The God of Again

Yesterday I drove up the bumpy dirt road from my house to the highway singing my heart out to God, the wheels of my thoughts still turning from the time I’d had with Him earlier that morning. My soul felt alive. My eyes, wide awake. I pulled out onto the main road and wound my way to work, passing all the familiar scenes. Farms and pastures gave way to schools and businesses and, with every mile, I grew more preoccupied with one glorious wonder: God’s willingness to do that thing that He does again and again. Moved that, after umpteen million ups and downs, God is still willing to move me.


I love that God is a God of again. I’ll get dry and think the bloom is behind me and that the best I’ll be able to do is maintain and try not to lose what I have left. Then I’ll be scared it’s all gone and never coming back.


And here He’ll come again. The Scriptures will jump back to life for me like breathing bones. The Cross will suddenly feel to me like it all happened yesterday and like I was right there in the gore and grandeur and grace of it all. I’ll feel alive with belovedness and anxious to love. Awake with forgivenness and anxious to forgive. I’ll feel called and sent and ready to go. The reverberating power of the empty tomb will fill my soul again and I’ll try my hardest to roll that stone back over the entrance and trap Him in. Then, like Mary Magdalene, I’ll throw my arms around His neck and try to hold onto Him right there where He appears most obvious to me. I want Jesus to stay put. I want it in the worst way. But then…

The wind blows wherever it will, and you hear the sound it makes, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8

 Try as you may, you can’t catch the Holy Spirit like a firefly and keep Him in a jar.


Of course Jesus never leaves us. We are sealed.

He abides. He remains.

His presence is a fact, not a feeling. But those moments when He’s willing to make Himself known are without equal, I think, in the human experience. The next day comes and its demands and distractions with it. I read and not much happens. I pray and not much moves.


But sooner than later, His fullness comes again. His shadow will pass nearby through some kindness, some revelation, some word on that sacred page – and maybe not even to me but to someone I love – and my heart will light up again. Or tears will well in my eyes. Not just tears of sentiment, though they are a gift and have their place, but eyes pooled with the Spirit. Enlightened with fresh hope.


Only God can keep doing that again. He alone can quicken our souls like that. He is the initiator. He who brought it, brings it back. He who did it, does it again.


What patience.


What love.


What resistance to boredom.


What willingness to risk that faithfulness could be misinterpreted to its receivers as routine.


Abide with me just a moment in the wonder of this: God is willing to awaken our sleepy, sluggish, selfish, sinful souls over and over again.


I’m not new to so much of this. I was in the church nursery by a few weeks old. I’ve heard ten thousand sermons and read nearly as many books. I’ve heard the sound of my own teaching until I thought that if I heard another word from this mouth, I’d have to punch myself and I’ve wondered how God couldn’t be sick of me, too. This has been my life between and within the train wrecks. I’m not new to Jesus. I’m not full of surprises to Him. I’m not new on the docket. But in His unfathomable and tender mercy, He keeps making Himself new to me.


That’s what takes my breath away today.


And God listened to the voice of Manoah, and the angel of God came again to the woman as she sat in the field. Judges 13:9


And the Lord called Samuel again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” Then Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. 1 Samuel 3:8


And the Lord appeared again at Shiloh, for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel at Shiloh by the word of the Lord. 1 Samuel 3:21


And the Lord listened to the voice of Elijah. And the life of the child came into him again, and he revived. 1 Kings 17:22


And the angel of the Lord came again a second time and touched him and said, “Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you.” 1 Kings 19:7


He prayed to him, and God was moved by his entreaty and heard his plea and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the Lord was God. 2 Chronicles 33:13


Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


So Jesus again said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.” John 10:7


Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” John 20:21





Blessed, beautiful, merciful, divine again.


So I write today for someone with a heart for Jesus who wonders how she’s going to keep it. And, if she can’t, how she can get it back again. Someone whose life, marriage, health, home, sanity, job or ministry depends on it. You’re the one I want to talk to today. I’ve been you. I’m still you.


He who chose you before creation, authored your faith, and birthed new life in you through His Spirit will see to your reawakening again and again. Not in your timing but in His. Not with your methods but with His. He alone ignites, sustains, and reignites holy fire. The fire is in His palm. It is not of your making. It is not yours to manufacture.


That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do when all is cold and ashes.


When you’re parched, tell Him you are. When your eyes are dim to wonder, tell Him you cannot see. When you’re getting bored, have the courage to say it. When you think you’ve heard it all, tell Him your heart is lying to you, for in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. When you get sick of yourself, plead to see in the mirror what He sees in you. When you get sick of somebody else, hold your frozen heart straight up to the heat of His holiness.


When nothing moves you, move to the floor. Tell Him you’ve got to have Him teeming with life in your bones. Beckon Him and welcome Him over and over to pour His Spirit on you. And He’ll do it again. In His own time and His own way but, make no mistake. He will do it again. Even when we’re the ones who ran off the fullness of His Spirit.



But the hair of [Samson’s] head began to grow again after it had been shaved. Judges 16:22


Praise God.


Even when your body lays lifeless on your deathbed, He will do it again. He will stand you on your feet in His presence.


God cannot seem to resist an opportunity to resurrect.


You don’t have to accept the waning of wonder as the natural evolution of a long-term relationship. Accept it as a visitor but refuse it as a resident. And, when it visits, don’t waste all your energy ranting and writhing and despising it. The floor in the banquet hall of revival is always made of sand. This has been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn. A garden blooming is not a miracle. A desert blooming, now that’s the miracle.


It takes a certain amount of lifelessness to know what it means to be revived.


Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God. Psalm 43:5




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  1. 51
    Velma says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. Amen!

  2. 52

    Love these words:

    You don’t have to accept the waning of wonder as the natural evolution of a long-term relationship. Accept it as a visitor but refuse it as a resident. And, when it visits, don’t waste all your energy ranting and writhing and despising it.

    Good stuff right there Beth!

  3. 53
    Linda says:

    Several years ago, I heard you say that if we want a passion for Christ, we need to ask for it daily over a period of time. I could never remember to do it on a regular basis, and though I would feel a flicker (even a flame) of passion every so often, it would disappear as quickly as it came. I’ve been writing new memory verses on my bathroom mirror for years to help me learn them, so I decided to use the same idea for this. I wrote, “Lord, give me a passion for you.” Day in and day out I saw those words, and almost imperceptibly, they started taking root. A longing to know God grew steadily, and it was like falling in love with Him. Distractions and busyness do get in the way, but because He is (as you said) a God a “agains”, He keeps drawing me back into His embrace. The Lord is so patient with me, and I am so grateful that He loves me enough to keep reaching down for me when I forget to reach up.

  4. 54
  5. 55

    Thank you…I’ve been pondering this very thing for days.

  6. 56
    lynda rickey says:

    Beth, Wow, I needed that. I am in a season where God has been showing me daily that He is willing to revive over and over again. I am learning to ask Jesus to lift my impoverished heart for me. He is so very faithful. He so sweetly comes to me again and again. Love you and love my Jesus! Lynda

  7. 57
    Bethany says:

    Such a timely word Beth! Last April I decided to intentionally seek the Lord and walk with Him daily. Mind you, I’ve been following Him for over 20 years but hadn’t intentionally sought his presence with the determination that I did last year. It was a beautiful year! In January when my cousin gave birth to her son I came to the realization that I will never be a mother. I held to Jesus but was beginning to slip my hand slowly from His grasp. By February when my other cousin, who is a twin to the January cousin, gave birth to her daughter I let go of Jesus’ hand. Over the past three months I’ve wrestled with him over the shattered dream. I’ve been so angry for the loss; for the shattered dream. I’ve isolated. I’ve sinned. Next week I’ll be in Stockton with you and so many others. And I know that I will be one of many sitting in brokenness from shattered dreams. My prayer has been and will continue to be Lord, fill me. Satisfy me as only you can! Bring light to my darkness AGAIN as you promise. Heal me AGAIN! I believe that you will.
    Thanks you for this word Beth. See you soon dear one!

    • 57.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      It’s so good you have given Him your hurt and shattered dreams. He is able. He loves you so! Praying He speaks to you this weekend!

  8. 58
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    That is amazing how He is, Beth…The assurance that He is there, and able to revive me even when I have felt off, not like “myself” in a long time…when drawing near to Him is what I really desperately need to do, He comes and revives me. That is so comforting to me. I need that fresh filling of the Spirit…thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  9. 59

    I am sitting here trying to choke out a prayer of thanks to God for this word of edification sent precisely when I needed it so very much. I am clinging to the promise that someimes people leave “desert places” with baskets of fragments…reminders of His prescence and power at work in the dry places. Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit! Godspeed and grace to you.
    Laura Dare Morgan

  10. 60
    julie weis says:

    whew, POWERFUL!!!!

  11. 61
    Pamela McDonald says:

    Praising the Lord for sending through you exactly what I needed to hear!

  12. 62
    Debbie says:

    Wow! Thanking God! This insight fed me a beautiful meal. O Taste and see that the LORD is good. Thank you, Beth

  13. 63
    Barb Sell says:

    I have missed hearing from The Lord through you. God continues to use you as a vessel to reach and teach us, me. Thank you Jesus for leading me to the blog today to take a drink of living water.

  14. 64
    Amanda Murphy says:

    Thank you! Blessed by this!!

  15. 65
    Susan says:

    The Lord is so faithful and Jesus never leaves us even when we wander. This has been a hard, knock the wind out of me week as I cope with an illness diagnosis in my family. But my head stays above the whirlpool because he is holding me up.

  16. 66
    Erin says:

    Beth, thank you for these beautiful insightful words. They touched me. It is so encouraging to know that you understand, and that I (we) out here are not alone. God bless you, sister. I’m believing for that fire to come again!

  17. 67
    Priscilla Williams says:

    Oh that I would have His ability to patiently and humbly be a person of “agains” to others!

  18. 68
    Janet says:

    Thanks Beth for your words here to us today. I needed this as this is where I am today. The ebbs and flows of this, whatever this is-is crazy. I don’t like it, this place but I believe God will bring me back to the flow and I will leave the ebb in the rearview mirror.

  19. 69
    Lindsay says:

    Amen–I love that His name is again. And again. I wonder what the Hebrew word is for again because I’m sure its a title Our God holds! I had to read this twice because it was so heartfelt, so wise and thoughtful. What a way to change my attitude to praise today! What a fresh perspective on the God of Adventure. amen! Love you Beth Moore! So many blessings in this blog entry. I love reading something that just hits me right where I am. God is great – praise His name.

  20. 70
    DIANA J VIGIL says:

    You have touched me right where I am. The Lord
    spoke to me through your message again. Thank you.

  21. 71
    heather says:

    This was so encouraging and timely. I just said to my husband Thursday “I gotta get my Jesus juices flowing again!” I was feeling a little in the valley-He is still there but I was missing a time of nearness with Him. This was so awesome-Thank you.

  22. 72
    Jill says:

    Again! You wrote this just for me 😉 We are selling (praise!) and moving and buying and waiting to see the full revelation as it awaits an appointed time but is coming into view. It’s been a long, dusty road but we have been waiting for God to steal the show and He has during these last 3-4 weeks. I’d love Him regardless, I’d praise Him regardless but I’m so happy that it’s finally time for my will to be His will and to see my hopes and dreams come true in this one thing. Again! Great post and encouragement — blessings, J

  23. 73
    moongirl says:

    For the last 2 weeks I have been studying the death and resurrection of Lazarus in John 11. This very principal of resurrection is thick in that portion of Scripture. The study has been re-awakening my own faith, drawing me closer to my Savior… again.

    I love you Mama Beth! Can’t even express how much!

    “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep ; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep.” John 11:11

  24. 74
    Jennifer Mosher says:

    Thank you for these words, and thank GOD that they are so true!

  25. 75
    KK says:

    Our God is so good, so faithful. Helped me to hear your experiences because we only get to see you on stage. Needed to hear that you need him afresh again too. Thank you Miss Beth.

  26. 76
    Ann says:

    Wow! What an amazing word! Thank you Lord and thank you Beth Moore!

  27. 77
    Jeannie says:

    Thank you Beth for your beauty inside and outside. I wonder sometimes if God must be sick of me. With all the problems in the world I sometimes think mine must be boring to Him but then I hear Him, again, say “I love you and you are mine”. “No one can harm you.” What a blessed assurance for me that He loves me and still wants to hear from me. Praise you Father for your love.

  28. 78
    Mindy Seekford says:

    So so good Mrs Beth. I needed this so much. It made me think of that old song
    ” He’ll do it again” by Shirley Ceaser!! Praise God for His faithfulness to do it again. Love y’all


  29. 79

    Those are powerful words full of encouragement and hope. It is exactly what my soul needed this morning. Thank you!

  30. 80
    Allison Ashton says:

    Comforting to know this and reading other posts how God is helping again. And for me it’s not a light switch of grace or what i have to do or not do. Makes me ponder again. When I think that performance is not what He wants from me. (I think that feels safe cause I can be in control) How hard I try, so hard. Seeking Him first. So that HE may be The God of MY AGAIN. not someone else’s.

  31. 81
    Becky says:

    Amen! Yes again and again Lord! Do it! As I struggle in my desert I have to keep reminding myself of this so I don’t give up on enduring in the battle. Still not sure of where I am going but I continue to be encouraged to hang onto Him.
    So blessed that we Never travel alone!

  32. 82
    Maureen cooper says:

    Thank you for this! There are times when words
    Become like little packages of grace
    I just had to pause in between reading
    To catch my breath and take in what was written.
    I needed a fresh perspective this morning; one
    That can only be seen through God’s word.
    I loose my way at times but more and more
    I can stay on the right path and that’s the one
    That always leads me back to the Saviors
    Strong and loving arms.

  33. 83
    Barbara Head says:

    Oh my word, how I needed this at exactly this time! I must quote the verse God gave me just this morning over something I have been praying about for some months. Nehemiah 2:8b “And the king granted these requests, because the gracious hand of God was on me.” Thank you, Beth, for your insight!

  34. 84
    Rachel says:

    Yes! That is exactly how it is! Thank you for putting it in words for us!

  35. 85
    Carla says:

    This is holy:)

  36. 86
    Kathy says:

    As a woman turning 60 next week with my only daughter leaving for college in 53 days and a 24-year marriage that has recently crumbled before my eyes when my husband sought out another love, I so needed this message this morning. I have walked with my Savior for decades and know He is always with me but today’s circumstances overwhelm. Where am I to go, what am I to do? I so needed to be reminded that God can begin a new work in me. His mercies never fail; he is always enough. I am so grateful.

  37. 87
    Irene says:

    And AGAIN God has used you, Beth Moore, to reach into the depths and crevices of my soul and remind me how infinitely much He loves me! Praising God for His Glories, one of which is you, dear Beth!

  38. 88
    Charlene says:

    Dearest Beth,

    I praise God for you and the love for His word that He has put in you! I desperately needed this today – thank you! I have felt so out of touch for what seems like such a long time. I know my. Lord is faithful and have seen Him working, but am desperate for the closeness that seems to be eluding me during this season. But. I know that He holds me close and will never let me go, so I will cling to His promises and what I know that I know is true, and will wait…

  39. 89
    Diane in Flagstaff says:

    As tears fill my eyes, I wonder to myself if God had you write this just for me, or if perhaps, an emotional dryness in our hearts toward God may actually be an epidemic. For me, it’s been my secret, and one I have only admitted to myself with God in the deepest place of my soul. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone. Thanks for reminding me my sense of His presence will come again and I should wait for it expectantly. Thanks, Beth, for being my sister-friend. Bless you!

  40. 90
    Carolyn says:

    Thank you! I’ve sent this on to others, and it is one I’m keeping for reference. I’m so thankful that He is God of again!

  41. 91
    Donna B says:

    Yes, Beth, so amazing our God is, just when I wonder “where are you God, please don’t leave me he shows me a brilliant sky, a Facebook message, a friends perfectly timed call, an answer to my wondering where he is. I am so scarred I may lose him one day, as I see others wandering away and I lay on the floor and plead with him to hang on to me and never let me go. Being a nurse and dealing with patients with dementia I plead with him that even if that happens to me please don’t let me ever forget you God, even if I remember nothing else let me remember you, my God. Thank you for sharing, Beth.

  42. 92
    Patti says:

    Oh, how I needed this.

  43. 93
    Margaret says:

    I cannot even express how this spoke to my 49 years of loving Jesus heart! These last 9 years have seen a move, a dramatically changed ministry, and many a day of thinking and feeling like I deserved the woodshed! Bless you for the truth of this post!

  44. 94
    joy says:

    The glorious Truth of your words have just powerfully poured fresh Hope into ‘my sorrowful state’! GLORY to JESUS!! :)Oh Beth, I Bless YOU in HIS Amazing, Wonderful, Matchless, Precious Name!! Thank you!

  45. 95
    Glenda says:

    Thank you, Miss Beth, for this wonderful reminder. Life has been beating me up lately, but I am trying to refocus on the One who made me and not to the voices of this world. He used you to speak to me, dear sister. Thank you for what you do to help encourage us.

  46. 96
    Shelly Elston says:

    Loved every single word of this post! Spoke right to me. Love you, Beth! May God bless you mightily. xo

  47. 97
    Kathleen says:

    Beth, those words brought tears to me this morning. I am a blessed woman, but I’m a dry woman. Dry as the parched boards on my sundeck. I needed that Divine “again.” I pray for that “again.” Thank you.

  48. 98
    Rebecca McLemore says:

    I couldn’t help but think about the scene in the movie Miracle…the coach makes the players run a drill AGAIN!! and AGAIN!!! until they come together as a team. And they end up with a miracle of their own. Now I have a whole new appreciation for the word again. He has certainly come for me again and again and I’m grateful He won’t stop til He’s done with me. I live in the desert and the devotion I’m reading this year is Streams in the Desert – God has had me here in the desert to learn so much of his beauty, strength, tenderness, wildness, and his miracles. Thank you for this post today. Blessed me so much!

  49. 99
    Cathi says:

    What joy this has brought me this morning! Beautiful and powerful words from you, Beth…straight from God’s heart. Oh how He loves us!!! And the words from all the beautiful people that read this blog…words of hope and cries for prayers….and then comments from Beth herself, because she loves God and all of us so much that she takes the time to express even more!!! My heart is overflowing with love for the precious Savior that brings us all together and makes all this possible. Our God is full of mighty love and mighty miracles and I believe He is telling us not to worry about how we FEEL…. Feelings are kind of fickle. Rest assured in the TRUTH of His love…the fact that He will never leave us or forsake us….He is for us!!! Blessings to all of you.

  50. 100
    Michelle says:

    Beth, I’ve been asking Him to exactly this and now He has! This post was my “again”. I love Him. Thank you for writing this!

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