Sparkly Green Earrings – A Giveaway

*Update: Comments are now closed! And I’ve decided that y’all have some of the best hypothetical books around. You had me laughing out loud! Check back soon for our ten winners!


The weekend before last (I know, take a minute to figure that one out. It is Monday after all.), I drove myself to Katy, Texas. (While that may sound like I actually ventured out on a road trip, it really just means I drove 30 minutes across town.) (Also, I’m really into the parenthesis today.)

(I’m currently humoring myself and no one else. I know. Forgive me.)

The reason for my 30-minute road trip was because a sweet lady named Big Mama, I mean, Melanie Shankle, was doing a book signing at the Books-A-Million for her new book, Sparkly Green Earrings. You may have heard of her? Grin.

(By the way, if you’re curious as to why she refers to herself as Big Mama, you’ll be relieved to know she explains her alias in the first chapter of her book. But I’ll leave that story for her to tell. A little suspense is a good thing.)

Melanie has been blogging since before blogging became the thing to do, and her blog was one of the very first blogs I read. (How many times can I use the word blog in one sentence?) It was really love at first sight, or read. A few reasons I’ve loved Melanie’s blog are because she’s hilarious, real, a good writer, sarcastic and she loves Jesus. Need I say more?

Also, she does a really fun post every Friday called Fashion Friday, and I don’t know about you, but my materialistic side is really into fashion, and there is always something she’s finding online that’s adorable that I then put into my mental wish list.

Anyway, last Saturday I got lucky and both she and her equally hilarious daughter, Caroline, signed my copy of the book.

Truth be told, I love to read, but for the past week the book has sat on my bedside table. That is until I picked it up yesterday and devoured the first five chapters before I realized I would be late to church and miss prayer time unless I left right then.

(Y’all. I didn’t set my alarm yesterday morning, slept in, and went to our evening service. I don’t know, but I feel like a new woman. It was heavenly. But that has nothing to do with Sparkly Green Earrings. But I did feel sparkly. Whatever that means.)

You know those books that you pick up and they’re just easy to read, charming and you want to keep going because you’ve entered into their world without even knowing it? That’s how I feel about Sparkly Green Earrings. I realize I’m only five chapters in, but I can guarantee you it won’t take me longer than a week to finish it. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, not because I don’t love Melanie or her writing, but because it’s a book about motherhood, and, well, to state the obvious, I’ve not ventured into the land of motherhood, nor am I close, so I wasn’t sure if it would apply to me. But alas, it is so much more than motherhood, it is her story of motherhood and it is a sweet one. In fact, she talks about her best friend from the start, and I really resonated with that as I thought about my best friend, and our friendship, especially since she just walked through pregnancy and has her first baby girl that is my current obsession.

I say all of that to say this, our friend Melanie, and her whimsical book, made it on the NY Times Best Seller list this week. Listen, I’m no author, nor have I published a book, but I say that’s a pretty big stinkin’ deal and deserves a celebration.

Need proof? Here’s a picture.

So, to celebrate, I thought it would be really fun to give away ten signed copies of Sparkly Green Earrings! Through a series of unplanned, or planned, events, we have those copies in our possession and they make me incredibly happy. Thank you, Amanda and Melanie, for making the signed books a reality. I know y’all had nothing better to do this weekend. Grin.

Here’s a look in the book.

How about this cover? I’ve tried endless times to get my ponytail looking like that.

Signed, sealed and (almost) delivered. Grin.

Someone else we all know and love also loves this book and the author!

And here is a picture of Nancy and me at the book signing with Melanie. The only thing I’m regretting right now is the fact that Caroline isn’t in the picture with us. Watching Caroline sign the books brought me pure delight.

(Notice the leg pop both Melanie and I are doing. That makes us cool.)

To win your own copy of Sparkly Green Earrings, simply leave a comment with your first and last name. (Side note: I know some of you don’t like your last name on the internet for the world to see, so if that’s you, your last initial would be so helpful. I don’t know if you realized there are A LOT of names on this blog, and not shockingly, A LOT of duplicates.)

For fun, if you’re feeling super creative, you can also tell us hypothetically what the name of your book would be called if indeed, you were to publish a book.

And I’m not even going to pretend like I know what my book would be titled. I’ll just start with “Lindsee Lou”.

How’s that for original? Catchy?

Okay, enough about my non-book.

I’ll leave comments open until mid-Wednesday morning!

Ready, set, go win a book!


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  1. 1951
    becky mauldin says:

    Pralines and Pit Bulls (God Love It!)

    –a southern girl’s devotional

  2. 1952
    Rene Sandifer says:

    So proud of Melanie! …and reading these titles has been so entertaining!
    Think mine might be “Looking for the Lovely: discovering beauty in unexpected places.”

  3. 1953
    Nancy Miller says:

    Nancy Miller!!

  4. 1954
    Mary Sue says:

    I can’t imagine writing a book…but love to share how Grand God’s Promises are! ;>)

  5. 1955
    Sissy DeWitt says:

    Life as the daughter of a plumber!

  6. 1956
    Melissa Meserole says:

    Melissa Meserole

    my book would be titled “what I learned about God in the chicken house and other stories” 🙂

  7. 1957
    Kathleen says:

    Kathleen A.

  8. 1958
    Beth Mears says:

    I am always looking for new, positive books to read! This one sounds really good! Hope I win!!

  9. 1959
    Chris Carver says:

    Love a good book! Thanks for thinking of others!

  10. 1960
    Jeni Michener says:

    Pick me, pick me! I keep seeing this book and hearing good things!

    My book title? Hmmm….

    “How to Say I’m Sorry (A LOT)
    and Other Insights on Parenting a Teenager”

  11. 1961
    Karen Z says:

    My imaginary book title: No Fear

  12. 1962
    Tammy Wong says:

    Tammy Wong
    Glitter, In a not so Sparkly World

  13. 1963
    Sherri P says:

    My book would be entitled…..How I Became Gaga!!

  14. 1964
    Lisa Lucas says:

    Lisa L.

    Oh how exciting love contests! 🙂

    My title: My Little Cup of Creativity

  15. 1965
    Michelle Virnelson says:

    Michelle Virnelson

    Musings by Michelle-Setting the Table for God and Friends

  16. 1966
    Michel Williams says:

    Michel Williams

  17. 1967
    Kari Peterson says:

    Kari Peterson

    I’d LOVE this book! If I were to write a book, the title would be “Always Look Up: Focused Courage When Life Gets Tough”

  18. 1968
    Karlys says:

    Karlys Fortner
    The Carpenter’s daughter

  19. 1969
    Dawn R says:

    “Lessons From the Land of the Perpetually Irritated.” Seriously…I could write this one! 🙂

  20. 1970
    Sheila Johnson says:

    Sheila Johnson
    “Please listen to me…I learned the hard way!”

  21. 1971
    Anne Leo says:

    “From a Field to a Dream”

  22. 1972
    LeighAnnGunter says:

    My book would be called: “It’s 5pm, and I’m still in my PJ’s!”

  23. 1973
    Ann Rastorfer says:

    Am I too late? As the mom of five little kids I don’t get to read blog every day and I always seem to be too late in signing up for these give always. Sorry!

  24. 1974
    Kelly Watson says:

    Kelly Watson

    God’s Girl in Red Nail Polish

  25. 1975
    Lisa Fraser says:

    My title would be

    “Did you see the son shine through that cloud??”

    And yes son is spelled correctly. My book would be about finding Jesus.

  26. 1976
    Suzanne in RI says:

    Suzanne Bailey Book Title? Rocks

  27. 1977
    Yvonne L says:

    My book title would be Lil’ O’ Me

  28. 1978
    Shawna says:

    Shawna Latham

    Once I Was Lost Now I’m Smiling

  29. 1979
    Lisa Wyatt says:

    Lisa Wyatt

  30. 1980
    Carrie Adkins says:

    Carrie Adkins

  31. 1981
    Christa Caruso says:

    I was looking up Sparkly Green Earrings this morning, so fun!

  32. 1982
    Cheyenne Shively says:

    Cheyenne S

    I’d name my book- “Small town Buckeye girl with an accent”

  33. 1983
    Julie Anne says:

    Julie Wilson

    my book would be: 101 excuses why I never wrote a book

  34. 1984

    I would LOVE to receive a free copy of Melanie’s book as I continue to hear GREAT things about it!!! And, alas, I am super NOT creative so I have no book title to shout out… :-/

    Tiffany Feathers

  35. 1985
    Danita says:

    Danita Tippet

    Trusting through the Journey

  36. 1986
    Lauren Bates says:

    Hmmm… my book title might be Life with the Wallace Bates… and Junior. My hubby is larger than life… in his own eyes =)

  37. 1987
    Deana A says:

    Walking in the Light…Lessons learned

  38. 1988
    Cindy Daleiden-Rediger says:

    Sounds like a great read. My book would be titled:
    The Truth About Godly Humility not Humiliation.
    My Story as a Sexual Abuse Survivor

  39. 1989
    Chelsia Checkal says:

    Book title…”God’s Delightful Mess: Me”

  40. 1990
    Brandy Brown says:

    Brandy Brown

    My book would be called: Turn That Brown Upside Down.
    For absolutely no particular reason at all other than it rhymes and makes me laugh.

  41. 1991
    Marcia Fox says:

    As a recently single mother of three beautiful girls. I would love to read this book! I hope I win !!

  42. 1992
    Kendra says:

    Kendra Thompson

    Book title: Okay, Now What? (Oknowut)? Saw this on a license plate in California years ago and have always thought that it was hilarious. So there you go.

  43. 1993
    Kim P says:

    Kim P.

  44. 1994
    Patty L. H. says:

    The book sounds interesting and I would enjoy a copy! A title for my own book? I’m not very spontaneous, so I’d have to think about that.

  45. 1995
    Ann H. says:

    Ann H.
    My book title ‘Intentionally Speaking…’

  46. 1996
    Amanda Watson says:

    Amanda Watson

  47. 1997
    Amanda says:

    Amanda Jackson

    I just can’t think of a clever title for my book :).

  48. 1998
    Lori Montgomery says:

    I don’t know about a book title, probably something like “Growing up the daughter of a Redneck and a Hillbilly”. Lol!

    I would love to win this book to share with my sister, Erin.

    Lori Montgomery

  49. 1999
    Bethany L says:

    Put this book on my reading list so would love to win a copy.

  50. 2000
    Amy Hart says:

    My book would be titled;
    Momma’s Big Pink Purse