Simulcast, Anyone?? Your Mama Needs to Know

Hey, Siestas! Just a quick update to let you know that each of the ten scholarship tickets are now gone for the Lubbock location where it will be live. We would encourage you to click on the link below to see if you’re still able to join another simulcast location near you. Thank you so much!

Hey, you darling things! I’m just dying to know if any of you are participating in the Living Proof Live simulcast this coming Saturday. (Sept. 10th) God has made you such a huge part of this ministry and given me so much love for you that I wonder if you’re out there every time I serve on the road. Somehow (God alone knows how) you lend a very personal touch, giving me the sense of a close sisterhood even among many unfamiliar faces in that group of participants. It’s that feeling only God can bring where you feel loved and accepted even in all your quirks and mistakes.

SO, are any of you going? (If you don’t know anything about it, see the link at the bottom of this post to check on whether or not a host site is in your area. If so, please contact that location directly about available seating. We’d love to have as many Siestas as possible!) If you’re going, you’ll see three questions in the next paragraph that I’d love for you to answer. First, let me give you a few stats so that you’ll know what’s up. To God’s glory and purpose, there are 731 host locations in all this year. They are sprinkled throughout 48 of our 50 States and – are you ready for this??? – a whopping 31 of those 731 host locations are in CANADA! We were flabbergasted! So grateful to God. We also have host sites in 10 other countries. I’ll share those on Saturday. In addition, our gracious God is granting us the privilege of serving 3 military bases (so dear to this Army brat) and one women’s prison. I am without words to convey what the latter means to me. Many of us women know what it’s like to be imprisoned to something we feel we cannot escape. We are overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden (and grateful, prayerful, mindful) at the prospect of serving this large and very diversified group on Saturday. Our only hope is to be crucified to our own flesh and alive in Christ. Our competency is in Him. We gladly esteem every participant in the presence of Christ as better than ourselves. God alone can accomplish the task we have before us but He did not stir the whole concept up just to pull a no-show. He promises that He will be found by every person who sincerely seeks Him. Siestas, if you have ever prayed for us, pray for us now! We are trusting Jesus with everything in us to minister personally to each of those lives. We are pleading with Him for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Now, for those three questions! The insight you bring me is always gold. If you are participating in the simulcast, would you tell me …
*Your 1st Name?
*The location where you’ll be attending?
*ONE of the biggest things in your life right now? (Please just ONE and please make your description very succinct or I’ll never be able to read all of them. I want so much to look through them to gain insight toward our group on Saturday.)

Siestas, may I ask your sweet understanding and cooperation in limiting our comments to this post just to the ones attending the simulcast this weekend? You know I hate to do that but it will help immensely as I look through the comments to begin formulating a composite of the group on Saturday. Thank you so much!

P.S.  Be sure to hop on the blog tomorrow because I have someone really wonderful I want to introduce to you. You will know her WELL by this time next year!

I’m nuts about you.

Now, here’s that link in case you want to check on the nearest host site. Click Here: Simulcast Host Locations


P.P.S.  For any Siestas near Lubbock, where the live Simulcast site will be this Saturday, we are humbled to be able to offer ten scholarship tickets to those that would love to join us but just cannot afford a ticket at this time.  Call and ask for Kimberly or Susan at 1-888-700-1999.



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  1. 501
    Brenda says:

    #1 – Brenda

    #2 – First Baptist of North Vernon, IN

    #3 – seeking guidance and focus in ministry

  2. 502
    Bobbi lynn Miller says:

    My name is BobbiLynn ,
    My daughter and I will be attending the simulcast in
    Klamath Falls, OR. {We are soooo excited ! }

    Moment by moment learning to trust God to provide for us
    when our situation seems so hopeless ….

  3. 503
    Michelle says:

    Though I’m not going to be part of a simulcast, I’ll be part of those making the pilgrimage to be a part of the worship partayy!! Can’t wait to be amongst my sisters and worship our King. What an amazing weekend to have a spiritual retreat and love on our Daddy! Holy Spirit will be amongst us all, near and far. I can’t wait to find out what he has in store!
    It’s a celebration!

  4. 504
    Jennifer says:

    Lubbock, TX
    Yeah!!! I get to go see it live this year 🙂

    My sisters husband (they have been married 21 years) told my family he never wants to see us again (a long story) but trying to love in spite of the massive hurt and she is not standing up for us. Truth in love keeps coming to my mind – Praise God she and my mom are going to be with me this weekend! Hoping for healing…

    • 504.1
      Michelle says:

      I’ll be there at the worship event as well. Sending love your way. AND massive prayers in Jesus, my sister. Praying the Lord has sweet arms to wrap around you this weekend.

  5. 505
    Pam says:

    Field Street Baptist Church, Cleburne, TX
    I’m in the middle of your 90 day Paul study and attended the Women of Faith conference in Dallas, TX. God is teaching me how to trust change when it doesn’t seem right. I’m excited to hear what He will say through you this Sat. I’m nuts about you too.

  6. 506
    Lora Dalton says:

    I am Lora, attending the simulcast in Lee’s Summit Missouri, the one big thing in my life right now is improving my marriage.

  7. 507
    Amy says:

    My name is Amy and we are In the process of adopting a newborn baby. Just waiting to be matched!

  8. 508
    Maria Morris says:


    Lubbock, Texas

    Besides my greatest blessing from God, my 16yr old son. The other biggest thing in my life right now is attempting to find the courage and the strength to facilitate a DivorceCare group in our church.

  9. 509
    Jeanne says:

    Jeanne attending simulcast at Copper Pointe Church in Albuquerque, NM
    “Big Thing”: A call to unceasing prayer and worship–a community of us feel called to step out into the world with deep prayer and worship–in a less than traditional way. Have been in touch with people internationally who are feeling the same call. Waiting and watching to see what God will do!

  10. 510
    Becky says:


    Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN

    My biggest struggle right now is remembering that Christ defines my worth- not the world or anyone in the world. Trying to let the love of Christ seep into every part of me. He is sufficient. He sustains. Why look anywhere else?

    Can’t wait to hear from you, Beth! 🙂

  11. 511
    Pam Roth says:

    Pam Roth

    Attending at Wesley United Methodist Church in Bryan OH

    Celebrating the birth of our 5th grandchild, Avery Kay Brownlee born Aug. 26th and thanking God for her healthy birth. So blessed to be able to witness her birth and stay in Columbus OH to help out with our daughter & her family & 2-yr. old son. God is so good – all of the time, God is good!!! Awesome God & looking forward to His Words through Beth this Saturday at the simulcast! God bless you, Beth, for your ministry to us!

  12. 512
    Corie says:


    I will be attending from Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Ar.

    Honestly the biggest thing in my life as of right now is dealing with people too caught up in “their religion” be “the right” religion to be. Did that just make sense? Why can’t we all just be who we are which would be children of God? I personally LOVE people, and love fellowshipping, and worshipping with anybody and everybody whose as in love with our Father as I am!! Wheww I feel better thanks!!

    Love you Siesta Mama, CANNOT wait til Saturday!! eeeeeeee:-)

  13. 513
    Julianne says:

    Orangeville Baptist Church, Orangeville, ON Canada
    My father in law is in palliative care and may die this week. I am the simulcast coordinator for our church, hoping I can attend and trusting God with all the details. Been a very difficult week -the battle is raging on many fronts yet God in his goodness has been very present and even surprising! Thankful.

  14. 514
    Celeste says:

    My name is Celeste and I’ll be attending in Farmingdale, NY
    ONE of the biggest things in my life right now – I have recently become painfully embarrassed to speak up in business & church meetings for no explainable reason. My face flushes & I sometimes become tongue tied. What is God bringing about through this phenomenon which never used to happen to me?

  15. 515
    Stephanie says:

    Attending at Christ’s Church of Oronogo Oronogo, MO (outside of Joplin)

    Biggest issue right now is spiritual battles w/fear, kids, etc.

  16. 516
    Jenny says:

    Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh, NC

    Being Content where the Lord has me and waiting patiently for Him

  17. 517
    Jennie says:

    Wilmore, Kentucky

    A big thing in my life is my husband starting back to seminary, being pregnant and staying home with an almost 2 year old.

  18. 518
    Linda Bueltel says:


    Hill Country Fellowship
    Burnet, TX

    I went to Uganda on a mission trip last June. I am seeking God’s guideance in the next step He wants me to take to help these dear sweet children and their families.

  19. 519
    Berni says:

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Grieving the loss of my mom to pancreatic cancer (8 months ago) at the same time I face my 50th birthday in a few weeks.

  20. 520
    Jill says:

    My name is Jill Byard

    Harbor Light Community Chapel in Harbor Springs, Michigan

    Biggest Thing: Learning to live my life without my guy. He left for heaven on our oldest daughter’s 16th birthday.

  21. 521
    Cathie Byers says:

    Anastasia Baptist Church in St Augustine Florida

    The new stage in my life (40’s) is a little overwhelming right now.. Still single after being divorced 16 yrs and now my daughter is in college.. Finding out what God wants for me to do and trying not to feel so alone at times!

  22. 522
    Irene Talaasen says:

    My name is Irene and will be attending in Colorado Springs! My new and first grandson!! He is two and adorable.

  23. 523
    Mirra says:

    Largo, FL

  24. 524
    Kathy says:

    Kathy: Attending Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, AR.

    Wanting to feel a deeper connection to Jesus in the midst of “dailyness” of life.

  25. 525
    Christy says:

    Roanoke, VA
    Raising a special needs child.

  26. 526
    Heather says:

    Attending in Richland, WA at Bethel Church. God’s given me the gift of time this school year, and I’m seeking to know how best to love on His children with that extra time.

  27. 527
    Anita Siecker says:

    Anita, (from Purcellville, VA)

    Attending simulcast at:
    Greenway Spirit & Word Fellowship
    Stephens City, VA

    I am a 40-year-old homeschooling mom of 3 great children (ages 10,10,& 13), and have suffered with major depression & anxiety for 7 years now without seeming to make “progress”.

  28. 528
    Terrisu Mann says:

    Will be with the group in Lubbock experiencing it all live.
    Can’t wait…Prayers for all who attend, live or simulcast, have you noticed how God is united this country that day???

  29. 529
    Lacey says:

    My name is Lacey, and I’ll be attending the simulcast at Lake Ann Baptist Camp in Lake Ann, MI (near Traverse City).

    I’m just a busy, tired homeschooling mama of four littles who needs some encouragement to keep on keeping on. I’m looking forward to Saturday!

  30. 530
    Edie says:

    my name is Edie ( smile )
    I will be at Christfellowship in Palm Beach Gardens Florida ( my very first time )

    I’m at a cross road with my marriage – letting God guide me because I am excausted.

  31. 531
    Vonda Morga says:

    Waterford, MI
    I am having a test for possible thyroid cancer this friday. God is good…all the time.

  32. 532
    Pamela says:

    Lubbock, TX!!! I’am blessed!!

    I thirst to know more about GOD! My marriage, and two chrildren(3 1/2,and 2yr old).

  33. 533
    Connie says:


    Attending Simulcast at Midway Baptist Church in Jena, LA

    One of the biggest things in my life at this moment is trying to help a loved one with a huge problem. I have so many different feelings right now, loving them, being angry at them for getting themself into this mess, and frustration over the whole issue. Life is not always good, but my God is.

  34. 534
    Sandy Hartley says:

    Sandy, simulcast Merlin, OR – seeking Christ with my husband Lloyd and 7 & 3 year old sons (Stephen & Michael) first and foremost, while gently reaching out to extended family who aren’t focused on Him, without overextending our limited and treasured family time and balance.

  35. 535
    Lisa says:

    Greetings. I will be attending the simulcast at Mtn. Chapel UMC in Vestavia, AL. This is our first time to host an event and our Women’s Ministry is so excited to see what blessings will be coming from this! I am praying for God to help me with my daughter. Dealing with more than your usual teenage struggles with her.

  36. 536
    Lori Young says:

    On the steering committee for our church in Minnesota! We are so excited and God has paved the way for us in every aspect! Women connecting, encouraging each other! And the day with Beth! We’ve been praying for you as well!

  37. 537
    Terri says:

    Terri attending at Mission Community Church in Mesa, AZ

    The 2 biggest things in my life right now are my newborn twin boy grandchildren.

  38. 538
    Michele Bone says:

    Michele, simulcast Hebron Baptist (Metro Atl. area)
    Waiting on God to reveal Himself to me about this stirring He has placed in my heart…..He has brought me through many difficult days over the last 10 years…well actually He has been working it my whole life. I am ready to listen and follow. Trying to be still.

  39. 539
    Linda says:

    Attending simulcast at Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC
    Biggest thing in my life now: Awaiting (so excited!) the arrival of my first grandchild, a boy, December 2011. A true redemption story for a former “pit dweller”!!!!

  40. 540
    Linda says:

    Attending @ 1st Baptist Richmond, Missouri with my best friend Sue, (actually more like a sister), from grade school.
    Biggest thing in my life right now – Coping with my husband’s diagnosis and treatment of an incurable brain disease (PSP). It’s hard to see the Love of your life deteriorate. Life is so unfair, but our trust is in the Lord.

  41. 541
    Val says:

    Valerie: Bismarck, ND

    Biggest Thing right now: I have a new supervisor and things are not going well with her. Praying for strength to confront her about a situation and stand firm in who I am in Christ.

  42. 542
    Lori says:

    Redeemer Church, Hamilton, OH

    • 542.1
      Lori says:

      Redeemer Church, Hamilton, OHIO
      Biggest thing is I’m so thrilled to find Pandora on my cell and listen to christian music whenever I can. I treat it like an ipod.

  43. 543
    Karen says:

    Can’t wait to see you LIVE in Lubbock. Attending with a group of girlfriends from church. We are currently studying Paul and as our church is growing (bursting at the seams) we are praying that we have more hearts stirred to step up an serveour great God! It is a need that is huge with a church that is getting larger every week.

  44. 544
    Tiffany says:

    My name is Tiffany and I am attending in Simpsonville South Carolina. I am 30 years old with a fantastic husband and two girls 10 and 12 years old. I am trying so desperatly to be the wife and mother God has called me to be. Some days are so tough as we navigate the path my daughters are on to being young women of God!

  45. 545
    Eileen says:

    Attending: Sarasota Baptist Church, Sarasota, Florida

    God has taken this prodigal daughter back over and over and over… I just want Jesus! Relationship, I get it now…

  46. 546
    Erica says:


    Attending simulcast at Gum Branch Baptist Church, Hinesville, Georgia

    Praying for balance –

    So looking forward to Saturday!!! Thank you Beth for all you do!

  47. 547
    Ann says:

    My name is Ann. I’ll be attending at the Lubbock site! (Yea!)
    The biggest thing I’m dealing with right now is the upcoming retirement of my husband & I from 40 years of local church ministry. More especially, for the last 18 years of our ministry, my husband has been the senior pastor of a church we planted and love. We feel God is leading us to sell our home, and live full time in a 5th Wheel, and do “mobile ministry.” We’re not exactly sure what that will look like but know God will show us.

  48. 548
    Penney says:


    Attending the simulcast at the Family Christian Center in Presque Isle, Maine (if the LORD wills)

    My 63 year old mother unexpectedly left us for Heaven on August 27th (a week and a half ago). She had been living in an in-law apartment in our home for the past three years, and I am the one who found her body. ALL the other “big” things (including pursuit of a domestic adoption and trying to sell our house in order to be closer to our jobs and our church) are on the back burner as our family tries to navigate through the grief and shock….

  49. 549
    Conné says:

    Conne, attending at Copperpoint Church, Albuquerque, NM – driving 3 hours to get there. “Big thing” – Hungry to hear from God on the direction for my life – moving forward and starting over (3 years after husband walked out) Slow learner?

  50. 550
    Deneen says:

    Deneen Monroe, LA

    My sister and I are traveling 10 hours to Lubbock to be in the live audience. Birthday present to me from my sweet sister and I am “happier than a bird with a french fry.”

    I was thinking this morning I wanted to send a message to Beth about this Saturday. She may never see it but on the chance she would I was going to comment somewhere. And what do you know-the Lord provides.

    So, on to the message: Bring it. Break me. I want to walk in the knowledge that I am in God’s will. I want to be filled with such passion and desire for Him. I want to live a life worth being followed.

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