Ring Those Bargains!

Hey, Sweet Things!

You know what I think would be such a blast? Let’s share ideas for gift giving! Reasonably priced. (Or the deal of the century???) Creative maybe. Or QUICK, definitely! Perhaps you could share your best “everybody/anybody” gift. In other words, have you stumbled on something this year (a CD, a book, a keepsake, etc.) that you’re giving lots of people on your list? Then, share the wealth! We could use some ideas around here. The thing I keep hearing from women is that they have a long list of loved ones and no earthly idea what to get them. I’m in that same boat with about a third of my list. Let’s get those creative juices flowing in Siestaville and help each other out over the next few weeks.

Let me give a little disclaimer as we get started. I’m not as up on all the Free Trade discussions and debates circling right now so I’ll need your mercy there and other Siestas might need it, too. Let’s trust each other’s hearts around here and assume that, if we suggest an item or a product that has a link to an unethical practice, we didn’t realize it. My thought this time around was just to give you an opportunity to share…


Girl, I do LOVE me some bargains. If I had more time, I’d honestly wear the stores out for the ultimate sale but, as it is, I just have to happen on it when I can. When I score a great buy, I leave the store as giddy as a bandit.

I’ll get us started with a bargain and I could almost get too tickled to type because I got it for my own self. Sometimes when I’m Christmas shopping, I am at a total loss what to get that person I’m browsing for. I’ll happen on something and think to myself, “I wonder if _______________ would like that?” And I’ll ponder it and ponder it and turn it this way and turn it that way. Then, I’ll answer my own self with, “I have no idea whether she’d like it or not but I know who would! Me!” I know. It’s terrible. Superficial. Almost unforgivable. I only do it about every five or six gifts though.

My most recent bout was about ten days ago at Burlington Coat Factory (where I did actually find a few real, live gifts that I’m giving to someone beside me). I snagged a pair of these:


Price tag? (Drum roll please)



And I’ve already worn them, let’s see, about 6 times and I’m not exaggerating. Before they tear up, they’ll be out of style so I call that a DEAL, Girlfriend. I call that a deal!

Okay, Siestas, tell us what you’re finding out there. And for decent prices! Remember, we have every age group represented here so maybe it’s the ultimate children’s gift or something great for in-laws. Maybe it’s food like a snack of some kind you can put in a cute Christmas tin. If someone’s told you, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” then we want to know about it! Help some Siestas out!

You’re so much fun to do community with, you guys. I can’t wait to look at your ideas! This will be a really fun one I think.

I love you like a mad woman.







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  1. 151
    Kelly says:

    Our current season of life requires us to be extra creative in giving meaningful, homemade gifts so we can live within our humble means. I know I’m not alone, so I hope this gift idea can help someone else out. I found a tutorial for making this adorable Anthropologie lace flower necklace knock-off. http://www.littlemissmomma.com/2010/12/anthropologie-lace-flower-necklace-as.html
    I made one for my best friend last night, and it cost me $4 for all of the supplies. Plus, I have enough to make another one for me if I just get another chain. πŸ™‚

  2. 152
    Amber says:

    Well, I love bargains, but I haven’t been able to shop much this year so I don’t know of any good ones. I have done some online shopping, though, and my favorite thing is pajamas from http://www.punjammies.com/. They’re beautiful and support the International Princess Project. From the website, “PUNJAMMIESβ„’ are made by women in India rescued from forced prostitution seeking to rebuild their lives. Proceeds from the sales of PUNJAMMIESβ„’ provide fair-trade wages, savings accounts, and holistic recovery care.”

    • 152.1
      Ann says:


      I work for International Princess Project and was so excited to see your shout-out on here! I also wanted to let you and everyone else know that we are having a super huge, amazing sale right now along with free shipping for anyone who orders before Sunday at midnight, Pacific Time. The details are on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/internationalprincessproject.

      I’m so glad you love PUNJAMMIES! Thanks for spreading the word in the fight for freedom.

    • 152.2
      Nancy says:

      I’m going to check out those punjammies. Saving women and girls from sexual slavery is a big deal.

      Can I say?….speaking of gifts that are great… this blog is the BEST. It has been my best gift this year. Love you all–wherever you are, you feel like sisters. Thanks from my heart.

    • 152.3
      Susan says:

      I LOVE this! My tradition with all the sisters and daughters in the family is to get matching pj pants. I’ve always gotten them at Target, but NO LONGER!

  3. 153
    Brittanie in Texas says:

    I was out yesterday at WalMart getting a few items for the house. I stumbled upon the book, “Heaven is for Real for Kids” and I got a copy for my neice and nephew to share. It was $11.49 I think or $11.99 but while I was in the store I read it and it was so good. I’ve also read the adult version and loved it too.
    Also, a few stocking stuffers for my lil boy (under 2) I got a pack of hot wheels (8 cars) and they were $5!!
    Lastly, my husband was given some pears back in October from a friend and we made pear preserves with the intention of giving to loved ones and dayschool teachers! I put the cute lil holiday fabric on the jars last night and I’m excited to pass them out! Everyone we’ve shared them with so far love them and we made about 35 jars. I told my whole family we made homemade gifts this year! πŸ™‚

  4. 154
    Barrett says:

    Can’t get better than this. One of our local homeless shelters funded by the Baptist Church of Dallas has an annual auction. I ‘bid’ $102 on a $100 grocery store gift card and ‘won.’ So my donation goes to help transform their lives and the food on the table goes to my young adult children trying to live on their own. I will explain to them the double gift they are sharing. If I could have afforded it, I could have also donated the gift card to one of the homeless families.

  5. 155
    Tanya Moore says:

    I love me some boots, too, Beth. And I’m not being super-spiritual, here, but I have really been hearing from God through Sarah Young’s devotional book, Jesus Calling. It is a great stocking stuffer. I gave it to my children last year and am praying that they will read it. There is also an app for iphone. Sarah was a missionary and used scripture to journal what God was saying to her. It’s like Jesus is speaking directly to you from the page with scripture references. A nice devotional book to use during quiet time, along with the Word of God itself, of course. Love you girls! Have a very Merry Christmas!

    • 155.1
      Carol Peavy says:

      Tanya, I’m with you on this book. Love, love “Jesus Calling.” There is not one day that God doesn’t speak through the devotionals in this little book. They now have the “Jesus Calling” Bibles and Lifeway has them on sale 50% off. The padded hardback is $19.97. I have several on my list for gifts. Nothing like giving The Word as a gift.

      Merry Christmas to all of you at LPM!

      • Vickie Casey says:

        I was coming out here to list this book too!! I see its a popular choice. Last year gave it to all my girlfriends and we have all so enjoyed sharing what God has spoken to us through it all year long.

    • 155.2
      Angela J says:

      Tanya- I have this book also! It is A-MAZING!!! It is like God is speaking right to you for that very day… there hasn’t been a day go by that it wasn’t exactly what I needed for the moment. You can find these on Amazon, often cheaper than in the stores. The app also applies to the Droid, lite version that you can download for free with 1 week worth of devotions… then uninstall the app & re-install for no money. It updates to the week ahead. Or you can purchase the full version for $9.99! πŸ™‚

    • 155.3
      Nancy says:

      Love that book!! Read it most mornings, and have it on my kindle, which goes in my purse to work. I pull it out and read sometimes when I need to.

      I gave it to all my peeps in my Bible Study last year, and they all love it too!!

      Great gift.

    • 155.4
      Ada - Lovin Him says:

      Since I discovered it in August, my almost 18 year old daughter and I have been drawing near to the heart of Jesus every morning through Jesus Calling! It never fails to encourage and challenge – some mornings it’s brought either or both of us to tears as Jesus speaks so tenderly to the current situation/trial. If you have a Costco warehouse nearby they are $7.50! We have about 80 women in our ladies study at church and shared a few of these devotionals before Beth’s or Priscilla’s studies this Fall and they were so inspired about that we picked up over 60 copies for those who requested them. Priscilla even shared an excerpt from one in her Jonah study!
      I’m giving these to everyone I know this Christmas and trust they will be so blessed:-)

    • 155.5
      Kellie says:

      Oh my… I love Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” as well! I thought it would be weird for it to be in Jesus’ “voice” but it isn’t at all. Wonderful gift!!! (For yourself, too, if you don’t have it yet.)

    • 155.6
      Marje Scheib says:

      I am reading Jesus Calling, it is wonderful. I have already sent this to a couple of my friends for Christmas. I love that we will all be reading the same thing each morning. Merry Christmas to all of you in Siesta-ville.

    • 155.7
      Lauren says:

      My aunt mentioned buying this for several members of my family so even though we are spread out we can read it “together”. I’ve heard such good things… I’m excited about this gift! They even have one for kids that I’m hoping to get my son…

    • 155.8
      Kate says:

      This was the book that I was going to list as well! My boss gave all of our staff “Jesus Calling” last year for Christmas and I’ve used it the majority of this year. My aunt had major surgery (for cancer) in September and ever since, we’ve done the devotional together every morning, either in person or over the phone. It’s amazing the way that the Lord has used this little book during this incredibly scary time in our lives!
      The iPhone app works really well, too. I have several friends that love being able to have it with them on their phone anywhere they go!

    • 155.9
      Janice says:

      Available in Kindle format also!

    • 155.10
      Audrey says:

      For my own mother and mother-in-law we purchased a “Jesus Calling” devotional. They are always wanting to have a more frequent time quiet time, but don’t feel like they have time, so I’m hoping this helps πŸ™‚ It’s also on my Christmas list!

      We have LOVED the Jesus Storybook Bible (where every story whispers His Name)… we are on our second copy at home because the first one was loved so much! We purchased these for the youngest nieces (since our boys are the only grandsons!) and I plan on writing a prayer in the inside cover for the girls πŸ™‚

      The Andrew Peterson Christmas CD “Behold the Lamb” is wonderful, too!

  6. 156
    Celeste Hill says:

    I love this link below, I have purchased many items from DaySpring and they have not disappointed. Have a blast Siesta’s as you let your fingers do the shopping!

  7. 157
    Joyce Watson says:

    Oh Beth I had two great buys this year! One was at Kirklands and it was a beautiful picture of Baby Jesus and the manger scene. I know we see this often, but not like this. I have seen this picture at Hobby Lobby for $50.00 and at Mardel’s Christian Bookstore. I always loved it and thought how pretty it was.
    Well, we went to Branson during thanksgiving and I went to
    Kirklands and there it was for only $10.00 on sale. This one lady bought it, then another lady came along picked one up and I said to myself “You better hurry up or it will be gone, so I got one too.”
    Another great buy was at K-mart a Thomas Kinkade clock for only $15.00. It has a porcelain base and dial with glass dome, beautiful also.
    If you like books “The Christmas Note” by Donna VanLiere is great. I especially love Beth Moore’s Bible studies, so that makes a great gift for someone too!
    Merry Christmas,
    Siesta Sisters
    Love ya in Christ

  8. 158
    Lindsey says:

    I am a newleywed, and my husband and I set a strict budget for Christmas this year (as those of you who are married may or may not remember, weddings are a little pricey…), so I wanted to come up with a few thoughtful things to give him. During the holidays you can get SERIOUS bargains on digital picture frames (I got one from Best Buy for $24.99 that was regularly $80), and am going to load it up with wedding photos and honeymoon pics before he opens it – I thought it would be perfect for his desk at work! This is a great spouse gift, but would also be a great gift for family members (what grandparent or parent wouldn’t love a digital frame already loaded with family pictures?). Since you already have the photos (or just go have a family adventure day and snap a few!), the gift is really affordable and perfectly personalized!

    Also, I work as an Executive Assistant at a large firm, and enjoy getting the other assistants small gifts at the holidays (but who can afford expensive gifts for everyone in their lives?!). Crate and Barrel makes mini tins of hot chocolate that are adorable in their own packaging and are only a few dollars (last year I even caught them on sale for 1/2 off, so they were $2 a piece!). Its a great way to let someone know you appreciate them without breaking the bank. Also perfect for stocking stuffers! πŸ™‚

    Happy Christmas Ladies!

    • 158.1
      Beth Moss says:

      Lindsey ~
      I loved your idea as we are doing the same with the pre-loaded picture frame for our son serving in the Air Force. Just want him to have a rotating group of pictures to remind him we are all with him in spirit. The great part is we can keep adding to it to keep him updated on things he can’t be a part of.
      Wishing you a wonderful holiday,

  9. 159

    Oh I have a great idea!!! This is mostly for the females but LOVE this gift. Punjammies. International Princess sells the most darling pajamas you’ve ever seen, all the while giving lovely women who have been previously enslaved in prostitution a new way of life… and ultimately hope and dignity. So really, when you purchase one of these products, you’re giving gifts all around. That’s a win-win! You can find more information and shop for gifts at their website,

  10. 160
    Dianne says:

    I have read great reviews for the Crayola Crayon Maker so I got one for each of our children’s families as the grandchildren can share this. The cost was $20 at Wal-mart compared to $58 on Amazon.

    I would love some ideas on a short devotional book that my darling daughter-in-law requested. She knew that sounded ‘bad’ but was honest in saying that she just needed something quick at this time in her life.

    • 160.1
      christina says:

      Holley Gerth has a new 40-day devotional called _God’s Heart for You_. Each day she looks at a different word from Scripture expressing some aspect of God’s regard for us (chosen, beloved, etc.). Holley is such an encourager that her writings feel like sitting down for coffee with a friend. Dayspring offers companion products like coffee mugs and a perpetual calendar, too.

    • 160.2
      Kristi says:

      When I had babies I enjoyed “15 Minutes With God” by Emilie Barnes. I frequently give this as a gift to new moms. With my third I thoroughly enjoyed Beth Moore’s “Whispers of Hope”.

      • Debbie says:

        I love the book 15 minutes alone with God,also! I bought it for my daughter and my daughter-in-law. This is another devotional book that also spoke to me on a daily basis! Love it!

    • 160.3
      Angela J says:

      Dianne… a great devotional book is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It is a daily devotional that takes only a few minutes to read each day. It has scripture references that you can look up & this book really speaks to you! It really is amazing! Also, if she has a smartphone such as Android or iPhone there is an app that can be downloaded & she will have it at the touch of a finger. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas.

    • 160.4
      Rebecca says:


      I know some others have suggested this one but Jesus Calling is excellent. I am in the same boat as your daughter in law needing something short (3 under the age of 2) but need a devotional and this one is a short page but really does speak to you – it also includes the scripture references for the times you have longer.

    • 160.5
      Kim Reece says:

      Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby. I purchased mine from Christian Book Distributors and I love it!

  11. 161
    Emmy says:

    I love to make scripture cards and put their names in the scripture…. I usually just use plain index cards and write it out cute… but it is even cuter if you can find the round or square scalloped index cards! Then I usually laminate them.

    I have also gotten pretty blank journals and put a personalized scripture at the top of every page.

    Everyone always loves them!

    *It does take time… but OH how it refreshes your soul writing them out… you get a present too! πŸ™‚

    • 161.1
      pauline richardson says:

      I love this idea! Inspiring!!

    • 161.2
      Lisa of the Letter says:

      Great idea!!

    • 161.3
      Lauren says:

      Awesome idea!

    • 161.4
      Michele says:

      That is similar to my idea. This year I wrote out several of my favorite verses (one verse per page)on pretty paper and then decorated and signed our family name. Then I purchased some frames from the dollar store! It does take a little time, but I think the word is a precious gift for Christmas!

    • 161.5
      CJ says:

      How creative and original….I love this idea!! Bible teachers are always telling their students to make scripture personal…you are doing it for yourself as well as the one you give it to! This is absolutely clever and I bet very well accepted because of the personal touch!!
      Thanks for the idea!

    • 161.6
      Jenn says:

      What an amazing idea! I am super broke this year but I am so gonna use the index card idea. Nothing greater to give than the Word of God. What a blessing.

      Thank you!

  12. 162
    Janet from FL says:

    I got some good gifts from Stash Tea. They have gift sets and tea Samplers. Some are on sale. They had free shipping when I was online, so I could send gifts directly to people with no extra cost for shipping.

    Also Shutterfly has great gifts at 40% off and free shipping. You upload whatever picture you want on the cup or calendar, etc. What grandparent wouldn’t love a calendar with pictures of the grandkids?!

    I love free shipping deals!

  13. 163
    Anna Kristina says:

    I just delivered gifts with another mom yesterday to our children’s elementary school. Instead of “two turtle doves” from the 12 days of Christmas song, we took boxes of “turtle” candies and bags of “dove” chocolate promises (bite size). Don’t forget the cafeteria ladies and the custodians!

  14. 164

    I have one word. COSTCO. Love that place.
    Merry Christmas to the best online gal pals ever!!!


  15. 165
    Dawn says:

    Anything from the ABC catalog. They have some nice things at great prices. Check them out online at abcdistributing.com!

  16. 166
    gene says:

    A bit old fashioned but my mom gives everyone a recycle grocery bag filled with sweet potatoes, bags of pecans or walnuts, dried fruit, etc. We all love it! Probably $5-$10 each bag.

  17. 167
    christina says:

    My favorite gift to give this year has been the book _One Thousand Gifts_ by Ann Voskamp. I’ve already given it to most everyone before Christmas; it’s that good. Lots of places have it on sale at good prices, and Amazon does sell it in ebook form.

    • 167.1
      Linda says:

      I read this book this summer & was so moved & changed by it that I bought 6 copies to give out to my friends. I stuck little post-it notes throughout telling them that they were one of my gifts from God. (I purposely didn’t write a note in the book like I usually do.) They have since done the same thing and passed the book on to their girlfriends. It is definitely a great gift idea.

  18. 168
    Kim B. in AZ says:

    I have found some amazing deals this year. With three kids in college the preachers family does not have much in the budget so I was very excited. I found a jacket for 29$, I had a $10 off coupon so I got a normally $78 one for 19.00 at Kohls. Then I got 2 dress shirts with ties at JCPenny’s for $20 each. They are nice quality and are normal $50. I got a feasta ware plater for less than $20. Kohls again. I also got Catch Phrase for $15. This I got a Target.

    A good idea that I have is to get some Crayola window art Crayons and markers, maybe some regular color pencils and paper. You could probally do this in some combination or another for under 10 to 15 dollars. You can get them at Walmart cheaper than most place would have them on sale. Also I saw some Crayola finger paint and crayons for the bath tub. I have given all of these items to my own kids or another child at one time or another and they have all had fun with them.

    So fun. Thanks Beth.

    Oh and like you I have to catch the sales when I am there because I live 2 hours away from the just about anything shopping other than Walmart.

  19. 169
    Lilly says:

    There was a time when a homemade gift was all there was. Then it seems a purchased gift had the most value. Now, I really think, that because we live in such a fast paced society that, “Nothing says lovin like somethin from the oven”. Many years ago, when our 4 children were very small we bundled them all up and took the snow machine out around the neighborhood and delivered homemade goodies. I tried to vary them from year to year. I jarred Alaska cranberry banana jam, made shaped Christmas cookies with the children, pumpkin bread in the mini tins, carmel popcorn, etc. We always sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” as we delivered the gifts, and on some years I included a small Christmas tract. These days, even a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider (or some of the great varieties they have), a bag of coffee from your local area, and movie tickets seem to always be well received. Merry Christmas all. PS Now that I have some greandchildren maybe I should bundle them up…he-he!

  20. 170
    Pat from Kansas says:

    I will be giving CHOCOLATE POPCORN to friends who have everything but I want to love on them anyway.
    I have had people actually follow me and beg for more!!!

    Chocolate Popcorn


    2 bags of popped microwave popcorn
    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup unsalted butter (margarine is not quite as good)
    1/4 cup light corn syrup
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1 cube of Almond bark


    Place the popped popcorn into a large bowl Set aside.
    In a sauce pan, combine the brown sugar, margarine, corn syrup, salt vanilla and almond bark and melt together;stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir in the baking soda.
    Pour syrup over the popcorn in the bowl. Stir with wooden spoons to coat the corn. Store in an airtight container.

  21. 171
    martha says:

    I give my mom a calendar with pictures of her 4 daughters, all the grandkids, and maybe some son-in-law shots as well. I make it on Shutterfly and she always seems to love it, which is wonderful because she is hard to shop for, but loves receiving heart felt gifts.

    • 171.1
      Linda says:

      Every year I buy my best friend & myself the same calendar. Before I send hers to her for Christmas, I write little notes on every month’s page. (I always put a question mark on my birthday. Hehe!) As we jot down appointments, etc. throughout the year, we always know that we are looking at the same scenes. It has become a wonderful tradition.

  22. 172
    Eileen says:

    Cookie mixes in a jar. Flour, sugar, chocolate chips and a holiday ribbon with the instructions, takes care of all the gals at daycare and the babysitters too. You can find all kinds of recipes on line. My kids like to help put them together.
    Merry Christmas

  23. 173
    Jennifer says:

    Not so much a bargain, but the Frango Gourmet Candy at Macy’s make a nice and special treat, espcially the mint ones!! They are gifts under $25.00.

  24. 174
    Amy says:

    I was just reading about these great finds this morning:

    Especially those beautiful necklaces made from Haitian women supporting their families. I love that we can help empower women to support and take care of their families.

  25. 175
    Lisa says:

    Snow ball gun @ Menards for $9.99 on sale. Will shoot a snowball 60 feet! So fun. Merry Christmas

  26. 176
    Connie says:

    Dear Siestas-

    I have to start off by saying this has been a terrible year for our family. I have fibromyalgia and have let it turn me into a flat out stinkin’ little brat. I have wasted many days in bed having pity parties of my own and have not taken the time to enjoy my man nor my three wonderful kids daughter 21, daughter 18, and son almost 14.

    Now I know fibromyalgia stinks and that it is something that can suck the life right out of you but I was buying me some lies of that stinkin’ old enemy and not remembering who I am in Christ. Just being a mean ole junk yard dog – skipping church, doing less than I could and appreciating nothing anyone did.

    Anyway, this is not a bargain but this is what I am giving each of my kids. I am giving them a picture of Jesus with a letter inside that gives them the specifics of what wonderful people they are and tells them that this is the new picture of their mama – I am gonna put a picture of me behind it somehow. And that every day as I stand in the strength of the Holy Spirit and live to be like our Savior it is gonna be the “Christ in me – the hope of Glory” that is there for them even when things are tough.

    Okay – enough said – I wish I was a fashionista – my daughters would love those boots!

    • 176.1
      KMom says:

      Well that made me cry…what a beautiful way to show them you mean business. Inspiring!

    • 176.2
      Michelle says:

      Hi Connie,

      You post intrigued me because I too have Fibromyalgia. It has really flared up this past year. I saw my Rheumatolgist who suggested I see a Dr that specializing in pain management for fibromyalgia patients. Wow, I wish I had gone to him sooner. He has helped me get quality sleep. He also has me on mega doses of prescription Vitamin D. It is a miracle. I have not had this much energy in years. I go flying around the house organizing, cleaning, etc things left undone for so long!! Above all the most important thing I did this year was to take on the Scripture memory challenge. It has changed my mind and my life πŸ™‚ I would challenge you to do it (if you have not done already) πŸ™‚

    • 176.3
      wanda says:

      I understand the rotten dynamics of Fibro! πŸ™ It can zap you of a well-lived life.
      Praying you feel great for your blessings are many!

      Thanking God for my own family who lets me rest when I need it most!

  27. 177
    Tiffany says:

    Love the boots!! Not bad for $19.99. πŸ™‚
    This year I seem to be doing a lot of personalized photo gifts. I have an account with Kodak gallery online & they had a Cyber Monday special, so I ended up getting some ornaments & notepads for my best friend & her mom with pictures of their cats on it. They have 10 altogether & lost 3 of them within the past year, so I wanted to something special for them. Then I did a mousepad for my mom with her kitties on it, so she’d have a cool item to use at work. I’m also getting ready to do some more ornaments for my grandmother & her sister with pictures of them with their husbands. I lost both of them within a year or so of each other. So I thought they would also enjoy them. πŸ™‚

  28. 178
    Trina says:

    Kirklands has a set of party-type cups with initials for $3.99. Really elegant looking and sturdier than Solo cups. Great teacher gifts!! Also, huge shutterfly fan – right now they are selling calendars and photo books the cheapest of the year. I usually wait until now to order those for grandparents (flip calendar for about $13!)

  29. 179
    Nancy says:

    Every December I make a small photo book on Shutterfly that has pictures of our family from that year. Shutterfly regularly puts their books on sale, and I order when they’re buy one, get the rest 50% off. I order a copy for all the grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, and it ends up being a VERY affordable gift.

    Also, two years ago my aunt got each of my kids electronic money jars (just saw them at Gordman’s for $5.99) and a roll of nickels ($1). They were in heaven, and I admired her clever idea.

  30. 180
    Cindy says:

    A friend of mine, Mary Neal, an orthopedic surgeon residing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has just published a book about her near death experience. The name of the book is, To Heaven and Back. She was interviewed this fall on the Dr. Oz show. It has a great message and is an amazing story. I have purchased several for family members. It is available on Amazon and may also be found in Family Christian Book Stores.

  31. 181
    Lynne Jones says:

    If there is a TJMaxx or Marshalls near you, check them out. Designer shoes and boots for $39 or $49. Designer wallets for less than $20. Gorgeous scarves, scented soaps, designer mens shirts (I’m talking Ralph Lauren for $39) plus great assortment of picture frames and holiday tableware. I admit I’m addicted. Merry Christmas!

    Also, my gift choices also include Beth Moore CD’s and books from Family Christian Bookstore who had a 30% coupon this week.

  32. 182
    Anne says:

    I’ll throw this out for anyone like me who is single and childless, but with nieces or nephews to buy for. I used to be a children’s librarian, and you can’t go wrong with books or videos about animals. Barnes & Noble publishes hardback non-fiction books on animals that are usually very reasonably priced at their stores. Fiction with animals is also popular.

  33. 183
    Brenda says:

    For the bakers in your families and friends…A great deal is the Christmas Southern Living Recipe Book…sold at Dillard’s at each cash register for $10. A beautiful recipe book and yummy recipes! I give these to my walking buddies each year!
    A Merry and Blessed Christmas to my sisters in Christ… may
    you be a touch of Jesus to someone this very week.

  34. 184
    Linda says:

    For older people, stamps and lined stationary are good. They can keep in touch without having to go out for stamps. I have also given a bag of grocery items(flour, sugar,vegetable oil,vanilla,etc) for older ladies who like to bake. Also gift cards to their nearest grocery store works too. Sometimes their social security does not make it to the end of the month and the extra grocery money helps. As you can tell, I have a soft spot for older people.
    Merry Christmas!

    • 184.1
      Lynn says:

      Bless you Linda, for this suggestion. So many elderly people (and not so elderly too) could really use a gift card to the grocery store. My great-aunt, who lived well into her 90’s, received more than a few useless gifts each Christmas. She was very gracious to the givers and never in any way indicated that their gifts were not practical. People often gave her boxes of candy containing nuts, which she couldn’t eat due to her dentures.

  35. 185
    Vickie Casey says:

    My college student daughter is making these for all her friends these DELICIOUS truffles. http://www.anoccasionalchocolate.com/easy-truffle-recipe.html
    Had them at a party and the person who made them said they are very easy and they were truly wonderful tasting and completely decadent!

  36. 186
    Brenda says:

    My very favorite heart-felt gift to give & receive is a love letter from the heart… to & from my husband, children, grandchildren, moms & dads, brothers, sisters,aunts & uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends, mentors, etc. . .

    Doesn’t cost a dime, yet worth more than a million to the recipient! It does not take long…just sit and reflect on what value that person has in your life. Ask the Lord what He would have you say…

  37. 187
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Oh Yay! I’m so excited to see what Smart Gift Giving Siestas have to share – because this is usually such a struggle for me to know what to buy. Too often I run around and just grab at almost anything so there will be something under the tree to be unwrapped. And by March, I’m marching out the door with bags full of silly S.T.U.F.F. to give to the Goodwill. All I really want to buy for the folks on my list are gift cards to bookstores – since that’s what I most want. : )

    (also – not to try anyone’s patience on this blog – but my girlfriends aren’t picking up their phones right now – I have to tell someone this – we’ve been in the middle of a major kitchen remodel the past month – so the painter is here today – and I went with a dark brownish/taupe on most of the wall space – but on one end I wanted to shake it up – so I chose a deep, bright aqua – just to have a little “pop” – well, I just went into the kitchen and realized the painter misunderstood and has painted 2/3 of my kitchen the aqua. It looks like an aquarium in there. As we speak he’s currently repainting it the right color – whew. Scary). (Thanks for listening to that little Siesta Tale of Averted Woe).

    Merry, merry all ~ Warm in Alaska.

    • 187.1
      FloridaLizzie says:

      Thanks for that Decorating Disaster story! That was funny. So glad your painter is fixing it fast.

  38. 188
    Mary says:

    I’m a bargain shopper and I LOVE it when I can buy a product that truly make a difference. I found FreeSet bags at the Lifeway DotMom conference and fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love with them. Every bag is made by a woman in Calcutta — most come out of the sex trade. There’s no middle man — you are buying directly from the org that employs these women (they also teach them to read along with loads of other life skills). and the bags are CUTE! And only $15! http://freesetglobal.com/stock-bags.html

  39. 189
    Lee Ann says:

    Every year, I give my family some sort of home made journal or letter or something where I have written them prayers, encouragement or something like that. This year, I am in the midst of studying (and trying to memorize) James. SO…… I am using manilla paper and gluing pretty fabric to the outside and making booklets with a binding of yarn….hard to picture I know. Anyway, inside the handmade journal I am writing out the book of James by hand. My hope is they will truly know how valuable God’s Word is! Definately NOT something we can do for just anyone, but definately a bargain!

  40. 190
    Patti says:

    I found a really cool deal at Target. They have sweaters on sale for $8.99 (thru Sat.) and you can print a coupon from their website (target.com/coupons) for $4.00 off any woman’s sweater. I bought one yesterday (using the coupon of course -lol). Final price is $4.99 and it really is a very comfortable sweater.

    Patti, Kissimmee, FL

  41. 191

    Beth, I got the girls “My Pillow Pets” from Amazon.com for under $20 each. They are $30 in the mall. I’m sure you can find them cheaper, but I saved $20. Got free shipping from Amazon, too (when I spent over $25). Kids love these!

  42. 192
    Molly (Siesta OC) says:

    Ok –

    For Men/Women:

    Andrew Peterson’s CD “Counting stars
    Travis Cottrell’s CD “When the stars burn down”
    Music Inspired by the Story (Incredible CD)
    Salt water taffy ( Takes longer to eat – so it lasts) TJ’S has Peppermint Taffy…nuff said!
    Women – infinity scarf…14.99 @ Target
    A Beautiful ornament always is nice (Check Pier 1)

    For teens:

    Jesus Calling for Kids (I am NOT EVEN KIDDING – this could go in the adult pile, its simple, but we need simple)
    Crazy Love by Francis Chan (I bought this for my 15 yr. nephew)

    For kids:

    Puzzles – always
    Yahtzee (always a fav)

  43. 193

    Oh, one more thing … a subscription to WMU’s Missions Mosaic! It’s not a gift you can hand them, but you could make a gift card showing what you purchased for them … and it’s a gift they receive all year long. Also,it is a way to support IMB and NAMB missionaries,as well. http://www.wmustore.com/product.asp?sku=MO

    I ordered this for my mom for Christmas(I write for them from time to time … so it’s extra special to my momma). I have a cover story in February’s issue … and was able to include one of our very own Siesta’s in it … so check it out!

  44. 194
    Michele says:

    I found some Travis’ cds on CBD.com for 5 dollars!!!
    I also love giving kids Holly Hobbie’s Christmas books of Toot and Puddle. They are so cute!

    Also, Myra (our wonder-dog) and I are making paw print ornaments for people this year :0)

    • 194.1
      Julie says:

      Thanks for the tip! Got some Travis CD’s plus a whole lot more. There were amazing deals on books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. This post is saving me!!!!

  45. 195
    Tiffany says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments, but have seen several mentioning Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I wholeheartedly agree, and also want to suggest another of her devotionals called Jesus Lives. it is situational, not daily but it has really helped me hear God.

  46. 196
    Karyn says:


    I watched your the video you posted from the past weekend conference. I zoomed in on your boots in the group photo at the end of the video. Glad you posted your bargain find, as I had determined in my mind to find a pair for myself. I am now wearing my size 8.5 pair of boots from Burlington Coat Factor! Such a deal……..

    • 196.1
      Beth says:

      You already got a pair??? I am so tickled!!! So happy!!!! You are the funnest blog community ever.

      • Jenna Berthoud says:

        Lol! When I first hit this blog and saw those boots I thought I was just admiring those sassy lil things on the blooper pics of the Florida conference! Too cute! Love a deal, but a deal on boots…Lord help me!

  47. 197
    Leah Cooksey says:

    JESUS CALLING!! by sarah young
    one of the best daily devotionals ever!

  48. 198
    Beverly says:

    I bought several personalized verse books. I received one as a gift and I love it! There is a verse for each day that begins with the person’s name, as if God is speaking directly to you. Its a wonderful gift. Standard books are only $10 each. Check them out, they’re perfect for anyone. http://www.verse-ability.net/

  49. 199
    Terri says:

    Here is the CUTEST thing! It is fast to personalize, meaningful, and guaranteed to be treasured! These sweet little books are easy to mail, have room for 4×6 photos, are beautiful, and FUN!!! And they are on sale!

  50. 200
    Sharon J. says:

    Wow I need some boots! Liked that bargain…
    “If you’re missing baby Jesus” Jean Gietzen , a true story of a family who showed true Christmas spirit to a single mom and her chilren… for 2-4th grade but I guess I’m there I love that book it’s an annual Christmas read for me and great to give for a gift.around 10 dollars

    I am making carmel corn an easy oven recipe that can be made ahead and kept in an air tight container…for a week or so
    2c. brown sugar 1/2c. light Karo corn syrup
    1c. butter 1tsp salt
    boil for 5 minutes. remove from heat and add:
    1/2tsp.soda 1tsp. vanilla
    Stir until foamy ( about 1 min. or 2). Pour over 6-7 quarts popped corn (I do 6 1/2)I use 2 batches from my air popper. mix until well coated
    Pour into 2 large foil pans (approx.12×18)I like these better than cookie sheets the sides are higher

    Bake @ 250 for 45min to 1hour stirring to coat every 15 min.
    To check take out let cool if its crunchy its done if it’s chewy throw it back in for another 15 minutes
    Place in airtight container (ziplock bag :o) You can put it in decorative cello bags for giving.

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