Living Proof Live – Calgary Recap Video

Hey Friends! Here is the recap video from LPL Calgary this weekend. Praising the Lord for all he did in the hearts of those that were able to attend. He is faithful!


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  1. 51
    Angie K says:

    thank you for coming to Calgary! thank you for the ministry of the Word. our ladies group recently completed the new breaking free study and it helps me all the time. especially the part about being in agreement with God. it was such a blessing to be together wit 5600 siestas. God bless y all !

  2. 52
    sharon force says:

    Amazing and wonderful, Praise God He is Faithful

  3. 53
    Janet Phillips says:

    Happy birthday precious Berh you have made such a difference in so many women’s lives!!!

  4. 54
    Renee says:


    Thanks so much Beth, Travis, and the whole LPM team! The Elect Ladies of Calgary are charged, on fire, and are walking the length and breadth of this land in LOVE!!!! What an amazing weekend we had. May God pour out more and more and more of His spirit into your lives and ministry…what a blessing!

  5. 55
    createinme says:

    I am so so so thankful to you for coming here and bringing that amazing word to us, to me, last weekend! I loved everything about it and didn’t want it end! Although as I was mourning the end of it, God reminded me that we have plenty to work on now for awhile and we’d be OK. 🙂 As you were kneeling on the stage on Friday night, I was just overcome with gratitude for all your sacrifice has meant to my life personally – God has blessed me so much through your teaching and your faithful example of humility – thank you so much!! You point the way to Him so well.

    And Travis’ music, oh my, I started crying a couple chords in and didn’t really stop! It was just right, such an encouragement to me. The Spirit was at work so powerfully in that place.

    God bless you, my heart overflows with gratitude!

  6. 56
    April says:

    Beth and Living Proof staff….
    I travel (fly) frequently for work and had a bright idea yesterday to have my husband help me to download the entire Deutoronmy Study to my iPhone, so I can listen, get a Word and have a friend with me while I muddle may way through a lost world in an even more lost airport, at times it seems anyway. 😉
    Thank you, to all of you for allowing God to use all your God given talents to keep me lifted in spirit, while learning the Word – whether on the ground or 20,000 feet up!
    Blessings to you all!
    P.S. Beth – I too LOVE LOVE LOVE my commentaries!! I can’t stay out of them….

  7. 57
    sweet anonymous says:

    Where’s the momma? I am quite sure I’m not the only missing the momma…grin. I’m a little concerned hoping everything’s okay. If it is the case that we need to get busy on our knees again I hope you know I think I can speak for many that we are more than happy to do so. Just so you know whatever the case this Minnesota girl loves you and hopes all is well. Blessings to you!!!!

  8. 58
    Carol Willow says:

    Looking forward to Nehemiah study next week and the simulcast in Sept! Thanks, Carol

  9. 59
    Kerrie says:

    I (and the people I came with) had a great time at the event! Everything about it was just fantastic!! And to meet Beth at the Siesta event was simply wonderful!

    I know that sometimes the commissioning statements that were done at various LPL events have been posted online, and I was just wondering if there is any chance of that happening for the Calgary event? If anyone has time to do that, it would be wonderful.

    I would also like to say a warm thanks to the whole LPL team! I have been waiting to be able to attend an LPL event for over 10 years, and this was such a dream come true for me. God is so faithful!

  10. 60
    Sharon says:

    Love the sound of your giveway! TYL for the lessening of the Houston heat! And His covering of the lightning NOT going thru LPM!!!

  11. 61
    dee wuitt says:

    Lord, Thank You for protecting Living Proof Ministries during the recent lightening storm which You diverted to a tree. We praise You for surrounding their office with a hedge and ask that Your strong hand continue to stand guard for their building. In Christ Mighty Name, Amen

  12. 62
    cat allen says:

    Dear Beth:
    I have no idea if you will read this or not. But I have to tell you how excited I am to be seeing you in Knoxville, TN this August 2012. I was saved this past November 2011 from 37 years of Bondage, slavery and lies. I was a Buddhist all my life I didn’t know Christ. In May 2011 married a Godly man and I promised him I would go to Church with him once a month. Well I found a church I liked the message was great and I said I would go back that would make it two Sundays in a row my husband was so excited; well that second Sunday I was saved, it was at a service that’s all worship called Facedown. I felt the Holy Spirit I felt the most incredible love, peace and relieve I have ever known come on me. I was saved. I didn’t know what to do Monday I was so confused; scared I didn’t know how to pray to God. I found Lifeway Christian bookstore. I bought your book Praying God’s word. This book changed my life! I learned to pray, I learned to study the word, I learned who I was in Christ and who He is. Thank you for that! It didn’t end there I am now doing your bible study the Revelation with my women’s life group which we all are coming to see you next month. I am also doing Braking Free…. I can’t thank you enough for being a vessel for God. Your studies have changed my life. I think God for putting your studies in my hands. I am so grateful for my salvation for God’s word but also for Him using you to help me. I feel like I know you we have so many of the same pits, pains and hurts. I am truly braking free learning who I am in Him; His child; and who He is, my savior, my everything. I wish I could meet you hug you thank you. I adore you!! Your giving me the courage to open Christian business and write my story of how the Holy Sprit is alive!!

    Thank you
    I love you
    Catherine Allen AKA Cat

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