Siesta Summer Bible Study 2012 Gathering 2!

Hey Girls! Welcome to our second gathering for Siesta Summer Bible Study! I’m thrilled to be with you today! It feels so good to be back in Scripture together, doesn’t it? OK, before you go any further, remember that all comments to this post come AFTER your group views the video (or questions below) and completes the guided discussion. One representative will sign in on behalf of your entire group and using your group name, city, and number participating in this gathering. If you’re going solo, you will sign in by your name and city. Solo participants will choose several of the questions that resonate with you most and answer them succinctly in your comment. Group representatives will share the most powerful or pertinent part of your discussion. 

One more thing before we get to it! I want you to be able to picture our Bible study community because it’s such a rich mix of women. My beloved coworkers, Nancy and Kmac, went through all your comments to the summer Bible study launch (a daunting task indeed so applause please!) and here is an estimate of what our wonderful, colorful class looks like. (This has been updated since I did the video embedded in this post so the following is newer and more accurate information. The video has to be done around 4 days in advance so that’s the reason for any discrepancies between numbers.)

We are made up of about…

  • 4226 individuals total (whether in groups or going solo)
  • 1129 groups
  • 48 United States (missing Delaware and Vermont; 1 sister said she was originally from Vermont, but is now living in NY. As severely tempted as we are to count that, we won’t. At the time I did the video, we didn’t realize Delaware was missing as well so, if you’re out there, be sure and let us know! It’s all just for fun. We’re not trying to be all that, so don’t anybody go moving or anything. Grin.)
  • 14 countries outside U.S. (Africa, Australia, Bahamas, 4 Canadian provinces – AB, BC, ON, SK-, China, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Italy, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the UK)

Woooohooooo! May Jesus be pleased and highly praised!

OK, everybody! It’s time to meet. If possible, watch the video but, if you’re unable to view it, here are written instructions for your gathering. All the following questions or interactives are based on your first 2 weeks (or what they’re calling “Sessions”) of homework.

The first question comes from something Kelly said no further into the study than the second paragraph of the introduction on p.6. Reread the first two paragraphs then answer the following question:

#1. Name people you’ve met and, after getting to know them, realized you’d missed them terribly before they came into your life. In others words, describe a time when you encountered people that supplied something your life was greatly missing.

(In so many ways, Siestas, you have been this to me. I can hardly picture ministry around here at LPM before you got here. You supplied so much community that I lost when I gave up my beloved Sunday School class and you broadened my world immensely through your profound diversity. I am so thankful for you.)

#2.  One of the most important concepts for the study is introduced in Day One of the first week or “Session.” Turn to p.14 and review the portion mid-page. Why is it so vital to have a heart that can break? After answer the question, discuss how you filled in your columns: what breaks your heart and where you could be more tender.

#3.  Turn to the conclusion of Week or Session One on p.31 and share your answers to this “personal response” (mid-page): “What has God put in your heart to do?” Don’t descend into comparison, over analysis and self-condemnation as you discuss your answers. Remember, what God has put in our hearts to do may not be timed for fulfillment until many days or even years from the birth of our passion. After you answer the question, THEN glance ahead to the “Group Discussion” question in the margin on p.40 because it coincides so well with the concept we’re discussing here. “Have you ever forced a plan or dream that, in retrospect, you realized God’s hand wasn’t on?” Boy, I have and many times! Let’s have some community here so we’ll all know that this is a common occurrence.

#4.  Reflect on your answer to the question at the bottom of p.39: “So we will no longer be in disgrace.” (Some of your versions may say “shame.”) That word resonates deeply with me because I have felt disgraced and usually by my own actions or mistakes. Discuss a few ways that disgrace can result from a collapsed wall of some kind. THEN, celebrate the reality that walls can be REBUILT.

#5.  Go to p.56, the opening page of Day Five in Session Two and discuss some of your answers to the question in bold print: “What rubble in your life is presently the most discouraging and exhausting?” We are not just going to share and compare our piles of rubble here but we are going to turn our discussion into intercession as we conclude our gathering. After several people share, return to Nehemiah 4:14 and read it together and let it lead you in how you pray for one another. Close out in BELIEVING-RECEIVING intercession!

Our next gathering will be on Tuesday, July 24th. Have Weeks (Sessions) 3 and 4 of your homework completed. For those who are gathering around a meal, consider making the Romaine Salad on p.88 with the blue cheese and pecans and maple vinaigrette and, since you went so healthy on the main course, how about some Billie’s Banana Pudding on p.89 for dessert??

I love you guys so much!  Stay in the Word!


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  1. 51
    Kerri N says:

    1. The Lord brought Karen Odom in my life about a year ago. She is a very godly woman who gives wise counsel. She has been an encouragement to me and is an awesome prayer warrior.

  2. 52
    Erin says:

    the deck girls, eau claire, wi and algonquin, il, 2

    my mom and i are really enjoying this study! we’re doing it via phone and it’s so nice to have someone else to discuss these extra questions and the session questions with!

    we had a good discussion about question 3 in particular…hindsight is 20/20 and it’s relatively easy to see all the barriers that are being thrown at you in the pursuit of attaining a goal or dream. but we were left with a very important question: how do you know when it’s a barrier from God telling you to stop versus an obstacle that you are supposed to push pass? how do you know it’s not Satan trying to get you to stop? now there are some things that are clearly not a part of God’s will but there is also a lot of grey area and it’s exactly in this grey area that it’s sometimes difficult to discern the difference. of course prayer is important but sometimes it’s so difficult to tell if that little voice inside your head is the whisper of the Holy Spirit or if it is just your own desire speaking to you. so, if there’s anyone out there with insight into this please respond!

  3. 53
    Mary Beth says:

    Mary Beth, St. Louis, solo

    #1 About 10 years ago, I found my heart yearning for a BFF. I had many friends in my life, but no one who i felt comfortable enough to share all of me with – you know, that person who knows what a mess you are and loves you anyway. God brought this sweet sister in Christ into my life, and she continues to be so important in my life today.
    #5 the rubble in my life is an idol that I struggle to pull down, only to see it pop back up several days later. I continue to humble myself before God, and pray for power of his Holy Spirit to continually strengthen me in this battle!

    • 53.1
      Cynthia says:

      BFF’s are hard to find and keep, I wonder truly how many people have this same struggle? Very honest of you to share this as your heart desire :0) I pray God will bless you with many friends…

  4. 54
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Grrrrrr, I hit the backspace key and lost my whole comment, so here goes again (this time in a Word document.) Afternoon Delights in my family room, in Bryan, Ohio; 5 participants; one plate of ginger snaps prepared by one lovely siesta (I know we are a little late on the ginger snaps, but my were they delish!) We are watching Kelly’s session videos, along with Beth’s videos and questions. So we watch Beth, discuss those questions, then discuss the week’s homework if there’s more the ladies want to talk about. Lastly, we watch Kelly’s video session, which I must say, have all touched us so much and revved up the discussion. This week, we had good discussion about plans we have gone ahead with, thinking they were the right thing to do, only to be sure in hindsight or worse, in the midst of the plan, that maybe it wasn’t….and how that feels sort of like the walls crumbling down. Then we have to pick up the pieces, PRAY, and start anew with another, hopefully God-driven plan. We also spent some time discussing the “rubble” or obstacles in our lives….what is in the way of getting to where God wants us to be. We committed to praying about these things for each other this week. I am personally looking forward to this weekend as I will be attending an Emmaus Weekend (spiritual walk/retreat.) It’s something I should have done long ago but that darn rubble kept getting in the way. At this point, however, I am climbing over the rubble and seeing what’s on the other side. Any prayers would be so greatly appreciated!

  5. 55
    Memi & TeTe says:

    Memi & TeTe; El Dorado Springs, MO; 2

    We had an emotional time in Bible Study this afternoon. Emotional but quite the blessing. During our time together we spent a lot of time discussing “what God had put in our hearts to do.” As teachers, our students are often in the forefront of our thoughts and we spent considerable time discussing what was put in our hearts where these high school students are concerned.

    Our “rubble” was also a major component of our discussion today. We made a plan to pray for ways to deal with the “rubble” in each others life. It was another great time of fellowship and diving into the Word.

  6. 56
    Pam Houston says:

    Pam Houston – Solo: Buena Park, CA.
    #1. Reconnecting: with Sisters in Christ in Montana, whom I served with in Women’s ministries in the early 80’s…all of us in long term marriages, and our husbands all connecting and realizing what a glory God has shed on our way!
    #2. Recognizing: the pain that comes with suffering also gains compassion, and the desire to minister out of my brokeness, humility and His glorious supply.
    #3. Rehearsing: in readable form what was, what is and what is to come over the decades of my life and unlocking God’s awesome Providence that a legacy of faith and faithfulness to be transmitted. Looking back, the forcing of a timing on such a work taught me much humility and the lesson was not lost.
    #4. Reconstruction: The wall that had crumbled down was my own body, my temple! Through His awesome power of deliverance I am 40 lbs lighter and am maintaining a normal weight. The weight of shame is gone! Glory to His Name!
    #5.Renovation: An English Garden I planted has overgrown to the point that we must start over…we worked today in heat and exhaustion, and the only remedy is complete removal! There is a lesson to be learned here…one of provision. Our son showed up and took a full trailer of refuse to the dump…we’ve still got more to go! It is a fearful thing, but I know it’s the LORD and He’s going to give us the grace, the energy and courage to get it done. Praise God for the Nehemiah Study and for Siestas participating and being renewed to fight the good fight!

  7. 57

    Faith Ecklund, Nashville, Tennessee
    Rubble should sometimes be my middle name! 🙂 One thing that I can’t seem to keep free from clogging up is how the world tells me I should look, act and be. Being in a business where you are (more often then not) in front of people, at times I begin to compare myself to this person or that person. I have led worship for the last 5 years and there are times when I find myself being pulled in a very worldy direction of, “I should be more like that,” “they sing better than I,” “I’m way out of my league!” etc.

    I have had a time in my life where comparison consumed me and I didn’t even want to turn the television on. I felt like God was choosing others over me to do certain things I would give my left arm for based on favoritism. God and I had an ahhhhhhh haaaaaaaa moment not too long back and the chains broke, and I felt so free from the garbage the world shovels at us (esp. women in my opinion 🙂 ) . I do however seem to stumble upon the rubble every now and again but am reminded of Galatians 2:6, As for those who were held in high esteem- whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not show favoritism. AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!

  8. 58
    Leah C says:

    Number three. I felt over the weeks of study I was supposed to invite a former classmate to our church retreat. I had all kinds of thoughts of why it wouldn’t work, but I asked her today and she is thinking about it. We recently reconnected and I felt drawn to do something to draw her to Christ. We’ll see what happens. If she doesn’t come this weekend, I’m planning to ask her to Bible Study this fall. I don’t think she is ready for an invite to church. God just keeps nudging us along or nagging 🙂 until we get the message. Blessings to all!

  9. 59
    Ginger says:

    Real Army Wives of El Paso, TX:
    We weren’t able to discuss all questions but here’s a recap: we discussed how God has used friends to fill the “missing piece” in our lives. What breaks our hearts: hurting children, poor people, people in other countries. Where we should be more tender: forgiving others, being a better parent, empathy with others pains and heartaches. Things that have been put on our hearts: spending more quality time with children, doing a Bible study with older children, reaching out to other ‘Moms’ who might be struggling or hurting by running an errand, ministering to them, etc., reaching out to other friends that are hurting. Oh, and we made the gingersnaps (of course!) and they were delicious! 🙂

  10. 60
    Dawn says:

    Going solo in Hephzibah, Ga.
    Oh how my God is right on time! I am currently standing amongst a pile of rubble. For the past year and a half my family has stood helpless as our walls and everything we thought was secure came crashing to the ground. I have to say though that God has also showed up in big ways to let us know He has been right here in this thing with us and he is doing it again through this study. I can relate to feeling too exhausted to continue the rebuilding process; especially when every time you seem to be making progress; the enemy shows up with another round of destruction. I know the feeling of wanting to give up because seeing this thing fully restored does not ever seem possible. I felt a fresh breath come over me when reading Nehemiah 4:13. I too, like the people there, needed to be reminded of who I was fighting for and
    WHO was fighting for me! Thank you Jesus!

  11. 61
    Lynn, Pecos, NM says:

    Solo. 1. The people I met and realized I had been missing are the wonderful people in my Community Bible Study. God sent them to me at the perfect time.
    5. The rubble that is wearing me down is the devastation that my son-in-law’s addiction is bringing to my daughter, grandson and the entire family. I am working to see him with compassion and not through the damage of my childhood lived with alcoholics. Only by God’s grace is this possible.

  12. 62
    Nancy says:

    Nancy, Atlanta, GA

    3.) God has put in my heart to become a better person. I realized that God brought me to that study for a purpose. So much of what I learned through that study made me really look at myself and not like what I saw. It was time for a change. I have done alot of changing since then and I am a better person for it.

    5.) The rubble in my life is my insecurity. It’s something that I have been struggling with for years. I am reading your book “So Long, Insecurity”. It has helped me tremendously 🙂

  13. 63
    Diane says:

    Flying Solo in Charleston, IL: I, too, really like the idea of realizing that you’ve missed people only after you’ve met them. My family and I move a lot, and with each move, I’ve had the honor of meeting wonderful, godly women who inspire me. Each time, I think to myself, how did I ever get by without these wonderful people?

    On the other hand, I find that sometimes God uses my interactions with people to point out when I’m headed in the wrong direction. One time, I met a group of women that, though perfectly nice, were just not for me. It was only after I tried and tried (and failed) to “fit in” with their group that I realized that the Lord had other plans for me. It was only after a really humiliating, junior-high-like event that I won’t go into here that I finally realized that I was headed down the wrong path.

  14. 64
    Suzy E. says:

    Smyrna (Georgia) Siestas – 10 met tonight in my living room.

    1.People we’ve missed our whole lives, but didn’t even know it: one lady who has recently become a Jesus-follower jumped right on that one – JESUS! And then followed that up closely with our local church body. She can’t imagine ever having lived without them.

    2. What breaks our hearts? Children who have to go through suffering, or whose lives are cut short. People who are stuck in tough life circumstances through no fault of their own – they never had a chance.

    Then we went off into our own discussion of some things that really touched us from the lessons – particularly about the “gates” of our heart and mind that we must guard.

    The other especially meaningful section to us was the section on prayer – that God moves in response to our words to Him – AMAZING!

    We LOVE this study – however our group is so talkative we are having trouble getting to everything and having a time of prayer. I hope you won’t be offended, Beth, but we may follow your questions, however we are not going to watch the video – takes up a little too much time….we want to make sure we cover the material a little more in depth and get a chance to pray for one another.

    But we love you and thank you for leading this crazy group of women!

  15. 65
    Shannon Costanzo says:

    Shannon Kissimmee, Fl Solo Siesta
    Q:1 I keep thinking I am missing that one person as a dear sister in Christ. I have my husband but I think of Anne of Green Gables and Anne’s desire for a “bossom friend” with a “kindred spirit”.

    Q:2 God has given me a tendor heart. I am a nurse. I am a gentle full of heart nurse. God has placed on my heart the homeless & their hunger, abused women & children, Human trafficing, Down Syndrome. It is vital to have a heart that can break so that God can move me. I must be able to break to be receptive to the Holy Spirit. I must take ACTION!
    Q:4 I did not complete the second week. I was tempted to quit.. But I knew I could not quit on the Word of God. He has a journey for me so I press on. I do have rubble. I am shamed that I am divorced. God gave me a better man, a christian man. My wall is stronger and built with God has its foundation.
    Thank you for reminded me sweet Beth that our disgrace can end!
    Love you kindred spirit siestas!

  16. 66

    The Shining Siestas of Powell; Knoxville and Powell, TN; our group doubled in size from 4 to 8: the new girls are Mollie, Stephanie, Krystal, and Amber; we met at my house and ate beef enchiladas, ginger snaps,and weight watchers cupcakes (from the Siesta cookbook:) We talked about how some of each other were those people who we have met who now we would terribly miss if they weren’t there. We also talked about being in seasons of overwhelming change or transistion, having a vulnerable heart so we can ever have a chance to have deep relationships with others, being more tender-hearted toward the lost around us who are not easy to have compassion toward, things that God has laid on our hearts: like to be a witness to our neighbors, be a missionary, and mentoring and discipling others. Lastly, we talked about not getting discouraged when prayers aren’t answered in the time and way we would want them to be answered. We closed in prayer with Jamie praying for each individual in the group. I’m sure you know but I’m going to say it again, we surely love you too Siesta Mama Beth:):) Double smiles for emphasis! We are definitely wanting to stay in the Word. Nehemiah is a thought-provoking study already!

  17. 67
    Brandy says:

    Brandy Hunnicutt, Atlanta

    3. What has God put in your heart to do? I am struggling with this question. I don’t know! For an entire year I have been battling with a disgraceful situation that took place between me & a close relationship & my trust has been broken. My spirit has been broken & everything I thought I was sure about now I doubt. My confidence has been shot. (this answers #4) Now I am struggling with the rubble of this event. The rubbe from this has been anger, pain, broken spirit, distrust, low self-esteem, feeling trapped & enslaved to this person, feeling abondond, confusion big time, doubt & more. My emotions have been out of control! Anxiety attacks & more. (this answers #5) And that brings me back to #3 in all of this I have lost myself & what God has put in my heart. I need this to be restored & healed! I need clarity again. I am searching & listening for God to tell me again. Thank you for doing this study! I am loving it so far!

  18. 68
    NC F.R.O.G. (North Carolina girls who Fully Rely On God) says:

    We were called “NC No Name Yet” in our first post. We are not a creative bunch :).

    It was a sweet, precious, Spirit-filled night with us. We shared and cried, and shared and cried, with each other. It is awesome to have a God who loves us and helps us in rebuilding our rubbles.

    #1 Our mentors
    #2 Our heart breaks for:
    Hearing the loss of a child, or neglect of a child
    Divorce or marital problems
    Where we can be more tender:
    Towards our husbands
    Discernment of others difficult situations
    #3 God has put our heart to do:
    Children’s Ministry – teaching
    Singles – specifically with single women; biblical femininity
    Youth Ministry
    #4 Walls that we put up as women, that we want to be that “perfect” wife or “perfect mother”. To put up walls that everything is ok. Also shared the guiltiness of being a working mom who doesn’t think she gives enough time to be with her children and a stay-at-home mom who feels guilty about not being able to financially provide for the family too.
    #5 Rubbles:
    Decisions to find a new church home

    This study has made us really meditate and dig over our responses. This is just not a “answer and check off” kind of study. We love it and very thankful for Kelly Minter to share and Beth Moore for facilitating it.

  19. 69

    The name of our Group is H.O.W. Marietta, and we are 4 chapter leaders for a non-profit organization. Tonight we met in a living room in Acworth, GA. We enjoyed a simple meal together which included the delicious chicken soup recipe found on page 61. Before watching the Session 3 video, we had a great time of discussion and prayer. Question #5 is the one that probably jumped out at us the most. We talked about the rubble in our lives and how God can use some of it to not only restore our walls, but to even make them stronger than before. We also discussed how this applies to us as a team, as we are a part of an organization that helps bring restoration to our community through acts of kindness and compassion.

  20. 70
    Lauren says:

    Lauren, Kentucky, group of 2 (me and my aunt)

    We watched the video tonight and also Kelly’s video for Session 3… Wow! We both agreed that we had people who we had “missed” before we had met them. Both of these individuals were co-workers. We discussed our rubble… weight gain, tempers, the feeling that we need to do everything.
    Such good questions. It’s been good just to get together and fellowship.

  21. 71
    Keely says:

    Hello from Summerof16by9 (Prov 16:9) in the Texas panhandle!  
    When we met up, we ended up discussing for quite awhile what we felt God has put in our hearts to do (Question #3). In a world of grand gestures, grander donations, and mission trips aplenty, it is difficult not to feel guilty about feeling led to stay close to home. All four of us discussed ways we feel led to serve in our area communities and churches. Accepting that for now God has business for us to attend to at home can be frustrating when we compare ourselves to missionaries, like Kelly, and others who seem to be making an impact on a larger scale. But, we know that God has big things in store for our families and churches!

  22. 72
    Leila Hollingsworth says:

    The Sizzlin’ Siestas in Carrollton, GA 11 present tonight. The AC was doing a little better tonight so we weren’t quite so sizzlin.
    We were blown away by many things this week. God has sure used the study lessons to teach us a lot about ourselves. Several of us needed some time to ponder Mama Beth’s questions 1 & 3. It was #5 that grabbed us the most. Rubble! We could all relate to the despair a huge pile of rubble can bring on. We realized tho’ that, like Nehemiah & company, we can use some of the rubble of a shattered life to rebuild and be even better than before. Parts of our rubble have seen too much fire, been too damaged to be useful for rebuilding and we just need to let God take that away so we’re not constantly tripping over it. He’s the best one to help us know what’s useful to the rebuilding process but a Christian counselor, pastor or godly friends can also help us to figure out how to use the ashes of life to remake something wonderful.
    Kelly Minter, you sure have us thinking! And God is amazingly at work thru your efforts to lead us in this study. You are a blessing!

  23. 73
    Saralyn Fowler says:

    Sista Chica’s Holly Springs, NC 9:
    Had a GREAT time of small group sharing…realized how important Prayer is in our EVERYDAY life…ALL Circumstances…Go to JESUS FIRST…Claim HIS promises….(right back at HIM)..wink
    Noticed lots of different places our hearts are broken….and lots of places we need to “loosen up”

  24. 74
    Laurie says:

    Our group of 5 is going to change our name from “Bless Our Hearts” to “TNLG” (Tuesday Night Ladies Group) but we are still meeting in my dining room in Leander, Texas. We are so excited to be joined by over 4,000 Siestas this summer to study Nehemiah!

    Our group discussed all 5 questions and ended up feeling called to pray for each other to find the place God is leading each of us to serve Him through serving others.
    We love to feed, serve, teach, encourage, give and love, and we each are looking to plug in to our respective churches. Each of us has some rubble to clear away, either from people who stand in our way, or people have hurt us and made us afraid to open up. We will not be afraid, we will pray and trust God to lead our way.

    While we held hands to close in prayer tonight, this song popped into my head:

    Unto Thee Oh Lord

    Unto thee O Lord, do I lift up my soul. 2X
    Oh my God, I trust in Thee,
    Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.
    Let none that wait, on Thee be ashamed. 2x
    Oh my God, I trust in thee,
    Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.

    Show me Thy ways, Lord teach me Thy paths. 2X
    Oh my God, I trust in Thee,
    Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.

    So I googled it, I knew it was a Psalm, and it’s Psalm 25!
    How awesome is God that he would remind me of a song, since that’s the way I best learn scriptures!

    Lauralee and I will see you at LPL this Friday in Cedar Park! We are so excited to learn more that God has given you for us! Come on over after Friday night and we can play Yahtzee!

  25. 75
    Rozanne says:

    Hearts or God from Leawood, KS
    Our group discussed week 3, as we began earlier than these posts. We spoke about the lies we tell ourselves about God. One woman shared she has made intentional effort to be more prayerful, but doesn’t think it does any good. It’s a lie. Remarked about the Believing God study with 5 affirmations that God is who He says He is and We are who god says we are. We spoke about the three things that keep us form doing what God has put on our hearts and shared honest answers. We learn from Nehemiah to stay focused and not be swayed off the course we feel is God inspired. maybe we will be more aware of the lies, scheming of the evil one, the distractions that prevent being fruitful in His kingdom; what does it look like to be a a woman who fears the Lord and others see it; prayer and miracles. I believe God delights in our searching and we are being refined for His work. It may look different for each of us, but make no mistake, even in our 50s and 60’s He can still use us.

  26. 76
    Audrey says:

    RushChurch Elder’s Wives, Rushsylvania, Ohio~4 this time around

    Discussion was great again, but man, talk about rubble! This really was something we could all put a finger on pretty quickly and the prayer time afterward was so powerful…it’s a beautiful thing to hear people praying for one another!

  27. 77
    Annick says:

    Kari and Co. on Cottage
    Camarillo, California and Dallas, Texas – group of three (3)!
    Although, was not able to join this time. The questions prompted good conversation. The power of rebuilding is significant and beautiful at the same time.
    We look forward to our next session – with Kar

  28. 78
    Jamie says:

    Birmingham, AL – Valleydale grace girls, 7

    We met tonight with the power out and ate the soup Kelly lists in week 2. It is very yummy, by the way, and you should try it! I had to cook it on the grill. The girls came over and we were forced to sit on my back porch outside so we could see enough to read our books. After we’d eaten, it was time to start the study, the power came on, but we decided to keep meeting outside, but still got to view/listen to the video. We listened to Beth read Kelly’s words on page 6, “As the unruly orchestra of insects and birds serenaded us that evening” as we listened to our own unruly insects and birds. It was a special evening!

    It was fascinating listening to the women talk about what God has put in their hearts to do. I was truly amazed at how incredible our God is and humbled that He uses us to do His sovereign work. Almost always what God had put in their heart to do lined up with what breaks their heart the most. Isn’t it so like God to work that way?

    We are greatly enjoying the study, Kelly and Beth!!

  29. 79
    Heather says:

    Motown Ladies Only; Morristown, TN; 3 in attendance
    #1 Our group shared with one another the people in our lives who taught us to serve selflessly, pray fervently and live out faith boldly. These are the people we couldn’t imagine life without. Praise God for each one of them!
    #5 We spent a majority of our time on this question. Each of us shared the rubble in our lives: fear, negativity, anger. It was encouraging to end our time in intercession for one another. It left us feeling encouraged instead of defeated. Isn’t that what times of transparency does? If we can step over the fear, we will step into great freedom and blessing.
    Our group also focused in on the question from pg. 17 – describe the last time you were awestruck by God. Such a great God we serve – mighty and awesome in all He is and does. May we be more aware of His work in and around us. We want to be awestruck!

  30. 80
    Siesta Stephanie says:

    Stephanie, Danville Ky. I,m doimg the study on my own
    Well im ready to fight. Ive been stuck in my rubble for too long and this past week satan has been throwing it at me and Im sick of it. He has no power over me.

  31. 81
    Cindy says:

    Fort Wayne, In.
    Hi Beth, I am doing Nehemiah Bible Study With my friend Tammy Smith. When we shared our answers, we got different insights than the other. She is a blessing to me. I really feel convicted at different times.
    I answered some of the questions:
    1. Tammy is amazing, she has a heart for God, and it is this that we have in common. I never knew she was missing in my life before I met her, she brought what I wasn’t, and yet, some things that I forgot about that I was, it’s kind of like God used her in my life, to help me remember, a particular way that He used to talk to me.
    2. I feel if I didn’t have a heart that could break, I wouldn’t be a nice person. I want my heart to always feel, and be sensitive to Gods pulling on my heart.
    3. I always thought, I would like many others speak to women someday, and share what God has done in my life, and offer the hope and encouragement He has given me, I’ve had alot to let go of, and to get a realistic picture of where I am at, and where I am weak, and still need more wholeness. I realized, God has made me acquainted with women who are already doing what I know I’ve been called to do some day in my path, and I have to say I really fall short. In Nehemiah, I realized, that I am only hitting the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the hurting people I have encouraged, and offered hope to. I thought I was doing enough for where I was at, and that it was good. But this study on Nehemiah, and the authors experience makes me realize, there is so much more the Lord wants me to do but I haven’t been ready for it yet for various reasons.
    4.I also sing to the Lord, and sang in front of people to minister to them, but had not dealt with me yet totally, I still had strongholds that could make me fall. I just thought that’s what I should be doing for the Lord, because that was my gift, and the church is always saying we should be using our gifts to serve the Lord, well, I never thought the blind should lead the blind though and if I am not healed or free how can I show them how to get free. So singing for the Lord was my dream sooner than the Lord has in mind publicly, if He ever has it in mind again. So I related to Kelly Minters testimony about music ministry.
    5. My collapsed wall is when I went my own way, when God wanted to deal with my flesh and heal me, knowing now I would be farther in the Lord using me if I hadn’t gone those places. I grew up with a lot of pain, anger and jealousy, but yet a heart for God, because I could always confess and I could to people so I could be accountable.
    6. The rubble is me, I keep stumbling over the same rubble,the strongholds of my flesh, that were introduced as a child and older, I am in restoration with the Lord, but I’m greatful I am following better now.
    7. I have been interceding for my friend, because I know the Lord wants to reveal more of Himself to her in a way she hasn’t seen yet, more grace. Thank you for this Bible Study we are all doing together. I appreciate the fellowship, and the things God is revealing to me, taught in this lesson. I think Kelly has amazing insight, to pick up on all those things in Nehemiah, and how important they were to God. It made me aware that maybe God does talk to us through the little things too.
    God Bless you.

  32. 82
    Debbie Oliver says:

    Shingle Springs, CA; Going Solo

    The questions that resonated the most with this study and my heart were questions #1 and #2.

    #1) There are 3 specific people that immediately come strongly to mind and heart with this question. But one in particular whom has been a huge instrument in my journey with the Lord. A woman named Yvonne whom I went to school with since I was in junior high. I moved away and we never saw each other or spoke for 19 years. The moment we found each other again we both immediately breathed a sigh of relief because it was like we had this puzzle we had been working on for half our life and all of the sudden we found the very last piece to make it complete! Since that moment we have grown so close, and even though we live hours away we think about each other every single day, we are on a Ladies Scripture Memory Team together, we text and build each other up with continued support, and keep each other accountable. We literally are lost without each other and realize we always have been! We love each other dearly, and I truly had been missing her!

    #2) This question came so natural to me becasue I have always been a nurturer. I believe we need a heart that can break because otherwise we become to caloused and hardened to the things going on in this world and will no longer strive to change things. Our hearts have to be able to break for others so that we can empathize with them, be kind and loving, and have forgiveness in our hearts. We have to be able to feel not just for ourselves, but for others as well. I could work on being more tender in not passing judgment. I think this is a natural human imperfection in many of us, no matter how hard we try. And also to be kinder and softer in my words. To not place so much importance in what I feel I need to say, but having an ear to always listen, understand, and care first and foremost before my own voice is spoken.

  33. 83
    Teresa says:

    Tee’s Trio in Chadron, Nebraska here. We are loving this bible study! Thank you, thank you for bringing us all together. I am amazed how much comes out of our little meeting of three siestas! It’s downright profound sometimes! Our most compelling discussion this evening came out of question #5 “what rubble in your life is presently the most discouraging and exhausting”. Each of us initially had a difficult time thinking of what the rubble was but when we started discussing our own situations and the things each of us wanted prayer for, it all just came tumbling out. It became such a powerful time of sharing and sisterly love, and ended with us praying over each others’ concerns with new insight from above. Profound! I was one of the siestas at the conference in Colorado Springs and took so much away from the “Follow Him = Follow Through” message. Thanks Beth and staff for all you guys do!

  34. 84
    Valerie says:

    Roomies Forever * Tulsa, OK and Houston, TX * 2
    Thank you, Kelly! Thank you, Beth! Thank you, Siestas!

    As we talked about question #2, God brought to our minds that he wants our hearts to be breakable for the benefit it is to others because if our hearts are not invested or vulnerable enough to be broken, we are not able to love and help people in all the ways God designed. But also, he wants our hearts to be breakable for our own good. As Beth has made us aware in past Bible studies – self-absorption may seem like the best thing for us because it’s all about us, but really, it’s like poison. God wants our hearts to be able to break because he wants us to be healthy.

  35. 85
    LaRee says:

    We are a group of four ladies from Tucson, AZ and are checking in late. The question that spoke to us the most was what breaks our hearts and what things we could be more tender about. Even though our answers varied a little bit, it is interesting to see how God places similar things on a woman’s heart. Can’t wait until our next meeting!

  36. 86

    Expecting Miracles: (Left to Right) Rosie, Rebecca (mother/daughter), Mary, Allison, Angie and Michelle. Meeting in Michelle’s Home, Watauga TX

    #1. Name people you’ve met and realized you’d missed them terribly before they came into your life.

    Our group had a list of people. From one of our members who is being mentored by a Women of Faith speaker to personal friendships developed through grieving seasons. We had testimony of the powerful impact others have had in our lives. For example, one of our members shared how she drew closer to the Lord and His healing because of friends she met through support group environments during different seasons of her life. Another shared how a chance encounter with a public personality associated with Women of Faith led to mentoring and helped to launch her in the direction of her new role as ministry activator, blog radio show host, and network marketing for non-profits.

    Another of our members offered a simpler story of traveling on vacation and stopping in to “visit” at a church on Sunday morning. One of the couples in the church invited the woman and her husband to their home after church to share a meal and fellowship and how special and valued she and her husband felt as a result. As she shared it brought to light the point that there are no insignificant roles within the body. The couple serving a meal to strangers in their home is just as important as the Pastor speaking from the pulpit. In this way we are one body serving those who need the Gospel in their lives.

    #2. Why is it so vital to have a heart that can break?

    Our group concurred that a heart that will break is tender to the Lord and is easily moved to compassion for others. The principle of a heart of flesh versus a heart of stone.

    Discuss how you filled in your columns: what breaks your heart and where you could be more tender.

    Our discussion really hinged on the places where our hearts could be more tender. One member shared that she found herself turning off commercials/infomercials for needy children, wounded animals and other types of “social justice” issues. She said that began to realize while working through that part of the study how she had become desensitized to the needs of others and even felt she did not want to know because she might feel the need to do it.

    #3. What has God put in your heart to do?

    We talked about what we do if money were no object. Many of the group members wanted to build places of refuge for hurting people. One has a heart for those who are unparented (adults and youth alike), another wanted to develop a home that might provide transitional support for those suffering after the loss of someone close or for women whose husbands had put them off through divorce or abandonment. These centers would provide opportunities for stability, emotional and spiritual healing, community and educational opportunities to encourage the members to move their transition to a place of healing and empowerment. Still another offered that they would like to open a ranch retreat that would be a safe and economical place for families to come to work through the process of healing and restoration or refreshing.

    “Have you ever forced a plan or dream that, in retrospect, you realized God’s hand wasn’t on?”

    Our members talked about this at length. One story involved a person frustrated with a support group environment that began her own grief ministry before she had walked to a place of healing in her grieving season. The result was ministry did not last and God ultimately ended up moving her family to a new place where she could grow and receive healing so she could become an effective grief recovery minister after she had walked out her journey to healing.

    Another shared how she had been serving in many areas of leadership in her church in Children’s ministry and with the youth of the church. She had been plugging along while her husband remained unsaved and her marriage crumbled. She stated she ultimately asked the leadership of the church if she could begin a women’s ministry in the church. The leader lovingly offered her a stop sign. He told her that as long as her home was out of order she would not be allowed to serve as a leader in that capacity. Which was what she needed to not only continue to volunteer and finish her assignment there well, but also to put things in order at home. She felt it was just what she needed at that season in her life.

    #4. Discuss a few ways that disgrace can result from a collapsed wall of some kind. THEN, celebrate the reality that walls can be REBUILT.

    We shared about the pain of prodigal histories that wound families, and leave you “in the stinch of pigs.” A few openly shared that the pain in their life that brought reproach, disgrace or shame stemmed from poor choices leading to legal consequences, the reproach of becoming pregnant before marrying, and the pain associated with divorce and troubled relationships.

    We recognized more than anything that

    #5. What rubble in your life is presently the most discouraging and exhausting?

    We shared our rubble which ranged from physical clutter as well as heart clutter in our lives, the sting of rejection and a busy life of a young mother who feels drained, exhausted and in need, and a woman whose marriage is the rubble. She remains in it though she feels no desire to remain with her husband who is complacent and unwilling to seek healing for himself and their marriage while another is dealing with the aftermath of divorce while continuing to stand for the reconciliation of her family and with her husband. Two of us are facing financial challenges and I shared that I also wanted to be a careful steward of my time and to allow myself the opportunity to fully recover from a season of working outside of the home that left me exhausted and weary. We resolved to be watchmen for each other in intercession as Isaiah 62:6-7 speaks of: “I have set watchmen on your walls… They shall never hold their peace, day or night, you who make mention of the Lord do not keep silent, and give Him no rest until [our lives] are are praise upon the earth.”

    We committed to pray for one another until we see results. Praise the Lord. It was a sweet time shared over a meal of Chicken Tortilla Soup and Salad, garlic bread, fresh fruit and fruit salad with strawberry lemonade to wash it all down.


  37. 87
    Stephanie says:

    Stephanie, Ft. Pierce

    4: I have felt so much guilt and shame for some of the decisions I’ve made in my life. Even though you know what scriptures says, you still wonder if God can ever forgive you. I wandered through life without direction for a long time. At times, it’s still hard, but I believe that God forgives all our sins and heals all of our diseases, and redeems our life from the pit and crowns us with love and compassion (Psalm 103: 3-4).

    5: I want to continuously seek God’s guidance and direction for my life. At times, I allow circumstances to stop me from seeking God for comfort and direction. It’s discouraging because I know that I can go to Him for anything. It could be my career, my children, or my finances (my career at this time); I want to go to Him, and not my friends. He is the only one who knows me, and will lead me in the right direction.

  38. 88
    LaShay says:

    Saltillo, MS – 8 of us met in my home for the second time. We are also watching Kelly Minter’s videos to accompany the sessions, and WHEW! Her video for week two was very convicting! My favorite part of our discussion was answering the question “What has God placed on your heart to do?” As we shared, it was so awesome to see how God has used difficult circumstances in each person’s past to prepare her for what He has placed on her heart to do in the future. God can certainly use our rubble to create something new for His purposes!

  39. 89
    Deb Vosseteig says:

    Dakota Dames, Fargo, ND, 3

    My mom, my sister, and I spent quite some time today discussing question #3. It was so great to listen to the different ways God breaks our hearts! My sister feels God breaking her heart for adoption and teaching young children in our church and my mom has a passion for the young moms in our church and working with or mentoring them. I feel like God is calling me into missions work and possibly teaching overseas.
    We also expressed our uncertainty with how/when to put these passions into action. It’s great to see Nehemiah pray, pray, pray, before putting his plan (or God’s plan) for Jerusalem into action. So when wrapping up our bible study tonight, we challenged ourselves to spend time with the Lord and really listen to what He wants us to do with what He has laid on our hearts!

  40. 90
    Kim says:

    Kim from Kansas City, Missouri going solo!
    Love the Bible study, very encouraging!
    I know God’s hand is all on this…last week I started watching Wednesdays with Beth Moore and you talked about shame and Psalm 25…then on the blog you tied about memorizing it, is that Hod telling me something or what? So I am in the process of memorizing it! This study goes right along with that! Here are my answers to some

  41. 91
    Pricess Warriors; Mesa, AZ says:

    There were 3 of the 5 of us this evening and I will admit that we did get a little side tracked, which of course we never do…not!! One of the 3, our siesta Cynthia just returned from being gone from having her 2nd baby, Daniel (BTW…Beth, we gave Cynthia the Daniel study to do while she was out on maternity as the rest of had done it in prior groups and Cynthia had been wanting to do it and with the namesake on the way it seemed fitting…love that study!!)

    After spending the first hour catching up with Cynthia we quickly watched Kelly’s DVD for Session 3 and gave everyone homework to watch the blog. So I am going to take some liberties in answering question #1 for our group as I know the rest of the girls will agree (fingers crossed).

    I would say that we would all agree that before we were meeting as a women’s group which we started a year and a half ago, it would be us that we missed and didn’t know it…Cynthia, Bethany, Stephanie, Jenelle, and myself (Elaine). All of us met through a singles 30-something Bible Study Steph & I started 5 years ago, with the exception of Cynthia who I work with. The group grew and split, it wasn’t until being apart and all of us yearning for something more, something deeper that we decided to start a women’s only group where we could really dig in and go deeper. All the women in the group have been a blessing to me and I know that we all feel that we are truly siestas in every scene of the word. As most are now married (except me but working hard on changing, we have been there through singleness with each other, dating “the one” (and sometime “not the one but thought he was”) and finally marriage. We have seen each other through all seasons of our lives. Although it has only been 5 years, I can’t remember a time without them being a part of my life; nor do I want to find out. Although siesta Stephanie is moving up to CO in a few weeks with her husband to embark on the next adventure in their lives we will be skyping her in…if she can’t be here physically we are going to have her with us virtually.

  42. 92
    Kim says:

    Okay so I accidentially hit submit when I didn’t mean to! Here are my answers:
    1. My church! My husband and I moved back home from St. Louis about 7 years ago and struggled finding a church we could get involved in, and a few years ago we found it and have been completely blessed!
    2. My heart breaks has compassion of people who are less fortunate than I am and for injustice. The 2 main things I put in my columns was child abuse/neglect, and my generation and younger women that are hurting and being attacked on all sides.
    I used to work with children that were abused and neglected and they will always have a special place in my heart. It breaks my heart when children are the victims.
    My heart hurts for the women of my generation that are hurting I mean really struggling andwe they are being attacked and it breaks my heart but it angers me as well and I want to do something about it, not sure what that will be but we need to stand up and fight!

  43. 93
    Michele says:

    Vancouver (NOT Canada) Group

    We thoroughly enjoyed our session tonight and talked at length about what breaks our hearts and how we can be more tender. We also talk about our “rubble” and are looking forward to believing what God can do as we lay it as His feet to see the “wall” built up.

  44. 94
    Julie says:

    Soul Siestas, Cleveland, OH. We doubled this week and are now up to six! We have a wonderful group representing half big sisters & half little sisters. We met on the back deck and watched Beth on dual monitors in hi-fi stereo….just like being at the drive- in! We actually had a great horned owl come flying down & landed about three feet from us! I don’t know who was more freaked out….truly amazing & we said if we didn’t have our “young ones” there ~ we could change our names to the “wise old owls”‘. It was a wonderful night together in the Word. We spoke about the importance of having a “soft” broken heart that takes us out of our self-centered focus and expands our world allowing us to have empathy for others. It was also shared that some walls MUST come down in order to rebuild! How grateful we are for the Sovereignty of God. We are blessed to be “doing” this study with so many around the world! Looking forward already to our next time together!

  45. 95
    Pamela says:

    Olathe, KS; Stay-at-home moms; 3

    Today we talked about how one of our members has a heart for women who struggle with infertility and another who has a heart for the MOPS leadership she has this year in bringing in more spirituality and witnessing to the meetings on a consistent basis.

    A lot of our rubble had to do with our husbands and how they are all struggling with their jobs in discontentment, long hours, and/or a boss who isn’t unjustly harsh and demanding.

    Enjoying the study and the fellowship that we all have been longing for.

  46. 96
    Ashlie McDonald says:

    SLC Siestas- Salt Lake City, UT (7)

    We had a lot of amazing conversation tonight, but I think the question that was most thought provoking was question #3 (What has God put in your heart to do?). It was awesome to discuss what God has been laying on our hearts. We discussed a possible plan of action as a group. Right now we are going to be praying about what we can possibly do together as a service/outreach project. Also, possibly, we may try to get our churches involved as well, which desperately needs to happen. It was also great to hear what everyone’s rubble is and to pray expectantly for God to show up in these areas. What a refreshing evening in the Lord and with awesome sisters!!!

  47. 97

    We really enjoyed our time together talking about the various questions. We especially dug into the personal reflection on page 60. It is so valuable for us to verbalize our faith and to share with each other how our LORD cares and ‘fights’ for each of us individually and corporately.

    We loved the vid! So uplifting and focused – thanks, Beth!

    Oh, and by the way, Lisa says thank you to Beth for speaking a word just for her. *smile*

  48. 98
    Christine says:

    Wichita, KS Women Seeking Wisdom- Tonight there were 11 of us in my family room. We are meeting weekly and watching Kelly’s videos. We are loving the study. Tonight a member shared opposition she is facing. Many offered encouragement that they have faced it too. We were able to pray for her right then. It was a great time of being real with struggles we face. We praise God for saving us from our disgrace, and are praying and asking God (and seeing Him provide) people we are to be ministers of reconciliation to.

  49. 99
    Joyce says:

    Solo in Colorado. What has God put in my heart to do? Teach women’s Bible study again. Have done so in the past and loved every minute of it. Am now waiting on the Lord to open doors for me to teach again. It is my passion. What breaks my heart? My children are not walking close to the Lord.

  50. 100
    AmandaJo says:

    Mother N daughter via facetime
    Colorado Springs and Trinidad, CO

    Question 4 really touched me this week. Maybe the wall should be rebuilt so that you can help someone re-build that same wall? Many years ago my faith was a wall that collapsed for me and it caused me to go down a road of such sorrow and seeking. That seeking led me to false teaching. A close friend of the family is going through this and I see myself in her actions. Maybe I had to rebuild my wall of faith in all that yucky rubble so that I can help her fix hers before it crumbles entirely?

    Seeing intercession as fighting is a very new concept for me and I LOVE it. To think that I can intercede for this person and fight for HER wall not to crumble. To really truly fight for her future through prayer, that is so encouraging to me. That I might be able to DO something. That maybe we can “patch” her wall before it falls.

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