A Snapshot From Your World

Hey, Girls!

I’m sitting on the back porch on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Queen Esther is a few feet from me hugging a yellow tennis ball with her front paws and huffing and puffing with a wide, toothy grin in the afterglow of about 30 good cross-yard throws. I use one of these thing…

…for two really good reasons:

1) I wear out long before Star does and I don’t mind saying I don’t wear out all that easy. She never gets enough ball time. Never. I’m no math wizard but hurling that thing twice as far means I only have to throw it half as often.

2) In a word: dog spit. Well, that’s two words. Or let’s just make it a hyphenated word: dog-spit. She may be the Queen but spit is still spitty. I don’t care how lovely the original Queen Esther was, Xerxes wouldn’t have given her a second look with spit all over her chin. It’s just not ladylike. The whole story could have slipped and fallen on it.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that I’ve gotten to have a few days mostly to myself. I hate to even mention those words to you moms of young children but it will happen for you someday, too, and sometimes you’ll be glad it did and other times you’ll pine for those babies like every fine day of your life is long behind you even though you know better than that. That’s when it’s a really good idea to have grandbabies but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always get to be your idea.

My man almost always heads to the ranch Thanksgiving afternoon after the meal.ย  It was the deer lease before he got some hunting acreage of his own.ย  I don’t pout about it because I don’t mind and it wouldn’t do much good anyway and it’s simply the way we’re accustomed to doing life. We were laughing at the table a few days ago when he admitted that, in the early years, he’d go to a little extra trouble to be a handful this time of year so that, the second he mentioned heading to the deer camp, I’d yell, “Gooooooo!” and kiss him goodbye in an anxious fury. Anyway, Keith’s idea of closeness has never been clinginess. Sometimes, if he’s been cooped up too long around here, he’ll retreat a tad into his own world like a lot of men do but 30 minutes after his truck tires hit I-10 West (or at least by the first Buccee’s) he’s often calling me and telling me why he ever fell in love with me in the first place. It makes me smile every time.

My man and I do better on this schedule: a lot of time together, a little time apart, a lot of time together, a little time apart, a lot of time together, a little time apart… And that’s how we’ve made it 34 years this coming December 30th.

Instead of getting my nose out of joint when he’s gone (it wouldn’t be a pretty sight anyway), I play like I own the place. I get up a bit later, read a little more, have longer quiet times, come and go as I please, and get with friends (and family, of course, but family is something we do on a regular basis anyway), walk in the woods all by myself (with Star) and I watch movies he’d probably hate.

Yesterday I decided to spend most of the day by myself doing this and that and, lo and behold, I got in the Christmas spirit. I tried to find where our Christmas decorations got stored in this new house last year when we made our monumental move to the country but, for the life of me, I couldn’t find a single box. I don’t know how to navigate the attics yet so I’m sure they’re up there. If they’re not, believe you me, you’ll hear about it. There will be heck to pay by somebody, especially if the stockings I handmade and tediously beaded from a kit for Keith, Amanda, Melissa and myself back in 1982 don’t show up. It was my last act of seamstressness and, without it, there is not the least whiff that I ever walked in craftiness. I’ll not have it.

But I did indeed know exactly where my Christmas dishes were. They were a gift from my “Other.” You know. We girls have a mother then many of us who live in a wide enough circle of women also have an “Other.” I mean, who really gets enough nurturing in this life from one older woman? Spread the love around. She doesn’t take the place of the one who raised you but sometimes you can tell her things you can’t exactly tell your M-Other. That was Miss Mary Helen to me. I have many things from her and most are beyond a retail price but these dishes are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever owned and I have 12 whole place settings. I bet a number of you have this same Spode pattern or one similar. It was the ultimate in Christmas dinnerware to our mothers and grandmothers and, to traditionalists, it can hardly be outdone.

It’s too big a waste to set them aside only for Christmas Eve or Day so I try to get them out nice and early and put some of them on this stand Miss Mary Helen gave me so we’ll use them everyday through the season. It’s a happiness to me.

And that’s all it took. Next thing I knew, I’d downloaded a new Christmas album on my iPhone. I don’t like it yet but I will before long. You know how we are about Christmas music. It’s the memories that surround them that make them our favorites but I’m ripe for some new memories anyway. Bring them on!

Actually, I got on here today just to say that I’d love to hear about one of your favorite moments from your Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Any of the four days will do. It doesn’t have to be life altering. Our community here also appreciates a snippet of simplicity. Just capture something you keep picturing from the weekend. An expression. A taste. A conversation. A sight. Write us up a little snapshot of it so that we can picture it through your words and through your beautiful eyes. Not too long, remember. We bloggers are notorious for ADD, myself included. It’s rare that we really read a long one. I’m so mindful when I write a long post that, by the end of it, I’ve lost most people. Sometimes it’s worth it because I’m working something through but, most of the time, I’d have been the wiser to have been the briefer.

Oh, Amanda snapped this picture of her Daddy and me on Thanksgiving afternoon so I might as well throw it in, too. He’s wheels are heading East and I’ll be mighty glad to see that handsome face. We Moores love you guys. Christmas will be here in exactly one month whether we’re ready for it or not. You may as well not fight it. Tie that house of yours up in red and green and slam the door on your Scrooginess. Don’t be a fossil. Make some wassail. Tis the season, Sweet Thing. Let’s celebrate us some Jesus.


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  1. 251
    Susan says:

    This Thankgiving our entire family was together. In my daughter’s new home in Savananh, Ga.
    Playing soccer with my grandson on a beautiful day, that could only have been hand painted by The Lord! The trees were still full of vibrant color, the wind was just a bit crisp, as if God himself was blowing each of us a kiss. Later, a football throw, that end in a broken finger for me, I should know better than to play football at 58 (grin).
    The food is always remarkable, but my memories are of happy faces, loud belly laughs, games played together and at night a fire in the fire pit with marshmallows and graham crackers. And, getting as many hugs and kisses from the those little ones that will be grown ups in the blink of an eye! Oh, and that nap…the best sleep ever!

  2. 252
    Meg Ebba says:

    My man took sick in the middle of the night and we feared it would pass through all the kids, so we hardly slept for listening to them. They were fine, but the leftovers had to be thrown away in case one of them was the culprit! At 3 am I decided my Aunt Trish’s rolls were so good they were worth getting sick over.

    (I did not get sick!!)

  3. 253
    Christine says:

    My best friend of 20 + years, leaning over a game of Scrabble well played, whispers to me: “Thanks for sharing your family, I’ve had a really great day”. We have spent this holiday together with our husbands and kids for years. This year, her husband chose to leave his wife and kids in early spring. While we are still grieving, we are thankful and hopeful. It was a really good day!

  4. 254
    Sylvie M says:

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving our family traditionally heads to Oakland and then Berkeley (we live in the CA Bay Area) to get started on the Swedish tradtions for Christmas. The bakery in Oakland for the Swedish rye bread (vort limpa) and the Scandinavian gift shop/deli in Berkely for cheese and the pickled herring as well as Christmas gifts. My Swedish heritage is strong one esp at Christmas time. This year our daughter’s boyfriend joined us on this treck. Joseph is an answer to many years of prayer for my 33 yr old daughter. He loves the Lord also. Praise God.

  5. 255
    Angie says:

    My sweet 24 year old daughter was asleep on the couch, my husband asleep in the recliner, my 4 year old son and 3 year old granddaughter playing. My grandaughter comes in from the other room to my daughter kisses her on the forehead and said, “I love you Mommy,” and went back to playing. How absoulutely adorable.

  6. 256
    Tina says:

    Lots of great Thanksgiving moments I could pick from, but my favorite has to be teaching my little preschool buddies in Sunday school yesterday. It’s a class of all boys and I am smitten! They have stolen my heart. I asked them what was their most favorite thing they got to eat on Thanksgiving. One little tow head whose mother is strict about sweets replied with his eyes closed and a grin stretched from ear to ear, “I ate a cupcake…and it was chocolate.” I told them I would not be there the next Sunday and I would miss them. One little cutie pie said, “Ms. Tina I will miss you more.” That just about did me in. Do they love me or have they learned they’ve found a softie with a big bag of Smarties and Charms Blow Pops? Either way, I love it!

  7. 257
    Beth says:

    Our son had his 4 organ transplant in April 2012. Two weeks ago he was showing beginning stages of rejection. Wed noon before Thanksgiving the Drs at UCLA gave us the green light to bring him on home to WA. We put him on a plane and drove the 20 hrs home to meet up with all the family to practice Thanksgiving together. The heavy holiday traffic and long hours on the road couldn’t dim our joy at God’s great goodness to us! He reigns!

  8. 258

    My favorite holiday day was actually Friday night. My little ones have been begging to sleep in a tent in our backyard. My hubby set it up earlier in the week but we weren’t quite ready to go for it. So Friday night was the night. Hubby bought some fire for a little warmth…not that we need much in Texas! We circled our chairs around the fire and hubby read the story of why we celebrate Thanksgiving to all of us via his phone:) After we were all hot chocolated up our sleepy heads led us to the tent. It was a little cloudy, but a mighty fine night. It was quite uncomfortable. But the delight of it all made it worth it. I woke up in the middle of the night to a cloud free, star gazing opportunity. It was beautiful! Then I had to get up and go to the bathroom! It’s nice camping in the comfort of your backyard. Toilets and the paper to go with them are nearby!

  9. 259
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    I just returned early yesterday morning from a quick visit (8 hours away) with our precious granddaughter. Jorja (Georgia) Rose is now 18 months old and can I just say that she loves her “Gigi?!!” Well, her Gigi loves her too!!!! The hubs and I had a terrific time and were sad to have to say goodbye.

    Wetumpka, AL

  10. 260
    Cathie, OH says:

    My very favorite part of the weekend was our annual pizza party we have started to call the “Strappfest”. I come from a family of 10 children, and with everyone going to their respective in-laws, etc. we decided to deem the day after Thanksgiving a day that we would set aside to re-connect with family members. It has been going on for 6 or 7 yrs. now, and this year, it was the very first time that all 10 of us gathered together in one place since my parents died, Mom in ’93, and Dad in ’97. Talk about a celebration! It was an awesome time, with a brother and his family, coming from PA, a sister and her family coming from Mich. and a neice and hers, coming from Missouri! I can’t even begin to tell you the love that was in that house! We rocked it out! So thankful for a large and loving family. God is sooo good!

  11. 261
    Karen Miller says:

    Just one memory? My heart is full when the boys are together…my three sons here for Thanksgiving. One home from med school, another home from undergrad and the third here in Biblical masters program…out for late night dining Friday with their gang of Young Adults. So happy these “20 somethings” love being with us “50 Somethings!”

  12. 262
    Carolyn says:

    Our house full of nieces and nephews–love it, love it! Our pets I’m not so sure about! ๐Ÿ™‚ The bunny was dangling from the one-year-olds hand by one ear…the kitties only came out from under the bed after the little people were all a sleep…..and the dog gorged himself on all the little people droppings….my house looks like a tornado went through it but I DON’T CARE a bit! :):):)

  13. 263
    Angie says:

    On the Saturday before Thanksgiving we received a call that my husband’s dad had gone to be with his precious Lord. We spent Sunday on a 12 hour drive home with our children. (we always call it home even though we haven’t lived there since we married 29 years ago.)We spent the rest of the week with his mom, funeral plans, sweet memories of a wonderful godly father and visits from friends and family. Though we will miss him more than I can say, we know we will see him again when we reunite in heaven. My parents live in the same town and because of our trip I was able to go to dinner with my mom on her 77th birthday. We drove back to our home on Thanksgiving day and had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel. Blessings on all who worked Thanksgiving Day as we were certainly blessed by those who did and I’m sure others were as well.

  14. 264
    phyllis says:

    all new things for 2012: thanksgiving dinner invitation from a young family new to the neighborhood, then off to the ranch Friday to have a mexican dinner with our own family, hunt deer and hogs, a horse riding clinic for granddaughter on Saturday, take the deer to the packers in the back of my ACADIA…ask me how to get blood out of car carpet..and how to miraculously hold my tongue.
    and then off to football game in Dallas.

  15. 265
    JoAnn says:

    Lots of family and great food. My 24 yr. old son was home from A&M (Way to Go Aggies on the win Saturday)and at the table said, “Why didn’t you tell me the corn casserole was this good”. I couldn’t get him to try it before and I had given up. He finally did. He then said that last year was the 1st year he tried dressing (imagine THAT)! So…….I’m hoping next year he’ll be down with the squash casserole. There was no budging on that one this year. He doesn’t know what he’s missing with that one (Yummm). Thank you Sister Lynn for the wonderful cranberry sauce recipe. I made it and it will be a tradition from now on. FABULOUS !! Great times, great weather in Houston. God IS Good !!!!

  16. 266
    Diane says:

    After a wonderful family Thanksgiving on Thursday, some of my family went to Lake Arrowhead (about 45 minutes from our Riverside, CA home). There was no snow but much to our surprise and delight, the grandkids got the sleds out and slide down the dirt hills in our back yard. It was so funny to watch and they all had a fun time sledding even throughout the snow! God is so good to give us unexpected delights-What an awesome God!

  17. 267

    My 22 month old darlin’ and impish niece was not feeling well and wanted her dear mama almost non-stop until she discovered Lilly Belle’s cozy dog bed!!! She was hilarious! My niece looked like a little bird perched in a nest just her size, sucking her thumb and rubbing her ear. When she started feeling better, she went from nesting in the dog bed to wearing it on her head!

  18. 268

    Toothless grin of WW2 fighter pilot on oxygen and hospice as we dropped our corns in the basket and pronounced our individual thanks!

  19. 269
    JJ says:

    We choo chooed our way on over to NYC to watch the Macy’s parade with 3.5 million others. Being sardined with strangers for 3 hours was suffocating and comical at the same time. My eldest claims it will be a “Once in a lifetime” experience for him!

  20. 270
    Patti says:

    My daughter-in-love, Brittany, was sitting two chairs down from me at our Thanksgiving table, cradling 3-month-old Sarah in one arm, and using her free hand to eat. Naturally, Bee-Bee had to seize the opportunity for some cuddle time. Mommy was happy to oblige, so I had the joy of rocking my grandbaby to sleep. My son caught my eye and said, “Mom, I believe that is as content as I’ve ever seen you.” And, by the way, little Miss Sarah was the height of fashion with her pumpkin orange thanksgiving onesie and matching socks that had a hot pink bow for flair worn with skinny jeans that had ruffles on the pockets. Too, too, cute!

  21. 271
    Beth says:

    Our Daughter & grandaughter came over the night before Thanksgiving to spend the night with my husband and me. I had bought my 10 year old sweetie a 60pc 2 sided jigsaw puzzle of the United States, and late in the evening, the three of them were putting it together (again & again) at the kitchen table, so we were all together in the kitchen. Sweet to watch them, as baby #2 is on the way, and I take our daughter for special testing this week for possible complications. We are praying that will be well, and more Thanksgiving memories for next year will be even sweeter! God is Good!

  22. 272
    Kate says:

    I think this was the best Thanksgiving as long as I can remember. Other than missing family members who have gone on before, I pray, to be with Jesus, this year both of my brothers were sober I am blessed beyond belief, my prayers are answered! We had such a great time as a family, actually spending time talking, laughing and crying. I praise and thank God!

  23. 273
    Bridgett Junkin says:

    Thanksgiving Day our entire family was together and had a family photo except for Rowen. He is my nephew and niece-in-law’s son they are adopting from Haiti. We would appreciate prayers to speed that process along. My mother has cancer but has a great attitude and we hope we will have her for many more years. We have 2 4-month-old babies and one on the way. Maybe next Thanksgiving we can get another photo with the WHOLE family.

  24. 274
    Mary Jane says:

    This thanksgiving, many of my aunts, uncles and cousins gathered at my mom’s house to eat and visit. There were about 40 of us. I had a wonderful talk with my cousin who has recently adopted 10 alpaca’s! She is wanting to plant some alfalfa in her land to raise for the alpaca’s to eat. So, my husband and I are going to her house in a few weeks to see if any of her land would be suitable to grow it.(My husband grows a lot of alfalfa). Just a quirky little story, but so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blessings to all, Mary Jane

  25. 275

    All our family met at my cousin’s house. She cooked the rolls too long … hard as rocks. She was so broken hearted. I said, “What if we put butter on the tops? Maybe that will soften them.” She handed over the butter to me. I got them all buttered up. Butter still wasn’t melting. Her husband reminded me the oven was still warm … so I put them in the oven. I forgot about them, too! Took them out expecting giant croutons … and lo and behold … God’s miracle … they were perfect. So soft. We had to laugh at how God takes care of us, in spite of us!

  26. 276
    Edie Jo says:

    This Thanksgiving my Uncle who retired from the military after being stationed at Pearl Harbor was home for the first Thanksgiving in 20 years. What a blast to be with him and his sweet family. My Grandma was also with us who usually celebrates with some other family. We did a family coat drive for the homeless here in Kansas City. It was bring a coat instead of a side dish this year. ๐Ÿ™‚ It went over so well. My husband, two children, 11 and 3, and my father-in-law passed them all out on the streets of KC lastnight. Thanks be to the Lord. What a blast.

  27. 277
    Stephanie says:

    We went to our little cabin in the woods. It has recently undergone a transformation that proved it to be ‘girl’ worthy. It now resembles a linken log cabin, green roof and all. Wood-burning stove, loft bedrooms and surrounded by timber. ALong with all the comforts of home. My girl and I sported camouflage coats and walked the woods with my husband and boys. We unplugged from the world, snuggled by the fire, read books out loud, and lifted our hands in praise every time we saw God show off for us! It was a Thanksgiving I will not ever forget.

  28. 278
    Cindy Rabe says:

    Oh man can I relate to the deer lease. I learned early that it does no good to complain, whine, talk about, etc..I knew what I was getting into when we married 7 years ago. I am very much looking forward to the day my son is old enough to share in this male bonding so I can have some alone time at our house for that long Thanksgiving weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 279
    GJ says:

    My dad is a really great cook and makes delicious cornbread dressing – in fact I gave Melissa his recipe a couple of years ago when she still lived in Atlanta. The past two years I have made the dressing by his recipe. They live next door to me and when I looked out the kitchen window and saw him riding over on his Gator, I knew he was coming to sample the dressing! He came in and got a taste and gave me his blessing. It meant the world to me.

    My youngest son also invited a young Air Force lieutenant to eat dinner with us. His home is in Connecticut and he couldn’t get home. We loved having James at our table and showed him lots of Southern hospitality.

    And lastly, a great blessing was the addition of a new granddaughter born September 27th – rounding out my grandchildren with 2 boys and 2 girls. I am so thankful.

    Loved hearing about your day. My husband left to go deer hunting too – and it’s a routine I’m used to and love.

    Love, GJ

    PS: Love your idea about using the Christmas dishes. I got some last summer for the first time and I need to do this!

  30. 280
    FloridaLizzie says:

    Loved these stories, and that Pea Salad recipe somebody posted on here last week was an easy, delicious hit on Thanksgiving Day! I had a funny conversation with an “adopted aunt, Nina” who always celebrates with us. My husband brought over a baby goat for the young kids to play with after our Thanksgiving feast, and that reminded 85 year-old Nina of when she was small. Her sister begged to have a baby goat as a pet. Her father relented, and she and her 4 sisters loved that baby goat until one day, when it chewed the handle off the car door. At his point, her father said they could no longer afford to keep a baby goat, and the next night they ate it for dinner.

    “Nina,” I said, “you must have all been broken-hearted to eat that goat!”

    “Oh, yes,” she replied. “My sister was just crushed about that goat. But to tell you the truth, it was really good. Goat meat is absolutely delicious! Have you ever had it?”

    If you knew the one and only Nina, you would realize why that story made me laugh out loud. Yes, it was too bad about the goat, but gosh, it sure tasted good!

  31. 281
    Becky says:

    I loved this post Beth! Thank you! I struggle getting into the Christmas spirit. As I feel so much pressure! I HATE to shop. But spirit helped! My favorite part of the weekend was my 93 year old grandmother thinking that her 94 year old boyfriend had dumped her for a 75 year old woman she calls Green Lightining! Nana was all sad that Bob wasn’t taking her out for Thanksgiving dinner. But when I called to try to convince her to join us she said She was waiting for Bob to call as he was taking her out. Which he did! This is the drama I have with my grandmother. I can’t imagine what it will be like with my daughter in a few years! Hugs to you all!

  32. 282
    Heather B. says:

    My middle girl, Izzy age 6 (and she is every bit of the sound of that name) has had her two front teeth loose for quite a while. Well, we had Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday and while jumping down from her seat to run off and play with her cousins, she ran smack into a chair and knocked both of them clean out! There was a lot of blood and trauma, but within 30 minutes she was smiling like a beautiful hockey player ๐Ÿ™‚ And I could not be more in love with her sudden lisp. She woke up early Sunday as I was the only one up and says to me “I juth wanted to thee if it was thnowing!” (it only snows 2-3 days out of the year where we live:-) But I nearly went out and bought the child a pony for how dang precious it was. LOVE HER!

  33. 283
    Nichole H says:

    My Black Friday find this year was “Gone With the Wind” on DVD for $2!!! So I started watching it yesterday while making something crafty. I’m noticing I’m not relating to Scarlett as much as I used to. I think I’m growing up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. 284
    Tracy L says:

    Six great grandchildren at my husband’s grandmother’s home for the first time. Praise God! And his grandmother felt well enough to do a little cooking. And for that I say Glory!

  35. 285
    Lyndsay says:

    Ok, this may sound funny, but it was the best thing that happened over Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m soooo thankful for it. My 3 and a half year old son FINALLY decided he was ready to be potty-trained, and we’ve been rolling along ever since! Hallelujah!

  36. 286
    Heather says:

    After driving 15 hours from S. Carolina to Louisiana we pulled into the driveway and introduced our 6 month old daughter to her great grandparents for the first time. I was their first grandchild and she is their first great grandchild. We took a picture on Friday of the 4 generations and I have never seen a more beautiful picture in my life!

  37. 287
    Cathy S. says:

    My snapshots are bittersweet.

    First, seeing my youngest son hug his dad goodbye when we were done moving him into his very first apartment four hours away where he finally got a job. We miss him so much, but know without a doubt that God’s Hand is in this.

    Second, sitting at the table with the boyfriend of our daughter of our hearts (I am her other mother)as he very seriously asked my husband for permission to marry her. She told him that he would have to ask both her dads! Husband got really choked up. He had an emotional weekend.

  38. 288
    Brittany Kay says:

    I visited my parents and a sweet little girl that they are fostering. The little one packed an entire suitcase (with extra underwear and dolls) so she could move back home with me. We kept telling her how much my mommy would miss her, but she was insistent. Once my dad gently took her suitcase, she said, “That’s fine! I’ll just wear my ballet leo,” and then she hopped in my car! She is so precious!

  39. 289
    Ange Keskey says:

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving outside of being with family is to pull the juicy, crispy, golden skin off the bird and know that w/my in laws – it’s ALL MINE ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 290
    Amy Y says:

    I’ve thought about this all day and my favorite memory of this past Thanksgiving had to be collecting pinecones with my 4 year old. We had decided to make pinecone turkeys to take with him to preschool for the thanksgiving feast. He was so excited about each one he saw. I only needed a few, we collected a huge bag! Going through the bag to find the best ones for turkeys, he found one perfect shaped as a horn, so of course, we made it into a tiny cornucopia. My Thanksgiving table has never looked more beautiful!!

  41. 291
    elizabeth says:

    Game night with our 5 year old while our 9 month old played in his high chair sitting right beside us. We ate left over pumpkin pie while we played Go Fish, a Thomas the Train game, and Build a Robot. I LOVED that night.

  42. 292
    Sue Horton says:

    My sweet 14 year old daughter battles several illnesses, and she tends to isolate herself. We were at my brother’s home for Thanksgiving, and they had invited some college kids to share dinner. My girl did well with the company at dinner, but retreated to another room until the students left. At that point my 19 year old nephew sat down and began a conversation with her. I didn’t hear much, but I was thrilled that he made the effort and she responded positively. His effort to reach out to his lonely cousin was the highlight of our holiday.

  43. 293
    Kim Feth says:

    Funniest Part: The kids yelling, “Squirt some in my mouth” when I pulled out the RediWhip. Some things never grow old!
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  44. 294
    Patti Reavis says:

    Went to AL from NC to be with relatives. We had an delicious dinner with all the usual Thanksgiving favorites. At one point, I looked around and counted five generations in the den. It was an awesome sight. We were all interacting and having fun doing it.

  45. 295
    Pam O says:

    Kids and grandkids. Cooking and laughing with my daughter while almost 3-year-old grandson “helps.” (He also helped with the dishes, because “he’s such a good helper.”) Sweet baby granddaughter, just turned 1, her soft head nestled under my chin as I sway and she drifts off. Mmm, I love wearing her scent.
    Then, two days later we’re on the way home from the Christmas tree farm, and that same darling will-be-three-in-January grandson takes my hand in his, caresses the top of it with his other hand and tells me with twinkly eyes, “I love you, grandma.” {swoon}
    Finally, the RELIEF-joy that came Friday night when one of our canine kids showed what seemed a miraculous recovery due to her Lyme Disease meds. We’ve never dealt with the disease before and were unaware how swiftly the symptoms reveal themselves and, thankfully, how instantly the meds take effect. The lameness came on suddenly Thursday night and by Friday morning, her legs wouldn’t hold her up. Frightening! By 10:30 AM she had her first dose of medication and by that night she was almost her old self, chasing after her brother. Phew!

  46. 296
    Susan says:

    Hearing the 14 year old, who joined our family through adoption during this past year, telling friends about her Thanksgiving with her cousins and feeling an overwhelming gratefulness for this new delightful daughter and for our God who puts together families by his good plan.

  47. 297
    Denise says:

    The Lord spoke a word to me this weekend that was a great encouragement to me. The Holidays aren’t all about family and friends….Its all about Him. This came as I was feeling discouraged because things seemed different to me with my family, kids are older, and not necessarily walking with the Lord. My mother passed away 7 yrs ago and my mother in law passed away a year ago. Things have changed, but God hasn’t and He is the reason we are thankful and He is the reason we decorate for Christmas and give gifts because of His great gift to us. The Pilgrims gave thanks and started the whole Thanksgiving feast in the midst of their sorrow, because no matter what God has been and is continually good to us. I am thankful for my family and friends and celebrating with them is a benefit during the holidays but its not the meaning of it, and for that I am so very thankful!

  48. 298
    Lindawd says:

    I’m in Canada, so Thanksgiving for me was last month – The best thing was flying home from work meetings and making a detour to pick up my eldest (16 years old) at his school which is 750 km away. We miss him like crazy, but are overjoyed to see what God is doing in his life. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with a big meal, but just to have 3 kids’ voices around the house is a blessing.
    Happy thanksgiving to you all!

  49. 299
    Ceffie says:

    Thanksgiving lunch was a blast. Only one children could be here but her family is terrific. I had just spent 6 days with them at Disney so you’d think we would be tired of each other but the kids were so excited to come to Nanny’s and Popa’s. My 88 year old mom was busy helping in the kitchen and my mother and aunt in law were doing what they do best waiting for the turkey to be put on the table and talking to everyone. The bird was gorgeous and the dressing, potatoes, vegetables,and gravy were perfect. The BEST PART was watching the two oldest grandchildren break the wishbone. Our 7 year old granddaughter was so thrilled when the bone broke it didn’t even matter to her that she got the smallest piece. Jack kept saying my wish will come true not yours but that didn’t bother her a bit. Oh the miracles that happen after the blessing is said.

  50. 300
    Brenda Trafton says:

    I was so thankful to share this Thanksgiving with my beautiful morher in law. She has known me since I was 13. She has always shown me Abba Daddy’s tender love and much hope & grace over 44 years. When we went through brokeness in our marriage; she was one of the first ones on our doorstep to love and hold me. This Thanksgiving, after a wonderful Thanksgiving at the ranch; she came to me and said, “Brenda, where am I and how did I get here?” With tears in hers and my eyes as well, I said, ” Mom, we are at the ranch and just had Thanksgiving dinner. Do you remember everyone at the table?” With that she relpied that she recognized some faces. As I gave her a big hug; so she would not see me cry, I said you know me, mom; and we will give you a ride home. She just gave me the biggest hug. It was as if this day, I was able to return and love her with such tenderness; and share same hope and grace that I deeply needed as a young wife. God is so good and so fairhful. She may not know me next Thanksgiving; yet every memory I have of this most Godly woman will be forever etched on my heart and has changed me forever. Oh, that I may be a morher in law such as Betty Trafton had been to me…with a deeply thankful heart

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