Ambling and Rambling

Hey, Sweet Things!

My man and I are on our way home from cactus land and I thought I’d spend part of it writing to you. And you know what that means: rambling. Any time I just open up my Mac and start writing to you woefully free of all forethought, you can count on a whole lot of words about next to nothing. So, unless you’re bored to oblivion with what you’re doing, you might want to run for your life now and save the headspace.

As I write to you, I’ll keep you posted on where we are. You don’t think you care but, once you hear some of these names, you might feel differently. They’re nearly life changing. For instance, right now we are going through Hext, Texas (I do not know if the area has an ancient history of witchcraft or what. Nor do I know if, once you’ve been hext, you can be un-hext. But I feel like you can.) One good firm turn to the right will take you to London. In just a few hours, you could be in Paris. These are just a few of the reasons why many people here believe that the world ends at the Texas border.

We have now come to Koocksville. This is the street Keith and I may have been born to live on.

It was just across from this very sign that Keith showed me this proud display of dried catfish heads.

On through Mason.

Over Comanche Creek.

It’s Sunday just before noon and we’ve been in Mesquite country since Thursday. The heat index could turn an ox-blooded man to Jesus. It’s too early for this furnace but who am I to say? God is in control of the thermostat and I’ve become convinced He considers the heat an effective evangelism tool. Keith and I have had so much fun. Simple fun. Like long walks in the morning but not without snake boots…

…and long rides in the evening in the old golf cart. The steamy mid part of the day takes us into town to eat at one of two restaurants in the small community. The second day we eat at the one we missed the first day. They are both so incredibly good that we think about them when we’re back home in the food capital of the universe. We’ve made our second home in this land long enough now for some of the locals to talk to us when they see us. Deeply satisfying to two dyed-in-the-wool city souls who long for the country. These folks around here are the salt of the earth sort. They work hard and forego fancy. Impressively, one of the two restaurants has free wifi so, call them small but don’t call them disconnected.

I love being on a road trip with Mr. Ivan Keith Moore, son of Marcell John Moore, the plumbing legend of Houston. My man is a history fiend. He knows where every battle in Texas history was fought and where the cattle were run and who the cowboys were that ran them. I love to hear the story of how the buffalo were taken from the JA Ranch in Palo Duro Canyon (near Amarillo) all the way due north to Wyoming and, every time we’re in that great State and see buffalo, he likes to tell me that those hefty beasts bleed Texas blood. By no means does he disrespect Wyoming. Nay! It is, hands down, his favorite state second only to – put your hand on your heart – the land of his great, great grandfather’s birth.He just somehow thinks that what he loves most about Wyoming is that it reminds him of Texas…but with mountains. Big ones.

While we drive these long roads, Keith tells me stories about men like Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving, cattle ranchers that Keith believes were prototypes of the characters on Lonesome Dove. Loving made Goodnight swear he’d bury him in Texas but wounds from an old fight wouldn’t heal and ended up killing him slowly with gangrene until he gave up the ghost in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. More practical than sentimental, the folks surrounding him when he breathed his last hastened to put his rigid body into the ground before the animals ate him. A man of his word, Charles Goodnight returned from a trip to Colorado, had his friend’s body exhumed and hauled it back to Texas in a pine box packed with charcoal. I don’t suppose you’d want me to also share tales about a man named Shanghai Pierce who went from a stowaway on a ship in New York harbor to owning some million acres in the Lonestar State.

We take these roads to cactus country to get our heads on straight. We go to hear ourselves think. We go to hear what God might say if you shut up and let Him do the talking. We go to see the black night skies light up with ten thousand stars. We go to hear the birds sing and, this time of year, watch dozens of hummingbirds migrate right through our property. I wish I’d been able to capture six of them at once with my i-Phone but they move like lightening.

We go to sleep late…and to sleep good. I planned to work while I was there for four days but I never did. My bones said, “Just sit and smile and rest.” So I did.

Driving now through Llano. Beautiful Llano. We were going to stop at Cooper’s BBQ but the line was literally out the door and down the sidewalk. Sure smelled good.

“We’re a third of the way home, ‘Lizbeth.”

Keith always keeps me up on the progress. To my man, a road is not something you take. It’s something you conquer.

Lunch here in Burnet, Texas.

Got to meet a darling young couple that serve at a church in Liberty Hill and their six and a half year-old Savannah who was missing one tooth. I do love me a six year-old girl child about more than anything on this earth. Except a certain five year-old boy and two year-old girl that I am particularly partial to. Can’t wait to get home to them.

Keith can’t get a good country western station to come in right now so he just turned up “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees. Out of the corner of my eye, I’m seeing that college boy I danced with under the disco ball 33 years ago. Just when I think I’ve got the man figured out, he goes 70’s on me. We’ve gotten to the part of the song where Keith doubts the singer’s manhood. “Ahhhhhh-oooooohhhh, I’m going nowhere. Somebody help me…”

Well, my man and I are not going nowhere. We’re going home. No place like home. The best part of going on a road trip. And, lucky for you, I’m almost out of battery. All this rambling means nothing if you don’t have Jesus. He’s life to me whether I’m in the city or the country, in plenty or in want, in pain or so tickled I can’t sit up straight. He’s kept Keith and I ring-fingered for 32 years. He keeps life adventurous for two souls that get bored easy. He keeps our boots on tight and our tires rolling. I love Him so much.

Just a few last shots for anyone who’s hung in here by a thread:

Don’t worry, Keith saved it from becoming Dog Dinner. Me on a long walk. A rancher saw me from afar and hopped in his truck to go tell Keith that my car must be broken down and he’d better go fetch me. He couldn’t fathom that a woman with any sense would just be strolling around out there.

A peek at the gorgeous, grass-green San Saba River really close to our place. Keith and I float on inner tubes in this spot in the summer.

Cucumber Cactus. So shockingly gorgeous amid all the gray and green.

A spider sack attached to our porch screen. More spider babies than you can count will start crawling out of that thing in a few days. Most of them will probably crawl into the house but I’ll deal with that next time we come.

Gentle evenings and maybe the number one reason why we come.

You guys are such great sports. I’m crazy about you. Thanks for chatting me home. I wish every single one of you were in this blue Ford truck with my man, our two hounds, and me. We’d try to show you a good Texas time.

No time to proofread! My laptop is sho-nuff shutting down! Talk to you soon.






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  1. 101
    Kels says:

    I love your rambling. I love when you share your experiences on the road. You are real with us. That is so good to know. I like that you too need a place to go clear your head or to bask in the glory of our God’s creation as thousands of stars burst into the night sky after the most glorious sunset you have ever seen. And you strain to hear in the quiet of the desert. Ok. What is that thing that Keith is holding? It looks like it is just plain evil!
    I use to live in the desert. It was a different desert in a different state but it had many of the same qualities.
    Did you get your voice back? I haven’t got mine back yet. Well, I should say, it comes and goes at will. I have been not feeling well for quite some time. I just can’t seem to shake it. I get to a certain point in recovery then relapse. I am really ready to be well. Although, I have been down so long, I am not sure what I would do if I was well…hmm. I’ll have to make a list.
    I am praying for you and yours, Beth. I pray that you are well and refreshed. Love,Kels

    • 101.1
      Lisa says:

      Hi there, the animial is pretty dark in the pic but it looks like an armadillo. Could be a possum but they usually hiss and bite so Keith would’ve probably gotten bit if he tried to pick it up. Don’t know if armadillo’s bite since I’ve never gotten close enough to find out – matter of fact, I think I’ve only seen 1 or 2 actually alive – they’re usually just seen dead on the road.


      • Kels says:

        I thought possum and considered armadillo either way with teeth bared like that woowee he looks mean… I’ve seen possum. I almost ran over one. It hissed at me. I hissed back. The window of my car was rolled down. It’s my neighborhood too! I, however, have never seen a real live armadillo. Probably is.

  2. 102
    Michelle Legg says:

    Dear Beth,I love reading about cactus land.I have loved cacti since I was a little kid and have created a cactus yard in the front and back of my house and oh my gosh they are giving me the most amazing flowers.I can’t believe my own eyes and I wish I could send you some pictures.I praise my sweet Lord every day for His creation and beauty.I wish you could bring me back some cacti from your cactus land for my yard……I am just 45 minutes north of Houston in Magnolia……

    I love your blog and biblestudies.My church is starting “HE IS” april 27th and we will do the revised David study this summer.I attended the taping of the revised David study last year and can’t wait to do it again with the new workbook and my sweet biblestudy ladies.

    Glad you had a great time with your man and got some rest.


    • 102.1
      Kels says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Just had to say, I have no love for cacti. I was around cacti for a long time but when I fell into it I felt no more love for it. It is very pretty when it flowers. I like to look at it from afar. Very afar. LOL. I have a great deal of respect for it and it’s God given protection!

  3. 103
    texatheart says:

    How fun! Thanks for sharing. I grew up in Dallas but never travelled to that region. Been in Paris though. Sounds like you were able to get some much deserved down time. Nothing better than just a laid back weekend!

  4. 104
    Donna says:

    Goodness Beth,
    I’ve been to Texas but never to any of those places. 🙂

  5. 105
    Marlinda Flynn says:

    That cucumber cactus was beautiful. sounds like you had a relaxing getaway! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 106
    Sarah Marion says:

    I needed a little road trip, thanks for sharing yours. Blessings on you.

  7. 107
    Billie says:

    Thank you for the fun road trip! I loved it! I was just telling a gal at church this morning that I am longing to go on a road trip… and not just in a circle (I live on the Big Island, Hawaii!). We do have one scheduled in May, Lord willing to AZ and Utah!

    I love that your man tells you ‘stories’ and retells them again… most of all that you appreciate them and listen. How lonely life would be if we had no one to tell our stories, or if no one told us any!

    Thanks for thinking about us and sharing with us unedited! That speaks love to me!

    Have a blessed week!

  8. 108
    Sister Lynn says:

    Dearest Beth,

    So nice to visit with you on your travels through Texas – thanks for sharing your thoughts! You sound refreshed and renewed – I am glad! It is so necessary to take the time occasionally to step away from the usual routine and spend some long quality time with yourself and your God.

    Love you so much! Sister Lynn

  9. 109
    Ruth says:

    Miss Beth, I just looked up “Hext” TX, and it’s about as in the middle of nowhere as a soul can I get, I guess. My husband tells the story about trying to find a place off the highway around here called “Chokolog,” and when they came across an old guy sweeping the side of the road (in the country!), and asked him where Chokolog was, he replied, “You ain’t gonna find that place. That place is just a high spot on the road.” Looks to me you were in that kind of territory.
    My family and I can to to Paris, France or Piney, AK and get the biggest kick out of every little thing and how different the people are…and how similar…and savor the variances of the food and read every sign out loud in some mangled version of the native tongue, and ferret out the very best this or that in some remote corner of the region (pie, view, junk shop…certainly coffee) and miss it all achingly for years to come!
    And, like you give testimony to, we love to see the LORD in and through the whole, magnificent tapestry on our road trips to where other people call home.
    LOVED hitching a ride on this one with you and (Ivan–REALLY??) Keith Moore.

    • 109.1
      Jo Ann says:

      That was a great story about Chokolog!! That’s going to be something I’m going to remember sometime and smile!

  10. 110
    Dayna says:

    Loved your ramblings! Thanks for letting us ride along on your Texas road trip. This city girl doesn’t get out much!!! : ) Have a great week. Love ya sister. ~Dayna~

  11. 111
    kara says:

    Had fun in Texas with you. Could feel the heat through the computer. Went to Texas for the first time a couple months back. I ate Mexican food thinking about you. I’ve always loved Mexican but you make me love it even more. Just like Jesus. I love Him but you have a way of making me want to love Him more.

  12. 112
    Dawn says:

    Thanks so much for taking us on a ‘tour of West Texas’, Beth! I share your love for being ‘on the road’, am SO with you on that ‘get bored easily’ thing, and like your husband, LOVE to discover and rehearse the amazing stories of days gone by in every place we go. But being from Ohio, mine are probably not nearly as interesting as those ‘wild west stories’:) We have been to San Antonio & Austin once, but some day we’ll have to venture out ‘west’ for real. But this week I am content to travel all the way to the west coast with my man – to San Diego! Praise the Lord for work conferences that pay for your lodging and rental car, and for children all grown up and even losing a job, all things that are making it possible for me to go with him this time! We won’t be cruising in a blue ford truck on a dusty country road, but we will get to cruise up Hwy 5 by the ocean on our way north to LA … and for the 1st time be part of our oldest son’s world way out there(he moved there 2 1/2 years ago), even if only for a couple days. But when we fly over Houston on the way to our layover in Dallas, I’ll be thinking of you, waving a big Texas-sized hello and sending prayers your way!

    • 112.1
      Kels says:

      Dawn, I hear you there! We’ve been to Disney Land because of “school” for my husband. I love it when the fam gets to go. I really like it when I get to go with my man all by myself. A few years back, I got to go to Charlston, So. Carolina with him. One night we were back in our motel room after dinner. He was studying for his class and I was messing with the computer. All of a sudden, we hear two loud pops. We instantly thought drive by shooting. We would have continued to think that except that we realized the pops came from inside our room. We opened our fridge. Yep. Two of our soda cans had expoloded from being frozen. Oh the memories. We still laugh about it when we talk about it.

  13. 113
    Maria Gutierrez says:

    I so needed some girl time just now. I’ve just spent the past week with my sweet almost 3 year old and my dear man, but there’s nothing like feeling normal around other women. I am six months pregnant and it appears that my hormonal shifts, even when I think they are non-existant, are wearing thin to my hubby. This makes me feel weary and sad. So it’s encouraging to come and just ‘be’ with kooky women who just want to say what comes to mind and love each other through it all. Thank you Beth for always being uplifting, even when we are conscious that our Father gives us the ability to be who he says we are. Lord help me to overcome my little insane moments and be uplifting to those around me. Thanks for all the fun on the blog…


  14. 114
    Petra says:

    Ms Beth, your ramblings make me feel normal. But I have to say, I have found reading through the responses about the spider sack hilarious! Oh the things that frighten us. I’m from MN where we have deadly recluse spiders & have moved to CA where we have black widow spiders. I have me some good spider-stomping-boots! Feel free to borrow them anytime for your porch-pouch.

  15. 115
    Janice says:

    Living Proof’s “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” in Texas with Beth Moore! Love it. Thanks for the update AND btw What a blessing you were to us in Fresno/Clovis, CA. Thanks for coming again.

    • 115.1
      Kathy B says:

      That’s funny!

    • 115.2
      Bobbie says:

      ‘Triple D with Beth’ is contagious! We’ve tried several of the places she’s mentioned before–it’s kinda fun b/c they’re places we might’ve just flown on past!! We’ve been to Cooper’s in Llano before and it is very good–the aroma got me about a block away! Thank goodness there were no lines!!

  16. 116
    Cindy Childers says:

    I loved every single word of it! Especially, “Jesus, kept us ring-fingered for 32-years!” LOVE that and LOVE Him!!! 🙂

  17. 117
    elaine says:

    that spider sac bothers me… you should have moved it….. blech!

    thanks for sharing…. i can feel the dirt in my hair and can practically smell the cattle……

    • 117.1
      Jo Ann says:

      You don’t smell the cattle in TX. Not like in the east. Maybe they’re too far off from the road? Maybe it’s because of the hot sun? Don’t know why. But sorry to ruin your TX road trip moment!

  18. 118
    Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing your life. It makes you ever more just a real, normal, everyday person. And I love that. And I love you!

  19. 119
    michelle frasher says:

    thanx for your ramblings. it was great to get a historical perspective on texas. fifty years ago my dad was in the navy and he was transferred from one side of the country to the other (california to florida to california to florida and then finally back to california). back in those days we couldn’t afford to fly so mom and pop would load up our station with all four of us girls and head east or west and vice versa. i tell you we all thought texas had to be the biggest state in the u.s. of a. it would take us two days to get thru there. anyway, your ramblings made me think of those days.

  20. 120
    Grandmamitz says:

    Love your ramblins Ms. Beth.

  21. 121
    RaeLeen Bustin says:

    It was so good to hear from you Beth! You mean so much to me! I’m so looking forward to being in Louisville Kentucky, and Columbus Ohio, with you this summer!

    Lots of Love from Indiana!

  22. 122
    Toni Lizana says:

    Thanks for sharing – truly. Would love to be one of your “crew” hanging around at the office and having lunch. (Not that “hanging around” is all you do at the office – LOL) Love the pictures – keep them coming!

  23. 123
    Kendra says:

    I thoroughly enjoy it when you write something when you’re in this kind of mood. Gives me a good laugh 🙂

  24. 124
    Kelly says:

    Best blog ever! Have a super blessed week! … And wow! The John moore’s huh? Very cool!

  25. 125
    Anastasia says:

    Oh Beth, I dearly love Texas, it’s right up there next to New York City! No two places be so different, but totally loveable!
    I have been missing your pictures… those of Annabeth and Jackson, and Amanda and Melissa and Curtis and Colin and your dog gone dogs!

    So glad we are in the Beloved together!

  26. 126
    Landa, Midlothian, VA says:

    So glad you and Keith got some rest time. I’ve missed hearing from you on the blog, but our group is eagerly waiting for your study on James.

  27. 127
    Ginny says:

    ahhhhhh…..thanks. I needed that!

  28. 128
    Charity says:

    Beth, I love your TX posts. I’m a city girl (Dallas) but I was born in Pflugerville, TX just outisde Austin and spent many summers in the hill country with my grandparents. I miss it. The heat, the sun, the tumbleweeds. Your land out there looks like a wonderful place!

  29. 129
    Joanna says:

    What a great way to start my mornin’! Feel like I was there myself. Think I might just make it through, now. 🙂

  30. 130
    pamela mcdonald says:

    Please keep these ramblings coming! They would make a wonderful book. Too bad the title “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” is already taken! I thank God for the Bible studies I have been able to be involved in, thanks to your writing. God has truly blessed me through them.

    Love you much,
    Pam in NC

  31. 131
    Molly Pearce says:

    Oh I love this! Thanks for letting me have a ‘virtual’ vacation 😉 My husband loves to tell stories too and he knows where just about every eating joint is in our home state of NC. And let me tell you he knows where the good places are, the so called ‘holes in the walls’, ha ha! Summer is creeping up on us and we are iching to go Carolina beach soon! Only thing is I’ve got to find a sitter for my chickens, ducks, dogs and mama goose, ha ha! Thanks for lifting up my morning ‘siesta’!
    ~Molly P

  32. 132
    Beth Davis says:

    Thanks for sharing Beth! I pray that you are super refreshed from your time away 🙂 We all need to just stop and listen and enjoy His creation more often than we do. I think I need to get some boots like those before I start my backpacking trips with my husband (my new hobby since getting married)!

  33. 133
    GJ says:

    Dearest Beth – So happy for the wonderful time you’ve had in your beloved Hill Country with your man. I enjoy your ambling-rambling…and this time with the history you shared was fun. Would love to hear the buffalo trek to WY story! The town names are so funny…Gary and I went to Dublin to get a new porch swing over the weekend…Dublin, GA! 🙂

    We love long golf cart rides around our farm in the evenings too. Checking the fences, the new calves, the hawk’s nesting on the back of our property…just simple joys.

    Tell Keith to let your pups have those armadillos…they have been showing up in our part of the country for some time now and they are awful!

    Thanks for letting me know the hummingbirds are on the way…will get my feeders up this evening! Who knows, maybe some of them will make it to my place 🙂 I know they leave us in October to head to Central America and come back about now! 🙂

    Your friend GJ Morton
    (Morton Salt-of-the-earth back to you!)

  34. 134
    Dawn says:

    Hey Beth! Glad to see you’re doing well. Sometimes we just need to get away. My husband and I recently done the same thing. We went to Mrytle Beach and done nothing. It was absolutely GREAT!!! Spending some well deserved alone time.
    I love the fact you are so real with us. No fancy airs, just you and your family living life through faith like the rest of us.

    Love you bunches,
    Married, 37, Mt. Olive, NC

  35. 135
    Rhonda says:

    I love your comment about the birds. I love hearing the birds sing. It is music to my ears. They make me so happy when I hear them singing and they don’t even know it. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Texas. It is totally different from the scenery here in South Carolina. 🙂

  36. 136
    Joy says:

    Loved your ramblin’ story. I’ve been married to my man 24 yrs. today. We go on road trips and he entertains me with stories of various railroads (yep, he’s a RR Man) that once crossed the land we are traveling. Don’t you love a good story (that somestimes takes many turns before through) from a man comfortable in his own skin and Liberty overalls! I sure do – I think we
    will go for 24 more. Thanks for letting me share! God Bless you and Keith.

  37. 137
    Kayla says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  38. 138
    Anita Siecker says:

    Well, I was riveted to reading your ramblings all the way to the end, Beth! I loved the catfish head display – cracked me up!! And the history stories I’ll have to remember to share with my kiddos. But I, too, got hung up about that spider sac. I can see how you might adjust to the hot temps and the rattlesnakes, but you’ve adjusted to 1000’s of spiders in your house???!! I’ve always respected you, but my respect has just grown DEEPER! LOL! You are always a joy!
    With love,

  39. 139
    Gail says:

    My perception of you has changed forever.
    That spiders sac MUST GO. Seriously. MUST.

  40. 140
    Diane Bailey says:

    Love love love you picture of you and your baby (the dog)! I play with photogrphy as well. Are you shooting from your Iphone or camera? I really like the finish you have on your pictires.

    Iris and roses are in full bloom here in Alabama. The air is warm and the ground is still a little cool which calls to our dog, Charlie that it is time to sleep outside again and guard the fort from the things that are waking up from their slumber.

    My husband and I have just returned from the white sands of the Gulf Coast to find spring in our own yard, calling us to crank up that lawn mower!

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    Love you, Girl!

  41. 141
    West Texas Girl says:

    Thanks for posting the glory of West Texas, Beth, and reminding me there is no place like “home”. On a more serious note – our place is just a “tad” farther west than your Cactus Ranch. The drought is becoming a fearsome thing right now. The lack of any rainfall is hard enough to deal with…but combine that with crispy, crunchy grass, 50 mph winds and downed power lines – we pray each day for God to spare us from wildfire. And, yet, our men are prepared for if and when they do happen. But it’s hard on us girls – staying at home, watching for smoke…and occassionaly running bottled water and sandwiches to the fire fighters. Please join us in praying that God will send cool, soaking rains soon. His Will be done!

  42. 142
    Donna says:

    I don’t know what it is about knowing that my all-time favorite Bible teacher knows the area where I live…just feels right..maybe that is the reason God speaks to me so well through you. Hext is a family name and some of them lived here in Eldorado. We also have friends that have land in and around Hext. Not to worry, dear one, you won’t need to be ‘un-hexted’ when you drive through…LOL!! Thanks for your ‘ramblings’….they are always so much fun to read. We are praising the Lord this rained last night…thank you,Jesus!!! Have a blessed day!!!

  43. 143
    Anna Mitchell says:

    Sweet Beth, it was like I WAS in that blue Ford with you guys. Thanks for the adventure!
    I could enjoy almost everything about your weekend, except-the spider sack. That thing would HAVE to go. Also, I don’t understand the point of the fish heads being on the fence. What’s that about, exactly?

    • 143.1
      Donna says:

      Anna, the fish heads on the gate is just part of being a fisherman from Texas…they like to show off what they have caught. I think it is a little bit “over the top” and I am a native Texan…LOL!

  44. 144
    Heather says:

    Ah, thanks for letting us in on the adventure. I laughed at the ‘women with any sense’ part–it sooooo brought me back to some time I spent in Texas over 25 years ago with Calvary Commission. One of my first nights at the Girl’s home I took off for a walk around the property and ended up spending a fabulous time on the side of a hill I’d found–praising God and being so grateful for His creation.

    Then, two friends came running up to me all concerned, “What are doing sitting there?? Get up!” They told me. Most of the rest of my time there was spent scratching chigger bites–I’d never heard of them before. My friends told me I was just blessed it wasn’t scorpion or snake bites. Sheesh.

    What a great place. 🙂

  45. 145
    Colleen Hummer says:

    I love you Beth Moore, you and your rambling! You are such a refreshing spirit. I just finished up the Breaking Free Bible Study, and it has been life changing for me. Thank you so much for who you are, such a very real soul. Because of you I want to be a better person, I want the best that God has to offer to me, no more lies or deceptions. No more second best. Don’t ever stop your “rambling” it’s such an encouragement to all of us….so glad you had some down time, with God your man and your “hounds”. I’m doing the verse challenge and would so love to meet you oneday. Have a great one!

  46. 146
    Village Sister says:

    These ‘ramblings’ w/pictures are my favorite posts of all. Thanks for sharing life with us as much as you can.
    Love you~ Pam
    *p.s.- Just one thing though….if it was me that spider sac would’ve had to go! =:O

  47. 147
    Jenn says:

    Ohhh you make me miss Texas! Time for a trip home! It makes methink of my Pepa and Mema and my cousings and all those summers a long time back. Well, not that long back. =) Thanks for the reminder how beautiful Texas is. God bless.

  48. 148
    Penny says:

    Would you please pray for my daughter, Dorian. She is 15, and one of your junior Siestas. She made her spiral over Christmas break and has been the most faithful one of all of us in picking out her verse and memorizing it. She is really sick. She has a cyst in her brain. This girl is beautiful, good, kind, I could go on and on. I am really scared. I’m trying not to question God, and trying to walk in faith. Will you please pray?
    Thank you for your ramblings. I love seeing what you do to enjoy life.

  49. 149
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Goodness Beth…..never apologize for your musings! They are wonderfully entertaining and your willingness to share with all of us Siestas is such a blessing! Having the opportunity to “go away” is certainly a great thing. I didn’t have that opportunity since my husband had 3 long home baseball games to coach with his collegiate team and I sat right there thru each one BUT, I did manage to “get away” by spending a good deal of time working in my rose garden. The blooms are breathtakingly gorgeous and the fragrances are absolutely yummy!!!!! Wish I could cut a bunch and bring them to share with everyone at LPM.

    Thanks for loving us!

    Wetumpka, AL

  50. 150
    Kathleen says:

    Beth, I loved reading every word! Thanks for sharing. I have been on the road for two weeks. So happy to be home this morning. First thing I checked was your blog. I really enjoy reading it. You give me such inspiration.

    Need to share this real quick. I woke up friday morning as usual. Prayed for God to watch over me, Then the most warm loving feeling washed over me! I just kept still waiting to see where this feeling was going, then I knew it was God wrapping me in his love and comfort but not sure why. I mean my day started as any other day. With in two hours of getting up and around my family got some news about something happing in the family that was so shocking. It’s not a death but still a shock. I knew then why God had wrapped me in his love and comfort before I even set my feet on the floor that day! God is so good to me. Just love the feeling that he has me covered before I even know what I need covered for.

    Love you Beth and all you and LPM do in Jesus name. Bless you all

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