Ring Those Bargains!

Hey, Sweet Things!

You know what I think would be such a blast? Let’s share ideas for gift giving! Reasonably priced. (Or the deal of the century???) Creative maybe. Or QUICK, definitely! Perhaps you could share your best “everybody/anybody” gift. In other words, have you stumbled on something this year (a CD, a book, a keepsake, etc.) that you’re giving lots of people on your list? Then, share the wealth! We could use some ideas around here. The thing I keep hearing from women is that they have a long list of loved ones and no earthly idea what to get them. I’m in that same boat with about a third of my list. Let’s get those creative juices flowing in Siestaville and help each other out over the next few weeks.

Let me give a little disclaimer as we get started. I’m not as up on all the Free Trade discussions and debates circling right now so I’ll need your mercy there and other Siestas might need it, too. Let’s trust each other’s hearts around here and assume that, if we suggest an item or a product that has a link to an unethical practice, we didn’t realize it. My thought this time around was just to give you an opportunity to share…


Girl, I do LOVE me some bargains. If I had more time, I’d honestly wear the stores out for the ultimate sale but, as it is, I just have to happen on it when I can. When I score a great buy, I leave the store as giddy as a bandit.

I’ll get us started with a bargain and I could almost get too tickled to type because I got it for my own self. Sometimes when I’m Christmas shopping, I am at a total loss what to get that person I’m browsing for. I’ll happen on something and think to myself, “I wonder if _______________ would like that?” And I’ll ponder it and ponder it and turn it this way and turn it that way. Then, I’ll answer my own self with, “I have no idea whether she’d like it or not but I know who would! Me!” I know. It’s terrible. Superficial. Almost unforgivable. I only do it about every five or six gifts though.

My most recent bout was about ten days ago at Burlington Coat Factory (where I did actually find a few real, live gifts that I’m giving to someone beside me). I snagged a pair of these:


Price tag? (Drum roll please)



And I’ve already worn them, let’s see, about 6 times and I’m not exaggerating. Before they tear up, they’ll be out of style so I call that a DEAL, Girlfriend. I call that a deal!

Okay, Siestas, tell us what you’re finding out there. And for decent prices! Remember, we have every age group represented here so maybe it’s the ultimate children’s gift or something great for in-laws. Maybe it’s food like a snack of some kind you can put in a cute Christmas tin. If someone’s told you, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” then we want to know about it! Help some Siestas out!

You’re so much fun to do community with, you guys. I can’t wait to look at your ideas! This will be a really fun one I think.

I love you like a mad woman.







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  1. 301
    Vicki s says:

    Headbands at Sweatybands.com
    Bangles from alexandani.com
    Dog collars at collierleeds.com
    Purse size perfume sticks at coach.com

  2. 302
    Cheryl, Austin says:

    My husband did a really cool thing this year. He ordered His copies of his favorite books that have had the biggest impact on him and his relationship with Christ for our son and two sons-in-law. He also put together some books for our daughters and daughter-in-law, and even passed down a special book from his childhood bk collection to our kids. He boxed them up with notes entitled, “Ron’s picks”. I know the kids will love them!

  3. 303
    Cheryl says:

    There are 13 families in my horseshoe neighborhood, and we exchange gifts with each family. Spending less than $5.00/family, we leave the gifts on porches or in mailboxes during the week before Christmas. What fun to come home from work and find surprises 🙂

    Neat idea from one neighbor: A “Joy to the World” card on the outside of the gift, and on the inside a bottle of red “Joy” dishwashing detergent 🙂

  4. 304
    Pat W says:

    well, I don’t know if it a bargain really, but I like to go to the artisans gallery near here, and buy stuff friends made – this gives them some income – and I get something extra special cause I know it made with love and tenderness. without saying who for and such, I did pickup a really cute gorilla at the dollargeneral where ya pull the banana away from its mouth and gorilla has a fit and snuggle banana back up under its nose and it makes very grateful monkey coos- I just Love it, made me laugh&laugh&laugh&laugh…, and Got Me One Too! got one friend all kinds of treats for her pets- apple treats for horses, catnip and bacon strips. I love to bake stuff and put good stuff inside that just cant buy in stores. one favorite gift for a special guy is a ’57 chevy silver chrome cherry red model car kit plus detailing paints. something I enjoy doing is honoring something special in one’s personality or something that makes them tender within, not just what they do or their activities are, or even what their wishes may be for what they may think they want.. I never ask “what do ya want for christmas” I just get them what feels like them, or what I think they need even if be a measure of protection for one’s dark walk to her car after work. something fun as stocking stuffers : chocolate truffles, Snoopy bandaids, new paint brushes for artists, some tubes of new paints, snowboard stuff, well, thanks for letting me share, and merry christmas.

  5. 305
    Heather S. says:

    My best friend gave me a head massager from Bed, Bath and Beyond this year. It looks like a whisk that someone clipped the ends and put plastic protectors on. It was $3.99. Best.gift.ever. It’s heaven when my hubby or daughters use it on me, but it’s even fabulous if I have to do it to myself! Yum!

  6. 306
    Brenda says:

    I would ask your prayers for a gift that I have given.

    On Dec. 4 I went with a friend and her daughter and her Home Stay international student (here from China until June to learn English) to the Singing Christmas Tree at a local church. It is a whole Christmas variety program with the second half of the program being the choir forming a tiered tree and singing carols.

    The Chinese student had never been in a church before and has never experienced Christmas before. We got there early to get a good seat and while waiting, the Chinese student spotted a hymn book in the pew rack. She got all excited and put the hymn book on her lap and took a picture of it. Then she opened it and read several hymns.

    Then she spotted a Bible in the pew rack and the look of awe and wonder and excitement on her face was really something to see. She put the Bible on her lap and just sat there mesmerized looking at it as if it was a treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels (which it is but we often lose sight of that). Then she took a picture of it and then very carefully lifted it up and opened it and looked inside. I asked her if Bibles were still forbidden in China and she didn’t think so. She is 17 years old. Then I asked if her family is Buddist. She said no, they weren’t really anything. Then she asked if I was a Christian. I told her I was. Then the program began.

    She thoroughly enjoyed the Singing Christmas Tree. Afterwards we all went to the church gym for hot chocolate and an Asian man approached her and asked if she could read Chinese. She is from China, so the answer was yes. He gave her a Chinese Christian newspaper, which she was quite pleased to receive. The church was giving out Nicky Gumble’s Alpha pamphlet “Why Christmas?” so I got one for her.

    Then the following week I went to the local Christian bookstore and purchased a Chinese/English New Testament and a Chinese copy of the Alpha workbook. I bought her a few secular items as well. I have no idea how the New Testament or the Alpha workbook will be received and would ask your prayers that they would be used for God’s purposes and for His Glory. Thank you.

  7. 307
    sepik-meri katie says:

    okay i know its like a little “LATE” to still be working on gifts….. but i can’t resist sharing my favorite thing i made this year. i picked a verse, or part of one that i liked, and chose a couple key words. i got an empty frame, some twine, tacks, tiny tiny clothespins, and some cute scrapbook paper. for the key words i picked, i cut out each letter on the cute paper, one solid color or pattern for a shadow/background piece and a different pattern for the top. does that make sense? so each letter isn’t floating, it is glue-stick’d to the shadow piece behind it. then for all the other words in the verse, i just wrote out on the pretty paper and cut a rectangle around them and also gave that piece a shadow behind it. then… tack the strings of twine in a line across the empty frame (from the back of course) and use the clothespins to hang the verse up along the twine! one of the verses i picked to do was isaiah 58:11 so it was: “the Lord will”(on a rectangular piece) G-U-I-D-E (each letter of the key word hung separately) “you always” “He will” S-A-T-I-S-F-Y “your needs” “in a sun-scorched land” “and will” S-T-R-E-N-G-T=H-E-N “your frame”. it turned out so cute and the materials were so inexpensive and i could use them on quite a few frames! 🙂

  8. 308
    Ruth Donohooe says:

    Name: Ruth Donohoe
    City: Denison, TX
    Sorry to say I won’t be coming to the Siestia’s memory verse ‘party’. I know you will have a blast!!!!! I had a great time memorizing scriptures.

  9. 309
    Annie says:

    It’s past Christmas but I just found this. I intend to use some of these ideas for next Christmas. Several years ago we gave books as gifts. All our local libraries have Friends of the Library bookstores inside. I’m guessing it may be a nationwide thing. People donate books and they are sold for great prices. Lots of the books are brand new. Some I bought were the Chicken Soup ones…brand new for $3.00. They are on the shelves in catagories so it’s easy to look for what you want. The stock is constantly changing so go often all through the year.

  10. 310
    Diane Rogers says:

    Hi! I was just cleaning out my email and saw this old post… I found a great belt on sale at the Lucky store in my neighborhood. It’s regularly $69 and I got it for $25. I NEVER buy full price!

    Tip: I’ve been looking for a tinted moisturizer and the big brands I’ve heard good things about are $40+ and I’m not about to spend that on a foundation. So… I made my own and love it! I just ad a dot of regular foundation to my Aveeno Smart Essentials moisturizer (spf 30) and voila, light coverage just like I wanted!!

    Today’s favoite scripture: James 4:7&8 – Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

  11. 311
    Mary Beth says:

    We are adopting a Deaf boy from China… Just wanted to pass this idea along to you. (: Please pray for us!

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