Siestas For Alabama

Darling Ones, I just want to let you know that this very day several checks will go in the mail to Alabama from Living Proof Ministries in your honor and including your giving. Our hearts would have gone out to all those hurt and devastated by the tornadoes anyway because the love and mercy of God dwells in us through His Spirit. The fact that we have very active Siestas in Alabama who have been with us nearly from the start of this community and who live in areas hard hit makes it even more personal to us. (Boomama and The Preacher’s Wife are two of many. I nearly threw up as I watched the news and could see that the storms were right on top of them.) So please know today that $10,000 from the Siesta Scholarship Fund plus additional dollars from LPM will take wings and fly to Alabama this day in the great and saving name of Jesus Christ.

Your love and your commitment to Him make a difference in this hurting world. Never doubt it.

PS. I’m going to try to comprise a running list of our Alabama Siestas (just means sisters, not club members) throughout the day. We’ve heard from many of you but didn’t think to take down names at that point in the fury. If you live in Alabama, will you please tell us in a comment to this post? We’d like to recognize you either by blogger name or personal name. I’ll be adding to it as the day goes on.

Some of Our Beloved Alabama Girls (forgive us if some of you got reflected on here twice as we compile the list from several different sources): We love you and we’re thinking of you…
Sophie – “Boomama”
Lisa – “A Preacher’s Wife”
Robyn – “3girlsmom” (
Jenny Hope Williams
Amy Daugherty
Rebecca Olson
Cathy Davis
Jessica (
Shannon Roe (in Tuscaloosa!)
Elise Pratt
Mary R. Snyder (
Kathryn Champion (
Jamie B. (
Kay Porter Archer (
Tressa McQueen
Brandi Bryant
Charity Washburn
Rachel (@objectivityrach)
Dedra Herod
Tammy Isbell (@greekgrits – lives in Tuscaloosa – hit HARD)
Valerie (@valeriegail)
Lora Lynn Fanning
Karla Archer
Paige (@pollypepRN)
Cynthia Miller
Julie Reynolds @ginsamica
Jamey (
Diane Bailey (
Kim L.
Amy (
Jill in AL (
Tammy Jones
Allison Burleson
Marilyn Yarbrough
Julie K (
Tanya in Alabama
Heather Joy
Kristina Nicole
Michele Adcock
Volleyball Ginger
Jenny Howle
Donna Benjamin
Stephanie Billings-ArmyReserveWife
Melanie Henderson
Bridgett Junkin
Kristen Love…in Tuscaloosa is running the City of Tuscaloosa’s aid center!!
Beth Mince
Erin Beasley
Ann B
Laura Forman
Kimberly G Mason
Celia J. (
Natalie Johnson
Robin Ford
Amy From Huntsville, AL
Ginny Bass (
Tanya McCalpin
Mandy P…in Tuscaloosa
Mindy S
Rachel H
Nikol Whitten (
Adrianna Anderson
Becky B.
Carol a.k.a Joybreaks
Janice Pitchford
Jennifer from Huntsville, AL (TalesOfAPeanut)
Mary H. (formerly ThirtySomethingMom)
Katie Taylor
Traci StJohn
Leann Ford
Leah Kiker
Donna Benjamin
Marty, Tammy and Teresa
Cynthia Griffin
Shannon Conner
Kathy McDaniel
Lisa Vinyard
Heather Maise
Lisa Saunders
Laura Prater Tuscaloosa, AL
Kristin Johnson
Megan Woodham
Nancy Eckhardt
Heather Battle
Shirley Kurtz (
Angie G.
Tracy Stoffell (
Cara Hoffman
Holley Houlditch
Brea Burelle
Lauren Johnson
R. Davis
Melanie Holmes (KanduGal)
Lisa McGriff
Paige from Alabama
Chrissy Hanscome
Angie Sharp
Terri Lovett
Dedra Herod
Jessica Handley
Kendall Perchinski
Jamie Harper –
Roni Long
ashley e
Lisa Laree
Sarah Christen
Michelle V
Cathy D
Julia (Mor2Life)
Mimi six of AL
Emily Sanderson


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  1. 201
    Kristin Johnson says:

    I live in Jacksonville, Alabama. There are many in our community that have lost everything. We are a rural area, so most of the attention isn’t focused here in NE Alabama. Our area churches have really stepped up and are ministering to these people in incredible ways. It has been very moving to see how God is working through His people.

    Thank you, Living Proof, for also helping those in need in Alabama.

  2. 202
    Annie says:

    I live in North AL–my town was spared of the destruction, but other parts of my county received horrific damage and had a number of deaths. Prayers for them, please, and also for the children who lost family members.

  3. 203
    Megan Woodham says:

    I live in Prattville, Alabama. We were not affected by Wednesday’s storms but know of so many whose friends and family were. My sister lives just minutes away from where one of the tornadoes struck in Birmingham. Thankfully, they were spared and are just fine! Just wanted to say thank you for all Living Proof Ministries is doing to help in the relief efforts. Please continue to pray for Alabamians as we regroup and rebuild!

  4. 204
    Stacy Featherston says:

    My daughter Sarah Grace Featherston is a freshman at Auburn University in Alabama. We are from Searcy, Arkansas but she has come to love Alabama and the many friends that she has that grew up in that state…we are participating together in the memory vereses:)
    Thank you Siestas for praying for them all….

  5. 205
    Renita-Prattville says:

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers towards Alabama. I live in Autauga County but work as a social worker in Elmore County where a tornado destroyed a portion of the town of Eclectic. The devastation is horrific and the families that have been affected by this storm are still in shock. Please continue to pray for all the survivors, the victims and those who have been called in to assist in any way we can. Taking that kind of grief home every night a person can only rely on God to see her through. Love you all…


  6. 206
    Kim Safina says:

    Kim Safina

    Grace and Peace to you from the One who is and was and is coming, and from the seven spirits before his throne, and from Jesus Christ. Jesus is the faithful witness, the first among those raised from the dead. He is the ruler of the kings of the earth.
    He is the One who loves us, who made us free from our sins with the blood of his death. He made us to be a kingdom of priests who serve God his Father. To Jesus Christ be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.
    Revelation 1:4-6 NCV

  7. 207
    Nancy Eckhardt says:

    Our Tuesday night class at Asbury UMC in Madison, AL is studying David right now. We probably will not get to meet this week due to the power outage but as far as we know all our sisters are ok. We thank you for the prayers and the contributions. It is so encouraging to see many volunteers here from the Gulf area, who were so hard hit by Katrina, giving to help us recover. The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.

  8. 208
    Jan Kimball says:

    He who is of a greedy spirit stirs up strife, but he who puts his trust in the Lord shall be enriched and blessed. Prov. 28:25 (Amp.)

  9. 209
    Heather Battle says:

    Heather Battle me nor any of my immediate family had no damage. It is all around us and so very sad, but we are so blessed. I just want to help those in need. I have not helped yet, but I plan to help in some way. Thanks so much for what LPM has done.

  10. 210
    Debbie says:

    Debbie W. Lincoln, Alabama The outpouring of the community, neighbors helping neighbors is wonderful. We do live in a great State I am proud to have called it home all of my life. Please remember Shoal Creek Valley, where there are many Homeschooling families who are even today strong in their faith.

  11. 211
    Hope says:

    I live in Northport, AL (just outside of Tuscaloosa) and want to thank you for your prayers and support. This is truly devastating. But the one thing that is awesome in spite of all the sadness is to see the people of God coming together. There has been so much love and so many donations – of time, food, clothes, baby items, etc. I watched a slideshow someone put together of all the devastation in our area. The slideshow played the song “Praise You in this Storm” and that is exactly what we are doing – Praising Him in this storm. Please continue to pray for everyone affected. There are still people who can not find their children and there is an activity center in town that is housing children who can not find their parents. I just can not imagine how they feel. Thank you again for all that you and LPM do!

  12. 212
    Patty says:

    Lakeport, FL
    But Zion said, “The Lord has forsaken me, and the Lord has forgotten me.”
    Can a woman forget her nursing child, and have no compassion on the son of her womb?
    Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
    Your walls are continually before me. (Is. 49:14-16 NAS)

    (Note: In my Bible some time in the past I had written this:
    “Punishment (discipline) does NOT equal abandonment.”)

  13. 213
    Linda S says:

    Linda S
    McCalla AL
    Thank you so much for your prayers, caring and giving.

  14. 214
    Angie G says:

    Finally have internet access. No destruction at my home (so thankful) but no power aka no computer for soooo long. Now for memory verse.

  15. 215

    Our power was turned on last evening and we are very grateful that we had very minimal damage. Please continue to pray for those in our community that are hurting. It seems like the whole area is still in a state of shock.

  16. 216

    Our thoughts are with those who are in need.

  17. 217
    Amanda says:

    I too live in Alabama. We just got power yesterday as well, but living without power for 5 days is small and trivial compared to the devastation around me. My family lives about 30 miles from me in an area where the death count is now around 35. I want to Praise God in this storm and for his hand on my family. I pray for all the victims, and thank you LPM and Siesta Scholarship for helping our state!
    Amanda in Boaz

  18. 218

    My husband and I live in Mobile, but I have family that live in Birmingham. The company that my husband works for sent a team to help clean up, search for loved ones and really just help where they could. I have only been able to speak to him a few time but he states as bad as the pictures were on TV they don’t really show how bad. He has been able to minister to several people many times by just a hug. Beth and LPM thank you so very much for all you have done during this time.

  19. 219
    Cara Hoffman says:

    I’m in Alabama too! Valley Head. I saw the Tornado from my deck!

  20. 220
    Lindsey says:

    Thanks for your prayers! I live in Birmingham and was in Tuscaloosa. Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I just can’t seem to fathom it.

    Lindsey, Thoughts from A Twenty-Something

  21. 221
    Beth says:

    I live in AL and it is a sad, sad time. A time to renew our faith and strength in our heavenly Father who does all things well. Our family is fine with only a large tree fallen INTO the woods! We praise Him for the protection He gave us and continues to do as well as thanks for the faithful family of God.

  22. 222
    Brea Burelle says:

    As a follower of this community of sisters that does not post very often, I just had to sit down a write a note of gratitude. I was in tears as I read this post. Thank you so much for the money that is on the way here to Alabama. A huge thank you goes out to all the siestas that have given to the scholarship fund and the LPM. There are so many needs here in Alabama and those needs are changing daily. I live in Gardendale, Alabama only about 3 miles where the tornado came across Fultondale. Everyone is my family is fine and we had no property damage. Our only inconvience was no power for about 30 hours, so little suffering compared to what many are experiencing. At time I feel so guilty to be able to walk into my house with so many material possession and comforts, while others are shifting through the rubble trying to fine small tokens of keepsakes, wondering where they are going to live and worrying about family members that have not been able to locate. Please keep all of those affected by the tornados in your prayers especially the first responders and those that have lost family members.

  23. 223
    Holley Houlditch says:

    Thank you. We are studying Revelation at this time. I feel like the bowls of judgement have been spilled on us. God is faithful!

  24. 224
    MS Lover says:

    I love Alabama and I truly feel for them right now. Please also remember that many, many people in Northeast Mississippi (Monroe County, Webster County and Chickasaw County among a number of others) have also had tremendous devastation, loss of homes and belongings and loss of loved ones. We sincerely and lovingly covet your prayers as we begin the rebuilding process. God blesss you all!

  25. 225
    Sarah- KY says:

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

    And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

    This verse has been on my heart and mind for several weeks. Now I know where he is sending me.

    I live in KY, but my brother is getting his MBA from the University of Alabama. He was in the library when the tornado went through and pass 2 miles from his apartment. Both he and his roommate were fine. It is unreal how close I was to losing my baby brother. My heart goes out to those who did lose family and friends.

    I am getting a small group of young adults to go down and help out this weekend. God is working that out and for that I am thankful. Please pray for us as we travel and minister and pray for those we come in contact with.

    Everytime I think of you I lift up a prayer.

  26. 226
    Kathy Doyle says:

    Thank God for what you are doing to help our sisters in Alabama! Thank you for providing the list of names of which I shall keep in prayer. Please keep us posted. If any have a blog or facebook to follow of their daily feats that need prayer or encouragement, please let us know. Their daily journey….who could understand…except God Himself. Bless you!

  27. 227
    Amy says:

    I’m a “puden” that now lives in AL. 😉

    We are in B’ham and totally fine, but please pray that God can use us in a mighty way!

    Thanks ladies!

  28. 228
    Reeder Dulaney says:

    from Auburn, AL

  29. 229
    Cheryl says:

    Cheryl in south Alabama is rallying around her sisters in north Alabama

  30. 230
    lauren johnson says:

    I live in alabama. From enterprise to be exact. I now live in dothan but enterprise is the city that I lived in when the tornado hit the school and destructed so much on march 1, 2007. My mom and I were both traped right in the middle of the tornado. Praise to God we were not harmed. However, I know how a city aches and how scary it is first hand. My heart just hurts so badly for those a little futher north where yall were hit so hard! I LOVE seeing how the people of our state are coming together. Thank you all for praying. I have grown to hate the word tornado in the last few years but God is so good and I see many blessings and provisions and this makes my heart smile. Praying for all those affected. It has been so heavy on my heart!

  31. 231
    R. Davis says:

    Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. We live in the Jackson/Dekalb counties area. So many hurting. So many have lost everything. Please continue praying for all the families.

  32. 232
    KanduGal says:

    Melanie Holmes, Decatur area – The church where we serve in music ministry is in Decatur; we actually live in adjacent town of Trinity.

    We did not receive significant physical damage from the tornadoes on Wednesday. However, severe damage occurred very near to us, in Hillsboro & Tanner. Many lost homes, and some even lost lives. TVA power plant is located north of us, in Limestone County, and there were numerous main power lines and towers damaged there, along with a great deal of devastation. This caused widespread power outages throughout Northern AL. At our house, landline phones came back on Saturday night and electricity finally came back on Sunday. In addition, our cell phone service was in and out from Thursday morning until Saturday. For a few days we were very isolated and only had a battery-operated radio to connect with the outside world. However, this was a mere inconvenience compared to the losses that others have faced. We feel very blessed.

    Our son was to have graduated this coming Saturday from UAHuntsville. Finals were to have started on Thursday, the day after the disaster. The University did not sustain any damage, but they were without power until today, Monday. We helped our son move out today, as they are asking everyone to be out by Thursday. Finals have been rescheduled until two weeks from now, but students may accept the grade they already have and do not have to take them. They will not hold graduation until mid-August. This delay is at first, disappointing, but then seems insignificant compared to the devastation and loss of life at the University in Tuscaloosa. One of our son’s friends was among those who lost their life in the disaster.
    Our daughter attends the University of Mobile, which was unaffected by the storms that day.
    We are so thankful that our children are fine and so sorrowful for those who are dealing with loss of lives instead.
    Thank you all so much for the gifts and prayers for the people of our state!

  33. 233
    Maureen says:

    Maureen, St. Clair Shores, “Be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. (Hebrews 13:5 NIV)

  34. 234
    Denise says:

    I am in Madison Al. The damage is all around but we are fine. Many lives have been lost, many homes lost but the stories of faith coming from this great state are amazing. THANKS LPL for your assistance and thanks blog community for ALL of your prayers.

  35. 235
    Lisa McGriff says:

    Lisa McGriff, Dothan, AL

  36. 236
    Kelly says:

    from Birmingham. Parent’s home was destroyed–but they are safe. Prayers for our state are very much needed.

  37. 237
    Dawn says:

    Dawn, Hamilton, NJ

    Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility conutn others more than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to hi own interest, but also the interests of others. Philippians 2:3, 4 ESV

  38. 238
    cj says:

    As in all events that are life-changing and devastating, this event has brought out the worst and best in human nature. The worst is obvious…the best has been the very best from a community of believers, helpers, organizers, compassionate people. I truly believe the people of Alabama have raised the bar on handling such disasters. It has been encouraging, motivating and joyful to see our community come together and help each other. Several of the stories I have heard have brought “happy” tears to my eyes in the midst of a situation that should bring “sad” tears to my eyes.

    Some may question where God is….I have no question at all about where He has been and continues to be. He has had a presence and continues to show Himself SO faithful in this situation throughout Alabama…as well as other states. Please don’t forget those in other states…they have suffered as well! Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed and power has been out, but the sense of community that has surrounded those in AL has proven yet again that not only is there a GOD, but He is alive and well and just doing His good will. We have been protected in this situation and time…some would argue this, I just can’t because I have seen and heard the little and big things God has provided along the way. To discount His workings is to discount how far we have come in such a short time frame. It is a true miracle that we have come as far as we have in 7 days!!

    Praise God for whom all things come!! 😉
    He is to be praised even in the worst of situations….

    One story in particular to share…..Volunteer workers found a 3 year old boy STILL ALIVE in a cooler. The rescue workers asked the little boy who put him in the cooler. The little boy’s response, “The man with wings”.

    I don’t know about you, but this little 3 year old just shared the love of God with all of us. Talk about a powerful testimony…..

    • 238.1
      Amanda says:

      C.J., where in Alabama did this happen with the 3-year-old? WOW!

    • 238.2
      CJ says:

      Another story from the devastation…came from Harvest, AL…

      Do you believe in angels? A Harvest family whose home was obliterated by one of last week’s deadly tornadoes say they are convinced. 8 year-old Emily says an angel from heaven appeared in her grandmother’s house last week just moments before it was leveled by an EF-4 tornado. Emily and her grandmother, aunt and little brother all took cover in a hallway, praying for life, but expecting the worst. Emily said at that moment the angel appeared just a few feet away from her. “What got my attention was his head, and I was like ‘Who is that?” said Emily. “He was wearing a white shirt with white pants and white tennis shoes. I was like ‘Thank you God for coming,’ and he was like ‘No problem,’. Then he said ‘Don’t worry Emily, I’m holding your grandmother’s house down. You’re not going anywhere.” None of the other family members saw the angel, but said they know for sure that Emily is telling the truth. “My 8 year-old is giving a testimony about God that people really need to listen to,” said Emily’s grandmother. “She’s intelligent, and she heard God speak.” “It’s a miracle,” added Emily’s aunt. “We should be dead right now.” Sheriff’s deputies flooded the area once the twister had passed, and initially ruled the entire family dead after viewing the wreckage from afar. But all four family members emerged from the rubble unharmed, with the only injury a minor foot scratch. The house was ruled a total loss. “You may not believe it, but I do because I saw him with my own eyes,” said Emily. “The last time I saw him I was about to go out the window to get out, and he was like ‘Don’t worry Emily. Anytime you need me, I’m right here.'”

      Who says God doesn’t protect His own in time of need?!

  39. 239
    Paige from Alabama says:

    I live in Cullman,AL & my sister lives in Tuscaloosa. We’re used to stormy weather, but last week takes the prize! Tornadoes ravaged our neighborhoods. At this point, please pray fir specific needs: clean laundry, toothbrushes, socks, and shelter for many. There actually are bright sides to catastrophic events: neighbors getting to know one another, families laughing & working together, prayer, lots & lots of prayer, and the awareness that you are the beneficiary of peace and hope through JESUS. Beth Moore, come see us soon in Alabama! Girl, it is a mess, but also a revival like you have never seen. We’ll find you a stadium if you want one.

    • 239.1
      jess says:

      Paige- we are praying in Auburn for all of you guys! I will pray for the specific needs that you mentioned.

      I also second your invitation for Beth to come to Alabama- and if you need help finding that stadium- you just let me know!!! I think we could certainly fill one up here in Alabama! You guys hang in there- your sisters everywhere are praying for y’all!

  40. 240
    Jeanette Lowry says:

    Psalm 25:20-21

    Guard my life and rescue me; let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you. May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you.

  41. 241
    Deanna says:

    We did not have damage in Maytown, but our church is 4 miles away in Pleasant Grove. That area is devastated, our church was not damaged, but many of our members lost homes. Thank you for caring and praying for all of those affected.
    Deanna, Maytown AL

  42. 242
    Rebecca Holmes says:

    Rebecca from Birmingham

    “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.” 1 Peter 1:22. (NIV)

    I am sorry for posting after the 1st… just have power back and knee deep in devastation…Continue your prayers siestas!

  43. 243
    Chrissy Hanscome says:

    Chrissy from Birmingham/Trussville areas.

    We are still counting our blessings that God spared my family and I from such total destruction as so many others have experienced. There are so many still searching through the rubble for loved ones, grieving over those that we lost, trying to figure out what the next step is after this… it’s just so unreal and devastating. Thank you to Living Proof Ministries for their financial support. It is truly amazing to see the people of this area, and so many others from our surrounding counties and states, band together to make a difference and care for people. God’s love and grace is so evident. May this tragedy be a tool that God will use to draw His people to Himself. Thank you for your prayers.

  44. 244
    Angie Sharp says:

    I am also from Alabama…6 miles from East Limestone and 6 miles from Harvest. It is awful!!! My family and I are fine. Our earthly belongings were untouched; but it was literally sickening to see stuff falling from the sky that belonged to our neighbors just a few miles away. Thank you for your prayers! God is good and we are praising Him!!

  45. 245
    Terri Lovett says:

    This is Terri (from Alabama). Fortunately, my family and I were out of town when all of the tornadoes happened. By God’s mercy, He spared our house! Praise the Lord! However, there are so very many others who were not as fortunate. The devastation here is way worse than what is being shown on TV. They are only showing a very few of the areas that were hit. Where I live, close to Huntsville, there are entire neighborhoods that were totally obliterated!!! There are so very many other areas that are affected. Please keep praying!



  46. 246
    kimberly g mason says:

    as i saw my name on the list as kimberly g mason. i thought what a goob! why did i put that g in there. oh, well i guess i’ll keep there now so you’ll know who i am! lol! just wanted to give you a little update. tuscaloosa is pretty bad. the stories of little ones not making it is truly horrible. but, as i have seen before Tuscaloosa bands together and works hard to help its own. not only that put people from other cities and states are here working hard. we have had so much water donated that when you take it to deliver it to people they refuse it because they already have so much. one couple flew over from texas to help just for the weekend. another church from texas (i’m sorry i can’t remember their names) have come and set up shop at our church. they have special vehicles to wash clothes and cook meals. they cook the meals and the church members deliver the meals. it is really amazing to see the goodness of God working through His people. thank you for all your prayers and donations. please continue to pray for those who lost loved ones. love, kimberly “g” mason

  47. 247
    Dedra Herod says:

    Beth & the entire team at Living Proof…

    THANK YOU for loving our state and the sweet girls living here. My family and I were merely blessed with some home camping and sweet, precious time together.. some tree damage and a tiny bit of inconvenience of being without power for a few days. Our community however was devastated. Within two miles of our home complete subdivisions were devastated and families lost loved ones. SO thank you for loving us so well.. and for the prayers and most importantly your love for our Jesus and His Word. You lead us so well! Much love – Dedra

  48. 248
    Renee says:

    Thank you so much for what you have done for Alabama. We have seen the hands and feet of Jesus right before us with the love and help from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

  49. 249
    Dottie says:

    To our sisters at LPM – We in Alabama thank you for your love and generosity to those in our great state who were so devastated by the storms. I’m in Huntsville, but my area was mostly untouched. Our greatest hardship was 4-1/2 days without electricity. Just so hard to believe the devastation only a few miles away! I am so thankful that my family is safe, but praying for those who were in the path of those horrendous storms. Thank you again for your love and prayer support.

  50. 250
    Dianne Walters says:

    Dianne Walters – Hartselle, AL

    We had no damage from the storm, but it was so frightening as tornado after tornado popped all day on Wednesday. Had no power for a mere 36 hours. Internet service lacked for more days so didn’t see this post, but internet really didn’t seem important except the need to check on people we couldn’t here from. Brings new perspective to what is really important as so many suffered such loss around us. Took supplies to a nearby community that suffered much damage and loss and a man who had lost home and all belongings was volunteering at the disaster center there. Brought tears to my eyes. Thankful and humbled! Thank you for your financial support and prayers for Alabama!

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