Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 7!

Good morning, Sweet Things! I’ve sure had you on my mind this morning. I just got back from a long brisk walk with Star and took in the wonder of God through stormy thick clouds and heavy winter winds. (Think South though. Everything’s relative here.) I had planned to work out on my equipment in the garage but once I saw the cool wind whipping the leaves off the trees, I couldn’t resist getting out in it. I thought I just might feel a hint of God in that great northern and I did. I told Him how mighty I think He is and how wonderful. How capable He is of doing utterly anything. How nothing is impossible for Him. Then I asked Him certain things and, even though I don’t know exactly how He will answer, I know that He will indeed answer.

Oh, Sisters, we are among the most blessed people on this planet. Do you know today how blessed you are?? We have the King of the universe to look to and to be loved by. He planned for each of us before the foundation of the world and even chose the works we would do in His great name. (Eph. 2:10) He intentionally set us in our generations and planted us with divine purpose in our parts of the earth. (Acts 17:24-27) I am amazed by Him this morning.I don’t want to take divine intervention for granted. We – you and me – are the stuff of miracles. Even to discern the living, breathing voice of God through His written Word is a wonder.

I am anxious to hear from you through today’s Talk To Me Tuesday topic! I’d like to know about a time when you were desperate for divine wisdom in a particular area (whether relational, work, ministry, or otherwise) and you had no idea what to do. You sought God and you received wisdom that you are certain only He could have given you. For all you women who have walked with God for ten or more years, one thing I’ve noticed on this blog is that we are actively mentoring our young women whether we realize it or not. We have many college-age women in this community as well as a number of high school girls that post comments often. Have you seen them on there? It blesses me every time! They are looking to us to help them learn how, among other things, to hear from God and discern direction. Share today (as succinctly as possible!!) how you received wisdom from God to do something that you know you wouldn’t have figured out any other way. This is not limited to all of us mentor types, however. Scripture proves through examples like Samuel and David and Timothy that God speaks to the young as well as the old.

Talk to me, Siestas! When have you lacked wisdom, petitioned God earnestly for it, and known without a doubt you received it?

PS. I almost forgot! If you used one of your Siesta’s recipes for Thanksgiving, tell her, too!


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  1. 251
    Judy says:

    I have a story to share that ends with a question that maybe others can help me with. About eight years ago, I was a preschool teacher and people planted seeds in my head about opening my own preschool for the Lord. People that I never thought would encourage me in that direction, like the pastor of the school where I was teaching. His granddaughter was in my class one year and then his grandson the next year. He told me several times that I should open my own Christian preschool. I had been praying the prayer of Jabez at the time, and over several months I received many small and big confirmations from the Lord that this was indeed what He wanted me to do to “enlarge my territory” in the area of my service to Him. The one that stands out the most absolutely blew me away it was so direct! In the beginning I kept hearing the words “tarry not” in my head. I didn’t know what that meant. I even had to look up the word “tarry” because it wasn’t one that I used in my vocabulary. In a particular moment of frustration, I locked myself in the bathroom literally crying out to God. I picked up the Amplified Version of the Bible and said “God I don’t know what to do now, I need to hear from You, and while Your at it why don’t You explain this ‘tarry not’ thing to me too!” My demeanor was kind of flippant with God, but I am being honest here. So I opened to Habakkuk 2:3 randomly. It said; “For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on it’s appointed day.” Wow! I sat there with my mouth hanging open for several minutes! To make a long story short, I worked on this for about a year and a half with sure confirmation that this is what the Lord wanted me to do. My husband wasn’t fully behind me on this. He said…”If the Lord spoke to you, and I am your husband, why didn’t He speak to me about it too?” When it came time to go apply for the loan he wouldn’t put the house up for collateral and in fact, he told me that he was having heart palpitations/problems and the doctor told him it was from stress. He forbid me to proceed any further on this. Now, to the question. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God called me to open what I called Jabez Academy for Him. But, I submitted to my husband because that is God’s will for a wife. Why would God call me to open a preschool for Him, and then have me submit to my husband’s lack of faith? I don’t understand this to this day.

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      WorthyofLove says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. I believe with all my heart that we are called to follow our husbands lead with all our hearts. I had a friend tell me once that even if your husband is wrong God will bless your obedience in following because it’s the way God set things up, with the husband as the head. I pray the Lord will give you peace in your situation.

      I would also encourage you that even when we feel like we’ve missed opportunities, if something is God’s plan for your life…He will bring it.

    • 251.2
      Kristi says:

      Judy, I am no expert in areas of answered prayers, but I do know this… God hears! So, when I’m thinking that my husband isn’t on the bandwagon when he should be, I just storm Heaven’s doors! Pray, girlfriend!! Pray like there’s no tomorrow! And if God intends for you to open that preschool, with your husband’s blessing, then God will intervene. It might not be within your timing, but we already know that it is within God’s timing. And BELIEVE!!

    • 251.3
      Barbara says:

      Habakkuk 2:3 randomly. It said; “For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on it’s appointed day.” That is your word to stand on in faith. I don’t know why God allowed your husband not to be in agreement, but you have to stand on his word and WAIT!!!!!!!!! You blessed me because I’ve been wondering the same thing. I know the Lord gave me specific instructions in certain matter and I’ve not seen fruit bearing from it. I’ve been wavering wondering if what I heard was real, but sure as I know my name I know it was God’s voice. I don’t know where this fits but I just have to say it. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Thank you for confirming His word. I can guess all day why it didn’t happen but stand on your word from God Habakkuk 2:3.

    • 251.4
      Jennifer Tricarico says:

      Judy –
      I just hated to think of you checking back and seeing no-one reply to you! I don’t have a clear answer for you other than PRAY.
      My husband is a believer – with opressive chains that the Lord is willing and able to remove when my husband cooperates with His Spirit. But I can’t make him do that! I don’t presume your husband is in the same spot – I only share it to let you know that I understand how difficult it is to be following what you feel strongly is God’s call and find a roadblock placed by none other than your spouse! Yikes!
      I have always found comfort in knowing that even the hearts of kings are like water in God’s hands…He turns it wherever He wishes (Proverbs 21:1). You are to walk humbly and faithfully the walk the Lord has set before you. You have done what you can do. Now you trust the Lord to both provide a way and move your husband’s heart. If the school is delayed, so be it. You walked in obedience. Your honoring your husband now will become very, very important as you direct a preschool!!! I know your journey will be so enriched from this season of praying in thanksgiving for your husband while you pray He makes clear His will for the school. BLESSINGS and PRAYERS!

    • 251.5
      Tammy G says:

      I think the answer to your question is in the Scripture God gave you in Habakkuk. If God did give you this call then at the appointed time He will fulfill it. Maybe the fact that you submitted to your husband was also from God. Sometimes God has us doing one thing while He is showing us or challenging us in another. I wouldn’t go so far as to say your husband’s faith was lacking. It could be that God has another way for you to achieve His plan for the preschool that does not require you to take out a loan that would put your home in jeopardy. I do know that God ask us, rather commands us to be in debt to no man. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, when the time is in God’s plan, your preschool and all the details will be worked out to be a blessing beyond what you can now see.
      In Christ, Tammy

    • 251.6
      jar of clay says:

      I certainly am all for submitting to your husband. When I was struggling with the decision to homeschool my children, my husband was not on board either. He really thought they should go to school, but I could not get away from it, and I sought Scripture and good biblical counsel. The Lord gave me Rev. 3:7-8, :What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” Wham! Pow! In addition, a person to whom I asked for help told me that God did not tell Sarai to leave and go to a place I will show you, He told Abraham, and SArai had to just trust. Now I know that Sarai was the wife, but I believe the principal holds true. Sometimes the Lord does give revelation to both the husband and wife, but sometimes not. You just pray that the Lord will soften his heart and you will become of one mind on this. I told my husband that I was more afraid of disobeying God than to homeschool our kids, and he said, “Then I support you.” Ask God for what you need, He already knows it, and He’ll be faithful.

    • 251.7
      enigma says:

      Maybe God has it in His plans for you to open a preschool WITHOUT debt.

      Have you thought about that possibility and how God could work that out?

    • 251.8


      I don’t have an answer for you, and I won’t even speculate at what God might or might not be doing, but I want to encourage you…keep honoring your husband! It speaks volumes that you’ve already honored him with your submission. You will be blessed if you continue to honor him! 🙂

      With much respect,

    • 251.9
      Angela says:

      As a woman in a similar situation, I don’t find this to be an easy thing to say as my flesh sometimes want to rebel against just the mention of the word submit. I also would not mislead anyone into doing the wrong thing just because it is not the popular thing to do or else God himself would deal with me. I am learning that the submitting is not for my husband as much as it is for me, see it as submitting to God. Our war is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. The smartest thing I have done in the last 6 months is to stop verbally fighting with my husband and leave the battle up to God. It is not easy but I pray everyday for the strength that only God can give to forgive him and love him as the word says. The more time I have spent in God’s presence and praying in the Holy Spirit is changing me and I since have noticed a change in my husband’s demeanor. Don’t give up on your dream, but know that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t tell you to proceed in this venture without your husband’s support, let all things be done in decency and in order. The Holy Spirit will guide you in this process, remember nothing is impossible with God. Don’t become weary in doing good, in due season you will be exalted, it may not look like it right now and it sure doesn’t feel good sometimes to yield your way to someone else especially if you feel led by God to do something, but God. I am sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes because I feel where you are, but it will be worth it to be obedient to God’s word. TRUST Him!

  2. 252
    Sarah says:

    I flunked classes in high school and college. Graduated though and even taught 2nd grade for a few years before having babies. Now that I am getting recertified to teach, I have to take some graduate courses. I was seriously scared to death. In my journal, before I enrolled in this one class, I cried out to God asking for supernatural wisdom and the ability to be smart. I’ve had to write about 10 papers and read all kinds of things and think WAY differently than I have had to in over 10 years. God has been faithful in my work and I am happy to say that I have an A+ in my Multi-Ethnic-Multi-Cultural Childrens Literature class! To God be the glory because there is just no way I could have done that without Him.

  3. 253
    Stacie says:

    One of the most vivid times I remember God speaking to me was when I was a single women. I was in a relationship that I knew was not right, but thought that God would overlook it this time. One day I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to get out and back to God and to do it now. The most amazing thing happened after telling God I knew I needed to get out and asking Him to help me get out. Within the hour I was able to have a conversation with the man I was seeing and we both decided it was time to cut it off. It was so nice to have it end that way and not nasty. I know that it was God opening the door so far open that I couldn’t do anything but walk through it. Thankfully He was with me then and SO many times since then.

  4. 254
    Janie says:

    I am not a member, found your blog searching for information on the upcoming event in Birmingham Alabama. My truly great friend and myself have had our tickets for right about a year now!! We are probably two of your biggest fans! I am sooo thankful that you have followed Gods call, and minister to women of every facet in life, with all sorts of needs, you have been the Friend that I have never met. Looking forward to this weekend!

  5. 255
    Diana says:

    Okay, so about 20 minutes ago I just slammed shut, and threw your book, “Breaking Free” on to my bedroom floor – then sat there and cried. Thinking, Lord, seriously? Am I supposed to believe that I can get past these feelings of unforgiveness and hopelessness. God, I just cannot do it – it’s too hard, I don’t even know where to begin. Page 215 nearly ruined me – my list is a mile long. I work from home so decided to come in my office and begin the day, only to find your LPMblog in my inbox. I decided to give you one more chance…now the tears won’t stop pouring and my heart is at peace. I am petitioning God for wisdom and he is comforting me this very minute. This is the first time I’ve ever written you, but have read your books and even used them for bible studies at my work – today was my turn for healing!!! Thank you for your faithfulness and for never giving up. Love you and your staff bunches. God bless you!

  6. 256

    For years my husband longed to quit his job and start his own business, but he didn’t sense the Lord telling him to do it. We felt like the only choice was to stay put rather than risk a misstep. Finally, at 4AM one morning we found ourselves crying and begging the Lord for a breakthrough (a big deal because my husband doesn’t cry often). Should he quit his good-paying, secure job without having another to replace it? He had unanswered questions and thought that without the answers he couldn’t possibly risk putting his family in financial peril.

    This is what he was thinking:
    1- I love to give to others in need. Will I still be able to do that?
    2- What if I fail at whatever I try to do?
    3- What if I am making a huge mistake?
    4- Will I be able to provide for my children?

    I began reading Scripture aloud, not necessarily looking for an answer. I just thought it would comfort us. THE LORD SPOKE TO US DIRECTLY THROUGH HIS WORD, answering every single question with hope and promise.

    Psalm 37:21-26
    The wicked borrow and do not repay,
    but the righteous give generously;
    those the LORD blesses will inherit the land,
    but those he curses will be destroyed.

    The LORD makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him;
    though he may stumble, he will not fall,
    for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

    I was young and now I am old,
    yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
    or their children begging bread.
    They are always generous and lend freely;
    their children will be a blessing.

    After reading those words, we knew it was the time to quit. Quitting on that particular day would mean leaving a large bonus check on the table, among other things. We received our first confirmation we had heard the Lord when my husband met his boss 2 hours later to turn in his 3 week notice. His boss handed him the bonus check before asking, “So what did you want to see me about?” (There were many confirmations in the coming days…)

    In a matter of days we had direction to start our own business. That was almost 7 years ago, and our business has grown each year despite a bad economy. The Lord has kept every single promise, of course! He is faithful.

  7. 257
    Tammy Fell says:

    As my junior year of college was coming to a close my roommate told me she wanted to move to another part of campus, and I really liked where I was but we were good friends. Should I go with her or find another roommate and stay? As I prayed about this a friend and I were driving to a church for Sunday services, but while driving there, we saw a small little church and she said, how about we go here instead? The title of the sermon was “The Necessity of Making Wise Choices”. It was 1989, and I still remember the sermon. As the pastor spoke I thought, okay I should stay where I am, then a few minutes later I thought, oh He’s telling me to stay with the same roommate and move across campus. Well, after going back and forth, as the sermon concluded, I heard Him clearly say, trust Me and listen. Well, I stayed in the dorm I was and became roommates with a friend’s sister who was going to be a freshmen. I had never met her or talked to her. Before deciding that I asked God, are you sure that’s who I should room with? I don’t even know her. What if I room with one of my friends that I already know. Well, it turned out that my friends sister became pregnant over the summer before college started. I think God was able to really use me as her friend and to provide her with unconditional love and support during her freshmen year.

  8. 258

    I have another one, but this one is short and sweet.

    As newlyweds, my husband and I didn’t have very much money. We didn’t believe in charging anything, so I had to buy two weeks of groceries with sometimes as little as $18. One morning I was tired of buying canned vegetables, tuna, and Ramen noodles. I wanted meat…ground beef would be a step up! As I prayed over my grocery list, making every penny count, I opened my bible. It fell open to Proverbs 15 and my eyes landed on verse 17. As I read it for the very first time in my life, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

    “Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.”

    (Picture me sitting at my little kitchen table with a heavenly light shining on my head and a choir of angels singing as I finally understood how truly blessed I was.)

    Energized, I wrote that scripture on an index card and put it on the door of my nearly empty freezer. Then I went shopping. 🙂

  9. 259

    Some 12 years ago, I was burdened with infertility issues. Pressing on me: do I go through IVF (invitro fertilization) or do I adopt? A good friend from Sunday school and now evangelist Jay Lowder (whom I will be forever grateful to) took praying for our family seriously. We took praying seriously. Another good friend had just adopted … God was placing in my life so many families who had adopted (in the infertility support group I was leading at church). We took our first step toward adoption … like Paul, it was like scales fell from my eyes and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders (knew it was God’s peace and confirmation). A baby was soon found for us … I ran into the social worker, and she said, “The birthmother has your same features.” God knew the desires of my heart since childhood, and that was just another confirmation for me. When we are standing in front of the mirror fixing her precious hair (at 12 years old), she will say, “Mom, it’s so amazing how God made me look just like you.” And my mind goes back to the day she was born, the minute I saw her, with her tiny hands folded together as if she were praying. Glory to God! Jer. 33:3

    • 259.1
      Alicia says:

      I love what you wrote. We have been down the infertility and adoption route too. We were able to adopt our son 4 days before Christmas last year when he was 28 months old. People are completely shocked at how much he looks like us, and we get comments on it all the time. As far as I’m concerned, that part doesn’t matter to me, but God is awesome to work stuff like this out!

    • 259.2
      kimberly says:

      amazing! brought tears to my eyes!

  10. 260
    Kelly S. says:

    I love reading these comments!!
    A couple of years ago, my family felt betrayed by close friends. We owned a piece of property together and the root of the conflict was our differing visions for it. A decision they made cost our family money. It was a mess and extremely hurtful. I asked the Lord for wisdom, and to show me our fault in the mess. Graciously, He did. He gave me clear insight to hurtful things we had unknowingly done to them, and that helped me see why they made some decisions. This insight helped me to forgive, and ask for forgiveness. Unfortunatley, my family did not understand my position and were upset with me for a while, (not anymore). Above all, the next two things I studied in my bible were Abraham and Lot, and Paul and Barnabus. How interesting that both sets of friends SEPARATED. I knew God was giving me direction with how to proceed on the property. Praise the LORD!

  11. 261
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    I decided to go back to school to be a nurse about 3 years ago. It quickly began to overwhelm me and I found myself always praying to God and questioning my decision. Was it really what God wanted for me?

    During the semester we had a day where we had to go to an adult day care and help out. I went into a room where a group of ladies were seated around a small table waiting to eat. I put my had on one of the lady’s arms and asked her how she was doing. She looked up at me, smiled and said, “I’m ok when your hand is on me. Everything’s fine when your hand’s on my shoulder.” It touched my heart and made me well up. But then God used that moment again.

    A couple of weeks later I was driving to school to take a test. I was praying and crying out to God in desparation feeling like I was going to fail the test and school. Then I heard God speak those words to my spirit as clear as day. “Everything’s fine when my hand’s on your shoulder.” That was all the confirmation I needed to let me know I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do.

  12. 262
    Sarah Deible says:

    My husband and I attended a focused living retreat at our church to explore how God would use our past experiences to shape us for service to Him. I was feeling very overwhelmed with being called to some kind of speaking and wasn’t comfortable in the least with it. We were given an hour or so to spend with God and prepare a vision statement based on what we’d learned of ourselves and of course what God was speaking to us. I sat and literally argued with God that He would need to be pretty specific if speaking is what he was expecting from me. So…I closed my eyes, flipped open my Bible, dropped my finger down and landed on the header “Further Instructions”, which begins Colossians 4:2-6, the scripture that would change the course of my life forever. “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” Wow, I was so blown away and God has continued to show me I am on the right path. I actually had the joy of praying with you, Beth, in Lexington this past August. You asked what you could pray for me for, I mentioned the calling I’ve felt, and you proceeded to tell me that God had told you that morning that “one of His annointed would come before you, that one He had called would come to you” that day. That was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, out of thousands of people in that place, God gave a word to you about little ole me!!!! He is so faithful and amazing! My ministry has begun by God’s grace alone and praise his name He keeps on speaking to me in whatever way He sees fit. Just a couple weeks ago I woke up realizing I’d been reciting scripture in my sleep (I’m a very heavy sleeper so it’s odd to begin with that I recall anything!), but each time I woke up, I was led to 2 Timothy 4, which I wasn’t familiar with right off. I was blown away once again as I read “Preach the Word”, “do the work of an evangelist, discharge the duties of your ministry”. Woah!!! Our God speaks so clearly when we are ready to listen! Thank you Jesus for loving us so much!!

  13. 263
    God's not-so-little-Dutch girl says:

    Hello Siestas!

    The most recent answer I received from God is yesterday. I am married to a man of few words. I periodically get into the trap of trying to get his approval. Yesterday, again, in my devotions God gave me Proverbs 19:22,”What a man desires is unfailing love…”(Yes, it is my newest memory verse for today). God keeps reminding me that I only need to seek His approval, and that He is the only One who can truly love me unconditionally. I am praying that I learn this lesson for keeps one of these days. Have a great week, Siestas!

  14. 264
    peg nichols says:

    1st off for thanksgiving i used the “cool whip and maple syrup” offering and it was a huge hit…especially with the 12 y.o. granddaughter, who is a picky eater…thanks for the recipe…complicated as it was!!! i chose it because i have the cookbook “recipes with 4 or less ingredients”!!!

    Now to share a time when God answered the prayer of my heart…i was in a backslidden condition and i was depending on alcohol to “get me through”…God never stopped “hounding me” and i had no peace…i finally knew i was in a corner and God would not let me out until i bowed my knee and cried HELP…He came and gently lead me to “AA” and continued to gently lead me through a recovery process that was painful but glorious with His grace…and i learned mercy was there as well…i learned to humble myself (as He requires)and pray and turn from my wicked ways and He heard me…the Bible (especially the Older testament) came alive for me…i have never been the same…He is a faithful God and He leads His dear children along…

  15. 265
    Becky says:

    Years ago while I was doing Believing God, my husband was facing an engineering nightmare. Everyday he’d say, “Pray about the blade holder.” My husband is the calmest, steadiest man I know – and an experienced engineer, yet this problem had he and another engineer completely baffled. So much so that work problems were affecting our generally peaceful home.

    Finally, after begging and pleading with God for weeks, I dropped to my knees and took God at His Word: Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” “Unsearchable” means mysteries…things we can’t possibly know apart from God’s revelation. I believed God.

    Later that day, while preparing dinner, I hear God say, “The problem is the shape.” I laughed! Really God? You want me, who doesn’t even know what a blade holder is, to tell Tim the problem is the shape? “Yes! The problem is the shape.” As soon as Tim walked in, sheepishly, in a half whisper I told him God’s answer. Tim’s reply, “Of course the problem is the shape.” Whew! Although I hadn’t helped my husband, I obeyed God. What I didn’t realize is that often God reveals mysteries one clue at a time.

    In bed that night, just as I was closing my eyes, I saw a shape and heard God’s voice. No kidding!! And I heard technical part names and heard exactly how the shape needed to change. I was amazed! This is not my typical experience with God! Shaking and tearful, I reported everything I heard and saw to Tim.

    At work the next day, Tim explained the solution to the other engineer who said he, too, had been thinking about that exact idea. Problem solved!

    God’s answers might come through the least likely…the childlike believer who doesn’t know diddly about the issue. Why? Maybe so we don’t mistakenly think our super smart husband just happened to figure it out. Maybe so we KNOW for certain it was God answering and telling. Maybe so we can come to know Him as the Revealer of Mysteries.

    I’m believing God!

  16. 266
    Kimberly says:

    I wrote a little on this in the last couple of weeks on your blog. My daughter has been going through IVF treatments and had the embryo transfer on Nov 23. She sent me a text night before last saying she feels she has miscarried. I called and she is not answering her phone. I asked her to meet me for lunch the next day (we work in the same building) and she said no. I send her texts last night and got a couple of response. I know she needs her grieving period, but as a mother, I don’t know what to say, how to pick up the pieces….she does not want to hear me say one more time “in God’s time” or “God has a plan for you” or quote more scripture. I am fervantly praying for guidance on how to minister to my daughter. How to keep her in church and how to teach her that only God can mend her broken heart, even though she is very angry at Him right now. Been a long week girls. Blessings.

    • 266.1
      Jennifer says:

      Kimberly, let her talk. You said above you do not know what to say. That’s ok, just let her talk to you. I had one failed cycle of IVF, and have decided not to go through it again, it’s tough when it fails. I remember calling my mother, and all she did was cry and talk, and left no room for my feelings. That made me feel even worse.

    • 266.2
      Kelli says:

      Kimberly, I agree with Jennifer. Let her talk, let her grieve- give her space as she needs it. I’ve been through four failed IVF cycles but have also had two successful (pregnant with the second of these now). She probably needs to be angry in order to completely heal. It’s such an emotional roller coaster that you can only understand if you’ve been through it. If she is walking with the Lord, she KNOWS about God’s timing, she just may not want to HEAR anymore about it right now. (that’s not to say you shouldn’t remind her if the Lord tells you to!). The best you can do for her is pray your heart out and be a listening ear when she is ready to talk about it. Praying for you both!

  17. 267
    Tami says:

    There was a house that caught my attention quite by accident, riding down a new road with my husband on a Sunday afternoon. We both saw it and wanted it and it was for sale. Seemed too good to be true. We walked through it and it was perfect. Not quite finished yet but finished enough we could tell everything about it. I wanted it! I prayed about this house and I got nothing. No overwhelming “peace” and no voice of God saying, “Buy the house my child”. Nothing. Blessings of BSF are always plentiful and we were studying the Life of Moses. After days of nothing, I prayed and asked for a “burning bush or something, Dear God I need your guidance here, I don’t want to do anything out of Your will.” I drove back to the house. When I left, because of unusual traffic on this country road, I had to wait at the end of the driveway. The sign across the road that I had never seen before was illuminated by my car lights and read “Bethany Fire District”. I had no idea I was in Bethany and this house seemed to mark the fire district. I know that may seem to be reaching but at that moment I was overwhelmed by the presence of God. My car was filled with the glory of God and the tears flowed and I felt His assurance. We bought the house the next day.

  18. 268
    Julie says:

    Hello Beth;

    I recently checked out your Believing God series from our local library. Wow… Thank you.

    Check this out….. I started writing and now Cross Books will be publishing the book. Who knew?????

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. 269
    cynthia says:

    My husband and I started dating when I was a senior in high school and we dated all through college, even though we went to different schools. When I was about to graduate and go to grad school in another state and he was still a sophomore, we broke up for a summer. I think we both were nervous about our lives taking seemingly different directions. I was miserable to put it mildly, and really had to lean on God to help me. One day during my quiet time I read something that just seemed to say “Stop fretting, this will all be fine.” I was reminded that God did have a plan, and if it was not meant to work out with him, then God still had something for me.

    I am happy to say that it did work out and we got engaged a couple of months later. He did finish school where he was, and I went away to school for two years. God knew it all along, we just had to get with the program. 🙂

  20. 270
    Faith says:

    I just have to thank everyone for the stories and comments. I am in my early 20s and still have not had my ‘ah ha’ moment with Him. I am struggling to find myself and to have a relationship with the Lord. I know he watches over me and my little family, because through the toughest times, we still make it through even when we do not know how we will manage day-by-day. I am thankful that I receive this blog and it has brightened my week these last few weeks since I have signed up for these blogs. Please pray for me to know Him and continue to grow as I get to know Him. Thank you for everything ladies, you have no idea what this blog means to me!

    • 270.1
      Hilary says:

      I am smiling to myself while reading your post… Because you name is Faith. That is a sign from God right there. 🙂 praying for you, Faith.

    • 270.2
      kimberly says:


      I am not much older than you (pretty soon it will be mid-30s). That sounds old when i put it that way! anyway, i remember being where you are. i felt like others were hearing from God and i wasn’t and i was so desperate to hear from Him or so i thought. in retrospect, i didn’t really seek Him. i wanted the drive-through service! it wasn’t until i reached an intense moment in my life that i really starting hearing from Him. Now i think He was louder than normal, but i was also really trying hard to hear! it sounds like you have a young family and God knows and appreciates and loves your young family, and He knows you don’t have alot of spare time, but you can probably squeeze in 5 min or so a day, and He can do so much with that. i feel that i hear Him better when i am very deligent about spending time with Him.

      one last thing. what the Bible says is true. God cannot lie! If the Bible says it BELIEVE IT. Speak the word outloud until you do! James 4:8 says Draw near to God and He will draw near to you! That is a promise! Did you know that He is far more interested in having a relationship with us than we will ever be interested in having one with Him (even in our greatest amount of interest!) He really wants you to hear Him. Keep seeking and YOU WILL HEAR!!!! Blessings!

  21. 271
    Hilary says:

    I am right in the middle of a big situation right now that God very clearly gave me divine direction on in the form of a brilliant sunset. When He brings this event to pass I will be able to share more about why the sunset was so significant, but for now, it was just the answer I needed to know that He is in control and I am heading in the right direction.

    A different time, though, I was in a tough spot and prayed for wisdom while I was in bed trying to fall asleep. Not 10 seconds after I had prayed I very distinctly heard, right outside my open bedroom window, an owl call out “Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!”

    Laugh all you want, but we DON’T normally have owls just hanging around our house! I knew immediately that God had heard my prayer for wisdom, and sent a wise old owl to signify Himself to me. So I slept peacefully. And then I woke up in the middle of the night with the answer to the problem – He dropped it in my mind – I had never thought of it from the angle He presented to me! And so I talked to the people involved the next day with the answer God had given me, and it was perfect for everyone.

    God’s wisdom is beyond comprehension. He is so amazing. All glory be to Him!


  22. 272
    Sherry says:

    When my boy was in Iraq for months, I was really struggling with my fears and praying God would just give me a word, some kind of encouragement to calm me and get me through. The news was full of reports of people getting struck by IED’s and I knew they were lobbing bombs randomly onto his base. MANY months previous to that, I had studied Beth’s “Daniel” study with a group of women (my sons name is also Daniel!). One day as I prayed for help, He spoke and I heard Him telling me not a hair on his head would be singed, neither would he smell like smoke (Dan.3). I will never forget the relief of that word or how I clung to that hope. He’s been back stateside now for a couple of years and I’m blessed every time we get together for the blessing of his life!

  23. 273
    Jamie says:

    Well, it’s Wednesday…and I’m right on schedule, for me anyway. Just had to comment at the image of you walking in the cold and wind. I too would much rather exercise outdoors but this time of year, I see that wind and no that the temp is 30 degrees below 75 (my perfect temp for exercise) But you are so right. It’s much better to dress up and get out there. He is in the wind and the cold. The last few leaves falling off the trees. Why miss a moment?

  24. 274
    Georgia Jan says:

    This is a hard one for me because I had to deal with very unfamiliar territory (for me) a little over 7 years ago…which was basically being treated like someone with leprosy. I was not used to that; I’m a neck-hugging people-loving Southern minister’s wife! A coworker began to avoid me for a stand I took regarding a work issue. The shunning lasted almost 3 weeks. She didn’t just not talk to me, she would literally hug the wall if she had to go near me. If I weren’t hurting so badly, it would have been comical. I prayed so hard and begged God to lead me and give me wisdom about what to do. He led me to write her a card (she wouldn’t talk to me) and FORGIVE her. Me forgive her??? YES! I was obedient. I bought a beautiful card and wrote a note inside. She brought it back and laid it on my desk with a note that said she could not forgive me. God’s peace washed over me because I realized I had been obedient and that mattered to me more than anything. God led me through every step of this ordeal – He gave me strength, peace, and daily wisdom. I even had the presence of heart and mind to document the situation in case anything ever came up with the big boss. Well…it did and I was totally exonerated. I even got a big promotion that month! But guess what the best thing of all was? A non-believer who worked in the same office came to me after it was all said and done and told me that she had been “watching me.” Watching me!!! I remember her words exactly. She said, “you are one cool preacher’s wife, and I just want you to know that the way you have conducted yourself this past month spoke volumes to me.” My relationship with my shunner has since been restored, even though I still get butterflies when I see her…

    When we walk with the Lord
    in the light of His word,
    what a glory He sheds on our way!
    While we do His good will,
    He abides with us still,
    and with all who will trust and obey.

    Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
    to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

    But we never can prove
    the delights of His love
    until all on the altar we lay;
    for the favor He shows,
    for the joy He bestows,
    are for them who will trust and obey.

    I love you Beth!

    • 274.1

      That gave me chills!! People are always watching us. Way to go!

    • 274.2
      Hilary says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this, GJ. I am getting this SAME treatment from more than one person at my workplace right now, and the worst part is, I don’t really know why! They shut their doors to talk so I won’t hear anything, won’t look at me, send me cryptic and scathing emails… I don’t understand it. It feels like they are trying to wear me down mentally by persecuting me or something. Anyway, I am glad to hear your story. It gives me great encouragement.

  25. 275
    Tavia says:

    Well, this one is a heart thing for me all the way. This was before I was a christian.

    When I was 5 months pregnant, I hated my life, I couldnt stand the man who I chose to be with and father my baby. I was an emotional wreck and wanted to die. I felt like i had made the worst mistake in choosing to get pregnant. Our baby was no mistake, we layed down with the full intention of getting pregnant thinking a baby would solve all our problems. Yah.. Right!!! well because I was in such an unhealthy relationship and I was a complete mess myself, I had thought out a plan and received advice from other people on how to abort my baby at 5 months. She was a baby at this point but I just felt like I couldnt do it. Than because there was no way, that I was ok with, I had decided to start calling adoption agencies. I didnt want nothing to do with this baby that was part of the man I hated so much. I was so sad and so emotional, just a wreck really. I went and layed on the floor of my bedroom and turned the stereo loud to drownout my sorrows and feel sorry for myself when a song came on. The song was called Return to Innocence by Enigma. I layed there and listened to the words, and they came alive to me like never before. One of the lines in the song is “Just believe in DESTINY, dont care what people say, just follow your own way”. At that given moment, God came and met me where I was and gave me the name for my daughter. Her name is Destiny, because she was meant to be. She is my Destiny from God. And she has a God given purpose.

  26. 276
    Andrea says:

    I think the toughest time I had was when I was fighting God on what I wanted to do (and what everyone else thought I should be doing) and what I knew He wanted me to do. I knew in high school I was called to be a stay-at-home-mom while my babies were babies. But I had such a hard time finding any worth in that role – isn’t that ridiculous? The most valuable role I can play in my children’s lives and I thought it made me unworthy in the world’s eyes! I struggled for so long and prayed so hard for wisdom in finding my purpose until one day God opened up my eyes that had been screwed as tightly shut as you can get them, and showed me that I was measuring my worth by standards that were not His.

    I had over 10 years as a full-time stay at home mom, but it was only during the last two that I was able to fully appreciate what He had asked of me. And during that time He drew me so much closer to Him – I am crying with joy just thinking about it! Once I realized my real worth is all wrapped up in His glorious hands, I stopped worrying about what the world thought of my position. Now that my kids are older and I am doing what I had hoped to all along, instead of looking to the world for approval, I accept it as the most amazing gift and opportunity to serve Him instead. Talk about having a prayer answered. 😉

  27. 277
    Melissa Lynn says:

    Wow, the timing on this is amazing. I’m in the process of seeking wisdom and comfort from the Lord like mad! On Weds before Thanksgiving I was told that I have breast cancer. I am married and have a 12 yr old daughter (birthday is today 12/1) and 7 1/2 yr old son. We are still trying to wrap our minds around this and it is very hard; we’re literally reeling. But, this post is opening my eyes to how God has already and is currently giving us wisdom on how to deal with this blow. I know nothing touches me but what is first filtered through HIS hands and that in itself is mind blowing! However, I’m realizing when I memorized scripture last year for Siesta Scripture team, He was giving me verses to hide in my heart then, for now!! Like Jer.29:11 – 14, Gen. 28:15, Psalm 126:5-6, Isaiah 41:10, 1 Peter 3:3-4, I Cor 2:9, I Cor. 13:4-7, Zeph 3:17, Ps. 30:2 and 103.:2-4 and 34:4… I didn’t get the reasoning behind some of those scriptures then, but I do now. He has brought encouraging words and has given me 3 dreams directly relating to this cancer and what is to come; not everything but glimpses and pictures and 2 of them have come to pass, so I trust these were straight from My Jesus to comfort me, bring hope and show me that He knows all about this, is all over it and that He’s not worried, but has it all in His control. No, I don’t like it AT ALL that I have cancer and we all pray daily for my complete healing and yes, I am terrified and sad and get very angry and so worried for my husband and kids if something happens to me, BUT through all this I am seeing Hope and my faith is being tested minute by minute; but maybe that is ok…one of my biggest fears in the world was getting cancer, well now I have it and am having to deal directly with it with my Daddy’s help; only way I can get thru each day.
    Anyway, lots to digest here in Concord, CA, but we are doing our best and living day by day with that Hope that sits right before us if we choose to look up and we are…
    Melissa Lynn, Concord, CA

    • 277.1
      Hilary says:

      Praying for you, my sister.

    • 277.2
      Gretchen says:

      Melissa Lynn,

      I am joining you in prayer for a miraculous work from our miraculous God! He is, indeed, able to accomplish what concerns us. Will you keep us posted on your progress?



      • Melissa Lynn says:

        Gretchen and Hilary, yes I will keep you all updated. Not sure how to do it on the blog? I’m quite new at blogging! But I’ll do my best. I have an MRI on Monday to see if the cancer has spread or they missed any during the mammos and ultra sounds.

    • 277.3
      Tanya says:

      Both my parents are cancer survivors; my mom had a vision from God shortly after her diagnosis that God would heal her, and He did. She’s been cancer free for over five years, and my dad has been cancer free for close to 15. Take hope!!

  28. 278
    Kirsten from Houston says:

    I was in a young, difficult marriage. Growing up Southern Baptist “divorce” was not even an option. I didn’t want to be a statistic. One day my husband came to me and said, “I don’t believe in God anymore. I don’t want to have anything to do with God, church or you.” I still thought I could make it, could pray through it. Our friends turned on us, our church family turned cold shoulders, my family thought I was insane for sticking around. I buried my face before God and wailed, “I don’t want to be a statistic. I want to be the virtuous Christian wife. I want to be a woman of character (Ruth 3:11). But I don’t know if I can do this. I’m broken into a million pieces and can’t fit any of them back together. I won’t leave, I can’t. If YOU want me out of this marriage, Lord you’re going to have to take him out.” He did. At the time I was devestated, confused, fearful, ashamed and angry. But going back over my prayer journals from that time and looking at the people and wonderful church family He has brought me to, I am thankful that even though we did not beat the odds, my Father was always right there with me.

  29. 279
    Angie Ehrenreich says:

    I have 2 that are at the forefront of my mind so I’ll try to be brief.
    The first was when in 07 we lost our home and a business. I was very confused, disillusioned over all the events b/c I clearly heard God tell me to follow my husband thru all of this. When we lost everything- of course I was filled with questions and doubt and mistrust. In Feb of this year, God answered me thru a devotion I read on Proverbs 31. It wasn’t an answer to all my questions per say, but it was His answer to me, like He answered Job, that He is the God of the universe and I just need to trust in that. And that was the end of my questions-b/c I knew I had heard from Him.
    The second was over chosing a bible study to do. My mentor does bible studies and so she has several on hand. I asked to borrow one and I picked the one about the study of David. I thought I was picking the one by Beth Moore- the 12 week study, so I went out and got the book. When my mentor brought me the DVD’s it was the one from Deeper Still. I knew then God was giving me direction and so I went and exchanged my book. He was totally all over me during this study- giving me just what I needed just when I needed it.
    Angie E
    Conover NC

  30. 280
    Holly says:

    Wow, so many outstanding witnesses of God’s wisdom! Some days I think I lack wisdom, and some days I think I have no wisdom at all. Then, reading all these stories of God’s wisdom-led direction, reminds me that I am not wisdom-less! Here’s a few instances in my life:

    1. I had major back pain. Not sure what the cause was, but x-rays showed issued with neck and excessive curvature in lower spine among other things. I was seeing a chiropracter 2x a week for therapy. I did this for 6 months or so, and to me didn’t see any progress. My husband and I were youth leaders at the time and were in charge of leading youth prayer on a Tues. night. We decided to write out scriptures based on differing subjects of prayer (salvations, healings, etc.). While I was praying for healing for my back, I came to Mark 2 where Jesus heals the paralytic that was lowered through the roof. Jesus told the guy his sins were forgiven first. Then the pharisees were saying in their hearts, how can this man forgive sin, God alone forgives! Then Jesus said in vs. 8 “Why are you thinking these things? 9 Which is easier: to say to this paralyzed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’? 10 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he said to the man, 11 “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” 12 He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God. I read that and knew that the same power that saves a person from sin is the same power that heals a person. If I can believe for my sins to be forgiven (which I can’t see), then I can believe for healing (which I can see). God told me to tell the chiropracter the next day that this would be my last visit because God was healing me. I was nervous/scared, but after the visit I said, “I will not be coming back. God is healing me.” He just looked at me and said, “OK, if you need to come back, just give us a call.”. And that was that. I left there and have never been back. God healed me. This chiropracter had also told me that I would have great back pain in carrying a child during pregnancy. I didn’t doubt that would be true if I hadn’t been healed. Which leads me to Story #2 & #4.

    2. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2005. (recurring cysts on ovaries, not allowing egg to be released for fertilization). We had been trying for a baby for 1 year at that point. The doctor said he would send me to a fertility specialist as soon as I wanted to. I wasn’t ready for that as I was still processing his news of “it will be highly unlikely that you will get pregnant without medical help”. We were devastated. As we left the dr office I told my husband that we will just have to get in faith mode. We did. I found testimony of women who had experienced childlessness and prayed scriptures for pregnancy. I found scripture after scripture to back up my desire for a child. I prayed for wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. I prayed for my faith to increase and my unbelief to diminish. I had many experiences of supernatural interventions, words of knowledge, prophetic words spoken over me, in a 6 month time frame, all dealing with pregnancy. Then in a sermon at a youth camp, the speaker read from 2 Kings 4:8-17, and when he read vs. 16, it was like the room shrunk and only God, me, my hubby and the speaker (our friend) were in the room. I couldn’t figure out why he would speak that scripture to a bunch of teenagers. But, God put that in there (months in advance) to be spoken out in my presence. Amazing. I knew that God had answered my prayer, I just didn’t know when it would come to fruition. In Sept of 2005 I was sickly feeling for a week and thought, hey, I might have my period this week! (I hadn’t since Jan 05 – 9 months). I was excited b/c I knew then that something was working! Well, period didn’t start. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out POSITIVE. What? Are you sure? I did it 2 more times and both POSITIVE! So, I was pregnant. Had a wonderful pregnancy, NO BACK PAIN WHATSOEVER, and had my doctor look at my back and he said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my back. PTL!

    3. My dad was unsaved my whole life. After I got pregnant, he knew all that we were dealing with, so witnessed the ups & downs and the prayers, the faith, the victory of pregnancy, etc., besides being married to my mom, a faithful Christian wife to him for 30 years. He was diagnosed with a lung and brain tumor. Cancer. I truly believe that our victory of faith for pregnancy spurred us to not waiver when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was saved soon after that, got baptized (it was an amazing baptism!), and then God completely and totally removed the tumors from his body in Jan ’06 after my dad confessed the same scripture of Mark 2! Unbelievable. Wow! He died in Feb 06 unforeseeably. had nothing to do with cancer or tumors or anything, he was weak, yet gaining strength, but the treatments had taken its toll on his body and he ruptored his lungs one day while coughing really hard. That was not God’s intended plan, but I can’t be angry. My dad is with Jesus now.

    4. I had my baby in May ’06. The devil tried to get me down and take my baby – the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck from week 20 til birth. We had to go in early for inducement to relieve the risk. I did not want to be induced, but prayed that I would go into labor on my own and God would take care of the cord issue. I did. Elle Faith was born with the cord around her neck, but she was perfectly fine. The devil didn’t win! What a wonderful time. She is 4 years old now. I am praying again for another child – another miracle – and I know God will do it in his time.

    I am blessed by Beth / ministry, this blog and so many women commenters. I rarely comment and usually don’t have time to read all the comments either. But I felt that this time I should write. And I love telling my stories! God, do it again! Sorry for the length. I pray someone is blessed/encouraged by it!

  31. 281
    kimberly says:

    i love this topic! just in general i would say that God speaks to us all in a individual way or ways that suits each of our personalities. i hear Him speak to me as a thought most often. sometimes i hear a thought and it may not be God put my own or even satan’s. i find that when i am consistant about being in His word and spending time with Him that i hear Him the best. Sometimes when I am waiting for answer I feel like I am in the desert with no signs or words or anything. it is then that i have to be really patient and remember all the times that He has answered me and remember that He will come through! Thank you Jesus! If one of these “thoughts” doesn’t match up with the word of God then I know it wasn’t Him speaking.

    Other times He just drops it in. in other words i won’t be thinking at all about what my prayer and then out of the blue i “hear” the answer! Most often He will confirm the answer for me by telling me again in another way – everything I read (even sometimes billboards) will be the same verse or idea.

    Very often I ask Him a question and just flip open the Bible and alot of the times the answer is right there! P. Shirer has a great book out called “Discerning the voice of God” and it is fabulous if you haven’t read it.

    it’s like my dad says “i don’t care what you call me as long as you call!” i don’t care how God speaks to me as long as He speaks!

    oh, and sometimes He answers me or speaks to me in dreams although i never see Him.

    Blessings! Now to read all of your awesome posts!

  32. 282
    Sherry says:

    Wisdom. Oh Lord! I seek wisdom more often with my children. Most recently my 13 year old son got very angry while he was playing in a basketball game and he showed himself good on the court! To the point that the referee had to talk to him. (embarrassing) Anyway, I prayed for God to help me talk to him with a Godly wisdom instead of reacting the way I wanted to. God pulled through for us. I talked to him about him being God’s child and we must act and react the way He would want us to. That being angry really isn’t a sin in itself but acting upon it, is.
    I know there will be many, many (exhausting) times that we will seek God’s wisdom with our children…but thank the Lord, He’s always there to respond.

  33. 283
    Jennifer says:

    Hi Beth,

    My wisdom story is about praying for a house to buy–a very specific house–and how God answered that prayer in a wonderful but unexpected way.

    The post, “Dream House Giveaway” is on my blog, Pale as a Pearl:

  34. 284
    Michele says:

    Beth, KMac, and Siestas –

    Will there be any kind of Siesta meet-up at Deeper Still?

    Or any hot-spot location to find Siestas (other than sprinkled throughout 14,000 sisters in Christ)?

  35. 285
    nlg679 says:

    Hi, I am a new Christian–saved in Feb. of this year.
    I am battling a chronic illness, had to leave my work, and am extremely lonely. Yes, God is my rock and my salvation. Still, I am putting on the smile, putting on a happy face and masking my loneliness. Never have known a loving personal relationship. Please pray for me. I talk to God every day knowing He has planned my life accordingly. I need strength –I need happiness. Thank you.

    • 285.1
      Paula says:

      Dear nlg679, Sorry there was no name to address, but I wanted to stop by and thank you for your brave sharing of your feelings. HAve shared your feelings as well. God wants for you to feel happiness, love and peace. If I have learned anything in my 45 years plus walk with God is that we have to open and honest to him about those feelings. Then cleave to the assurance that he is there for us in faith. I will be praying for you that one the Lord heals you, and to that GOD will bring around you the community and relationships that he has ordaned for you.

      In Christ Love and peace Paula

    • 285.2
      Gretchen says:

      nlg679 – I promise you that He sees you and He knows what you are going through. He is more faithful that you can even imagine. I’m praying for you, sister, and I know He will see you through this difficult time. You can trust Him!!!



    • 285.3

      I am praying Ephesians 3:16-19 for you….that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and and height and depth and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you would be filled up to all the fullness of God.

      In His love,

  36. 286

    There have been several decisions over the past year that I have had difficulty discerning God’s direction. I was taught to look for four pillars in my discernment: congruence with scripture, godly wisdom from people who know me well, confidence in my conscience, and peace from the Spirit. For some reason I strugle with that last one. What I have learned from these experiences is that I often go off of what “makes sense”- in other words when the first three pillars line up, I am tempted to beleive it is the direction God wants me to go. Thankfully, I am learning that just because it makes “sense” doesn’t mean that it makes the right kind of sense. My accountability friend told me she and her husband never make a decision unless they feel a “yes”. Silence from God doesn’t count- that is not peace. When I have gone ahead of the Lord, I often find myself in choas and wondering where He is- only to find him on the other side as if to say “I had a feeling you would figure it out.”
    I now have decided to wait for his “yes” and then walk in peace and victory knowing that whatever comes after it is meant to shape me and my choice is left to walk as closely to Him as possible.

  37. 287
    Robyn Cooper says:

    It is difficult to choose one moment out of so many that He has given. My Bible is full of His answers! They are notated in the margins and everywhere I find a spot of empty page! Where I began trusting Him for every moment of life was after I had my daughters. My husband was an absentee father though he did not see it that way at the time. My heart’s desire was to have a happy and loving family. I ached for that. I prayed for it. I knew that God had more for our family of 4 than we were living. My husband is a gifted speaker, and taught me much of my faith head-knowledge. But he was chasing the world and the “fame” he could find for himself. I prayed for 11 years that God would get ahold of him and turn him in the direction of ministry. Miraculously, through one situation after another, Brad left the secular world and went into fulltime ministry at the age of 40. It hasn’t been an easy life, but we wouldn’t trade back for anything. Our girls were in their early teens when they became “P.K.’s”. They made the transition beautifully! Only God could perform the miracles that have occurred in our lives. We have been married 32 years (last Thanksgiving Day). Brad is my husband, friend and pastor. That is a great gift of our marriage!
    BTW…..I just finished the Bible Study of Revelation last night at church. WOW! I stand amazed at God’s richness and depth of love for His creation!

  38. 288
    Diana A says:

    Beth this was a hard question, for me. I have spent time with the Lord for over 40 years, but to pinpoint a specific wisdom moment was hard. I have had the Lord direct me, guide me, discipline me, lift up my head … He is soooo Good!

    One point a few years ago I asked God to reveal Himself more to me, for me to have a closer relationship, to KNOW Him!
    Ask and ye shall recieve! He brought me to my favorite scripture Jerm 29:11-14, only this time He Directly told me “plans to prosper you” meant that He would prosper me in Knowing Him.

    First He brought me to a study by Bernie Koerselman at Berean Publishers – ‘The Teachings and Commands of Jesus’- pushed me strongly to new thoughts. Then another pivotal book came ‘Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life’ -I had read 20 years prior, but nothing stuck then, but God had a better idea this time, and my mind was stretched once more. Then the most distinctive move on God’s behalf was that He brought me to my favorite teacher – Beth Moore, with the study of Daniel. I have done many of your studies and read various books and my knees are sore, my mind has transformed, and my heart is full – He answered my prayer!

    Wisdom from God is not just for the mind, but for every part of the being, and I am a new person – with plenty of space to grow!

  39. 289
    amybhill says:

    i could probably name a zillion examples, but the one i want to share happened recently. i was embarrassed and ashamed about something i had done. i repented of it before God and i just wanted to forget it ever happened. it was, however, one of those things i would have to proactively cover up if i was going to keep it from my husband. it wasn’t an affair or anything like that, but it was a serious issue – one that has a nice, long, ugly history in my family. i saw it rear its head ever so slightly in my life and i was scared. on one hand, i was convinced that i could cover it up and make sure it never happened again. but i felt like the Lord kept bringing James 5:16 to mind, “confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” i cried out to God and promised i would be obedient – i would tell my husband that night over dinner. i begged God to give me courage and to prepare my husband’s heart to hear what i had to say. over tears and cheesesteaks i told my husband what i had done. he was so loving and supportive in response – it was a wonder i was ever scared to tell him. i know Satan wanted to use that little secret to lay a groundwork to trap me and maybe get me again with the same sin in the future. the Lord was my shepherd, however, and i do love the comfort of his rod and his staff. keep refining me Father <3 there is freedom in the Lord

  40. 290
    Jennifer says:

    I got the message in 2009 at the LPL Simulcast (The Parable of the Sower) to let my seed grow because God had a plan for me. For 2 years the message was to wait, grow, study, have faith. This summer during the Ruth study the question was asked, have you ever been asked to wait. YES. The next question was, would you do what He asked? YES, but I’m waiting. I was visiting friends & family and went to a Sat night service w/ a friend. A song on the radio caught my attention about being ready to hear from God. The next song was the same, Prepare me to hear Your voice. I just knew HE had a plan and I better get ready. I sang my heart out in the opening music worship. Not until the preacher started the Bible reading did I look at the bulletin, the topic was the Parable of the Sower. I had my listening ears on, I was on the edge of my seat….the parting wisdom was, some of you may have heard this before and you should be encouraged to continue.

    Ok, that was uneventful. My friend and I went our for chocolate. I was telling her of my 2 year wait, how the Parable tale pops up everywhere and I thought I would hear something that night. I told her I was being lead into some type of ministry and she was the one to deliver Gods message “Have you considered the ministry of Christian Counseling?”

    WOW – not the church service but my dearest friend. We laughed until we cried, no question God was there. And just for the exclamation point, her pastor walked into the same restaurant and walked right to our table to say hi.

    Now I am on my own w/ this ‘Christian Counseling’ street sign, an I ready to go back to school? Where? What will that mean for my family? I know it is right, but time has passed and the story seems less like something that really happened. I wanted to train to join a small counseling service through my church but they aren’t having a training session any time soon.

    God is Good and he will continue to lead me.
    Jennifer in Milford, OH

  41. 291
    Heather B says:

    I pray for wisdom often. One area in particular is in parenting my boys. God has continually answered my prayer and given me fresh wisdom in season. God has graciously caused it to work out that I would get a book recommendation or hear a parenting program that would help me see where I needed to make an adjustment. Recently my husband and I asked our son to do something and he came back and told us it wasn’t possible. From our vantage point it was possible, but he couldn’t see what we could. On the outside it looked to us like he was blatantly disobeying us in this situation. Afterward, we asked him why he didn’t obey. He tried to tell us, but it sounded more like arguing than an explanation. We were prepared to do what we felt we had to do. Punish him. Then, for just a moment in time, I caught a glimpse of what he had been trying to tell us and all the pieces fell into place. There is no way I could have “seen” it on my own. It was the Holy Spirit giving me wisdom in that moment! He let out a huge sigh of relief when he realized we saw and heard his heart. It became a tremendous object lesson for all of us: God can see the big picture, but sometimes we can’t because we don’t have a clear vantage point. Just like our son needed to trust the information we gave him, we need to trust what God tells us and go forward even if it looks to us like there is no possible way.

  42. 292
    Michele says:

    Thank you Siestas for sharing and Beth & LPM for having this blog. I have been very depressed today with uncertainties and just missing my dog so much.
    Reading through the comments and reminds me how faithful and good God is. This blog is a source of encouragement.
    Thank you all.

  43. 293
    mk (go-between) says:

    What a faith building post. Oh what a blessing. Thank you to all for being vulnerable and sharing. Looking forward to reading each one over the next days.

    “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

    I get teased a lot because, well as my email name that my girls pick for me sums it up…mamabear. As someone who wasn’t protected, I am fiercely protective and our family is very close. Recently, my oldest was going to be finishing her paramedic degree with a job waiting for her (she has been living out of state but we talk and text many times a day). But I knew in my heart that the Lord wanted her to go on another mission trip first. This may not seem like much, but for someone like me, it was huge. My protective heart would love to keep her close by, but God’s will is for my daughter is Africa. (A desire since childhood.) As I sought the Lord, and prayed for her, the Lord pursued her and opened wide opportunity, provision, and willing heart. She just returned tired and sick but oh so blessed and so many many coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus and so many marvelous miracles.

    This trip went against practicality, timing, short notice, and on and on. But God’s timing is perfect.

    I am not adequately conveying the depth of miraculous it is that God would allow my to put aside fears and comfort and desire His will for her. But God not be outdone personally blessed me (too long to go into here) in my obedience. He is so worthy to be trusted!


    • 293.1
      jackie says:

      🙂 hey there mk. i love the way you love your girls. i’m so glad to know you! i’m also glad your oldest is home. i know how hard that is for us mama’s to see them go Away to follow the Lord’s Will in their lives.
      i hope your daughter feels better soon!

  44. 294
    Amy Byman says:

    A bride at 40-what????

    As I enjoy my first Christmas with my beloved new husband I have to give praise to God for the journey that brought me here, to my beautiful new house in Norfolk. As 40 come and went…several times…I continued to blindly search for a Godly mate, with some very sad detours. After another failed attempt, I gave it over completely in life and felt the peace only he can offer fill my spirit. I knew he would complete my every need, husband or not. I spent more time with my Lord and when HE thought the time was right, My husband David came into my life through trusted friends. Trust hime ladies, he has the best plans for you…now, maybe a little bundle of joy would be nice…prayers on that issue would be VERY appreciated.

  45. 295
    Dea Moore says:

    This is wisdom was given to me from the Lord. I was already in bed when I received this thought concerning a story I am writing—but it also has to do with my story and many other’s as well:


    Thank you Almighty, that you desire to restore us even when we live as if you don’t exist. You are not an add-on to life. YOU ARE LIFE. May we live accordingly.

  46. 296
    Jenny Ratliff says:

    I love how the Holy Spirit knows the exact words you need to hear and when you need to hear them! I’m a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful boys and at times, I feel fearful about not having my own income. The enemy loves to get me started down the fear road. “What if my husband died, what would we do…? On and on. And I was doing the Esther study at that time. One night, I got too tired to finish the lesson midway through it (divine intervention). And the very next day, when I was at my most fearful moment, I picked up with the paragraph talking about how our time is predestined & the Lord has our days numbered. And I haven’t been fearful since. Praise God! He’s so good!

  47. 297
    CindyfromOhio says:

    I want to be a siesta so badly!! I have read this blog for such a long time and have made a few occasional comments, but I wanted to be included in this wonderful community of godly women. I have been asking God to make me a part of what He is already blessing. Well, here is step number one!

    Beth, you have been such an incredible blessing to me. I am currently working my way through Believing God for a second time. This study was incredibly life changing for me and the statement from our pledge of faith that resonated the most with me the first time around is, God is who He says He is! This time I believe the statement God wants ingrained in my memory is, I am who God says I am! I have had experiences much like you Beth. A twisted form of childhood sexual abuse and a witness to domestic violence, I spent most of my life believing that I have to have all the answers and that I just “have to pull myself up by my boot straps.” I have so many stories of how God has pulled me out of pit after pit that I should write a book.

    I tend to constantly do my own thing. The last thing that I did without consulting the Almighty was go to graduate school for nursing education. I will graduate the first week in March, Praise be to God. Even though I was not faithful to Him, He has remained faithful to me. I landed a full time job teaching nursing students this September. Last week I received student evaluations for my lectures and I had 8 horrible ones (out of ~70), I shouldn’t complain, but it nearly broke my heart. Here I am finishing grad school, taking on the pressures of a new teaching job, and dealing with issues of infertility and they have the audacity to say those horrible things about me? I worked so hard to give them a good education. Well, I had to lecture yesterday and I was so nervous my heart was pounding out of my chest. God spoke clearly to me as I was getting ready for work. He was already there in that lecture hall waiting for me all I had to do was trust Him and let Him use me. After it was over I walked back to my office praising Him and thanking Him for the horrible things those students said.

    I’m still seeking wisdom from Him for so many things. I feel this calling to write and teach the Word to young women. (I’m currently a youth group leader). But I feel so confused and I wonder if I’ve missed something. My confessions to God include my ignorance for if He has already confirmed my calling…I am totally blind.

    I love our Heavenly Father for He is good ALL the time and I praise Him for being there, before me, after me, and in me!!!

    Love to all of you!


    • 297.1
      Beth says:

      Sweet Thing, I promise you that you are already a Siesta. It’s just an endearment for “Sister.” You are so welcome here.

      • Kathleen says:

        Cin, Welcome to the Siestahood! It took me a while to feel a part of this blog but let me tell you it’s a place I can go and read and know that I am not alone. Beth has such a sweet way of making us all feel so special on here. I too had a bad childhood but through the grace of God I have over come so much of it. I know I am chosen by God.

        When going through this blog if I find a siesta that hits my heart and so many do I add them to my prayer list. You are now on my prayer list. Congrats on the graduation in March. You rock!! Love ya right back! kathleen

        • CindyfromOhio says:

          Thank you dear for your kind words and your prayers. Today was my last day of clinical for the quarter and I was so blessed to have a great group of students who touched my heart in many ways. I have just had so many encounters lately with women that echo God. I find myself just falling in love with them and their personalities and the sweet ways they bless my life. Do you ever find that the things you say you will “never do” or that you “hate” (harsh word) are the things that you do do and that you eventually love? God does that to me a lot, I’ve learned to NEVER say never. Anyway, I used to be threatened by women. I perferred to have male friends but my heart has changed so dramatically…
          As I said I am struggling with infertility. God placed 2 young women in my clinical group with the same struggle. I am passionate about domestic violence. I also have 2 women with a past of domestic violence (that have spoken up) in my group. I LONG for young girls in troubled homes to know the love of Christ. I have 3 girls in my youth group going through the struggle of divorce related to domestic violence. The first thing I remember Beth saying in her Esther Bible study, “there are no coincidences!”
          Thank you, I just had to share that. It’s been on my mind and heart all day!

      • CindyfromOhio says:

        Thank you so much for the warm and sweet welcoming! Praying for you and your ministry. I think of you often and I even hear your voice in my head at times… “She is clothed with strength and dignity.” (Proverbs 31:25). Thank you for what you do!!

        • I stil feel a little like an outsider around here, but hoping that will change. Love you and loved your story. I feel funny still saying I’m called to teach, cause it’s really hard to know sometimes if you are understanding God clearly and what if you fail. It’s real scary. Love you!

          Shellie P.
          Moscow, Idaho

  48. 298
    stella27 says:

    I was in a very difficult marriage to a man who didn’t know the Lord and I overheard him telling my children that they didn’t have to believe in God – that the Bible isn’t true, and that he didn’t believe in organized religion. I started praying right away for wisdom. I didn’t want to be a single mom, but my marriage was falling apart in every way, and now my husband was falsely indoctrinating my children. I confronted him about some abusive language he used toward me, and he became so angry with me for standing up for myself that he left me. God intervened for me and did what I was afraid to do for myself. He simply took care of the children and me at a time when I called on Him for His help.

  49. 299

    I’ve got a good one! Last year, I was going through a particularly rough time instilling respectful words into my little boy. Trying to show him the force of his words and basically getting nowhere. I asked God earnestly for wisdom in dealing with this issue, and He most certainly gave it to me in the form of a very creative way. It came to me as I passed my workout ball. (the one I pass, but don’t use.) Together we wrote some of the hurtful and disrespectful words that had been said, onto post-it notes. Then I taped them all over the ball and threw it in his direction. He was surprised that I’d thrown it at him, when he wasn’t ready to catch it and said, “Whoa mom. I wasn’t ready for that.” We talked about how when you throw your words at someone, it often hits them with a little bit of force, takes them by surprise, and often hurts them. Then I had him carry it around, while trying to do some chores, and explained that it was awfully hard to empty a dishwasher while holding onto that ball/those words. And how when you throw your hurtful words at someone, they are stuck “holding the ball” and often it leaves them unable to go about their normal routine. We must guard the power our words have. He really got the message and I know that the idea came straight from God.

    Also, I was so thankful I finally had a use for that workout ball!

  50. 300
    Tammie Chambers says:

    Well, I have read comments on the blog since the day it was started and have never left a comment. This Tuesday’s topic, however, has given me pause and I must comment. I will try and make this as “succinct” as possible! Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the year going through surgery and chemo. I even received a personalized note from Beth during this time which encouraged me all the more! (I continue to carry the note in my Bible!) Before finding out that I had cancer, I had just finished facilitating the “Esther” study. All the ladies in my class were receiving all kinds of words from the Lord and I was all but a little mift as I wasn’t getting anything! When the news came about the cancer it was as if the Lord audibly said to me “Now do you know why I was silent earlier? I AM here for you now!” Never doubted for a minute that all would be fine and it was. Fast forward to this year. I had a tumor on my pituitary begin to grow exponentially. (Guess it got its feelings hurt over the breast cancer!) Anyway, we came to the point where we had to make the decision of whether or not to do surgery. (A mastectomy was one thing…brain surgery. Now that’s something else!) Again, i was facilitating Beth’s “Revelation” study and praying like crazy about this possiblility of surgery. I think it was lesson 2 we were on when all of a sudden I felt the Lord say. “why are you doubting doing this? I was with you before, where do you think I AM is going to go?” I called the next day and scheduled the surgery. My surgeon had told us that he would not be able to get all of the tumor. Not only was it on the pituitary it had also wrapped itself around the carotid artery. He would get what he could but he would not be able to get it all. I would need to come to Houston after the surgery for 4-7 weeks of daily radiation. Well, I am from Corpus Christi and the thought of having to live there alone was almost more than I could think about so…we started fervently praying (along with our entire church family) that the doctor would get all of the tumor. My surgery was October 18th and the doctor was amazed…he was able to get all but one tiny piece on the carotid!!! Can anyone say PRAISE GOD!!!! I know this is terribly long but I just had to share my “miracle” with you! Have a Blessed Christmas! Tammie Chambers

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