am not always real practical in my ideas!!
    Love Ya lots,
    Betty M

  3. 3
    amybhill says:

    Fantastic emphasis! I will definitely be praying! I do have to say though how very disappointed I am that I cannot be with you all in Hershey this year. This one is actually within driving distance of NJ but my 8 month old is still nursing and refuses to take a bottle. She is like a very cute pair of handcuffs keeping me tied up in this very brief season of life… But you can count on me for prayer! I will be with you all in my heart. So much love to you in Christ, Amy

  4. 4
    sharon j. says:

    Thank you for your obedience to do what He called you to do. I can’t wait to see what God does with this! So exciting! I usually buy a ticket for myself and a friend. I was still planning on buying 2 tickets, I know God will show me who to bring to LPL Stockton. Will be in prayer for PA.!
    May God pour out His blessings on you and your team!
    Love you!

  5. 5
    Anne says:

    This is why I love you Beth! Kingdom Principals!!!

  6. 6
    Marjie Scheib says:

    Bless you and your obedience to the Lord’s prompting. What a joy it will be for those special ladies to be among such a group during the events. I am suspecting that your messages during the events will be even more focused on those precious hearts. I attended my first (and only) LPL event about 7 years ago in Nebraska, as a very, very new-to-the-word-woman and I left with a hunger and thirst for the word of God that has only grown since that weekend. The way that you talked about studying and being in the word made it feel accessible to me, that Jesus was MY Jesus and that the Trinity would meet me on the pages of my bible. I know that I know that I know that the Lord working through you that weekend opened my heart to receiving His word. I am so incredibly proud of you and the team at LPL and the ladies at LPM. Discipleship……YES!
    Lord, bless this outpouring of love and let the seeds sown grow beyond our wildest imaginings. In Jesus name….Amen.

  7. 7
    Trinna says:


    I’m honored to serve with you and pray for many to hear the Good News!


  8. 8
    Gwyn Tidwell says:

    Gwyn Tidwell, Haslet Texas
    WOW! I have always been very invested in leading women in the local church and my circle of influence to grow deeper in their faith. Since last summer, I have been so compelled regarding the need to minister to lost and unchurched/undiscipled women. The LORD has impressed the mirror image of the direction He is taking you on my heart over the last several months! Looks like He is up to something BIG!!! He just thrills me.

  9. 9
    Jen says:

    This is so amazing and beautiful. I don’t have a Living Proof Live coming near my city this year BUT I will be praying for all these women who will be coming with their friends courtesy of these free tickets. What a joy! I know for a fact that lives will be changed…

  10. 10
    Punky Tolson says:

    Oh, Beth, I’m so glad you are doing this! And I love what you said about the fewer years ahead of you in ministry not making you sad, but BOLD! Yes!! Go sister!!

    The ministry that my husband and I serve the Lord through is a ministry of training and equipping men and women to become “reproductive disciple-makers” (disciples who make disciples who make disciples…). The Lord blessed me with a Word for ministry several years ago from Matthew 9:35-38 and my heart is to come alongside those “harassed and helpless” (those who don’t know how to do the God-life via His Word) and help them grow up in their faith and become true disciple-makers…workers/laborers in the harvest field who help teach/train/equip others…. Not talking about another program, but real, gospel-centered, life-on-life disciple-making.

    God bless you, Beth!! I’m praying for your next LPL and the “new life” many will receive in Christ Jesus! Thank you for all that you do!!! If it wasn’t for your encouragement 14 years ago (Jan. 2000), I may not even be in ministry today. 🙂

    • 10.1
      OraDell Murray says:

      Where is your ministry located? I have a grandson in La. who needs some like like you.

      • Punky Tolson says:

        Hi OraDell (what a beautiful name)!

        Our ministry is based out of Dallas, Texas, but we speak/teach all over the country. If you will email me your grandson’s (or yours) mailing address, I will send you a book my husand wrote for men, and the book we use as “tool” in discipling others through the Word. [email protected]

        Much love to you, sweet sister!
        xo – P

  11. 11

    This is so AWESOME!! Being ex CRU staff, nothing is closer to my heart, but no one has to be on ANY staff to share the gospel and make disciples. You are right, Beth, hopefully we are ALL in the harvest WITH you and LPM. It’s a definite call to every one of us.

    Jesus be exalted, and draw every single person who comes unto yourself. Blessings upon you all.


  12. 12
    Crystal says:

    God Bless You Beth. I love you and am so glad you let God use you. I know this was difficult for you, but you are doing the right thing, because the Lord told you. Your Siesta sisters support, love and pray for you.

    I am currently working with LifeWay as a City Coordinator for Stockton, CA and everything you said about LifeWay is true. They amaze me and overwhelm me in a good way.

    I adore both of you so very much and I am blessed beyond measure to be a small part of this.

    To God be the Glory!

  13. 13
    Nancy Craig says:

    Beth, I’m still praying for your sister. I miss her posts-she has a real gift of inspiration. Such a gift like that would be such a shame to not continue to post–yes, she has struggles–but don’t you? We all do…think about it…pray about it….ask God what to do with it….maybe it’s her answer to victory!

    Blessings to you all,

  14. 14

    Go Mama Beth, go!
    May JESUS in you be bold
    As you seek HIS kingdom and goals!!!

  15. 15
    Allison Perrine says:

    This is perfect! I was going to try to get a free ticket for a non-Christian friend who also has financial need but I was worried I wouldn’t get one. This is GREAT and will definitely encourage me to invite her.

  16. 16
    Tanya says:

    Beth. Thank you for being obedient. I am praying with you for this. I just wrote a devotional on this need to catch a love for the word of God. Its the only hope.

    I forwarded this to all the people I know.

    I can’t afford to go myself but may consider donating toward this that more may hear from someone as passionately in love with Jesus and the word of God as you.

  17. 17
    OraDell "Okie" Murray says:

    This offer is so thrilling. It reminds me of my Daddy, who was an evangelist for the Presbyterian Church. He would go from city to city, town to town, preaching, Jesus ,Savior, with an altar call every service, for 2 weeks and home a week. He never asked for a dime, only a free will offering at the end of the 2 week period. Just as I was so thrilled at what my Daddy did, I am so proud of you, your staff, and Lifeway, offering these free tickets! I can hear God say, “Well done!” Praying for salvations!

  18. 18
    Anastasia says:

    Beth! I absolutely have no idea if you were able to read my comments from your most recent Siesta Summer post, and it’s no big deal if you weren’t. All that matters is, I am not alone in my thoughts and hopes to reach out to other women (or people in general) who do not know His Word! There is, apparently, a whole army of us Sisters who desire to do so! Now, here’s the thing, I spend so much of my time/life inside with 5 little kiddos 10 and under. We go from home, to homeschool co-op, to dance class, to the church building…yep that pretty much wraps up my life. (Oh, I get the occassional trip to the grocery store, too:)) Soooo, my relationships with those outside of the faith are slim, but I have asked you to pray with me (former Siesta comment) that I would have opportunity right here on my street! And I believe that God will open doors, make my feet bold, and give me the words to say (I prefer to write instead of talk…there’s a DELETE button!) And if there are others off my street, well, I’m trusting Him to light the path for His girl.
    I love you so much Ms. Beth! Ahhh, one day we’ll sit in a field of wildfiowers in heaven or on a porch (both of which is my ideal picture of heaven;)) and I’ll just talk and talk and talk about all the ways you have been an encouraging sister in my life!
    Here we gooo!! (Oh, and I’ll be waiting for the Denver Life Event…we live in Co. Springs!)

  19. 19
    Alicia says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! I’ve been anxiously waiting since that first of the year post to see what the new direction would be, and this is the best idea! I cannot wait to see how God uses the obedience of your ministry. Hooray!

  20. 20
    Kelly says:

    I’m a Houston girl – even a member of BCF Cypress.
    I was so sad when you announced no more Tuesday nights & wondered what was next!

    But….. This new focus just makes me so so so happy and brought me to tears this morning! My very own daughter (21) is one of the girls in your ‘bolded’ groups! So often I’ve praised and worshiped at First with y’all. And secretly been so so sad my own daughter wasn’t a believer. I’ve asked God specifically during almost every single Tuesday night study (since we’ve lived in Houston) … “God – what about Holly?”

    So if your new focus teaches and reaches even 1 like Holly – wow!!!!! And your change in focus reminds me that God heard me!!!! Wow!!!!!

    And beth – cannot tell you how thrilled I am about Mother’s Day service at BCF. Holly will be with me. (She is pregnant and will be a mom this year). So extremely special day. I’m praying.

    A great morning for me — because God just blew my mind that He does not miss even one of our prayers! I’ll gladly give up my Tuesday nights that I have adored in exchange for a kingdom win for unsaved girls !

    I’m in! Looking forward to being part of this new mission!


  21. 21
    Kristin A. says:

    This is so fantastic! I am so thrilled to see you and Lifeway be able to offer this and (months ago) invited three people to attend LPL Spokane with me that meet that description, although no “yeses” from any of them. 🙁 I am going to keep praying. When I was at the rally for LPL Spokane back in the fall it really hit me that I don’t need another event. I really don’t. It is my joy and privilege to go, but I truly don’t need another one, so who is it that I know who does need it? That prompted me to invite four women to “come sit by me.” Only one of which has said yes. I am going to keep praying for them and all LPL attendees. Thank for you sharing your heart and your passion with us and letting us partner with you to reach the lost. There are so many women desperate for Jesus.

  22. 22
    Julie says:

    I wanted to share that early on in my marriage, I was a MESS! I accepted Christ when I was 8 years old, but NEVER had anyone disciple me and show me what it meant to GROW-UP in Christ. As a result, my marriage was a train wreck in the beginning. I was a difficult woman to live with and my man (a pastor) reaped the consequences of my immaturity in Christ.

    After I had been married about 10 years, I joined my first Beth Moore study. I now say I have been mentored via-video by Beth Moore for about 13 years. God has grown me up in Him as a result of spending time in His Word – prompted by digging deep into His word through Beth’s studies and the passion she has for Jesus.

    God has taken this messed up chick and transformed her!

    This past weekend my husband and I led a marriage seminar at a local church – a testimony of what God has done in my life – and He used these studies to teach me and grow me.

    Thanks for pouring into and loving ladies who are a mess and desperately in need of Jesus and God’s Word! I was one of those ladies and my family has been dramatically impacted by your ministry!

  23. 23
    Sandi Erickson says:

    You go girl!

    Working with women in our local strip club who do not know Jesus, I know this will bless many!

    We were never meant to be a social club, just for us, but the hands and feet of Jesus to bring his kingdom.

    Way to listen to the Holy Spirit and go for it! I love it!

  24. 24
    Carol Crabtree says:

    Thanks, Beth. This is exciting!

  25. 25
    Vicky McPhail says:

    This is so awesome. My BFF and I are driving down from Ontario, Canada to PA and we will commit to praying on our drive for all the women who do not yet know our glorious Redeemer and pray they will hear His call at LPL Hershey!

    • 25.1
      Jennifer says:

      Vicky! Safe travels to you and your friend, I am also coming from Canada with my sweet cousin and another sister friend we have in the Lord. Prayers for this event also! Blessing!

  26. 26
    Phyllis says:

    Dearest Beth, Just before Easter I was praying for you and asking God to give you clear direction in the way you were to go forward. I remembered your other email and was wondering what the plans would be. So good to see this email and what encouragement from all the other siesta’s. sincerely Phyllis.
    p.s. looking forward to the Summer Bible Study.

  27. 27
    kelly says:

    Beth I am so excited to be attending your hershey event!! I am bringing for the first time my daughters. one is 20 the other is 17, i have been praying since i ordered the tickets that many hearts will be spoken to but to be honest, my girls hearts!!! i know God has something for them, that I pray will change their life….before i am called home I want them to securely know him and have wonderful god loving husbands!!! not to much to ask??? see you this weekend….will be praying for your team….

  28. 28
    Janet says:

    We are having a girlfriends weekend! We have such fun planned around Beth’s visit to Hershey. See you there Beth!! Safe travels and my Children Of The Day workbook arrived yesterday. Oh what joy!!

  29. 29
    Kim says:

    Dear Beth & Team,
    I think this is a great new initiative in your ministry and believe from my own experience that it will have such an impact. I meet many of the profile qualifications above. I accepted Christ as a child, accepted Him again about 10 years ago but have struggled in my growth and discipline needed to learn His word and study it. I have come to an event once and have participated in the simulcast and always feel bolstered by the teachings and fellowship there. But life gets busy and beats one down I guess and it gets in the way of maintaining that well intentioned relationship I am so committed to (this is by no means an excuse). It is hard not to feel discouraged about this and to feel accepted in such a strong, disciplined (and wonderful) community of women. It is good to know that not only in the ticket giveaway but also likely in your teachings that women like me will be there and thought of in a way that is to help guide us to make that difference (with God’s help) in our lives forever. I have purchased my ticket and will be there this weekend with my darling cousin and friend and look forward to what God has in store for us all. 14 hours of driving in less than 48 hours clearly means there is discipline in me somewhere. 🙂 Thanks again.

    • 29.1
      Kim says:

      Just one more thought – it would be wonderful to introduce some sort of mentorship initiative in this blog community. Connecting women who are needing help and guidance in their growth with those who are sure-footed and strong in theirs would be so incredibly helpful. Just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks again.

      • Jennifer Meyers says:

        I totally agree about the mentorship program. God has given me the desire to be mentored, but not really sure how many women in my church would qualify. Those that would, well, I am just not sensing the call that Titus 2:3-5 calls for among them. I personally NEED that guidance and mentoring. I desire to be trained even more. Praying that some fruit will come from this….

    • 29.2
      LPM-KMac says:

      So great to know that you are coming this weekend Kim, and are coming with a heart and mind focused on deepening your understanding and love for God! Come on!

  30. 30
    Warm In Alaska says:

    Love this new direction. The wind is blowing….

  31. 31
    Patti says:

    Love this new direction! I’ve partnered in prayer for LPM & LPL for many years, and have been to 1 live event and 1 simulcast. As was stated in an earlier comment, though it would be my joy to attend another LPL, it’s not a need for me, but I have dearly loved family members for whom it would be a life changing weekend.

    And this brings me to two logistical questions. One: What if an event is already sold out by the time I secure tickets for my guest, or is there already a plan in place to prevent that from happening? and Two: What if a Siesta wants to invite a guest, but just cannot afford a ticket for herself?

    I hope you’ll hear my heart behind this question, because I know I’m not alone in asking it. The last thing I’d want to do would be to take the seat of someone who needed to be there, but nor would I want to send a lost friend alone. On the other hand, as David said in 2 Samuel 24:24, “… I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” So maybe my ticket shouldn’t be free anyway, but I wanted to ask on behalf of any who may have the same question.

    It has been my joy to serve LPM in prayer for many years and will continue to be so. Much Love to all of you,
    Patti Hayes

    • 31.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      These are great questions, Patti. Because every venue size is different, you can go ahead and start looking ahead at the upcoming LPL’s to see whom you might invite, or send, that fit the criteria. Once the seating is gone, either from sold tickets or scholarshipped ones, they are gone. If a Siesta wants to invite a guest but cannot afford one herself, she can certainly contact us at the ministry to see what might be available. We want to help in any way possible! Thank you Patti!

  32. 32
    moongirl says:

    This is beautiful. And strikes me as profound. This new emphasis from the Lord. And right. I am one of those “well discipled” women you are speaking about (Praise be to God!), but I deeply long to see new or immature believers understand the Bible—it’s history, preservation, truth, content, focus, and mostly the God who reveals Himself through it. In many ways, they are the most teachable too. This is very exciting. I have great joy anticipating with you all that God will do through this new focus. You are a wild and BOLD woman of God!

  33. 33
    Pat W says:

    I guess , maybe, I just want to know that your ministry is still for me too, because, I don’t feel that just because I’ve been to a LPLive before, that I don’t never need to go again. I’m afraid of traveling Really really far distances to places unfamiliar, and would probably be in each lpl if I could be, but just can’t be in all I would like to be in. money and travel. if win lottery, will buy me a helicopter, and will come to all of them, but that just hasn’t happened yet. (knock on knothead). I guess, I just need to know that you still care about ministering to me too, even though already know jesus. knew a preacher once who said “been saved?” then don’t need to just keep on getting saved everyday, but do need to keep on growing In Jesus. and though I do have jesus in my heart, I yet do feel so in need of being ministered too, also.

    • 33.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Oh Sister, we do want you to come and join us! Yes LPM is for you and we are so happy to serve you! Our greatest desire is that you continue maturing in the Lord, and to fall more in love with Him and His Word. Help us, Jesus, as we grow in You to bring others to You for the salvation and hope we also enjoy!

      • pat w says:

        thank you for replying to me.
        big tears just filled my glasses.
        thank you for talking to me too.
        as my friend said today,
        sometimes it’s us that know and aren’t new,
        whom can be the “foot sore and weary” ones,
        my daddy watched and followed billy graham,
        all of my daddy’s life, a lot went on ya know,
        a lot of life stuff just went on,
        but when billy graham came on tv ,
        my daddy watched and listened,
        and taught me to watch and listen too.
        and up until daddy left the house before the hospital,
        if billy graham came on the tv, dad at 86, no matter whether it be re-run upon re-run, every time,
        we listened, we watched and we listened,
        “turn that up,” I can still hear my daddy saying, “I want to Listen to That.” it’s because,
        no matter what, nor how many times billy graham had ministered to my dad, my dad was hungry for this man to teach him of jesus’s love . and, me, I need to be reminded, once just isn’t enough, because the distractions of life Distract, that’s the nature of distractions, and me, I need to be reminded of Jesus’ love for me.

        • Deborah Mott says:

          WOW that blessed me to read what you just wrote. Thank you very much! May THE LORD put hunger for His WORD and TRUTH and teachings in more and more Dads, and daughters (and us all who are willing to hear the WORD)! May His Word transform us and really show the world that knowing God’s Word and being a DOER of GOD’s WORD changes us and changes our family and world!

  34. 34
    Judy says:

    Okay Sister Beth, “Let’s go find them!” I will be praying for you and your team as you boldly step out in faith and obedience to God I will be asking Him to opens doors before you that only He can. And praying the Holy Spirit draws lost and hurting women to fill the arenas you will be ministering to this new season. Like I always say, ”No speaker, preacher or Bible teacher on earth makes me HUNGRY for the Lord like Beth Moore does” Women hear you and think “I want that!” God uses you in a mighty way! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you!

  35. 35
    Laurie O says:

    Congratulations on the ministry shift. I continue to admire your obedience from that “moment” you described when you heard a speaker say something about harvesting the same fields over and over again. He is going to show up in Hershey! Thanks for being a living example of following God even if He asks you to turn on a dime…and need take an entire ministry with you. 🙂

  36. 36
    Jodi says:

    Beth and Sweet LPM Staff,
    I echo what so many of the other ladies have said. I did not get a chance to reply to the Jan 1 post, but I am so excited about your ministry! And like so many, God has brought me to a place of ministering to similar ladies. Unfortunately my course took me from being a minister and missionary to being unchurched for 5 years. But God has taken even an ugly situation and is making it beautiful! My ministry is on a much smaller scale 🙂 but right where He wants me!

    I do need to let you know though, I brought several ladies you are wanting to reach out to into several studies, including your Daniel and another DVD within a DVD series. Even before this new year focus, you were so gracious, loving, and understanding to newcomers! They felt comfortable, and like you were never going to make them feel guilty for forgetting to bring their Bible to Bible Study or not knowing all the books of the Bible.

    Anecdote – One new Christian was making major strides to just get out the door with toddler twins with special needs and their diaper bags when another leader made her feel guilty for not having her Bible! I showed her how to get YouVersion on her phone, because I only had 1 toddler and couldn’t even make it out the door with my Bible all the time! Anyways, she and others commented on how your DVD’s helped them grow without feeling bad! Where I am coming from, I agree too! Thank you!

    Excited and can’t wait to see all God will do!

  37. 37
    Pat W says:

    and if I may ask for prayer,
    here, I am dealing with significant grief now.
    It is May now. last may, my daddy died., and in One year’s time I have lost 2 ministers, my daddy, and one close friend, all have died, and I feel kind of lost too , like one of Jesus’ lost little lambs. even though I feel Jesus’ love for me, the grief is significant too.
    and what is meant by “discipleling?” I don’t know what that means.

    • 37.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Oh Pat, we are so sorry you are facing so much with the recent loss of your father. Our hearts hurt for you as you carry this grief. We are so thankful that you love Jesus and you have Him to share your hurts with. He loves you so!
      Discipleship simply means being a student of the Word and the ways of Jesus. We are always growing and on a journey with the Lord.

  38. 38
    Deborah Mott says:

    Dear Beth and LP Staff, Thank you for your obedience, generosity and gracious giving…. How wonderful to see this happening. “A Pay it Forward” moment that is treasured and sure to bear fruit as the LORD Himself directed it!!!! How awesome! JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD…May all those new attendees sense HIS LOVE and receive HIS GRACE!
    Blessed by CHILDREN OF THE DAY release. Already ministered mightily to me. Bought leaders kit today and it was the LAST one in the store and it is MAY 1, the day I thought it was to be released! May the Word of the LORD, esp through 1 and 2 Thessalonians via Children of the Day SPEED ahead and be honored and bear MUCH FRUIT by HIS GRACE and TRUTH GOSPEL proclaimed and HIS MERCY Triumphing! JESUS Himself overcame the world by living out Revelation 12:11 as a model for us. His own Blood, the Blood of the Lamb, on the Mercy Seat Testifying of His Forgiveness and Deliverance from evil of all who will believe and His not loving His life unto the death: Dying for us so we might live! Profound Glorious Eternal Example of Immanuel, our Risen Savior!

  39. 39
    Kathy says:

    I think the ticket giveaway idea is awesome and love the direction that God is leading you in your ministry. There are so many women who have either never been exposed to the reality of Jesus and what He offers or who need mentoring and direction to go deeper in the Word.

    One thing that has weighed on my mind for several years now is the expense of the studies you do through Lifeway. As a Bible Study leader for a small group of women in a fairly small church (with both seasoned students of the Word and newbies), there is no way we have the budget to buy new studies every 6-10 weeks. I know there are similar DVD studies at much lower prices out there and we have used several of those which have been purchased personally by some of our girls.

    My ladies LOVE LOVE LOVE your studies and we will continue to use them whenever we have an opportunity to borrow them from another church/organization.

    Thanks for listening and God bless you as you continue to minister to thousands upon thousands of women around the world who need to hear how precious they are to God and how much He loves them!

    • 39.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for your encouragement, and for your concern about the study prices. We are so tender to your needs in ministry and are so sorry that the Bible study videos, due to LifeWay’s production costs, are out of budget. Like you are already doing, we hear from many smaller churches, or even home groups, reporting success with borrowing video sets from nearby churches. You may also find that smaller groups could gather around one computer to access the online studies. And, please know that we also have the audio sets available for most of the studies for $40. I hope that is some help to you!

  40. 40

    Dear Beth,

    If it’s ok to say, I just want you to know I’m so proud of you for following
    the Lord’s heart on this, I’m one of those from the beginning along with Abby, Shelly,
    Jenny, and Lindsee who have been on this blog from the beginning
    , but I think this blog is really what began a way for God to teach me through
    you, and AJ…I was mentored from a distance and because I found that trust here
    it helped me to learn from you. Trust is a huge thing, and God knew I wasn’t listening
    to anyone in my life, as there were not strong examples of Christ in my life…
    So my heart really is with you and The Lord on the direction of your ministry,
    because I do consider myself just one of the trillions
    you have mentored over the years.
    And it’s because of your influence that I have the church and the influences
    I have in my life now…God used you.
    It makes my heart happy to know that it’s where that love and hunger of the word
    started so deep…and I want so much for those
    who have never been discipled and love The Lord
    so much to have the chance to learn about Him on a deeper
    level. Again, thank you for your heart that loves Jesus so…
    It’s only by His love and grace you do what you do…
    That any of us do what we do.

    Love you much!


  41. 41
    Elisabeth says:

    This. Is. AWESOME. Someone handed me a ticket & forced me to go to a LPL 6 years ago when I didn’t even want to & was one of those described in bold above. And the rest is history. I am LIVING PROOF that this will redeem hundreds of women every single weekend. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. It just doesn’t get any better than this! Jesus is IT!

  42. 42
    Pam says:

    Such a blessing from God!

  43. 43

    Hello, Beth! I’m so thankful for this new primary focus LPM is heading in. As soon as I read the description I was so confident ya’ll were hearing from God. Girls and women as you described are absolutely starving and thirsty for substance, mentoring, and a word spoken directly into their lives and the circumstances involved. They are looking for someone to offer a bit of an explanation of the things they are experiencing (spiritually or not) and to know God is being deliberate with them and their lives even if other people don’t seem to be. I can also testify to the extraordinary joy that accompanies the food and water and knowledge of God’s Spirit to one who is so desperate for it and has no one to get it from. I believe God is raising up fields of individuals who are cloaked in obscurity today and pressing in desiring nourishment more than ever before, because they sense great things are to come and they want to be on the front lines. I’m so thankful for this new direction God is taking LPM. God bless.


  44. 44
    Karen Bryant says:

    I have so admired you for so long. You are a true woman of God, and I know you have a heart for the lost. Your obedience to God’s prompting is inspiring. You are right on when you say we have so little time left to impact others for Christ….we just never know what tomorow brings, and we can’t miss every oportunity. Thanks so much for all you do to spur all of us on. God bless and hug you for me.

  45. 45
    Debi Detroyer says:

    Thank you Beth, I’ve done your studies, and I’m doing your scripture memory verses this year, I’m so thankful to learn more and more about your ministry. I do have someone in mind, so I’m hoping you’ll be in Michigan, close to my area, so I could give her a ticket. I praise God for your heartfelt letter and completely understand why your offering this to a particular group. I love what Elisabeth said about her receiving a ticket 6 years ago and how it changed her life. I hope I can do the same for my sister in law. God bless you and everyone that works to make your ministry what it is.

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