Ring Those Bargains!

Hey, Sweet Things!

You know what I think would be such a blast? Let’s share ideas for gift giving! Reasonably priced. (Or the deal of the century???) Creative maybe. Or QUICK, definitely! Perhaps you could share your best “everybody/anybody” gift. In other words, have you stumbled on something this year (a CD, a book, a keepsake, etc.) that you’re giving lots of people on your list? Then, share the wealth! We could use some ideas around here. The thing I keep hearing from women is that they have a long list of loved ones and no earthly idea what to get them. I’m in that same boat with about a third of my list. Let’s get those creative juices flowing in Siestaville and help each other out over the next few weeks.

Let me give a little disclaimer as we get started. I’m not as up on all the Free Trade discussions and debates circling right now so I’ll need your mercy there and other Siestas might need it, too. Let’s trust each other’s hearts around here and assume that, if we suggest an item or a product that has a link to an unethical practice, we didn’t realize it. My thought this time around was just to give you an opportunity to share…


Girl, I do LOVE me some bargains. If I had more time, I’d honestly wear the stores out for the ultimate sale but, as it is, I just have to happen on it when I can. When I score a great buy, I leave the store as giddy as a bandit.

I’ll get us started with a bargain and I could almost get too tickled to type because I got it for my own self. Sometimes when I’m Christmas shopping, I am at a total loss what to get that person I’m browsing for. I’ll happen on something and think to myself, “I wonder if _______________ would like that?” And I’ll ponder it and ponder it and turn it this way and turn it that way. Then, I’ll answer my own self with, “I have no idea whether she’d like it or not but I know who would! Me!” I know. It’s terrible. Superficial. Almost unforgivable. I only do it about every five or six gifts though.

My most recent bout was about ten days ago at Burlington Coat Factory (where I did actually find a few real, live gifts that I’m giving to someone beside me). I snagged a pair of these:


Price tag? (Drum roll please)



And I’ve already worn them, let’s see, about 6 times and I’m not exaggerating. Before they tear up, they’ll be out of style so I call that a DEAL, Girlfriend. I call that a deal!

Okay, Siestas, tell us what you’re finding out there. And for decent prices! Remember, we have every age group represented here so maybe it’s the ultimate children’s gift or something great for in-laws. Maybe it’s food like a snack of some kind you can put in a cute Christmas tin. If someone’s told you, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” then we want to know about it! Help some Siestas out!

You’re so much fun to do community with, you guys. I can’t wait to look at your ideas! This will be a really fun one I think.

I love you like a mad woman.







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  1. 51
    sherry says:

    ok, so this sounds wierd, but it works for me. When I find stuff I think would be cool to give to someone and it’s a great price I get it and put it in a big plastic bin (or two!) and I open the bins up in november and start matching up “stuff” to my peeps. It always seems to work and my sistas will say things like, “where did you find this?”, or “how did you think of that?”…which is really pretty funny given how I go about it (i.e. NO plan at all, just bargain stuff I like at the time)…ok, see I told you it was wierd! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 51.1
      Beth says:

      Sherry, I think you have a gift for shopping! Not weird – wonderful ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 51.2
      bp says:

      Great idea! I try to do this too when I see a sale. It’s always fun to open the tub and see what is inside that I’ve forgotten!

    • 51.3
      Jo Ann says:

      That is a GREAT idea! Takes all the last minute stress away, is fun all through the year, probably save a lot…I want to do it next year!

    • 51.4
      Paula says:

      Sherry, I do the same thing!!! It is lots of fun!!! I do love a good bargain….and they happen all year long!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 52
    MichelleW says:

    For my two girls’ Sunday school teachers, dance teachers, bible study childcare workers (during my Beth Moore study of course)I’m giving them jars with “Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.”

    I buy the big canister of mix at Costco. I go to Goodwill or look around my garage for old canning jars or little christmas containers. I write out the instructions on each can and have the girls make cards.

    My best gift this year was from my father-n-law, four tickets to the Alamo Bowl.

  3. 53
    Kim B. says:

    Last year I ordered 4 Happy Lappy’s for my mom, stepmom, sister-in-law and myself! It is a wonderful lapdesk treat personalized with your photo of choice (or collage photo’s too). I use mine ALL THE TIME. It sits on my ottoman where I have my quiet time every morning and the best part about it, my Beth Moore workbook, AND my Bible both fit on it for studying. You can use it for your laptop, for letter writing, or for eating dinner in front of the T.V. All while you look at the people you LOVE. Check out the Happy Lappy store! They have other gifts online too. http://www.happylappystore.com

  4. 54
    jana says:

    Beth, that’s called a “maybe” gift… Maybe i’ll give it and maybe it’s for me!!

    Mine would be anything from the thirtyonegifts.com catalog. I like the organizers bags and at $25, extra for personalization, they are excellent!


  5. 55
    Jen says:

    This year we did away with all gifts in order to save money and just be thankful for what we have. Its worked really well so far. Everyone seems less stressed. On Christmas day we are just playing a gift giving game, so everyone only buys one ten dollar gift. And of course grandparents are still buying for our 6 month old. We probably wont do this every year but it has been a nice change to take the focus off gifts and eliminate the stress and chaos of shopping. Its sort of like fasting from the craziness of Christmas.

  6. 56
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    Hey Beth!
    Wow, was I ever surprised last Saturday (I missed last Monday’s blog) to see the obscure little sentence at the bottom of the screen at the Pensacola LPL. I was there with my husband and I said “honey, could you go check us out at the hotel/ I have to be at section 113-114 to meet with a Lifeway representative!” He took me very seriously and we parted ways while I tracked down the other Siestas. Yes, you do love your Siestas like a mad woman…your sweet visit with us was testimony to that! Thanks so much for taking time for us after all your hard work! The message hit me right on, again!

    Now for a gift suggestion. I have found some really sweet gifts at Cracker Barrel! I get “Christmas happies” for Bible study teachers, hair stylists, etc. there. This year they have adorable Christmas plates for goodies or to display on a stand for just 25% off of $7.00! My husband loves to eat there, and I just love to shop there!

    Merry Christmas!
    Gulf Shores

  7. 57

    I have many secrets. I buy gifts all year long. Tea is a big hit and it’s often on sale for great prices. For men, I shop at Staples Clearance, they have great deals. Once I got IPOD player systems, reg $50 for $3.50. I heart staples.
    I take my kids wish lists and sign in on Slickdeals to get instant alerts for those items. If anyone posts a deal, I get an instant email. If you have a blog, companies can write you and give you items, which can really help your gift closet.
    I love the boots! Very Cute!

  8. 58
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    Here is another idea for the mission-minded Siesta:


    This non-profit organization, Manos de Madres (“Hands of Mothers”), was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to building pathways out of poverty by empowering women through craft-based initiatives founded on the principles of cooperation, creativity and sustainability.

    I have received gifts from this web site from my daughter-in-law and have treasured them!

    It feels extra good to give it as well as receive it!

  9. 59
    Texas in the Mountains says:

    Not a bargain, but a less expensive gift idea.
    My new girlfriend/Bible study partner/potential bff in my new town (?) has seen the movie “the Help” two times already. So I’m going to give her the delux edition book.

  10. 60
    Luann says:

    i’ll take any opportunity to recommend the http://www.gfa.org/gift/

    also, people, keep in mind that it’s not a gift if you are ‘having to’ get it or obligated to get it. seriously.

  11. 61
    Nancy Hamilton says:

    A great gift idea that I give to friends every year–your Texas sheet cake Beth!
    They ask for it every year & it’s such a help to those who may entertain in their homes.

    Since I love to bake, I’ve also given friends “coupons” they can redeem for a baked dessert every month of the year!

    Today Sophie (www.boomama.net) has some great ideas on her blog as well.
    http://Www.moneysavingmom.com is always full of ideas too!!

    Great post!

  12. 62
    Simplebeliever says:

    Looking for a gift for the parents/grandparents who have everything? Make them a hard cover photo book! Sites such as snapfish, shutterfly, etc. (and even walmart or CVS?) have BOOK templates where you drag photos from your computer into them and presto! you’ve made a book about your family through the year that they’ll treasure for many years to come….especially if they live far away–They’re quite inexpensive too! Next year, you can plan ahead by taking a photo every month of your growing child and place them in a month by month format that will allow your parents to feel like they’ve been there all year and haven’t missed a thing! A friend of mine did this with photo frames on her wall….it was a visual time line of the life of her child….LOVED IT!!

  13. 63
    Jaclyn says:

    I decided to get creative this year and try some homemade interchangeable fabric button rings ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I had so much fun making them, and had extra supplies- i decided to put my extras up on ETSY: maybe the pictures will help you figure out how to make your own! (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jaclynmyers) I have gotten so many comments on these, and on etsy always link people to my blog- which has actually started up some really cool faith conversations. Creative ministry AND reasonably priced gifts! Hows that for a 2 for 1?!

  14. 64
    Careese says:

    I have made snapfish.com photobooks. For the parents, grands, etc. I uploaded pictures of our kids and made digital scrapbooks of our last year. (Make one and print as many as you want…my kind of scrapbooking!) I waited for them to go on sale before ordering, but even full price you can get one for $15.
    For my kids, I used pictures of special times and memories with them and made it a blessings book so that they would have my prayers and happy thoughts to read through. Last year it was my 6, 5, and 4 year old’s favorite gift.

  15. 65
    Carrie says:

    We are giving gifts to ministries/organizations in honor of family members by donating to those ministries the amounts we would normally spend on them on gifts…example would be samaritans purse

  16. 66
    Robin says:

    My mom loves to do puzzles, especially at Christmastime. This year I ordered her a custom made puzzle using a picture of my three boys In their Chrirtmas jammies in front of the Christmas tree. It has 282 pieces, and was only $12.99 plus free shipping at printerstudio.com! All you have to do is upload your favorite photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 67
    Susan says:

    Donate a goat or chickens from Samaritan’s purse in their name.

  18. 68
    Rachel says:

    Here is our girls’ favorite bible and Lifeway was having a Black Friday special of $5 so I am giving these to my niece and nephews. Awesome kids’ bible.


    My husband is also very into “Made in the USA” stuff this year so instead of giving giftcards to chains we are trying to buy giftcards to local places…like the local bakery for my daughter’s preschool teacher. I think it will work out well and help our small community’s economy a bit.

    P.S. Great bargain Mama Beth!

  19. 69
    Emily says:

    I have 2 ideas for you. Every year I go through this with my mom. She doesn’t want anything & hates making a fuss. What I do it look for a way to pay to do something with her. Last year I took he out for lunch at a favorite restaurant. This year I’m wrapping up the business card of our hair stylist & paying for our next trip to the salon. We get to make a memory & she can’t refuse because she’d do it if I didn’t.

    Besides that, I’m a crafter at heart. A great NO SEW project is fleece blankets. If you can cut with scissors & tie a knot you’re golden! I made several of these one year & they were a hit with kids & adults. You need 2 pieces of fleece fabric. Try a print & a solid. (my friend loved shoes so I found a shoe print) For kids, about a yard of each will do & adults 2-3 yards. Lay the fabric on top of each other & all the way around cut 3 inch fringes about 1 inch apart. It does NOT have to be perfect. After it’s all cut simply tie the top fabric to the bottom using each fringe. It can be done in about an hour or two & kids can help. For more fun, you can buy a pillow form at the craft store & cover it the same way.

  20. 70
    Kimberly says:

    I wanted to make something special for one of my FAVORITE teachers…all 3 of my precious girls had her for their K5 teacher. I originally thought I would write down Scripture based prayers for her and tuck them in a box. But then I saw over at Renee Swope’s blog (she is with P31 Ministries) how she had given her husband a box full of verses with his name tucked in them. LOVED that idea!

    So I printed off little strips of paper with the teacher’s name tucked in some of my favorite Bible verses, drew litte red hearts on each strip, folded them, and placed them in the cutest little box. She LOVED them. And I have been giving them out ever since with the greatest responses. Something so tender about seeing your own name in Bible verses.

    I actually keep the document on my computer and have a link over at my blog where I will send people a copy they can use for themselves, making it quicker than you having to retype it all yourself. I think my name will take you straight to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to write “Love Letters from the Lord” on the boxes…they make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or gifts for those just having a rough time.

    Having fun reading all of the great ideas!!!

  21. 71
    Leigh Ann says:

    One gift I am making for my children (ages 2 and 4) this year is a “story jar.” I’m just typing up a bunch of random words and putting them in a big jar. The kids will be able to draw a few words out at a time and then the game is to make up a story that incorporates all of those words. You could make this as cute as you want and give it as a gift to people with young children too!

    I’m also making handmade lotion and sugar scrubs for several people. This is my favorite lotion recipe. It is SO easy! And right now my favorite scent is an essential oil I found at Whole Foods called “Pep Talk” because it has a hint of peppermint in it. Perfect for the holidays! And the lotion is fabulous – I use it every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 72
    Lisa says:

    I bought myself Louie Giglio’s Christmas DVD bundle (has his How Great is our God and The Twelve Words of Christmas sermons). Wow! It was so awesome and I was beyond blessed! I paid $10 for both on Black Friday. I wished I had gotten more for gifts. I looked on Amazon and found the same DVD bundle for $10! Score! Getting several as gifts. I usually don’t give Christmas-themed things as gifts, but since this has the How Great is our God DVD also, I’m going with it! I graduated college 17 years ago and remember hearing Louie speak at Baylor University way back then. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOUIE! My sister saw the How Great is our God DVD last year and God spoke to her in an incredible fashion – transformed her into a mighty fine warrior! Only thing better than the DVD would be a face to face meet and greet with him! My sister would surely pass out and I’d be forced to do all the talking. How did I even get off on that???? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 73
    Heather Maise says:

    I have found the cutest ideas on Pinterest. Here is a link for red velvet cupcakes in a jar…http://mycakies.blogspot.com/2010/03/diy-cupcake-in-jar.html. I’m going to make these for my coworkers and friends. Yummy!!! There’s also a cute DIY craft for cute magnet boards made with cookie sheets. It’s very inexpensive and would make a nice kitchen decor. Link…http://cinnaberry-suite.blogspot.com/2010/05/magnet-board-cuteness.html. Hope these idea help.

  24. 74
    Lisa Curtis says:

    My friend and I have always decided on a theme: stars, trees, Charlie Brown, to name a few and then put together a few things in a basket, bag or some other container. We collect our items, set aside an afternoon to meet and put the gifts together. One year we did snowmen and made baskets with material and liquid starch. Added hot chocolate mix, ornament, snowman pencil, and other things. We mainly enjoy each other’s company and we decide the theme and have all year to look for fun stuff. This year I am buying Angela Thomas’s book “Choosing Joy”. Amazon $10, just released this week. Also, I make homemade toffee. I could go on and on. Oh, and my funny for this year, a kitchen whisk filled with Hershey kisses. We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!

  25. 75
    Sue says:

    Photo puzzles – $8.99 for an 8X10 at this website:
    You upload the photo of your choice. You can choose for it to be 12-piece puzzle or a 100 piece puzzle. I’m giving each of my grandchildren a puzzle picture of themselves. Pretty sure they will love them.

  26. 76
    Liz H. says:

    I love having a bunch of leaf ornaments (that have been dipped in gold, silver or copper) on hand for teacher, hostess, etc gifts. Especially when you can buy a lot at 50% off. The fun trivia is finding out the symbolism of the leaves. Even more meaningful!

  27. 77
    Tamara says:

    This year I was all up for DIY gifts for my little boys. They are almost 4 and 2. We made them a big book of stories (volume 1) to read at storytime. We made up some silly stories with pictures of them and their toys getting in to adventures and learning valuable lessons and things like that. Their CC & Poppy (grands) also got to send us a few stories they wanted to add to it with some of their pictures. At the end of the book we have an ABC section, Counting Blessings and Family part that shows all sorts of pictures of things to represent each thing. They were around a little bit while I was working on it and would walk by and get all excited about certain things in it, but they didn’t know what it was, so I’m really hoping they love it as much as we do ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess it was a bargain too because we used Shutterly.com and I had a couple discount codes as well as a free shipping code–SCORE ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Christmas from the Bahamas ladies!

  28. 78
    Wendy Lerch says:

    Hello all

    We have a bit of a tradition in our family because everyone wants to focus on “giving” which means that we all have a fair amount of “receiving” to do!! So – my son and my neices and nephews have a “baked” gift that they do. My sister makes jam with her kids (they are 3 & 10 months – so she mostly makes it) and calls it “Ellie’s Jelly” and my other sister whos kids are 5 & 3 make a little bag of cookies for each of us. This year my son (13 – so he can do it himself) is making home made nuts and bolts for and we’ll fill a ziplock bag for everyone! We find its a fun way to do an activity with our kids and prepare something that they can be involved in and experience as they “give” their own gifts within our family at Christmas!

    Happy shopping & giving & receiving!

  29. 79
    Heather Smith says:

    Here are two…

    1. I started my sister on a lovely Brighton bracelet that I add charms to for different milestones. So for every holiday, I add a new charm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Meaningful and simple. And the jewelry shop wraps them for free in lovely wrapping!

    2. One thing I love to give that another siesta mentioned is ornaments. (Incidentally I do this year round for women I know if they experience a miscarriage or death in their family… it gives them something to honor the loved one at Christmas and to know their loss was not forgotten). I find ornaments an affordable and fun way to celebrate milestones or good memories from the past year.

    On a happy note, we are just getting ready to move into our new church building and have our first services on December 18!! For me, after seeing God work miracle after miracle here in small town Idaho to provide and bless, that is my favorite gift of all this Christmas! To GOD be the glory!!

    Heather in Lewiston

  30. 80
    Casey says:

    Those boots…are amazing. You go girl! I can see it happening. God equipped you to do some teaching in those boots!

    I have done a variety of things. Being poor with kids can make a person desperately creative. So in no particular order or price…

    -family pic in a pretty frame. (not a fav, but the grandma’s love it)
    -Christmas confections in a pretty tin (we all need sugar)
    -a wreath with the neat new mesh ribbon stuff
    -many of us family members do an ornament swap. (we look all year for a perfect ornament)
    -minis photo books, calendar’s

  31. 81
    Kody says:

    Okay, it is extremely awesome that Beth made this post because I just found this fantastic site today! It’s called charitygiftcertificates.org , you can purchase a gift card in many amounts from a stocking stuffer $2 to $100s if you want! You have the option of printing out a certificate or receiving the actual “gift card” (just like at a retail store). Your gift holder will then be able to go onto the website and have the ability to give to one (or many) of the 250 different charities! They can give it all to just one or if your gift is larger, they can spread the Christmas cheer and give to several! This is the gift that really keeps on giving! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  32. 82
    Cindy says:

    I have two favorites…
    The first is a fantastic word “picture” that you can make for free by going to wordle.net. You choose any words that you like to describe the person and it makes a piece of art for them..add a frame and you have a wonderful, personal gift.

    My other favorite is giving devotionals. I love to give the same devotional to myself, family and friends. This way we can share our insights and ways that God has been talking to us. I have given “God Calling” and “Heaven Calling”. Plan to do “Jesus Calling” this year. This has resulted in some truly incredible conversations and sharing.

  33. 83
    Adela says:

    Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts. Absolutely amazing and Family Christian Stores has it on sale right now – I think $13.

    And Better Homes and Gardens (www.bhg.com) has instructions for making your own lavender bath salts! Really inexpensive and fun gift.

  34. 84

    This is a small thing but makes a great little stocking stuffer. Williams-Sonoma now has their Peppermint Bark available in Peppermint Bark Bites — foil wrapped like a Peppermint Patty. I never want to buy a full container of the Peppermint Bark — don’t need all of that. But this is the perfect size for a personal indulgence or to put in someone’s stocking or add to another gift, etc. As I remember, I think they are only a couple of bucks each. Can’t wait to get some more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 85
    JUDY says:

    My new favorite devotional is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young……buy it with the scripture references written out — a very tender and encouraging book. I bet I’ve given more than 10 by the end of the year. Christmas Cds are always a treat. A new nail polish. Or your favorite mascara. I have a tote that is like a rectangular box with a metal handle……it’s superb because everything stays in one place — can buy for $30. but I’ve seen at Tj’s or Home Goods for much less. Cute notebook to carry in my purse, or a new makeup bag. Don’t we all like replacing the old? Most of all, I love it when a friend takes the time to remember me at all….and just buys a fun treat. I hope you all have a tender and precious Christmas.

  36. 86
    Desiree Grosgebauer says:

    Christianbook.com has all kinds of cute gifts and you can search the gift dept.by price and whether your looking for men, woman or kids. Their prices are great, too! Happy shopping everyone!

  37. 87
    Carina says:

    I have been LOVING the MercyMe newest cd, The Worship Sessions. I intend to buy one for all the ladies in my small group. It is sooooo good!!

  38. 88
    JUDY says:

    Tervis Tumblers! I have given so many of these and i have 3 myself. You can buy in many sizes but I always buy the big t…..it’s the biggest. You can order a lid to match whatever you have put on the glass. You can have a design and a name or monogram. They have a lifetime warranty and they mean it. I used to have to drive thru and get an iced tea or diet coke whenever i was out and about….now i take my tervis with ice water with me — gets me through my errands and i drink more water and save money. I have a tervis filled with water throughout my day — always. Best of all, no matter how hot it is, they don’t sweat. The best.

  39. 89
    Olivia says:

    okay a gift for my 8 year old son – I found a GREAT company called JM Cremps, recommended by Focus on the Family. A christian family that started ‘An Adventure Store for Boys’ catalog – ALL things boy, fun, adventure, danger, dirt and creative. I got the Z-curve bow and arrow set. I have spray painted empty tin cans to stack up for target practice. JM Cremps is reasonabily priced and I’m a single mom who loves me some FUN & ADVENTURE with my boy. AND bonus, their customer service is amazing. The owner himself called me to follow up on my order – that’s a real family business. LOVE IT!

  40. 90
    Sherry says:

    I just read a wonderful book called Kisses From Katie. It’s written by a young girl from Nashville who felt called to minister to orphans in Uganda. She holds a weekly bible study/craft class with women from Masese (an even poorer area) where they make recycled magazine bead necklaces that are then sold via the website amazima.org. Check it out! There is also an opportunity on this site to sponsor a child so they may attend school. If you have a chance to read this book it is well worth it. This young woman is a selfless example of the love of Jesus poured out.

  41. 91
    Debra says:

    I love all the homemade ideas I’ve read! I like to make tote bags for library trips, aprons for little “Mommy’s helpers,” or buy a fun plate and fill it with chocolate chip cookies!. Lately I’ve been giving away copies of “One Thousand Gifts,” by Ann Voskamp…
    I love that giving gifts is a way to administer God’s grace… Wow, that He would use us to point to His glory!

  42. 92
    Gloria says:

    I have found some good buys at T.J. Maxx and Ross.Also at Belks and Dillards I have snagged some good buys. Thanks so much for sharing the picture of your Burlington Factory Boots. You found a bargain. I was at Pensacola LPM!! I saw the receipt then. Beth, thanks for the Philemon Study. I would love to have the Siestas charge we repeated after you at the end of the conference to our siesta!

  43. 93
    Joyce Bailey says:

    i bought ceramic business card holders for $3/piece at a craft fair. then i went to Wal-Mart’s Photo Center, made wallet-size photos from some of my favorite pictures in my camera (i love taking pictures of flowers and scenery). You can add text to the pictures so I add short Bible verses. I put 12 pictures in a card holder and those are my small gifts for friends this year.

  44. 94
    candifer says:

    i love making gifts to give to people. i knit pretty much year round; sometimes i have someone in mind & pray for them while i knit, and other times i just make cute stuff (it usually goes something like this: “i’m keep this one for myself this time!” and then i give it away because it’s way more fun that way!!). otherwise, i like to buy composition books and paint/decoupage the outsides and give them to people. i know these gifts aren’t really all that quick… but handmade conveys the message that you put some effort into it ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 95
    Moongirl says:

    Any ideas for dads anyone? I’m usually stumped here, but this year even more so! ๐Ÿ™‚ Getting him that thing for his shot gun is just too confusing when I get in the store!

    • 95.1
      Vicki says:

      Keurig coffee maker
      Shaving kit with monogram
      Calender with family pix
      Digital photo frame with family pix

  46. 96
    Hope says:

    “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. Also, goats and chickens through World Vision. Sounds like a weird combination, but it’s all gratitude for God’s precious gift — Jesus.

  47. 97
    Heather says:

    I got the most fun, creative Dirty Santa gift at Bunco tonight! I got a red striped popcorn holder (like you get at the movies) filled with fun movie watching stuff….a DVD movie (Dear John), Kleenex (because the movie is a tearjerker), 2 bags of microwave popcorn with 2 different kinds of popcorn salt, some Raisinets and some Twizzlers. Who wouldn’t love this gift?! AND, you can totally customize it with the person’s favorite movie and candy. It’s also inexpensive. I will most definitely be giving this gift to people….fun, creative, customized, and yummy!!!!!!!

  48. 98
    Fearless J says:

    Everyone only gets one gift, and it involves giving them the gift of my time. It might be making fudge or spiced pecans with my grandmother’s recipes, taking a family member of friend to do something they’ll enjoy, using musical talents to play someone a song, give them a concert, or make them a CD. Craft stores have photo mugs for $5, and I’m pretty good with Adobe Photoshop, but if I wasn’t Target online could help with that.

    BTW: are we getting spirals for 2012? That was actually one of my christmas presents for this year, a spiral for the scripture memory team to send to someone in Texas and saving up for the most economic mode of transportation I can possibly find that will get me out there next year:)

  49. 99
    Karen says:

    The budget is very tight this year, but I love to give gifts to so many people. This year I Canned lots ans lots of jars of fruit jams to give. But, for some of the special ladies on my list I am making lemon sugar scrubs and brown sugar vanilla scrubs. Both scrub recipes can be found on the internet (just google them), are easy to make and have limited ingredients. Packed in a glass jar with a small bit of ribbon, they make elegant, special girly girl gifts!

  50. 100
    elaine says:

    I’m always on a tight budget so I try to think out of the box and i love gifts with sentimental value. For teachers, since my boys are all in middle or high school, i make an end of the year donation to my favorite organization, in honor of all their teachers…. and then send an email out to the teachers explaining what their “gift” was. The response is amazing. I usually give to “show hope” and this year I also gave to IJM… it gives me an opportunity to tell them what the organization(s) stand for.

    For my boyfriend, we spend a lot of time at the beach, so I’m making him a couple candles…. getting simple hurricane candle holders, getting sand from the actual beach we love and putting it in the candle holder, and then put a nice candle in it….. (a votive or tea light or pillar… depending on the size)….

    I also have a copy of “My Child, My Princess” to give to someone / anyone with a little girl…. waiting for that opportunity.

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