How About Another Livestream on Wednesday, February 1st?

*To log onto livestream, just click this link. Or type: into your web browser. Reminder: If you log on too early, it may be password protected. We’ll lift that password in plenty of time for you to join in! See you tomorrow!

RED ALERT! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TIME HAS CHANGED TO 10:30 AM RATHER THAN 11:00 AM SO THAT WE CAN CLOSE DOWN BEFORE THE NEHEMIAH FACEBOOK LAUNCH PARTY FOR KELLY MINTER’S NEW SERIES. It is so fabulous and I don’t want you to miss a single word about it if you can help it. I’m not going to miss it either.  (I thought it began at 11:30 but I was mistaken!) Those of us who can make it will gather at 10:30 for our Siesta livestream then, as many as possible, jump on Kelly’s at 11:00. If you need to make an understandable choice between the two, attend Kelly’s! Mine is just a chat time and we’ll have many opportunities just like it. The launch party for Nehemiah is a one-time-only skype. Thank you for your cooperation! The following post has now been edited and corrected:


Hey, Sweet Things! Let’s get together live again! Want to?? I have a window of opportunity this coming Wednesday, February 1st at 10:30 AM Central Standard Time for half an hour. Would that work for any of you? I know many more would be available if we’d do the livestreams in the evenings and I hope to schedule some of them accordingly but our little studio and set up for streaming is here on campus at LPM. Since these tapings require a substantial amount of staff on hand, I hate to ask them to work after hours. As it is, they work every Tuesday night this time of year. I so appreciate your patience until we can schedule one after work hours. Until then, those of you who are pretty certain you’ll be able to tune in, consider doing something that might make our time together richer. In a comment to this post, please very succinctly (so that I can read many of them!) tell me ONE of your biggest cares or concerns right now. The devotional we’ll share has to do with that theme – unless God changes the direction – and I’d love to work in some of your own examples. Please, JUST ONE and within a few sentences please. Oh, man, I don’t ever want to play “tick tock, the game’s locked” but it would work most effectively if only the ones who plan to participate in the livestream leave comments to this particular post. If you’re unable to attend, please refrain from writing a reply BUT here’s how you can participate: let these comments morph into prayer requests and pray for some of your Siestas in their areas of greatest concern!

Since I’m posting this after closing and our hard-working Lindsee has already gone home for the day, don’t look for these comments to get moderated and published until well into the morning tomorrow (Tuesday). Thank you so much for contributing!

I hope to “see” many of you Wednesday at 10:30! Oh, and by the way, this one is open to any woman and not just our community so you’re welcome to get word out. As I promised, I’ll let you know when a gathering is really just intended for our active blog community.

You are huge to me.

May Jesus be blatant to you this week! He loves you so.



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  1. 301
    ellen bland says:

    I just watched this recording today and was glad I did because right now I am very anxious on raising our support to be able to go as missionaries with Kids International Ministries, Philippines. The message is very powerful and spoke to me about what I am doing and what God wants me to do instead. Thank you so much, first to God and to you!

  2. 302
    Robin Ramirez says:

    What a timely word. My family is going through a sort of crisis right now and one of the things I said to my friend concerning this was, “At what point does fearing something so much actually make it happen? Is that even possible?” I felt you speaking to me, but oh how I wish I could sit face to face and talk this one out with you, Beth. I need a little more insight on this one. Thank you for your faithfulness to serve. You are a blessing, all of you at LPM are.

  3. 303
    Mary says:

    Yes, Lord, Yes.

  4. 304
    Natalie says:

    I was wondering if we can still connect to watch this livestream from Wednesday, February 1. I did watch it and found it so timely for me and I wanted to pass it on to the girls in my small group, but I can’t seem to get to it. Thank you with a greatful heart for all you do.

    • 304.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Natalie, we have the password up so we can work on a few things before the next live stream. It will be available again after that. Blessings!

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