Hey, Everybody!

How is my favorite blog community? I’ve been keeping a close eye on all of you for the last week but I intentionally left our blog wide open to Amanda as she went on mission to Guatemala with Compassion International. I am so proud of her. She went way out – I do mean W-A-YΒ  O-U-T – of her comfort zone to take that kind of mission trip and see those horrible conditionsΒ  with her tender heart. Don’t get me wrong. Amanda’s always been courageous but she has as sensitive a heart and conscience as anyone I’ve ever known. It’s part of what makes her the wonderful person she is. She can’t look intently at something without taking it on. The only thing further outside her comfort zone than going to those projects and that vulture-infested dump was then asking if anybody wanted to help. That’s the thing about taking a trip like that. Your comfort zone is forever changed. I think God means to get each one of us to a place where we’re more comfortable asking for help than we are with closing our eyes, turning our heads, and letting things stay the same.That applies to any dimension of life, really.

We are convinced that God wants us to take time out of our regular routine around here at least once a year to highlight specific world needs and offer opportunities to help. You are never under compulsion. These are just opportunities for those in search of some. A platform of this kind comes with serious responsibility and stewardship and is meant for more than a social outlet for an isolated sanguine. It’s a frightening prospect apart from the grace and mercy of God. About four or five years ago, Travis and I also heard distinctly (and separately) from the Lord about giving to the poor at our Living Proof Live events. There are so many great opportunities for giving that we’ve chosen to spread it out a little bit through the various arms of this ministry. At Living Proof Live, we partner with Samaritan’s Purse. Here on the blog, we partner with Compassion International and, through the Wednesday broadcast, we partner, of course, with Life Outreach and Mission Feeding. Our efforts are pathetic if God doesn’t add the increase through the power of His Spirit but we trust Him to do so. After all, it was His idea. He is the one who said,

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear; then righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

Praise His faithful Name.

We’ll move now from the sacred to the virtually meaningless and then hopefully back to the sacred. Since I talked to you last…

*I’ve had a weekend off. Got to sleep in. Read, read, read, and go on a walk and, afterward, drive over to see my dear sister, Gay, where she serves Jesus. I am so honored to pursue Him with my very own blood kin. She was the dearest thing in the world to me growing up. We shared not only a room but a double bed. That’s what you do in big families with small bank accounts. The word “mine” wasn’t in our vocabulary much in those days and we were the better for it. We shared the same dolls and were dressed in matching home-sown outfits a good bit of the time. We were inseparable till life took its grievous toll. Believe me when I tell you that we both earned the right to self-destruct. We never quit loving each other even through periods of hurt and silence. We just quit doing life together for a while. God is restoring to us the years the locusts have eaten. That’s another story for another time but one of the biggest things going on in my personal life. I love Jesus so much for what He’s doing. (OK, so that one didn’t turn out meaningless at all. Often when I write, I mean to head one direction and end up in another.)

*I’ve had a fancy dinner with my man. Colin and Melissa gave us a gift card for Keith’s birthday to a steakhouse in Houston that we really love and we shared a crab cake, each got a wedge salad with crumbled blue cheese, steaks (mine 6 oz filet, his, a honking – or shall I say mooing – rib eye), cheese grit souffle, green beans, and croissant bread pudding for dessert. It was incredible and so much fun. My man was so handsome sitting on the other side of that candle-lit table.

*Keith shot in two sporting clays’ tournaments over the weekend and won first place. The man can shoot. I love it when nothing perishes.

*Curtis and the kids flew back from his parents Saturday night and I got to see them Sunday at church. I so enjoyed just sitting with my son-in-law in the worship service. It’s rarely ever just the two of us and I am such a fan of his. We are blessed beyond measure to have the two sons-in-law our girls brought us.Β  I got to have Jackson all afternoon until Curtis grabbed him to head to the airport to get his mama. I would love to have had Annabeth, too, but she’s pretty tanked after Sunday school and church and is most blessed by a nice, long afternoon nap. I’m the same way most weeks. I get to spend many Monday mornings with her anyway so that’s my consolation.

*Jackson had his very first soccer practice last night! Yes, Amanda and Curtis have entered the wild world of children’s sports. He was so proud of his shin guards that he slept in them the first night.I love the little dude so much.

*It’s still 100 degrees in Houston.Do NOT send me any pictures of autumn leaves. Melissa tried that yesterday and I called her mean names.

*There is a rat in my garage.

So, what are you guys up to this Fall? I’d love to hear about your plan for victory over the next several months! What Bible studies are you in this semester? Are you engaged in a small group or are you going solo? Do tell!

Sorry I’m all over the place. I think I’ve had too much coffee.


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  1. 101
    Dawn Corrie says:

    Hi Miss Beth!!!
    I live in Pennsylvania, a rural area right outside of Pittsburgh (was at your live event last year and attending your Simulcast this Saturday at my home church….we are soooo excited!) AND I am an “off the chart” Sanguine, too — so this is all over the place…back to Pennsylvania — won’t share our weather here with you — you would turn a bit green! Sorry for you in Houston!
    And I am doing your study on The Tabernacle alone πŸ™ but I love it! And start BSF tomorrow morning in the book of Isaiah — naturally that goes until May, 2011 but I will have finished “A Woman’s Heart” in the next 7 weeks…so lots of study overlapping but in Jesus name…I can do it!
    Love you, your family, and Compassion — just so emotional over Amanda’s posts! A book for all to read that will change your life “Too Small to Ignore” by Dr. Stafford of Compassion! I hope everyone reading chooses that one soon! Hugs and hugs!

    • 101.1
      Michele says:

      Dawn, are you doing the new version? I just started the study last week, also alone. I have the 2007 revised member book, but the original 1995 video tapes. I’m pretty sure the fill-ins don’t match up, but I’m hoping to still learn from both sources.

      If you’d like, we could do some communication through email.

      • Dawn Corrie says:

        Hi Michele — I would Love to! So sorry I just checked this…been down with something in my chest —- getting better!! I have the new book and am downloading the weekly vidoes for $5.00 a pop at lifeway….Friday AM is my morning to do the video and then on to weekly homework….here is my email address
        [email protected]
        I look forward to hearing from you and pray that your week is filled with the Lord!! So eexcited πŸ™‚

  2. 102
    Shawnie says:

    Hi Beth!!

    The agenda this fall is to complete the life of David study and then head straight in to the study of Daniel. At this season in my life, not sure what’s happening but have a goal of being with my husband, Jesus daily. That, as a single person, seems to be such a struggle to do – just spend time with Jesus daily.
    Also, have decided not to renew my cable contract and do without tv. That is huge for me.
    And to get more involved in my church and find a community group to attend for local accountability.

  3. 103
    Amy Storms says:

    Getting ready to start Esther and I can hardly wait!

    Amanda’s “Joy” post nearly killed me. And I wanted you guys to know, too, that we’d supported a child through Compassion when we were first married, but stopped when finances got tough. Then, when Melissa was on her Compassion trip, one of her posts made us realize just how selfishly we spent our money. We signed up to sponsor Ronald in Uganda that very day. So please keep using your ministry for those of us who need wake-up calls!

  4. 104
    Becky says:

    I love this blog! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I couldn’t be happier that it is finally here! This weekend I will be seeing you Beth here in Chicago and couldn’t be more thrilled to be going with my mom, 2 girlfriends and their moms. It is my first time seeing you and I am counting down the days to see what God has in store and all that I will learn. In my married small group we are going through the book When Sinners Say I do and in my own quiet time I will be doing No Other Gods by Kelly Minter since I learned so much going through Ruth this summer with you all.
    Chicago is feeling like fall so I hope it stays that way for when you come this weekend!

  5. 105
    Diana A says:

    Beth it is good to hear from you again, it was wonderful hearing the life and outreach of Amanda too!

    You touched me greatly with your story of your sister Gay, and the season of being silence, as I am in that season with my sister now, and not sure where it will lead, but trusting God to work things to His glory!

    This week our church is ever busy with preparations for the Simulcast, we are hosting. We are so excited to see your precious face and tell us God’s Word for each of us!

    In October our ladies group is doing the “Here and Now, Then and There” Revelation study. I am so ready to get into the Word with Beth again and hear what is instore for us all.

    I invite anyone who lives near Surrey BC to come and join our group. Starting Oct. 9th 9am-noon. Parkland Fellowship 9574 160th Street Surrey. Looking forward to new friendships and new beginnings!

    Looking forward to pictures of our new soccer champ in the make! And a wee fan who is her brother’s #1 champion.

  6. 106
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Hey there Beth,
    As a matter of fact, my man and I are joining a small group at our new church here in Tuscaloosa this evening. We are beginning a study based on the book “Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream RADICAL” by David Platt. Actually, our entire church is starting this study in small group format this month.

    Would you believe that the book is endorsed by none other than Wess Stafford? (I just realized that as I had to grab it so I could remember the exact title)?

    God’s timing is always…timely!

    Glad Amanda made it home safe and sound.

    In His Love,
    Donna B.

  7. 107

    It’s nearly as hot in DFW still. Not quite 100 but mid-90’s at least. I just hope we’re not in for another 90 degree Halloween. I don’t think I could handle it.

    On Sunday I started my 2nd round of leading a group of moms in Vicki Courtney’s 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter. Oh it is a precious group of ladies and some really searching for help and answers to serious situations with their daughters. I feel completely unqualified.

    Tomorrow we start BSF. OH how I’ve looked forward to it. Isaiah is the new study this year and I am completely stoked. I’ve been reading the book all summer in preparation and can’t wait to really dive in over the next couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. You won’t see me, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.


  8. 108
    Sandee says:

    First I have to say, following Amanda, Ann and Shaun this past week was heart wrenching…but ended in us “adding to our family” in sponsoring children. Yes, God, use this little to go a long way. Second, I am SO hungry for autumn, I want to go out and paint some leaves and glue them on my tree, loosely, so they will fall down. πŸ™‚ I know it will be here soon. Bible Study, doing solo…the study you did two summers ago, No Other Gods Before Me…and enjoying it. Also, just finished Ted Tripps audio book, Instructing a Child’s Heart…and it is changing things around here. For the last four days, four little ones and I have carved out time at the table in the mornings (before we rush off to work and school) to read proverbs. Blesses my soul to see my little ones pull out their Bibles and highlighters! I want to cry… we missed yesterday morning and on the way home, my middle son says, Mom, can we read proverbs tonight, since we missed it yesterday? I just want to say…it is NEVER too late. Never too late, to start doing the word with them. Mine are 12, 11, 10 and 7 and we just now started. Never too late.

    Sorry this is so long….:) This is where we are this autumn. Bless your family. and so many blessing to Amanda for letting her heart be rubbed raw!

    • 108.1

      Thank you, Sandee, for coming to Guatemala — for enlarging your hearts for one more child.

      I cannot thank you enough. (((Sandee)))

      God abundantly bless you…

      All’s grace,
      Ann Voskamp

      • Beth says:

        Hey, Ann! we’re so happy to have you on here. Honored that you’d stop by. Amanda told me so many wonderful and interesting things about you. We are blessed to be your fellow sojourners.

  9. 109
    eva says:

    Loved this post and am so thankful for Amanda’s posts last week, all of them. Many of her pictures reminded me of my experiences going on mission trips in rural Appalachian communities as a teen. Those memories are still in my mind as clear as yesterday and I am an old bird, well, middle-aged anyway!!

    For Fall, I am doing How To Be More Than A Good Bible Study Girl with my S.S. class and am halfway finished with this awesome study, I have been continuing with Scripture memorization and am about 2/3 of the way through Psalm 139, it’s getting there, and last, but not least……….drum roll…….I started a blog! Who would have guessed? Certainly not me! I have penned many poems through the last decade and God put on my heart to share some of them through a blog. For any of you readers interested, the name of it is reedersreads.blogspot.com. It is still a newborn bloggie and have only posted a few times. Hope some of you will visit and please comment and let me know who you are.

    Oh, I did forget to mention that my class just finished Breaking Free a few weeks ago, my second time to do it. We have grown leaps and bounds through this study and continuing to break out of those chains. My blog is one evidence of that “one bad friend:)

  10. 110
    Kay Martin says:

    Enjoyed your post, Beth. I actually like that you go all over the place sometimes! As far as Bible study goes, we are studying “Jonah” by Priscilla Shirer in Wednesday morning Bible study and I personally have been studying and writing some lessons for my Sunday School class – “Responding to Difficulties” (Based on Acts 16 for the most part) and “Caleb, A Man With a Different Spirit” (Numbers 13-14, Joshua 14)

  11. 111
    Claire Porter says:

    Beth: What wonderful daughters you have…worth all the time, effort, energy and prayer you and your husband put into them along with the Lord’s guiding. Both were blessed with your gift of writing.

    What a blessing to read the Blog on a regular basis.

    Thank you for the note I received from you. What an encouragement to me.

    Your SC sister in Christ,

    Claire Porter

  12. 112
    Lindsey says:

    Fall is delightful! I just started your Psalms of Ascent study. I have NEVER done a study with the videos and my sweet Mother in Law bought me the workbook AND Lifeway gift cards so that I could have the videos! I am PUMPED!!! My husband is excited too…I keep telling him how needs to watch!!
    This fall is very different for us as this former Special Ed teacher will not be teaching cause our first little baby will be born in November. Oh we are so grateful to be pregnant and this far along!! (I was the one who had posted about having a miscarriage just after Christmas.) Along with the overwhelming joy comes a new-old challenge of trusting God to provide. By all the world’s standards it doesn’t make ANY sense not to work, but we believe this sacrifice is well worth it for the life and training of this little baby. God keeps reminding me (like every 5 minutes) that His words “Do not be anxious about anything” really do mean it…and specifically about provision in this season of our life. God is sweet, that’s for sure!

  13. 113
    Leslie says:

    This fall – isn’t it still summer? Well, I’m plunging into a small group that will read the new title, Radical by David Platt (we did Crazy Love last year). Time to take a close look and some action steps in breaking away from the herd in pursuit of the “American Dream” and trying to make ourselves more like Christ – sometimes I wonder if being born into western culture is it’s own baggage. I have to admit there are some material things (like vacations) that I struggle with giving up….I get that “God, you can have anything, except for my vacation money – pleeeeease, let me keep that” attitude.

    And of course, Simulcast Saturday this week at a host church I’ve never visited – looking forward to some new friends in that place.

    Finally, I opted out of the opportunity for a women’s Bible study as I think I heard God asking me to stick my neck out and join a community enrichment class of some type and try to be a blessing to some women who may be all over the map in their relationship to Christ. It’s more than a little scary to do this kind of thing for me, especially alone, but a great exercise in listening and caring for others will be my fall stretch. Worst case, I’ll learn a new skill in “sock knitting” – best case, Jesus and I will partner up for some ministry to the hurting (I’m sure I’ll be the most blessed in this little adventure of working with wool and teaming up with My Shepherd). What a fun and encouraging post Siesta Mama (at my age you are more my Siesta Sista’) Praying over you and the ministry this weekend and as you prepare…..

    Leslie Olson

  14. 114
    Dana says:

    I’m not doing a Bible Study per se, but have taken on, with my husband, another lady in our church family, and the Lord, one section of 4th graders in our church. I’m studying the stories of the Bible afresh with these young ears/souls. I’m praying God will give me new insight to these lessons, not only for myself, but for the kids who have mostly been in church since they were babies and have heard most of the stories already. I’m eager to see what God will do in this adventure. So, this is a commitment beyond this Fall, but it’s certainly what’s happening this Fall with me!

  15. 115
    Marni says:

    It’s 95 in Dallas here today. My friends in Iowa and Washington state keep whining about how their vegetable gardens are being attacked by frost. I tell them to shut up…in Jesus’ name.

    I’ve been blessed reading Amanda’s blog posts about her trip. Only because of God could I make such a trip and not fall completely apart and bring all those people home with me. I know He did that for her. I’m grateful she did it and she shared with us.

    We are all about football and Homegroup this Fall. I’ve missed my favorite sport featuring my favorite teams the Cowboys and the Colts. I love snuggling on the couch with my sweet hubs and yelling at the TV with him πŸ™‚ I’m also excited our church Homegroup is back in a routine. I love those people and we all love Jesus. I’m excited about how He’s going to lead us.

    Love you Beth!! Thanks for the chuckle today.

  16. 116

    I’m leading Priscilla’s “Jonah” Bible study this fall with my church girls; participating in a small group with my husband using David Jeremiah’s “Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World”, and getting ready for the GA National Fair that takes place in my hometown in just a few weeks. Yippee!!! After that, my husband has surgery for thyroid cancer. Not so yippee….. But through it all, asking for and anticipating a season of joy!

  17. 117
    Diana says:

    Our group is getting back together TONIGHT to start Here & Now There and Then! We are all so excited to get back to our regular time of meeting together. The most exciting part this week though is that 9 of us are flying to Chicago Thursday morning so we can explore the city a litte before attending Living Proof Live Saturday! We are so excited we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

    …and A RAT! I actually moved to another house over a rat once!

  18. 118
    Mimeriffic Girl says:

    Hi Ms. Beth!

    I join you in the world of way too much coffee! Sometimes I feel guilty for “rabbit trailing” at times, especially when I’m doing my quiet time or in church, and then God showed me that even the my mind “wanders” is still by His design, and He uses it!

    Right now I am doing your study on “Daniel.” I teach pt at a Christian school in the DFW Metroplex, and it has been a challenge & joy to teach your study ths far to the high-schooled age students. I am personally learning a lot, and seeing God’s hand in my life in a new way – thank you!

    This fall, the theme of my life is “Moving Forward,” and I’ve shared in another blog entry that I keep hearing the song by that same title in my head, where the lyrics say:

    You make all things new,
    Yes, You make all things new,
    And I will follow You . . . forward!

    I am currently experiencing a lot of moving in the natural – I was recently laid off my full-time job (moving),needing to move out of my apartment (moving), pursuing the calling on my life in the arena of professional entertainment (yet more moving), and most of all, going deeper into a new place with Him (best movement of all). Really glad bowels moving aren’t a part of this process. Oops. TMI. Blame my mid-afternoon coffee. Blessings to you!


  19. 119
    Landa Cook says:

    What a blessed weekend in Richmond! I had been working through the Beloved Disciple study on my own this summer, and your text was John 1. I felt God prepared me for the weekend.

    Today we started the updated Breaking Free at my church. We have 45 women total enrolled in a morning and an evening class. The first session spoke to a number of us in some unexpected ways. God is so good!

  20. 120
    Leah says:

    Last week, I (solo) started a new Bible study called “Satisfied…at Last” by Kay Harms.

    I’ve decided not to join any Bible study groups this fall because I’m having trouble following along during the discussions because of my hearing. But I still want to be a part of the community somehow and found a group called “Friendship Club” in a different church. It involves singing, short Bible study (either a skit or a video) and then discussion, fellowship, do a craft or play a game, etc. It starts tonight and it’ll be my first time going. I hope I will like it and want to go back again next week.

  21. 121
    Tammy says:

    Hello Mama Beth,
    It is so wonderful to hear from you. I was so proud of Amanda too. She is much braver than I would have been. I would have said Lord you know I can’t do this. I had to laugh when you said it was 100 degrees and you are sending rants at those with cooler weather. It is beautiful here. Cooler and I love watching the farmers take in the crops. although last night it hailed and stormed and for the life of me I had to drive in it and this is not the first time. I said Lord for crying out loud, could we not have to meet like this all the time? Thankfully no one is hurt.

    My son is playing in his first football game today and I being a mom am praying for safe play and all that stuff. He will be fine but he knows me so well.

    I am in a small bible study group this fall and we are doing Living Beyond yes yours. God is picking up right where he left off in my Esther study this summer. Oh my goodness is he taking me out of my comfort zone. Life is not about ME and I am like really? I am one of the youngest at this study and am quite fascinated aby all that i am learning from the older ladies.

    I am curious about the rat? Did he leave? How did he get there?

    Oh I have written a book..sorry I got carried away.

    love to you all

  22. 122
    Michelle says:

    What am I up to this Fall? Why, going to the “Living Free” conference in Masschusetts, Oct 2-3, that what! πŸ™‚
    (won 2 tickets from a local radio station for that yesterday … whoopie!) – Michelle in Maine

  23. 123
    Lori, Love2Praise says:

    First, a group of 22 of us are attending your LPM event in Lowell, MA the first weekend of October. I hope you will get to see some beautiful fall leaves then. We always make a fun girls weekend retreat out of your events. Plenty of shopping and fellowship!

    There were a few Bible Studies I could have attended but my schedule did not allow for them. I think the Lord intends for me to look for one I can do on my own. For the past two years I have not gone one season without being in a study with a group of women.

    Amanda’s blog touched me so much. I am currently mentoring three children from Liberia who have immigrated here to Providence. They are living here with their grandmother as their parents died during the war in Liberia. They are beautiful children, two girls, Dontee, 16, Diamond 13, and Arthur 12. Please pray for these children as they are having difficulty dealing with different issues. I wish we could sponsor a child through Compassion, however, our finances could not support that and our assisting the family from Liberia. I pray that the Lord will open that door for us in the very near future.

    I am always in awe when I see how God works through others and provides for those who are in need. God bless all who move out of their comfort zones to heed the Word of the Lord!

    In His Love, Lori

  24. 124
    Carol says:

    Season of study just started up and I am thrilled and in need. Taking on leadership of Experiencing God study groups, which I have confidence will move our groups to a place of wonder where obedience is from following God not rules. Also, leading The Forgiveness of Jesus from Connections by Matt Williams (wonderful for small groups who seek more limited amounts of homework). Forgiveness seems to be a front row issue for so many, maybe all of us. Beth, your story about healing/Gay points to its power I think. Finally just doing the mom thing with two teen girls. Taxi them around, talk a lot–pray more–time seems to be going faster and the stakes seem higher. They bless and amuse us.

  25. 125
    Karen says:

    I am stepping out as an introverted newcomer to small town Saskatchewan and joined a ladies Bible study. The study material is by Lisa Bevere entitled “Nurture”. On my own I am making my way through a book that drew me in immediately by the title: “Dancing With My Father: How God Leads Us into a Life of Grace and Joy” by Sally Clarkson. Sally’s title resonated with me the same way Kelly Minter’s “Loss,Love and Legacy” did. I am so thankful for faithful women who write what God lays on their hearts. He blesses so many through this avenue. (& He points out/reminds me that I am not alone in feeling some of the things I feel)

    Thank you Beth for sharing snippets of your family life. I love the image of Jackson sleeping with his soccer gear on πŸ™‚ . Precious!

  26. 126
    Church Lady says:

    Well first and foremost this weekend the church that I serve in is having the SIMULCAST! We are so excited!! We have worked so hard. We are expecting 266 ladies! Who would have ever guessed that that many people would come to our church in the middle of a field in Walling, Tennessee? I’ll answer that, God that’s Who!! Can you tell that I am excited?? We can’t wait. We are praying for you and your team every step of the way. Please pray for us. I am so nervous as well, they have put me in charge of the technical side. What were they thinking?? Our pastor keeps telling me that we just have to have faith that God will work out all the details.
    Another thing that I always look forward to in the fall is… yes, you know your Church Lady Siesta, Hunting. I know that Mr. Keith is getting excited about this too. Season opens in a couple of weeks here in TN. Can’t wait to get to my “happy place”.
    Love you & can’t wait to see you this weekend.
    God Speed,

    • 126.1
      Beth says:

      266???? YOU ARE KIDDING! We will definitely do a Siesta Simulcast Roll Call later this week but your report excites me so much. May God show up in ways not one single person can miss!

  27. 127

    Being with your Amanda this week was a gift… she emanated Grace and I will never, ever forget it.

    Thank you for loaning us to her, for encouraging her — for raising up this beautiful woman.

    She truly shone.

    All’s grace,
    Ann Voskamp

    • 127.1
      Beth says:

      That puts a lump in my throat, Ann. Thank you for saying that. I love her so much. She was a grace gift of God to a very troubled young woman who wanted to fly like a bird from a new marriage.

  28. 128
    Stonefox says:

    Beth, your post was so sweet and girlish I had to comment. πŸ™‚

    I am stepping out of my comfort zone this fall and am writing an evangelistic Bible Study for the ladies of my church to use as an outreach. Although I’ve been a missionary for 8 years, I feel so out of touch with American culture and so not-the-person-for-the-job. But God won’t let go of me on this one, even giving me snapshots on a welcome card to hand out and a video testimony to post on a website.

    Anyway, praise the Lord! He fulfills His purposes and confirms the word of His servants.

    BTW, the little Methodist church in our town is hosting the simulcast this weekend and I’m agoin’! First time to ever “see” you. We are on stateside and I’m using all the chances I get to get refreshed and fired up.

  29. 129
    Debbie says:

    I will be team teaching “Beloved Disciple”, volunteering at the local hospital, and most importantly helping my grieving mom continue to clean out her home after the death of my father, January 1 of this year. She does not know the Lord, and is not an ‘easy’ person to get along with. But God has been so faithful to me, in showing her kindness and support, even when she takes her grief out on me. Sorry if this if “TMI”, but it’s where I’m at in this season of my life and God will surely guide and lead me as I attempt to minister to her. Being in the Word is what gets me through!! Praise Him!

  30. 130

    Hello, dear ones!

    Ok, first, we need to know the name of the restaurant you went to because it sounds incredible! And if we ever have a chance to go, I wanna go there!

    I fight twinges of depression everyday because of the heat we’re still having. You know it’s bad when the first thing you want to pray about when you wake up is the reprieve from the heat. πŸ™‚

    I am so excited to hear what the Lord is restoring to you and your sister. That is really encouraging to hear!

    I’m so excited, too, that all the fall stuff is starting back up again. So with Brennan we’re doing a fun play/music class (although I’m a little nervous about it starting back up now that he is a full-blown toddler!). MOPS started yesterday and we’re into our second week of “Believing God” at church. I sat there amazed today at the group of women in the room…from us young mommas to amazing women of faith who have journeyed with Jesus for years. I love them all! I did “Believing God” six years ago and need to get out my old study to compare my answers. It’s great to do again and the Lord is already using it SO much!

    Hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great big hug to you, too!

  31. 131
    Dionna says:

    I’m engaged in volleyball right now. πŸ™‚ My oldest daughter plays and that is keeping us fairly busy with practices and travelling. That has pulled me out of fall bible studies for the time being. I usually lead a table but I have a feeling I may be out during the fall for the next few seasons anyways! I do however still get the “word” through sermon podcasts on itunes!

    We also just got a new couch! I’m so excited. It’s not here yet but we’ve had ours for 11 years and it’s showing it.

    Writing and working on some missions stuff for church.

    That’s my rambling for now. πŸ™‚

  32. 132
    Colleen Moody says:

    Hello from upstate NY!

    I’m doing The Patriarchs by my lonesome self – did Revelation this summer, and Esther this past spring.

    I facilitate a Ladies’ group, and we’re doing One Month to live by the Shooks. Our whole church is doing the same study. Alternate weeks, hubby and I do it with a Couples’ group. Since most of the wives are in the first group, we’ve talked it through enough to give the guys a chance to talk! πŸ™‚

    Visited Houston in Aug. Thought of you guys with love! Oh, the heat! Oh, the humidity! I’ll be aching to go back come about Feb., when we’re digging out from our zillionth blizzard up here near Buffalo!

    <3 to you all!

  33. 133
    Christy says:

    Hi Beth!
    You have been teaching me so much about Christ – you have touched my life in a way you will never know. I am going through the “Breaking Free” Bible Study at a local church. In week 2 you talked about a preachers wife who saw her husband “looking” at her best friend as she sang a solo and knew her life would never be the same again. This was the first item God used to show me I was under bondage. My husband and I dealt with this several years ago to now find our marriage in a much better place (not to say I am glad he had an affair but we learned alot from it and have been blessed with a stronger happier marriage). However, I didn’t realize that I never gave it to God. I was still worried about other people and what they say behind my back. I never dealt with the pain and the questions that the affair brought to me. We too have serious financial problems to this day because of the side effects and but I found out who my true friends were. That night God opened my eyes wide and my heart poured open to him as the tears streamed down my face uncontrollably. I went home right away from Bible Study and talked (really talked) to my husband about it. I had forgiven him years ago but I hadn’t given it to God. It was holding me prisoner. However, now I pray that God will use my experience to help another woman. There isn’t a shy bone in my body but this wasn’t a proud time in my life. I also then realized that food was another yoke. Lots of insecurity over my weight and health problems. Now I pray about what I eat and how I respect the body he gave me, his temple. I know I have just ran on and on but you asked what are we studying so I had to tell you all about it! Thank you so much for being true to God and helping those of us who need someone to “break it down for us”. Oh by the way, I love the video clip on U Tube about the bleach blonde hair and self tanner, girl I am with you!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  34. 134
    Annette H says:

    I am so ready for summer to make it’s exit!

    My home girls and I begin Bible Study around my dining room table next Monday. We are doing Esther. I attended the taping 3 years ago, ready to do the homework this time around.

    Hope to spend more time with my husband before deer season arrives.

    God bless you and everyone at Living Proof.

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    My goodness how our Father teaches us life lessons in very different ways. My current mission work is a 15/16 yr old boy who goes to school with my son and plays on the same high school football team as well. After Friday night games we have a huge meal for the team and family…fun fun fun. It was late Friday night and we had gotten everything cleaned up. I was walking to my car and there sat this boy. It was the saddest thing to me. Just broke my heart. Everyone else had left except parents cleaning up. I noticed that he walks home after practice a lot but assumed he lives close to the school. I asked him if someone was picking him up and he said in the saddest voice that his dad would not have any part of his life and his mama couldn’t be there for at least another hour. It was 12:30 am! God laid him on my heart. Since my son was gone knew I couldn’t give him a ride alone so got one of the coaches to. But he stayed on my heart and the Lord convicted me to watch him…speak to him..be kind to him and when needed to give him a ride home. Broke my heart when I realized he doesn’t have a mama cheering him on from the stands…he doesn’t have a mama to pick him up from practice. Wonder how far he has walked home. So, I’m praying for him. I’m praying for God to show me how to help him and maybe if he doesn’t know the Lord, he will come to the know the Lord.
    Then you mentioned in a completely different way that the Lord is restoring the years the locusts have eaten. That is the verse He gave to me last year when I knew it was time to end the marriage. My children and I have had a year to begin to heal and live much more peacefully and now begin to reach out to hurting women from similar situations.
    God is so awesome.
    I’m excited about the simulcast. My daughter, my niece, and lots of sistas will be gathered at our Church to hear a fresh word from the Lord through you Beth. I’m thrilled and so excited!
    Love y’all,

    • 135.1
      Melissa Fey says:

      Bless you for noticing this young man and viewing him through God’s Eyes. I don’t think for one second that it’s an accident that he’s been called to your attention. I’ll join you in prayer this week – that God will open doors and show you how you can be an eternal blessing to this future Man Of God. πŸ˜€

  36. 136
    Katie says:

    My plans for victory are to contiue to be strong in my faith, believing God for the survival of our company, we are barely hanging on but the fact that we are still in business (and not completely stressed out) is a testament to God’s presence in our lives. My kids and I are doing Community Bible Study – we are studying Colossians, Daniel, Thessalonians and James this year. At my house, some girls and I are doing your study called “Wising Up” on the book of Proverbs a couple times a month. By the way, I did Believing God again this summer and was even more blessed and saw even more the second time – God really opened my eyes to the power and authority of His Name. Never even noticed that the first time and I was able to use it it many situations I came up against. Thank-you for that study!

  37. 137
    Erin says:

    We are “Living Beyond Ourselves” this fall, and it has been wonderful! I think this is the key to the Christian life, oh how I wish I had studied this earlier!

  38. 138
    Stephanie Barnes says:

    I’m getting ready to head to Moldova for a mission trip and the term “out of my comform zone” has been floating around in my head and my heart and the Holy Spirit whispered something to me the other day that was so, so profound…..

    “Stephanie, don’t you think the cross was way outside Christ’s comfort zone?”

    WOW! I had never, ever had that thought before but just focusing on that thought right there has helped to bring things into perspective for me. The bottom line is, nothing should be outside my comfort zone for the cause of Christ. He suffered what no one had suffered before and no one has suffered since just because of His great love for the crown of His creation, me and you! Can I get an Amen and a Aleleuia?!!!!! Praise His holy Name!!!!!

    I’m glad you’re sweet Amanda is willing to do what she is asked by Christ!

    May the Lord continue to bless you all!

    In Him,
    Douglasville GA

  39. 139
    Candace says:

    Hi Mrs. Beth (and daughters!) I have LOVED following along with Amanda’s trip to Guatemala. I just returned from a trip to Belize about 10 days before Amanda left so all of the emotions she wrote about are still so vivid in my heart as well. It’s very hard for me getting back to “this life” here and knowing what is “life” for those around the world.

    In our women’s Bible Study at church we just finished week 4 of the Revelation study and I am LOVING IT!! I am praying daily for God to reveal Himself to me…and am so excited to see all He has in store through this study.

    THANK YOU for all that you do for this community of sisters!!

  40. 140
    Michelle says:

    As far as Bible studies go, one that I’ve been involved in for the past several years has recently ended. I looked forward every week to meeting with these 2-3 ladies – even more than the dhurch I attend. PLEASE pray for God to lead me to a new Bible study-small fellowship. I desperately need this small group opportunity in my life for Bible study, prayer and transparency time with a few other ladies. Thanks – Michelle in Maine

  41. 141
    Sarah S. says:

    Girl, I love that you are mad about your Texas-man (have one myself that I’m mad about), love that you are equally mad about the Word of the Lord, love that you know how to do big hair, love that you love to share Jesus with some girlfriends, but I don’t think I have loved you more than when you shared that there was a rat in your garage. That is some Jesus-lovin’ transparency. Bring it.

  42. 142
    WorthyofLove says:

    Hello, Thanks for the fun post. I am doing the Revelations Here and Now, Then and There with the ladies at my church on Tuesday mornings…Loving it!!

    Victory plan for the Fall includes finishing up 90 Days with Jesus and starting David. Those morning devotions really seem to make or break my day.

    Confession:I still have one week of the Summer Ruth study to finish up…I will finish!! That has been a life changing study for me too.


  43. 143

    Oh, Bethie — do I have a story about rats! About a year ago, one of my friends moved into the house that sits next to mine. The guy that moved out before him left his couch on the carport with a bunch of old blankets piled on top of it. When my friend was moving in, we decided to load the blankets and couch into his dad’s truck and take it to Goodwill.

    I was holding a big garbage bag while my friend loaded the blankets into it. He picked up one of the blankets and, underneath it, there was A NEST OF RATS. I screamed a really, really bad word and then took off running down his driveway, then down my driveway, then down to the road our houses are on and then down that road, too. The funniest part of the entire story was that my friend’s dad is a pastor and, right before I began screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs, the dad and I were having a really deep conversation about the love and redemption of God. When I finally came back up to the house after they had taken care of the rats, that pastor was still laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face.

    On a more serious note, I loved watching Amanda go with Compassion this past week. Last year, as part of my job working at a university, I was a chaperone for a group of about 20 college students on a trip to Egypt. While we were there, we went to Garbage City and my life was changed forever. I wrote a post on my blog where I talked about how I had never wanted to see that type of poverty, especially children in that type of poverty, because I knew that once I had seen it, I’d never be able to go back to my life as it was before. I was standing in a room full of baby cribs and all I could think about was the line from a song I love that says “I have shut my eyes just so I would stay blind.” Before I left that orphanage, I got down on my knees, sobbing, and thanked God that He had been able to pry my selfish eyes open.

    I hope He’ll keep opening them wider, too.

  44. 144
    Leah Adams says:

    Love random!!

    Although a certain Bible study teacher, who shall remain nameless, is usually who I am studying under, it was not to be this fall. God yanked me up by the Miss Clairol Steamy Cappuccino head and said, “You and your group will do the Lifeway version of Kay Arthur’s “Covenant” study. Well, I did it, kicking and screaming. May I just say it is in-cred-ible. Oh my goodness. Would highly recommend it!! (may I say that on Beth’s blog???)

    Otherwise I am gearing up for my own, very first Bible study to be published. Am the teeniest bit excited about it, but trying to not be obnoxious about it.

    Beth, Melissa was telling the truth, we are starting to get a bit of leaf color change here in Georgia. You will just have to come visit.

    I was so blessed by Amanda’s posts. Melissa’s too, when she was in India. You have, as my grandmother would have said, ‘raised those girls right’.

    How’s that for randon???

    Blessings to you all,


  45. 145

    First, Amanda and I are right in the same boat as we enter the world of little-man soccer. We are spending time this fall with our oldest (age 4 1/2) as he runs down those pint-sized soccer fields.

    Second, I am in awe of God’s direction as He has led me to mentor a group of middle school girls. I’ve been begging God to show me where He wants me (besides being at home, loving and teaching my 3 kids ages 4 and under). Although my time and energy are limited right now, I just know God wants me SOMEWHERE in this wide world of His. An opportunity to teach His truths to this group of middle school girls landed right in my lap and I know without a doubt that it was God-breathed. I can’t wait! Middle school has it’s own unique challenges and after much of my own spiritual growth the past year, I hear God’s direction for me to share what I know. Beth, “So Long Insecurity” was a huge part of my growth this year. I am pumped to tenderly share some of those truths with this particular group. Woo-hoo!!

    So glad to hear updates from the Moore household! Sounds like you guys and gals are as lively as ever and living out the blessed life God has been so gracious to give you all. I’m so thankful I get to share in it with you here. πŸ™‚

  46. 146
    Lindsee says:

    I don’t want to wish away this HOT season, but I’m ready for some cooler weather. I only say that because come March when it’s still cool, we’ll be wishing for warmer weather. Oh, it’s always greener…isn’t it! Ha!

    And on of my favorite parts of Bible study Tuesday was your sister and Travis meeting. So sweet! Well, that and being taught by you and having worship lead by Travis. πŸ™‚

  47. 147
    Bethany says:

    I was so changed, my heart so filled by Amanda’s journey last week. My heart was wrecked in the way it needed to be and through their trip I have a new perspective. I needed to look outside of my own situation and see the other side of things and the blogs did it.

    I giggled at your newsy post. I love these. When you have too much coffee I laugh and laugh. This fall I am in a Tuesday morning study and we are going through To Live is Christ. On Tuesday evenings I am hosting Believing God in home and I am believing God that women are going to show up. I have yet to have anyone e-mail me about the study, but as I was praying last week He told me they would come and I am taking Him at His word. I read the book this summer and was blown away. I am on a path these next several months to just really dig in deeper with Him. I don’t want to settle for mediocre. I want MORE, more of Him, more of His word and MORE of what He wants for me. I love Him so and just want to continue growing and thriving.
    Anyways thanks for the giggly blog today

    In Him

  48. 148
    rachel h says:

    Loved the weekend recap! I’m in a new small group (we moved to a different church this summer) and our first meeting was today. We’re doing a chronological overview of the Bible to better understand it as a whole. My favorite part so far- we meet in the “Bride’s Room.” I cannot think of a better place to meet for bible study, can you?? :O)

  49. 149
    Sue says:

    Hi Beth,
    I love what you wrote:
    I think God means to get each one of us to a place where we’re more comfortable asking for help than we are with closing our eyes, turning our heads, and letting things stay the same. Thank you for sharing about how sensitive Amanda is. I have struggled a long time being the same way but have recently begun to thank God for creating me that way and also to release to Him the great burden of those things I feel and see going on in this world (child abuse, human trafficking etc.)
    I hope to gain victory over the next few months from being addicted to sugar:) Lysa Terkurst from Prov. 31 ministry is coming out with a Bible study called Crave that I intend on doing. It is about craving God and not all these other fleshly things.

  50. 150
    mbpastorwife says:

    Ladies Fall Bible study at our church is Precept Upon Precept: “Don’t Despair. There’s Hope. You Have a Kinsman Redeemer! A Study of Ruth”

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