For You in Your 20’s and You Who Will Pray For Them

**UPDATE: We are just so happy to have all of you 20-somethings flock to requesting prayer! Our faithful God surely hears, and cares to His core! If you do not see a specific partner reply to your request, know that the LPM Staff have adopted you. We will pray for each of you, joyfully!

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that we can come to really love someone we wouldn’t have even known to like. Someone from an entirely different part of the country or the planet. Someone from a totally different tradition of our faith. Someone in another generation who serves God in a way that is fresh and exhilarating to us. I have a whole mental list of those and just this morning prayed for a number of young women that I’ve gotten to “know” there on that ridiculous stream of social media that I love. It is a young man that I’ve come to appreciate so much, however, that prompted this post. His name is Jefferson Bethke. I didn’t know anything about him until 6 months ago when Melissa, my youngest daughter, told me she enjoyed following him on Twitter. He is a great communicator God clearly has His hand upon and a poet who creates fantastic thought-provoking videos. I’m glad to have the privilege to tell you about him but that’s not why I’m bringing him up today. A week or so ago on Twitter he mentioned sitting on the airplane, moved with emotion over various testimonies he’d been reading of lives dramatically changed by Jesus Christ. It hit me right then that one of the things I loved best about him is that the young man simply has a pure heart. He just flat-out loves Jesus and loves people. It’s consistent in everything he says and writes. I felt an urgency right that moment to ask God to protect that holy passion and sustain it the length of his days.

And that’s when I thought of all of you in his same generation who really do want to honor God and fulfill the purpose for which He planted your feet on this earth.

Here’s what I want to say to you: you really can maintain a pure and fiery heart toward Christ and His mission on earth but make no mistake: you will not do it by accident.

If you want a pure heart, you better be willing to fight for it. You will not keep it any other way.

The first big relief is that we can’t conjure one up on our own. God alone can create in us a pure heart and renew a right spirit within us. (Psalm 51:10) He alone can set it ablaze with holy passion. But out of God’s sovereign wisdom, He determined that guarding the heart He formed and lit within us would, in many ways, fall to us. We’re to own part of that job.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Our second huge relief is that we can have a pure heart whether or not we have a pure past. Thank You, Jesus. If not, I and many others would be stuck for a lifetime with dark distorted hearts and deformed desires.

There are many other things more effective voices could tell you about guarding your heart toward Christ, toward people He’s sent you to serve and toward His mission on this planet. Ask them and learn from them. My purpose today is to pitch into the mix a couple of things that I’ve learned – and keep learning – in case any of it resonates with you. I also want to pray for you and call others to do the same. Here goes:

*Your heart will cool off if you do nothing to guard it. Jesus warned us in the 24th chapter of Matthew that “because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (V.12) We’re exposed to so much suffering and violence, pain, pretense, and wrongdoing in the world that, even as a defense against feeling so much, we’ll naturally thicken up. I’m certainly not suggesting we be less informed. Uninformed Christians can be a waste of light in the darkness. What I’m suggesting is that, if you want to keep a warm, feeling heart, you better be prepared to fight like mad for it.

*Over time, you can get really cynical. For one thing, cynicism can be really funny so we get drawn to it. It also tends to be cooler. You have to be willing to be one of those that the cynics could make fun of.

*You have to realize that guarding your heart means guarding its willingness to love and be exposed out there where it can get wronged or wounded. A couple of years ago I was researching God’s self-disclosure in Exodus 34:5-7 and stumbled onto something that totally changed the way I looked at guarding my heart. Here’s the segment so you can see it for yourself:

5 Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD. 6 And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7 maintaining love…

See that word “maintaining”? It is a form of the same Hebrew term used in Proverbs 4:23  for “guarding” our hearts. In other words, a huge part of guarding my heart is maintaining love. It was a total game changer for me because somehow I had associated guarding my heart with keeping it sheltered. Try to fathom that God actively maintains His love toward us. He guards it. Using that same concept, He calls us to maintain our love toward other people. If I want to stay in love with my husband, for instance, I better actively practice maintaining it because, left to its nature, it will grow cold.

One of the things that God keeps teaching me to do is pray with everything in me and on an ongoing basis to love Jesus more than anything I can see or touch in this human realm. He promises in Scripture to grant us everything we pray in His will and in His name. (1 John 5:14-15)  Since His greatest command was that we love (Mark 12:30-31), you can pray for it with absolute confidence that He’s going to do it. In fact, every time you ask God for it, go ahead and thank Him in advance that He’s going to accomplish it. He will. Then when He starts doing it, you start guarding it with all your might.

Ask Him continually to stir fire in your bones for His Word and for His mission. Ask Him to sustain it in you and teach you how to guard it through every inch of your lifespan. Only put up with a sense of spiritual flatness for a matter of days. That’s completely normal. But when it begins to turn into weeks, go face-down on that floor and ask God to give you insight into what seems off and to revive your heart. Don’t just accept coldness. Fight for love.

What is it you want from God? Pray for it feverishly! “Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.” That’s what 1 Corinthians 14:1 says.

Also ask others to pray these things over you. That’s what I am hoping this blog post will be about today.

Here’s what I’m asking all of you to do if you’re willing:

*Those of you in your 20’s, tell us at least your first name, where you’re from, and a little bit about you in a comment so that we can personalize our intercessions for you.

*The rest of you choose one of them to pray for (or two, if you have the time), let them know in a reply under their comment that you are adopting them for intercession for the next 14 days. Tell them where you’re from as well. I think they’ll like knowing that, too. As long as every 20-something gets signed-up for, it doesn’t matter if a number of you are praying for the same individual. If they’re like us, they’d be ecstatic to have the extra prayer covering. Pray as you feel led by God but, within that intercession, pray particularly for God to stir up and sustain a holy passion in them for Himself, His mission, and for people on this planet, and that they will be alert and proactive in guarding their hearts to last a lifetime. Ask God forthrightly to deliver them from any area of bondage, strengthen them in temptation, and deliver them from evil. Love them with all your might through prayer.

Let’s partner with this generation and intercede powerfully for them. They are the rising future of the church of Jesus Christ at this tumultuous time on the Kingdom calendar. Let’s pray them out there.


Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you, and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints.  1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 ESV




PS. To our regular blog community: I put this in a comment but I’m afraid many of you may not see it.

I am grateful beyond expression for your participation on this post. Please move at the same pace that you see our 20-somethings sign up. In other words, if at our first moderation there are 15 of them, see that all 15 are spoken for then, instead of doubling and tripling up on the same small group, watch for others to be posted and claim those. Assume in about 48 hours that we’ll probably have around 80% of the 20-somethings that will end up participating. Still, check every couple of days for about a week to make sure everybody gets covered if you don’t mind. Sisters, this woman right here KNOWS how powerfully you pray. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. You are solid gold in the Kingdom of God! Pray for these young people like you’d want somebody to pray for your own children, whether or not you have any. Take them on as blood. Pray with faith and holy fire. Pray like the near future of the church depends on Jesus revealing Himself through them. They are so worth it. JESUS is so worth it.

I love you guys madly.



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  1. 351
    Angela says:

    My name is Angela and I am 26 years old. I recently moved to Virginia and having a rough go of it, living on my own. I am unemployed and really need a job. I desperatly just want to be doing what God is calling me to do but at this time I am not sure what that is. I am very lonely and desire to get married but I do not want to settle so this waiting period is very tough. I desire to be used by God in anyway that can help the hurting and bring His healing power to them. Any prayers would be much appreciated for me to find a job, a church, an older wiser woman to mentor me and a husband 🙂 Thank you!

    • 351.1
      Sharon says:


      I will be praying for you! I feel like I know you already because I’ve been there…I am 35 and live in Virginia as well. I recently got married (two years ago) but for years thought God had forgotten me in that regard. I too desperately wanted to be doing what God was calling me to do and not wasting my singleness, but did not know what it was…I still struggle to know at times. I know your loneliness, I know your waiting, I know your desires and your struggles. I will pray that God will give you direction and that He will not be silent to you and that you will know without a doubt that He has NOT forgotten you. You are loved and you have a purpose beyond what you could ever imagine…keep pressing into Him Angela! If you feel like sharing where in Virginia you live, I might have some connections if I live close. In the meantime, I am praying for you!

      • Angela says:

        Hi Sharon,
        Thank you so much for your prayers. You praying that God will not be silent is absolutely perfect because I have been praying the same thing. Just desperately needing something to hold onto from God that I am doing the right thing and somehow a glimpse or a hug from Him to keep me going and renew my strength. Its been one closed door after the other and it gets so tiring. Also, I need the perspective that I know life could be way worse and I do have many things to be thankful for. I am located in Lynchburg, I do not know if that is near you! But very cool that you are in Virginia! Thank you so much for praying for me it means so much to me! It does seem like you understand where I am perfectly 🙂

  2. 352
    Brooke says:

    My name is Brooke and I reside in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I am and will be eternally greatful for the job that I am currently at. However, I feel like there is more that I can be doing. Please pray for open doors and an open heart. Thank you for your prayers. I know that The Lord hears our cry. Thank you.

    • 352.1


      I am and empty nester from North Texas who has a daughter exploring God’s destiny for her in Oklahoma City! 🙂 It would be a pleasure to lift you before our Lord and pray His blessings over you.

      I am praying for you, Brooke. That God would open the doors that no man can shut and that He will shut any doors that should not be open to you. I pray that your heart would be open and rejoice at new opportunities! I praise God for the testimony about your job and pray that He continually blesses you as you come in and go out.

      Bless you sweet girl,

  3. 353
    Meaghan says:

    My name is Meaghan and I am 28 years old. Only a couple years left as a 20 something. I cherish your prayers for me. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are ecstatic. We are praying fervently for our little one that he or she will love and serve God wholeheartedly above all else. We are also praying for a healthy baby. I ask that you would pray for my husband, Andrew, and I that we will be Godly parents and that He will provide us will all that we need to raise this baby! Thank you for your prayers! They mean the world to me!

  4. 354
    Rachel says:

    Hi! My name is Rachel, and I’m 27. I praise the Lord for all He’s done in my life so far, and look forward to all He will do. I work for a Christian institution. I have struggled for years with strongholds in my mind, and would love prayer in that area, as well as direction for future decisions. Thank you so much!

    • 354.1
      Shannon Thies says:

      Hi Rachel. I’m just up the way from you in Pekin, IL. I will be praying for you and your husband. My husband and I are the Corps Officers at The Salvation Army here in Pekin. Social Workers must keep our hearts guarded and maintained especially when we want to be a blessing to those who God has called us to minister to but still help them to see the underlying issues in their lives. Praying for wisdom, understanding and faith to go where He calls you. Much love in Christ! -Shannon Thies

  5. 355
    Alma says:

    Hi my name is Alma and I’m from Mexico. I graduated from Bible College last year and since then I’ve felt to do somethng for the women in my country. Just a couple of months ago God stirred up my heart to really take action in placing value upon women. It is a huge step that I’m going to take but it is sometimes scary and also I feel like I don’t know where to start. Please pray that I can be sensitive to God’s voice and direction.And to be able to leave all those fears and insecurity behind so I can move forward in what God has called me to do. Thank you!

    • 355.1
      Debbie Watson says:

      Alma, My name is Debbie from Birmingham, AL. Mexico is very near and dear to my heart. I have wonderful friends who live in Los Mochis and have been there many times on mission trips. I can just see the faces of those precious women – so many who are needing to know Jesus. My heart longs for the Gospel to spread like wildfire throughout the country of Mexico. I will pray for you as you discern the direction God may be leading you – and then to have the courage to go forth with passion and fire. I’m excited for you!

      • Alma says:

        Debbie thank you so much for all your prayer and encouragement. It’s awesome that you have been in Mexico and you have seen the need of men and women to know Jesus. I can feel your passion and it encourages me. Thank you for being a warrior in prayer and investing in others.

  6. 356
    Jyothi says:

    Hi my name is Jyothi and I am currently living in Houston Texas! I am a 20 something going through some might changes. My husband is a pastor and has been feeling to call to plant a church- in another city-~~!!! Absolutely everything in me screams no. We are just finally getting comfortable in this city, loving our current church that we serve, and really understanding what it means to lead by example and love on the people. I personally feel that ministry can be at times lonely, hard, and puts EXTRA expectations on me and my husband more than any other “occupation” would. In saying so, all I can think of is selfish reasons of why we should not go- and its all centered around how hard I believe it will be and to be quite frank, I am scared for us financially to go down that road. There are times when I wish that ministry was not this hard …I ALWAYS wonder why Christians struggle/face crisis and temptations so much when serving Him. I absolutely need prayer because I need guidance, I need the Lord to speak to me, and I want to honor God and honor my husband. I just don’t want to go forward dragging my feet, and I don’t ever want to regret making that move with my husband.

    I am also a counselor working at a job that is causing me immense stress and unhappiness, and yet there is a reason why God brought me here… please pray that He speaks to me… or at least brings me through not burned.
    Finally, God has done some REMARKABLE things in my life and I feel like there must be a way that I can use that and my skills to bring freedom to other women – but I feel so lost, everytime I take a step forward in the direction to start to utilize the skills He has blessed me with- I get discouraged.
    I truly long to have faith strong enough that would not waiver, boldness, courage to speak and proclaim His name anywhere, and a love so passionate for Him that would outweigh EVERY SINGLE discomfort this short life would bring, and a thirst that drives so deep that I wake up longing to spend time with our Maker and long for others to know Him and feel that too.
    Thank you for reading and praying for me

    • 356.1
      Debbie Forrester says:

      Hi Jyothi,
      My name is Debbie, I’m 55, and I live close to Knoxville, TN, but I grew up in Wichita Falls, TX. I read your post Thurs. but didn’t have time to reply, so I memorized the number and looked you back up today. Your prayer requests really touched my heart because one thing God has placed in every woman’s heart is a desire and longing for security, which makes any major change in our lives a HUGE trust issue. I will definitely pray about your situation. Life IS hard, but we face it with a Savior who has overcome. I know how hard it is to have struggles and face crisis
      and temptations because no matter what your age, that never really stops. We have an enemy who hates us, but a God who uses all our suffering and every trial to grow us into the woman He wants us to be. As I lift up each of your prayer requests, I will be praying I Thes. 5:23-24 NIV “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The One who called you is Faithful, and He will do it.”

      • Jyothi says:

        Thank you so much for taking time out to pray for me… it warms my heart knowing that there are people who will wage war against the enemy for others on their behalf.
        I am going to memorize that scripture and one day this will be part of the beautiful story God has written for me … of how I have overcome through Him.

    • 356.2
      Susan T says:

      Hi Jyothi~ I am Susan and live in the Chicago area. Being in ministry can be so very draining and so hard. Many believe that Pastors are superhuman and don’t face the same or even more difficult stuggles than those in their congregation. Satan loves to tempt and to discourage those who are making the most impact for Christ. I have been in the mental health field and also know that no matter how professional you are, it is also very draining and stressful.

      My prayer for you is that you keep your mind and heart on Jesus and that you can rest in his Love for you and his plan for your life. I pray that you and your husband can come to agreement and feel peace about the next step in ministry. May you both be willing to do whatever God has planned for you and rest in the knowledge you can do ALL things through Christ whether that be to stay or to go.

      I love your last paragraph…. I pray all those things for you Jyothi. God is faithful and won’t let you down! Trust Him to do it in his perfect timing! Don’t worry so much about the big picture…. seek to obey his leading daily and the big picture will eventually be revealed.

      In Him,
      Susan (40 something wife and mom of 2 teens- one with autism and one with rare blood disorder who has learned of God’s immense LOVE and faithfulness through all of life’s ups and downs.)

      • Jyothi says:

        Susan thank you so much for taking time out to pray for me. The big picture.. ahh the nagging thing behind my head all the time. I am learning to Trust Him especially during so many unknowns at this time.
        Wow, just reading that last line you wrote – truly encouraged me. I wish I could sit and hear your story one day =)

  7. 357
    Marissa says:

    I am Marissa, 20 years old, been suffering with debilitating anxiety since I was 12. God is doing great things in my life, and giving me great breakthrough but everyday is a choice to be ok and feel well. Anxiety keeps me out of the workplace, I have a passion in my heart to reach the population through media outlets such as YouTube. I would appreciate prayer for continual freedom from the bondage of anxiety, favor with YouTube, and peace for my husband as he has to carry all the financial stress in our marriage while attending school full time. He has the most incredible man with the biggest heart for the Lord I have EVER seen. So glad I found this thread today, just what I needed.

    • 357.1
      Anita says:


      My name is Anita and I am from MN. I have been with my husband for almost 15 years and most of that time he has dealt with anxiety and depression. We have dealt with it together, along with the help of Jesus. I will be praying for you.

  8. 358
    Ashley says:

    My name is Ashley and I’m 28 years old. My husband and I just moved from FL to NC to be directors of a discipleship program for college-aged students. This transition has not been easy, and I am trying to see the Lord at work here. I want to love and know Jesus more, and be able to spur our interns on to do the same. I also want to love them and my husband well.

    Thank you.

  9. 359
    Billie says:

    My name is Billie and I live in Ohio. I’m a single, soon to be 25 year old female and I’ve been serving in ministry since I was 18. I’m a Masters Commission Alumni and now studying Berean through Global University. I have gone through a lot of health trials and I’m still walking through them. I hold onto the faith that God’s healing story for me is different from any I have seen or been a part of for anyone else. I know my healing is coming. I had radio surgery/radiation on 2008 and a craniotomy brain surgery in 2009. It’s been a long road, but I know that God has big plans for my life and I want to ask for prayer for on the days that I’m sick that I will be strongly reminded of that and really held up by the strength of God. Also, prayer for healing so I can do the ministry I’ve been called to do without the sickness I feel and without it holding me back from things anymore. I really appreciate the prayers. I know our God is good and faithful.


  10. 360
    Aleah says:

    I’m a late 20’s stay at home mom of four (7,5,3,&1) in Northern CA. I love the Word and have a passion for people who are complacent and not tapping into the power God places at our fingertips. I blog monthly about what I’m studying and I would love to someday teach/write study materials. I know I’m doing what God has called me to do right now, but sometimes I just get so discouraged. I feel crushingly unqualified. I never finished college and don’t have any formal Biblical training besides just my own passion for digger deeper, but sometimes the laundry pile is what really feels “deeper still.” I work with my church’s jr high youth group and lead a wednesday night women’s study. Please pray for encouragement and endurance to seek the Caller, not the calling.

    I have no words to express how deeply, emotionally thankful I am for this call to prayer.

    • 360.1
      Aleah says:

      I don’t know who is praying for me, but wow! I’ve been accepted to a writer’s group I didn’t think I had a shot at, my blog post this month looks to be my most viewed yet, and my church’s denominational magazine just picked up an article I wrote on Millennial’s and the Church so I’m going to be “officially” published! Encouragement is raining down on me. Thank you so very much. Praising God for the rain! Bring it on! 🙂

  11. 361
    Jennifer says:

    I’m a 24 year old grad student living in Athens, GA. I have been in church all my life and have been a Christian since I was young. I have been struggling lately with feeling distant from God. I have recently taken steps that I thought would help with this but I still feel cold and have not seen the changes I hoped. I want to work for God, His kingdom, and have a passion for Him, but I feel utterly useless right now. A friend told me that “God made her too soft.” My response was “sometimes being hard you begin to wonder if you still have a heart” which sums up how I am feeling.

  12. 362
    Kate says:

    Hello! My name is Kate! I am 23 years old and from Jacksonville, Florida. I am recently married, so I would love to receive prayer for my marriage. My husband and I want to do great things for God’s kingdom and touch many lives through the power of our marriage. We are going through a transitional period of life (newlyweds, new careers, etc.) so I am always praying for clear direction from the Lord. Thank you so much for the prayer and I look forward to praying for some of you too! Xo

    • 362.1
      Carol S says:

      Hi Kate,

      I would love to pray for you. What a special time in your life! I pray God will pour out his blessings on your marriage and use you both to advance his kingdom.

  13. 363
    Leanne W. says:

    Hello, sweet friends! I’m an almost 24-year old in the Dallas, TX. area.

    I’m in an odd spot in life – While I’m happily married to my husband (going on 2 years!), I find myself questioning my career and where I’m at now. What started out as a complete God-send of a job, has turned in to the exact opposite, or so it seems.

    I’ve been at the job a little over a year and a half and have realized that this is not the ministry or the purpose that I initially felt God calling me to. I feel that I’ve hit a brick wall and that I’m stuck in a job that leaves me unhappy — For various reasons: The people, the work, the environment, etc.

    I know I have a direct call on my life from the Lord for ministry, it’s what I went to college for, and this job has left me questioning, even questioning why the Lord called me to a place that seems to only be hurting me spiritually. I find myself struggling in my walk with Christ, with bitterness, being resentful, and not being thankful in the least bit. Whether this is all my own doing or the doing of those around me, is not the point, I’m in a pit that I never expected. It consumes every area of my life, even the good parts, like marriage with my husband — While he is totally supportive, I’m sure he’s worn out by my own unhappiness.

    I know what God asks of me in seasons of trials, but I find that even too daunting. Yet I know that in order for Him to use me in my next job, I must make my heart pure for Him. I need prayers of strength and wisdom to get out of this pit and to make my heart right again. And I definitely wouldn’t mind prayers for a different job opportunity, specifically in a ministry that I feel called to, something that I don’t so much consider a job, but something that I really do enjoy and find fulfillment in. I so desire to live out the purpose God has for me here in this life, especially with my career.

    Thank you so much for this post and these prayers!

    • 363.1
      Emily says:

      Sweet Leanne … i will be praying for you. As someone not much older than yourself (31!) who is going through a similar season of questions of the Lord for what’s next in my life/ ministry/ job/ career (I totally understand being unhappy in your job … believe me), your message stuck a cord with me and I will be praying for you.

      Be encouraged … God hears us & he never leaves us or forsakes us. I am in a season of crying out for wisdom & clarity and Proverbs 2 has blessed me … Read the Scripture, PRAY, and seek wise counsel of others. Be humble enough to take HIM at HIS WORD … He is Faithful! (I’m preaching this to myself too!) I will be praying for you, sweet sister! Be encouraged.

      • Leanne W. says:


        Thank you so much! I have left this page unvisited for a while now and just last night a reminder went off in my head to revisit this page and see if anyone had replied to my request. Thank the Lord for you, Emily! I so appreciate your prayers and words of wisdom, you don’t even know. I’m so glad someone can relate to my journey at this point, it definitely makes your prayers that much more worth while. I will be praying for you as well. Thank you so much, beyond words, for your prayers. I pray the Lord’s peace on you and thank Him for your prayers.

  14. 364
    Lindsay says:

    Hi, my name is Lindsay. I’m a 27 year old from Dallas, TX. I am a stay at home mom to a 15 month old little girl.

  15. 365
    Alicia says:

    My name is Alicia and I live in Houston, TX. I have been married for almost 3 years and blessed with an incredible marriage. I have recently been experience stress/anxiety attacks and I want to pray that I will not allow the Devil to enter my mind in that way and get me upset. I know that I am the daughter of the Most High King, but hard to focus on that with everything else in the world going on.

  16. 366
    Megan says:

    I am 28 and live in Dallas Texas. I am currently an athletic trainer at a High School. I believe that God is trying to do something significant in my life right now. I need prayer that I am open to what he has to say to me. I also need prayer for my interaction with my students daily. They are in need of guidance and for someone to show them the love of God. I pray that I can do that daily but I probably fail at that more days than not. Knowing that there are people out there willing to pray for complete stangers is extremely encouraging to me.

  17. 367
    Sierra Williams says:

    My name is Sierra (25) in Starkville, MS. I was so blessed by this post and felt like I really needed the prayer Beth mentioned. I want that consuming love for Jesus to present in me every day, and for it to propel in the plan He has for me.

    • 367.1
      Kathy A. says:

      Hi, Sierra! I’m Kathy (49) and I live in Leesburg, GA. Well, for the next 14 days (and I’m sure way longer than that!), I will be praying that God will fill you with an all-consuming love for Him – like the “ALL your heart, mind, soul and strength” kind of love! – and that you would never be lukewarm or cold but always on fire for Him. He does have awesome plans for you! – plans to prosper you, not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11) – and I know that no matter what He has chosen specifically for you to do, you are going to shine bright for Him!

  18. 368
    Ariel says:

    Hi, I’m Ariel, 26 from New York State. I finished my master’s degree a year ago and have been unemployed since then, which has been really tough. I’ve struggled with trying to figure out what God’s purpose for my life’s work is supposed to be: I’m really interested in writing and service with homeless and food insecure people but unsure of how to go about pursuing these things as a career. Am also praying to love God even more strongly and be able to find a spouse.

  19. 369
    Natalie Aguayo says:

    Hi my name is Natalie, I am 22 years old from Salt Lake City, Utah. Right now I am a graduate from college working full time trying to find God’s calling in my life. Right now I could use prayer over me in the area of finding the right man God has for me. I am currently in pursuit of a relationship with someone who is a man of God, but is not very favorable in my family’s eyes. I have complete peace about this individual, but I fear as to how my family is going to treat me and this individual as we try to pursue a relationship together. I ask for prayer for wisdom and reassurance in this situation of my life. I have a loving family that I know care for me, but it’s hard finding that happy balance of doing what I feel is right and what they feel is right. At the end of the day, I ask that God will continue to guide me in this relationship and keep my motives pure and will show me the way.
    Thank you!!

  20. 370
    Wade says:

    I’m 29, and a pastor starting a new church. So, first of all pray for the church, particularly as we I try to discern the next steps in reaching the unchurched in my city (Tuscaloosa, AL). But also pray for me, that the passion that God used to first call me to ministry will only grow. Age and time has a way of making my heart more callous to God’s spirit, and I want to guard against that, as Beth said above. Pray also that I would respond to whatever God’s best desires are for my future (for starting the church, for my hopes of finding a wife and starting a family) with courage and faithfulness. Thanks!

  21. 371
    Maddie says:

    I admit..I’m not 20..but I will be in a couple months so I thought I would include myself 😉

    I am about to finish my freshman year of college, and two days after my last final, I will be on a plane to Africa…crazy! I felt the Lord calling me to use my summer in a very impactful way for Him. I will be spending 6 weeks in Ghana, sharing the gospel every day with the college student there. While I am crazy excited, I am also terrified. This is not my first oversees missions trip, but it is by far the longest, and already the hardest in some ways. I have grown so much this year, but I find myself constantly feeling inadequate and question God’s decision to put me on this team. I want to do this to get out of my comfort zone, to see God work, and to be in the will of my God. Thank you for your prayers sisters 🙂

  22. 372
    Danielle says:

    My name is Danielle. I am 24 years old and live and work in college ministry in Eugene, OR. I love The Lord and am so thankful that He has blessed me with the opportunity to lead college-age people and share His love with them. Prayers for a deeper love and fire for Him, His Word, and His will would be such a blessing! I’m seeking His will in some decisions about next year, and the thing that will grant me the most clarity is a heart that is growing ever closer to His. I want to be found faithful to Him, and to always be passionately in love with my Lord, and so full of Him that He overflows onto the people around me, because many people that I love dearly haven’t accepted His love and truth yet, my family included. Thank you!

  23. 373
    Danielle says:

    Hi, I’m Danielle and I am 24 years old. I was sexually abused as a young child and have spent the past few years dealing with all of my feelings and processing that. Only in the past few months have I begun to work on my relationship to God and trust Him. I would love prayer for more trust in Him, more love for Him, unending faith in His plan for my life and patience at His pace for my journey. Thank you!

    • 373.1
      Amanda says:

      Hi Danielle! My heart breaks for you as I read your prayer request. I am encouraged that in your pain you have sought God’s love and comfort. I will pray that you continue to love and trust him more!

    • 373.2
      Pam says:

      Hi Danielle. Pam here in Missouri. Been there and have walked through God’s healing. Now I KNOW God to be a Father, who pulls me close under His arm, close to His chest to hear His heart. Rejoice, for what He has begun He will complete. I will gladly chat with our Father, to hear His heart for you, His beloved daughter.

    • 373.3
      Caitlin says:

      Hey Danielle,
      My name is Caitlin Way and I’m just 22, but I was sexually abused as a child from about 7-14, and it wasn’t until about 4 or 5 years ago that I started to face it and try to sort it all out. I spent a lot of time thinking it was unfair, certain that I had done something wrong and was getting dished out my fair punishment from God, and basically every other form of bitterness and anger you can think of. In fact, I still have my days and moments where I question who I’d be or where I’d be had I not experienced all those things. It wasn’t until after my freshman year of college that I “found” God, or came to the realization He was right there the whole time waiting for me to acknowledge His presence so He could help me and answer the questions and frustrations that were burning inside of me. The day I started searching for these answers in the Word was the game changer. A couple of helpful verses that I still stand on and are a huge part of my testimony today are John 9:2-3 and Genesis 50:20. The other way God has allowed me to heal has been by providing opportunities to share my story. I am a college athlete so I get lots of opportunities to stand up in front of people of all ages and tell them where God has brought me. It has been in those times, seeing God change lives through my personal tragedy, that I am, believe it or not, thankful for where I was and more thankful for the journey of deliverance to where I am. Those are the times you can fall back on when you feel like throwing in the towel or have those days when the past just won’t quit knocking at the door trying to drag you down. I will be praying for you and I encourage you oh so much to seek God out and rest in His truth. He has been the greatest healer, comforter, shoulder to cry on, etc. I could have ever asked for! Hugs!

  24. 374
    Stephanie says:

    Hi! I’m Stephanie and I live in Central Virginia in the city where I was born and raised. I’m 27 years old and I’ve been teaching middle school for 6 years.

    I’m a pastor’s kid and grew up in the faith, but didn’t truly mature and own it until I had to make decisions for myself when I went away to college. Now that I’ve returned, I’ve struggled off and on with the culture shock of being back in an environment where I’m not completely surrounded by my peers anymore. Many college friends moved back home and we’re spread out among several states. This support system sustained and grew me in my walk with the Lord in college and I’m so thankful I’ve maintained these friendships since returning to my hometown. I miss that type of relationship and it’s grown increasingly difficult to find close friendships as everyone is in vastly different stages in life: marriage, children, or singleness. I specifically am requesting prayer over that area of my life: that God would continue to supply the people I need who will encourage me in my relationship with Him.

    I love teaching and I love my students, but there are times when I question my call or how long God wants me to stay in this profession. I love having my summer open so I can go on mission trips, but at the end of every trip, the thought of going into full time ministry or missions nags me. I have a hard time clarifying whether it’s my emotion influencing me or if it’s truly God beginning to steer me in a different direction.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to lift one another up in prayer! It’s such a blessing to have this community of prayer warriors so readily available.

  25. 375
    Carey says:

    I’m Carey from Oklahoma and I’m 29. I’m a pastors wife and we have 3 littles ones who are 2, 4, & 6. I’m a stay at home mom and while I love this stage I also feel very isolated many days and find myself wondering if this whole being in ministry thing is worth being far from all our family and friends? Is it worth the heartache we’ve had to endure at the hands of church members and even our last senior pastor. My mom lost a very short battle with cancer 18 months ago and that has only added toy feelings of isolation. Pray for meaningful and trustworthy friendships and for me to find passion in something again. I’m tired of being tired. I love Jesus, oh I love Him, I’m just not sure where I fit in His plan right now.

  26. 376
    Summer says:

    Hey, my name is Summer, and I’m from Georgia. I’m an economics and finance major, and an aspiring attorney. I would just like to ask for prayer regarding my future plans. I know how easy it is to stray away and not live for the Lord as you should when you set your sights on the things of this world rather than Christ, and it is my prayer that I will remain focused on Him, and that I would honor Him and His word with all future endeavors.

  27. 377
    Shannon says:

    I’m 25 years old and live in Austin, Texas. I work for the local missions ministry of a church here and am specifically involved in mobilizing the local church in Austin to get involved in the foster care system. I’m praying right now that I would hold everything that God has given me with an open hand, and that I would trust Him in a season of change. Even in the midst of some uncertainty about what direction my life is headed, I want to be able to praise Him and trust Him for each day. I want to love Jesus more than anything else, and fight for holiness, faith, and joy to be marks of my life. Also praying that my community of ladies that I live life with would be strengthened and that we would love each other well!

  28. 378
    Erin says:

    My name is Erin and I am a 24 year old woman living in the Denver area. I am getting my MDiv right now with hope of teaching/preaching and writing curriculums one day. My passion truly lies in issues of justice. I want to be a voice for those who have experienced abuse and help the church be a place where healing happens. My heart is to equip churches to help prevent abuse by educating teens and providing recovery especially those in the demographic of 18-35 (a very complex matter). I also want to help pastor’s prepare to deal with this issue both on an individual level, and from the pulpit. It is an interesting passion and burden I have because I really dont’ know where God is taking me, and what it will look like. I am in my first semester of seminary, and it is so hard. So often I feel very inept, insecure and completely incapable. There have been other moments of just wanting to give up. Pray that I would remember why I am there and not lose hope. Also, that I would remain steadfast in my passion for the Lord and that I would protect our relationship above all else. No amount of knowledge can replace the intimacy between him and I. May I never forget that.

    In addition to that, I am dating and praying for discernment regarding the man I am with. Is he the man that should partner with me in what God is calling me to do? I am being confronted with it being different than I expected, but better than I could have ever dreamed. After failed relationships that have been horrifically abusive, this is an area of my life that causes a great deal of anxiety for me. This relationship is far different than anything I have ever been in, but I am having to face some of my own fears regarding marriage. Truthfully, he has been wonderful, and I have a lot of peace. Truly, I just need wisdom and the courage to keep moving forward with a man who respects and treats me as a woman of great value.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers. This is such a beautiful community. And thank you Ms. Beth for thinking of my generation. It means so much… to each and every one of us.

  29. 379
    Erin says:

    Hey, y’all! I’m Erin, a twenty something from the mountains of East Tennessee! I’m a 21 year old junior at Carson-Newman University. I am currently over the middle school and high school girls ministry at my church and I would ask that you would pray that God would ANOINT me to do his work in advancing the gospel to the girls in my realm and that I would equip them to be effective missionaries in their schools and communities. We are going on a Girls Retreat this weekend (called Abide, based off of John 15:9) where we seek to encourage, uplift, and challenge the girls in the ministry God has appointed me. Thank you in advance for your prayers! I am convinced that God is able to do what he has promised us in his word!

  30. 380
    Samantha says:

    Hey ladies,
    My name is Samantha and I am a 21 (almost 22) year old wife and mother-to-be. My first child (a GIRL named Natalie!) is due June 8th. I will be finishing up my degree this fall along with juggling being a wife, mom, homemaker, etc. Please pray for my pregnancy, labor, marriage, motherhood, and schooling among other things!
    Love in Christ!

  31. 381
    Kerri says:

    Hi, my name is Kerri. I am 21 and I first want to say I just loved this blog post!

    A little bit about me…I am single, living about six hours away from most of my family. This summer I am going to be working with a ministry called Bible Memory Ministries. Kids memorize Bible verses throughout the year ths in the summer, they get to go to Bible Memory Camp. I will be on staff with the camp as we travel to different states. It is going to be a very stretching time flr me and but I am so, so excited to work with the othera on staff and just to have time to really invest in a lot of kids. But in recent months, I guess my biggest struggle has been to give up the troubles and hard stuff going on in life and just love on my Jesus. I love Him with my whole heart, but I feel like I don’t always do a great job of showing that. My prayer is that my life will be an honest and true representation to those around me of how much I love Him. This post was so much of what I needed right now. Thank you!

  32. 382
    Jordan says:

    I’m Jordan and I’m finishing up my freshman year at the University of South Carolina. I’ve been following Jesus for 3 years now. This first year of college has grown me in my walk with Christ exponentially. I’ve had to dig deep and trust The Lord more than I ever have before, and I’ve seen His faithfulness prevail again and again. This summer I’m interning with my church in kid’s ministry, and I would love prayers that I learn and grow from this experience even more than I’ve experienced this year. I know that The Lord has called me into full time ministry one day, and I obviously don’t know when that will be or what that looks like, but I want The Lord to really prep my heart through my internship this summer!

  33. 383
    Emily says:

    My name is Emily and I’m originally from Huntsville, Alabama. I’m 22, single, and graduating from college this May. I don’t yet know what my plans are for after graduation. I am extremely passionate about orphans, and I feel God leading me to the country of Russia. The biggest thing I’m struggling with/need prayer for is to trust in God. Lately it seems like big things are happening for everyone around me. My best friends are engaged and starting their families. I guess I’m just battling the feeling that I’ve been forgotten by God. I want to trust that He is sovereign and will see to it that He fulfills His plans for my life. Thank you so much. God always uses this blog to encourage me 🙂

  34. 384
    Rachel says:

    Hi! My name is Rachel, I’m 24 and I live in Champaign, IL with my husband. He is an alternative school teacher and I am a nurse at a hospital. In the fall we will be working with parachurch campus ministry at the University of Illinois, though I will still be working as a nurse some. Many of Beth’s observations seem applicable to my life since college as I see how life changes have affected the fire she is talking about. I’d appreciate your prayers!

  35. 385
    Kinsey says:

    Hi! My name is Kinsey and I am 24. Thank you so much Beth for your kind words and most of all they’ve that flows through you in this post! I have several job opportunities ahead of me (praise The Lord!) but I really need Gods direction and which way to go. I want Him to get all the glory in my life especially my work environment!

    Thank you!

  36. 386
    Rachel H says:

    Hey ya’ll I’m Rachel! I am from the lovely state of Alabama (War Eagle!). I will be 22 in July and a college graduate in December (Yay!!). I am a social work major and feel led to work with victims of human trafficking. Over the past couple of months I have felt the Lord working in my life and have seen growth in myself. There are so many questions coming up as graduation approaches. My prayer is that He continues to work in my life and that I would know the direction He is leading me. I also pray that He would strengthen me and, like Abraham, I would not be hesitant to boldly go where He calls me. I want His strength to replace the fears that Satan so often places in my mind. I want the discernment to know His voice. Most importantly, I just want to fall more in love with Jesus.
    Thank you for your prayers!

    • 386.1
      Carol S says:

      Hi Rachel! It would be my honor to pray for you. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. I have a daughter finishing her freshman year at Auburn so I know this time is challenging for you. I will pray for God to speak into your heart and guide your path. Blessings!

      • Rachel H says:

        Thank you so much for your prayers! I will be praying for your daughter as she takes her finals! I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you through prayer. Be blessed!

  37. 387
    Rose says:

    Hi, my name is Rose! I am a 26 year preschool
    teacher, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    I find myself yearning more and more for a
    deeper and more passionate relationship with
    Christ, I find with all of my insecurities that
    stand in the way of that deeper relationship.
    I also am in search for the Godly man that
    God has for me.

  38. 388
    Grace George says:

    Praise the Lord! My name is Grace and Im 23 years old, Im from Vancouver, currently living in Chicago. I would love to get some prayer lovin as I prepare for my licensing exams this year. As this year has been full of up’s and down’s, so far I’ve just been floating through. I’m a final year student and I hope and pray that God would raise me to be strong in faith to have confidence in Him that He will bring me through till the glorious end. I also pray He will help me bring Jesus into the lives of all the people I come across. I hope Jesus just grabs a hold of my heart and never let’s go. With each passing day, I pray that His name be glorified in everything I do. Thank you for praying for me, who ever you are. I pray that God blesses you with a double fold blessing and anointing as you continue to pray for people like me. God is good through it all. Thank you.

    • 388.1
      Amy Armelle says:

      Grace, you are my girl!I would love to have the honor of lavishing some “prayer lovin'” on you for the next 14 days. I am 37,live in the south Chi-town suburbs,and I will be lifting you up as you go through your exams. I will also pray that your light and passion for Christ will not be dimmed by the “Windy City” but will burn even brighter and others will be led to him by you. You keep holding on to Jesus, and everything else will fall into place, he is faithful and he will keep you from falling!HE LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH, and he has an awesome plan for your life, Grace! You keep your faith focused on him and he will not only bring you through, but you will arrive in style. God bless, my little Siesta, and thank you for letting me pray for you!!!

  39. 389
    Christina says:

    I am 22 years old, graduated from Texas A&M University and currently live in The Woodlands, TX. My mom is a single mother of 2 and was diagnosed with breast cancer this past year at the age of 59. I would like prayer to utilize my spiritual gifts, have fruitful relationships, and to develop a better knowledge of the word.

    Thanks for the prayers!

  40. 390
    Kimber says:

    Kimberly in ID. I am 28 yrs old, a wife and mom to 3 little girls. I would love prayer for more opportunities to share Jesus. As my job is at home, that “fish” would come to me. I have been taking an evangelism class and been looking for situations where I can share my Jesus. I want my love for people to grow. Also, for clarity and wisdom as my husband and I start the adoption process. I also have a prayer ministry specifically focused on a strip club near our church. Pray for our group to know how to pray and to know how Jesus would minister to the girls who work there. Also, that Jesus would make opportunities for us to contact and have relationship with the girls who work there.

  41. 391
    Ashley says:

    My name is Ashley, 24 years old, from Texas. I’m graduating with an MPH (Health Promotion) in about 3 weeks. The next week and half are very intense as I close out my graduate studies and overall academic career (for the time being). I need the Lord’s guidance in my “next steps”. I do not yet have a job but am trying to trust His provision. (Anyone happen to be hiring or know someone who is hiring recent MPH grads for Health Promotion or Health Education?)

    I would appreciate prayers for trust in The Lord, grace, provision, and hope. I also pray for peace about this new life stage and for God’s guidance in and through it. 🙂

    Y’all are super!

  42. 392
    Natalie McGary says:

    Hello Everyone @ LPM,
    I wanted you to know that God has laid you on my heart this week. I have been praying for you. Thank you so much for all you do! I am deeper in love with Jesus because of it. Love and prayers to each one of you. Natalie Chicago

  43. 393
    Stacey Harder says:

    My name is Stacey, and I’m 22 years old. I live in Boise, ID and I work at Starbucks! I got engaged last week to an amazing, God-fearing man who has saved every part of himself for his wife (ME!). Next month I leave for a 2 week trip to the Philippines to work with girls who have been rescued out of the sex trade. I need LOTS OF PRAYER. Financial provision for the trip in the next two weeks (we still need $4,500), for the Holy Spirit to move through us while we are working with the girls, for safe travel. I also need a foundation laid for my marriage that is coming this year, and I need that foundation laid in the form of prayer by women who have gone on this path before me. I want my heart to cry out for God, my marriage to serve God, and my passion to be unleashed for His glory. Thank you THANK YOU for this post and for the prayers.

  44. 394
    Cathy Cook says:

    My name is Cathy and I live in Missouri. I am graduating from college in 25 days and am so excited for the next stage of my life with God.
    I need prayer because I am nervous to leave my close knit community at Bible college, but I am also so excited for the ministry that God has already allowed me to be a part of.
    The next few months are going to be crazy, settling in to my new job and a new apartment and such, but I am so excited to see what God does!

  45. 395
    Hannah Polley says:

    Hello! My name is Hannah and i’m from Illinois. While reading this post i felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and i felt he was telling me to sign up for this (and i mean why not? this is Beth Moore’s blog offering to pray for me!)
    Pray for me to fight for love, pray for me to be passionate and on fire. There is nothing more i desire that to desire God alone and to have a pure heart. I feel very strongly called to ministry in the areas of Worship and in speaking/teaching/writing. I’m in a dry spot right now spiritually and am going through a necessary but painful growing season. God is changing me and molding me into the Woman of God he designed me to be. I would love it if someone would join me and cover me in prayer as i seek Gods face and choose Him daily.
    Love you all!
    Thank you for this post.


    • 395.1
      Hannah Polley says:

      Forgot to include my age: I am 22 🙂

    • 395.2
      Alicia Roark says:

      Hi Hannah. My name is Alicia. I will be praying for you. It’s those moments when we experience ” dry seasons” that we need prayer from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

      I live in Williamsburg, VA. I’ll be praying that God will do a new thing in You. God bless you. Keep on keeping on in Jesus’ Name!

      Your prayer warrior!

      • Hannah Polley says:

        Hi Alicia! thank you so much for praying for me! I appreciate it so much! I’ll be praying for you as well!

        Hannah 🙂

  46. 396
    Rachel says:

    I’m a 20 year old junior in college studying Education. I have absolutely no idea what the Lord has for my future. In the past 2 years, I’ve watched my sister suffer from a crippling, incurable disease. Please pray for my family, that the Lord would continue to sustain and comfort us as we lean on Him when we simply don’t understand why. Through the journey with my younger sister, the Lord has used it to cultivate within my heart a deep-rooted love for His Word. He has shown me the sufficiency of it in every single situation, and I pray the Lord uses me to teach and equip those around me to see the same. Please pray the Lord gives me a heart for joyfully serving my family and being obedient to whatever He does with my future.

  47. 397
    Nachbi says:

    My name is Nachbi and I’m 22 years old living in Long Island, NY. God has been drawing me to ministry in a way that is evident to myself and those around me. The more I seek Jesus the more Matthew 9:37 comes to life not only in me but all around me. Initially I would of never thought of being in ministry but God’s grace has altered that perspective dramatically. Pray that I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and that I stay deeply routed in the Gospel. Pray that I all I say and do is done with love and heart of grace. Pray that I become a man after God’s own heart. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

  48. 398
    Jennifer Allyce says:

    My name is Jennifer and I’m currently 24 living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I work in neurodiagnostics in the heart of a trauma I center downtown hospital and have since I graduated from college. My independence is something I am known for, however I’m struggling with having a passion, a fire of faith. A full trust in God that if I were to let everything go and place it in His hands, EVERYTHING would be okay. I am currently applying to Physician Assistant programs and this might take me away from Indianapolis. While the adventure has always been something I have been drawn to, the thought of letting go of my security blanket that is this place terrifies me. But I feel God pulling me out of the depths here. I have many security blankets, if you will, my current job that isn’t where I feel led to stay, a boy that treats me like a back burner teapot at best, etc and I know there is so much more for me that God has planned. All I need is the strength, the faith, the FIRE, to take that step and be IGNITED into guarding my heart again from this world and not letting it become a security blanket. And not letting it tell me that average is okay. Because I know God has created me to be so much more.

  49. 399
    Lindsey says:

    My name is Lindsey. I’m a single girl in my twenties. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and am currently in school to get my masters of divinity. I have a heart for teenagers and long to help them see the importance of making their faith their own. The stress that comes from going to school and working three jobs to make ends meet can be difficult to bear at times. I would welcome any prayers to continue to persevere doing the work of the Lord. Remembering that it is HIS work, not my own.

  50. 400
    Katy says:

    Hi I’m Katy from Dayton, OH area. I’m 23 years old. Recently I’ve been struggling with hope and God’s love because of abuse that happened to me by some of my family members when I was a kid. I’ve seemed to lose my fire for God and I just want to continue to serve Him and love Him and accept His love in return. I want my heart to be so focused on Him that healing will come.

    Thanks for your prayers! I love this idea and am often reminded that my peers and I are the future of our church and pray that we would focus on God’s heart every day.

    • 400.1
      Pam says:

      Hi Katy. I know God to indeed be a deliverer, a holy, loving Father who set this captive free from her past. I will gladly sit with our Father to hear His heart for you. Nothing is too big for Him.

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