Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Gathering 2!

Hey Girls! Welcome to our second gathering for Siesta Summer Bible Study! I’m thrilled to be with you today! It feels so good to be back in Scripture together, doesn’t it? OK, before you go any further, remember that all comments to this post come AFTER your group views the video (or questions below) and completes the guided discussion. One representative will sign in on behalf of your entire group and using your group name, city, and number participating in this gathering. If you’re going solo, you will sign in by your name and city. Solo participants will choose several of the questions that resonate with you most and answer them succinctly in your comment. Group representatives will share the most powerful or pertinent part of your discussion. 

One more thing before we get to it! I want you to be able to picture our Bible study community because it’s such a rich mix of women. My beloved coworkers, Nancy and Kmac, went through all your comments to the summer Bible study launch (a daunting task indeed so applause please!) and here is an estimate of what our wonderful, colorful class looks like. (This has been updated since I did the video embedded in this post so the following is newer and more accurate information. The video has to be done around 4 days in advance so that’s the reason for any discrepancies between numbers.)

We are made up of about…

  • 4226 individuals total (whether in groups or going solo)
  • 1129 groups
  • 48 United States (missing Delaware and Vermont; 1 sister said she was originally from Vermont, but is now living in NY. As severely tempted as we are to count that, we won’t. At the time I did the video, we didn’t realize Delaware was missing as well so, if you’re out there, be sure and let us know! It’s all just for fun. We’re not trying to be all that, so don’t anybody go moving or anything. Grin.)
  • 14 countries outside U.S. (Africa, Australia, Bahamas, 4 Canadian provinces – AB, BC, ON, SK-, China, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Italy, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the UK)

Woooohooooo! May Jesus be pleased and highly praised!

OK, everybody! It’s time to meet. If possible, watch the video but, if you’re unable to view it, here are written instructions for your gathering. All the following questions or interactives are based on your first 2 weeks (or what they’re calling “Sessions”) of homework.

The first question comes from something Kelly said no further into the study than the second paragraph of the introduction on p.6. Reread the first two paragraphs then answer the following question:

#1. Name people you’ve met and, after getting to know them, realized you’d missed them terribly before they came into your life. In others words, describe a time when you encountered people that supplied something your life was greatly missing.

(In so many ways, Siestas, you have been this to me. I can hardly picture ministry around here at LPM before you got here. You supplied so much community that I lost when I gave up my beloved Sunday School class and you broadened my world immensely through your profound diversity. I am so thankful for you.)

#2.  One of the most important concepts for the study is introduced in Day One of the first week or “Session.” Turn to p.14 and review the portion mid-page. Why is it so vital to have a heart that can break? After answer the question, discuss how you filled in your columns: what breaks your heart and where you could be more tender.

#3.  Turn to the conclusion of Week or Session One on p.31 and share your answers to this “personal response” (mid-page): “What has God put in your heart to do?” Don’t descend into comparison, over analysis and self-condemnation as you discuss your answers. Remember, what God has put in our hearts to do may not be timed for fulfillment until many days or even years from the birth of our passion. After you answer the question, THEN glance ahead to the “Group Discussion” question in the margin on p.40 because it coincides so well with the concept we’re discussing here. “Have you ever forced a plan or dream that, in retrospect, you realized God’s hand wasn’t on?” Boy, I have and many times! Let’s have some community here so we’ll all know that this is a common occurrence.

#4.  Reflect on your answer to the question at the bottom of p.39: “So we will no longer be in disgrace.” (Some of your versions may say “shame.”) That word resonates deeply with me because I have felt disgraced and usually by my own actions or mistakes. Discuss a few ways that disgrace can result from a collapsed wall of some kind. THEN, celebrate the reality that walls can be REBUILT.

#5.  Go to p.56, the opening page of Day Five in Session Two and discuss some of your answers to the question in bold print: “What rubble in your life is presently the most discouraging and exhausting?” We are not just going to share and compare our piles of rubble here but we are going to turn our discussion into intercession as we conclude our gathering. After several people share, return to Nehemiah 4:14 and read it together and let it lead you in how you pray for one another. Close out in BELIEVING-RECEIVING intercession!

Our next gathering will be on Tuesday, July 24th. Have Weeks (Sessions) 3 and 4 of your homework completed. For those who are gathering around a meal, consider making the Romaine Salad on p.88 with the blue cheese and pecans and maple vinaigrette and, since you went so healthy on the main course, how about some Billie’s Banana Pudding on p.89 for dessert??

I love you guys so much!  Stay in the Word!


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  1. 351
    Rhonda MClellan says:

    Rhonda, Newnan, Georgia. Solo. Question 1 resonated with me as a thanks to God. I had found myself in isolation in a friendship several years ago and very controlled and manipulated. I frankly allowed this friendship to become a focus that took time away from God. The ending of the friendship crushed me, but God took my heart and healed it and brought me into great relationship with Him and friendship with such an amazing group of Sistas. 🙂 I’m so thankful that He loves me so much. In captivity, He already had a plan to redeem me. Question 2: I have a tender heart for broken people and people that do not understand that God rescues, He saves, He changes hearts. He repairs hearts. Question #3: I have a heart to take our mission work in Belize to a deeper level. For our ministry, H.I.M., I am praying God reveal insight and direction for the future. As far as page #40, I tried to force the renewal of a friendship. I assumed it would be the “right thing” to renew, but I was seeking my will, not God’s. Question 4: Oh, my gracious, merciful Father restored me. I had lost me and He found me and rebuilt me so I would no longer be in disgrace. He used a connection in the Esther Bible study by Siesta Mama Beth to remove my disgrace over the lost friendship. Question #5. Rubble can come from such petty things. I’m learning to give my rubble to Him, lest it become a focus and take my attention from seeking and serving God, and family. Rubble comes in big and small packages, but I’m fighting back in prayer and paying attention to God. Loving this study. I’m so sorry I was this late with my replies. JBY Siestas!

  2. 352
    Michelle B. says:

    Solo, Carver, MA:

    #2 A heart that can break- it’s important because otherwise the heart can become numb and indifferent. We can become self-focused rather than helping others. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own world. It’s important to be in prayer, to be in touch with what breaks God’s heart, and to want to line up with His. Things that break my heart: child abuse, human trafficking, eating disorders, women & children who are in situations where they are voiceless.

    #3 What has God put in my heart to do:
    be an advocate for those who feel voiceless, writing bible materials for people struggling with eating disorders, sharing my story with young women to give them hope, go on missions trips with my church, to teach and write for women’s ministries.

    I’m enjoying this study!

  3. 353
    brie says:

    Brie in London, UK, going solo –

    a little late to respond – two weeks of much needed vacation meant not much internet time 🙂

    #2 – When our hearts break we are spurred to DO something = the passion prevents us from giving up. Whereas an unbroken heart gives you the option of walking away. My heart, I believe, needs to be further broken. At the moment I feel passionate, about very little outside of myself and I am praying for God to BREAK MY HEART!

  4. 354
    Cheryl says:

    Just completed sessions 1 and 2 and watched Beth’s 2nd video. Thank you Lindsee for helping me get to the right place! I’m going solo in Cleveland, TN. God brought me WWM group from St. Charles, IL as the “someone” I was missing. I continue to miss them since moving but am grateful for email. I was truly inspired by Neh. 4:14 on not being afraid to fight. I will do so with God’s help for my family. I commit to memorizing Psalm 25 and to write a big sister story. Blessings.

  5. 355
    Diane says:

    I’m going solo and loving this study. To answer question 1, I would have to say this blog community and the Bible Studies I have done in the last ten years with my church ladies group (especially Beth’s) are something I have been profoundly changed by. The studies have helped me grow in a way that I hadn’t in all the previous church-going years of my life. My prayer life, and in particular intercessory prayer, has been on my heart lately, and I am interested in how Nehemiah had such a heart for others. My heart breaks for those in need – especially those who hunger. I have worked with my church at a local food pantry lately and it has impacted me greatly. I have a friend who is going through some problems right now and that is the current “rubble” in my life- knowing the right things to say while standing up for my Christian principles and not being judgmental.

  6. 356
    Lori Pringle says:

    Millersburg, OH; God’s Grace the Heart of Holmes County, 12. We are excited to participate in this study! Our second gathering was alive with God’s word. We are challenged by Kelly Minter’s teachings. We shared our hearts through Beth’s discussion questions. We are praying our lives will bring Glory to God. Thanks for your leadership and encouragement!

  7. 357
    Linda says:

    Bartelso,Il going solo. #1 A group of women who welcome me into their bible study group, where we share life and the love of Jesus.
    #2. I have been praying for a tender heart. I had hardend my self from all the hurts that rock this life, God had made me with a very tender heart and let Him care for me.

  8. 358
    BethAnn Cote' says:

    Available Hearts,4, Shelby Twp, MI.The four of us enjoyed getting together again to share in God’s word and grace through Kellys teachings. We are feeling very blessed in so many ways by her study. What especially impacted us this week were her thoughts on ‘rebuilding the wall’. We’re believing God that the walls of relationships within our families can and will be rebuilt and we will no longer be in disgrace. We are relying on God to help us get through the rubble that all too often gets us discouraged and exhausted. We desire & pray to live victoriously in Christ!

  9. 359
    Shannon says:

    The Magnificent seven, Tuscaloosa, Al. Our main discussion focused this week on the “one thing” God has put on our hearts. What we discovered is that the Lord has placed adoption on all our hearts in some way. How amazing!

  10. 360
    Katherine says:

    Edmonton Klondike Siestas, Edmonton AB Canada, 3 (two ladies from our group of 5 could not attend) A bit late on our response but we had very good discussion around questions 3 to 5. We talked about how disgrace and trust are connected. It is difficult to build when you lose trust but we also know that God can use people particularly family to rebuild those walls. We had a very open and honest discussion regarding the rubble in our lives. This discussion brought us closer together.

  11. 361
    Beth Lang says:

    Caring Hearts, question 2-We discussed that compassion does not come naturally to either of us, but that we are learning it. We need to be able to show compassion to others who are in need. We need to be tenderhearted to be able to bear one another’s burdens and have empathy.

  12. 362
    Cindi says:

    Cindi, Spring,TX, Solo
    1.The people I’ve met in my life and knew I had missed them ALL my life are; a) my best friend in Christ Jesus, Darla who has been the sister I never had. Met her 13 years ago and we both met the next two on my list when God called us to come to Beth’s Bible Study. b) Beth Moore, I wonder where I would be if I had not started Bible Study at HFBC on Tuesday nights? and grown in God’s Word? and c) definitely Marianne Brigwater! I would not know anything about prayer or intercession or the power of prayer if I had not met Marianne. 3 Godly Mentors!
    2)So vital to have a heart that breaks so I can be real and open up to the Holy Spirit and hear what is being spoken to me. My heart breaks tremendously for the lost.
    3)God put evangelism in my heart many years ago. Must have inherited that one from my Dad. <3 Was not always that way! Following the teaching that Beth and Marianne supplied me with led me to that.
    4)Disgrace resulted in a collapsed wall that was built by pride. Still cleaning up the rubble to this day. Lord keep me humble!
    Sorry this was so late. Vacation, Houston Project, LPL,and trying to MINIMIZE my time on the internet and MAXIMIZE my time in God's Word like I used to. Thanks for bringing me back to the basics of what's important Beth! All good! Just had to get it in bf tomorrow. Love this study too. Like how it's making me think harder about so many things.

  13. 363
    Sandy Hartley says:

    Sandy, Oregon, solo: I’ll admit, with our kids, that I’ve barely even began the Nehemiah study but what I have done, has been uplifting! I love Biblical history as it brings to life how similar we are as a people that love God, no matter what era we live in.
    Anyway, #1 I have to give two answers for -two dear friends, Cherise & Jennie, each came into my life when I was beginning to crave Christ and following him with new urgency and hope as he had pulled me away from the world and to His own heart! They both are all about God and His love and never afraid to express His truths gently and lovingly and He is such an intertwined part of their life that it was a mutually uplifting friendship, and still is, even though one of them is 8 hours away. Jennie and my church family back there (10 years ago now), introduced me to Beth Moore’s group Bible Studies, and I was so thrilled to see such amazement and excitement about God in her and them, and have been passing along that excitement whenever I can! I needed girlfriends that loved God more then this world so much, and He filled that, just as He brought me together with my longterm friend of 25+ years with a richer depth of friendship as we both dove into God with more enthusiasm and less fear then we had our entire life before!
    #4 I can think of a time when I was asked to help out at St Vincent’s (which operated the only food pantry in our small town) as President, which I turned down due to having an 18 month old on my hip and wanted to only assist, but agreed to help as a joint-VP. It was all jump-in-and-go and more then I should’ve tried to invest my time in. Due to personal reasons in the President’s life, St Vincent’s was closed after awhile and I always felt bad like perhaps I should’ve done more, or different, because I didn’t take time to pray. I do know that 6 years later, looking back, that God’s hand was in the closure, as our small town now has a food pantry that is supported by 5 of the local churches and is reaching out and helping more then just those who felt like they could be assisted by St Vincent (although a Catholic organization, it helps out absolutely ANYONE in need but sometimes the “St” in front deters some from volunteering or seeking assistance). Now I pray with what I can do to help and have just the small niche with it that God currently wants me to have. Peace. Joy. Faith in His workings.

  14. 364
    Angie says:

    Angie, Illinois, Solo
    Q#1: I have come to realize that my ladies that make up my ladies bible study are the ‘friends’ that i’ve needed and missed in my walk with God and my faith. I have been kind of a one woman show most of my life when it has come to learning new things or adding changes in my life. These wonderful and differeing group of women privide different perspectives on what i’m learning in Gods word that i can take and grow from. They Bless me sooo much!!
    Q#2: I have always been descries as ‘wearing my hart on my sleeve’ I honestly will cry to just about any little thing tht hints at saddness, loss, etc. My heart breaks when i see my children (teenagers now) going through struggles. I work in special education and my heart loves and breaks for special needs kids and adults. In all the areas that break my heart i must always pray and continue to have my heart and mind open to what ever God chooses to show me or where he leads me.

  15. 365
    Cheryl Vickers says:

    Cheryl, in Fairhope, Al going solo – Question #3 – God has so impressed upon me to facilitate a Bible study with my 2 nieces. It is amazing how satan is trying his hardest to thwart God’s plan, but God has been faithful to remove every obstacle. I’m praying that all will be in place for us to begin on Wednesday. Would appreciate your prayers. Blessings!!!

  16. 366

    Okay, obviously WAAAAAYYYY behind!

    One of the people I’ve met since moving to Spokane is Patty, and I’m not sure how close we will remain since I keep relapsing and she really does not want to be around drunk people. She wants me to stay sober and I’m not sure I can. I love her so much, though. I know at some point she will be back in my life, one way or another.

    2. Obviously, I have a heart for people trapped in addiction, although I’m too trapped in addiction myself to help much.

    3. I have believed for many years that I am called to teach and have been asked by my church to work in the preschool department at my church. I plan to do this after much prayer. I absolutely love children and have always been good with them. (Probably largely because I’m not much more than a child myself 🙂 ) I don’t think I’ve ever pushed anything. Maybe trying to help out with women’s ministry, but most of the time I lack faith to believe God would ever want me to do anything, rather than believing, so I’ve probably missed more opportunities where He wanted me to serve, rather than pushing things that weren’t His will. I mostly believe that He doesn’t want me at all.

    4. I don’t know that my walls can be rebuilt. I’m feeling pretty discouraged right now.

    5. I’m battling an addiction to alcohol that I seem to be failing at. I was just drunk a few moments before I worked on this and have a hard time believing I can ever be sober without finding a bottom where I’ve lost my family or my health in some way as I’ve seen most people have before they’ve recovered.

    • 366.1

      Oh, shoot, sorry. Got into the bible study itself. 🙂

      Spokane, Washington

    • 366.2

      Okay, I’m now planning to stay sober! Dumped out and threw away my last bottle and my friend’s coming to pick me up to go to a meeting in about an hour. I think I’ll stick with the AA lifestyle from now on! Oh, and Celebrate Recovery which my church is starting, probably this Saturday it sounds like! I knew they’d been working on it.

  17. 367
    Crystal Parrott says:

    Crystal in Ontario, Canada and Cathy in Chicago, IL via phone meeting! For us question two was where we spent a lot of time. After realizing that God will use out broken situations and heart to acutally help those who are going through the same things….we were in awe. We both said that our hearts could be more tender in the area of judgement because we can never have a heart that breaks for those we judge. We also said our hearts could be more tender towards people’s emtoions while they are going through things.

  18. 368
    Romellia McWilliams says:

    We are the RBD3’s from Oklahoma City/Moore. There are 3 of us. Our most dicussed question was #. We agree we are burdened by clutter. We are tired of moving things around the house to get it to look clean. We each have this problem. One of us also has a broken relationship that feels like exhausting rubble most of the time but we are trusting God to lead us in both of these things.

  19. 369
    Linda Reeves says:

    Linda, Delray Beach, FL going solo today as our Beach Chicas can’t meet until next week. #1 Encountering people God has used to nurture me in the faith is what is so awesome about our Lord! Seven yrs. ago I met Jann my neighbor who helped me as a new believer and one year later, in a new town, yet another wonderful, knowledgable Christian who has come along side me. These are friendships for eternity though this friend has moved away.
    #3 God has my heart in the best of places. I’m a part of a new church (started Sept 2010), a missional church to my community and it’s, growing wonderfully by God’s grace. Yea!

  20. 370
    Virginia Beach, VA Amber Thornton-solo says:

    What resonated with me this week is discovering my passion. I feel like I am so wrapped up in my world and my kids, that forget to focus on others. I guess too I feel so drained from giving so much to my family that I forget to think of others who reside outside the walls of my apartment.

    Also the rubble in my life seems so heavy right now concerning my mother. She has fallen away from the Lord, but when Beth said, “Don’t give up on them” it hit home. My disappointment in her wanted me to put her away in a box because it hurt to see, but I know I can’t give up on her. I must continue to pray for her and that her eyes will be open. May I show her the unconditional love that I am shown each day.

  21. 371

    We had really good time eating lunch together. The gingersnap cookies got rave reviews…even from those who don’t typically like gingersnaps! The question that prompted the most discussion was #2 (What breaks your heart?). We talked about the difference between your heart breaking over something as opposed to it just making you sad … and how if you brainstorm a list and pray over it, God will reveal to you which is which.

    We also talked about how frustrating it can be when the hearts of those around us don’t break for the same things as yours does. But just like we’re all given different gifts so that the Body of Christ fully functions, God allows our hearts to break over different things so that all needs are met.

  22. 372
    deborah says:

    Mamas and their girls, Sawyer, 4

    We are behind, but loving the study. It is such a good example how Nehemiah prayed, and then did what he felt God wanted him to do. Such wisdom in this.

    It is so vital to have a heart that can break, so that we can have compassion for others and reach out and get beyond ourselves.

  23. 373
    Sally says:

    Gritts Girls ~ Newport News, VA

    The thing that resonated with us during the past two weeks of study was just how timely this study is for my mother especially. She is working on a project she feels she is not qualified for, but the Lord keeps it on her plate. I think we both recognized the fact that we must practice “active waiting” on the Lord as he works in our lives. Just as Nehemiah pondered, prayed and prepared for the task ahead of him, so must we. We are thankful for His working in our lives and we look forward to the next few weeks together in The Word.

  24. 374
    Charne says:

    Blessed, Secunda-South Africa. I really enjoy this study. It is such a fresh word for me. I am asking God to break my heart anew for His people and the lost. Thank you for a really amazing study. I am praying that He will change me even more!!

  25. 375
    Allyaggie says:

    League City Ladies in League City, TX, met two Tuesdays ago, and I, the delinquent facilitator, am just now posting :). At least I’m posting before our meeting this Tuesday, right?! OK, so we have two ladies in our group that have never done a Bible study before. LOVE. IT. I’m so glad they have joined us!!! I really liked the responses to #5 because it gave us some specific things to pray for one another such as God directing a job change, patience and grace with our kids, and understanding friends.
    Time to pick up the house for tonight!

  26. 376
    Brittany Kay says:

    Gainesville, FL (2 group members!)

    We had a great discussion about the meaning of disgrace and what it looks like for individuals. Interestingly, we both feel shamed by the same thing in our life, so we will be able to encourage one another in believing the lies that coincide with it. We read Isaiah 61:1-4 together, as well as Nehemiah 4:14 and are praying to restore those walls, as well as overcome our unbelief that it can’t be done.

  27. 377
    Katie says:

    I just realized I never checked in for my group!

    Sinatra’s Siestas, Houston, TX, 9 participants

    When the plan to watch Kelly’s videos as part of our time was thwarted, we decided to just discuss our responses throughout the first two weeks, and found ourselves with more than enough material to fill the time!

    We honed in on the times when we’ve been amazed by God, the places in our lives where our wall needs to be better fortified and our gates secured, and the power of prayer.

  28. 378
    Jewel in Denver, PA, going solo says:

    Behind, but enjoying this study.
    #2 My heart breaks for women not taking their role in the home seriously, and how negative choices adults make cause devastating consequences on children.
    My heart could be more tender toward the poor and destitute in my neighborhood and not just abroad.
    #5 Neh 4:14 –Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord (great & awesome). Fight for your home/own. These 3 commands were encouraging to me in counteracting the rubble in my life.

  29. 379
    Jewel in PA, going solo says:

    Behind….but enjoying this study very much.
    #2 My heart breaks for women not taking their role in the home seriously, and how negative choices of adults have devastating consequences on children
    My heart could be more tender towards the poor and destitute in my own neighborhood & not just abroad.
    #5 Neh 4:14 Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord (great & awesome). Fight for your home/own. These 3 commands encouraged me how to counteract the rubble in my own life.

  30. 380
    Andrea Heney says:

    The Technologically Challenged but Thriving group DID meet on Facebook– it just takes a while to “discuss” and I’ve been out of town. One particularly interesting comment all loved was, “a broken heart is a heart that is awake.” So true. We can’t walk around like all is well and there is no enemy. On to 3rd video!

  31. 381
    PJWOhio says:

    Hilliard, OH, solo. I too, was on vacation and am late in replying but want to post to keep MYSELF accountable.
    #4.As I learn to no longer live in disgrace, I have meet others who are in similar “shame/disgrace” situations and I can witness to them of God’s healing for me. Had I not walked that path, I would not have been able to understand their pain.
    #5.Even before this study, God showed me some rubble that needs attention. I continue to work on it. It isn’t horrible issues but things that do cause stress and take away my “Joy” due to discouragement and some shame.
    Thanks for being here, even when I am late. Love studying with all of you!

  32. 382
    Kris says:

    Still here, I started this study alone but am trying to work with someone new to Bible Study and she is struggling to keep up so we are very far behind. Pray that she will find time, make time become committed to this study so she can follow it through. Pray for me to encourage her but not overwhelem her to do her homework. 🙂 Going to start the next session now on my own.

  33. 383
    C says:

    St. Catharines, ON, Mourning Cloak Butterflies, 6
    We talked a lot about being fine with who we are and instead of thinking about self esteem, trying to see ourselves how God sees us. We also spent time talking about the rubble in our lives so that we can pray for one another. We talked about Titus 2:4 and how those of us who have already experienced a little more of life, can walk alongside those who have experienced a little less. This is important since we have two generations of women in our group in a 3:3 ratio. This is the first time the three younger women have experienced anything “Beth” and they are really liking it!

  34. 384
    Jennifer says:

    LynchVegas Group, Lynchburg, Virginia, 6 women.

    We talked about how what God has placed on our heart can be a normal part of our lives, can involve the day-to-day. Doing something for Christ doesn’t always mean doing something BIG and beyond our ordinary. Sometimes we honor Christ the most when our ordinary honors the Lord! Praying that God gives us a passion for our ordinary responsibilities.

  35. 385
    Desert Divas says:

    We had a great meeting Monday night! We have grown by one, and are now six in number! We ate yummy enchiladas, spanish rice and salad. My 13-year old daughter made themost delicious ginger snaps for dessert!!!! Had a great talk about how disgrace is directly linked to our walls falling down in certain areas. Thank you Beth for gathering God’s girls! We all look forward to it every week and the study is a true Godsend. Blessings to you and your lovely staff! 🙂

  36. 386
    Becky says:

    Becky – TN
    Going at it solo

    A week behind, but wanted to keep myself accountable and post. #1 about people in my life that have given me something I was greatly missing – My friends I’ve met on the two trips I’ve taken to the Dominican Republic in the past year. Specifically the boy we sponsor and the pastor’s family. They’ve reminded me that life is about others, not myself. Something that I’d lost sight of the past several years. They showed me just how selfish I’d become and materialistic. I’m a different and better person for having met them, for knowing them, and having them in my life.

  37. 387
    Claudia Clark says:

    RockFish Reel Life, Raeford NC 4

    We meet Sundays durng the second of 3 services that day. Given our tight and conflicting schedules, we review the LPM questions on our own. Believe me we are so blessed by what we are each taking away from studying this book together! We are even a bit tickled that we do it in such a non-traditional way!

  38. 388
    Michele says:

    Michele, Cumming, GA, solo

    My heart breaks for abortion and the loss of precious babies. This is very personal for me and I continue to have a vision for helping those who have gone through this, making the wrong decision and suffering through the shame and disgrace of it all. This is my story and one that took me 20 years to accept God’s forgiveness for. I want to share and help others recieve this precious gift from God.
    What I will pray throughout the study for is my marriage. I have been married for 23 years and we definitely have a disconnect right now. I love my husband but need God’s divine intervention in this area.
    Love that I am doing a study with over 4,000 people and especially at the same time as you Beth!

  39. 389
    Heather C. says:

    Heather C. from Florence, SC; going solo.

    2) I have just stepped into a full-time ministry role working with students. I’ve had a heart for students for the last 10 years, but I can finally define what it is that breaks my heart for them. My heart breaks for teenagers who have no adult in their life to offer any spiritual support. My heart also breaks for teenage girls who turn to everything (specifically bad relationships) to find their identity and significance. As I’ve been in this study and praying that God would give me a heart like His, I’ve come to realize that to have His heart, it must be one that can break. I’m also learning that it must break for the right things. I’ve allowed way too many people and insignificant things in the past to break my heart.

    3) About 10 years ago, I began feeling a desire to be a pastor’s wife. It’s only been in the last few years that I have realized that this is something God was placing in my heart. I’m still single and waiting for the right man to come along; however, God has continued to remind me of this vision that He’s placed in my heart.

    I have tried many times in the past several years to take this thing God has on my heart and make my own reality out of it. I’ve set my heart of relationships that weren’t right…only to end up broken-hearted.

    5) My prayer life is one of the walls being rebuilt in my life right now. For lots of years my prayers have been simple and vague. I’ve asked God to do things, but they weren’t things that required very much faith. I’m realizing that those prayers of little faith have created great rubble in my life. The Lord is now having to get rid of those pieces and rebuild my wall with prayers that require great faith!

  40. 390
    Kay says:

    Georgia, Richmond Hill, Solo Still Needs a Word is now a duo. Question 2 resonated (felt like God was Dinozzoing me). I could be more tender with my 16 year old daughter. I need to be more tender with her. She has broken my trust in a big way, somehow I took her actions on as my fault. I am still so angry with her, the anger of betrayal…mixed with tears. I knew we needed help so I made an appointment with a counselor. God is soooo good; the counselor gave me permission that my daughter’s actions were hers and not mine. She even had my daughter repeat that to me. I have permission to be human. Thank God!


  41. 391
    L Squared says:

    So fun to learn what God has placed on each of our hearts!

  42. 392
    Karen says:

    Amarillo, TX. SPOKEN FOR,12. We got on the living room floor and built walls in front of us and then connected them together. we were thinking and talking about what it takes to work together and complete what God puts in our hearts.

  43. 393
    Summer says:

    Willow Spring, NC Aqua Room Girls, 5 ladies

    I believe Question 2 and 5 resonated most with our group…about areas our heart breaks and where we could be more tender. Also about the rubble in our lives. We have seen the Spirit working in us and many around us, but it is also hard rebuilding walls in the midst of rubble from the past. We were challenged to persevere and keep our eyes focused on the Lord and not our circumstances or “rubble”. Such an incredible night of discussion! :o) So glad to be doing this study.

  44. 394
    Crystal says:

    Crystal. Alberta, Canada. Solo.
    I just had to share that after praying for a heart that can break through this Bible study, my heart broke today for a neighbor who previously brought me anger. Invited him to church and I hope he can find peace and I can continue to reach out and change my heart for him.

  45. 395

    Hi, From Melissa’s Siesta Summer Bible Study Group. We are a Yahoo Group.
    I have heard so many praises from each lady in our study about the love, fellowship and prayers they’ve felt from each participant in our study. Even though we don’t meet in person we still stand in the gap for each other and are truly concerned. The love for one another is truly amazing. One day I hope to meet each of these dear ladies in heaven.

    The first question comes from something Kelly said no further into the study than the second paragraph of the introduction on p.6. Reread the first two paragraphs then answer the following question:

    #1. Name people you’ve met and, after getting to know them, realized you’d missed them terribly before they came into your life. In others words, describe a time when you encountered people that supplied something your life was greatly missing.

    The majority selected someone that was a previous Bible teacher to them. A few selected celebrities like Joyce Meyer, etc.

    Melissa of Melissa’s Siesta Summer Bible Study Group.

  46. 396
    Megan says:

    Grants Pass, OR
    Removing the rubble really resonated with me. I have recently had a visual of this in my life. My husband and I have been cleaning out our garage and removing the rubble! Sometimes it has been hard, but it needs to be removed to make way for the new. I love that the Lord has shown this to me in a very real way and that I can apply it to my heart.

  47. 397
    Missy says:

    Chatham,La. going solo. This session has really touched my heart. What has God put in your heart? Our pastor has been teaching on the gifts that each of us have in the Body of Christ and how we are to use them for His glory. And then our Sunday School lesson is about God’s calling on our lives . It is like God is driving the point in from all sides. I love God’s word and I love to dig into it and try and teach a Sunday School class at our church. I have felt like God has reinforced that calling after studying this session. I pray He will give me a deeper understanding of His word so that I can be used for His kingdom work. Another thing God has showed me is that a lot of the things I thought I was doing for the Lord was not His will but I was being led by my own emotions. Praying a wisdom to know the difference and wait on His lead.

  48. 398
    Kit Frankenfield says:

    Kit Frankenfield, Spring Hill, Kansas, going solo. Well, I may be close to the last one responding to session 2, but I’m here plodding through until the end! I’d like to share my answer to question 3: “What has God put in your heart to do?” I have kept my heart and mind open that the Lord would show me something new and “steady my steps,” but He continues to confirm His voice and MY Word given to me at Indiana University in 1975 through 1979 from Isaiah 42:16: “And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them” (ESV). At first being a young and immature Christian, I thought that I was supposed to teach BLIND students. WRONG. It was not until a year ago listening to a sermon that I came to understand that this is a metaphorical blindness, and that my teaching career of 20 years has been the fulfillment of this very verse. I now have taught writing in a community college in the Midwest and I see this metaphorical “blindness” all around me, every semester. I love my students, help them to see their strengths, help them to decide on their major and “do not forsake them.” It was a joy to find and come to understand that I still am in the Lord’s will for my life. This verse was to be the yearning and passion the Lord gave to me–to teach adults. Have I ever forced a plan or dream that I was at first certain God was leading me into? YES…the result??? Banging my head against a door over and over and over and over….and it never opened. For years. Then I realized when you are WALKING IN YOUR ANNOINTING, it becomes easy. It is not YOU making it happen but the Lord making crooked places straight. When you are in your annointed, you basically show up and you are so blessed that it becomes like breathing. So good to know that at age 55 I am still in my annointed path, “leading the blind in a way they know not.”

  49. 399
    Kit Frankenfield says:

    Question #5…ahhh yes, the rubble question. What is rubble? I had to look it up, being an English professor and all. A word defined gives one direction. This 14th century word has 2 definitions that really add dimension to this question: a : broken fragments (as of rock) resulting from the decay or destruction of a building b : a miscellaneous confused mass or group of usually broken or worthless things. So the question becomes actually what broken fragments are there in your life that result in decay or destruction? What miscellaneous confused mass or group of broken, worthless things are peppering your landscape. It’s sometimes hard to be transparent in such a world-wide group, but these things that do NOT add value to my life (in contrast, they add worry), are: too much CLUTTER. We just have to get RID of things that have become worthless in our lives. It becomes hard to relax when your home is chaotic!! Add to clutter, old clothes you never wear, outdated things in your kitchen like canned food and spices, probably half of what I own falls into this! I need grace, mercy and time to do a little each day! My financial situation is a giant piece of rubble that the Lord and I and my husband are working through together, to tithe for the first time really in my adult life. I’m happy to do it. Completing my Ph.D. feels like rubble on my heart, giving me a heaviness that is so overwhelming that sometimes I can’t breathe. Please Lord give me grace to finish the other big ANNOINTING you have given me to do…before I’m of the age that I will use my walker to ambulate down the big hill at the University of Kansas to pick up my degree….and then catch a ride back to the nursing home!!! Lord, please guide everyone on this blog to give you the RUBBLE in their lives, knowing that you are an expert in getting rid of it for us and with us!!!

  50. 400
    Kathy says:

    Nehemiah makes me want to keep the walls of my faith strong and in good repair. A source of protection.

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