Siestas For Alabama

Darling Ones, I just want to let you know that this very day several checks will go in the mail to Alabama from Living Proof Ministries in your honor and including your giving. Our hearts would have gone out to all those hurt and devastated by the tornadoes anyway because the love and mercy of God dwells in us through His Spirit. The fact that we have very active Siestas in Alabama who have been with us nearly from the start of this community and who live in areas hard hit makes it even more personal to us. (Boomama and The Preacher’s Wife are two of many. I nearly threw up as I watched the news and could see that the storms were right on top of them.) So please know today that $10,000 from the Siesta Scholarship Fund plus additional dollars from LPM will take wings and fly to Alabama this day in the great and saving name of Jesus Christ.

Your love and your commitment to Him make a difference in this hurting world. Never doubt it.

PS. I’m going to try to comprise a running list of our Alabama Siestas (just means sisters, not club members) throughout the day. We’ve heard from many of you but didn’t think to take down names at that point in the fury. If you live in Alabama, will you please tell us in a comment to this post? We’d like to recognize you either by blogger name or personal name. I’ll be adding to it as the day goes on.

Some of Our Beloved Alabama Girls (forgive us if some of you got reflected on here twice as we compile the list from several different sources): We love you and we’re thinking of you…
Sophie – “Boomama”
Lisa – “A Preacher’s Wife”
Robyn – “3girlsmom” (
Jenny Hope Williams
Amy Daugherty
Rebecca Olson
Cathy Davis
Jessica (
Shannon Roe (in Tuscaloosa!)
Elise Pratt
Mary R. Snyder (
Kathryn Champion (
Jamie B. (
Kay Porter Archer (
Tressa McQueen
Brandi Bryant
Charity Washburn
Rachel (@objectivityrach)
Dedra Herod
Tammy Isbell (@greekgrits – lives in Tuscaloosa – hit HARD)
Valerie (@valeriegail)
Lora Lynn Fanning
Karla Archer
Paige (@pollypepRN)
Cynthia Miller
Julie Reynolds @ginsamica
Jamey (
Diane Bailey (
Kim L.
Amy (
Jill in AL (
Tammy Jones
Allison Burleson
Marilyn Yarbrough
Julie K (
Tanya in Alabama
Heather Joy
Kristina Nicole
Michele Adcock
Volleyball Ginger
Jenny Howle
Donna Benjamin
Stephanie Billings-ArmyReserveWife
Melanie Henderson
Bridgett Junkin
Kristen Love…in Tuscaloosa is running the City of Tuscaloosa’s aid center!!
Beth Mince
Erin Beasley
Ann B
Laura Forman
Kimberly G Mason
Celia J. (
Natalie Johnson
Robin Ford
Amy From Huntsville, AL
Ginny Bass (
Tanya McCalpin
Mandy P…in Tuscaloosa
Mindy S
Rachel H
Nikol Whitten (
Adrianna Anderson
Becky B.
Carol a.k.a Joybreaks
Janice Pitchford
Jennifer from Huntsville, AL (TalesOfAPeanut)
Mary H. (formerly ThirtySomethingMom)
Katie Taylor
Traci StJohn
Leann Ford
Leah Kiker
Donna Benjamin
Marty, Tammy and Teresa
Cynthia Griffin
Shannon Conner
Kathy McDaniel
Lisa Vinyard
Heather Maise
Lisa Saunders
Laura Prater Tuscaloosa, AL
Kristin Johnson
Megan Woodham
Nancy Eckhardt
Heather Battle
Shirley Kurtz (
Angie G.
Tracy Stoffell (
Cara Hoffman
Holley Houlditch
Brea Burelle
Lauren Johnson
R. Davis
Melanie Holmes (KanduGal)
Lisa McGriff
Paige from Alabama
Chrissy Hanscome
Angie Sharp
Terri Lovett
Dedra Herod
Jessica Handley
Kendall Perchinski
Jamie Harper –
Roni Long
ashley e
Lisa Laree
Sarah Christen
Michelle V
Cathy D
Julia (Mor2Life)
Mimi six of AL
Emily Sanderson


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  1. 51
    Amy says:

    Thank you Beth and LPM! We are in Auburn and praying for all those affected this week by the storms. Knowing that God is still God and God is still good and calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ!

  2. 52
    NikkiPoppins says:

    Thank you so much Miss Beth for all you are doing with this and for being the reason we all have come to know one another. I am so blessed to have these women in my life and have been heartbroken to see all the hurt and damage that has been left in the wake of these storms and tornados. I have family in East Tn and in North Ga, and while they have no damage, just knowing that all of my sisters are praying overwhelms me. The way God has used this blog and social networking to bring us all together constantly amazes me and I’m so blessed by it.

    I work in Insurance and, as you can imagine, we’re slammed covering all of the damage in the South. I’m constantly seeing pictures of the damage from all of the appraisers who are out in the field inspecting the cars and homes lost in all of this. The people in Al and East Tenn are constantly on my heart and mind. Praying for them and would be down there right now if I could.

  3. 53
    Steph says:

    Checking in from Cartersville, GA. My family is fine and we didn’t suffer any damage, however a couple of tornadoes touch down in my community. I work with a lot of student, I’m a substitute teacher – primarily middle school, who live in the heavily affected areas. Please pray that has we start back to school on Monday that we would be able to help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our students and other staff members.


  4. 54
    diane Bailey says:

    Thank you, Beth and Siestas,

    In Montgomery, Al we were not hit, but many of our friends were. So often I have seen pictures fo the devastation, but never with my own eys. A friend of mine had a business that took a direct hit from one of the tornatdos. The business, the trees everything is gone! It didn’t flatten it…it’s gone! Not moved down the road…Gone! The only thing left is the foundation.

    Maggie, the owner, says, “Its just stuff we gave to the Lord, everyone is safe”. When we stood on the property, all we could do is stare, no words would come to us.

    So many miracle stories coming across email. Please allow me to share a story that a friend send:

    “I just got the call about Renae. Karen , her mother and survivor of the tornado called and within the past few days things were touch and go.

    She had 105 fever, infection, multiple things going on and they were very concerned she was not going to make it. her liver was completely severed. Part of the liver remained intact and the other half— get this was under her AORTA.. they could not touch it because of the location. She required back surgery, they couldn’t do that. She set up pneumonia, antibiotics are being given. NOW are you ready, you need to be sitting down, because if you don’t believe in miracles you will now.

    Renae is attempting to take the tubes out.. she is communicating the best she can. Her fever is gone, her brain activity is normal. She her pelvis was fractured in many places but is now healing itself..

    Okay… get ready..


    God is Amazing! Love, Diane

  5. 55
    ginger says:


  6. 56
    Shelly E says:

    Praying for everyone affected by these terrible storms. May we all be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.

  7. 57
    Jamey says:

    WOW. Thank you so much… I live just outside of Birmingham, and I feel so undeservingly spared.

    – Jamey

  8. 58
    Cassie Pulley says:

    Thank you Beth and LPM, God Bless you all, what a wonderful way to help out those in need. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!!


  9. 59
    Celeste Hill says:

    I love this community, I am honored to be a part of it. I will print this post out so that I can pray for our siesta’s by name. One of my sweet sisters in Christ was stopped on the Freeway in GA, while the tornado leveled all in it’s path. She lives in Chattanooga and has an incredible story. You can read it here

    As our Mama Siesta says “HE is just better than HE has to be. Amen!

    Love and prayers to all,

  10. 60
    doo-dah says:

    No words seem to be enough….I am so sorry for the hurt each of you are experiencing and will hold you up in prayer. Our area has had flooding (Poplar Bluff, MO) but nothing like the devastation of the tornadoes. Siestas mentioned, even though I have not had the opportunity to meet you, I have read your blogs for a few years now and want you to know I care.

  11. 61
    Kelly S says:


    It is so nice to have the names available to be able to pray for them specifically. I love SIESTAVILLE.

    Im in upper East TN (in the mountains). An EF2 hit a few miles from my mom’s house and was down for 8 miles. (She is fine) Destroyed several small rural communities. Several people died and a few still not found. Heartbroken.

  12. 62
    Marion says:

    Thank you so much. I’m in Atlanta but my son and his girlfriend are in Ttown. He is graduating so he has the pain of everything stopping and knowing friends are leaving and there will never be goodbyes said. It’s all very hard. His girlfriend’s apt was destroyed but praise God her stuff, the important stuff, was all there. They just left the furniture and her car – rear window is bashed out and it’s blocked in anyway. My heart is heavy for all who have lost so much – we were so blessed, stuff can be replaced but lives cannot. Blessings to all of you!

  13. 63
    LB says:

    My heart is so full of love for you all as I read this note. I live in Athens, AL and am so blessed by your kindness, generosity, and especially your prayers. I must share with you that God has so blessed my family and I Praise Him for all He has done, and is doing. It was a nightmare day as storm after storm hit our state. My son, his girlfriend, my grandson and I bounced from the windows to the hall each time the sirens blared. Thankfully we had minimal damage and lost power for only short periods of time. A few miles down the road, my niece, a beautiful Christian young woman, pulled her two daughters and new infant grandson into a central closet in her home, where they survived the destruction of her house, her car, and her neighborhood. The devastation is tremendous around us, but God will see us through it all. Your love is evidence of God at work. Thank you so much!

  14. 64
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Julie, Tallassee AL (Lake Martin)

    I cant contain the emotion and gratitude that I am feeling right now. Oh how wonderful to see this community raise up once again and minister in such a beautiful way!

    Our home is within a mile of the devastation on Lake Martin but we were so blessed to have no damage. But we have friends and loved ones who were not so fortunate. Our church was spared but there are two churches in our community which were devastated. We still do not have near the damage or loss of life that other areas of our state experienced. We are so thankful!

    God bless each of you for your prayers, comments, and for the love of Christ that we can feel coming from each of you.

    Julie Reynolds @ginsamica

  15. 65
    Fran says:

    I’m from Alexander City, AL – we had some significant damage at our lake in our town…so sad

  16. 66
    Joan says:

    Praise: My nephew attends UA and is fine physically. His apartment was spared but two blocks away entire buildings are gone. He and others have been traumatized due to the many (scary) looters mixed in the uncertainty of who made it out alive and the confusion around there. We are thankful that he was able to leave with a friend who lives a couple of hours away and is in the safety of their home. Apparently, some ex military guys live in his apartment complex and are guarding their building!

  17. 67
    julie weis says:

    my heart is breaking for you all!!
    keeping you in my prayers!

  18. 68
    candy says:

    Hello sweet sisters. I am from Huntsville AL and although my own house was not damaged, so many of my friends have lost theirs. Many prayers going up, thank you for yours 🙂

    ps…taking refuge in Chattanooga for a few days, thanks for welcoming us 🙂

  19. 69
    Leigh says:


  20. 70
    Tressa says:

    Thank you Beth & LPM for this act of love and compassion!

    While I am so proud of my state and honored to be in the company of these wonderful siestas, I just want y’all to know that I am in Mobile, far south of the areas so greatly affected. I don’t want to steal any sympathy from those who need it most! But on behalf of all Alabamians, thank you! 🙂

  21. 71
    Jill says:

    The thing I find so amazing is that I have never met any of the women of Alabama, nor met any of the other Siestas in person- and yet- I feel such an attachment to everyone. Thank you Beth, as always, for doing the right thing.

  22. 72
    jill_in_AL says:

    I’m Jill in Alabama from Trussville (just east of Birmingham). The storm came within a mile of our home and we were hunkered down in the basement with baseball batting helmets ready for the worst. Thank God, the storm lifted in the area just near us but did so much damage before and after passing our area of the city.

    My brother’s in-laws, the Greens, were entrapped in their home in Pleasant Grove. They were dug out the night of the storm. Mr. Green is in the hospital in Birmingham with many broken bones including a hip, at least one arm and many ribs. He is very ill. Mrs. Green also has many injuries but was not hospitalized.

    I have at least one picture of home’s damage on my blog. It’s so very sad.

    Love to all the siestas from Alabama where the sun is shining and God is soverign.

  23. 73
    Traci says:

    I’m from Decatur, Alabama. Praise God, my family was not hurt; however, within a 15-10 mile radius, there is much devastation. Thank you for your support and prayers.

  24. 74
    Tammy Jones says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am in Glencoe, Alabama. Just outside of Gadsden which is 65 miles north of Birmingham. My family and I are all okay and had no damage. Thank you Father for your love and mercy! Just down the road a few miles many homes were destroyed and lives were lost. Thank you for your prayers for us and for those who lost so much.

  25. 75
    Gayle says:

    I was a B’ham siesta for a long time, but I have recently moved just over the border to Mississippi, which was also hit very hard.

    Thank you so much for your generous contribution, it is very needed.

  26. 76
    Marilyn yarbrough says:

    Several communities within 10 miles of my home completely destroyed one of classmates from high school was kIlled along with his wife. Thank you for prayers and resources we love and appreciate you sooooooo MUCH
    Marilyn Gadsden, Alabama

  27. 77
    Allison Burleson says:

    I live in Alabama and am SO grateful for your generous gift. I have never seen such a disaster as this…every time the tv comes on, I wince because the fatality number rises. However, I have joy because God will get the glory, people will see the kindness of God’s people, and people who might have never known the Lord will know Him…thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

  28. 78
    Deidre says:

    So sweet. I am heartbroken for all of them. Praying God heals and restores like only He can and for all those affected to find Him GOOD in all of this.

  29. 79
    Dionna says:

    It really makes the world feel small when people you “know” online are impacted by the things you see and hear about on the news. I’m so glad and thankful you were able to send some financial help their way. Thank you for doing that.

  30. 80
    Donna says:

    I am from Birmingham as well and was so blessed not to have experienced any damage or loss. However, my heart breaks to see all the devastation in our state. Thank you, Beth and LPM, for your prayers and support for so many who are hurting today. God is good!

  31. 81
    Jennie says:

    Thank you so much LPM ladies for helping our siestas in Alabama. I’m praying through these requests on this comment section and praying for the families who have been impacted.

  32. 82
    Julie K says:

    I live in Birmingham. I know so many who have lost everything. It is truly heartbreaking. Thank you for your payers and generosity to our families and friends!

  33. 83
    Brandy says:

    Brandy Wohlers, Prattville, AL. My community was hit by the 4/15 tornado. My church sanctuary and children’s wing was damaged greatly. (Boones Chapel)

  34. 84
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks LPM! We are so thankful for your prayers and support! God is faithful and His love endures forever! I travel from Mobile- Birmingham, AL and it’s so sad to see so many many lives turned completely upside down. On top of it, so many of these families have relocated after losing everything with Hurrican Katrina. We can’t understand but trust His hand.

  35. 85
    GJ says:

    Oh behalf of Lisa McKay, “The Preacher’s Wife,” she and I have been talking/texting all day. She asked me to post on my blog and she sent me pictures and shared a bit of her experience. I know she will write more when she can process and bless her heart…has electricity and her house back, but in the meanwhile, here is an update and some words from Lisa that will bless you and make you SHOUT as well!


    This siesta community means more and more to me every day.

    I love all of you girls so much! Beth, Amanda, Melissa – we adore you and esteem you all.


  36. 86
    Carol Bruntlett says:

    Hi siesta’s in Alabama praying for you all that God would give you peace and strength to endure.
    I live in Albuquerque N.M. I would like to come to help I can serve meals or whatever is needed, I can do a few things so if I can come and help let me know . Be more than glad to be of some kind of help.
    Will be praying for you all God is your refuge and your strong tower and your hiding place.

  37. 87
    Tanya in Alabama says:

    I am in Killen, AL which is locate(extreme northwest)and we were extremely blessed.
    My heart is broken for the devastated towns of:
    Phil Campbell (pop. 1100) 27 reported fatalities and Hackleburg (pop. 1500) 24 reported fatalities.
    Your thoughtfulness is so touching. Thanks so much.

  38. 88
    Heather Joy says:

    Thank you, Moore’s and staff! I live in Birmingham and went to the University of Alabama. I haven’t fully grasped all of this. It is overwhelming. No matter what, God is good.

  39. 89
    KristinaNicole says:

    LPM and siestas, thanks so much for your generous donation! I live in Huntsville, AL and so many small towns (Cullman, Harvest, Dekalb) around there were hit hard! It was a long and scary day with tornado sirens going off starting around 6:00AM. While Huntsville only recieved minor damage compared to other places it feels like everything has been turned upside down! Never realized how much I depended on electricity to do simple things until you go awhile without it. Thanksfully myself, my family and friends are ok. Please continue praying! It seems like every hour brings a new story of someone loosing their home or a loved one. Still cant wrap my head around it all!

  40. 90
    Michele Adcock says:

    Michele Adcock- Muscle Shoals, AL

    We were so blessed…we weren’t hit directly, but towns very close by were totally devastated. It was a scary day. I teach elementary school and we spent the morning in the hallway at school before leaving early. It so easily could’ve been us! It’s been really encouraging to see so many people coming together to donate needed items for families who lost so much.

  41. 91
    Volleyball ginger says:

    My nephew attends the Univ. of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and praise God, he is fine. He was near the tornado but not in it! My niece was there last year and the house she lived in took a hit so I’m praising God that she no longer lived there. There was a tornado that touched down in Elmore County that is only about 8-10 minutes from my home but all I had was high winds…however, I was in the hallway praying! Am now praying for all who have been affected by this tragedy! Thank you Beth!

    Wetumpka, AL

  42. 92
    Pat from Kansas says:

    Bama sisters, we love you and pray for you to see our Lord work in wonderful ways in the days and weeks to come!
    As well as any other Siestas who may have been impacted in the recent storm systems.
    Pat from Kansas

  43. 93
    jenny howle says:

    Currently in Heflin, AL with no damage…born in Ohatchee AL…many friends have lost their home there….family in Webster’s Chapel…devestation all around, but their home spared…was just able to speak with them today…brother in power, water, everything is closed…brown’s ferry nuclear plant is nearby..big concern….thank you LCM.

  44. 94
    Beverly says:

    Thanks for the prayers and help! I continue to pray too!

  45. 95
    Cody says:

    I got a text message from my brother at 6:45pm on Wednesday: “If you’re watching the news, I’m okay.”

    I hadn’t even had a chance to wonder if he was because I wasn’t watching the news, and I had no idea that as I went about my Wednesday afternoon in Houston, my “little” brother and his girlfriend sat terrified in the library at the University of Alabama. As the news has come out and the images and videos have aired, I have cried with relief and thanks more than once over that college-boy style text message.

    And I have been struck with a kind of conviction. How many times in the past month has there been some devastating disaster that I failed to notice? How many brothers have been spared? How many lost? But it barely blipped on my radar screen. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE! Lord, may I never forget. I pray my heart, our nation’s hearts, are more tender toward REAL people – not just “hypothetical victims.”

    It also struck me that some, probably many, of you covered my sweet brother and his community in prayer during that tornado when I didn’t even know to pray. Believers need each other. And I’m tempted to forget just how much. Thank you. I am humbled to witness your outpouring of love and support and prayers. Yall have shown me what it can look like. Yall have made me want to be more like Christ.

  46. 96
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Trying to wrap my mind around the devastation, walking through one of the many affected neighborhoods less than 2 miles from my home this morning, realizing just how fragile our way of life is. Thanking God for protection, but wondering why He spares some? To help others maybe? I. just. don’t. know.
    Our family all made it through the storm here in Tuscaloosa safe and sound. However, still waiting to hear the status of some still missing. My daughter, a UA student, lost one of her friends, and another is in ICU, another dear woman who is a cook for her sorority is still missing.
    The mayor of Tuscaloosa, Walt Maddox, said earlier today, that the storm took out all of our town’s infrastructure that is needed for recovery. More National Guard members are on their way to help.
    Many towns were affected, not only here in Tuscaloosa, but also in surrounding communities in Alabama, and Mississippi.
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATION! Please continue to pray for those involved in the crisis management, rescue workers, as well as the victims.

    • 96.1
      Donna Benjamin says:

      P.S. The church where our UA daughter works, Forest Lake Baptist, had some structural damage to their roof. But thankfully they cancelled services on Wed. because of the impending storm!

  47. 97
    Nesha says:

    Prayers are going out to everyone in the hit areas! I am just heartbroken over this. I am printing out the list to pray for each by name! This is one example of why this blog community is just so great, we pull together and support each other in every need.

  48. 98

    Alabaster, Alabama

    Stephanie Billings-ArmyReserveWife

    We were so blessed. No damage, and everyone here is fine. Just praying for all those affected.

  49. 99
    Sheilak3130 says:

    Gardendale, AL Our little city not affected by damage, but lots of friends and family have been. Love seeing many different churches coming together as one helping out! sk 🙂

  50. 100
    Melanie Henderson says:

    Dear, sweet Beth…..I am an Alabama Siesta and I am in tears reading this post. I am luckily in an area where we were spared, and all of my family is okay. However, my sister and her husband are in Tuscaloosa and have devastation all around them. It is a sad time that they are trusting God to carry them through. My mom is in Fultondale, Al and okay but also surrounded by disaster. It’s everywhere. So much pain and loss. And for those of us that are luckily unscathed, we continuously pray and look for ways to help. Thank you for the help you are sending. Alabama is a special place. We take care of each other and God is with us.
    With love,

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