Livestream Today at 10:30 AM CST!

To join us this morning for the livestream, simply click on this link.

Remember that the password will be taken down several minutes prior to airing so don’t let it bother you. It is only there so our staff can prepare for the webcast. We hope so much that you can join us! Don’t forget the facebook launch celebration for Kelly Minter’s series on Nehemiah immediately following. If you can’t make both, choose hers! Ours today is simply a devotional. Hers is a one-time only intro celebration to her new series. We love you!


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  1. 51

    Sweet Beth,

    I watched the webcast live, and cannot tell you how timely this word was! When you asked previously to share something we are concerned about, I posted a comment saying that I struggle with EXTREME dibilitating fear and insecurity. Although I am a singer/worship leader, God has been preparing me for several years (against my will) to speak and teach the Word. He doesn’t seem to get that I am NOT a speaker and would like to just please sing, thank you! lol ;0)

    God has been confirming this over and over throughout the past year and months, but He hasn’t actually made me do anything about it until today – just a few days after I posted about this very fear on the Siesta blog.

    Today I was asked to bring the message to our high school youth service this Wednesday night for the first time. Um – this really wasn’t what I had in mind. The Lord couldn’t have given me a group of sweet old grace-filled church ladies? – he had to give me a gym full of TEENAGERS!?! (no offense to any teens reading this – I seriously love y’all)

    I realize that if God does not come through and speak through me that I am going to fall flat on my face – there is NO stinkin’ way I can do this unless He does it! I am asking for prayer from my “Siestas-in-Christ” that God will takeover and do what only HE can do.

    I am learning that His grace truly is sufficient for me and HIS POWER is made perfect in my weakness. I have to remind myself that God merely spoke and the earth was formed, so I know He has the power to take a girl who used to hide in bathroom stalls because of her fear of people and stick her up in front of a crowd of young people and MAYBE – JUST MAYBE – I will see Him do a miracle!

    Love you Beth and Siesta Gals!


    • 51.1

      I don’t know if anyone will read this at this point, but if you do – just wanted to give you an update on this prayer request that God came through BIG TIME!!! He DID IT!!! I got to witness one of the BIGGEST miracles of my entire life as I stepped out of the way and God took over! It’s been over a week and I am still in SHOCK! PRAISE HIM!!!!!

  2. 52
    Michelle says:

    I was unable to watch the James session 3 DVD at bible study this week. I brought the DVD home sat with a cup of coffee this a.m. and settled in for some teaching. I heard pitter patter of little feet upstairs and soon enough my 9 and 7 year old decided to watch the lesson with me. As Beth was concluding her talk my daughter turned to me and said “Mom wouldn’t it be really really scary to be in the front row of Beth’s class with all the pointing and looking right at you when she talks so excitied.”
    I just had to share 😉

  3. 53
    Diana A. says:

    What a beautiful message!

    Had to bow my knee to my Father over getting this humble thang down! boy was that a word to me 😉

    Hope you get the chance to listen to “Carry you” by Amy Grant – this is a song that speaks to God’s goodness as we throw our anxieties on Him.

  4. 54
    Mary says:

    Dearest Beth and Melissa….just began your James study with some ladies and have been so blessed by it! I praise our loving Heavenly Father for the depth and breadth He has brought out through you two! As Melissa is a Hebrew/Greek scholar, I’m surprised that you may not have even looked into the meaning of the words “Jew” and “Gentile” which are so prevalent in your conversations. In the OT, “Jew” meant someone from the tribe of Judah (only ONE of the 12 tribes), and in the NT, “Jew” means Judean…or someone living in Judea (the two Southern tribes who settled there–Judah and Benjamin, from which two tribes the apostles came). Gentile just means “nations”…..and was first used in the OT as in “Abraham was the father of many nations (Gentiles)”. So, when Jacob addresses the 12 tribes in dispersion, he is talking about ALL of the 12 tribes in dispersion….not just the Judah-ite Jerusalem church who were persecuted and scattered. That is such a beautiful thing. ALL of the 12 tribes are reunited in Christ, and Jacob, the brother of Christ, makes this so clear. Thanks so much for being faithful to what God has taught you, and may He continue to feed you on His Word.

  5. 55
    Anne says:

    Dear Beth,
    Your Livestream broadcasts on prayer and on humbling ourselves BY casting our cares on God are just extraordinary. I listened to them over and over – starting and stopping the playback so that I could take notes (make transcripts) before they disappeared forever. They are so supremely relevant and wondrously practical. I feel very privileged to have been able to see them! It is my fervent prayer that you will make these available in some sort of permanent archive. They will help so many people! Jewels!
    Much love, Anne

  6. 56
    Jan Alsabrook says:

    Beth, I almost wrote LPM a few weeks ago for prayer b/c of my anxiety. (I have had anxiety since I was a very little girl.) As the anxiety stayed this time, the best I could understand…God let me know I was not believing HIM…and that He…, and He alone will take care of me in HIS WAY, not mine. Last week I asked HIM ‘what else?’ b/c it seemed that “not believing HIM” wasn’t all. Beth, you hit it on the nail – PRIDE. You said as I understood – (not the exact words) “that means that we have not surrendered to God in that area”. Thank you so much for this.
    Is there any way to have an outline of this in written words? If not, you have already helped another sister.

  7. 57
    Cheryl says:

    Gay,thank you so much for being courageous and willing to tell your story. You are being prayed for!!

  8. 58
    Katie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. 59
    Carolyn says:

    I too fell into despair once or twice, no more than I want to admit.
    I’ve cried out to God for death and another time for insanity.
    Life can be so hard, I understand your pains Gay more than anyone can know. I’m so thankful that God never leaves us because it is only by the grace of God that I am still alive today.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. You story will be passed on and continue to bring God’s saving grace to others as well.
    May God richly bless you.

  10. 60
    worldclock says:

    Livestream Today at 10:30 AM CST! Living Proof Ministries Blog – just great!

  11. 61
    Lisa Taylor says:

    I am so disappointed that I cannot watch the live streaming as I am at work during the day, but sat down tonight to watch the last livestream and it doesn’t appear to work. I know the last one was deleted due to technical difficulties. Is there a time limit on how long they are available? Any help would be most appreciated!

  12. 62
    Reeder says:

    Can you see the livestream after the broadcast? I clicked the link and it wanted a password. Can you share the password so I can see the broadcast?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • 62.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Reeder, we have it locked so that we can do some testing. It will be available at a later date. Thanks so much!

  13. 63
    Alex says:

    Now the link requires a passcode again. I was hoping to share this. Is this posted anywhere else?

  14. 64
    Denise says:

    I just read the third installment of Gay’s testimony and it has helped me see the pattern that has run through my life. I fight it every day and have had relapses but as I allow God’s word to remind me where He has brought me from, thanks God alone my relapses have grown father and farther apart. I am still tempted at least monthly to the point that I can taste it in my mouth. Satan can only tempt me, I alone make the decision whether it’s good or a bad one). I have gained strength in reading Gay’s testimony today.Just in the last week the temptations been knocking HARD but I’m standing here saying God is with us and if Gay can do it so can I!! ( my addiction is not alcohol but a drug in pill form) God bless you Gay your helping many with the outpouring of your heart. Thank you Beth for allowing Gay to post on the website, Gd is using you both in miraculous ways!

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