Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 8!

My dear Siestas, talk to me today about miracles. I know some people who could use one. Take some stones of remembrance this day and be used of God to build up somebody’s faith. Ground rules: No exaggerations. No make believe. Just pure honest Biblical truth about what you know your God can do from first hand experience.

You guys are so dear to me.

Lord Jesus, show up in a mighty visitation this week in our community. You are our Hope and our Salvation. In You we place our trust. The very sign of that first Christmas was a miracle: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel – which means, ‘God with us.'” O Come, O Come Immanuel. So many need to know You are here. Grant us eyes to see and hearts to love. You are our everything. Thank You for Your goodness to us.


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  1. 101
    Sue Schenk says:

    As I see it, miracles of our Lord happen every day. You just have to have Godly eyes and see them happen. However my miracle came to me in the form of a church. I had been searching quite some time for a place where I felt I “belonged” I knew instantly when I walked into the Yakima Foursquare Church. The Holy Spirit flooded through my body. Not that this is a miracle, but it seems God has led me from one journey to the next. Little miracles, God inspired……In coming to this church, I am now the Office Coordinator of this church, leaving a job that got cut. If I had NOT felt God call me to this church, I would not have seen the announcement in the bulletin for the position and if I had NOT felt Him call me to apply, I would not have done so, and may have been left without a job as my previous job got cut three months after I started this one. I see Him at work everyday as I sit in the “hub” of the action in this church. What a blessing and joy to see His Hand in it all. This may not qualify as a true miracle, but HE is a miracle in MY life. God bless you all!

  2. 102
    christy a says:

    The Lord has given our family many miracles this past year (since I was laid off from work) that may seem small to others – but in that one moment, were HUGE to us and have helped us to not only see and experience the goodness of God, but trust more and increase our faith. I am so grateful for this season home with my small little girls and so incredible grateful for the favor he has shown us in his perfect timing {even while remaining so silent the rest of the time} to provide us encouragement, love, faith and most of all HOPE. We have so much to be grateful for and I am thankful for this season of “stretching” in order for HIM to teach me something significant I would have missed otherwise.

  3. 103

    Friday, May 29th I was scheduled for a routine c-section for the birth of Lily Jo Cullip. My 2 boys Malachi and Mason were delivered by c-section so routinely they planned for her as well. This being our last child (both Chad and I have 2 children from previous marriages) I also had arranged for them to tie my tubes as well. (5 is quite enough) Lily was born with little ability to breathe on her own, so they took her to the nursery. There she stayed for a few hours, until she was able to breathe on her own. She has not had any problems since.. healthy beautiful baby girl!!! We went home that Sunday afternoon May 31st. I was heavily medicated from my surgery, however I was feeling pretty good. I started taking walks with Chad and Lily at the harbor and life was good 🙂 Chad was on paternity leave and this allowed us plenty of time to spend with our new addition. Malachi and Mason were in school during the day, which allowed us to get some sleep.
    Now this is a tad bit too much information however it is necessary for you to understand what happened this summer. It has been a week since Lily was born and I was not normal in the bathroom department. All was liquid. No OTC medication helped. After a week of that I began to get really tired and really sick. I threw up for 2 days and then Sunday June 21st I spiked a fever of 103 degrees. Brittany and Collin was at home with us this weekend and Chad had his hands full with the 5 children while I stayed in the bedroom. Chad notified me at dinner time that once Brittany and Collin were picked up by their mother, that he was taking me to the hospital.We arrived at St Anthony’s Hospital late that evening and I was quickly taken in for tests. They placed in an IV and began giving me fluids for I was very dehydrated. That night I was admitted into the hospital … I had Clostridium Difficile and Colitis. They believe I contacted this during my surgery. I was in the hospital for a very long 10 days. While there my mother in law was our hero and took care of Lily in the day while Chad was at work. They stayed in the hospital room with me.. they got more room when I was moved to the intensive care so I could have a blood and plasma transfusion. When I was upgraded in status they allowed us to stay on that floor so Miss Lily could stay with me at all times. On June 30th I was sent home with 1 week worth of antibiotics, 5 other medications, and pain killers.

    I quickly returned to somewhat normal and enjoyed a good 2-3 weeks with my daughter and husband. Malachi and Mason went to their Dad’s early for the summer. I finished all of my antibiotics and began eating normally. Then one night I went to bed with cramping. This cramping became stronger and stronger, I went to the doctor and they took tests. The doctor called me the next morning and told me I needed another regimen of antibiotics, I told her I was in pain on the scale of 1 -10 it was a 12. I did not want to go back to the hospital. (very long story but the stay at St Anthony’s was miserable). They made an appointment with the specialist in Tacoma. Chad drove me there and when we arrived in the parking lot I asked for a wheel chair. Chad returned with no wheelchair for they did not have one. I could not move on my own I was in so much pain. I let him know that I needed to go back to the hospital. We stayed in Tacoma and I returned to St Joseph’s where Lily was born. They quickly took me in and placed in a PIC line for I had so much difficulties with IV’s at my stay before. They began giving me fluids and gave me a shot for pain.

    Once again July 15th, I was admitted with Clostridium Difficile and Colitis. During the first 24 hours my condition turned for the worse, I was moved in the intensive care unit with a blood pressure of 68 over 30 (something low like that) I was in trouble. The doctors were puzzled and was not sure what to do. The specialists stated that I needed surgery and receive a colostomy bag. The surgeon agreed but wanted to wait a little for he was not sure if I would make it during the surgery. At one point the surgeon told Chad that without surgery and without improvement I would not survive. Chad immediately began to pray, he called and asked a member of the church to come pray over me. That evening Chad and I spoke and decided that if I needed to have the surgery I would. The next morning the surgeon said we do not need to complete the surgery at this time. Over the course of the next few days my blood pressure rose, my white blood cell count decreased and my infection level went down. Praise God!!! I was being healed. July 31st I walked out of the hospital alive and well. Tho walking 20 ft took everything out of me, I lost the remainder of my pregnancy weight and then some, I was down to 113 lbs. I had no muscles. My heart raced to 160 when I stood up. (tho my heart was fine).

    Today September 23rd I am still taking antibiotics and things are not all quite normal in the bathroom. But I am feeling great and I am doing great! I am back to my pre- pregnancy weight with a healthy BMI. God saved my life!

  4. 104
    Rachelle says:

    Just yesterday and today. My son (10 yrs) lost his favorite hat. I contemplated scolding for irresponsibility, but thankfully chose prayer and a loving God who cares about the “little” things in our lives as the lesson. He SHOWED UP in my little boy’s life. His friend at school found it and gave it to him today. In his mind, a definite miracle. Evidence of a God who truly cares about the “little” things and answers prayer. This is not trite as I’ve been praying for God to give my boys a revelation of HIM. Prayers answered indeed! And,yes. A miracle from his vantage point and mine.

  5. 105
    Amy says:

    In 2001 my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He went through surgery, chemo and radiation and beyond the doctors’ hopes he has been cancer free for 9 years now. As great as that is that isn’t even the miracle I want to share. We were told that we would never have children as a result of the treatments my husband endured. For 4 1/2 years we cried out to God and begged Him for a healing.

    In 2005 I was challenged to expect a miracle while going through the Believing God Bible study. After reading Romans 4 over and over again I changed the way I approached God. No longer begging but asking with boldness and expectation. Before the study was over I was pregnant with my precious Malinda! I now have two babies! God is soooo big!!!!

  6. 106
    Julie says:

    I know that God can heal a broken heart.

  7. 107

    I was 3 weeks away from delivering our first child. While at a baby shower, my husband went mountain biking with some friends of his. While biking, he flipped over his handlebars and landed straight on his head. He never had the chance to even brace himself for impact. It shattered his helmet and knocked him unconscious for a moment. He got up and met his friends. He walked out of the woods for a 1 1/2 miles. His arms were hurting him, so he thought they might be broken. He went to the hospital and had several x-rays and CAT scans done. All this without my knowledge because he didn’t want me to worry. I found out later and went up to the hospital where I met my mom. The very first thing the doctor said to me was, “Have you ever heard of Christopher Reeves?” My husband had broken his C-6 vertebrae and had damage to his spinal cord. His arms were in pain because of the nerves firing off uncontrollably. He had lost balance and the neurologists said that the next few days would tell us more. We prayed. And prayed. And prayed. Oddly, I was at perfect peace. Over the next few weeks, God did a miracle. My husband has ZERO residual effects to this day. He can walk, talk, run, everything. In fact, he rock climbs! I delivered our baby boy and the next day, his cervical collar came off. He did have to have surgery when our baby was about 3 months old. When the surgeon came out, he found me in the waiting room. His words were, “I don’t know how that man was walking around. Everything was so loose in there. It was much worse than I had thought.” I knew. God was holding that spinal cord in place! He is perfectly faithful. Even if the outcome hadn’t been so good, He is still good and worthy of all our praise.

  8. 108

    I have pondered this question most of the day, and
    I was discussing it with a friend from church.
    And from my own personal heart about miracles..
    They are apart of everyday. Every prayer answered,
    Even every prayer spoken, truly are miracles.
    And what I’ve found in my own life is when I put
    focus on the little miracles God does everyday,
    I treasure more that He does, if that makes sense.
    they are always so unexpected, while
    I love huge miracles, I want to always be mindful
    of the small ones. I mean just living in that appreciation
    Of Who He is.
    My mom is a miracle, as I have heard even our neighbor
    die from her illness while I was at Deeper Still this
    The biblical truth that I think of when it comes to
    Miracles, is Jacob wrestling with God.
    And miracles come in all sorts of ways- thankful God
    Watches after those who don’t believe in Him…
    I just really think the word itself goes deeper
    than our own understanding.
    But I know that I always want to be taken by surprise
    by them.


  9. 109
    Elizabeth says:

    My 21 month old granddaughter is my BIGGEST miracle answer to prayer! My daughter was unable to have a baby for nine years and suffered 3 devatating miscarriages during that time. So many family members, church members and believers all over the world prayed for her and my son in law to have a baby. Every time I see my beautiful granddaughter I am reminded that God answers prayer!

  10. 110
    Julie says:

    When I was 19 I was dating a guy (for 3 years) who was of a different belief system than I. My parents were so worried that I would marry him, and I would have had he asked. One night, we were in a church revival. While leaving the house I took a moment to pray to God to send me a sign to tell me where the relationship should go. I got to church and the man who was holding the revival said that God had laid it on his heart that another preacher had the message that night (praise God for men who will follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit!). Well, when he stood up he began on something that he said he’d been studying for a while. Then, not 3 or so min. into the sermon, he just stopped. He said that he had been trying to make the message his own, but the God needed for him to go another way. He started in on the verse: 2 Cor. 6:14 -Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? Praise God!!! I got my answer, and am now 31 and have been married to the most wonderful Godly man for 8 years!

  11. 111
    KRISTI says:

    I looked out my window many years ago and my two boys were by the fire pit. My oldest decided to pour some gas on the fire to make it really burn. The tip of the gas can he was holding was ON FIRE. I calmly got off the phone with my mother, calmly opened the door and told him to put the gas can down and move away. Neither of my most priceless treasures were hurt. I consider this a miracle and thank God he has given many more years to cherish them.

  12. 112
    Siesta OC says:

    I know for a fact that GOD can part waters (or in my case granades) and you can walk thru it.
    I know for a fact that GOD’S WILL will happen!
    I know for a fact that GOD Himself heals, and should you find yourself with no counselor, no self help book, no money, no meds no nothin, GOD will heal you if you are willing! HE WILL DO FROM THE INSIDE! HE DOSEN”T need those things.
    I Know for a fact that GOD confirms prayers.
    I know for a fact that Jesus carries us when we are broken (I also know HE breaks us sometimes)but it is, and you can take this as fact, it is ALWAYS FOR OUR GOOD!

    Thank you for this opprotunity LLCOOLB – nothing like passing on the glad news of our testimonies to those who need it, and allowing the spray from living water to bathe us once more.

    • 112.1
      Andrea S. says:

      Amen sweet Siesta! What truth in your words!

      In Him,

    • 112.2
      Teresa says:

      Isn’t it wonderful when GOD heals us from the inside out? WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE. I charish the little miracles of each new day! Praying for a big one now, excited to see what GOD has in store!!

  13. 113
    Lily says:

    The largest miracle to ever happen in my life is the healing of my marriage. Ten years ago, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. I was at the point of looking for a house to rent and discussing what we would do about custody of our three children. One day as I was crying my eyes out over an unlivable situation, I very briefly thought “what if we stopped all of this and put it back together?” My desire had been far from that, and I know that it was the Holy Spirit working in me. Long story short, It is only through the power of God that we managed to come to our senses and put things back together, bit by bit. Forgiveness did not come immediately. It took time, and there were painful conversations and even more painful truths that came to light, but God used that pain to help us realize that neither of us was ready to give up on our commitment to one another. I can truly say that God revived our dead marriage and brought back the love that we had lost for one another.

    The amazing thing about this is that God has allowed Spouse and me to share our story and help other couples reconsider their choice to divorce and realize that God can heal a broken marriage. I am awed by God’s deep love for me and my family.

  14. 114
    Heather Smith says:

    Just 2 quick ones…

    1. Two years ago this week I could barely function after a major surgery. People had to be in my home to care for me and my children. I am now 98% back to where I was pre-surgery. This was a time God chose to HEAL… not in the overnight miraculous, but through doctors, time, and prayer!

    2. On November 14, our church as a whole needed a financial miracle (NOT due to DISobedience but due to Obedience!)- the kind of miracle that meant we ALL had to sacrifice and be so unified that GOD would have to do it. We actually got MORE money than we needed. It was the miracle of God taking His bride and making her shine that day.

    I can think of others (not to mention the miracle of SALVATION!)… but I will leave it at those for today. 🙂

    As an aside, I am doing your Daniel study right now and my socks are being blessed off. Panic, (be) Paralyzed or Pray when faced with a difficulty…. That’ll preach! 🙂

  15. 115
    Heisfaithful says:

    I’ve been so incredibly honored and amazed to see real live healing miracles take place. But my favorite miracle has to do with my daughter. Our son was 2 years old and my husband and I decided it was time for another baby. We had been trying for almost a year and I had a miscarriage. I was driving home from the seminary after a late night class when I realized that I was not pregnant…again. Another month of disappointment. I just started to cry…which quickly turned to sobbing and bawling.

    It was past 10pm, I was tired, I was deeply hurt. I began to pound the steering wheel just telling God my hurt and frustration…asking Him was I such a horrible mom that He couldn’t bless me with another child? I really shouldn’t have been driving in that condition. I could barely see. About 15 mins. into my one hour drive home, I heard a voice from the passenger side of the car that cut through my ranting and raving. The voice said, “By this time next year, you will be holding your baby in your arms.” A sudden peace settled over me. And I do not remember driving home that night. The next thing I clearly recall are the lights of my car getting smaller on the garage wall as I drove in to our apartment building.

    Sure enough, I conceived my daughter that following month…the same week, as it turned out, that my beloved mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She never did believe I was having a girl. She kept telling me not to be disappointed if it turned out to be another boy. In the eighth month of my pregnancy, she went home to be with Jesus. I know that in heaven, she was smiling down with joy because I did, indeed, give birth to the daughter I had always wanted.

  16. 116
    rhonda says:

    I am sure I have said this before but it is a miracle that needs repeating. On December 1 of ’06 we had a house fire in the middle of the night. We had one smoke alarm in the entire house and it was at the front. I was awakened by some annoying beeping sound that I kept hearing, even though our master bedroom is in the back of the house and the door was closed. Our children’s room is right next to room where the fire occurred at the front of the house. You could actually hear the fire rolling in the ceiling above their room. Praise Jesus we all got out, no burns, no smoke damage and our house was spared. I have no doubt the Lord Christ Himself woke me up that night and I, as well as my family, praise Him for that OFTEN!

  17. 117
    Tammy says:

    I find myself in need of hearing God. Something. This time of year is hard for me for some reason. The whole running, shopping, etc just stresses me and I find that I have no time to hear His voice. At least it seems taht way today. So I am just asking to see Christmas through His eyes and hear His whispers and to get back on track. I so need Him.

    I have loved hearing the stories of His hand at work. I know that while I am in a season of walking the desert, He is with me and I will connect. I just need it to be sooner than later.

    I love you sweet siestas and I thank you for taking a minute to pray for me even though we were supposed to talk about miracles.

    • 117.1
      Andrea S. says:

      Lord be with Tammy. Reach down and transform her heart to desire after the true meaning of Christmas. Lord, so many of us get caught up in the worldliness of this season that we forget to praise you for that beautiful baby boy who brought salvation and healing to each one of us even though it was so undeserved. Lord I pray that you would surround Tammy today and that you would help her to quiet her soul and hear your still small voice! Amen!

      In Him,

    • 117.2
      Jill says:

      Don’t give up. There are streams in the desert. Keep praising and praying!! Keep thanking him. Let words of praise cascade off of your lips. Keep repeating your memory verses. You will find peace.

  18. 118
    Andrea S. says:

    Hey Ladies-
    I was living with my parents at the time, I had just moved back to Minnesota from Colorado…it was a definite season of growing for me. I remember going into town one night and hanging out at my favorite book store only to come out to a raging blizzard. I got in my car and got about half way home before I realized I maybe shouldn’t be on the road and began praying like crazy for God to get me there safely. I remember coming up to “the backroad” turn to my parents place and turning and thinking “What am I doing!?!?! That was the dumbest thing I have ever done!” I got to the next turn in my route and slid past, but the truck behind me made the turn and I was able to back up and turn in behind him. I was following behind in his tracks and soon after he turned off, and I remember thinking…this isn’t good…I’m going to get stuck. But I had tracks in front of me…with no other vehicles, that lead me directly to my parents’ driveway. I remember just being in total awe…I had no explanation for why…but I knew WHO took me home that night!

    In Him,

    • 118.1
      Siesta OC says:

      Special! He leads us always! ALWAYS – HE is there!

    • 118.2
      Teresa says:

      How beautiful. I could picture your drive home as I was reading it and the miracle in your heart when you saw the tracks continue. Oh the wonderful love of JESUS!

  19. 119
    Nancy Jensen says:

    This did not happen to me, but to my brother. When my brothers were two and four my parents were visiting some friends who lived on the beach in Washington state. The older brother came running up to the grown ups yelling “bruddah fell in da wadda!”. All the grown ups ran down expecting the worst and found the two year old wet and cold but standing on ledge that was about 4″ wide and just out of the water . My mother has always contended that an angel had to have placed him up there because there was no way a toddler could have gotten there by himself.
    My mother can’t tell that story without getting very emotional. They were so sure they would only find a lifeless body, but to find him in such a strange place, obviously having been in the frigid waters is nothing short of miraculous. I can only imagine what they must have experienced in those moments. It gives me goosebumps.

  20. 120
    Laurie says:

    Miracles! I’m reminded when I look in the mirror that I’m a walking mirror. I see it in the shape of my head ~ the break in the bone in my skull…the bumps from the titanium screws holding my head together. On March 13th 2010 (less than 9 months ago) I had a grade 5 brain aneurysm. I was home alone with my children. My 6 year old (at the time) made a call to my husband. She ‘watched’ the other 2 kids ~ age 3 and not quite 2. My prognosis when I got to the ER was that I would not live thru surgery. The surgeon said that 3 times. I lived thru the surgery. He then said I would not live thru the night. I was in a coma, heavily sedated, on life support. I lived thru the night. The next morning I squeezed someones hand. On my own. The surgeon told them to not get their hopes up. I’d be in a coma for weeks and then if I made it that long the road ahead would be rough. I would NEVER be the same. On Monday (2 days later) I was off the life support, and woke up and asked for my husband by name. The family was told that was great, but they would have to teach me to walk, how to feed myself, how to write, etc, etc, etc. Later that day I took a walk around the hospital with a little guidance from a physical therapist. On Wednesday which was my 34th birthday I fed myself a piece of ice cream cake. At that point my surgeon thru his hands in the air and gave up saying what my life was going to be life. 2 weeks and 1 day after my aneurysm I was discharged home. Not to an inpatient rehab facility like happens with almost every aneurysm patient that survives. I cam home. Almost completely blind. I had two eye surgeries in April to remove the blood clots from my eyes and repair a torn retna (all from the aneurysm) and know that is because of God I have better than perfect vision. The eye surgeon prior to surgeries said he ‘hoped’ I’d be able to see some again. Better than perfect?!?! Not what he was expecting. In May I had my bone put back in my head, stopped going to outpatient therapy, and requested that our family receive no more meals, childcare, cleaning of our home, etc. I was back. NONE of this was my own doing. This was ALL our Savior. God’s hands protected me. He guided my every step. HE SAVED MY LIFE. This story has been shared with SO many people to lead them to Jesus. A very confused neurosurgeon who was convinced I was not going to live, heard about Jesus. As did many other nurses and doctors in that hospital. Friends saw that this “Jesus thing” was the REAL DEAL and gave their lives to Him while watching this unfold. I believe in miracles. I am a walking one for God’s glory. Those months in my life were ALL God’s doing and none of my own. I should not be able to type this out to you. I should not be able to drive my kids around and be home to celebrate the birth of our savior this year. I should not even be walking (but was able to compete in a 5k road race this fall). God has a HUGE plan for my life and I know that those months are just part of it. Our family wants to always point to Jesus and what He did thru all of this and not what we did. The only thing we did was cling to Him.
    You may have heard part of this story before because my friend posted it on here when we were doing So Long Insecurity. For those that read the beginning of this story back then and prayed ~ thank you for praying for me and my family.

  21. 121
    Michele says:

    I was driving on a curvy country road when a toddler wearing only a diaper darted out in front of me, just inches away from the hood of my little car. I stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out and asked the little guy to take my hand. We turned back in the direction he had come from to meet his mother and grandmother who were running across the field as fast as they could toward us. It all happened so quickly that I knew God kept me from hitting that little boy.

  22. 122
    Susan Hill says:

    In June of 2004 I became very sick and was hospitalized for 4 days. The hospitalization required surgery and blood transfusions. It was a long slow recovery process and I missed several weeks of work. Shortly after I was discharged from the hospital the insurance company denied paying the hospital bill claiming it was a pre-existing condition. My husband and I were stunned. I had never been sick a day in my life. Now, not only had I missed several weeks of work without pay, we were faced with paying a $30,000.00 hospital bill that we legitimately did not owe.

    Despite several attempts at reasoning with the insurance company they still were adamant they were not paying the bill. To protect our credit, my husband and I made arrangements with the hospital to begin making payments that were over $500 per month. Meanwhile, we were praying like crazy that God would intervene on our behalf. Shortly after we sent the first payment I received a call from the president of the claims department stating they were wrong and our bill would indeed be covered. They refunded the payment we had made to the doctor and paid the $30,000 balance. God had to do this because there is no way the insurance company would have reviewed this again on their own initiative. He is our Provider and gets all the glory!

  23. 123
    Kristi says:

    Got pregnant in 2008 with precious twins, our daughter’s water broke at 15 weeks but thankfully no labor. Had biweekly ultrasounds, 10 weeks of bedrest (8 of those in the hospital), delivered both babies at 32 weeks. Absolute miracle that God allowed us to make it 17 more weeks after my water broke before they were born and that I never showed any signs of infection. Our daughter went to be with Jesus four hours after they were born .. another awesome miracle that she was born alive and that we got to meet her, love on her, hold her and just be with her on this earth, if only for a little while (we were told she would pass in utero). Our son is perfectly healthy, no signs of prematurity at all and we are once again pregnant with another tiny miracle.

  24. 124
    Tamara says:

    October 23rd on my way to the airport to go on a missions trip I became very ill, extremely shaky, stomach issues, weak all over my body. I wasn’t sure how I would make it through the airport. I couldn’t even eat to take my first malaria pill. I called the leader to tell her I was coming and didn’t feel well and asked them to pray. I was in CO they were in SC. It was a miracle that they were in the office on the Saturday and that they picked up the phone. As we were on the highway, food on my lap I instantly felt hungry and no longer sick. I took a normal size bite of food and felt fine. I finished the sandwich and was completely healed. When I met up with the group in Amsterdam I asked them when they prayed. They had waited until they were outside and it was the same time I felt better that they prayed. GOD IS OUR HEALER!

  25. 125
    Erin says:

    Last October, after years of praying my mom was healed from Fybromyalgia that she had suffered with for 30 years. She used to have knots all up and down her legs and after prayer this night at church she was knot free!
    She has not had that type of pain in over a year now.He also healed her bunion that she was going to need surgery on!! I have watched her suffer for years and marvel at the power of God in her life!

  26. 126

    My miracle may seem small, but it spoke so very powerfully to me! I had been a believer for only about year. This was in 1999 and I was 29 years old. Music is a major necissity in my life. The CD player in my car broke sometime in 1997. I could not afford to get it fixed or replace it so I suffered without it. Every once in a while I would try to insert a CD anyway and it would never go in. I did this for almost 2 years….about once per week. I heard a preaching relating to how much God cares about the small things in our lives. The next time I got in my car I prayed. I told God I knew it was small but I prayed for Him to fix my CD player. I sat in my car for about 5 more minutes and anticipated that my CD player would work. I could even feel the joy rising up within me. I was mostly excited that God would care enough about my minor things to personally fix something for me. And the major message for me was that if He cares about the small things, how much more He would be with me in the major things. You guessed it….I selected a CD and stuck it in the player and my CD player worked beautifully forever after. And for the record, I’ve been listening to worship music ever since. The greatest miracle in my life however is that He changed me on the inside and made me new. And He gave me the ability to forgive! After 10 years I still marvel at this on a regular basis!

  27. 127
    Kristin Takemoto says:

    Stone of Remeberance – Short Version…..I remember the day the Lord said to me “Are you ready, are you done?” I know where I was and what I was doing that day and I was sure the Lord wouldn’t be in the midst of that situation WITH me. I had clearly dismissed one of His perfect promises, He’d never forsake me (even if I had forsaken Him). He was there and ever so sweetly reminded me I could trust and be fulfilled by the love of Christ more than what I was seeking from the world. That was day I started down a new path that didn’t contain the same pothole I had been falling in time after time. He will never leave us or forsake us and He is the Great Redeemer….That has a whole new meaning to me now. Keep the stories coming Lord!!

    • 127.1
      Teresa says:

      Kristin, I love your testimony. I too was a pit dweller and have been delivered by the One and Only! Doesnt it feel great?

  28. 128
    Yanna says:

    There have been so many miracle in my life! I want to share a “funny” one. Every morning at 5am I walk the local track at our high school. As I walk I talk and talk away to God usually lifting someone up in prayer. Everyday for about 3mths as I walked I would see a frog, so I would say “hello frog” and thank God for the frog.(remember this is a track no frogs should be there). I noticed for about a week I didn’t see the frog, so in my “chat” with God I mentioned I missed the frog…lo and behold I saw 3 the next lap around right in front of me. I called them my Trinity frogs!! God is so good and can be so funny in answering prayers with miracles. I have not seen three frogs again only one since. 🙂

  29. 129
    Stephanie says:

    This will be my first comment ever but when I have an opportunity to tell what God has done for me I want to take it.
    When I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and was given a 15% chance of living 2 years. My parents were devastated and living half way across the country from all their families. They had just accepted Christ and the only thing they knew to do was pray and put my life in God’s hands.
    I had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and God carried our whole family through. He answered every prayer, the big and the small ones. My mom said she thought she would be able to make it through as long as I didn’t look sick. One of her friends told her that God already knew her heart and so she prayed that I would not lose my hair during chemotherapy and I never did.
    The fact that I lived 2 years is a testament that God can beat every statistic and probability out there. The fact that I have lived 30 is a miracle. Praise be to God who is more than able!

  30. 130
    Windy says:

    In 2006, I had suffered from migraines for 10 years and one day after a church bible study I felt God impress upon my heart to ask some dear friends of mine to pray for healing from the migranes and they did and I haven’t had a migrane since. I have had headaches,but not migranes!Thank you Jesus!Our God is a God of miracles-big or small,he can handle them all!

  31. 131
    Kristi says:

    Three years ago about this time I was having a really bad night. I had had a miscarriage two months prior and my body still clung to the pregnancy hormone and wouldn’t let it go. I was having my blood drawn and analyzed weekly to try to find out why. That day I had done a stupid thing and read a page from my medical file while sitting alone in the dr. office. One line mentioning some obscure condition he was trying to rule out had me scared out of my mind. I went home and googled the condition, beyond my better judgement. My husband was working in our home office and I didn’t want to bug him with my fears. I sat in front of the Christmas tree and confessed my foolishness in reading the file and letting it get my fears up. I told God that I needed some encouragement. I told him I needed a friend. I held my cell phone in my hand and wondered if I should call someone, but I just couldn’t get my courage up to do it. My goodness, I couldn’t even walk across the house to talk to my own husband about it! So finally, I just said, “Okay God. Please, just put it on someone’s heart to call me. I know it’s ten oclock at night and every sane person is in bed, but I just need a friend to call.” After a few seconds I started trying to let God off the hook with things like, “Or a text would be okay too, God. Or even if someone calls me tomorrow morning first thing. That would probably work. Or my husband could just come in here and hug me. That would be good.” But as I was having this goofy prayer time, someone KNOCKED ON THE FRONT DOOR! It was a friend. She brought flowers and said sheepishly, “This is going to sound silly, but at lunch today I opened a fortune cookie that said to take flowers to a friend and all day I’ve been feeling like I should take flowers to you. I guess I just put it off till now and I’m sorry if I woke you up.” I said, “I think you’re right on time.” 🙂 I will never forget how God anticipated my need even though it was a need I shouldn’t have had.

  32. 132

    Our oldest son John joined the Marine Corps right after 9/11. Because of his high scores he could have had any job he wanted, but he chose to be a machine-gunner in the infantry….one of the hardest and dirtiest jobs he could have had. While in Kuwait waiting for the war with Iraq to officially begin, he told me in a phone call that he would be manning the machine gun on top of the first tank that would roll across the border. Can you imagine what that did to this Mama’s heart?? I tell you that I stayed on my knees a LOT!
    Communication was scare at best. Emails came when he was able but he told me that once the war started we might not hear from him for weeks.
    And so it started. And we didn’t hear. And we didn’t hear. Every day I heard of soldiers dying not knowing if one of them could be John. Every night while my husband was at work I would look at the war pictures on the computer just hoping that somehow I could get a glimpse of John and know he was all right.

    One night I had looked and looked and looked until my eyes were red and tired. “Just one more” I said to myself. I saw several thumbnail pics on a page and the profile in one of them made my heart kick up a notch! Could it be? I clicked on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture and there he was! Our John! He and two other Marines out in the middle of the desert. A huge plume of black smoke from a burning oil well was in the distance. John had shaving creme on his face getting ready to shave. Another soldier was brushing his teeth; the third washing his face(with water from a bottle). I started jumping up and down thanking the Lord while tears ran down my face! There was my boy in a picture taken only hours earlier! And he was all right! Thank you Jesus!

    He came home safely from his first tour but was critally injured the next year on the second tour when shrapnel from an IED hit him in the head, shoulder and back just a week before he was to return home. He was medivaced from Iraq to Germany to have emergency brain surgery. A wonderful neurologist from Houston, TX,…Dr.Rob Parrish….who is in the Army Reserve was there in Germany and did a great job with the surgery! Although John was given a medical retirement from the Marine Corps because of his injuries, he is living a normal life, is married, and is the father of my two beautiful grandbabies! Yes! God is the God of miracles!

    Thank you for letting me share this Beth!

    Merry Christmas!
    Marilyn…in Mississippi

    • 132.1
      Yolanda says:


      This is as rich the second time around as it was the first time you shared this with me. I’m so thankful that our God is in the miracle working business. You are blessed as well as a blessing.


  33. 133
    Kelli says:

    We serve in the Middle East and quite honestly, most days, it is just plain hard. We live in a very modern, Westernized city but that doesn’t change the fact that the spiritual climate is very, VERY dark. My husband and I serve as leaders of leaders, so we lead the people who get to be out there on the front lines, getting their hands dirty, being among the people, developing strategies to reach the lost. One of the hardest parts is that we wish we had more time to be “out there” doing the work, but where God has placed us still has it’s many blessings.

    We have several dear, dear national friends who do a very hard work among refugees in one of the poorest parts of our city. Recently they were working with a Muslim family who they had invited to attend their house group to read from the Bible and worship. The husband attended but was very beligerant towards the believers, attacking them verbally for their faith. Our friend gave him an Arabic Bible and a MP3 player with the Gospel of John on it for him to listen to at home, and in spite of the fact that he was so resistant, he listened.

    One of this man’s children (I don’t remember exactly how many he has- at least three) but one of them- a 6 year old daughter has been ill since birth. They are too poor for proper medical care so we don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her but she had never walked and had been deaf and blind since birth. About a week after this man attended the Bible study and was given the MP3 player, she had a bad seizure. They took her to the hospital and the doctor’s basically told the family that there was nothing they could do, that they should take her home to die in peace. He even sent them away with a death certificate. The family took her home and the father put her in her chair and strapped her in with a belt. (He later explained to our friend that he wanted her to stay upright so as not to upset the younger children in the house). He got out the Bible he’d been given and held it over her head and began to repeat the Words of Jesus that he’d been listening to on his MP3 player. He said something to the affect of, “Jesus, I don’t really even believe in you, but I’ve read about your miracles and how you have healed people and I believe that you can heal my daughter too.” He left the room and a few minutes later heard a noise. He went back in and his daughter was trying to get herself out of the chair. He helped her up and she walked across the room to him for the first time in her life. She is now almost completely healed and has even regained her sight and hearing.

    This entire family has now come to faith in Jesus, included their extended family who live in a different Muslim country. This is just one of many stories- God is speaking to Muslim people all around us through dreams and visions of a man in white. Such an incredible reminder that He does not NEED us to get His message out, but He gives us the privelage of working alongside Him to reach the nations.

  34. 134
    Donna Heaney says:

    My sobriety is my miracle from God. Now some people might say that getting sober doesn’t qualify as a ‘miracle’ but those people didn’t live inside of me. I struggled every single day with the temptation to drink. EVERY DAY. And I prayed and prayed to God to give me the strength to get through the day without a drink. The problem was that I was asking for God to give me strength instead of asking God to strengthen me. I thought that I could do it by my own power and I couldn’t. The miracle for me came when the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that I had closed a door between me and HIm. I needed to open the door, let Him in and then and only then would I get sober. I was born with alcoholism. The daughter of two alcoholic parents both of whom died from the disease. I struggled every day for years. And on that day when I opened the door to the door I never took another drink again. I will be sober 4 years this February and I can honestly say that I do not have any desire to drink. That could never be within my own power. Sobriety is my miracle.

    • 134.1
      Jill says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this. One of my dearest friends is firmly in the grips of alcoholism. And if any one thinks it can’t happen to them, watch out!! She is one of the least likely persons to ever be taken by this disease. Genetics play a huge roll in this illness.

      You gave me hope for her. Sobriety is a miracle. Don’t let anyone tell you different!!

  35. 135
    Emily says:

    This year we experienced the miracle of adoption after multiple adoptions fell through. We named our son Emmanuel because God was definitely with us through the process. 🙂

  36. 136
    Julie says:

    A sweet friend received news a few weeks ago that her blood levels were not right and was scheduled for a body scan last week. At the end of our Sunday school class 2 weeks ago our leader asked her to come to the front and our entire group layed hands on her and prayed. You could feel the Spirit of God move. The results from her scan were all clear. She doesn’t know why or how her levels ere messed up. I believe God heard the cry of His children and He answered. She’s still in remission after 5 years. Praise God.

  37. 137
    Tina says:

    What a timely post. Today we celebrate the 5th birthday of our son. A son we weren’t sure would ever be. The miracle is that we found the perfect doctor who had wisdom in treatment, with a staff that carried us through some excruciating times, and drugs that allowed our bodies to work the way God intended. After 3 years, many tests, and one surgery…we found out we would parents; and on this day 5 years ago found out he would be the most amazing little boy! Truly a miracle to us. That doesn’t count the miracle of adoption that brought our daughter to us from Ethiopia. If you’re out there longing to be a mom…miracles do happen. Not always in the way we wanted, but always in a way that brings us closer to the Miracle Worker!

  38. 138
    Stephanie W says:

    Miracle: Chains of Bondage to Sin BROKEN BY JESUS

    Growing up in a broken home, I was a broken child, and had no coping skills for the stresses of plain old life, on top of the painful emotional baggage I carried from then into my adult life. At the age of 13 I began to smoke marijuana, and that really suppressed those feelings and gave me a sense of control over my uncontrollable mess inside. From then until 14 years later, I smoked it EVERY day. Until THE day, the Lord Jesus called out to me and I RAN to His feet in repentance, and I GAVE UP.

    Wonders upon wonders. I was delivered from the pit of hell, AND the bondage of my sin. He chose me, and gave me a testimony! And praise His gentle name, continues to grow me up! I was stuck in an immature emotional state from my childhood, but He is so faithful to keep walking me THROUGH this thang! With Jesus, it AIN’T NO THANG!

  39. 139
    Angel Varney says:

    I came today to bring hope to all those women out there struggling with infertility.

    I am the daughter of a woman who – in her early 20’s had a partial hysterectomy. Yes you read that right….hysterectomy.

    She had a couple of health issues including osteoarthritis along with the female issues. One night a preacher prayed over her in church and although she probably didn’t realize it at the time, she later learned she had been healed instantly. Not from just one of her diseases, but both of them.

    She went on to have two children-myself and my sister April.

    The doctor was amazed and told her she should name me Miracle.

    I’m glad she named me Angel instead 🙂

  40. 140
    Becca says:

    I am so blessed that I have so many it is hard to choose. Saying that in and of itself nearly brings me to tears of humility.

    A recent miracle in the “little” things:
    Our dryer has been on the fritz for months, nearing its last leg. I had been praying for God to provide us with one, or at least make this one last until we had the money to buy one. Last week I got a call from someone asking if I or anyone I knew could use a hardly used commercial-grade washer and dryer. It was taking up space in their storage room and they just wanted to give it away. Hallelujah!

    “Bigger” miracles (I’ll try to give the short versions):

    -We have been officially trying to adopt since January. In October we brought home our son from the hospital! He was born in Sept at 31 weeks and has beaten all the odds as far as prematurity goes. It is very much like we were “paper pregnant”, as we received him 41 weeks after we officially started the adoption paperwork. We are so blessed.

    -When my daughter (who will be 5 on Friday) was born, after an otherwise textbook perfect pregnancy, I had a complete placental abruption. (where the placenta tore away from my uterus in one fell swoop… lots of bleeding and no oxygen supply anymore for baby). The doctor said that she would have been brain damaged or dead by the time he got there if he had even been across the hospital and not right outside the door when it happened. Everything was just exactly in place the way it needed to be. If we had been on the road we both would have died since I live 45 min away, but God saw fit for us to go to the city where the hospital is to see a movie that night. I likely would have been sent home if the doctor had come down on time because of little progress, but he was delayed for 3 hours because of a surgery… which kept me right where I needed to be. The anesthesiologist on call NEVER stays the night, but decided to that night for some reason. And there were already operating techs in the OR for random reasons just where they needed to be to get things done swiftly. The nurses were praying us through. They said that the perfection of the staffing situation in itself was uncommon and said if they didn’t believe in miracles before, they did now. My daughter was born completely healthy (4 minutes before brain damage would have set in) and didn’t even have to go to the NICU.
    I found out the next day that my best friend was awakened at the exact same time this was all happening and felt an overwhelming need to pray for us, even though she had no clue what was going on.

    -On my husband’s birthday a month after my daughter turned 1, we were all in a car wreck (along with a couple of friends) where a semi truck plowed us down the interstate sideways. Our driver-side was pressed smack against the grill and we were just along for the ride. The car was totaled but we were all completely unharmed… not even whiplash. Not a single sore spot. 5 people in a little Honda accord. Looking at the skid-marks and how the tires had blown, how the car had crumpled, etc. the cops just couldn’t believe that we didn’t flip over and that there was no broken glass. According to physics, it didn’t make sense. Yet we managed to (eventually) land safely on the shoulder of the road. I would run into people months later who knew a cop or something that would say “oh that was you? I heard about that!” Apparently we were the talk of the town.

    Those instances combined with many others… I’d be an idiot to doubt that God has a purpose for keeping us around :-p

  41. 141
    Andrea says:

    Oh Beth! You have flooded my mind with a wonderful remembrance.

    First, you must know, my two younger sisters are my world. As our family has suffered from a severely mentally ill mother, they became my own.

    Once, at church camp, my youngest sister (10) and I getting ready for church in the bathroom. I was curling her hair and laughing with her, when all of sudden she screamed and I saw her eyes start to roll. She started screaming that she couldn’t see. I scooped that precious little girl into my arms and ran her to the nearest cabin. I laid her down on the bed and she was still screaming. I panicked. She was in complete darkness for two to three minutes. Other women had followed me into the cabin, and began to lay hands on her and pray. Beth, I saw her eyes come back into focus and look at me.

    Some say it was the heat in the bathroom or some sort of episode, but regardless, I know I witnessed the blind eyes healed.

  42. 142
    Denise P says:

    Four years ago, I went to my doctor for an annual physical. I felt fine, and had no symptoms of illness. My chest xray revealed a big spot on my lung. The doctor had me get a cat scan that day. Afterward, I was referred to a thoracic surgeon — not even aware what that meant. Duh…

    The doctor read my cat scan and told me he thought I had lung cancer. It stunned me.

    More tests were ordered over the next few weeks to determine what this thing was.

    My last test was a needle biopsy. They hooked me up to oxygen, an EKG machine, and an IV for a sedative as they were going to stick a needle in my lung to get some tissue. The bed that I was on was moved into a cat scan machine, so they would know exactly where to put the needle. Going into that machine, I prayed, “Lord, I trust you with all my heart.”

    When I came out of the scanner, the nurse beside me said something, but I didn’t hear her. She said it again: the tumor is gone!

    I said, what? And she said: the tumor is gone!

    I started to cry and lifted my hands in praise, and said thank you God! The nurse started crying, too, and said that this happens only a few times a year, and most people react the same way that I did.

    The doctor came over to tell me the tumor was gone, and I told him that God healed me. He didn’t say anything, but that I could get dressed and leave.

    Our God is mighty, powerful, and He rules over everything in our lives … even tumors.

  43. 143
    DeeDee Martin says:

    At 30 years old, with 3 small children I was diagnosed with leukemia, it was extremely progressed and at first was told there was nothing they could do. Then I was told they THOUGHT they could maybe get me 3 years. I just celebrated my 47th birthday! At my every 6 month checkup, my oncologist tells me I’m a miracle….

  44. 144
    Stacey says:

    Love reading about all these miracles! I’m in need of one myself. I’ve been having some weird symptoms and awaiting some MRI results. Not only could I use the miracle of healing, but of God’s perfect peace!

  45. 145
    kimberly says:

    the pediatrician (have ya’ll figured out yet that spelling is not one of my strengths) found a heart murmur when examining my 9 month old daughter. she determined that we needed to be seen by a cardiologist – not something a mom ever wants to hear. i viewed it as an attack and prayed over her and quoted scripture on her behalf and went back to her doctor and told her to check again because i believed God had healed her. the dr checked her again and still heard it. i went back 2 more times and the last time i went was 2 days prior to the cardiologist appointment. she still heard it and on top of that she told me that she felt sure there was a hole that was causing the murmur. while my four children where climbing all over me she proceded to draw me a picture of where she thought it was. she said she had listened so many times that she was fairly certain that this was the case. at this point i called several other people who i know believe that God is still in the healing business and they prayed for her. 2 days later we went to the cardiologist and although he said he heard the noise the dr was talking about that sometimes you can just hear the blood flow easier in some children than others and that Josie was completely healthy and that he would never need to see her again! now i know some people would say that she was always fine. but, i know that her pediatrician would never have told me that she was pretty sure there was a hole and go into that entire spill if she did not believe that there was one. so i thank God that by the blood of Jesus Josie was healed! Thank you Jesus! blessings girls! Kimberly

  46. 146
    Julie says:

    Funny that you should post this request on December 7; today is my 32nd birthday. My birth story is a miracle.

    My mother is a bit stubborn, so when she felt labor pains in the middle of the night, she waited until 7 a.m. to go to the hospital because her doctor was supposed to arrive at 8:00. She almost waited long enough – I was born at 7:57. There was a young doctor on call. He was the one whom she had tried to avoid delivering me, but sure enough, he did a good job welcoming me into the world. However, due to his inexperience, he made what should have been a fatal error as he helped my mom deliver the afterbirth. When the placenta wouldn’t come on its own, the young doctor yanked on the umbilical to help it out. He did not know that he also yanked out a portion of my mother’s uterus. She suddenly hemorrhaged and died in moments from the loss of blood. At least it seemed as if she had. My mom’s original doctor had poked his head in the delivery room just as everything started to unravel. He took over as the young doctor silently moved to the head of my mother’s bed, watching in horror as he thought his mistake had taken the life of a mother of three.

    Years later he recounted that because he felt so helpless in that moment as a doctor, he called out to God and begged for a healing made possible only at the Hand of the Great Physician. He cried out to his Heavenly Father and pleaded for my mother’s life. God brought my mother back to life.

    My mom called me at 7:57 this morning to wish me happy birthday. 32 years later, she is my best friend, and I cannot imagine life without her.

    In an awesome full circle kind of thing that only God could orchestrate, that young doctor eventually trained my brother when he returned to our small hometown to become the baby-deliverin’ doctor.

  47. 147
    Lisa says:

    I live to testify to the faithfulness of God in my life. He restored my marriage 10 years ago. He has allowed me to serve him in the ministry ever since. He has blown my mind by his plans that have far exceeded anything I ever dreamed or imagined. He drew my daughter back to Himself.

    Yet today I have asked Him for a day off. I have a situation in my life that presses me every day. I pray in faith daily–exactly as I believe He has led me to pray. But today I am exhausted. I just want to be silent before Him. I am desperate to hear from Him. Confirmation would be the ultimate. I know He is faithful, but I feel like crying my eyes out to Him, frustrated with myself for waffling in my faith.

  48. 148
    Sally says:

    Our daughter developed chronic bladder infections when she was about 4 years old. She went through extensive testing, and the end result was that she was on 2 medications every day. The meds held off infections, but even missing a dose, and she’d be infected again. It was my routine to pray for each of my children when I tucked them in at night. On March 4, 2006 when she was 11, as I prayed for her, I felt led to pray that the Lord would heal her of these infections. I sensed as I prayed that He was healing her, and just as I prayed, my daughter bolted upright and said, “Mom, God just healed my bladder!” Now, the question was, would my husband and I have enough faith to allow her to stop taking her meds? We did, and she was really healed by the Lord!

  49. 149
    pat w says:

    My dear Siestas, talk to me today about miracles. I know some people who could use one. Take some stones of remembrance this day and be used of God to build up somebody’s faith. Ground rules: No exaggerations. No make believe. Just pure honest Biblical truth about what you know your God can do from first hand experience.

    One miracle for me, is to be able & willing to just write just what it is,without having to embellish it to impress ya,without having to manipulate the outcome,this doesnt mean that I always like the outcome,but the miracle is in how I react to the outcome,which is different in today in many ways.

    As long as I just write just what it is,the response is left up to whomever cares enough to read it,and nothing I can ever write,will convince someone to care IF they just dont want to.And when a person Does just CARE,it’s cause of the god in them,the god that cared about them and showed them how to care with empathy and compassion. Hope that makes sense.

    In a way,I feel that maybe I shouldnt even write of miracles cause I know within me Just how much I am in need of some miracles in my life today.But on the other paw,I know that I have already received some miracles too.

    *that I’m alive and didnt die every time I wanted to, that’s a miracle,and a sign that god loved me enough to let me live even when it hurt.*and if i could be so honest as to say,sometimes,and i mean No disrespect to Anyone Feeling their Pain Right Now,*that sometimes in my greatest Pain,I’ve been more willing to reach out to god and let him help me,and No,I’m not trying to bumper sticker life as in ‘no pain no gain’, NO!!, cause that’s just a cliche` and I’m totally Not into empty cliche`s. so that’s not what i’m saying at all! cause personally, i think people can just be in so much pain that there’s just no life left in them to live,…and yet,something In them…and that something in me,too,a little flicker that just wont Be extinguished,an ember glowing long after the campfire has been abandoned,that little ember Can blaze up again with a little bit of encouragement in the right way…

    *and as for me,I remember feeling after a major blow,if I had a gun I would just shoot myself,and I prayed instead, god-please-help-me.and i was sincere.and i got an answer- “share it,share what you feel,share it,dont keep it in,dont be afraid,just Share it”…and I went and wrote emails to 3 people,sharing it. then I asked god, “what next?” and i got an answer, “go to sleep.” and I went home and went to sleep.and i slept,and at 3am I awoke with this in my head “call frank” over and over and over and over Waking me up! and i remember saying to god “I can’t call frank, it’s 3 in the morning.” and I know i heard “get up, get the number, write it down, and call him when you wake up” and I did that,I got up,found the number,wrote it down,and went back to sleep. At 8am sharp I woke up,and in my tight fist was a piece of paper,and on it was frank’s number. what was i gonna do? refuse the help I’d asked god for? or call that number? that took some courage!. it also took some knowing that I had to call that number and talk to a real person For Real for the first real time.and so,I called him and asked for his help,and he willingly gave it.and continues to.but can i take the credit for that? No. did i just one day decide, oh i think i’ll call a counselor today? No. i prayed a prayer for god to please help me and god did help me and continues to,and though god can work alone when he wants to,with regards to me,god also has some helpers whom have blessed my life in so many ways…that more often than not,i have more to live for than to die over,today,but i still need some miracles today in some pretty big ways.

    thanks for listening.

    • 149.1
      Yanna says:

      pat w hang in there siesta God is not finished with you yet you have a gift with words and expressing from your heart and I know God will use that gift in a mighty way someday for you to help another. I’m praying for you.

  50. 150
    Tamara says:

    A few years ago my Mom and my sister were driving the 16 hours back home after a busy and tiring week helping my other sister to sort through what remained of her belongings after a fire. Needless to say, there were many of us praying for them to have a safe drive – especially when it was a long one when they were so tired. About 10pm that night I got the phone call we had all been praying we would not receive. My Mom and my sister had been in a single car accident on the dark mountain highway they were driving. My Dad and I left to go to where they were pretty quickly (they were only a few hours from home), expecting the worst. The car had been completely totalled. Yet, when we got to them at the hospital, they were ready to go home with us. After the car had flipped and ended up in the ditch they had climbed out by their own strength with only minor cuts and bruises. The police and other emergency crews were totally amazed. They should not have survived the car accident, let alone walked away from it relatively uninjured. My family looks back on it now, as God sending His angels to protect His children from serious harm.

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