Hey, Everybody!

How is my favorite blog community? I’ve been keeping a close eye on all of you for the last week but I intentionally left our blog wide open to Amanda as she went on mission to Guatemala with Compassion International. I am so proud of her. She went way out – I do mean W-A-Y  O-U-T – of her comfort zone to take that kind of mission trip and see those horrible conditions  with her tender heart. Don’t get me wrong. Amanda’s always been courageous but she has as sensitive a heart and conscience as anyone I’ve ever known. It’s part of what makes her the wonderful person she is. She can’t look intently at something without taking it on. The only thing further outside her comfort zone than going to those projects and that vulture-infested dump was then asking if anybody wanted to help. That’s the thing about taking a trip like that. Your comfort zone is forever changed. I think God means to get each one of us to a place where we’re more comfortable asking for help than we are with closing our eyes, turning our heads, and letting things stay the same.That applies to any dimension of life, really.

We are convinced that God wants us to take time out of our regular routine around here at least once a year to highlight specific world needs and offer opportunities to help. You are never under compulsion. These are just opportunities for those in search of some. A platform of this kind comes with serious responsibility and stewardship and is meant for more than a social outlet for an isolated sanguine. It’s a frightening prospect apart from the grace and mercy of God. About four or five years ago, Travis and I also heard distinctly (and separately) from the Lord about giving to the poor at our Living Proof Live events. There are so many great opportunities for giving that we’ve chosen to spread it out a little bit through the various arms of this ministry. At Living Proof Live, we partner with Samaritan’s Purse. Here on the blog, we partner with Compassion International and, through the Wednesday broadcast, we partner, of course, with Life Outreach and Mission Feeding. Our efforts are pathetic if God doesn’t add the increase through the power of His Spirit but we trust Him to do so. After all, it was His idea. He is the one who said,

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear; then righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

Praise His faithful Name.

We’ll move now from the sacred to the virtually meaningless and then hopefully back to the sacred. Since I talked to you last…

*I’ve had a weekend off. Got to sleep in. Read, read, read, and go on a walk and, afterward, drive over to see my dear sister, Gay, where she serves Jesus. I am so honored to pursue Him with my very own blood kin. She was the dearest thing in the world to me growing up. We shared not only a room but a double bed. That’s what you do in big families with small bank accounts. The word “mine” wasn’t in our vocabulary much in those days and we were the better for it. We shared the same dolls and were dressed in matching home-sown outfits a good bit of the time. We were inseparable till life took its grievous toll. Believe me when I tell you that we both earned the right to self-destruct. We never quit loving each other even through periods of hurt and silence. We just quit doing life together for a while. God is restoring to us the years the locusts have eaten. That’s another story for another time but one of the biggest things going on in my personal life. I love Jesus so much for what He’s doing. (OK, so that one didn’t turn out meaningless at all. Often when I write, I mean to head one direction and end up in another.)

*I’ve had a fancy dinner with my man. Colin and Melissa gave us a gift card for Keith’s birthday to a steakhouse in Houston that we really love and we shared a crab cake, each got a wedge salad with crumbled blue cheese, steaks (mine 6 oz filet, his, a honking – or shall I say mooing – rib eye), cheese grit souffle, green beans, and croissant bread pudding for dessert. It was incredible and so much fun. My man was so handsome sitting on the other side of that candle-lit table.

*Keith shot in two sporting clays’ tournaments over the weekend and won first place. The man can shoot. I love it when nothing perishes.

*Curtis and the kids flew back from his parents Saturday night and I got to see them Sunday at church. I so enjoyed just sitting with my son-in-law in the worship service. It’s rarely ever just the two of us and I am such a fan of his. We are blessed beyond measure to have the two sons-in-law our girls brought us.  I got to have Jackson all afternoon until Curtis grabbed him to head to the airport to get his mama. I would love to have had Annabeth, too, but she’s pretty tanked after Sunday school and church and is most blessed by a nice, long afternoon nap. I’m the same way most weeks. I get to spend many Monday mornings with her anyway so that’s my consolation.

*Jackson had his very first soccer practice last night! Yes, Amanda and Curtis have entered the wild world of children’s sports. He was so proud of his shin guards that he slept in them the first night.I love the little dude so much.

*It’s still 100 degrees in Houston.Do NOT send me any pictures of autumn leaves. Melissa tried that yesterday and I called her mean names.

*There is a rat in my garage.

So, what are you guys up to this Fall? I’d love to hear about your plan for victory over the next several months! What Bible studies are you in this semester? Are you engaged in a small group or are you going solo? Do tell!

Sorry I’m all over the place. I think I’ve had too much coffee.


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  1. 51
    Mary Beth says:

    Hello and blessings! This fall (in 2 1/2 weeks actually) I am headed to Tanzania, Africa for 2 years as a 23-year-old missionary working with an orphanage and the missionary children there! I am hoping to do Voices of the Faithful as a Bible study with the kids I am going to teach, and know it will be a blessing to them as we all are following Christ in another country. I am so excited to go be on mission for the Lord, and cannot wait to see Him work in my life and in the lives of those we will be working with. I so enjoy following you all here and hope to continue reading whenever the generators permit me to get online!

    I know God will bless you all in your ministry and in those you mentioned – organizations like Samaritan’s Purse are such a blessing in helping these children not only to feel what it’s like to be loved by other people, but to know the everlasting love of our Father. You all will have to enjoy fall for me since I won’t have that season overseas! Bwana asifewe (Praise the Lord!)

  2. 52
    Carrie K says:

    I’m reading your book on Insecurity this fall going solo. My women’s group may pick it up in the future, but for right now, it’s just me, (you) and God. Thank you for your insights and for the first time, I am “almost” embracing my long n’ lanky legs knowing that’s how God made me and there’s nothing I can do to shorten them! It’s a small step, but it’s one nonetheless. THANK YOU. 🙂

  3. 53
    Karene says:

    Hi Beth,

    This fall, I’m studying Daniel with my Community Bible study, where I’m a small group leader. I can’t wait because I did your Daniel study a few years ago, and I just loved it. Our church is starting your Revelation series soon, and I also signed up for that, because I want to get to know some of the women better, and I just have to have me some Beth Moore study along with CBS.

    If that weren’t enough, because of the love of Bible study that you inspired in me, I just started my first class at seminary, on my way to a master’s in probably about 10 years. I love it! And I’m so grateful for a husband who encourages me in this. (My degree will be in pastoral care and counseling, because I feel God has called me to work with hurting women.)

    I loved hearing about your weekend. And my heart has been forever changed by Amanda’s posts from Guatemala, and Melissa’s from India earlier. I’m praying that my husband will want to increase our giving to include a precious child to sponsor. Thank you for making us aware of the great need and the great work Compassion is doing.

    • 53.1
      Bobbie says:

      It sounds like you may be in Wa.–I was a small group leader there (Samammish) for many years and really miss it. I talked to the Worship leader a couple of days ago and she said they were doing Daniel. Small world??

      • Karene says:

        Hi Bobbie, Actually I’m in Orange County, CA, but I do have a lot of family in WA :), in the Seattle area. (Is that close to Samammish?) Do you still live there, or are you somewhere else now?

  4. 54
    Deanna says:

    I think God has been trying to tell me for some time that I’ve allowed/encouraged/insisted on making my children more important than even Him – my idols. I think He’s probably been trying to show me this for a while because he finally has gotten my attention in a big way. So I am currently working on de-throning my children.

    I’m thankful that He’s brought this up now rather than when they are fully grown and gone but it has become a bit of a rude awakening for these three teenagers recently.

    In that He’s also been showing me how controling I’ve become. Something else He’s gently tried to show me but I honestly just never viewed it as being controling…I just thought I was the only one who knew how things ought to be and the only one who’d get it done, and done right. And it’s driven me half crazy – but it’s time for it to end.

    So many things are not right in my marriage and my family – despite my best efforts HA – but I’m beginning to see some light and some purpose in so many of those things now. That is good!

    In the midst of all this crazy, God is giving me something great that I never imagined or even looked for! He’s using all of this crazy mess to begin to grow a really neat relationship between me and one of my sisters-in-law. That’s an awesome thing.

    I still have not managed to get it together to take the “first day of school” picture of my kids out by the tree in front. It will be the last first day of school picture with all three of them because my oldest is a senior this year. We are about 3/4 of the way through the first quarter but I’m still hoping! But even if there is snow on the ground before I take that picture it doesn’t define me as a person, or a mother!!

    I don’t think we have a rat in the garage…if we do I don’t want to know about it. But we did have a bat in the laundry room last year….I rescued the dog and then sealed the doors with packing tape and then moved a chair in front of the door and left the house until my husband got home. He thought I went a little over the top but it did keep it from getting in the rest of the house!

  5. 55
    Carol says:

    Well…I am on a leave from leading Bible Study to focus on my man as he endures surgery for prostate cancer. WE are being supported and loved by our church and leaning on God’s grace. We totally surrendered to God and asked Him to pick the date of surgery – it will be October 8th (for those praying sisters out there!) That meant that I could go to Living Proof on Oct 1 and 2. In the meantime I am enjoying studying Daniel on my own and also studying No Other Gods. It’s a feast. My husband and I are taking advantage of the cooler weekends to do some day trips together and just enjoy each others company. God is with us.

  6. 56
    Bobbie says:

    LOL!! ‘Too much coffee’ for you means fun reading for us! Your weekend off sounds wonderful-I’m with you on the heat factor here–don’t we get a break? I was hoping to do a Fall study with you in Ho. but will begin one with my man while you write! He grew up in/still attends the same church as Keith and came to me several weeks ago and asked if we could do a study together! I was excited but now I’m struggling with finding something that would ‘hook’ him forever on Bible Study!! Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Seven weekends this Fall our home will be full of family for Aggie football!! I love nothing better than being surrounded by family. One weekend our daughter and son will be here with both of their families–we can’t wait! Praying the weather will become Fall like real soon!

    Can’t wait to hear more from Amanda, her trip sounds amazing. She did a great job keeping us updated. Compassion is doing so much good wherever they are!

    • 56.1
      Carol says:

      The men in church have really liked Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Blackaby and King. Also studies by John Ortberg have been popular. I hope this helps.

  7. 57
    Wonder Woman says:

    We are having a crazy fall, with all three of my teenagers in marching band. Everything we do we do in step to a beat!

    To keep me sane, I am starting a study of Isaiah with Bible Study Fellowship tomorrow morning. My man and I are also starting Downpour by James McDonald together at home just the two of us.

    It should be a great fall…as soon as it cools down here in SC!


  8. 58
    Christelle says:

    I’m about a month away of giving birth to our third child and is in full blast nesting syndrome mode! Very exciting though is that I’m in a Bible study, doing Believing God with my best friend in the whole world, who lives in South Africa. She is a pastor’s wife and she is leading a group of 20 women, plus me online, plus another online friend of hers with a 2 month old baby. I have to giggle because now she has her own onsite and online group. We watch the DVD’s at our own pace and then have discussions via e-mail as time permits. What a gift technology can be, I’m so thankful that God uses the internet to His glory, even if Satan so desperately wants to pervert in so many ways!
    Have a blessed day!!

  9. 59
    Julie says:

    Hi Beth, I am so excited! I am going to Chicago on Saturday, September 18 to see you. I can’t believe I am actually goint to see Beth Moore INSTEAD of being home for my little guys 8th Birthday. Not to worry though, he knows that Mommy, Grandma, my daughter Katelyn and two sisters are heading up to Chicago to see an AWESOME woman that teaches about God.

    We will celebrate Sunday, September 19 for his Birthday . . . and he is o.k. with that!

    Aren’t kids the best?

  10. 60
    Ann says:

    I just started your “Daniel” study and am really excited about it!! I am also thrilled because my daughter and I have tickets to see you at The Rosemont this weekend!! I can NOT wait! I am in awe at how God has used you over and over, Beth, to touch my life. Thank you for serving Him…and so many of us!

  11. 61

    This was fun to read, Beth, as you really are just one of us, yet one whom God has gifted to teach us along our journey of life!

    I’m leading your study The Inheritance starting on Monday night’s Sept. 20th – through Nov. with a group of about 25 that meets here at my home. I’ve been previewing it myself and wondering each session if God had you write that one just for me!!! Seriously~ if you could see me face when I hear you say something that I had just asked God about! ONLY GOD can do THAT!!!

    I just sat under your Revelation study all summer and will facilitate that come January.

    Can’t wait to start and my girls are getting restless. We have some new ones coming in so that’s always fun too!

    Keep writing, teaching and sharing with us all that God shows you!
    We love God and His Word MORE ~ because of you!

    Choosing JOY,


  12. 62
    Danna says:

    This Fall I will be Breaking Free!! So excited, just started last Sun. afternoon at a friend’s church with a great group of women! This will be the 3rd one I’ve done with them, I’ve done 2 others with another group. It’s funny because my mother in law had given me the cd’s to the original Breaking Free and I got a hold of a discontinued wkbook thru Lifeway and had been meaning to do it but then some friends wanted to do the Ruth study(which was really great)this past summer and when I got the call for the study and she told me they were doing Breaking Free I knew God wanted me to do it because this study was not one on their original list for Fall! Praise God, He always gives us what we need when we need it all for His glory! On a lighter note we’ve also got H.S. Band going, a church Fall festival and I’ve got one excited soon to be 9 yr. old son who just got his 1st hunting license!!

  13. 63
    Jessica says:

    I love this blog! The variety of spiritual and (so-called) meaningless is perfect!

    My husband andI just sat down the other day to write down the things we need to pursue over the next 4 months. More of God, more of each other, more of our callings (graphic design, writing, music), and more of reaching out to our neighbors. We’re also excited about being a part of our small group at church.

    That’s it in a nutshell! We realized if we take on too much we’d spread ourselves too thin and not be very effective with anything in our lives. So we’re really trying to focus on what we feel God saying is the most important this fall.


  14. 64

    I just love gleaning all the good nuggets from this post. Your story about the restoration in your family gives me hope. As to your last question, I wanted to share about our Neighborhood Fitness Group that brings all our neighbors together. It’s been an extraordinary ministry and 2 families have come to faith to far. That’s my fall plan! I am doing Ladies Bible study for the first time in a while. I just love hanging out with folks who don’t yet know Jesus, so I don’t want to spend all my time in Bible study with ladies who already do! But this fall, I wanted to commit to fellowship and time in God’s word! http://livewithflair.blogspot.com/

  15. 65
    texatheart says:

    It is so good to hear from you. I have become a grandma and let me tell you I now understand your turm “drunk over him”!! Zachary has already wrapped his grandma around his tiny miraculous fingers. I have been priveledged to keep him on weekends, but not this one with the simulcast coming.
    Bible Study: Both in groups Jonah as a participant and leading Breaking Free. Loving them both. I am continuing memorizing scriptures because as powerful as it was in 2009, I just could not stop.
    That’s about all that is going on here.

  16. 66

    My bible study group of about 15 (amazing amazing) started Esther last week. Many women are there who have never done one of your studies!! Exciting stuff! Oh the introduction video alone spoke volumes to my heart!!! This book does offer tremendous hope. I am so excited for this study!!!

    I wish there was cheese grit souffle up here in Vermont.

    My daughter of almost 14 got baptized this past weekend! Praise God for what He is doing in her life!!!

    Reading Amanda’s posts have been so encouraging and wonderful and powerful and so real…

    Speaking of autumn colors…October is a great time to come up to the Northeast…like maybe Boston! So looking forward to the LPL event!

    michelle in VT

  17. 67
    Cindy says:

    Hey Beth –

    So sorry to hear about the rat, I hope he finds a new home soon. I would be praying him away if it were my garage.

    We just started a new Monday night women’s study – over 70 women came last night – called Settle your Soul. Instead of a thick weekly homework binder we are looking at just a few scripture verses each week, hearing a personal testimony, and spending time in small groups building relationships. What a refreshing blessing we hope it will be!

    Can’t wait to hear you this weekend at Living Proof Live!

  18. 68
    Gena says:

    Thanks for checking in! Really enjoyed Fall Forward with you and Travis last week.

    I’ll be trying to keep up with my man this Fall. I thought Summer was busy! He’s teaching on weekends and a student the rest of the week. Plus we’re attending a Wednesday night study at our church called “Ecclesia (The Church”) which is already fascinating. And a million other little things.

    Wishing I had written just one more letter to my 99-yr-old great aunt before she passed away the beginning of the month. I should probably do it anyway.

    I’m already trying to plan some vacation time before Christmas. I keep seeing the calendar when I try to get dressed in the morning and have to remind myself that this is Houston – no sweaters until January, if then! Sadness! But maybe we can go somewhere “up” soon just so I can wear my corduroys.

    Oh well. Go Texans!

  19. 69
    squirrelinpearls says:

    I just started my third year of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) last night. We’re studying the book of Isaiah and I can tell it’s going to be an anointed eight months and a challenging study. Greeting my BSF sisters again after a four-month separation was so cool, and we have nearly doubled our class’s attendance!

  20. 70
    lara says:

    Our church’s women’s ministry is embarking on “The Amazing Collection” this Fall–actually tomorrow. Yay. Very excited though I will miss hearing your insight. Guess I will just have to check you out on Wednesday evenings on Life Today.

    Oh, and, you quoted Joel about the locusts. Such a dear passage to me. Intimate. Personal. Our God speaks.

  21. 71
    Warm in Alaska says:

    I can’t believe you could end with “there’s a rat in the garage” and no further explanations. Mercy. I cannot do rodents. Of any kind. Ever. I’d rather have the grizzly bear that’s been snooping around our neighborhood than a rat in my garage.

    The Random: My darling 10-year old daughter and I spent Sunday in The Big City (ala, Anchorage) visiting what’s called the Parade of Homes (some of the nicest, brand new homes built in the past six months). I dearly love to walk through a brand new house. Anyway, the good news was that I realized even though these were spanking new abodes – and some with rather fancy gadgets – I wouldn’t have traded any of them for my own house. I loved realizing that. Yes, even though my kitchen is long overdue for a remodel.

    Also – my daughter and I discovered the only beach that Anchorage sports (apparently it’s a top secret locale ’cause I grew up there and had never heard of it). The day was sunny (bliss!) and we had to scout our way through the most lovely trails until we came upon it – a beach with sand, no less (double bliss!). The tide was way out and we took off our shoes and walked through the ankle deep mud which felt like what I imagine chocolate pudding feels like. (For any other Alaskans who may read this post – the beach is out at Kincaid Park – and don’t worry, we didn’t go too far out!)

    The Sacred: After whining about having to do the Ruth Study solo this summer, a group of girlfriends is getting together and we’re doing it this fall – starting Thursday night. My other “study” right now is that I’m reading through the Pentateuch (Gen-Duet) with my 14, 12, and 10 yr old children. Last night we were in Exodus 26. I’d been leery that we might start to experience “hiccups” in interest with parts of the Text – but God has been so faithful to show up and show off on every page. I love that He’s interposing Himself into my kids lives – full of school, sports, friends, outdoors, electronics – in the middle of it all we get to pause and picture what the curtains around the ancient desert tabernacle looked like — and the sea cow references are keeping up regaled.

    Have a great day, Siestas near and far ~

  22. 72
    Heather says:

    Hello Miss Beth!
    We (a small farming town in northern Alberta, where we’re worried more about SNOW before the crops come in than heat like you are. Just so happy the leaves aren’t all gone yet!) are just starting Priscilla’s “One in a Million” So excited to have TWO separate groups of ladies involved. Ordered 30 books for a church of about 60 adults total, so praying, praying, praying in faith that they all get used. Always encouraged by your blog!

  23. 73
    Stacy says:

    I felt led to start a Bible Study in my home…so after a few months of disobediance..aka delaying my obedience….I got on my knees and came up with a day, a time and a study. We will be studying Loving Your Military Man: A study for women based on Philippians 4:8. I have been praying for all the ladies who signed up…that God prepare their hearts for the message He has prepared for them. I would love any prayers any of you could offer on our behalf. God bless!!

  24. 74
    Jacki says:

    I love it when you write newsy blog entries!

    My husband and I took off last Sunday for our long-awaited Alaskan cruise to celebrate our 25-year wedding anniversary. We had two delightful days visiting friends before getting on the ship, and then 24 hours into our cruise, we found out that my husband’s father passed away after his 3-year battle with cancer, so we made our way back home to celebrate his passage into heaven with all our family and friends. We’re weary in about every way possible. However, my “Experiencing God” book is waiting to be picked up at church, and I will be starting in that new study just as soon as I can get my hands on it! Usually I’m one of the leaders, but I’m looking forward to a semester of soaking in every bit of God’s presence that I can without the added responsibility. It was very difficult for me to not sign up for your study that was being offered (about Paul maybe??), but this is one that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I knew this was my chance and God’s perfect timing for me. So thankful that I can lean on Him right now!

  25. 75
    Debby Cooley says:

    My mother’s name was Gay. She was born in Florida. Is that name more from the south?

  26. 76
    Tammy says:

    Hi Beth! I just love reading your posts…you’re a hoot!!! You always make me laugh! My family just started a new church and we joined a Community Life Group with 4 other families within our church. We haven’t decided what study we will do yet. Also, I am hoping to start having a regular family devotional time with my 4 and 7 year old boys. Any suggestions for that? Fall is going to be busy and lots of fun! Oh, and hot too…I live in Rowlett, TX!


  27. 77
    Jenny says:

    A Rat!!! I’m so sorry! I wouldn’t have reported that so calmly. Argh!!!

    I started Isaiah in BSF today. I’m excited, I think it will be SOOO good! I want to continually turn to the Scriptures for HOPE!

  28. 78
    Sunni says:

    It’s still humid and hot here in Louisiana, too. We are doing When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. I’m very excited about this study!!!

  29. 79
    Twila Baker says:

    Hi Beth! So fun to see what you are up to these days!
    I am leading your study on Revelation. We started last Tuesday night and we invited the Husbands to come also. I am happy to say that we had two men and 20 women in the group! We usually only average about 10 so we are really excited. I think that we got a few more takers due to the light homework. I have to say I miss the homework. I accidentlly did all of session one’s work the first day!
    We are going to enjoy studying with you this fall.
    Thanks so much for all of your hard work on our behalf.

  30. 80
    Lisa Repenning says:

    I’m preparing to enter nursing school in three months. And trying not to listen to the enemy tell me I can’t. And trying to balance three school aged kiddo with my school work. And be a loving wife who doesn’t yell at my husband when the kitchen floor is sticky. And doing Kay Arthur’s Covenant study, as my 10 year old does him homework. (It reminds me to be patient with him when he day dreams at the kitchen table)

  31. 81
    Michelle says:

    Well Beth…My study group has just begun Beloved Disciple. It is amazing to see the previousness of the Lord. I am currently participating in an E-Course written (the first ever)by my dear friend Jodi and I am reading Desire by John Eldredge….are you seeing the previousness already??? As the leader or facilitator of the study I pre view the videos before the meeting…as I was watching the introductory of Beloved Disciple I could not place where I had just and I mean just read John 1:35-51…Ah ha…Jodi’s writings of Believe Truth. I had marked on that study to inquire about the significance of John 1 and Nathaneal and before I could ask Jodi you Beth explained it so well!!!!! and then….you began reading about the seal in John Eldredges book “Desire”….(I had been reading this book for a few months as I seem to always have lots of reading and studying on the go…that insatiable hunger to know HIM more intimately)and tears welled up…and my heart said to HIM…”YOU are soooo amazing”. So what am I up to…studying with you and all of your/our friends and basking in HIS amazingness. Glad Amanda is home safely and all is well with you and yours.
    In HIM…

  32. 82
    Janella in IL says:

    Today I got the pleasure of playing towers with a special little 15m old boy. Busy wearing too many Mom hats this year; biggest one being Mom-I have a Senior! Now trying to be Mom-school supporter and later Mom-homework assistant. That is addition to Mom-scholarship application assistant. Looking forward to being Mom-the band parent at football Fri night and then transforming into Seista Sat morning.
    I will be praying for the team and all the women attending the simulcast as I get up before the sun should rise to drive 3 hours and meet my dear sister to watch Beth and “get some Word”. I need to “get me some Word” and refresh to tackle this year. Beginning a new bible study at our new church soon and unsure of what to expect. (Hoping it is not too fluffy. If it ends up not quite being what I need I can always seek out some Word on my own. Just need some women time!)

  33. 83

    I love that he wore his shinguards to bed. We have had three pack rats here. This kids keep naming them. Thanks for sharing the little details. xo- Brigetta

  34. 84
    Sue in Georgia says:

    Beth, I love to read all you have to share, as well as,what Amanda and Melissa share. You three are great blessings! I facilitate the Bible studies in our church. We have done 8 of yours and one of Priscilla Shirer’s. I begin Priscilla’s new one, “Jonah”, tomorrow evening and also again on Thursday mornings. I am always excited to see how God blesses as the women share and study His Word. He has already shown me that He led me to this study of Jonah, as it speaks to the needs of our church and what we are doing to reach out to spread the Gospel.

  35. 85
    fuzzytop says:

    Hi Beth,

    It is so good to hear from you! The sacred and the trivial – it’s all wonderful…

    I esteem Amanda so much for making that trip; what a great example!

    I am winding down my solo study of ‘The Patriarchs’ – just a few days and one session left. After that, I don’t know what I will be doing in terms of Bible Study.

    Right now we are in the throes of fall sports – football for my 6th grader, and softball for my 8th grader. She is pitching for her school team this year, and although she has played softball for years, she has never pitched. But they didn’t have anyone else, so when the coach asked, she agreed to give it a try. She tells me it is humiliating, going out there game after game and trying her best but seeing the opposing team get hit after hit, so I am so stinking proud of her for sticking with it. Last year I think she would have unraveled, but this year, she has some tenacity!

    Love and Hugs,

  36. 86
    Linda in Shreveport says:

    Hi Beth,
    Tonight, I begin my 13th year as a BSF children’s leader!!
    I am excited about the new study on the book of Isaiah. I am even more excited that I have invited a person you know well (Megen) and she is bringing two daughters. Pray that tonight goes well for her.

  37. 87
    Pat Schuessler says:

    Hi Beth,
    You should be proud of both your girls…the good kind of proud..they love Jesus and serve Him. I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings when I blogged a couple of days ago that Amanda was my favorite “Moore girl”..I probably should have said that she is the one I feel most connected to. When you say said “She can’t look intently at something without taking it on” , I totally get it. My husband says I “feel everything deeply”. That can be a good thing and a hard thing too. It means instead of worrying I/ we have to TRUST HIM and that part I am learning from you.
    This fall our small group is going through “Radical” by David Platt. I have already read it and boy oh boy, we may be in for something!
    God bless you all……..Our days in Kansas are getting cool and breezy (of course) and my flower garden is in heaven. I wonder if there is anything prettier than Fall?

  38. 88
    Amy Warfield says:

    Beth–I just love reading your blog! In one entry I can experience the whole range of human emotions-from being encouraged in the Lord, to welling up with compassion over a situation, and to just laughing my head off! I love it, and you are so loved dear teacher.

    Ok this fall-God is up to a huge faith walk right now! The Lord has given me a heart for the nations since I was in college, and over the last year, the Holy Spirit has grown this heart to so full and overflowing-that it has become a roar in my heart and ears, and I just sense an urgency to go and serve overseas in a full-time capacity. I am taking a vision trip to Europe next month to visit different ministries and see where the Lord would have me serve. He is orchestrating something only HE can do! Its just like Him, glory!

    I am praying about serving muslim women and sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to them. There is a huge muslim population in Europe, and my prayer is that believers would be saturated in the love of Christ to minister to them–not give way to fear and hate, but to get on our knees and pray for God to open their hearts to Jesus, and joyfully love and serve them.

    For a bible study–am thinking about doing your esther study! Did it with you in Houston a few years back–am one of your H-town home girls 🙂 But I am on a kick to study women in the bible since we just got done with Ruth! Am also thinking about doing Tammie Head’s bible study–have been visiting her sunday school class at our church and so love her teaching. So maybe 2 bible studies at the same time? I could definitely use it!

    Love ya and see you around HFBC for the Fall Forward series!


  39. 89
    Marsha says:

    It’s hot here in Tucson too. I’m looking forward to the simulcast on the 18th. Love You all!

  40. 90
    Wendi says:

    Happy September, Beth!

    The Bible study group I attend is looking at God’s transformative power in our lives. We’re talking about change. Some of us (um… that would be me) really need to get out of God’s way and allow for change! We (I) need to check in daily for our “marching orders.” God is always doing something new! Isn’t that cool?

    I love your sense of humor. Keep writing, please. Some of us are mighty thirsty out here. 🙂


  41. 91
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Dear Beth,
    Your post made me cry. I have been really sappy over the past week. I SO relate with you and your sister. My sister was gone for 16 years and now she is back. I missed her so much. It takes time to reconnect.

    I just joined a bible study at our new church (Charles Stanley) “Developing Inner Strength”. I am a little uncomfortable because everyone is at least 20 years older than me. They will have great wisdom, but I feel out of place. Their inner strength has had time to grow more.

    Another thing I must mention because it was so very much missing in my life, but you bless and encourage and build up your girls so much. My family doesn’t do that and I never know where I stand in the “love” line. It really hurts. I try every time I can to build up my children. Trying NOT to be like your own family is so much hard work when that is all you know.

    Amanda’s post yesterday was so sad. Tell her I cried for and with her. Her compassion reminds me of me and it would haunt me for years!

    Blessings for you Beth and I am so sorry I am going to miss you this weekend. I was hoping there would be someplace close that I would not fear driving to, to see you. It will be my birthday on Saturday and it would have been the best to see you.
    Take care Beth,

  42. 92
    Sarah says:

    I do appreciate this blog. So fun.

    I start Esther this Saturday morning. Looking forward to what God is going to do in the next several weeks. He already has my mind occupied with the study. I purchased a book that was first used by a lady who is currently in prison. The ladies could not write in their books during the study for a reason I do not know and did not ask. I was told that the number on my book corresponds with the lady who used the book. I found out her name is Lucy. I can tell she loved the study by the way the book looks so worn and used. You can tell where she wrote on another piece of paper and some of her words left indentations on the pages. I keep thinking about her and her story. I pray that God was revealed to her, in just the way she needed.

    Got a new haircut and went a little darker in color. My hair stylist suggested I get a little ‘edgier’ I like it. (smile)


  43. 93
    Paula says:

    Today was our first day of Faithful, Abundant, and True. I am leading the Tuesday morning group, but we have another group of working ladies on Monday night doing the same study. I thank God for their faithfulness to go each week after a hard day’s work!

  44. 94

    My bible study girls and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary tomorrow. And we are starting your Revelation study. I’m learning how to be with my children less as my 2 little ones have just started school full time, and my great big one is out in the world pretending to be an adult. I’m also venturing into a new venture, starting a non-profit to benefit the people I have been serving for quite a while now.

    Autumn is in the air. I will not send you any photos from these beautiful hills of Tennessee….soon to be splashed with every shade of brilliant.

  45. 95
    Juley says:

    When SLI group came out, I was a daily-lpm-blogger! Then, school started, and I check from time to time – usually when I need a heart-beat check with my favorite Siesta-group! I still don’t have time to facebook, twitter, etc…barely seem to check regular mail and e-mail – let too much time go in between family visits – stay way too busy at times…there is so much to do… A pretty regular prayer for me these days is, “Lord – OK – we are way in the deep water now, so there is no need for me to worry about drowning – that is a given, and without You, I’m sunk! Help me, Lord, to do what You want me to do (as there is no way to get it ALL done), and help me to discern Your best – and not worry about the rest. Help me to keep You my top priority, and not take for granted my spouse (really appreciated and needed your blog about the quiet walk and copper head), and not neglect my kids’ needs. The rest somehow seems to always fall into place, and I praise Him for it. Right now I am leading a Praying Wife (O’Martien) study with Love Dare book to supplement, and simultaneously, Stepping Up study(Moore). Our school is planning a trip to Israel, and were talking about the pool of Siloam, and the steps of ascention – that the first few were under water in the pool? I thought that was so cool in relation to life – namely mine – and were I am right now…hormonal (enjoying that extra fun emotional time of the month right now) and almost in my 40’s. I thank God for all of you ladies in Siestaville (Beth, Amanda, Melissa, fellow siesta’s)- please don’t stop sharing! It really helps us all keep on keepin’ on fighting this great fight of faith! Lord, help us remember anything done unto You out of a loving heart is never in vain!

  46. 96
    Jessica says:

    Your story about your sister is encouraging…my brother and I have not really been doing life together since college, and I miss him. Hopefully, we’ll get back to that place.

    My Bible Study Girls just started a study on Bad Girls of the Bible…we are loving it so far!

  47. 97
    bek says:

    I am doing the Revelation study on Wed mornings with our Women’s Ministry. It’s the first time in many years I’ve been able to get involved and I’m so excited! Tomorrow’s week 3 and I can’t wait.

    Oh, and I totally LOL’d at your rat comment. So unexpected…and I absolutely loved it! You can be all over the place anytime you want, as far as I’m concerned. =D

  48. 98
    Deidra says:

    We began Kelly Minter’s book on Ruth this past Sunday evening in my DT class and then again last night in my home. I am so excited about the things the Lord has in store for us as we study His Word together. It is still hot here in south Mississippi too. Fall will be most welcome. As for sisters, Beth, I know the bond that you speak of. But, I am so sad to say that my sweet sister was diagnosed last Friday with colon cancer. She will meet with a surgeon this Thursday to find out whether it has metastisized and what treatment will be needed. I am so blessed that she is also a believer and loves the Lord so much. Also, I wanted to tell you how happy that my friend, Stephanie, got to meet you at your church. She is in Houston with her daughter, Erin, who is awaiting a lung transplant.This has been an ordeal for them with being such a long way from home. I would so appreciate the prayers of this community for these dear ones.

  49. 99
    Nichole says:

    I am embarking on the new journey of Pricilla Shirer’s Bible study “Jonah ~ Navigating a Life Interrupted”. I’m excited to see what is revealed.


  50. 100
    Lisa G. says:

    Darling Beth,

    So glad you support Samaritan’s Purse and Compassion International — my family does, too! In fact, our child in Ethiopia just graduated from the program (she’s almost 20 now!) and Compassion just sent us a new little darling, Anabella, from — of all places — Guatemala. So I’ve been hanging on every word from Amanda’s and the other Compassion bloggers’ posts!

    This fall is a crazy time as my hubby finishes nursing school and my 3 daughers still at home keep me hopping. Two of them, ages 17 and 20, and I are doing your Daniel study at home and love, love, loving it!! We’ve already decided we’re doing Esther next. Even though we’re such different ages and at such vastly different places in our lives, the Word of God is ministering to each of us on such deep, personal levels.

    I do not have a rat in my garage, but I did see a big ugly toad in there the other day! Ewwww!

    Love you, sister!

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