What in the World is a Sacred Secret? Giveaway!

*Announcing the winners of our “Sacred Secret” giveaway!*

*A little side note before I confuse you all, the number I am posting along with the name is your comment number. This way, you can check to make sure you are the winner! Also, each of the winners was chosen completely at random by the lovely website, random.org.

The FIVE winners of the Small Group Leader Kits go to: (The leader kit includes two teaching DVD’s and five study journals each.)

124 – Sydney Merino
856 – Melissa Pittman
150 – Heather Smith
1893 – Lisa Golden
1238 – Amber Moon

The 20 individual “Sacred Secret” study journals go to:

1334 – Jenny Coffey
4124 – Maurice Dillard
144 – Nightingale N.
2950 – Jocelyn Russell
1929 – Cyndy Taylor
1001 – Pam
2903 – Colleen Lyons
1804 – Lisa Shaw
639 – Lisa Chapman
2059 – Melanie Connatser
335 – Kaylan Wonser
3081 – Fay Gossen
1920 – Lori Simmons
960 – Heather McDaniel
2051 – Karen Binder
3097 – Con Schafman
1667 – Sara Lindsay
4157 – Connie Worthington
261 – Alexandra Key
4113 – Debbie

Congratulations, ladies! Y’all clearly love free stuff, and so do we! We are so thrilled for you! You should be receiving an email from me (Lindsee) within the next 24 hours on how to claim your prize.

Also, for those of you that are still interested in purchasing Sacred Secrets, you can do that by clicking here to order through LifeWay. Through that link you have the options of ordering the small group kit, the study journal, the video bundle (all four teaching sessions together), or the individual video downloads. Be blessed, ladies! We love y’all!



*Good afternoon, ladies! Comments are now closed. Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the giveaway. I’ll post our 25 winners later this afternoon. Be sure to check back!

Sacred Secrets Final from LPV on Vimeo.

Girls! To enter the Sacred Secrets giveaway just simply leave a comment with your name (first and last is so helpful) and that is all. So easy! Also please make sure we have a working email address for you. We’ll leave comments open for 24 hours and announce the winners tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon!

Here’s a fun little picture from Friday as we were getting ready for the video! That table is about to be empty!


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  1. 3601
    Amy Adamo says:

    Thanks Beth!

  2. 3602
    Donna Hunt says:

    Would be a blessing to win <3

  3. 3603
    Jane Baker says:

    Love the depth of Beth’s studies and her ability to make them understandable.

    Jane Baker

  4. 3604
    Christina Woody says:

    Hi Beth, I love studying the bible and would love to be able to win the opportunity to have the gift. I like the fact of studying with others and sharing God’s Word!

  5. 3605
    Marita Etsebeth says:

    Its almost my bday and I really would like to have one of her studies!

  6. 3606
    Peggy Grossnickle says:

    I would love to win this!!!!

  7. 3607
    Valerie says:

    I am always blessed by your studies. Would be thankful to win this. Blessings, Valerie Mathews

  8. 3608
    Ashlee says:

    I was in Greensboro when you spoke on secrets. Would love this!!

  9. 3609
    DeAnn LaMaine says:

    DeAnn LaMaine

  10. 3610
    Bree W. says:

    This would be such a blessing!

  11. 3611
    Bri Carlisle says:

    Bri Carlisle – yay!

  12. 3612
    Debbie Scherrer says:

    Looks like treasure!!

  13. 3613
    Barb Beck says:

    I’ve been blessed so much by your ministry! Please consider me for this gift.

  14. 3614
    Wanda Gandy says:

    Starting a 4 day journey…giving up time on my computer on Facebook/Pinterest, etc… to focus on my relationship with Christ and pray for a personal need. In my search for wholesome things to read/view I came to your website.
    Thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus with women. Living Proof Ministry is a blessing.

  15. 3615
    Kris Turner says:

    Thank you for following God’s call to minister to us women. It makes a difference and inspires me in my walk with Christ.This is one more wonderful tool that I would be blessed to have.

  16. 3616
    Heather Terhune says:

    Heather Terhune! Yay!!!

  17. 3617
    Cathey Bedford says:

    I am a new sister in Christ

  18. 3618
    Kim Streich says:

    thanks for the opportunity!

  19. 3619
    Phyllis Taylor says:

    Yes, please include me, this looks so fascinating, another way to learn about Jesus.

  20. 3620
    sarah birmingham says:

    Sounds wonderful as always! What a blessing your walk with Jesus has been to all of us:)

  21. 3621
    Maria Beach says:

    I truly want to know “The Sacred Secret” – Thank you so much.

  22. 3622
    Jennifer Krebbs says:

    I’d like for all my dark secrets to be changed to sacred redeemed ones and I believe there are several other women in my life path that feel the same way… Definately something to share with all the women in my life….

  23. 3623
    Susan Spencer says:

    Beth, thanks for all you do! My life is infinitely blessed because of you!!

  24. 3624
    Zena Griffeth says:

    Zena Griffeth. I can’t wait to do this study! Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. 3625
    Cindy Childers says:

    Cindy Childers

  26. 3626
    Cindy Davis says:

    Cindy Davis

  27. 3627
    Michele Schroeder says:

    We have a several Bible Study groups through out the week offered by our Church, many of these are based out of Church Members homes. Two of these studies offered are always studies done by Beth Moore. She has taught many, encouraged many and have held us up.

  28. 3628
    Karen Stowe says:

    Love you! Karen Stowe

  29. 3629
    Jill Bright says:

    Would love to start a new group at our church! Perfect opportunity. Thanks for the offer.

  30. 3630
    Ada Roeser says:

    I would LOVE to do this study with my young adult daughter and her friends:)
    Ada Roeser

  31. 3631
    Jane Hyden says:

    Sounds wonderful…doing Daniel study this year. Starting next week and cannot wait.

  32. 3632
    Lisa Bogemann says:

    Looking forward to your upcoming simulcast!

  33. 3633
    Kim Davis says:

    I need this! 🙂

  34. 3634
    Karen Strong says:

    Karen Strong

  35. 3635
    Kathy Smith says:

    Yes…I want to know the secret. This empty nester’s new journey needs a guide. Just saying sister!

  36. 3636
    Ashley says:

    Ashley Clark

  37. 3637
    Martha O'Tuel says:

    Martha O’Tuel

  38. 3638
    Michele Walker says:

    Thank you Beth and LPM for your helpful studies! I would love to host a neighborhood study. May God continue to richly bless!!

  39. 3639
    Donna Damgaard says:

    The Siesta Memory Scripture challenge has been an unexpected, incredible blessing this year in my life. May God continue to shower us with them!

  40. 3640
    Susan Phelps says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway! Sound great 🙂

  41. 3641
    Ann Blair says:

    Any giveaway by you Bath would be very sacred. Looking forward to finding out what you have up your little sleeve! Many blessings. Yoou are so wonderful.

  42. 3642
    Cindy Elder says:

    I can’t wait to see how one combines “sacred” and “secret”!

  43. 3643
    kellyinpa says:

    On week 6 of “Stepping Up” and will soon need a new bible study, this looks like a great one! Thanks for the offer:)

    Kelly Buffington

  44. 3644
    Michelle O'Neal says:

    Happy Wednesday Girls, have a beautiful day! Michelle

  45. 3645
    D'Anna Nowack says:

    I have done each and everyone of your bible studies, and taught 6 of them (some several times). You’ve been used by God to change my life, and the life of many women in my sphere of influence.
    Love In Christ, D’Anna Nowack

  46. 3646
    Lucy Warren says:

    Love your studies!

  47. 3647
    Ann Harrison says:

    Thanks for your ministry. I have grown greatly through your studies and blogs

  48. 3648
    Sharon says:

    Scared Secret…Hummm….Love to find out!
    Sharon St. Clair

  49. 3649
    Julie Mapstone says:

    Julie Mapstone

  50. 3650
    Kathy Carden says:

    Would love to win this for a group of young ladies I am leading. We have done several Beth Moore studies and they have loved them all.