Sparkly Green Earrings – A Giveaway

*Update: Comments are now closed! And I’ve decided that y’all have some of the best hypothetical books around. You had me laughing out loud! Check back soon for our ten winners!


The weekend before last (I know, take a minute to figure that one out. It is Monday after all.), I drove myself to Katy, Texas. (While that may sound like I actually ventured out on a road trip, it really just means I drove 30 minutes across town.) (Also, I’m really into the parenthesis today.)

(I’m currently humoring myself and no one else. I know. Forgive me.)

The reason for my 30-minute road trip was because a sweet lady named Big Mama, I mean, Melanie Shankle, was doing a book signing at the Books-A-Million for her new book, Sparkly Green Earrings. You may have heard of her? Grin.

(By the way, if you’re curious as to why she refers to herself as Big Mama, you’ll be relieved to know she explains her alias in the first chapter of her book. But I’ll leave that story for her to tell. A little suspense is a good thing.)

Melanie has been blogging since before blogging became the thing to do, and her blog was one of the very first blogs I read. (How many times can I use the word blog in one sentence?) It was really love at first sight, or read. A few reasons I’ve loved Melanie’s blog are because she’s hilarious, real, a good writer, sarcastic and she loves Jesus. Need I say more?

Also, she does a really fun post every Friday called Fashion Friday, and I don’t know about you, but my materialistic side is really into fashion, and there is always something she’s finding online that’s adorable that I then put into my mental wish list.

Anyway, last Saturday I got lucky and both she and her equally hilarious daughter, Caroline, signed my copy of the book.

Truth be told, I love to read, but for the past week the book has sat on my bedside table. That is until I picked it up yesterday and devoured the first five chapters before I realized I would be late to church and miss prayer time unless I left right then.

(Y’all. I didn’t set my alarm yesterday morning, slept in, and went to our evening service. I don’t know, but I feel like a new woman. It was heavenly. But that has nothing to do with Sparkly Green Earrings. But I did feel sparkly. Whatever that means.)

You know those books that you pick up and they’re just easy to read, charming and you want to keep going because you’ve entered into their world without even knowing it? That’s how I feel about Sparkly Green Earrings. I realize I’m only five chapters in, but I can guarantee you it won’t take me longer than a week to finish it. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, not because I don’t love Melanie or her writing, but because it’s a book about motherhood, and, well, to state the obvious, I’ve not ventured into the land of motherhood, nor am I close, so I wasn’t sure if it would apply to me. But alas, it is so much more than motherhood, it is her story of motherhood and it is a sweet one. In fact, she talks about her best friend from the start, and I really resonated with that as I thought about my best friend, and our friendship, especially since she just walked through pregnancy and has her first baby girl that is my current obsession.

I say all of that to say this, our friend Melanie, and her whimsical book, made it on the NY Times Best Seller list this week. Listen, I’m no author, nor have I published a book, but I say that’s a pretty big stinkin’ deal and deserves a celebration.

Need proof? Here’s a picture.

So, to celebrate, I thought it would be really fun to give away ten signed copies of Sparkly Green Earrings! Through a series of unplanned, or planned, events, we have those copies in our possession and they make me incredibly happy. Thank you, Amanda and Melanie, for making the signed books a reality. I know y’all had nothing better to do this weekend. Grin.

Here’s a look in the book.

How about this cover? I’ve tried endless times to get my ponytail looking like that.

Signed, sealed and (almost) delivered. Grin.

Someone else we all know and love also loves this book and the author!

And here is a picture of Nancy and me at the book signing with Melanie. The only thing I’m regretting right now is the fact that Caroline isn’t in the picture with us. Watching Caroline sign the books brought me pure delight.

(Notice the leg pop both Melanie and I are doing. That makes us cool.)

To win your own copy of Sparkly Green Earrings, simply leave a comment with your first and last name. (Side note: I know some of you don’t like your last name on the internet for the world to see, so if that’s you, your last initial would be so helpful. I don’t know if you realized there are A LOT of names on this blog, and not shockingly, A LOT of duplicates.)

For fun, if you’re feeling super creative, you can also tell us hypothetically what the name of your book would be called if indeed, you were to publish a book.

And I’m not even going to pretend like I know what my book would be titled. I’ll just start with “Lindsee Lou”.

How’s that for original? Catchy?

Okay, enough about my non-book.

I’ll leave comments open until mid-Wednesday morning!

Ready, set, go win a book!


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  1. 1851
    Julie S Woods says:

    I have wanted to get this book for a while now! What a fun giveaway!!
    Julie S. Woods

  2. 1852
    Cindy McLaughlin says:

    I might name it .. The Real Cindy Lou Who??
    Could be a funny title. I have had some adventures in my life and to write them like a Dr. Seuss book. Could be a good one. Just a thought, God Bless you all today, Make a Jesus Day !!

  3. 1853
    Heather r. says:

    The meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

  4. 1854
    Maureen says:

    Maureen GB

    Stringing it all together
    (would be the title )

  5. 1855
    Amy Mason says:

    I would love this!

  6. 1856
    Heather M. R. says:

    Happiness happens

  7. 1857
    Erin Boling says:

    Erin Boling

  8. 1858
    Susan B says:

    My book would be called, Joy and Laughter from the Backseat (all about children and what they say and do on road trips)

  9. 1859
    Suzanne Howard says:

    Suzanne Howard
    “The World According to Susie-Q”

  10. 1860
    Lisa Lynch says:

    My book would be titled ” Hottea Mama”! There’s a story behind that-too long for this post , but I love the play on words!

  11. 1861
    Janice Balitz says:

    My book would be titled “Treasures from my Grandmother”

  12. 1862
    Janice Hostetler says:

    Janice Hostetler

  13. 1863
    Carol says:

    I would love to receive this book and share it our Monday night group sisters

  14. 1864
    Elyse Morgan says:

    My book would be “Stand Up If You’re Broken” 🙂

  15. 1865
    Stephanie Hickson says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever write a book, but I imagine a title that is called “laugh at Yourself, Life is not that serious!”

  16. 1866
    Sita says:

    Would love a copy of that book, Beth(:
    Sita Henderson

  17. 1867
    Stephanie Volkmer says:

    Stephanie Volkmer.
    Sounds like a good read, would like a copy.
    My book would be called either “our broken gods” or “journals of a vagabond” 🙂

  18. 1868
    Patrice Mixon says:

    Patrice M. I’ve heard great things about this book, I’d love to read it (and win a copy)!

  19. 1869
    Nicole Balazs says:

    Nicole Balazs

  20. 1870
    Lisa Smith says:

    I would love this book if only for the title!

  21. 1871
    Heidi Robison says:

    Heidi Robison

  22. 1872
    Regina Coleman says:

    The title of my book would be: A STORY MADE FOR THE MOVIES

  23. 1873
    Saundra Smith says:

    Thank You 🙂

  24. 1874

    Cheryl Walters

    I guess my working title would be “Cinder-cheryl” (from the sub-basement to the King’s Palace)

    Can’t wait to read “Sparkly Green Earrings”!! ☺

  25. 1875
    Shannon Gittleman says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  26. 1876
    Sarah Arkin says:

    A fun title for a book, There ain’t no Maybeline or Hot Rollers in Heaven. It would be a book about God loving us just the way we are and that we should too!

  27. 1877
    Karen Hendley says:

    I love Big Mama!

  28. 1878
    sandy conway says:

    oh i would love this book gather a few ladies and read together that would be fun

  29. 1879
    Christie Crowder says:

    I would be so excited to win this book!!!!!

  30. 1880
    Tambra R. says:

    Tambra R.

  31. 1881
    Sarah Miller says:

    Sarah Miller, and I would be Wife of Homer! 🙂

  32. 1882
    Rachel Nibbe says:

    Fingers crossed!

  33. 1883
    Deborah Stone says:

    My title:

  34. 1884
    Pam says:

    I’d love Sparkly Green Earings Love the title.. And I’m pretty sparkly 🙂 If I were to write a book I have no clue Ha maybe Pammie Sue !!!
    Pam Mundy

  35. 1885
    ginger chestnut says:

    Fun book!
    Thank you!

  36. 1886
    Jyothi James says:

    Jyothi J
    I would name my book
    “Grace to the disgraced”

  37. 1887
    Jan moser says:

    “Joy in the Journey” Jan Moser

  38. 1888
    Laura Moyer says:

    I think my book would (will?) be titled My Heart is a Garden.

  39. 1889
    Ashley Skinta says:

    Shiny Red Hoops (ha, just kidding) I hope you get that! 🙂
    P.S. I love parenthesis too! And ellipsis…

    Ashley Skinta

  40. 1890

    Tabitha Kidman, Oh goodness I would love to read this book! It sounds so good! And my book would be called “The Blonde Leading The Blonde”…hee hee

  41. 1891
    Beth Gilbert says:

    Learning to Lean

  42. 1892
    Becky Roach says:

    Becky Roach

  43. 1893
    Emma says:

    Emma S.

    I tried to be creative and think of a possible book title but, alas, the snow we got in Kansas City last night must have sucked the creativity from me for the time being. Maybe a how-to book called “How To Properly Shovel Snow.”

  44. 1894
    Wendi Case says:

    Would love the book

  45. 1895
    Kaye Davis says:

    I would love to receive this book. Not only have a raised three kids, but now I am pleased to say that I am walking down the “Grandmother Path” with one grandson and another mystery child on the way in August. God is good!
    Kaye Davis

  46. 1896
    Beth says:

    Beth Moss

  47. 1897
    Alisha Scott says:

    “A Biography Of Life’s Journey”

  48. 1898
    Joell says:

    I would so love a copy of this book!

    Joell Morris

    My book title– Life is a Bowl of Cherries: Ditch the Pits and Enjoy the Fruit!

  49. 1899
    Sharron Kay Fires says:

    SKay Fires

  50. 1900
    Peppa says:

    My name is Peppa Stark 🙂

    My book would be a flashback of my high school years. Possible title? Into the Heart of the Punk Next Door