Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 8!

My dear Siestas, talk to me today about miracles. I know some people who could use one. Take some stones of remembrance this day and be used of God to build up somebody’s faith. Ground rules: No exaggerations. No make believe. Just pure honest Biblical truth about what you know your God can do from first hand experience.

You guys are so dear to me.

Lord Jesus, show up in a mighty visitation this week in our community. You are our Hope and our Salvation. In You we place our trust. The very sign of that first Christmas was a miracle: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, ‘God with us.'” O Come, O Come Immanuel. So many need to know You are here. Grant us eyes to see and hearts to love. You are our everything. Thank You for Your goodness to us.


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    Tara G. says:

    I am who I am today because of Him- the miracle of a regenerated heart and mind is no small thing.

    We’ve had the opportunity/privilege to get a little glimpse as some come over here (Ukraine) to adopt- there is not one single adoption that doesn’t have some type of miracle involved- and isn’t that like Him?!

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      Karen Hollis says:

      That is SO true!! I cannot begin to count all the miracles that came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms during our adoption process eight years ago to Moscow, Russia.
      After many years of failure to have a baby the Lord lead us half way around the world.
      When they brought him in the room and our eyes met— it was magical. I know that is not a very spiritual word ” magical”–but, that IS what it was. We BELONGED together!! It was an immediate healing of a longing heart! Our Christmas Miracle– we got home Christmas Eve
      With our blessed baby boy!!! Dear Lord, I can never say thank you enough for that precious gift, but I WILL spend the rest of my life trying!!!!! Thank you- thank you- thank you.

  2. 2
    Becky says:

    My Poppie (Dad’s dad) just passed away in October at the age of 71 after a 7 month battle with lung cancer. It’s been tough on our family for sure, and I fight tears at times…but sometimes it’s good tears. There are so many miracles in his battle, life and journey. I stop and thank the Lord all the time for them. The one that’s fresh on my mind today is that he took 3 different chemo drugs, trying to prolong his life on Earth. All 3 made no impact at all. He felt yucky and tired, but never got sick from it. He had minimum side effects that is a complete miracle and answered prayer. He had very aggressive cancer and took very aggressive and intense chemo treatments and not once threw up or was hospitalized during his treatments. That’s a miracle for sure and I’m thanking the Lord for that today!

    • 2.1
      Krystle says:

      I love that even though the Lord took your Poppie home to be with Him, you can still see ALL the miracles along the way. Sometimes it doesn’t mean saving him here on this earth, and we forget that!
      Thank you for the reminder! Blessings on you!

      • Andrea S. says:

        Becky & Krystle,
        We are just coming through the loss of my beloved Father-in-law, and we too are able to see the little blessings that God gave us along the way! Ted had our children for 10 days this summer, brought them home to us on a Wednesday. He and my husband built a new bed for us and we had a wonderful dinner with him. He went back to Montana on Thursday and that Saturday he had his stroke, which would leave him unable to speak or walk. It was 6 weeks later that he would leave us to go Home, and even though our hearts break here, especially during this Christmas season, as it was always his favorite, we still count ourselves as very blessed to have had the last few moments and memories that we did get!

        In Him,

  3. 3
    Dori says:

    Oh Beth,

    Two weeks ago I got a call from my brother that my Mom was very sick. There were some pretty serious symptoms that had caused her to go to her doctor. She was sent immediately over for a CT Scan. Two tumors — 3″ and 2″ — were found in her bladder. The doctors wanted them out immediately and were setting the stage for her to battle cancer in the days to come. Suddenly, our Thanksgiving and Christmas was beginning to take on a whole new look.

    I had a ticket to attend Deeper Still, but felt compelled to sell it as her surgery would be the day before I was supposed to leave and I wasn’t sure if my mindset would be appropriate if I learned my Mom had cancer. So I sold it.

    I can honestly say that throughout the waiting for surgery I did not feel anxiety. I felt a peace that everything would be alright. But I can tell you that while I prayed for a miracle and asked others to do the same, I woke up each morning feeling resolved that this could be cancer. On Thursday, December 2, I woke up at 4am and said this audibly to God:

    “God, today we will find out if Mom has cancer. Please help me to walk this journey well and to glorify You and You alone as I do.”

    Even still resolved that it was probably going to be cancer.

    Mom went back to surgery and about 45 minutes into the possible hour long procedure my Dad began to tell us that the doctor was very concerned, was not optimistic, was preparing Mom for cancer and even the possibility that her bladder would have to be removed altogether. I felt a moment of anxiety and sent out a tweet to have my Sisters pray. And pray they did. I did, too. And peace overwhelmed me.

    Five minutes later, the doctor came into the very crowded waiting room. Rather than take us back to the consultation room (which I was still expecting) he stood and told us that one of the two sizeable tumors was no longer there when they got to Mom’s bladder and the other tumor was not nearly as big as they first thought. Her bladder wall was protected and there was no sign of cancer. They were able to remove the tumor completely. I believe God did the miraculous. I believe He took one tumor away and shrunk the other between her diagnosis and her surgery!!

    My husband heard all of this and looked at me and said, “Well, then…you are going to Birmingham.” And I did.

    And I listened to Priscilla tell us to leave God Margins for Him to do the unexpected and miraculous. And I heard You say that we need to leave room in our lives for God to give us treasures. And I came home to hear my pastor share the story and audio that I have heard you share of Duane Miller and the miraculous way God restored his voice as he was teaching Psalm 103.

    God STILL works miracles. How in the world at this time of year, when we are reminded once again that the very coming of Jesus — God Himself born into this world as a baby to a virgin — is based on the miraculous could we doubt that He doesn’t still perform them???

    I praise Him today because Who He is is all I need! But I also praise Him today that He still wants to show us what He can do!!

    “Praise the LORD, my soul;
    all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
    Praise the LORD, my soul,
    and forget not all his benefitsโ€”
    who forgives all your sins
    and heals all your diseases,
    who redeems your life from the pit
    and crowns you with love and compassion,
    who satisfies your desires with good things
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagleโ€™s”

    Psalm 103:1-5 NIV


  4. 4
    Gretchen says:

    When God clearly directed my husband and I to adopt in 2007 we were barely making it in a support-raised ministry and had $2,000 in the bank. As we began exploring what this would look like, some people close to us advised that the reasonable thing for us to do would be to adopt through the foster care system because it was “free”, but God kept bringing us back to Ethiopia. It didn’t make any sense to begin a $20,000 adoption, but we kept obeying what we knew God was calling us to and at each step doors opened and funding came. In 2009 we brought our 6 year old daughter home from Ethiopia with NO DEBT.

    What I know about God is that He isn’t always “reasonable”, but He’s always faithful!!

  5. 5
    Roxanne Worsham says:

    Yes, God is still in the business of doing miracles. Some of those miracles come in the form of an instantaneous healing. Sometimes the miracle comes over time. Sometimes the miracle we are looking for doesn’t come packaged in the way we expect at all but that does not mean God is not present or has turned a deaf ear to our circumstance. I have seen Him show up in all the aforementioned ways. The miracle I need right now is one I have been praying for for over 20 years. It is for my brother’s mental illness. I know it would be so easy for God to heal my brother. I would love for nothing more than to have my brother back, for my dad to have his son back, for my sis in law to have her husband and more importantly for my niece and nephew to have their daddy.

    For whatever reason that I do not understand, the healing has not come yet. Nonetheless, I
    continue to pray, believe, hope, and wait. And….. I continue to trust that my God, who is more than able has a perfect plan in His perfect time. In the meantime, He has given me patience and compassion that I would not have otherwise.

    I think the enemy would want me to get mad or bitter and lose hope, but as long as I have breath I will continue to seek God and trust His will for my life. Where there is no hope the people perish. I choose to find the peace amidst this long and weary storm and await the day when ALL will be healed!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even so, Lord Jesus, come!!!

    • 5.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      I am praying for your brother and your family. Trusting God in everything, what a blessing you are!

    • 5.2
      valerie says:

      Thanks for sharing this with us Roxanne. I’m praying for him too & look forward to the day you share of his miracle!

    • 5.3
      Kim Safina says:


      You have touched my heart with your loving,sincere words.
      “As long as I have breath I will continue to seek God and trust His will for my life.” AMEN!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Missy June says:

    For several years I tried to become pregnant and did not. When I finally did, I lost that baby…then two more. Then our Lord granted me a healthy son, truly a miracle, with the aid of assisted reproductive therapies. A daughter came by the same process and then: my dear bonus baby – unexpected and with no help except love and our Lord! Three losses redeemed by three lives.

    I know this is a miracle and I praise our Lord for His goodness. I would do so whether He granted me these children or not, but I want to display His greatness when I can!

  7. 7
    Nicole says:

    I’m getting married! Miracle? Definately! I cried out for years to the Lord for a Godly man. I went all through high school and college without dating. And as it goes with us ladies, I was oh-so-dramatic about the fact that I would never meet anyone!
    Well, the Lord was so patient with me and fulfilled his perfect plan. A little over a year ago, I met the man that God had planned for me to marry. He fulfilled his promise and I’m living the miracle I had begun to think I would never see: I’m getting married in April!
    The Lord is so faithful…even when we can’t see what lies ahead.

  8. 8
    patty says:

    Good morning sweet Beth and Siestas!

    First hand miracles…. God healed me from a rare cancer. Given a prognosis of maybe 5 years to live, amputation of my leg (location of the cancer). After surgery, they removed a lot from my leg but I got to keep my leg. 7 years cancer free!! I praise God as my Healer.

    Years ago, newly divorced with 2 small boys. We needed money to pay the electric bill.If I didn’t get it by the next day they were going to cut off our electricity. My ex husband owed me some money but wasn’t sending it. I called him that evening and asked if he had sent it and he told me no but he would put it in the mail the next day.

    I began to pray and plead to God. I asked for a miracle. The next day, I went to check the mail and there was the check from my ex husband!! There was no way that could have been in my mailbox. BUT GOD!!! I praise Him as my Provider.

    One more, same situation of needing financial provision. I had a car sitting in the driveway that I couldn’t afford to fix. I had prayed that morning for God’s help and provision.

    That afternoon a man knocked on my door. I opened it and he asked me if I would be willing to sell my car!!! Even though I prayed, I was shocked and surprised! God can send someone to your front door if you need him to!

    All things are possible with God and nothing is too hard for Him!!

    Love you all!

    • 8.1
      valerie says:

      Wonderful testimonies Patty! You’re a dear, sweet Siesta. I love that God gave you and my daughter the same birthday and that you keep having them! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • patty says:

        Thank you Valerie! You are so sweet and I always think of Kristin on Sept.7. ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy she is a momma now and that you are a grandmother. :)) Love you!

    • 8.2
      Kim Safina says:


      Your story touched me!
      I am blessed to call you friend!
      Can hardly wait to meet you in person!
      My heart is full of joy as I see your face and the other Siesta’s faces in my prayer journal each morning! Yes, I glued several of the siestas into my prayer journal so that I could see them as I pray!
      I thank Amanda,Beth,Melissa for opening this wonderful friendship of ours!!!

      • April says:

        Patty –
        Your stories were awesome, but I laughed when you said “God can send someone to your front door if you need him to!”

        Because we often forget He can do ANYTHING! And I am currently in the midst of a financial nightmare myself. Our rent was due today and if we didn’t pay our water bill they were going to cut it off this afternoon, my husband swears that his check is more than enough (even though it hasn’t been that much in over 6 months). So I went ahead and wrote both checks and have been praying for several days that when he gets paid tomorrow morning that it’s more than enough. We just couldn’t afford to chance the late fee on the rent and them cutting off our water with two small children.

        I have many of my girlfriends praying for me in this situation and I know God can do anything!

  9. 9
    3GirlsMom says:

    My brother, Adam, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at age 4. My family was immediately sent to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis where we were told that he would most likely not make it through the night. He had a grapefruit sized tumor that was sitting on his adrenal gland and his blood pressure was at stroke level because of it. At it’s highest it was 240/210. And he was a 40 pound 4 year old boy.

    My father was the Minister of Education and Youth at our small church which was in Alabama, but only about and hour and a half from Memphis. Church members flocked to the hospital and began a round-the-clock prayer vigil for the complete healing of Adam. 2 days later, he was taken into surgery to remove this tumor and hope for a chance at life. The year was 1981 and not only was cancer research very primitive, but only 8 children had survived Adam’s cancer. EIGHT. His doctor, who was a brilliant medical marvel, was Hindu, and had no interest in our God, our prayers, or our religion. He relied completely on his knowledge and experience to perform this surgery. But he was watching all that had been going on in the waiting room.

    When the surgery was over, the doc came out of the operating room to speak to my parents. He was astonished – almost staggering. He said that the tumor was active, malignant, and deadly, but was surrounded by benign tissue. It had “peeled out like an orange.” He said that he had no explanation for what happened except that “our God healed this child.” He then asked to know more about our God. (!!!!!) Adam spent 2 more weeks in the hospital and left without a trace of cancer. He never had chemo or radiation. He is now 33 and was officially the NINTH child to have survived neuroblastoma and was declared “cured” by St. Jude in 1993. St. Jude still studies his case. They are still baffled. His case has also been send to the University of Minnesota who still does research on my entire family. I am praying for the day when they realize that there is no medical research necessary to explain a miracle. God healed him. Period. ALL glory to Him!

    • 9.1
      LindsayN84 says:

      What an encouragement this is to me! This summer, my husband was diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumor, and I love hearing stories about people being healed of similar cancers. God is so faithful!

    • 9.2
      Joyce Watson says:

      Your story of your son is a wonderful miracle and hopefully the doctor would come to Christ one day.
      I’ve toured St. Judes Hospital and praying for those children_so many suffering.

    • 9.3
      Marni says:

      My daughter had cancer. God’s miracles are all over children’s cancer. The things I saw and the things I heard from other parents about the mountains God moved for their children, defy explanation. And each time God gave us all a miracle, someone would be nearby saying to us, “tell me about this God you serve”.

      If you get time, stop by our buddy Weston’s page. He’s a Neuroblastoma survivor. He’s 8 years old. I know his family would LOVE the encouragement of hearing how your brother beat this vicious cancer. His page is www.

    • 9.4
      Nancy says:

      Oh my goodness! I have goosebumps all over me! Thank you for sharing.

    • 9.5
      Roxanne Worsham says:

      WHAT A SAVIOR!!!!

    • 9.6

      Awesome! Wonderful to hear about this miracle and how you and you family gave all praise and honor to “your God”….the ONE and ONLY…..and how this in turn led this Hindu doctor to question his own beliefs! This truly blessed my heart!!

      Marilyn…in Mississippi

    • 9.7
      Happy Heart says:

      AMAZING!! HE is a GOD of miracles!!

    • 9.8
      kimberly says:

      chills! i love it when God baffles doctors, and i love the doctors who love to be baffled by God!

      • Stephanie says:

        That is awesome! I also am a neuroblastoma survivor. I was diagnosed in 1980 – right around the same time.

    • 9.9
      Kim Safina says:

      “ALL GLORY TO HIM!!!!”

      I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thank you for sharing this ~ talk soon on twit <3
      ((( hugs )))

  10. 10
    r says:

    Miracles? Here are a few…
    my crumbling house sold within 2 months of being up for sale in a stagnant market. A lawsuit filed by vengeful family members was ruled in my favor and these people were told that I was already giving them far more than any court ever would have ruled. When I turned down a job that didn’t offer enough hours, after a few weeks they called me back with a fulltime job in an area that was much more suited to my experience and giftedness. My oppositional child who took so much energy to raise has turned out to be the most profusely grateful and thoughtful child, and is ALWAYS coming through for me and I never have to ask for anything more than once. I lost all my remaining older family in the last few years….and while horribly lonely (all I have are my kids) I am not DEVASTATED like I was years earlier when I lost those close to me… and while I am in pain…I see that God has had to remove even more things from my life and has given me a glimmer of what he is doing… when I already thought I had lost more than enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was given the opportunity to complete my college education (so many miracles involved in that story), but the biggest miracle to me is one class I kept failing…. I ultimately found out that my first time taking the class was before a certain ruling and therefore that class was “grandfathered in”… and I got to graduate.
    I live on very, very little financially… and God always comes through, He provides every single time and we are allowed the privilege of knowing Him better in all the ways we see Him manifest His presence.
    I do need a miracle right now… the restoration of a friendship. My prayers have not so much been fruitful where friendships are concerned, most often they are in situations/circumstances for some reason. I have committed myself to following God’s principles in the area of relationships and need his healing and restoration in myself… to actually be able to RECEIVE love.

  11. 11
    Kiki says:

    I sure do have a miracle story! You see, my mom (who is in her late 50s) is suffering the effects of having a brain tumor and radiation on her brain-One of which is a loss of balance and difficulty walking. She has a tendency to fall because of this…which I know happens eventually as much as we try to prevent it. So I began praying that when she did fall, she would not be injured. One afternoon she was walking in from the garage with my dad and fell face first right on the concrete floor. Didn’t even put her hands out to catch herself…straight down. Miracle=NO injury..not a bump, broken bone, scratch, nothing. To God be the glory!

  12. 12
    Amanda Waller says:

    I’ll keep this short – My miracle happened a couple of years ago when I came within moments of being a victim in the hands of a horrible individual. My encounter with this person was scary…but I was assisted by security at a large retail chain that got me to safety. I found out that approximately 2 weeks later that individual had killed a young woman in a horrific manner. I can only know this… there is a reason God let that happen to me, then let me be spared a similar fate. The miracle to me is this – because of a million small things in my life at the time – God used this to open my eyes that he does indeed have a future for me; even when I don’t know what that future is. I claim Jer. 29:11. It’s hard to describe the feelings that come to me when I look back at the situation, but I will tell you this…In telling a few key people all the details I know about what happened to me and the other young lady, I have hear over and over…”It’s a miracle it wasnt you.” **sigh** I agree.

    • 12.1
      LindsayN84 says:

      Wow! Thank God!!

    • 12.2
      Becca says:

      I’m getting choked up reading this and am immediately praying that this situation would not allow the enemy to place a stronghold of fear on your life.

      When I was around 4th grade, someone attempted to kidnap me, and they were thankfully unsuccessful. As far as I know they never caught the guy, but according to some leads this man was suspected for some child rapes and possibly murder. That whole scenario bred in me an intense fear stronghold that followed me even into my early adult life. And even not that long ago I realized there was an unforgiveness issue there that I didn’t know hadn’t been resolved. It’s strange how many “things” might pop up that stem from this one little event that I thought I was over a long time ago. So although are situations are not identical, I “get” your emotions and am praying for peace to wash over you right now.

      • Amanda Waller says:

        Becca, wow- thank you for the prayer… I can’t imagine dealing with something like this as a child. My heart is just heavy that anyone should have to deal with such…. I did battle some strongholds after it happened. Anxiety became my friend for quite awhile. I didn’t shake it until I did Beth’s study of Esther. I put the whole series on my ipod and would listen to her speak about the stronghold of fear over and over. Eventually it broke. Don’t get me wrong- I still have moments… boy, do i ever… but I know thats what helped me realize that for whatever reason I was spared. I just have to have faith that he spared me for something greater for His purpose. I think the same for you. You were so close to having a different story to share… to becoming a different person. Yet God in all his wisdom and knowledge knew you had a different path in Him.

        Thank you for sharing your story with me and being so honest about your stronghold of fear. Sometimes its so easy for us to pretend to be strong….

        I’ll forever remember you and pray for you often-

  13. 13
    Krystle says:

    Last Christmas my husband and I lost our baby. 6 days before Christmas. We were angry, hurt, confused and just plain raw.
    How could we celebrate this, our favorite season, while hurting so deeply?

    THIS Christmas season, I am 27 weeks pregnant with TWINS! Not only did God bless us, and show us His faithfulness….but because He’s God, HE did it big! He blessed us twice!

    Last Christmas my sweet husband (our Worship pastor) had to play the piano for our Christmas program one day after we found out about the baby.

    THIS Christmas while the choir was singing, his hands were upon my belly while our TWIN boys were kicking and bouncing around.

    Reminding us that He has a plan, He works in ways we cannot understand but He is always faithful!!

    And now these babies serve as such a testimony of his works and an open door to sharing about His love!

  14. 14

    Some miracles that I know only God could have done because nothing is impossible for Him:

    The Lord saving two very rebellious teens in my high school that I and others had prayed for while in high school-complete turnarounds at that time

    My husband being cured of cancer after his mom read James, and asked the elders to anoint him with oil and pray over him before I met him

    God giving my friend at church a daughter when she had almost given up on a child after a few miscarriages

    God giving me my daughter after many failed attempts and when I knew that it was going to be harder to get pregnant with in vitro, and really not very many couples get pregnant right away

    I have to believe that absolutely nothing is impossible for Him. He has all power to transform others and myself, so that our minds are renewed and our lives transformed. A mind that thinks differently than our old patterns of thought-what a miracle! That anyone is saved is a miracle to me! A person spiritually dead given life and hope and purpose! Christ in us, the hope of ever giving glory to Him! What an amazing miracle!

    Blessings, ((HUGS)), Love in Him,


    • 14.1

      Yikes, I realized I needed to clarify, my friend who had the baby girl, that was her second child and my husband did go through the standard chemo and radiation, but praise be to God for what He did in their lives. Such miracles to me:)

  15. 15
    lavonda says:

    I’ve had two big miracles in my life that really stand out:
    My firstborn was a tubal pregnancy that only God could have moved to my womb, according to the doctor (I love looking back through his baby album and seeing those test results I kept for him to see one day)
    During my pregnancy with my daughter, they found an amniotic band stretching across my uterus that could have caused deformity or amputation of any part of her that got caught in it. I still have some of the printed pictures of it they sent with me to the specialist. In the few days it took to get in with the high risk doctor, God removed that band. It simply wasn’t there anymore. That baby is a beautiful little girl who will turn 10 a week from today.

    Both of these times, I wrote scriptures on notecards and literally carried them around with me praying them incessantly over my baby. I’d even wake myself up at night praying in my sleep. For whatever reason, pregnancies are dramatic for me. I’ve lost 3 babies to miscarriage (my 1st, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies). But these two, my son and daughter, God let me have. Why didn’t He save those other pregnancies when I prayed? Why didn’t He heal my Grandaddy when he died a painful death from cancer? These things I do not know. But I do know sometimes He works miracles in a big way. There are times I hope I haven’t met my quota already on miracles with Jordan and Emily, but then I know my God isn’t a God of quotas. I also know we have to trust Him in ALL circumstances. The ones that turn out the way we want, and the ones that don’t. I learned from Miss Beth this last weekend, there’s a treasure in all of them. We just need to look for it.

    • 15.1
      lavonda says:

      One thing I should add: while I was desperately praying for my tubal pregnancy, a woman gave her testimony in church that Sunday of being healed from cancer. Something she said has stayed with me ever since. She said “you can believe so easily for a miracle with your heart. Our hearts WANT to believe. But where the enemy attacks us is from the neck up. In our minds. with Doubt. Worry. Anxiety. Fear.” She said, “You can believe for anything with your heart, but while you’re praying over your different situations and needs, pray over your mind. Because that’s the enemy’s real battleground.”

      • Kim Safina says:


        I will be celebrating the big “10” from Cali.
        What are some of her favorite things? I would like to sneak a little JB = just because gift to her for next week. (((( hugs ))))

        thank you for sharing your heart!

  16. 16
    Sharon in GA says:

    I NEED a miracle! How “ironic” that you should use the word “stones” of remembrance. I have suffered with kidney stones for 18+ years. I have been to 3 teaching/research hospitals with no results. My body constantly makes them and now my left tube has so much scarring from procedures that stones will not pass through. I attended Deeper Still in Birmingham this weekend (by the gracious gift of LP giving me a ticket) and had an attack and hurt the whole weekend. I so wanted to meet you Beth after the event and ask you to pray over me but I was hurting and we had a 5 hour trip home. I had surgery in Sept for endometriosis and scar tissue that had attached my colon to my abdominal wall and then surgery for stones in Nov…and now again, I am sitting here waiting for my dr to call me back to see what we can do. I have 3 teenagers and much of their life I have not been able to participate in because of these stones! I have tried hard to be faithful but its hard to understand how God can use my life when I am so often restricted by these and it gets very discouraging. I know that there are so many others who suffer so much more and in worse ways… but I believe God is my healer and I covet my sisters prayers!

  17. 17
    Lynn says:

    In 1993 I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, I won’t go into the details of what that is here but it was devastating. God used that time to teach me many things about my judgemental, self-righteous self! I ended up at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland which in itself was an answer to prayer and very definitely from God’s hand. I live in Alberta, Canada so I was a long way from home! I had surgery to remove the tumor from my pituitary gland that was causing the disease, only they didn’t get the tumor. I had another surgery 2 weeks later and the next day the Dr. came to explain to me that they had to take a lot of my pituitary gland and so I would need to be on hormone therapy for the rest of my life, it wasn’t if I would get diabetes insipidis it was when and as he was telling me all this the thought popped into my mind “I have a big God”. To make a long story short, I am not on any medication and my pituitary gland works as if it is all there!! That was a miracle straight from my Father’s hand. Some of what He taught me along the journey of that illness was as much a miracle in how it changed me as the physical healing was. How I love my Lord!

  18. 18
    Stacie says:

    One of many miracles God has done on my behalf: I went to the emergency room with chest pains, thought it was a heart atttack – ER Dr. said pneumonia (sp?) gave me prescriptions and said bed rest for 5 day then follow up with my regular Dr. Was praise and worship leader at church so obviously i was out of commission for Sunday night service and Weds. night serve. The chruch prayed like mad, and I was so sick I was begging God to do something. Five days later went to , my Dr, he took new xrays, and looked at precription. Said I could not have had pneumonia or I would not be well because the xrays showed not lung damage and the wrong prescription was given. The med the emergency room prescribed would not have help pneumonia at all. Then as an aside he said how good and strong my lungs were. Second miracle of the day – I had smoked for 18 years, God delivered me in one afternoon and I had not smoking damage to my lungs. PRAISE GOD!!!! Needless to say, everytime I sing, I think of His goodness and love.

  19. 19
    Rebecca says:

    I wasn’t supposed to have babies. I was prayed for with annointing oil and the laying on of hands. I was not only cured of PCOS, but I have two beautiful babies!!!

    God is my Healer and my Provider. His miracle defied what the doctors “said.” ๐Ÿ™‚ God is definitely with us!

    Prayers and blessings,

  20. 20
    Kristina says:

    We are still waiting on our miracle. We have faith that it will happen…but it is hard. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for 4 and a half years now. We have been through so much. Our next step is IVF or adoption, but coming up with $15k is next to impossible…so for now we are waiting for a miracle.

    On top of the $$, I am scared to death that we will try IVF and it wont work. I dont know if I can handle more heartbreak. I dont know if my FAITH can handle it. I know that God has an AMAZING plan for us and our future family…but it’s hard to pray for so long and not have answers for the desires of my heart. Please keep us in your prayers…prayers for a miracle, prayers for wisdom, and prayers that our eyes are open to any possibility that God puts in front of us.

    • 20.1
      Crystal says:

      I understand, Kristina. I totally understand.

    • 20.2

      I will most certainly pray for you Kristina. Know this in your heart no matter the outcome or what happens, As for you and your house, you are going to serve the Lord. Whom have you but Him? And pray that your heart would desire none but Him. Sincerest love in Him to you Kristina.

    • 20.3
      Suse says:


      I just prayed over you for peace that surpasses all understanding. I was exactly where you are 4 years ago. We did IVF twice and it failed both times. Blinded by grief, we immediately started the adoption process. The Lord allowed doors to be closed to adoption as well. Looking back, I can not tell you how much He has protected us through these hard answers as well as opened a door for ministry through this suffering. There is no question we were to do IVF and adoption even with a “no” answer. If your heart gets broken with a “no” or “not now” answer, it won’t be in vain. I promise you. He is a loving Father. He is not into allowing broken hearts unless it absolutely has to be. Move forward and take courage, my sweet friend!

  21. 21
    sisterlynn says:

    Dearest Beth,
    There are so many there is not space to list them here. We have the priveledge of praying for so many people across this globe and have seen and heard of so many miracles – miracles of healing – spiritual and physical, miracles of faith restored, miracles of money being there exactly when needed.

    1. One of our sisters was diagnosed possible with stomach cancer. There wa a mass in her abdomen. She had great faith and prayed and asked us all to pray with her. The next appt – the doctor couldn’t find anything.

    2. My father told me of a time when money was really really tight and they needed so many thousand dollars for something…my father prayed and prayed. Shortly after that, at work -he was given a raise in the EXACT amount he needed.

    It goes on and on…

    blessings to you- love, Lynn

    • 21.1
      Jessica says:

      The funny thing is, people could easily over look your first testimony of the doctor not being able to find anything because we’ve heard that testimony. We want someone to WOW us with something else! But I know For that woman, for that family, and the people surrounding that life, that was a HUGE WOW and God got the standing ovation he diserves. I am hoping for similar miracles in my life as I journey through my own personal situations. He’s a fantastic king and we far better off in his care than with any earthly king. I’m all smiles.

  22. 22
    Amy Storms says:

    Well this will be a MEATY paragraph.

    Seven weeks before my son’s due date, I went for a check-up on a Thursday, and everything was great. Two days later, on Saturday, I started having terrible back pain. I didn’t know about back labor, and I thought it was some kind of spasm. To be honest, I think the Lord kept me in a sort of unaware state, because normally I would’ve researched more about the pain, but for some reason I didn’t. I just honestly thought I was having back spasms. I called my OB, and he (evidently in the same fog that the Lord had me in), said that he’d just seen me, and that my cervix was still high and closed…that I was nowhere near labor. This labor continued and of course got worse until Sunday morning. I stayed home from church and tried to rest on the couch, but every few minutes my back would go crazy with contractions. But suddenly, all at once, I KNEW that God said, “Go to the hospital.” Not an audible voice, but practically.-It was that strong. I called my husband at church and told him I needed to go to the hospital. (Remember, we didn’t think I was in labor. We honestly thought it was a back spasm. But for “some reason” we both thought it best to go to the labor and delivery floor. Arrived at the hospital to find I was dilated to an 8, ready to deliver. I was too far along to stop the labor. They did an ultrasound and saw nothing unusual, but when the doctor broke my water, blood gushed. That was the first time anyone knew that I’d had a placental abruption. The abruption hadn’t shown up on the ultrasound. The next minutes were critical, my son was born but couldn’t breathe, and he was taken to a children’s hospital where he spent three weeks in NICU.

    Now, here’s the cool part…

    My doctor said that the placental abruption didn’t cause the pre-term labor, and that the pre-term labor didn’t cause the abruption. He said, “I don’t know why you had both at once, but it saved his life.” If I’d had just the abruption at home alone, my son would’ve died. He said that if I’d come into the hospital any earlier, they would’ve stopped my labor and just sent me home, where my son would’ve died, because they didn’t know I’d had an abruption. But if I’d come in any later, it would’ve been too late. I would’ve delivered a baby on my own, and one who couldn’t breathe, at that. And he would’ve died. The doctor said, “You came to the hospital at the exact right moment.”

    God had told me just when to come.

    Today my son is a perfectly healthy 11-year-old. Nathan David, which means beloved gift–and such a miracle!

    • 22.1
      Roxanne Worsham says:


  23. 23
    Pamela says:

    Well, this may seem debatable but for me it was really real….This happen a couple of winters ago. I am one of those gals that never pays attention to my gas gauge and as I was leaving from the college where I was teaching at on that cold snowy day I noticed my gas light was on. I had no money to put gas in my car, not that day, things were really tight as my husband was jobless at the time. I remember looking out the window as I headed home at the snow sparkling on the ground of the farmlands I was passing thinking about our finanical stresses and I started praising Him for the beauty in the snow. You have to know this about me, I only like snow once a year and then it becomes a nuisance for this mid-western gal. But this day it was just so pretty even with my stressors. So I praise Him as I drove home. After about 5 miles of praises and feeling at peace my peripheral vision caught that the gas light was off. I looked bown at my gas gauge to find it reading almost a quarter of a tank! Ladies, my car at the college was parked on a flat service. I did drive up and down a few hill and maybe gas was “re-adjusted” within my tank (can that happen?) but I would rather believe “BUT GOD”…that He provided for my journey home (and back to the college the next day)!!

    Believing Him~Pamela

    • 23.1
      jackie says:

      i believe this whole-heartedly! if God can keep the lampstand burning with oil (it is Hanukkah, ya know)… He can certainly fill a gas tank. It happened to me as well. my 2 very young sons and i were with my friend eva and her 2 young sons. (you can imagine the commotion in that van!). she was on empty and the van started slowing and sputtering. she just started praying out loud and very fervantly! the van sped up and didn’t sputter again until we were pulling into her driveway, easily 10 miles away. honest! it was a miracle!

  24. 24
    Briana says:

    I have heard some people say that miracles don’t happen anymore however, I went to college with a young lady who’s story is solid proof of the miracles that can only come from God!
    Read her story here:
    I guarantee you will be challenged in your faith!

  25. 25
    Annette H says:

    God is still in the healing business. Someone needs to know it. He healed a mass on my ovary in 1992 and He healed many cysts and tumors in my body in 2008.

    He never changes and He loves everyone so much, He gave us the greatest healing of all – Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  26. 26
    Hope365 says:

    It is a miracle the life God has given me. As a child, I lived in a pretty dysfunctional family, divorce, abuse and all kinds of things that were not of God. I promise you that it is a MIRACLE that I have a husband of 18 years that is a Devoted Follower of Jesus and we raise our family by Christian Values and Principals. Starting with me, God broke the generational curse that poisoned the family I was born into. I still am in awe and wonder of it. My favorite word is HOPE, my HOPE in Christ is what has sustained me.

  27. 27
    Connie says:

    As I sat listing all of the medical procedures and surgeries my five year old son, John Mark, had had since the day he was born I noticed that there was a large portion of time without anything recorded. You see, when you are the parent of a chronically ill child, hospitalizations, ER trips and surgeries become almost routine, and there is hardly ever a long amount of time that passes in between any of these things.

    As I went over these dates I was overcome with emotion…there was a 13 month span of time when JM never set foot in a hospital. I didn’t have to ask why…God had given me a miracle and I hadn’t even known it until that moment. He had allowed me to be home with my newborn, Alyssa, and to nurse her for those 13 months. I didn’t have to leave her…the Lord knew that was a fear that I had when I became pregnant with her. To me this was a miracle and I am so grateful that He gave me this gift.

  28. 28
    Miquela says:

    Last year I was getting migraine headaches about every 3 months. One day as I was laying across my bed in pain with tears streaming down my face my husband came in and sat down beside me. He placed his hands on my head and simply ask the Lord to touch me today and make the pain go away. And I mean IMMEDIATELY the sharp pain went away…the soreness you feel the day after a migraine was there and by the end of the night even that soreness had disappeared. I have not had a migraine since! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD! HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!

  29. 29

    Get some tissues ready.

    I help care for some little girls whose mother is incarcerated. They stay with me five to seven days a week so that their dad can work and so they can have a female influence in their lives. The youngest, Olivia, recently turned three but, when the story I’m about to tell you happened, she was two years old.

    One weekend, while the girls were at my house, I was doing laundry and, per usual, Olivia was toddling around the house with me. For some reason, she was running around wearing only her little white diaper (she’s not exactly a fan of wearing clothes). I picked her up and sat her on top of the washing machine so she could talk to me while I folded clothes on top of my dryer. I distinctly remember thinking “This is a perfect moment in my life.” It’s hard for me to explain, but I was so fulfilled in that moment — to be doing those little girl’s laundry.

    The next day, while Olivia was with some of her extended relatives, she slipped away from them and fell into the deep end of a pool. Security cameras later showed that she spent over a minute fighting the water before spending the next three and a half minutes falling to the deep end of the pool.

    She was life flighted to a children’s hospital in Knoxville (the nearest city to where she was). I was two hours away (in our hometown) when I got the call and I had a police escort to help me get to the hospital in a little over an hour. When I arrived at the hospital, I literally ran from my car all the way to the PICU unit.

    As long as I live, I will never forget that night of my life. I sat on the floor beside her hospital crib listening to the doctors tell us that there wasn’t much to be done. The best case scenario that they would give us was that Olivia would have significant brain damage… if she even lived.

    Live she did and, to the doctor’s amazement, she came back speaking in full sentences — something she wasn’t doing before the accident. She was able to pronounce words she couldn’t before, she was able to articulate concepts she hadn’t understood before, etc. Her doctors, who were believers themselves, told us that she is a literal, walking miracle. I chronicled a lot of the story here ( if you want to see the day-by-day process we went through as we waited for a miracle.

    I know this will sound sappy, but whenever she misbehaves with me now, I get tears in my eyes because I’m so grateful that she’s here to misbehave. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 30
    Sandy says:

    The Lord God Almighty performed a miracle in my marriage 3 years ago this month. I married an unbeliever and we had our ups and downs. He has always been smart, a good provider, a great dad but he did not believe in God. I took our girls to church and I went to women’s Bible study with him ALWAYS being on my prayer list. Three summers ago I was doing the Proverb’s Bible study and Beth was talking about adultery. I sat at my computer and said very arrogantly “that will never happen to me, I will never cheat on him, he would be the one to cheat on me.” I was a nurse in the ER, on my way to becoming a flight nurse. I became prideful. Our marriage was going through a major crisis at this time, but we didn’t have the tools needed to fix it–Jesus Christ as our foundation. I had a 3 week emotional affair with a man at work. God was working, orchestrating so much, but after a HUGE humbling on both of our parts (I was very much disciplined by God and have no desire to EVER go through that again) and MAJOR changes in our life, my husband gave his life to Christ. We went through the pits of hell and it still sends shivers down my spine to think that this all happened. But it has been used to the GLORY OF GOD. My husband loves the Lord more than I ever thought, he LOVES to talk about and lead a life of godliness. To think I only prayed for his salvation. There was so much more to our story, but I have said, our history has become HIS STORY. It is a miracle.

  31. 31

    I grew up, the daughter of a country preacher. My parents shepherded a little church so small, that a salary was out of the question, so they lived on faith. We lived in a parsonage, but all of our expenses were met by a little box, located at the back of the church. Whatever the people gave, was what we lived on. We saw miracle, after miracle while in that home.

    I remember once, my parents needed $100.00. My mother prayed,told no one, and that very day, she went to check the mail, and there was 100, one dollar bills stuffed in the mailbox, with a tiny note that read, “We are praying for you.”

    There was another time when she had people coming for dinner but nothing to feed them but meat. She prayed about it, and had been longing for peas and new potatoes, but again, told no one. Later that day, a local neighbor popped in unexpectedly with a bag of some extra garden produce with- you guessed it, some peas and new potatoes. My mother was ecstatic. (I wasn’t quite as excited about those peas.)

    Whenever our freezer was running low on meat, my parents would pray, and right before we ran out, someone would show up with a deer or elk that they didn’t need. It was always like that. We never ran out of anything we needed, because God knew our needs and provided.

    Living in that town those years, proved to me that God does in deed perform miracles for His children and He does indeed know what we need before we ever ask. I could have listed dozens more, and my mother has a notebook filled with each and every miracle. He is able!! Just remembering and typing was an encouragement to me, because I tend to forget, though I lived from miracle to miracle as a child.

    Great is HIS Faithfulness~

  32. 32
    Maryse says:

    Miracle is a big word and it means a lot right now. A friend of mine from High School is in need a of a big one. Over a month ago her husband came in to find there 8th month old unresponsive and not breathing. After doing cpr and calling 911 he was stabilized and transfered to a different hospital. After many tests and a lot of not knowing they have finally got news that no parent wants to hear. David(the baby’s name) had an MRI just before Thanksgiving and it showed that his brain tissue was deteriorating. He is being moved to long-term care today. His mom (Michelle), dad (Dennis) and his two older sisters are going to enjoy the time with him that he has and have felt the many prayers of friends and family. They know that God is the Great Physician and at anytime He could choose healing but they have come to accept the fact that one day (which know one knows when) he willed be called home to be with Jesus. The word Miracle in this case has turned into acceptence.

    • 32.1
      Roxanne Worsham says:

      I will pray for Michell and Dennis and their son and daughters. God is sovereign and does not say at the end of the day, “OOPS! I missed that one.” Even when we don’t understand the how or the why, He is sovereign and has a great plan.

      Believing for that miracle with you….

  33. 33
    Rachel says:

    I was in a pit of addiction/bondage/sin for 15 years! I thought I’d exhausted every I had to get out, yet I was still there. I became numb and dead to it, accepting that it would just always be. I believed God was good, but I didn’t think He would help me, not in that area. I gave up. Until one day when I felt Him lift my head up and remind me not only who He was, but who I was because of Him. And little by little, more and more, I began really believing that “God is Who He says He is. God can do what He says He can do. I am who God says I am. I can do ALL things in Christ. God’s Word is alive and active in me.” (Beth’s 5 statement pledge from Believing God) And just a few days ago, I celebrated by two year anniversary of freedom!!!! THAT is a miracle to me! Impossible without God! My heart overflows!!

    Im praying for miracles in lives of the people you know that are in need!

    • 33.1
    • 33.2

      Hi Rachel,
      I so agree that that is a miracle! I am walking down that same road that I am who I am now only by the grace of God alone!
      Thanks for sharing!


    • 33.3
      Jessica says:

      Awesome testimony! Only God! What security we get through the promises of God and choosing to believe! I so needed to hear that. Even though your post is probably a few days old, it is blessing me this day in my current situation. Praise God! much love!

  34. 34
    Jessica says:

    The miracle I remember the most happened when I first met my son in Sept. 2003. I was visiting him in Haiti, he was just shy of 4 months old. It was the end of a 4 day visit and I was feeling sorry for myself. I was going to have to leave him behind and go home. I wasn’t sure when he would be able to join our family, and it just hurt. I had just met his biological mom and spent time with her. I remember just crying on my bed at the hotel, with my precious boy beside me, and then, clear as day, I heard God say, ” If she can give him up for a lifetime, how much more can you entrust him into my arms until I bring him home.” I had no clue at that time, the turmoil we would endure. Our American agency folded, and took all of our prepaid $ with them. We began having to pay a hefty monthly support fee. When our son was ready to come home, the country of Haiti folded, all American officials left the country. It was CRAZY and full of turmoil, but God’s words from September kept me going. He knew what lay ahead, and blessed me with His word in a tumultuous time. I’m thankful for the miracle of Him speaking into my life.

  35. 35
    Yvonne says:

    A miracle of the heart-I met a precious lady on a plane over 3 years ago, spent less than three hours together, shared the love of Jesus, she couldn’t believe He could love her because of her life. Within the last month she found me on Facebook, “Are you the Yvonne Downs that sat next to me on the plane and sent me a Bible?” She followed with the message…”I know Jesus loves me!” I am left speechless at the matchless, passionate pursuit our Lord has for His children. Only He can enable us to believe He loves us without condition and absolutely-talk about a miracle!

  36. 36
    Kim says:

    After burying two children in four years, depression swallowed me for over a decade. While I was functional, my mind and heart were in a dark place. Counselors and medicine only marginally helped. It was the miracle of Jesus that finally pulled me out, for once and for all. I still miss my children; He was gracious enough not to take that away from me, but today I miss them in the light, not in the dark. Today I see my blessings, not just my losses. This is the fifth year that Iโ€™ve celebrated Christmas instead of dreading it. Praise and glory all to Him.

    • 36.1
      Roxanne Worsham says:

      So sorry for your loss, Kim. I am glad you learned to grieve in the lap of Jesus. It is safe there.
      God bless you!

  37. 37
    Joyce Watson says:

    Everyday is a miracle from my Lord. Everyday there is something new, something unexpected, something special from Him. Just knowing His presence is near and that His love is always there, is a miracle. To know that He calls us to obey and serve Him, what a blessing!
    He is my provider, protector, forgiver, creator, and lover of my soul. He is Judge and Sustainer of Life.
    He is the father for the fatherless, takes care of the widow and gives food and clothing to those in need. He is an all- powerful God, He is an everlasting God, He is everywhere. He is the Holy One, the Righteous One and He is my Salvation.
    God’s love is just pouring out in my heart, because I love Him so much. He is everything. He even takes my sufferings and turns it into hope. He overcomes evil with good. He is Love and patient. He is kind.
    He takes my old selfish attitudes and lifestyle and changes me. He helps me not to profit in loosing my soul, but gaining in His love.
    He provides the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs for my life.
    This year I feel closer to the Lord than ever before. I was able to get rid of some old feelings of insecurity and trust Him more. I still have some issues, but I am so much better. Praise God!
    Some miracles I saw this year_ kids saved in VBS, Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes increased and I know God helped me put things together there, and helping other people this year has been a joy. My sons made it through the 2nd year of college and they have a heart for missions, thank you Lord.
    He is my Life my worship, and my Praise. Jesus is the special “miracle” in my Life.

  38. 38
    Rebecca Keltner says:

    Beth – I’ve never left a post on here before, but felt led to do so today. I was in very real need of a word from God when I opened your blog. Thank you for the reminder that our God is a God of miracles – big & small. When I take the time to focus on Him and not on myself or my circumstances I am always reminded that He is in control of all. Thank you for your faithfulness and for your prayers & encouragement.

  39. 39
    Wendi says:

    My husband I had been married ten years when we finally gave up our dream of a child. We had done 3 clomid cycles, 5 IUI cycles, 4 IVF cycles, spent tens of thousands of dollars and were still childless. During the next four years we would face three miracles:
    1. A call from the flowergirl of our wedding, now 17, pregnant. Would we adopt her little boy? Isaac John joined our family on May 7, 2008
    2. When Isaac was 6 weeks old we found out we were 8 weeks pregnant with no treatments at all (and, to dispel myths, “just adopting” usually does NOT improve your odds of pregnancy.)
    3. And now, with 2 boys 8 months apart now 2 and 2.5, we have discovered we are expecting another miracle.

    God is something. What a great God.

  40. 40
    Laine says:

    My 5-month old son is a miracle!

    I had a major surgery and at the time did not know I was pregnant with him. He survived that surgery along with all the anesthesia and post-operative medications.

    Again, before knowing I was pregnant with him, I had x-rays performed. He survived that.

    Sixteen weeks into my pregnancy I had an Addison’s crisis and nearly died. He survived that.

    He was born five weeks early; upon pulling him out the obstetrician noticed that the umbilical cord was in a knot. Had I carried him longer he would not have made it due to that knot.

    As my husband wheeled me to my room following delivery, there sat upon the nurse’s station was a jar labeled “blessings – take one.” My husband chose a purple colored slip of paper and handed it to me.

    I opened the paper to read my “blessing” and was greeted with the following:

    “A knot can’t untie itself. Come to Me – Jesus.”

    You can see my precious son and that blessing here:

  41. 41
    Audrey says:

    A dear friend of mine is pregnant with twin girls. During her 18th week, baby A developed congestive heart failure and was displaying heart “flutters” close to 300 beats per minute. Baby Ellie needed a miracle and fast or she would surely not survive. At the same exact time, brain cysts were found on Baby B (Clara). These cysts were said to be a warning for either cystic fibrosis or downs syndrome. Hundreds of people began crying out to the Lord for two big miracles for two tiny babies. As I was sitting in Bible study one Wednesday morning almost three weeks later, Priscilla Shirer was teaching on Ephesians 3:20 (from Faithful, Abundant, and True) and I just began praying that verse over and over for those sweet babies. In the middle of the video I received a text from my friend: “ELLIE IS HEALED!! NO FLUTTERS!! HEART RATE IN THE 150’S!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!”
    I wept with overwhelming joy as I shared this incredible news with the other 25 women in our Bible study that morning.
    Within two weeks, another ultrasound was done and showed that God had also miraculously healed Clara and not a single cyst could be found on her brain.
    These babies are due in about six weeks and they will be perfectly healthy little miracles!! God is faithful.

    Bless you!

  42. 42
    Elisabeth says:

    Oh, Mama! What a topic. Well, if there’s anything Abba & you have taught me about miracles, it’s that I am an incredible one. Jesus continuously takes my breath away & brings me to my knees every time I remember the hopelessness, darkness, addiction, & instability I was in & heading towards. To think that I’ve been grasped firmly & pulled out of every pit with my feet put on firm ground to thrive in Jesus is almost too much to believe. I hardly recognize myself sometimes! He’s broken generational sin, redeemed years that were eaten in my childhood, healed me from mental illness, completely removed cysts from my ovaries, and healed a wounded & bleeding mind. (and heart for that matter.) And that’s only the list toppers! He is just it. I’m astounded. If anyone needs to see miracles, all they need to do is meet this living, laughing, freed-up one. I never thought I’d end up like this. In a wild love story with Jesus Christ!

  43. 43
    jackie says:

    One of the miracles God has given to me involves my oldest son Kyle. I was married to his dad for 23 years but raised them by myself since my sons were 5 and 3. when kyle was 15 and his brother was 13, i married a ‘godly’ man who turned out to be extremely abusive to both myself and them. By God’s grace alone, my abusive husband left us after 18 months of marriage because i was not a ‘submissive’ wife. we divorced 2 years to the day of our 1st meeting. i took both boys to a child psychologist to try and heal the damage that had been done. the counselor asked what they thought of my marriage/divorce. Kyle responded that he was glad it happened because through it he got to know, REALLY know Jesus. What a miracle! though he was saved prior to the marriage, it was the horror of living with abuse that deepened his relationship with his savior. today, my sons are 22 and 20 and wonderful Godly (real Godly, not fake godly) young men. i am so blessed! it truly is a miracle straight from my Abba Father.

  44. 44
    Karlys says:

    It has been 7 years since the death of my mother. After hearing Beth talk of her Dad’s death, God has begun to turn that awful day into a treasure. HE has begun to ease the pain of not knowing where she is. I have begun to thank HIM for the privilege of being at her bedside as she died.

  45. 45
    Judy Smith says:

    My husband’s salvation is truly a miracle from God. He wasn’t saved until he was 53 years old. He wanted no part of God, Jesus, or the church. So many people tried to talk to him, prayed for him throughout the years. Then one day, we were at the grocery store together and he picked up the book “Left Behind” and said he was going to read that book. I looked at him and asked if he knew what that book was about and he said, “no, but I am going to read it.” I think he thought it was about UFO’s or something like that. Hmmm – I thought. Well about two weeks later, I began to notice a difference in him. He was quieter, I asked him if anything was wrong. He said, “no, I just have a lot on my mind.” He was working nights at that time and one night while he was at work, he called me at home and told me the following: “What is wrong with me? Everytime I pick up that book, I cry. I cry in the shower, I am crying all the time, what is wrong with me?” I said, “I believe it is time for you to make your decision for Jesus.” He told me I think you are right and he went to church the very next Sunday and sweated and squirmed throughout the sermon and with the very first note of the invitation, went forward – made Jesus His Savior and he has not missed many Sundays since. No one could save him but God could and did in His time and with the miracle of that book. The Holy Spirit drew him to that book, “Left Behind”. His salvation truly was a miracle – only something God could do. Praise the Lord!

  46. 46
    Kim Vest says:

    About five years ago my husband and I went on a mission trip to Guatemala. We went with about 18 others from our church. While we were there we helped with the orphans, traveled to the moutains to offer a care clinic and trampled through the city of Zacapa. It was wonderful to say the least.
    But let me bring you in closer to an event that occured right in the middle of a cheesy spanish drama that we were putting on that day for some teenagers in the city of Chicimula.
    There was a man on our trip that stayed right on the fringe of group. He went to our church, but was really quiet. I did not know it at the time, but he knew he had been asked by God to go, but was still struggling as to the why.
    Well this man and I had got to kidding each other and joking around and I asked him if I could borrow his bug spray. It was really cool kindof bugspray so I asked him if he were once a hippie. He said no, but was once an athlete. He was a professional bowler(yes the music stopped:) He also stated that he used to work with his father at Busch Stadium with the Football Cardinals. I asked him then if he went to alot of circuses as a kid. He said he did and wanted to know why. I told him that my mom worked at the stadium for 25 or so years and I myself had gone to circuses as a child. He asked who my mom was and I told him. He then as “Are you Kimmy”? I said “I am”. He said “We have been looking for you, our father died in December and wanted you to k now that he always loved you.” I knew immediately who his father was by his name. He then said “You don’t know do you?” I stated “No I did not know he died, but I always loved him too”. He said “You did not know he was your father too.” I said “No I did not know that”. And went to go get my beloved Greg Vest. He knew immediately when I introduced him what was going down.
    God took me all the way to Guatemala to let me meet my brother. He remembered my oldest wound. He pursued me and at the right moment shared what my little ole heart always knew, but didn’t know it knew it.
    He revealed that I had a gigantic family on my real dad’s side and that they all loved Jesus.
    THis was a complete miracle. My mother was never gonna tell me, but Jesus did.
    I hope this helps someone who thinks that God has forgotten about their oldest or deepest wound. He hasn’t.

    • 46.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      Wow! wonderful story and so unique to find a loved one in such an unusual way. Thank you for sharing your story!

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    I am one of the ones who needs a miracle today. I have been pleading for a baby of my own for over a year and a half. I know that compared to how long others have had to wait this is nothing. But those who have been there understand that each month of waiting feels like an eternity. I had prayed and fasted this month praying for a Christmas miracle baby. I really believed it was going to happen. I wanted to tell my family on Christmas. And it looks like, yet again, that’s not going to happen. I am heartbroken. And I need to read through these comments and hopefully God will encourage my hurting heart.

    • 47.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      God, You see this person’s heart and You hear her prayers for a baby Lord. Please give her a word of encouragement, comfort her with your love and help meet her needs. in Christ

    • 47.2
      LaShay says:

      My heart aches with you, for I experienced a similar situation. My husband and I waited three years for our first child and experienced four miscarriages. Yes, each month does seem like eternity and the days are often long and painful, but God sees every tear. I am praying for you!

    • 47.3
      Ash says:

      I’m so sorry for your pain! I am praying for peace, comfort and rest for your soul. During this season of disappointment worship God with all you’ve got and surrender your whole body, soul and spirit to Him. He is so good and loves you so.

  48. 48
    JLI says:

    One of my best friends has had many medical issues over the years. About 8 years ago, she had gastric bypass, but shortly after suffered from severe blood clotting among other things. As time went by, it seemed it was one medical issue after another getting progressively worse. At some point during all of this, she made a decision to accept Christ into her life and began attending church. At one of her many doctor appointments, a large mass was found in her midsection during an MRI. She went to church that Sunday and not long into the service, she felt moved in her spirit to go the altar to kneel and pray, so she did. After several minutes, it became evident to others in the congregation that she was suffering, so several members joined her at the altar, laid hands on her and prayed. This continued all during service and for two hours afterwards. At one point, my friend coughed violently. Soon after, she said her body felt different – healed.

    When she went to the doctor the following week, they could not find a mass after doing several tests. We know that she God indeed performed a miracle through physical healing that day!

  49. 49
    Tracie says:

    Don’t have a “miracle” to share off hand but sure am blessed by the ones that do!

  50. 50
    Crystal says:

    When I graduated from high school, my mom told me I should be a teacher. I told her she was crazy.

    Fast foward 5 years…I had graduated from college, gotten married and was working at a local bank. It wasn’t a job I really enjoyed, but it paid the bills. A woman I worked with was constantly telling me that I needed to move on to something else–maybe I should go into education?

    I put it off for a long time, but felt that constant tug on my heart. Not only did I feel called into education, I felt called to return to my former high school to contribute to my community.

    So, after much discussion with my husband, I quit my job and went back to school. It was a stressful time period, but we knew it was right. The only thing we couldn’t figure out was where a job would open up at my old high school. Retirement didn’t seem to be an option for anyone in the English department, and the only teacher who was leaving (to move into an administration position) was going a semester before I would finish school.

    I was upset. I really felt like I was called to this position, but I just couldn’t see how it was going to work out.

    When my student teaching ended, I was encouraged to apply for a job at that school. I just felt wrong about it. It would’ve been a good job, but I knew I needed to apply at my school. I did, and was called by an administrator. They didn’t have an English position, but a math teacher needed a sub for her maternity leave. I gamely offered to try (even though I am HORRIBLE at math).

    It was an interesting 2 months to say the least. But at the end of those 2 months, an English teacher was offered a position at a local university, retired in the middle of the school year and I was offered a job.

    If that’s not divine intervention, I don’t know what is. Truly, God will make a way. But, like the Israelites, I often have trouble remembering those moments when I am struggling…

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