Hey, Any of You Wanna Meet Live This Afternoon?? How about 2:00 CST? (WE MET!)

Update: THAT WAS SUCH A BLAST, SIESTAS!!!! YOU ARE THE MOST FUN!!! After we went off line, I ran downstairs into Sabrina’s office and we watched you guys chat with one another for the next little while. We laughed and laughed. God made you the biggest blessing to us today! We will do it again very soon and will let you know a little bit earlier. Next time we’re going to do an emphasis on our prayer lives and some approaches to intercession that maybe we’ll find helpful as we start this new year. Lindsee snapped this picture a few minutes ago of us watching you. YOU ARE SO LOVED HERE!



The following is the original message which is obsolete now but at least you’ll know how it went down. Join us next time!!!


I woke up with you guys on my mind this morning and was so in the mood to talk to you. At first I thought I’d just get to work and write a post then it occurred to me that we’ve been working on a MUCH better way to communicate. I shot Sabrina a quick text saying something like, “Any chance we could give that live stream a test run this afternoon?” She responded with a big fat YES and we were on like Donkey Kong.

SO, how about it? I know it’s a work day and that many of you will be unable to drop what you’re doing and climb on with us but at 2:00 Central Standard Time this afternoon, I’m going to hop on live stream for about a half an hour max and talk to any of you who can participate. I don’t have some imperative announcement to make or profound lesson to give. Just an impromptu (real time) hello. The kind that I hope we’ll be able to do fairly frequently in the months to come.This is for anybody. No one’s left out. Except boys. Laughing. It won’t be all centered on the SSMT celebration coming up. It’s just a general shout out to all of you Siestas.

Here’s all you do! It’s so easy. A few minutes before 2:00 CST, just click this link

(You will see that the live stream link gives the Eastern Standard Time – 3:00 PM. That is 2:00 CST.)

Participation is free of charge and the instructions on the link will tell you how to get on and chat if you want to. You don’t have to chat in order to view it, of course. Now, mind you, I’m not sure how much actual chatting is possible in those few minutes when you consider the fairly large population of Siestaville but at least we’ll be together in real time! AND I would get to know that many of you were on and participating!

I can’t wait! If anything breaks down and we’re unable to do it, I’ll let you know immediately on Twitter and as soon as possible here on the blog. I know a lot of us are reluctant to add one more form of social media to our over-extended lives but, if you can stand it, the best way to keep up with Siestaville (when we want to connect but can’t get to a blog post) is on Twitter @Siestaville. We have so much fun on there and we don’t have to keep explaining over and over again why we refer to one another as Siestas. Grin.

You girls are a priority around here. I’m so thankful for you! I love all of you and will talk to some of you at 2:00. Meet with us, Jesus!



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  1. 101
    Joyce Watson says:

    Wow…a little taste of Heaven! how wonderful, would love to be apart of Siesta Sisters chat!

  2. 102
    anne leo says:

    Hey Ladies!

    So I was wondering how my Husband and all his athletes (he is a triathlon coach) could ‘race for a girl’ this year? I remember hearing about ladies running for a girl at various sights around the country…we have a big Half Ironman in May in Knoxville TN and we would LOVE to do it for a girl in sex slavery.

    Any advice on how to get this ball rolling???

    Thank you for your blog…it encourages, challenges and humors me weekly!

    • 102.1
      Jennifer T says:

      Anne –
      I am SO not a moderator – just another Siesta – and I don’t know if you’re interested in running just for domestic/American victims of this epidemic, but the organization that has been shared on this blog in the past and that Amanda is very involved with (pretty sure that’s accurate) is called “As Our Own.” To see how to get involved with running a half-marathon for one of the girls, go to asourown dot org and follow the ‘take-action’ then the ‘what you can do’ links, then the ‘your team’ link. God Bless you, your husband, and all those athletes as you run the race set before you!!

  3. 103
    Elizabeth Wood says:

    We just started Mercy Triumphs at the 1st Baptist Church, Smithville TN. It has been my privilege to attend your video studies since 2006 and a couple of telecasts. At the age of 73 I have learned so very much through your teaching,and Kay Arthur (who made my hair hurt) when we first studied with her – better now!, plus others through Lifeway. How I could have used these teachings when I was a teenager, wife, mother, and working in the “real” world. Since we retired from Arlington TX to this small county I now have the time to dive into these teachings which have changed me so much. Your challenge in this study of the 5 levels is great – the first 4 levels NO PROBLEM, the 5th level, “Houston, we have a problem” Seriously, I have already started to memorize the book of James. The Lord may call me home before I finish it, but I’m giving it all I’ve got. We appreciate the hard work you, your daughter, Melissa, and staff do and have added all of you to our “prayer wheel”. One note on Melissa’s statement concerning Delilah cutting Samson’s hair, none of my translations support that – she had a man do the shaving. We REALLY like Melissa’s in-depth comments. Thank you so very much for giving us this great new challenge with James. I trust that I am sending these comments to the right department Your Sister in Christ, Elizabeth Wood

  4. 104
    Virginia says:

    Hi Beth, hoping you read . Ill keep it short. I have always felt like the Lord is going to do something really big in my life. Like really use me for His glory. I have really been feeling like He has had His hand on me strongly lately and I’m kinda freaking out. I have always prayed that His will would be done in my life but now Im scared. I’m afraid of what He is going to do, the unknown freaks me out. Any encouragement? Did you know He was going to use you greatl

  5. 105
    Jennifer T says:

    So blessed to pray for my three young pray-ees during Passion and NOW!
    I have had the privilege of hosting a 6 week study in my home (Vickie Courtney’s 5 Converstaions You Must Have with Your Son). We’re half way through the course and the real Leader has been my friend – mom to two college-aged girls and a teenage son. We had another bonding moment when she told me her daughter was at Passion and then learned I was praying for 3 there. We were both sneaking in livestream glimpses and I managed to catch most of Beth’s message. Huge, huge impact on me and I KNOW on those THOUSANDS of young people. Look out world. The Spirit is moving… people to move.
    We serve a mighty, mighty God.

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