Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 8!

My dear Siestas, talk to me today about miracles. I know some people who could use one. Take some stones of remembrance this day and be used of God to build up somebody’s faith. Ground rules: No exaggerations. No make believe. Just pure honest Biblical truth about what you know your God can do from first hand experience.

You guys are so dear to me.

Lord Jesus, show up in a mighty visitation this week in our community. You are our Hope and our Salvation. In You we place our trust. The very sign of that first Christmas was a miracle: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, ‘God with us.'” O Come, O Come Immanuel. So many need to know You are here. Grant us eyes to see and hearts to love. You are our everything. Thank You for Your goodness to us.


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    Nancy says:

    My second son was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 3 (had his first major seizure the day I brought my youngest daughter home from the hospital)There is a long and involved story over several years that I would love to share because it’s so awesome-but definitely too long. Anyway, my God chose to heal him completely. When I took him to his doctor after this occurred, I asked the dr. how he felt about spiritual healing, to which he responded “that’s the only kind there really is, I’m just a facilitator” After that, I said- well, when can we do an EEG? To which the dr. replied -“why, don’t you believe it?” Enough son never had another test, exam, or seizure and he’s 24 years old, just married this year. How I praise Him!!

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    Jenadora says:

    I’m praying for God to perform the miracle of emotional healing in my life. I’m 21 years old and I’m finishing my last year of college. I deeply struggle with insecurity in relationships. For the past year I’ve had melt down after meltdown, nearly destroying every close relationship I had, and felt as though I would always be a big emotional mess.

    I now believe that God’s transforming power can help calm the storm of my emotions. In the past few weeks I have truly sought Him and begged Him to free me from the prison of emotional breakdowns. He has met me in the most disturbing place of my struggle and has truly been working a miracle in my life.

    God has put different resources and people in my life to help me and I really feel Him changing me.

    Am I there yet? No. Absolutely not. I have a feeling this will be a long journey. At first I was tempted to say ” Hmm..well, I shouldn’t post this because this isn’t a miracle just yet.” But! The first miracle of this situation is that I actually have hope!! I actually hope and trust that the Lord will see me through this problem. He is Jehovah-rapha…the Lord who heals me and I believe He will heal me emotionally!!


    • 202.1

      I am so glad you did post this! There is nothing like walking out a miracle out one day at a time!
      I’ll be praying for you!

      In His love,

    • 202.2
      Karen says:

      Sweet Jen,
      I feel as though I just read a journal entry from sometime in my 4 years of college. I too hurt many close relationships having meltdowns. He is MORE than FAITHFUL! He will heal you and make you WHOLE! I stand before you not a perfected, but having daily victory over my insecurities and learning how to have whole and healthy relationships. He is also a restorer and will heal those relationships that have been hurt! Continue to press on for the Promised Land!!! I’m praying for you!

      Karen Isbell

    • 202.3
      Heather says:

      Jen, I will be praying for you, too. I’m cheering here with you, too! How amazing it is to finally have hope in an area you once thought was a life sentence. Michelle’s words are so right on–walk out your miracle one day at a time. 🙂

    • 202.4
      Jessica says:

      It’s so hard when you’re in school! I can so relate to emotional breakdowns.. I’m 23 and I am also being healed.I was just about to have a moment myself. The first thought was the bad thing that happened to me, but then I decided to fight the feeling that was trying to overtake me. So I got on this blog! (Praise the Lord for it…) We can fight. We are fighters and God is with you, mighty warrior and you can fight this battle in your mind. When this happens to me, I ball up and think on the love of Christ for me. Recall his faithfulness and spend time in worship and in the middle of things, i am overwhelmed and i feel free. SO much freedom in burrying ourselves in Christ. Choosing to think about him.
      This is hard, but His love is firm when our knees are weak and wobbly. So wish i could hug you and tell you, you have it in you to make it! Love love you. You are not alone!

  3. 203
    Sherry says:

    My miracle is one of increased faith and trust in God.
    I have always loved children and wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that made haviing biological children impossible. I was OK with that…I knew that
    God had given me a heart that was huge an able to love a child that was not my own. I never questioned that someday I would adopt. Many years later when I married, for reasons that I won’t go into …. my husband and I made the decision not to adopt. This was a decision that was best for us as a couple, but not best for me. I went through so much anger and grief that it ached to my bones. I finally had to let go of my plan/dream and let God work it out for me. I will always have a hole in my heart that longs for a child, but I laid the dream in his arms. This has been a process of over 20 years. Last weekend when I was in church… I wsa filled with an overwhelming sense of peace… God gave me this message…. Trust adn rejoice in the plans I have for you. As much as you wanted children… the gift I have for you is so precios and awsome. The miracle is… I have peace about the situation and joy at thinking of what a beautiful treasure that God has waiting for me!

  4. 204
    Roena Clarke says:

    In August of 1994, my husband and I learned by ultrasound five months into my second pregnancy that our son whom I was carrying had a hole in his diagphragm, allowing all of his abdominal organs to move into his chest. This was preventing any lungs from developing. We were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy; however, decided to carry this child to term, asking the Lord for a miracle. Though we prayed with faith, we also knew that every physician we had seen ( which was many ) gave us the same message “you need to prepare to bury your son.” And, so, holding onto faith, yet being realistic, we did just that …we planned our son’s funeral. He was born in November of 1994, and all of the appropriate medical personel were present …and after two very complex surgeries, and many weeks later, we brought our newborn son home. He has only one lung, but it is enough to allow him to live a fairly normal life. Just a few months ago, now at age 16, he was hospitalized and it was discovered that all of his organs are again back up in his chest , but they are all working. The doctors are AMAZED, that everything is out of place, yet working just fine. We are reminded over and over that “we are fearfully and wonderfully made” and that our Lord Jesus, the Great Physician, has placed our son’s organs in the places that He has chosen, and that He is allowing them to work in ways that defy all that the physicians can explain. Our God is an awesome God and works in ways that we can’t explain ! To Him be the glory forever and ever , amen.

    • 204.1
      Heather says:

      OH, what an amazing testimony! This is so very encouraging. Only God, Himself, could hold your son together–just as He holds the universe in place.

  5. 205
    Kara says:

    I was in a horrible accident in ’92. My friend was driving my truck up a mountain in WA state. While I was asleep in the passenger seat, we struck the side of the embankment and was airborn. I was thrown from the vehicle and pinned underneath. Miracle? I should say, “Miracles” We were almost to Leavenworth, about a mile to the summit. We didn’t veer left, where there was a sheer drop 1000’s of feet down, we went right, into an embankment. My sunroof had formed a pocket around my head, and my head was placed in sand, as opposed to the tons of rock fallen around. As I lay underneath my truck, an RN from Harborview just happened to be driving behind us. She stops, same with several other men and lifted the truck off of me. On the way to the hospital, the paramedic called my dad and rattled off my “endless list of injuries”. I thought I’d never have kids! I was drowning in my own blood from my nose, but was revived. But, another miracle? Only a dislocated hip, broken nose, tooth, and back/neck problems. I had quit breathing in surgery, but came out just fine! Sounds crazy, but it’s all true! God’s name is to be praised for this!! I have had 3 beautiful kids with no complications. I’ve led a normal life, I am living for the Lord, and tell people as often as possible. God is still in the miracle business! Not sure why he kept me around, but I still want to do great things for him! I guess right now, it’s to raise these kiddos for Him. I will!!

  6. 206
    Allie says:

    OH wow. After reading all of these this MAY seem small, but in my world it was HUGE. My 9 year old daughter and I were in Ethiopia, bringing home sweet blessing #5. For some reason that week the internet was just AWFUL and I could not have more than a minute of broken conversation with my hubby and 3 babes at home. It was killing me. We had new little sister in the hotel with us and things were hard, both physically and emotionally. I had out my laptop on our last evening in Ethiopia and stared sadly at the big red X where an internet connection should be. Nothing. But for some reason I clicked on Skype anyway and the phone began to ring at my house. My precious 10 yr old son picked up and I was able to talk to him and my youngest two for 30 beautiful minutes! With NO internet connection! I double checked after our conversation to be sure and, yep, there was not even a blip coming up on the screen. I fully believe the Lord was my connection that day…He knew I was at the end of my rope and needed to see Him at work, even in a seemingly small way. He renewed my hope that night and now I know why. Our new daughter has been home almost 4 weeks and is THRIVING. It is another miracle. He is so good!

    • 206.1
      bj says:

      Allie, this story brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. How generous and kind of our lord to use even the “smallest” of miracles to touch our lives.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 206.2
      candifer says:

      totally relate to this– my mom is a missionary serving in a country in asia. we rely on skype to be able to communicate and continue our deep relationship. there have been many days that she hasn’t had power and yet we are able to talk on skype. thank you so much for sharing your seemingly small miracle! it really touched my heart!

  7. 207
    Angie says:

    My latest miracle is asleep on my chest, a beautiful blond ten month old girl who is only here because of faithful people who prayed.

    After a year of trying we were told we would not have children. Six months later we were expecting with no medical intervention. Our gorgeous red headed son was born in January of ’05. In December of ’05 we lost Hannah at 11 weeks. In August of ’06 we lost Colin Michael, stillborn, at 32 weeks. In November of ’07 we lost Airen at 10 weeks. In January of ’08 we completed foster to adopt of our amazing son, born March of ’06. In August of ’08 we lost Dash at nine weeks. I sunk into a pit of depression that got deeper with each loss.

    Last June I got a positive pregnancy test, but it felt like a death sentence. The doctor suggested abortion. I changed doctors. It was a hard pregnancy, I threw up everyday, I was high risk, the list of things wrong with me was so long I carried a copy so I would be sure to remember it all. We found out the baby was a girl and named her Abigail (joy of her Father). I was on bedrest for three months, in the hospital for a month. Abby wasn’t getting the blood and nutrients she needed, this condition led to our stillbirth with Colin. We prayed. We took her by c-section five weeks early, although she was closer to 11 weeks early physically. We were told, she will go straight to a ventilator, straight to NICU, you won’t be allowed to touch her even.

    I lay on the surgical table and begged for a cry, the last time there was no sound because Colin was already gone. She literally was still inside of me when she began wailing. It was a beautiful sound! She was 3 pounds 5 ounces and 16 inches long. She Never needed help breathing, not even a little. She came home one week from delivery and we dressed her in American Doll Bitty Baby clothes for two months. We are getting ready for an Amazing first Christmas!!!! Feel free to read more about our story at my blog.

  8. 208
    candifer says:

    for seven years i was sexually abused by a neighbor/babysitter, while no one but God noticed. twelve years, counseling, many many kleenexes, and much prayer later, i have forgiven my perpetrator, and continue to do so daily.

    i definitely don’t excuse the sin, but i acknowledge that holding onto anger and bitterness solves nothing. i can ‘let someone off my hook’, so to speak, knowing they’re on God’s hook.

    every day that i live free of shame, anger and bitterness is a miracle, a testimony of God’s healing power.

  9. 209
    elizabeth says:

    please pray that God will strengthen and hold my friend who just lost her 11 year old.
    How can I help her through this??????
    THe pain seems unbearable….

  10. 210
    Amanda says:

    I’m about half-way trough your 90 Days with the One and Only book. I LOVE it! I’m currently in seminary, and this semester quite a bit of what I studied in school aligned perfectly with what I studied in my personal time with the Lord. It made for my favorite semester ever!

    God’s continued blessings on you and your ministry.

  11. 211
    Kim B in AZ says:

    God showed himself mighty this last Jan. My son need about 8,000 dollars for school. He applied for loans and got them. He really does not want to have to use the loan option for school but we were out of time. Well about a week after he left someone handed my husband a check for 5,000 and said it was specifically for our sons schooling. This person did not know any specific about his need. To say we were in shock is an understatement.
    Also 20 years ago yesterday our oldest daughter was born. After we had been home 24 hours we had to take her back to the hospital because she was throwing up green bile. They had her admitted to the hospital in less than 20 min. and i just so happened that the best pediatric surgeon was on call. He had her problem diagnosed with in 5 min. of seeing her. When they ran the test they confirmed what the doc said. She had surgery when she was 3 days old and spent a week in the nicu at the hospital. We felt so bless and encouraged by God because our daughter was full term and there were so many preemies around her, and her problem was found quickly and taken care of. She had to have another surgery when she was 10 months old. We were told what a text book case would be like for someone her size having colon surgery. Well her recovery was better than any text book case and she got out of the hospital earlier than was typical. She is 20 and thriving. She is a Godly young women, truly a blessing to us. God is amazing. When I am wanting to be in pity party mode my ability to go there is usually cut short with the memory of all the ways God has blessed me, us over the years.

  12. 212
    Jamie Wyatt says:

    Just a few of the miracles on my “Faith Milestones” list:

    August 1990: My Daddy receiving a heart transplant, just hours after we were told his organs were failing and he was no longer a candidate for transplant. (I had been assured, through God’s Word, that He would give my Daddy a “new heart”–and He did!

    June 2001, infection (hot and painful to touch) with red streaks following the paths of blood vessels 6 inches or more down my thigh, a few days after having a mole removed–all symptoms gone with no treatment, a few hours after praying for healing.

    August 2004: Tennis Ball sized mass found in my abdomen during X-rays for back injury. The orthopedic surgeon told me to call my gynecologist immediately. Church friends prayed and laid hands on me the day before further tests. The ultrasound tests found “nothing” there. X-rays confirmed that finding.

    2005: My son was diagnosed by several specialists in Atlanta with acute Pulmonary Hypertension, and given a 3 year prognosis. My husband and I rededicated our son to the Lord, trusted God’s will, and prayed expectantly for our son’s healing, with family and church friends. We took our son to specialists at Boston Children’s at Harvard for an exercise heart cath, to verify the severity of the illness. The doctors saw the symptoms, ultrasound test, and vital signs, which seemed to confirm the diagnosis during my son’s pre-procedure check up, on the day we arrived. The next day, after the procedure, the doctors said there was NO longer ANY evidence of ANY pulmonary hypertension. It took three men to hold the bike in place while my son pedaled it during heart catheterization, because my son was so strong. The test results were so good that the head doctor declared, “Not only does your son NOT have pulmonary hypertension, he will NEVER have pulmonary hypertension; his heart is in excellent shape.” They could not explain how he was cured or why the symptoms were there the day before. We declared, to the doctors, the miracle that God had given us.

    I continue to PRAISE GOD for All these, and many other miracles I have seen, and I keep my “Faith Milestones” list in my computer, on my phone, and in my prayer notebook, to refer to and to share, when I need to bolster my faith, and the faith of others.

  13. 213
    Debbie says:

    I was drinking wine everyday. At least one glass, maybe two, sometimes the whole bottle. I was only recently born again and just started at a new church. I really wanted to stop the daily habit of drinking, but could never do it for more than a few weeks and it was always on my mind. I joined the women’s bible study at church- one of yours, Beth- “Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed”. In our homework we were to put 3 scriptures in 3 areas of our life- actually write it out and tape it where we would see it. I taped Romans 8:37 to the shelf where I kept my wine. Three days later I realized I hadn’t had a glass, didn’t have the desire for it and didn’t miss it a bit! What a miracle! I trusted God and he delivered me. I have been set free by His love. I keep the scripture taped there just in case I ever forget that through Him I conquered the enemy.

  14. 214
    Rebekah says:

    My Miracle is that not only (if that was not enough..)did God grant me life instead of death, but to accompany me in my walk he allowed me also to have a husband after being a single mother for 7 yrs. Before this happened I had given my life to Jesus and was following him. Life before Jesus was tormented with retribution of personal sins and the affliction of domestic abuse from a live in partner. Not a pretty picture I fled my home country with a baby of just 8 weeks. Flashing forward in my journey I am now at the altar free from hurt and with a new life in Christ, alongside the husband God has chose for me. My wedding day is picture perfect, only months before the wedding dress and the ring both came with a sign, the girl from Ipanema (a special song for me) randomly playing at exact moment of choosing. Tears well in my eyes as I write for I know what comes next. I wrote to a bridal magazine to share my photo’s and the reply came..thanking me and explaining about the amount of requests they received and they would be processed accordingly. The bridal pictures in this magazine often showed photo’s from 9months to 18mths after the actual date of peoples ceremony only (IF selected). This was in May 05. In July 05 we planned our return to my home country for mine and my daughters first visit in 7yrs after fleeing in very different circumstances. Now as a new family in Christ the three of us arrived in London and we made our way to the tube. We went into WhSmiths and lo and behold the wedding magazine is on the shelves, within is 2 pages of our wedding photos for all to see. This magazine was in every newsagent stand and shop across UK. What a homecoming gift! Our God is extravagant, he pursues us passionately and lavishes his love upon us. If God is for us who can be against us.

  15. 215
    Noreen Cohen says:

    A miracle? Oh Beth, God has performed many so many true miracles. I sold a house that was in bad shape without even posting a for sale notice and the buyer paid cash “as is”. My husband is cancer free for 5 years from colon cancer that he shouldn’t have survived. God gave me an early retirement from the military in a way that never was done before. Because I was not promoted to LTC, which at the time I thought was devastating, God allowed me to retire. I was the first person in my field to retire after onlly 17 years of service and receive a retirement pension. My son was in a car accident and his car was totaled but he received only a small scratch on his ear. The best of all is my husband, from a Jewish background, was baptized on my birthday and today serves as a elder in our church. God has given me so many more and I am so unworthy of them but I thank him so.

  16. 216
    Elysa says:

    I get to see God work miracles every day.:) I have three children—two on the autism spectrum: one of those with juvenile diabetes, the other with epilepsy. When my daughter was 3, she lined her toys in rows, flapped her arms, wept in the worship assembly because she has hypersensitive hearing, and spoke maybe 5 words clearly. Now she’s ten years old and wonderfully eccentric. She talks all the time and can hold her own in a conversation, does well in school, writes beautiful letters, makes encouraging phone calls, and LOVES worship. My son, who used to stand behind walls and slowly ease himself into the room (manipulating his visual field), who was so afraid of unusual textures in his mouth that he would only eat a few things, and who had no words for the first 4 years of his life, is now an unusual, but fantastic 8. He went out Christmas shopping last night with his dad and was able to clearly indicate the simplest things—things we might have otherwise taken for granted—like where he wanted to eat, what he wanted to do, and what he’d like to give his loved ones for Christmas. He is learning to manage his own diabetic care, and he just participated in our church Christmas play BY HIMSELF! and played We Three Kings for everyone on the xylophone. And he is finally learning that tasting new foods won’t hurt him! Over Thanksgiving, he sampled plate after plate of new things.

    Anyway, the point is, every day I get to see God’s glory. He is the author of every ounce of progress we see, and it is nothing short of miraculous. I can’t tell you the number of times well-meaning professionals have told me that my children will never do something (In the past, it’s been hard for ME to believe they could ever do things they’re now doing!). The latest I’ve heard is that my daughter will never be able to drive a car. My response? God can do anything, and He DOES still work miracles. And whatever He chooses to do is the right thing!

  17. 217
    Praying Wife says:

    Soon after marrying my husband, I realized that he has a serious problem with alcoholism. I prayed constantly for 11 years that he would quit. He battled it terribly, trying to quit over and over, never able to stay away from alcohol for more than a few days. August 24, 2010 was his last drink. He is completely done with it now. He allowed me to print out and post Psalm 30:1-3 all over our house and in his car. He has been sober for almost 5 months now! Praise the Lord!!! I want to encourage anyone who is praying for someone who seems hopeless to KEEP ON PRAYING! God is STILL turning lives around and answering prayer!

  18. 218
    Me says:

    In college, I had to drive several hours to go home. It was a long drive home, but one that did not involve highways or other cars. One time, as I was driving, I fell asleep at the wheel on a long road and woke up to a thud sound – I had almost hit a fence and my tire was flat. In the three hours I had been driving, I had not come across ONE car mind you. And, the MOMENT my eyes opened, there was a car in front of me. A man with almost a light about him came and changed my tire. He didn’t say much except, “Be careful on your way home.” I told him Thank you and as soon as I got in my car to drive home, THE CAR AND THE MAN WERE GONE! I am not kidding. I get goose-bumps even now because I realized at that moment that I had been face-to-face with an angel God had sent to protect me. Where I was at the time of the falling asleep at the wheel incident, I was pretty much on a country road and NOONE would have seen me. I was still HOURS away from home and did not have a cell phone with me or way to contact people, etc. Plus, I had no knowledge of how to change tires, etc. But, God came through and literally sent an angel to protect me!

  19. 219
    Gigi Brosh says:

    When I was 18 years old I was with friends in a car. There was a man with us, someone’s cousin, think he was around 24. While we were driving to ? Can’t remember where, he was seated next to me in the back. He began to force himself on me doing various things. I was in shock, scared, powerless. I had experienced abuse at a younger age several times and couldn’t believe what was happening. The person driving had stopped the car to pick someone up and I took that opportunity to run. I am not sure how I managed to run away as fast as I did, I kept going until I felt ok to stop. I now know that it was a miracle to be able to get away from that situation(that individual had a history of sexual assault, found out later)
    The Lord knew that another experience of abuse for me was not in His plan. I just think of that experience and think how God expressed his love,protection and support for me. He is an Awesome God, couldn’t love anyone more than I love Him.

  20. 220
    Sarah says:

    I don’t know if this would qualify as a miracle to others, but it was for me. On October 2, 2000 the Lord woke me up (literally and spiritually) in the mental hospital and rescued me from the disasterous mess I had made of my life. He pulled me out of the pit of sin and put my feet on solid groun (Ps 18) He gave me a fresh start, moving me 1200 miles away to go to seminary and start a new life. Miracle of grace. Miracle of indefatiguable love from my Father. And in the 10 years since then, He’s been just as faithful. While I often don’t understand what He’s up to, I know He loves me. And if He worked that miracle in my life 10 years ago, He can do anything today (beyond my wildest dreams, Eph 3). Thank you Lord for salvation 27 years ago and and the miracle you did 10 years ago in my life. All praise to you!

  21. 221
    Toni Lizana says:

    Today, I am a happily married grandmother of 8! I have seen God do many things, but the one I want to talk about today started when I was about 7 years old. My parents did not go to church, though my mother would drop us off at Sunday School at the Naval base chapel. God was not taught in our home. There was an old lady who taught Sunday School out of her home on the next street. My younger sister and I began going there every week and we learned about God, sang songs that Ms. Christy played on her piano, and memorized scripture. Ms. Christy had a little treasure box that we could pick a prize from if we memorized our scripture! From that time on, I always knew that God could see me. I talked to Him all the time. I knew He was there when I was afraid, or when I was about to do something bad. Most of the time that knowledge kept me from doing those bad things.
    My father was in the Navy and we were transferred to another state. I went “the way of the world”, but I still prayed every night before I went to bed, “Now I lay me down to sleep…”. Six years passed and I was thirteen when I received a package in the mail from Ms. Christy! It contained many things, but just getting the package reminded me of her and God. I began riding the bus that came to our neighborhood to go to church. My father harassed me about it, but he didn’t stop me. I received Christ as my Saviour in that church. Soon after, I was distracted by attention from a boy. I would not go back to church until 1983, four months after my marriage to my first husband. That is when my journey of learning about God began.
    Six years and two children later, my husband and I divorced and I became a single parent. God was my husband and the father of my children for twelve years. Time after time, He supplied what was needed and gave me wisdom in raising my children. My favorite prayer was, “God, cover my butt”. He knew what I meant – I wanted Him to have mercy on me where I was ignorant. He did.

  22. 222
    Jodie says:

    I am loving reading these miracles… so inspirational.
    Mine is not a miracle, but certainly evidence of Gods divine favor.
    Like some other readers, Ive had PCOS…and for 15 yrs struggled without a menstrual cycle… I was told Id need IVF to concieve. WHen i met my husband, I asked my church home group to pray for me (all the girls) and from that time onwards I had a regular monthly cycle. I fell pregnant with my first child 3 months after I was married and 1 mth of no contraception. When I was having my u/s the scanner confirmed the condition was still evident on my ovaries… I was confused but praised God anyway. When my 1st daughter was 18mths old, I fell pregnant again and suffered a miscarriage. It was in the scans for the miscarriage that it was confirmed that there was no evidence of the condition existing. I praised God for healing in the midst of the sadness. A few months later I fell pregnant again and gave birth to my second daughter. A wonderful answer to prayer.I named her Destiny Hannah Joy after Hannah’s story in the bible. In 3 yrs Id had 3 pregnancies. After which I began to show signs of the problem returning, trying again for another baby we waited 5 yrs, and it was confirmed that the condition had only been in remission…I was not fully healed. I saw a gynaecologist, and on my first round of fertility treatments I fell pregnant with my third daughter who is now 7 mths old. What a wonderful God we serve. I dont know if I’ll have more children… Im praying for 5 (like Hannah had) but I trust Gods plan.Im not sure if Im healed or not… I hope this condition will be healed one day. But I trust in him anyway. His plans are the best for me.

  23. 223
    Adele says:

    I was in Sudan with some colleagues from our ministry in Kenya. We were offering a medical clinic for a few days, basically just deworming kids from the cattle camp, pulling bad teeth, or giving temporary relief for some ailments.

    But then Abiye was brought on a make-shift stretcher. The 15-or-so-year-old girl was brought to our “clinic” (a temporary setup in the mud classrooms of a school). She had had several episodes of diarrhea and vomiting. Prognosis: Probably cholera. One of the nurses on the team connected a saline IV. We had nothing more than that to give her.

    As the day progressed, Abiye’s condition worsened to the point that she had no detectable pulse and no detectable blood pressure. None. Her body was like a block of ice. The only sign of life was an occasional groan… Our chief nurse suggested we make sure she’s comfortable, and pray that God takes her home quickly.

    I’ve never had faith to pray for anyone to come back to life but at that moment, I felt a huge “NO!” rise up in me. I wouldn’t pray for her to die. I knew I had to beg God to save her life so that her entire village will know Him!

    I went and sat on the mound of dirt next to her body and held her ice cold hand in mine. Wiping her face with wet cotton wool, I prayed and prayed for God to have mercy on her. A Kenyan colleague joined me, but after what felt like forever, and after seeing no change in her, we got up and left, knowing that there really was nothing more we could do.

    An hour or so later, however, she suddenly took a turn for the better, and the next day, she walked back home to her cattle camp, completely healed! Our Sudanese director says that Abiye and her family still praise God for bringing her back from the brink of death, and into a new Life with Him!

  24. 224
    Earlene says:

    My son and dughter-in-law told us they were pregnant with twins! Then seriousness of the pregnancy set in, but God was faithful! Whatever weird thing that went wrong, God proved His love for the twins and Mommy! I never doubted God during this time and the girls were born 5 weeks early weighing in a 5lb. 15oz and 5lbs. 5 oz. The girls are now 7yrs old! They are our walking miracles proving that God is on the Throne!!!! We serve a big God!

  25. 225
    Mary Ann Brown says:

    My good friend, my spiritual mother moved from our neighborhood in the Wheaton Il area to Seattle, about 15 years ago. We talk about every six weeks, and have seen her twice in those years she has been gone. I had been very angry with God for “taking” every one I began to care for away from me, prior to her move.8 girlfriends moved out of state, one at a time, 5 tragic deaths of young loved ones in a matter of about 6 years. God worked in me (over the years) to show me He is the only one I’ll ever really need. Over this last summer, Jen (Seattle) called and said she dreaded this call to me, but none the less, she wanted me to hear it from her. She then began to tell me that she had a rare disease that was moving quickly, and that her diagnosis was likely terminal, and she was getting her affairs in order. I became unglued, not her, not the one who has served Christ so faithfully all of these years, and that i wouldn’t be able to even see her this side of heaven again- my cries to God were from the very depth of my soul. And i did the only thing i could i released her to Him. The very next afternoon, i was in the kitchen cooking for my family, and i heard God plainly say to me, you get on your knees and thank me for whatI am doing, and i literally dropped what i was doing shut off the stove, and dropped to my knees and thanked God for His gift of love to me through her- that i would not be the mother, wife,friend, if He hadn’t allowed us to be in realtionship at all. I thanked Him for the illness that was taking over her body, and told God i knew she would glorify God in her illness, and was so full of gratefulness for what ever it was He was doing.
    After my praises i got to me feet and began to finish dinner. My cell phone rang, it was Jen. She called to tell me that the doctor had called her to come to his office quickly. She did, and he told her that any evidence of the previous disease was gone from the tests he did the previous visit, like two days before. He didn’t have an explaination, he was astounded and told her she would live a normal life. She about fell over when i told her that God had spoken to me to thank Him for what He was doing.. God is so good! We still havn’t had an opportunity to visit, as funds are tight on both ends, but we talk more often, and i thank God that we are still able to!

    Blessings to you all, thank you for causing me to recall His faithfulness…

  26. 226
    Lisa Van says:

    My husband and I were heart broken when our plan to adopt an infant fell through when the mother decided to parent. I cried the day I found out but then God just gave me a peace about it and I was happy for the baby and her mother.

    No time later a woman pregnant with twins chose us to adopt her babies. God blessed us double!!!! A double portion! I can hardly type this because my twin three year olds are all over me. God is sooo good all the time.

    Our sons birth mother is temporarily back in jail where I go with a friend to play guitar and do church. I relish the opportunity to hug her and minister to her.

    • 226.1
      Lisa Van says:

      I just wanted to add that one of my twins is named Asher. Recently on the way to the jail I was listening again to Beth’s talk on the blessing of Asher “The Happy Blessing”. Once I arrived and was with the women (including Asher’s birth-mother) I felt moved to share the story of how Asher in the Bible was born. I made the point of how even if we or our children are born from bad situations, including adultery, unloved mother, and even rape, that we are no accident, and God loves us tremendously as His precious creation, and wants to bless us. It was perfect for those women and touched them deeply. Thanks Beth!!!

  27. 227
    Angey says:

    In June 2009 my sister in law was 7 months pregnant with twins and not feeling well. My brother in law went to the grocery store and when he came home he found her collapsed in the bathroom. 911 was called and Shannon had to be life flighted to Omaha where the girls were delivered two months early. Shannon spent 5 days in a coma with pneumonia and a weakend heart due to her doctor missing a severe case of pre ecclampsia. Everyone is doing well and my nieces are thriving 18 month olds!
    This crisis cemented my faith in God. They had lost their home to forclosure two months earlier and had moved into the other half of the duplex I live in. Had they not moved in Shawn would have had to deal with it by himself instead of running to my house for help. If he had been at work that day I would have popped my head in, heard the bath running, and left- possibly not coming back for the rest of the day. Had I not had experience with having a child in the neonatal intensive care unit I don’t know how comfortable I would have been seeing my nieces in the hospital and I certainly wouldn’t have known EXACTLY what Shawn and Shannon were going through. This wasn’t just one miracle, it was multiple miracles and I truly thank God for them!

  28. 228
    Barbara Head says:

    I have seen first hand a total “makeover” from the inside to the outside of a very beloved family member. She went from a scared, abused, pregnant teenager to the most beautiful godly-woman who is an excellent Bible teacher and writer. I have seen firsthand what our Almighty Saviour can do. He takes “old” and makes it completely “new”.

  29. 229
    Cleta G. says:

    I know God works miracles as I am a walking miracle! I was diagnosed with MS by two neurologists and a neurosurgeon. I was told I might have 10 good years, with medication, rather than five. I was told that I might walk six more months or I might be in a wheelchair. I admire medical staff and believe they have been given a gift from God. But! I also know the Mighty Physician and know He works for His glory and in His time! I clung to His hand as He held me in His arms for over three years and one day in a little prayer meeting in our church, Jesus made me whole from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! I have no nerve damage, I take no medication and I have no MS! I give God the glory for it all! He is an awesome God, worthy of our praises and I so love Him for sending us His precious Son! He has been the best Gift I have ever received!

    God bless you all in a mighty way!

  30. 230
    Marcia Awalt says:

    Hello Beth! Whenever I meet with other Christian gals and the subject of miracles comes up I love to relate (one of) the most amazing things God did for our family. My husband and I have 3 adult kids, two daughters and a special needs son. Our daughters never dated very much, developed great careers and immersed themselves into helping others. Our oldest daughter even became a foster mom and opened her home to a troubled teenager for a time in addition to a teaching career. Time was marching on and both of our daughters were now in their early 30’s. Neither girl were finding the right guy to date. I prayed fervently and with tears before the throne of God for the girls to find the right life mates. God heard our petitions. Miraculously our younger daughter met a young man who worked in the same hospital as herself although their paths had never before crossed. They were dating happily and making plans for marriage. But my heart was aching for our first born who is such a particular girl. My husband had encouraged her to make a list of all the attributes she would like to have in a husband, which she did. And she gave them all to the Lord. And she waited. When no suiter apapeared she just chose to be content in her career and her recently purchased house. Then through unusual circumstances which I won’t take the time to post here, she was connected to a marvelous young man who was everything she had put on her “husband list”(however he lived in a different state). He was a wonderful Christian man, a graduate of a Bible college and from a great family. And he was handsome and looking for a wife! So, through the marvelous blessing of God’s hand, we planned TWO weddings within TWO months of one another in 2008! Our oldest daughter, although now living in another state, blessed us with our first grandchild at the age of 36! Our second daughter is now expecting twins next summer at the age of 35! God just absolutely amazes us every single day!

  31. 231

    I have been reading your blog for about a year and never left a comment before. But I wanted to let you know that my bible study group just finished Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman and we loved it! Every week there was something in it that I needed to work on in my life. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work that went into the study and how much it has helped me to change into the Godly woman my husband and children need me to be.
    Also, my bible study group is full of all ages and stages of life and ALL of us just got pretty excited to see what you were going to be wearing and how your hair was going to look!!! And every one of us would say “She just always looks so cute”!!!!
    We are hoping to be able to do the Daniel Study after the holidays. I can’t wait to see what you are wearing in that one!!
    Thank you so much for all that you put into each and every study. And I wanted to tell you how much our little group is in love with “all things Beth Moore”!
    Melinda Pulattie

  32. 232
    Heather says:

    After seeing such a fixation in the body for the ‘miraculous’ for such a long time, the mention of it sometimes makes me want to turn and run. Yet, I know my God is the God of miracles. The biggest miracles I experience on a regular basis are the times He lifts me up by grace and helps me to go on again in a fresh way–no matter what the circumstances around (or in) me are. Help will always come when He knows I need it most; when I’m trusting in Him.

    But the kids and I did witness God’s hand, once, in praying for our dog. I had been watching 100 Huntley Street when my nephew came running into the living room in tears to tell me our dog, Hunter, was dead. I followed him to my room where the dog lay motionless on the bed. There was no breath in him, no pulse, he had exremented on the comforter, and when I picked him up he hung like a wet dish rag over my arm.

    My son and daughter, niece and nephew all stood around the bed with me. I just had an impulse to pray, and said,’We’re going to pray for Hunter.’

    I put my hand on him and all I could say was ‘Jesus,’ several times between tears and choking. But each time I said it I felt power coming up and through my hand, so I kept saying it. Soon Hunter start choking and gasping, and then he was completely revived.

    My son wrote the date and a little note saying ‘Hunter Alive April 26/99,’ on a playing card, which I just dug out of my mementos box when I read this. He was 9 at the time. He drew a bone and some dog treats on the face of the 4 of spades, and put a happy face sticker on the back.

    To be honest, when I’ve shared this with others I’ve been met with a lot of skepticism, but there’s not much I can do about that. God, for some reason, chose to breathe life back into our dog that morning–and I often (like Mary pondering the angel’s words to her) ponder this in my heart. I can’t help but believe God has deposited this in our hearts for something we will encounter in our lives some day.

    Yet, I pray for healing for myself often, and I am not healed–I am comforted, loved, encouraged, refreshed, strengthened, corrected and cleansed–but no miracles of healing.

    No matter. I feel like Shadrach, Meshech and Abednigo before the fiery furnace–I know my God is able to deliver me, but if He doesn’t I’m going to trust Him anyway. 🙂

  33. 233
    Valerie says:

    So many miracles, every one inspiring and deepening our faith in our wonderful, all-seeing God! After 4 years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive naturally (my husband suffered through a vasectomy reversal after 15 years that worked–miracle #1!) we decided to try IUI. After all the roller coaster months and three rounds that didn’t work my doctor convinced me to try just one round of IVF. He said I had all the drugs in me and I might as well give it one shot before giving up the dream. The weekend before the procedure I was stuck waiting all day on my husband’s job site (he’s a builder) with nothing to do but read Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” about how problems in various organs can be tied to undealt with stuff from our pasts. Now this sounded like new age hooey to me, but when I read that the organ I had trouble with was tied to unresolved issues with my father I started crying and realized that I had major issues that I didn’t even realize. Through prayer God crystallized and healed those wounds and I forgave my father and gave it all to God. The peace was amazing. The next morning after the procedure I was laying on the table praying against all odds that at least one of those three little embryos would take root, when I felt three distinct heartbeats in my abdomen, and then three more lower down. Not wanting to get my hopes up again, I tucked it away in my heart. But, you guessed it, it was indeed twins!! At the end of a wonderful pregnancy (did I forget to tell you I was 39 years old?!) c-section delivery of a healthy boy and girl! But more miracles were coming…..I lost 2-1/2 quarts of blood from the doctor slicing into a fibroid tumor hiding in my uterus and they didn’t have any blood ready for a transfusion. Three hours later with my heart rate running around 260 the whole time finally some blood arrived. But my heart had been damaged. To shorten up the story (yikes it gets long quick!) I spent a week in ICU, CCU etc. and then went home with my babies. Home for 3 days, still with crazy high heart rate called the ambulance and had my first ventricular tachycardia in the ER after what they would later determine was an allergic reaction to a very common heart medication. Transferred to Yale and the next morning had a defibrillator implanted in my chest to shock me back to rhythm as necessary. Went home, and began seeing my dead mom and mother-in-law sitting on top of armoires and talking to me, telling me they were watching over my babies and not to worry (I was worried that I was somehow going to hurt them). Turns out that same heart medication (they didn’t know yet that was causing all the problems) had a side effect of hallucinations and hearing voices. I took another ambulance ride, this time to the psychiatric ward at Yale thinking that I had lost my mind and they were going to take away my babies and commit me. During my week there with help from a wonderful nurse we figured out it was all being caused by this drug and I didn’t actually belong in the psych ward (that is a story all its own!). My twins are now 10 years old and my heart is 100% recovered. In fact, when it’s time to have surgery to change the battery the next time (next year) we may actually decide to remove the defibrillator because I don’t need it now! God is truly amazing and while the roller coaster is terrifying while you’re on it, you know He’s the only reason you survived when you finally get off it! Love to all of you and God bless you!

    • 233.1
      Yanna says:

      Valerie your story made me smile. I thought maybe your mom and mother-in-law were angels sent by God, but it was the medication! Love the happy ending and you are 100% recovered.

      • Valerie says:

        I have thought over the years that they were angels sent to comfort me when I was terrified and exhausted and that the medication reaction was the reason I was allowed to see and hear them. God works through everything after all!

  34. 234
    Joan says:

    So many miracles the Lord has done in my life – too many to count! But when I ask my kids – have you ever seen a miracle- they always say Courtney.

    My one year old went through childhood cancer and was in remission when a 3 1/2 year old from our town was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma. We had to go see them when we heard. She was given a 5% chance of survival for the cancer had spread to her bone marrow. After chemo, surgeries, and a bone narrow transplant, she was cancer free. During her normal scans 6 months later something was showing up in her abdomen. Surgery was required to see what was up. I prayed and prayed asking the Lord for her life. I had seen too many young children die from cancer. There were 10 children diagnosed around the time of my daughter, my daughter was the only one who lived out of the ten. So I was seeking heaven for Courtney. A man who worked with my husband prayed and fasted for her for 3 days (he did not even know her!!) I thought I heard the Lord say she would be fine. The surgery came. The tumor was cancerous. The doctors told the mom – enjoy this Christmas with her – she won’t be here the next. At that time no one had gone through a bone marrow transplant with 4th stage neuroblastoma – relasped – and survived. No one. There was nothing left to do. I came home and sobbed and sobbed – I had heard wrong. But you know what??? She lived!!!! She lived!!! and everytime she walks into the hospital the drs. say.. there’s the miracle!!!!

    Ok – great story right?? oh just wait!!! She gets married and the drs told her she would never have kids because the full body radiation during the transplant made her sterile. 6 months after she is married – SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!! But because everything her body had already been through it was a fight to keep the baby. She was in icu for 8 weeks. Her heart was filling up with fluid – her lungs were filling up with fluid. The drs came in and said it is your life or the baby’s. They couldn’t make that choice – just rested in the arms of the Lord. Logan Nathaniel (meaning mighty warrior – gift from God) was born at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1 pound 9 ounces. He was in the NICU for months but is going to turn 6 in march!!!!

    But wait there is more!! Because of all the chemo when she was still developing – Courtney develped severe hip pain and will probably need a hip replacement soon ( she is now 28!!) they tried medication and she got addicted to pain killers. It was bad. She almost died one night and it woke her up. She started meeting with the assistant pastor at our chuch and I to talk. She worked through her addiction and we just celebrated her being clean for one whole year!!! She allowed the Lord to heal her heart and began really talking to Him about everything she had been through. During prayer one time she saw the Lord with her as a child during one of her surgeries – He showed her over and over He was with her through every pain – every trail – and that He redeems it all!! She has given her life to the Lord. we did “Believing God” in the summer and just completed “Breaking Free” this fall. I have been blessed beyond measure to be a part of her life and watch what the Lord has done and continues to do in her life. She wants to shout her story from the rooftops – so here I am shouting for her!!! HE IS SO WONDERFUL!!! WHO IS LIKE OUR GOD?? NO ONE!!!!

    • 234.1
      Joan says:

      Have to add.. my daughter and Courtney were childhood friends and shared a bond few understood. Keri at 4 was telling Courtney what would hurt and what wouldn’t. She would rub her back and tell her Jesus was there and He would make everything ok. And when those 2 played doctor – they played doctor!!! they would practice bone marrow aspirations and draw blood and “play out” that which was done to them. Something I will never forget and was bittersweet to watch.

  35. 235
    Juanita says:

    I can’t think that this is a coincidence. I come from a very large and close-knit family- most who live in the Denver area. My uncle Art is in Denver and is in ICU fighting for his life at this very moment. Last night I had received one message that said they didn’t expect him to live through the night because his brain had quit responding and a couple hours later I received a message that he had been in a drug induced coma and that they were doing to bring him out of it to see if his brain would respond. When the family asked the doctor how to pray, the doctor said, “Pray for a full recovery.” My cousin that had sent me the message said to pray for miracle. Then I got the email altering me that Beth had written a new blog post- and it was about miracles. So, rather than report a miracle now, I am hoping I can report a miracle later. Please pray with me that God heals this man’s body of the disease that has afflicted it for years. Thanks.

  36. 236
    Carrie says:

    I know I could use a couple of miracles this season, but I thought I’d share the miracle of my nephews. My sis–in-law has a condition where it is hard to get pregnant. But with great doctors and some meds she was able to get pregnant in 2007. And wouldn’t you know it…twins! That was special for me as their aunt because I have a twin sister who is my BFF 🙂 Everything was fine until with 10 weeks left to go, my sis-in-law was admitted to the hospital. There she spent 10 weeks on bed rest. We prayed every day those babies would stay inside her tummy just one more day. Every thursday that would roll around we called “thankful thursday”. Seth and Luke were born at 32 weeks. Pre-mature but healthy. They were in NICU for two weeks and then sent home. Fast forward three years (they just turned three) they are thriving, healthy, and get this…advanced for their age! They are our miracle babies and the joy of their auntie’s and family’s heart. If that weren’t enough, my sis-in-law was thinking of getting pregnant again. But the doctor wanted to wait to start the meds again. Two months ago, my sis-in-law complained of being tired and gaining weight (she runs like me so this was odd). I told her “you might be pregnant”. She said no…I haven’t even started meds. Well…come to find out she is pregnant with a baby boy with no meds needed! Eli (miracle baby #3) will be here in the spring! God is good!

  37. 237
    Laurie says:

    I was 21, fresh out of college and looking for a job. I had told the Lord I would go wherever He wanted me to go. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, lived in Florida and went to college in St. Louis. Of all places, the Lord provided a job for me at a school in Jackson, Mississippi. They had told me they would have a place for me to live. I believed them. I left home with $100.00 and what I could fit in my small Toyota Corolla. Oh my! Was I surprised when I arrived. Not only did they have no place for me to live, no one even knew anything about it. They wanted to have me work without pay for the first six months like an internship. You must remember I was 21, NO experience, away from home and did not know a soul there.

    However, My God was so faithful. He caused one of the other teachers to take pity and let me stay with them until I could find another place. This was uncomfortable to say the least. It was obvious they did not want me there.

    I searched the backwoods with my maps and newspaper directions for all kinds of places to rent. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at some of these places. God was with me and protected me. Oh my goodness. A Northern girl in the depths of the South. I was clueless!!! However, within a matter of a couple of weeks or so, I found a roommate. I “fought” with the school to pay me because I was already credentialed and had student taught for a full year. I am not by nature a fighter. I am a people pleaser and do not like others to be “mad” at me. I had to get over that in this situation. I was there to work and I expected to get paid! I did! Praise God!

    I had no furniture not even a bed. Just clothes I brought with me. I knew that God would provide. He said he would and He did in such a mighty way. My new roommate was a first class
    yard saler”. The very day we went, we foumd a dresser a brand new bed with a brand new mattress. She was so brazen with these people and just asked for what we needed whether it was out in the driveway or not. I would have never had the courage to do that.

    I have never forgotten that lesson of God’s faithfulness to me and how He provided for my every need.This is my boulder of remembrance.

  38. 238
    Phyllis says:

    Is there a difference between miracles and answered prayer? I have a niece that has been delivered from cocaine addiction and completely given her life back by the LORD, a granddaughter that was supposed to be born with a head that the membranes were not moving and so would have to have surgery and wear a helmet for a year, but she was born with a “perfect” head. A friend that was supposed to have a heart pump surgery because her heart was only operating at 15% but when got to the hospital the tests run showed 50% and she is back at home, not without health issues but we are claiming that as a miracle. A 75 year old man who really didn’t know JESUS personally now believes and has completely changed, even his smile is different. Miracles, miracles, we are miracles!

  39. 239
    Kim says:

    When my husband and I got married, we went to Arizona for our honeymoon. Basically we went out there because dh was stationed there in the AF and dreamed of returning, but I wanted to check the place out first! So, on our 4th day there, we were to stay overnight in a 4-star hotel in the Grand Canyon…..we arrived at 3pm, only to find out a HUGE snow storm was on the way, and they were expecting like 2 ft of snow…we had a schedule to stick to, so we decided at 4pm to leave….well, the drive to Phoenix is about 3 1/2 hours and most of that is in isolate desert for miles and then mountain passes to Flagstaff. It wasn’t so bad starting out, but as soon as it got dark, the snow started falling terribly. I live in Ohio and have seen snow storms and I have been skiing in Colorado when it has been snowing like there was no tomorrow, but I have never been so scared as I was that night of snowy conditions. There were no reflectors on the street, no lights, no other cars, and for awhile we didn’t even know if we were on the road. The worst part was the mountain passes because one icy patch and we could be over a cliff. The snow was coming so hard, we couldn’t see even a foot in front of the car, and the wipers were 3 inches thick with ice and couldn’t keep the windows clear. Ray and I sang hymns and prayed for hours (we thought we were either going over the cliff or stop on the road where we could freeze to death) and then all of a sudden, out of no where…we saw brake lights from a car that had stopped on the road. Out of the driver’s side of the car comes a lady, dressed in a ski outfit and she walks to our window. We open the door (the window was iced shut) and she says, ” I am going to lead my car on the road while my friend drives…you follow our lights.” Ray wanted to be the one leading and felt terrible because we were certainly not dressed for snow in AZ, we agreed to follow behind. She walked for probably an hour with her hand on her car, and we crawled slowly behind them, barely seeing her lights. During that time, Ray and I talked about buying them coffee or even a dinner for their goodness to us once we got into Flagstaff. Again, as quickly as they showed up, all of a sudden, THEY VANISHED….the snow was gone, the city lights were ahead, and the sky was as clear and full of more stars than I have ever seen in my life. We will swear till the day we die, that those ladies WERE angels, there is no other explanation for what we witnessed. We had cried out to God and He mercifully sent His angels to protect us from harm. 7 hours from the time we left Flagstaff, we arrived in Phoenix.

    • 239.1
      Yanna says:

      oooh Kim, a God goosebump story, should be in Reader’s Digest or something with a picture of you and your husband. Thank You Lord.

  40. 240
    Kelli says:

    Last year at Christmas time, I miscarried and was mourning the precious baby I would never hold in my arms on earth. One who was desired and prayed for, for MONTHS!!

    This Christmas I am VERY round with child and will meet my precious baby any day now.  

    I thought I would have to deal with such sadness during Christmas this year but in return and through God’s gift of the miracle of life, we are filled with JOY!

  41. 241

    In October 2005, my husband went to the doctor for what we thought would be a simple diagnosis. By the end of the week, we would find out he in fact had a tumor. On October 21st, we would hear the news that it was in fact Stage IV cancer. This was a shock to us, because there were no BIG signs that anything like this was taking place.

    Not having insurance, our church had a fund raiser and raised money for our family. Every time I would purchase medicine, or supplies, our church secretary would call to say she had received a check from someone and it would always be for more than we had paid out.

    On November 27, 2005, the LORD called my husband home. I was devastated! Here I was a single mom, sole provider for my family.

    My daughter was a freshman in college and her scholarship was put on probation due to grades. I called the university to find out how much money was needed to pay her tuition for the next semester. The reply was $806.00. I had a wad of cash left over from the donations, after paying bills, and buying Christmas presents for my children. When I counted the money, it was $810.00. You can not tell me that wasn’t God!

    I have grown from a night on my knees asking God what plans did he have for me. What future? What hope? How can it be good?(Jer 29:11), to seeing his hand in my life, like I have never seen before. He was always providing miracles in my life. But things were going too good for me to see Him at work.

    Thank you LORD for your love and faithfulness.

  42. 242
    Suzy says:

    You will get no exaggeration from me – I’m as conservative as they come – I still have trouble believing with my mind what I’m about to tell you that God did in Africa with my children….

    I raised three children in the Lord – went to church and Sunday School since the day they were born – spoke of the Lord and His wonderful works in my house. But one of my daughters (who is now a medical doctor) says that she no longer believes in God. So, as you can imagine, she is on the very top of my prayer list. I have pleaded with God to draw her back to Himself. As of yet, that has not happened. Yet.

    My son is involved part-time in a missions ministry and his territory is Africa – he organizes missions trips there. The last several years they have gone to Ethiopia, a communist country. They have to have another reason to come into the country besides evangelism – so they have brought a medical team with them each time. Crowds of hundreds will line up to wait for medical care, and as they are waiting, the gospel is preached or the Word is read. This past October, my doctor-daughter and another doctor she works with decided they would go on this year’s trip to Ethiopia as part of the medical team.

    On Tuesday morning of the week that they were all in Ethiopia, I prayed, asking God to reveal Himself to my daughter in a way that she could not deny – that He would show Himself to her as I know only He could.

    On Tuesday afternoon in Ethiopia, the first patients that come into the clinic are two little boys with their parents – one is severely retarded, but otherwise physically ok. The brother is a deaf-mute, but otherwise physically ok also. Both my daughter and her doctor-friend examine them, run some rudimentary tests, but decide that outside of giving them vitamins there is nothing they can do for them. They explain to the parents that even in America, there is nothing that will help their boys.

    The pastor and missions team leader pray over every patient that is seen – and so as these boys leave, the pastor puts his hands on the deaf-mute and prays that God would grant hearing to this boy, and begins whispering “Jesus – Jesus – Jesus” in this boy’s ear. My son and daughter were both in the room when this happened. The pastor looked at the boy and said to him “Say ‘Jesus'” – and the little boy turned his head (for the first time) in response to sound and said “Jesus”.

    As you can imagine, everyone in the room was totally stunned – my daughter re-checked him – and he now responded to sound, where he did not previously. God healed that boy in front of many witnesses. His parents both began sobbing – and then grabbed him and ran outside screaming and telling everyone waiting in line what had happened.

    Because of the time difference between America and Ethiopia, it is possible that my prayer and this miracle were happening at the same time. But even if not – I know that it was God answering the prayer of my heart.

    It blew my son’s mind – even though working regularly in missions, he is used to seeing God work in ways that He does not in America because of hard hearts. Did my daughter believe? Not yet. But I know she saw God and cannot deny that. I know that the seed is planted and watered. And my faith has soared – because I know He hears and answers prayers. My prayers. (Even when I have such little faith that I am shocked when He answers!)

  43. 243
    Sissy says:

    My Dad had a serious liver problem and five Doctors told us that he had 2 weeks to live we could take him home. We did and I stayed with him to care for him while my Mom worked. We had only been home for a few days when my Dad said I want you to look at my stomach (his stomach was so enlarged it looked ready to burst) When I went to look at it, his stomach had completely gone down and after this he began to get better so much so that we took him back to the Dr. When the Dr. saw him he was shocked and told us I never expected to see you again. He also said I did not do this, God did. My Dad had been brought back from his death bed by God, and God only. My Dad was not a believer and we prayed that this would change his heart and give his life to Christ, but it did not. My Dad lived 7 years in good health until he was diagnosed with Lung cancer, and once again the Dr. said there is no hope, but this time, my Dad immediatly realized his need, and it had nothing to do with the Dr. He knew he needed Christ. His words to me was “It’s a shame you have to be dying to realize you need Jesus” Something changed this time compared to the last time, He spoke with my Mom’s Pastor and he gave his life to Christ and We all saw what a transformation Christ did in his life immediatly. My Dad ask me to start praying with him (this man had never ask anyone to pray with him, I was so shocked that I had to go and pray alone and ask God to give me what I needed to say when I did pray) Oh, how good God was to me. My Dad and I would kneel at the end of his bed I would pray and he would cry and God showed up big in those precious weeks. I prayed for a miracle like the one he had given him before, to restore his life once again, I did not received that miracle but oh the miracle I did receive, My Dad destiny was sealed, He was going to be with his heavenly Father! I spent nights with him praying and God blessed those times so much. My Dad only lived 7 weeks after his diagnosis, but those were the best 7 weeks of his life and mine. His because he met Jesus, and mine because God allowed me to see Him is a way I had never experienced in my life. Not only was my Dad’s life changed but so was mine. I had been a Christian for many years but during this time God took me where I had never been before and I give Him praise! I have seen God do miracles since then in our little church of 120 people, several members have went to the edge of death with no hope from the Doctors, But we all prayed to the Doctor who held the final diagnosis. Praise God!

  44. 244

    Beth’s call for miracle stories is the second recently on blogs I follow. Interesting. Sometimes I feel like this story comes up in my mind too often, and I try to avoid sharing it, because I know similar situations that did not turn out so well. And I want to share new and fresh works He does in me and fro me. And I feel like a broken record about it, though certainly one of God’s great power! But, again, I am feeling led to share what happened to my daughter and I, with my friend and her daughter. (Sorry for the length.)

    In 1997, my husband and I and our daughter drove 13 hours to Austin, Texas, to see friends who had moved there. One day, the guys went golfing, their oldest daughter headed to school and my friend, her daughter, myself and our daughter decided to go to the children’s museum. Well, we never made it there.

    Driving on the freeway, a little wet from the rain, we were essentially shoved, lane-by-lane off the road, slipping into the median and up into the lanes on the other side. Our attorney told us later, that it happened so fast that traffic couldn’t stop, as they didn’t see us coming in time.

    Two cars hit the car we were in head-on, at freeway speeds, 60 mph. And look we are alive! All of us! Praise God!

    God was so very tender. When I came to at the scene, a woman was standing in front of the crumpled car calling for help on her cell phone – beautiful cross necklace dangling from her neck. I’m not kidding!!! I know some people who wear those are not believers, but something she said made me think she was, though I haven’t the foggiest idea what that was now. I remember her yelling through the window that she was a nurse. How good IS God????

    The doors wouldn’t open and we were frightened, but because of her we knew help was on the way. I turned around to check on my daughter, and her car seat had tipped over. And she looked lifeless. I remember saying, “Please God, no. Please God, no.”

    Get this!! My sister’s voice popped in my head! She, too, is, or was at the time, an R.N. You know what that voice said, in my sister’s EXACT speech pattern, tone, etc.? “Check her pulse, honey.” I know it’s a common term of endearment, but she does call me honey.

    I think we as followers of the One True God KNOW who was using my BIG sister’s voice as one that I would listen to and find comfort in. GOD!! So, I did – shakily – check her pulse. AND IT WAS THERE!! I felt her little pulse. PRAISE GOD!!

    Today, our daughter excels in school, serves God in children’s ministries and shares Him with her peers.

    My friend, who was driving, was physically hurt a little less than me, and her daughter, praise the Lord, was essentially not hurt. Because my knees hit the dash, I was diagnosed two years ago with trauma-induced osteoarthritis, and I can no longer run. But it amazes me that I am alive!! Gosh, when I share this story, I get fired up all over again about His power, love, compassion and mercy!

    In the hospital, I knew my husband needed to be with our daughter (who woke up the next morning and started using the enclosed crib as a jungle gym). So, I prayed God would really be present with me. I knew He was (and is) but I think you know I meant I needed to be fully aware of Him around me. OK, so I was cold. I prayed and the heat kicked on!! 🙂 The next morning, I read in the paper Billy Graham was in town or nearby or going to be or something. For some reason, that comforted me. I don’t exactly know why that comforted me, but it did. So, thanks, God! And my nurse and I got to talk about what a great man of God Graham is.

    Those little things wouldn’t really be classified as miracles; but wow, they are WONDERFUL, APPRECIATED gifts and works of God. But the fact that all four of us lived – and the people in the other cars, too – that is/those are what we distinctly call (a) miracle/s!! Yay, God!

  45. 245
    M.S. says:

    My toddler daughter was gravely ill again. She was frequently ill and had been since infancy from fighting a disease she was blessed to survive. Her weak immune system would barely recover before another round of illness took over. Just before her third birthday, she broke out in a rash that turned to large welts. The welts turned to huge bruises all over her body. Just as the bruises started to fade, a new set of spots and welts would come and cycle again. We took her to two doctors within a few days. One told us she had a rare kidney disease that would progress and within weeks to months, she would need a transplant. The other thought it was a severe allergic reaction, the worst he had ever seen, to the round of antibiotics she had finished three days prior. There were no tests to confirm either diagnosis. On day three we were told by the doctors it was a waiting game. If the symptoms lasted less than 4-6 we could assume it was the allergic reaction. If the symptoms continued longer, it was the kidney disease.

    That night with my husband at work, I lay her in my bed, knelt next to her, and prayed for her as I had never prayed in my life. I poured out my heart to God. Through a series of events, we had left the denomination my husband and I had been raised in that taught that big healing, such as this required, could only come if the elders came to pray for her. I begged God to hear my prayers, even though they were just coming from me. In the early morning, I finally collapsed next to my sweet baby who was covered in bruises from the tip of her nose to the soles of her feet, her ears, her palms. I woke a few hours later and couldn’t believe my eyes. Not a spot, not a welt, not a bruise. She was healed. I was in awe. From this, I knew assuredly, for the first time, that God hears all of us and wants a personal relationship with us. It was staggering. Our doctor, a Christian too, proclaimed a miracle that day. We never knew what she had…but she’s never taken that antibiotic again.

    Today, this same sweet baby, now a young woman, is walking through a dark valley. She is the recent victim of a felony crime. The kind that hurts not only the body, but the mind and soul. Some days, our family is nearly paralyzed with grief, anxiety, and worry. Then, we remember the countless miracles, big and small, our Savior has given to our family in addition to the one told above. He loves us. He hears us. He has a history with us. He gives us miracles. He is our God and we are His people. His love never fails.

    • 245.1
      Amy Hawk in Hood River says:

      Dear M.S.,
      Thank you for sharing this miracle of healing. I pray for the balm of Gilead, God’s sweet comfort, poured out on your daughter’s soul, in Jesus’ name. And I thank Him that He is a Holy, righteous Judge. Justice is the foundation of His throne. God bless your family during this time with abundant Shalom.

  46. 246
    Cristie says:

    In March of 2000 I suffered a brain bleed at work. I had taken my two daughters to school that morning. They were in second grade and Kindergarten. I woke up a day later in Tyler, Texas in a neuro ICU an hour from my home. As they prepared me for an angiogram and explained that they would look for an aneurysm and after locating it, they would remove part of my skull and do surgery, I prayed that none of it would happen. I also prayed that God’s will be done and if there was any way His will could include me living to see my children accept Him as their personal Savior, that I’d like that best but His will was most important. Well, there was no aneurysm and I’m still here 10 years later with no further complications or follow-ups. Both girls were saved in September of 2001 and baptized together. I do recall being a little wound up when they were saved within 24 hours of each other. I thought maybe He was getting it all done at once so He could take me on home!! 🙂 One thing I do remember from the ER in my hometown is Jesus being there. I remember His presence and I remember His comfort. He spoke to me in that ER and assured me that I would be OK and I am. The miracles are allll around EVERY day but this one truly stood out because there were SO many at once!!

  47. 247
    Kelly S. says:

    I have loved reading these stories and didnt realize how much I needed to read them. Thank you Lord.

    Halfway through my third pregnancy, I was referred to a high risk OB. He said that my baby had a chromosome problem and hydrocephalus. He recommeded more tests and if they turned out as he suspected, termination. Im still overwhelmed at the thought of this. We transfered to a larger hospital, but kept the same OB. We immedialtely went to our pastor and he suggested that we go before the church and have them pray for us. We did. Each doctor visit we got a better report, and refused all other invasive testing. About 1 month before my sons birth I felt God told me He had healed him. When he was born, he was very healthy, but he did have Down’s syndrome. At the time, I was confused, but I knew we had the baby meant for us. Looking back, I belive this is an even bigger miracle than I first thought. Yes, my son has an extra chromosome, but Im thankful for it! He has taught us so much. He had none of the other problems that my OB had suggested, and his health has been remarkable. He is truly a miracle and God has used him to change my entire family…for His Glory. Thank You Lord.

  48. 248
    Nancy Smith says:

    He saved a wretch like me . . .

  49. 249
    Jennifer D. says:

    In April of 2009, I was blessed with becoming a mom. I had almost given up on getting pregnant, so to say that it was a joy for my husband and I is an understatement. Two months later, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer. Her primary care physician did not seem very hopeful or helpful. As a result, we found an amazing cancer specialist. At the time I can remember being SO TERRIFED and angry. At one point, I remember crying out to God, why would you do this? We have been through so much over the last couple of years (several deaths and trials), why do You want my mom? I need her to help ME be a mom!! In my spirt I felt the Lord saying, “How do you know that this is going to end bad with another loss?” I remember being so shocked by the question, but found peace and hope. My mom went through several rounds of chemo and ended up having a stem cell transplant on Christmas Eve. We prayed over her stem cells and ask God breath life into her body and bless us with a Christmas miracle. The long story short, my mom is currently in remisssion!!! The Lord has blessed her. She is not as strong as before, but has learned the blessing of slowly down. God was so faithful to us during her treatments and brought my family so much closer. Moreover, He reminded me that HE knows my feelings and that He is big enough to handle my feelings, doubts, and fears. He loves me unconditionally!

  50. 250
    Redeemed says:

    Last fall, I took on homeschooling my daughter who was (then) a Junior in high school. On our first day of homeschooling, for some odd reason I woke up extremely early (like 5 am) bright eye’d and ready to go! (this NEVER happens to me…that in and of itself is a MIRACLE)My husband even thought it was out of the ordinary!

    We successfully made it through our first day of school. However, by 4 that afternoon I was so sleepy from my early morning, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. The plan was for my two daughters and I to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up art supplies, but I opted out for a short nap before starting dinner. They took off, and I settled in for a quiet power nap. A thunderstorm had moved into the area, so I was good to go for some rest!

    About 15 minutes after the girls left for Hobby Lobby, our house was hit by lightning.

    To make a long story short, if I had not been there at the time our home would have been a total loss. The lightning hit the gas line and completely took out our kitchen, even with my quick response, so you can imagine what another 30 minutes would have done!

    I credit God for waking me up so early that morning, so I would be nice and tired – AND AT HOME – at the exact moment our house was hit. If He hadn’t, I would have been out to Hobby Lobby instead of at home, resting. We would have come back to a destroyed home, and *shudder*, lost pets.

    One of the firemen even told me, “the Lord had your back on this one.”

    He has had His Hand on us every step of the way in the restoration of our home over the last year.

    That’s my most recent miracle.

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