Ambling and Rambling

Hey, Sweet Things!

My man and I are on our way home from cactus land and I thought I’d spend part of it writing to you. And you know what that means: rambling. Any time I just open up my Mac and start writing to you woefully free of all forethought, you can count on a whole lot of words about next to nothing. So, unless you’re bored to oblivion with what you’re doing, you might want to run for your life now and save the headspace.

As I write to you, I’ll keep you posted on where we are. You don’t think you care but, once you hear some of these names, you might feel differently. They’re nearly life changing. For instance, right now we are going through Hext, Texas (I do not know if the area has an ancient history of witchcraft or what. Nor do I know if, once you’ve been hext, you can be un-hext. But I feel like you can.) One good firm turn to the right will take you to London. In just a few hours, you could be in Paris. These are just a few of the reasons why many people here believe that the world ends at the Texas border.

We have now come to Koocksville. This is the street Keith and I may have been born to live on.

It was just across from this very sign that Keith showed me this proud display of dried catfish heads.

On through Mason.

Over Comanche Creek.

It’s Sunday just before noon and we’ve been in Mesquite country since Thursday. The heat index could turn an ox-blooded man to Jesus. It’s too early for this furnace but who am I to say? God is in control of the thermostat and I’ve become convinced He considers the heat an effective evangelism tool. Keith and I have had so much fun. Simple fun. Like long walks in the morning but not without snake boots…

…and long rides in the evening in the old golf cart. The steamy mid part of the day takes us into town to eat at one of two restaurants in the small community. The second day we eat at the one we missed the first day. They are both so incredibly good that we think about them when we’re back home in the food capital of the universe. We’ve made our second home in this land long enough now for some of the locals to talk to us when they see us. Deeply satisfying to two dyed-in-the-wool city souls who long for the country. These folks around here are the salt of the earth sort. They work hard and forego fancy. Impressively, one of the two restaurants has free wifi so, call them small but don’t call them disconnected.

I love being on a road trip with Mr. Ivan Keith Moore, son of Marcell John Moore, the plumbing legend of Houston. My man is a history fiend. He knows where every battle in Texas history was fought and where the cattle were run and who the cowboys were that ran them. I love to hear the story of how the buffalo were taken from the JA Ranch in Palo Duro Canyon (near Amarillo) all the way due north to Wyoming and, every time we’re in that great State and see buffalo, he likes to tell me that those hefty beasts bleed Texas blood. By no means does he disrespect Wyoming. Nay! It is, hands down, his favorite state second only to – put your hand on your heart – the land of his great, great grandfather’s birth.He just somehow thinks that what he loves most about Wyoming is that it reminds him of Texas…but with mountains. Big ones.

While we drive these long roads, Keith tells me stories about men like Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving, cattle ranchers that Keith believes were prototypes of the characters on Lonesome Dove. Loving made Goodnight swear he’d bury him in Texas but wounds from an old fight wouldn’t heal and ended up killing him slowly with gangrene until he gave up the ghost in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. More practical than sentimental, the folks surrounding him when he breathed his last hastened to put his rigid body into the ground before the animals ate him. A man of his word, Charles Goodnight returned from a trip to Colorado, had his friend’s body exhumed and hauled it back to Texas in a pine box packed with charcoal. I don’t suppose you’d want me to also share tales about a man named Shanghai Pierce who went from a stowaway on a ship in New York harbor to owning some million acres in the Lonestar State.

We take these roads to cactus country to get our heads on straight. We go to hear ourselves think. We go to hear what God might say if you shut up and let Him do the talking. We go to see the black night skies light up with ten thousand stars. We go to hear the birds sing and, this time of year, watch dozens of hummingbirds migrate right through our property. I wish I’d been able to capture six of them at once with my i-Phone but they move like lightening.

We go to sleep late…and to sleep good. I planned to work while I was there for four days but I never did. My bones said, “Just sit and smile and rest.” So I did.

Driving now through Llano. Beautiful Llano. We were going to stop at Cooper’s BBQ but the line was literally out the door and down the sidewalk. Sure smelled good.

“We’re a third of the way home, ‘Lizbeth.”

Keith always keeps me up on the progress. To my man, a road is not something you take. It’s something you conquer.

Lunch here in Burnet, Texas.

Got to meet a darling young couple that serve at a church in Liberty Hill and their six and a half year-old Savannah who was missing one tooth. I do love me a six year-old girl child about more than anything on this earth. Except a certain five year-old boy and two year-old girl that I am particularly partial to. Can’t wait to get home to them.

Keith can’t get a good country western station to come in right now so he just turned up “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees. Out of the corner of my eye, I’m seeing that college boy I danced with under the disco ball 33 years ago. Just when I think I’ve got the man figured out, he goes 70’s on me. We’ve gotten to the part of the song where Keith doubts the singer’s manhood. “Ahhhhhh-oooooohhhh, I’m going nowhere. Somebody help me…”

Well, my man and I are not going nowhere. We’re going home. No place like home. The best part of going on a road trip. And, lucky for you, I’m almost out of battery. All this rambling means nothing if you don’t have Jesus. He’s life to me whether I’m in the city or the country, in plenty or in want, in pain or so tickled I can’t sit up straight. He’s kept Keith and I ring-fingered for 32 years. He keeps life adventurous for two souls that get bored easy. He keeps our boots on tight and our tires rolling. I love Him so much.

Just a few last shots for anyone who’s hung in here by a thread:

Don’t worry, Keith saved it from becoming Dog Dinner. Me on a long walk. A rancher saw me from afar and hopped in his truck to go tell Keith that my car must be broken down and he’d better go fetch me. He couldn’t fathom that a woman with any sense would just be strolling around out there.

A peek at the gorgeous, grass-green San Saba River really close to our place. Keith and I float on inner tubes in this spot in the summer.

Cucumber Cactus. So shockingly gorgeous amid all the gray and green.

A spider sack attached to our porch screen. More spider babies than you can count will start crawling out of that thing in a few days. Most of them will probably crawl into the house but I’ll deal with that next time we come.

Gentle evenings and maybe the number one reason why we come.

You guys are such great sports. I’m crazy about you. Thanks for chatting me home. I wish every single one of you were in this blue Ford truck with my man, our two hounds, and me. We’d try to show you a good Texas time.

No time to proofread! My laptop is sho-nuff shutting down! Talk to you soon.






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  1. 151

    Dorthy was kidding when she clicked her ruby reds heels and said, “There is no placed like home!”

    So exactly how far away from the house were you when the rancher spotted the wayward woman walking?

  2. 152
    Carmen says:

    Thanks for sharing the ride with us! I love road-tripping with my hubby!

  3. 153
    Cathie Byers says:

    Priceless!! Love the pictures esp the first one. Nice way to start off my monday morning!! God bless all of our weeks this week!!

  4. 154
    Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing your tour of TX! I’ve never been there (other than the Houston airport, and that doesn’t count!). So looking forward to the Deeper Still Conference in two months!

  5. 155
    Leslie says:


    So enjoyed your stories! Makes me long for the some time in the country which is where my husband and I both grew up. We get to actually visit Texas this summer. Our college girl will be working a Pine Cove camp in Columbus, TX. Can’t wait to get there!

  6. 156
    Sue says:

    My sweet daughter-in-law is from China Texas…one stop light…if you keep on driving west you’ll hit Nome. We personally like Cut and Shoot Texas…

  7. 157
    Church Lady says:

    I love your ramblings. Keep them coming.

  8. 158
    Bobbie says:

    Love your fun adventures!

  9. 159
    Shelley Christensen says:

    I was so excited to hear my old hometown mentioned in your “ramblings.” I am from the little-bitty-in-the-middle-of-nowhere Fort Sumner, New Mexico. My dad used the pastor the First Baptist Church there. Lots of history in that little old town; and lots of good friends and good memories.

  10. 160
    Mona says:

    Ah Beth,

    I loved reading about your amblings. Mostly because it reminded me of one of my most memorable trips – three weeks out west, just me and my dad. So many good memories! May ramble just a little?

    I remember pulling into one po-dunk town. Went into a little shop there with a lot of handmade jewelry and other stuff (jewelry caught my attention.) Anyway, I noticed a huge snake skin used as a border at the top of two walls. The man said, “It’s a bull snake, shot it myself.” I went to get Dad to show him, and he immediately started laughing. He said, “Yeah, that’s a bull snake alright.” Come to find out, it was an anaconda. It the man had pulled my leg any harder, my knee and hip would still be out of joint. :o) He told us where to eat – didn’t know if I should believe him or not, but I’m glad we did – best (and biggest) hamburger I’ve ever eaten.

    Another day, we saw moose (meese?) down a hill up to their bellies in swamp water with loads of green stuff just hanging from their mouths. Later that evening at the restaurant in town, Dad filled his fork so full of salad (with the blue cheese just a-dripping) and looked at me over the top of his fork. I said, “Don’t you dare.” He got so tickled, he couldn’t eat any salad for at least five minutes. Sounded just like my granddaddy used to laugh.

    Ah the memories. Enjoyed reading about yours and sharing a couple of mine.

    P.S. I love it that you didn’t take the spider egg sack down. Right now, in my garden, there’s an innocent looking three-leafed poisonous plant growing that I would normally exterminate with no hestation, except for the fact that some silly momma praying mantis layed her egg sack on the stem. Can’t get rid of it until those babies hatch!

  11. 161
    Gloria, Cypress, TX says:

    There’s nothing like traveling the back roads of Texas with your man! We get to take one of those trips a couple of times each year — you’ve made me think it is about time we hit the road, of course, has to be in the pick up truck!

  12. 162
    Karen says:

    Oh Beth! What a great way to start my day! I loved hearing the story of your time here in my neck of the woods! I have seen that cactus, the signs to all of those small towns you named, been down the long, beautiful roads you travelled and watched those amazing sunsets! There is nothing like those things anywhere else! I love living right here in the middle of this great state of Texas. It is such an amazing blessing to live in such a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

  13. 163
    Jo Ann says:

    Oh wow, that was so much fun! Thanks. I was in Texas for a year and a half and then got home sick. I was praying God would take me back home to PA. I did go home but it was an eye opener that what I wanted to “go back to” wasn’t there and, ummm, Texas was better than I thought. I actually went through a very difficult year then, feeling like I had done wrong and didn’t wait on the Lord and see why He had taken me to Texas. I’m back “home” where I thought I wanted to be but I think I learned it’s best to trust Him where He takes you; to ask every morning what He has for you. My daughter told me that when I was in TX but I didn’t hear it. Now is it the same thing where I’m at now? I don’t really know if I missed something great or not but I’m happy to be looking to Him. I’m glad I had the experience in TX and now on with what’s ahead…Thanks for sharing your trek with us! I really enjoyed that.

  14. 164
    Nichole H says:

    CanNOT get over the snake boots…the very idea you have to wear boots up to your knees and carry a shotgun to get some peace and quiet. Have mercy!!!

  15. 165
    Kena says:

    I just love it when you take us on trips. It’s like I’m a kid again laying in the back window of the car, that was before seatbelts and carseats were laws, on a vacation with Mom and Dad!

  16. 166
    Deb Weaver says:

    Beth, thank you so much for sharing your life and our Jesus with us!

  17. 167
    sheryl stearns says:

    Hi beth., I enjoy your blogs, although this is my first post. I’ve lived in round rock, tx for 5yrs. Originally from ca. Your bible study has been a life line to me. I worked as a drug and alcohol for twelve yrs in ca. Long story short I can’t work here in tx and at 51 yrs old im praying what I’m suppose to do when I grow up 🙂 thanks again! I’m having a lumpectomy may 11, so its been a difficult season..

    • 167.1
      Kathy Gerlach says:

      Sheryl, Will be praying for you! Let me know how it goes so I can continue to pray for you. I am a breast cancer survior, 38 years and counting. So blessed, had a daughter after my surgery which makes the blessings even better.

  18. 168
    Belinda Gillis says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your weeken with us. Enjoyed your journaling. And yes Coppers Barbque is good. But you and your man need to to visit Smitty’s barbecue in Lockhart, Tx. Now that’s some good old BQ !!! 🙂

  19. 169
    Jennifer D. says:

    I love ramblings! The happiness of your marriage is an inspiration! My husband and I will be married for 10 years this summer. I look forward to 33 years!

  20. 170
    Barbara says:

    Oh! Thanks for sharing with us! There is nothing like a road trip. Especially out in the country. Starts a yearning in my soul to hit the road. You blessed me this morning 🙂

  21. 171
    Sherri says:

    I’m 100% Texan…always have been…always will be! =) Really enjoyed every last word of this post, and all the pictures!(especially the last one!)

  22. 172
    Jill says:

    I really like those snake boots. Is that just the weird Texas woman in me, that I find those absolutely adorable?? I may have to ask for those for my anniversary.

    • 172.1

      May I just say yes, you are weird! But you made me smile, so it’s good! I’m weird, too, and I’m not even from Texas! Never even been to Texas, which I WILL (I just found out) be remedying that problem (which I’ve bugged my husband about for nearly forever!)next January for SSMT! I just need to find the dates on the blog. I seem to remember Beth mentioning them, but can’t find them. My man just told me today that he is going to get me to Houston for that event if it is the last thing he does! He’ll put it on a credit card if he has to. He says it’s been way too long since I’ve gotten out of the Northwest for somebody who has such itchy feet. The last time I left the Northwest was in 1999! That is ridiculous! No wonder I want to move! Maybe if I go to Houston I’ll come back actually liking this little town! Anyway, (I really didn’t mean to say that much) all that too say, I’ve been having a rough time and you made me smile. Thank you! (Of course my sanguine personality really helps when I’m struggling with depression. It still shines through every now and again and confuses people, but oh, well!) 🙂

  23. 173

    You are sooo much fun. Loved the ride <3

  24. 174
    Kathy B says:

    So enjoyed your ramblin’ thoughts bouncing down that dusty road like a true Texas tumbleweed. The hummingbirds were enchanting. Dozens of them? Really? ‘Almost makes the place sound inviting. Almost. It looked a bit desolate from where I was sitting. But I’m so glad God used it to refresh both your soul and Keith’s.

    We do well to gain some love for what envigorates our man, don’t we? Be it fish heads and snakeskin boots (or was it boots to ward off snakeskins?) or endless rounds of men armed with sticks chasing a little white orb–it was Master’s weekend, afterall. We throw in some good “Christian” betting just to keep it interesting. You know, with high stakes like back rubs or after dinner snacks. I knew I shoulda bet him that Adam Scott would make that putt. Rats! Foiled again.

  25. 175
    Stacyjo says:

    You warm my heart Beth!! Thanks so much for sharing Jesus and your life with us 🙂


  26. 176
    Nancy Jensen says:

    Thanks for the trek through Texas. Never been to your fine state myself. Looks like y’all had a wonderful time.

  27. 177
    Kate Lucius says:

    Thanks Beth! I love your updates!! I’ve only been to Texas once for a work trip, but the way you always talk about it makes me love it 🙂 I joke with my husband that we should move there. All my favorite pastors live there so it must be special!

  28. 178
    Kim says:

    Thank you so much Beth for sharing your adventure with us. It was such a pleasure to read. God is good. He keeps leading and much to my suprise He answers my prayers in the most unusual ways. Usually the answer has to do with my relationship with Him and getting the log out of my eye. And I thought it was all somebody else’s problem that I was dealing with – nope!
    I do hope you have a gloriously rich day with the Father. I’m going to sit down with Him for some lazer eye surgery now. Love you!

  29. 179
    Cynthia says:

    Hehehehhee… you are so much fun. In Jesus, there is NO boredom. Isn’t it amazing some people claim the Christian life is boring? Oh no…not so, my friends….adventure everywhere 🙂 Having eyes…SEE!


  30. 180
    Kim says:

    Oh Beth, thank you for sharing your road trip with us! I’m not much of a traveler myself, but I do love to hear about your adventures. I can almost see, hear, and taste what you experience! I love that you take your dogs with you (I’m such a dog nut myself). They love nothing better than to be with their people…no matter where they go! Your words and photos brought many smiles to my face and soul this morning.

  31. 181
    Margie says:

    I love road trips where you can just take in the countryside! I’m a native Texan and have traveled by car all over our interesting and beautiful state. We have had some great trips with our 2 children who are now 17 and 20. I loved your entry and read and enjoyed every bit of it!
    God’s Blessings on your day and week!

  32. 182
    Redeemed says:

    I must be hormonal, but this post just teared me up. Sounds like a little bit of heaven if you ask me….a couple of dogs, your hubby and a road trip? Man, sign me up. I’ve never been to Texas! (I think I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Yankee……take me north where a heat index doesn’t even come into conversation until, like, July. NOT April.)

  33. 183
    Rebecca says:

    I loved hearing about your trip home. I can’t wait to hear from you in your original home this weekend!!!

  34. 184
    Cheryl says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing your heart with us. You make me smile.

  35. 185
    mary ann says:

    Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.

    Psalm 143:8b

  36. 186
    His Jules says:

    Thanks for bringing us along on your trip! So enjoy riding along with you on your rambles. This was a nice break on a Monday morning!

  37. 187
    Gay says:

    YES!!! You can be UN-Hext!! Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Seriously wouldn’t that be so cute to have a t-shirt that said that?? I expect many of us can relate to that.

    Also my first comment, but not MY LAST!!! See you soon.

  38. 188
    Shirlea says:

    Precious, down-to-earth, Beth Moore! You make a Monday get started just right! I love you! Our group here in Panama City, Florida has just completed your new study of David and, of course, we didn’t want it to end. We were truly blessed last weekend with Priscilla Shirer here in person to do her simulcast. It was just wonderful to know that you’ve had some r&r with your handsome hubby and our loving Lord.

  39. 189
    Sarah says:

    Hi Beth! God can use rambling for blessing people. You bless thousands with yours! I had met a woman that I was acquainted with several years ago. We moved back to our area for a time and they came back to America on furlough. Our lives lined up that we had a lot more in common. She has become my very dear friend and my gift for gab or rambling as some say has been able to bless her while on the mission field. I am so grateful that God paired us up with a need in both of us that is met. One or thousands rambling has its place! Thank you for sharing another precious gift or your time with us! Sincerely, Sarah

  40. 190
    Sarah Troxell says:

    OK, I have to tell you all a hilarious story (since you brought it up:) We live in Colorado and my husband’s entire family live in Oklahoma, so whenever we go to visit them we go down to Amarillo and then cut across on I-40 to Oklahoma City. Well, this small part of Texas is the only experience my five year old boy has ever had with Texas and you go through quite a few cow towns in the panhandle of Texas which have the accompanying cow town smell. Subsequently, my five year old has decided that Texas stinks. Now, I know you all know all about five year old boys because of your Jackson, so it won’t surprise you that he’s not trying to be funny or cute, it’s just a matter of fact in his little mind. And can I just say that five year old boys are about the cutest, most fascinating creatures on God’s green earth. Anyway, last month we stopped in the booming metropolis of Dalhart, Texas for a much needed potty break and when I walked in with my boys, the attendant had just mopped with Pinesol. My eight year old said rather loudly, “What’s that smell?!?” To which my five year old replied, again quite loudly, “Jackson, we’re in Texas. I told you it stinks in Texas!” The attendant who by the way might be Keith’s cousin, aunt or long-lost sister, and the other customers looked at me like I must be teaching some sort of heresy to my offspring and for a second I was afraid I was going to be chased out of that Loves with a Pinesol-soaked mop! So we just quickly used the facilities and got out of there!

  41. 191
    Sallie Howell says:

    I had to jump on and share this little tid bit about my morning. My walking friend and I were getting our “walk” on this morning when the topic of a sick friend came up. Walking friend says, “Sick friend is waiting on her report today and they told us in church yesterday that she was going to Beth Moore’s church and hoping to meet her.” Mind you…I spoke right up and told my walking friend that “Beth was not there…she was on a trip with her husband.” I had just read this update last night and since last week seen your twitter update with pictures. I was well informed. Does this statement to my walking friend mean I am now a stalker? I did have to laugh that I was sharin’ your secrets like we were BFF’s. BTW, if we are sharing our stuff. I have come home from my walk, washed more dirties, showered, read the word and eaten my pb sandwich. I don’t want you to feel left out that you don’t know my stuff too! 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Friend!

  42. 192
    Delora, Granite City, IL says:

    My husband is serving as interim pastor where each Sunday we drive 1 1/2 hours to get there. It is the country to us and we love it. It really isn’t as much country as you described, however, there are plenty of cows around with other animals. Every Sunday for the last 2 1/2 years that he has been doing this, we come home and say how blessed we are that the Lord is allowing us to minister there. It is always a highlight of our week. God is so good. We enjoy the getting away and being with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Sometimes we need just thoughts!

    Love you and thank you for your ministry and for being faithful and allowing God to use you.

  43. 193
    Siesta OC says:

    Oh Ivan and Wanda – I do adore y’all!

  44. 194
    Dionna says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t get rid of that spider sack! I’m officially grossed out. 🙂

  45. 195
    Jennifer Tricarico says:

    Such sweetness, your ramblings!
    So, I’ve only ever been in Texas one time. Lubbock. In July. Years ago. For the wedding of a friend I will love forever, even after subjecting me to a wedding in Lubbock in July. That is a far cry from… anywhere, really!
    Seeing Keith handling that critter just made me laugh out loud! My husband LOVES telling on himself: we were expecting our 1st, sitting in den watching tv/reading. A cricket appears on his shoulder. He “screams like a woman” and flicks it. It lands right on me. I say flatly “eeew.” It jumps out of reach and sings us through the night. I am NOT keen on thousands of spider babies, tho. You are like Rambo to me now. I am also, I’ve now discovered, not keen on catfish heads. Lordy, we humans do collect odd things! Total poetry that it resides so close to Koocksville Lane. Now I’m rambling – SORRY! Thanks for sharing your drive with us.

  46. 196
    Lisa Patti says:

    Beth — thank you for the “ramblings.” I love to hear and see anything that has to do with the great State of Texas! I moved to the Hill Country 4 years ago from Big “D” (have also lived in Houston) and absolutely love it — road trips within Texas are so much fun! Keep sharing . . .

  47. 197
    Esabelle says:

    I just love it when you ramble. Loved the story connected to Lonesome Dove which happens to be my all time favorite miniseries.

  48. 198
    AmandaJo says:

    I’m so thrilled to read this- it has been a huge encouragement for me! I am going through such a huge CHANGE right now and this post made me smile and look forward to the future. My husband and I have both lived in Colorado our whole lives. We have two beautiful children and both of our families live in Colorado as well. My husband just started a job with the railroad in Wyoming. The kiddos and myself are moving in just a few short weeks to our new home in an itty bitty town of around 1100 people. Although I KNOW beyond a doubt that this is what God has planned for us, its still quite scary and I’m nervous. Thank you!

  49. 199
    Marjie Scheib says:

    So glad to hear you got to go away with your Man. I leave on Friday at 3am for a 13 hour road trip from Wisconsin to Alabama. We are attending the hubsters favorite past time, a NASCAR race. while it is not my favorite thing to do I love to see him love it. My favorite part is climging in the car in wee hours of the morning knowing that we have 4 full days together, just he and I and even if we go a hundred and fifty miles without a word between us we are still saying a lot. I let him listen to his favorite music really loud and he lets me read aloud to him from our favorite book about our favorite best friend Jesus and life between us rolls on like it has for the past 29 years, with its twists and turns and peaks and valleys and life is good. Gotta love a road trip.

  50. 200
    Melissa says:

    Ya’ll are so precious! I love to hear about your laid back weekends with your man. Boy we will all have a good ole time together when we get to heaven!

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