It’s Spiral Time, Sisters! Let’s Spiral Up!

Hey, you wonderful Siestas! GUESS WHAT I’M HOLDING IN MY HAND???

Need to see it closer up? Come on, now! Is this darling or what??

You ready to get busy on some Scripture memory in 2013? I AM! I AM! I can hardly wait! Our instructional post for our Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT) will be published in mid December but, in order for most of you to have your spiral in your hands by the time we launch on January 1st, we need to start taking orders right away. Mind you, the official Siesta spirals are completely optional. You can easily pick up a generic spiral at any office supply or virtually any drug store chain. But having the same one is a ton of fun for those of us who like this kind thing! We use them all year to record our 2 verses a month then we bring them with us to the celebration in Houston in mid-January 2014 (egad!) as our ticket into the (free) event. And yes, any well-used Scripture memory spiral will serve the same purpose.

Our SSMT spirals are $4 each, plus a fairly nominal shipping and handling fee. You’ll see that on the order form. We try to keep the price as low as we can and still cover costs. To order your SSMT spiral, visit the LPM website by clicking here. Please, please try to make your order before or by December 19th for delivery by January 1st. For those of you who don’t get word about the spirals in time for January 1st, no worries. You’ll still sign in on all the posts like everyone else and just fill in your verses the moment you get yours. Even if you don’t make your order until January, you’ll have it in your sweet hands before you’ve had time to get to your 3rd verse out of 24. No big deal!

If for some reason you have problems with the link, go to:, then click on “Store” and under store click on “New Products”. It is the third to last item under “New Products”.

Here are a few questions I’m anticipating:

*Can I still get one of those cute spirals if I don’t necessarily want to sign up for the accountability twice a month on the blog team? Yes, you certainly may. You are welcome to use it for anything you want but we so hope you’ll write some Scriptures in it! That’s what it’s begging for. Smile.

*May I order more than one spiral? Yes. A number of you have already told me in advance that you’ve got daughters or sisters who are joining you this year on our Scripture memory team. You are welcome to order yours together if you live in the same town.I also like to use them for Christmas stocking stuffers for my daughters and special loves but shhhhhhh. I don’t want them to know.

I am beside myself! It is everything I can do not to go ahead and start writing verses in mine. Now, to find the perfect pen! Just think what awaits us on this page right here…

I love you guys so much. I am so blessed to journey with you in our pursuit of Christ. Nothing we’ve ever done on the blog has produced more fruit or seemed to incite more obvious favor from God than Siesta Scripture Memory Team. May it please Him more than ever in 2013!



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  1. 101
    Kathy says:

    I have had this on my heart for a few months, and know that it is right for me to get scripture memorized. This is exactly the push I needed…just ordered mine and hoping to get some girlfriends to join me. YEAH!!! Thanks Beth

  2. 102
    Marsha R says:

    SSMT 2011 was my first ever serious time memorizing scripture. Why-oh-why did I wait so long? This past fall I started memorizing James with the study. Now for 2013, I will continue (and hopefully finish) James. I’m so pumped to know I’ll spend time at the celebration with Siestas from all over, especially my *heart sisters* from my former church.

  3. 103
    Marsha R. says:

    P.S. I already have my spirals and they are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  4. 104
    Genevieve Garrison says:

    I am so excited. This time I am getting my sisters in San Antonio and Austin to participate with us. Are you going to have an app like you did last time?

    Love you all,

  5. 105
    Genevieve Garrison says:

    Never mind on that question. I am so excited that I just responded without reading the other posts. I see your answer now.
    Love you all,

  6. 106

    I just published a blog post today about how meditating on Scripture has recently changed my life. I’ve always read and studied the Bible and I’ve memorized verses since I was a child. But a few months ago I was struggling and my mom encouraged me to meditate on some verses to help get me through. I was so blessed by this and the bonus was that the consistent meditation helped me memorize the verses, even though that wasn’t the goal.
    So anyway, I’m eager to meditate on more verses and memorize them with so many others trying to engraft the Word of God into our hearts. What a blessing!
    I’m anticipating a huge home-makeover at my tiny little house this year and I know that my “type-A” personality will struggle a bit with things so out of control. So I’m going to memorize Isaiah 40 this year for the reminder that God is great and powerful and active in my life and he can handle everything without stressing out. ๐Ÿ™‚ (And hopefully that will keep ME from stressing out!)

  7. 107
    Laura says:

    Yea!!! I’m so excited. Can’t wait.
    And I got three so I can do this with my Sisters and and we can be Siestas too!

  8. 108
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    SUPER EXCITED to start the memory work! It is mind transforming! The cute spirals just add to this. Thank you Beth for providing a way to do this with accountability with all our Siesta friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 109
    Dawn says:

    YIPPEE!! (if I had a tail, I’d be waggin’ my butt off!)

    I soooo need this accountability again. Loved doing this two years ago.

  10. 110
    Gilly says:

    Hello! this looks wonderful but can I order 1, or 2, (or even 3!) if I’m in the UK?
    Perhaps someone can publish a reply or maybe Lindsee or Beth can answer it in another blog post?

    A million blessings to you all…………

    Gilly C in the U.K.

  11. 111
  12. 112
    Diane says:

    YAHOOOOOOO!!!! I did my own memory scriptures in 2012, and let me tell ya, it is so much funner to do it with y’all!!! I did it in 2011 as a group and I LOVED it!!! Yes ma’ams I’m so excited!!

  13. 113
    Sarah says:

    So excited!!! The spirals are adorable!!!

  14. 114
    lynda rickey says:

    Beth, I’m so excited to get started. In fact, the memory work so revolutionized my walk with Jesus that I never stopped. Can’t wait to get my hands on that cute little spiral. Already looking forward to the celebration and the sweet sisterhood! Love, love, love you to pieces. Big hug, Lynda

  15. 115
    Darcy says:

    So excited!! The spirals are adorable!

  16. 116
    Elisabeth says:

    SO Excited! Is it weird to buy a special pen just for this!?!?
    P.S. Moving from CA to Kenya this year to be a missionary.
    Gonna memorize them in Swahili as I learn the language & pray I can fly to Houston from AFRICA for the celebration!

  17. 117
    mlissa says:

    These are adorable! Will there also be an ap for the phone like last time. I actually used that more than my binder but I love both. SO excited to get started again!!!

  18. 118
    Patti Reavis says:


  19. 119
    Grace says:

    So excited for this! 2013 will be my first year (I have no idea why it took me so long to figure out you had a blog, lol!), and I’m so ready to get into a better disciplined memorizing schedule (it tends to get quite rocky sometimes). Looking forward to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 120
    Donna says:

    Hey ‘Siesta Momma’…I went to your website a few days ago looking for something else and found the new spiral for the memory verses. Of course I added one to my order and can’t wait to get started with it on Jan.1. I have missed the last two “get-togethers” in Jan. and hoping that I can make it in 2014…Yikes, that sounds like a long way off…NOT. Thank you for providing these wonderful little spirals to help get us motivated…like we need motivated to memorize scripture! Love you, sweet lady!!

  21. 121
    Kristi ? says:

    Aleady have mine. I am so excited to see how Gow will use the scriptures to help me through this year!

  22. 122
    Maria says:

    I’m SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this!!!! Cant wait to get started!!!!

  23. 123
    Marie says:

    I got mine in the mail today! So fun to squee over after a long day at work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 124
    Colette says:

    Yay!!!! I am so excited!! I tried to order some a few weeks ago and it wasn’t ready yet!! So I will be ordering some very soon!!! :-). Can’t wait!!! I love you Siestas!!

  25. 125
    Maria says: more thing…would you please post the video Beth posted called “RENEW”? Read it, Examine it, Need it, Echo it and Wield it. I believe it was the first year we did the memory verses. Seriously, I always had a hard time memorizing until I saw that video. Using the RENEW method really worked for me. Victory!! I have taught this at least about four times in a small group setting and in mentoring the young woman the Lord brings to me. They all loved it and said it really works and helps them remember the verses. Love you all at LPM so much!!!!

  26. 126
    Jennifer T says:

    BUddies asking about this. SO excited to get back to memorizing scripture! And, Lord willing, seeing my beloved “Amy from Washington” in Houston again! The Lord really outdid Himself when He ordained the blossoming of our friendship in Texas — two Solo Siesta moms from opposite-shore Washington’s!

  27. 127
    Rachel says:

    Wow! I can’t wait until I get my scripture spiral!

  28. 128
    Karen says:

    Ready! But what is the perfect pen? I’m always looking for a good pen since I journal. Any favorites anyone?

  29. 129
    Kathy says:

    This sounds awesome! Can someone explain to me how it works? I need this!

  30. 130
    Lindsey Gump says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if the graphics will be available to print on another spiral if you want. I did that in 2011 and I still have that spiral so I thought it may be fun to add these verses in there. Does that make sense? Thanks

  31. 131
    Nicola says:

    Count me in! Those verses have been a stake in the ground to which I have lashed myself in the fiercest storm. Talk about ‘washing and regeneration’! Praise God for His LIVING Word.

  32. 132
    Shelly Story says:

    I just ordered mine…and 8 extra to give to all my Bible Study girls for Christmas. These are SUPER cute and I am excited to get back to the discipline regular memorization. Without the discipline, I am just a “when I feel like it” memorizer, and unfortunately, too often I forget to feel like it. So needless to say, this 2013 will be a breath of fresh air for this girl!

    Blessings on your day!

  33. 133
    Delores says:

    So excited to memorize scripture in 2013. As 2013 will bring my first grandbabies, one due in Feb & another in May. Please keep my daughters & their babies in prayer. I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth. 3John 4(memory verse from 2011 & my prayer for all 3 of my daughters & this next generation of grangbabies.) It was a blessing to join the Siestas in 2011. Merry Christmas & God bless to Beth & the Lproof staff

  34. 134
    Tanya says:

    Ms Beth. I’d love to do this. But still working on James. Also memorized the first stanza of psalm 40 with your encouragment. This is super good. I love it. And am trying to do more. Maybe 2014. Thanks for all you do.

    Oh and psalm 103…thats on my list. Cause this heart needs lots of reminders of Gods LOVE. Check it out if you do too

  35. 135
    Kelly Hall says:

    I ordered a spiral yesterday, and the LORD gave me my first scripture today. I confess I was completely surprised that He picked out a word and spoke it directly to me. Thank you Lord!

  36. 136
    Beth says:

    Hello! So I am a 20 year old college student who desperately needs to get better at memorizing scripture. I saw this post today and immediately could not believe I haven’t found this blog until today. God is so good though because it’s finals week and I needed a pick me up! =D So anyways I want to do memorization and I am already so pumped to order my notecards and get on the ball. Will there be another post soon about details behind doing the memorization?

    God bless!

    Beth (the other one ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  37. 137

    i know! i know! here is the perfect pen…a Sheaffer f 0.8mm Slovenia, a calligraphy pen…about $6 at Michaels.
    It easily makes all my writings more beautiful!

  38. 138
    Vicki Davis says:

    As soon as I opened up the email with the blog post for today, my Spotify radio was starting to play Travis Cottrell’s medley “In Christ Alone/Solid Rock. Goodness, glory bumps here!
    The spiral is sooo cute!

  39. 139
    Cheryl Rucker says:

    So I am interested in doing this. Are the scripture verses in the spiral? If not are they already pre-selected? Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry as it has blessed so many others!

    • 139.1
      Lindsee says:

      Cheryl, you decide what verses you want to memorize throughout the year. This is just an empty spiral that kind of makes it more fun! I hope that helps.

  40. 140
    CJ says:

    After the simulcast this year, I guess I offer the challenge of making the SSMT in 2014 a simulcast. I think you would have lots of participation in it. I realize this is not the original idea for the SSMT, but your audience has grown and I remember seeing how many ladies didn’t get to make the trip last year. Actually now that I think about it, I also remember that you had to do a simulcast because of a weather event or something that kept ladies from the event last time. I just offer up the challenge of considering such a mechanism this time. I might even join this time if I know there is a way to join all at the celebration!! Thanks, CJ

  41. 141

    I’m so excited to be doing this again! 2011 rocked my world with scripture memory.

  42. 142
    Michele says:

    I ordered mine and a planner! I’m sure it will end up in my Christmas stocking!


  43. 143
    April Lopez says:

    Just ordered mine and my granddaughter’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 144
    Tammy says:

    How does this work, can someone help me?

    • 144.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Tammy! Within the next week or so we’ll be posting a blog with all the details you need to know! Never fearโ€ฆdetails are near!

  45. 145
    Annette says:

    I am looking forward to sowing God’s Word in my heart in 2013!

  46. 146
    Laura says:

    Mine came TODAY!!! It looks so nice and clean… I can’t wait to see all it will go through this year! And I am so thankful that right now my military man is stationed close enough to Houston that I might make the event in 2014!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. 147
    Kathy Acton says:

    Can’t wait to see what God does in my heart this year through His Word using this Scripture Memory Accountability Team!!

  48. 148
    Beth says:

    Will there be an iPhone app like last time? I still refer to my 2011 verses on my phone!

  49. 149
    Kim Feth says:

    I ordered mine before my surgery in September (in case I lost my mind along with some non-mission-critical body organs). You ladies at LPM have outdone yourselves. These sprials are great. So tempted to start putting scriptures in it now, but will wait for the Spirit to move me.
    Kim Feth

  50. 150
    Carola Thompson says:

    I’m having trouble finding a link to where we can sign up to join the accountability w/o purchasing the spiral. Everytime I hit any of the links an ad pops up that takes me somewhere besides to your site

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