Hey, Everybody!

How is my favorite blog community? I’ve been keeping a close eye on all of you for the last week but I intentionally left our blog wide open to Amanda as she went on mission to Guatemala with Compassion International. I am so proud of her. She went way out – I do mean W-A-Y  O-U-T – of her comfort zone to take that kind of mission trip and see those horrible conditions  with her tender heart. Don’t get me wrong. Amanda’s always been courageous but she has as sensitive a heart and conscience as anyone I’ve ever known. It’s part of what makes her the wonderful person she is. She can’t look intently at something without taking it on. The only thing further outside her comfort zone than going to those projects and that vulture-infested dump was then asking if anybody wanted to help. That’s the thing about taking a trip like that. Your comfort zone is forever changed. I think God means to get each one of us to a place where we’re more comfortable asking for help than we are with closing our eyes, turning our heads, and letting things stay the same.That applies to any dimension of life, really.

We are convinced that God wants us to take time out of our regular routine around here at least once a year to highlight specific world needs and offer opportunities to help. You are never under compulsion. These are just opportunities for those in search of some. A platform of this kind comes with serious responsibility and stewardship and is meant for more than a social outlet for an isolated sanguine. It’s a frightening prospect apart from the grace and mercy of God. About four or five years ago, Travis and I also heard distinctly (and separately) from the Lord about giving to the poor at our Living Proof Live events. There are so many great opportunities for giving that we’ve chosen to spread it out a little bit through the various arms of this ministry. At Living Proof Live, we partner with Samaritan’s Purse. Here on the blog, we partner with Compassion International and, through the Wednesday broadcast, we partner, of course, with Life Outreach and Mission Feeding. Our efforts are pathetic if God doesn’t add the increase through the power of His Spirit but we trust Him to do so. After all, it was His idea. He is the one who said,

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear; then righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

Praise His faithful Name.

We’ll move now from the sacred to the virtually meaningless and then hopefully back to the sacred. Since I talked to you last…

*I’ve had a weekend off. Got to sleep in. Read, read, read, and go on a walk and, afterward, drive over to see my dear sister, Gay, where she serves Jesus. I am so honored to pursue Him with my very own blood kin. She was the dearest thing in the world to me growing up. We shared not only a room but a double bed. That’s what you do in big families with small bank accounts. The word “mine” wasn’t in our vocabulary much in those days and we were the better for it. We shared the same dolls and were dressed in matching home-sown outfits a good bit of the time. We were inseparable till life took its grievous toll. Believe me when I tell you that we both earned the right to self-destruct. We never quit loving each other even through periods of hurt and silence. We just quit doing life together for a while. God is restoring to us the years the locusts have eaten. That’s another story for another time but one of the biggest things going on in my personal life. I love Jesus so much for what He’s doing. (OK, so that one didn’t turn out meaningless at all. Often when I write, I mean to head one direction and end up in another.)

*I’ve had a fancy dinner with my man. Colin and Melissa gave us a gift card for Keith’s birthday to a steakhouse in Houston that we really love and we shared a crab cake, each got a wedge salad with crumbled blue cheese, steaks (mine 6 oz filet, his, a honking – or shall I say mooing – rib eye), cheese grit souffle, green beans, and croissant bread pudding for dessert. It was incredible and so much fun. My man was so handsome sitting on the other side of that candle-lit table.

*Keith shot in two sporting clays’ tournaments over the weekend and won first place. The man can shoot. I love it when nothing perishes.

*Curtis and the kids flew back from his parents Saturday night and I got to see them Sunday at church. I so enjoyed just sitting with my son-in-law in the worship service. It’s rarely ever just the two of us and I am such a fan of his. We are blessed beyond measure to have the two sons-in-law our girls brought us.  I got to have Jackson all afternoon until Curtis grabbed him to head to the airport to get his mama. I would love to have had Annabeth, too, but she’s pretty tanked after Sunday school and church and is most blessed by a nice, long afternoon nap. I’m the same way most weeks. I get to spend many Monday mornings with her anyway so that’s my consolation.

*Jackson had his very first soccer practice last night! Yes, Amanda and Curtis have entered the wild world of children’s sports. He was so proud of his shin guards that he slept in them the first night.I love the little dude so much.

*It’s still 100 degrees in Houston.Do NOT send me any pictures of autumn leaves. Melissa tried that yesterday and I called her mean names.

*There is a rat in my garage.

So, what are you guys up to this Fall? I’d love to hear about your plan for victory over the next several months! What Bible studies are you in this semester? Are you engaged in a small group or are you going solo? Do tell!

Sorry I’m all over the place. I think I’ve had too much coffee.


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  1. 651
    Angie says:

    It was exhilarating to pull into the church parking lot on Wednesday morning and see ALL THOSE CARS! It was the first day of BSF, our brand-new study of Isaiah, and the Blacksburg, VA women’s group is packed out! Someone told me it was about 200 women and about 75 kids. A lot of the women are returning BSF “graduates” who are back for the new study, so it was like a big reunion for those ladies. Our opening hymn was “Holy, Holy, Holy” and I could barely croak out the words for the lump in my throat. What is it about a sanctuary full of women singing to the Lord?

  2. 652
    Katie says:

    My church group is doing “Faithful Abundant True” and I am so excited about it!

  3. 653

    I am leading your “Esther” study starting on the 20th. I am currently doing your God’s Dwelling Place, Dan Webster’s “REAL DEAL”, And our Pastor is doing a study on the “Torah”. It seems like alot but I LOVE IT!

  4. 654
    Melissa says:


    Let me preface this by saying that my husband is military and we have lived all over for the last 8 years. I’m originally from Washington/Oregon and traveled quite a bit when I was young (even overseas) but since then we’ve lived in Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Japan and now back in Arizona.

    I am doing your study on “Daniel” and just got to day 3. When you asked the question, “What about you? Describe your most extreme experience of culture shock.” I immediately wrote: “Texas. And then Japan.”

    And then I burst out laughing, and thought you might be tickled to know I found Texas as my #1 culture shock.

    So, I guess now you know what I’m doing this fall 😉

  5. 655
    Sheilah says:

    I’m currently taking the “Magnificent Obsession” study by Anne Graham Lotz, at my church. It just started, but so far I love it!!

  6. 656
    Jerrianne says:

    I am teaching a Bible study by Anne Graham Lotz called THE VISION OF HIS GLORY. It is on the book of Revelation and in a very different format. My Ladies in our Tuesday morning Bible study are loving it.

  7. 657
    Cindie says:

    Beth…I love your posts…sorry you have a rat in your garage.
    We had a possum in our fireplace once and that was not a fun time for this Momma.

    We are half way through Daniel. We did it two years ago and the Siestas wanted to do it again…some are new to our group, but all of us are loving it.

  8. 658
    Darcy says:

    I am a daily reader, but a rare commenter…but I had to share that I just started Faithful, Abundant, True last night. I have done several of your studies and then I also did the last Deeper Still study in the my hometown. My husband and kiddos and I relocated (only a short bit away) this spring and so I have started with a new church/group of ladies and while it can be challenging for me to CHANGE, I am still in my study with my good friend Beth Moore and that has made it so much easier…except I have to wait until the last two weeks to see you:)
    In each study I have seen that God has put me in that particular study at that time for a reason so I am excited to see the reason this time. He’s been really good with the Faithful part, I’m hoping for some ABUNDANCE:)

  9. 659
    Sue Schwendemann says:

    I am doing your ” Living Beyond Yourself” and than after that we will be doing three more of your studies until around maybe April. I am doing these through ” Bible Study Cafe for Woman” This will make the third study I have done online with this Cafe. Christine is a wonderful teacher, she does this on her own for woman that are to busy to get out or have no were else to study the word. Thanks for all you do Ms. Moore and your help in the past. I love you and wish God’s blessing in you and yours.

    P.S. Amanda WAS JUST Great over seas. Even if she was out of her comfort zone.

  10. 660
    Linda says:

    Our women’s group (Ignite for Women) is kicking off a series called: Wake Up!(based on Rev. 3:1-3)this fall. There are three of us teaching this semester and we write our own lessons. We are fully relying on the Holy Spirit to give us the words to speak. We are so desperate for God to WAKE UP his daughters ~ starting with us!!!

  11. 661
    Delaney says:

    Current Bible studies:

    1. At work, we are doing Max Lucado – James. I am so blessed to work for a company where we can still put our faith out there without worrying about offending everyone. Those interested participate on Wednesday’s during our lunch hour and it’s lead by the CFO. 🙂

    2. I am a member of the Christian Homekeeper Network and on that site we are doing Cynthia Heald – Becoming A Woman Of Simplicity.

    3. Personally, for my own personal growth and enjoyment I am working on Beth Moore – Esther.

    So many studies… so little time!

  12. 662

    I never wanted to think this, but, after my latest comment was not accepted, I guess 54 yr old handicapped, single/divorced mom’s with grown kids, are not welcome to contribute on this blog. I’ve tried commenting, but if I share anything ‘real’ about what the Lord is doing in my life my comment is deleted. Thank the Lord, He doesn’t see me as unworthy. I always remember King David as ‘people saw a shepherd boy but God saw a King’!


    • 662.1
      Kelli says:

      you are welcome by your siestas!

    • 662.2

      The above post was not intended for Siestaville. It’s a reaction to a very heartfelt post I made about my excitement about my Fall activity starting my own blog and thanking Beth, Amanda, Melissa and All of Siestaville for sharing their lives. And…my gratitude for what God has done in you all encouraging and inspiring me to fulfill my lifelong call to write and as a beautiful manifestation of the Body of Christ. I was so stunned and hurt when my enthusiastic post was ‘deleted’ in moderation. I guess the enemy put in my head that I was ‘too different’ from the other siestas. I doubt it was even read this time. I just didn’t understand why my previous post was deleted.


      • Melissa says:


        I am very surprised by your comment.

        First, your initial comment was not deleted purposefully. It was lost in the comments section and now it has been restored. Sometimes we make mistakes and accidentally delete comments or simply look past them accidentally. We are not perfect. Please do not make assumptions about our motives unless we have been in a personal dialogue with you about your comment. We get a lot of spam and sometimes we accidentally mark legitimate comments as spam without realizing it. It is simply an error of sight. Second, there was nothing in your above comment that would have told us that it was not intended for Siestaville. All comments that are submitted via the blog are fair game for publishing; we have other ways of getting in touch if you want to email us privately about a matter.

        God’s blessings to you and your new blog.


        • Melissa,
          Please forgive my reaction. Looking at the number of comments you all receive does boggle the mind. I was just struggling with a sense of abandonment and the enemy played me for a fool (I was). Not that it’s an excuse but I’m currently homebound with MS and for the most part ‘living’ through my laptop and overreacted when the enemy suggested I was rejected for a set of labels. Thank you for responding and for taking the time to research and restore my initial comment. I’m embarrassed to have taken your focus off of much more worthy contributions to the Kingdom of God.

          Love in Christ,

          • Melissa says:


            I totally understand your perspective. We’re all just human and make silly mistakes. There have actually been times that we have accidentally erased 50 or so comments by selecting all the ones we have read and mindlessly clicking “trash” and not “approve”– it is easy to do early in the morning or late at night. Also, my best friend’s Mom has MS. I will think of you and pray for you when I think and pray for her. I pray the Lord will meet you very tangibly in your need. My best to you in your new blog writing ventures. It is neat to have a little place in cyberspace where you can pour your heart out.


          • Juanita says:


            Please leave your feelings of embarrassment right here. They are not worthy to be taken further and haunting you almost every waking moment. I say this because that would be my normal reaction. I am doing better with that though. I don’t have MS but I do have physical disabilities that keep me from working and functioning the way I want to and so I totally understand your insecurities. I embarrassed myself in a similar way and am still battling the ‘hauntings’.

            Now let me recommend to you Beth’s new book, ‘So Long, Insecurity’. It is an absolutely amazing book. Please, get Beth’s book. If you can’t afford to buy it, check with your local library. That is where I got the one I am reading. I didn’t know she had written this book until I saw it on the endcap featured section in my local library. I felt compelled to pick it up. I think it would have jumped off the rack and followed me down the isle if I hadn’t gotten it. I hadn’t read any of Beth’s work before but knew she is a favorite of my sister and her daughters. It is one of the very few books I will buy for my own library after reading the library copy. I also plan to buy this book for Christmas gifts. It is that amazing and it speaks to EVERY woman. Even the very secure woman (if there is one out there) can find it very useful for understanding her insecure friends and family. She also adds a few chapters on the man and his viewpoint of women and his own insecurities. Extremely enlightening.

  13. 663
    Suzanne says:

    We are doing a bible study written by one of our members: “Healing the Cancer of your Soul”.

    I also do much of my own study. For years I studied only the New Testament and now I’ve fallen head over heels over the Old Testament. Love it to pieces. Love it’s metaphoric value. I love to chart things out and organize information. I’m so addicted to the Word that I can’t put it down. The bible is the most amazing thing on planet earth. He is the most amazing God.

  14. 664
    Susan Knowles says:

    So glad to be in God’s Word with a delightful group of 21 women doing ….Breaking Free! Started Wed. in my home. I’m so blessed to serve these women but I just started a new school teaching job that is waaay out of my comfort Zone, but my life now is more like those that juggle jobs and families, etc. I MUST trust Jesus to be the leader. Humbling in a good way. I love your blog!
    Susan in Bradenton, FL

  15. 665
    Dawn says:

    It was soo…good to get back to Bible study this week! This fall we are working through Living Beyond Yourself each Tuesday evening (well, and 5 days in between with that lovely homework!) It’s been awesome and convicting already and it’s only Day 4 🙂 I’m also teaching the most darling 2nd graders in Sunday School every other month and that especially keeps me on my knees and in the Word. This month we are studying Ruth, so those notes from Summer Siesta Bible study are a blessing.

  16. 666
    Kari says:

    Sunday School – Beth Moore Revelation
    Wed night study – Beth Moore Daniel
    personal study – Priscilla Shirer One In A Million

    If I had a rat in my garage I would have to move out!! I recommend a cat – because of ours I have not had a mouse or anything like it (other than a snake 🙂 in 10 years….knock on wood because I would have to move out if there was a mouse – they are my fear!!! Hmmmm….wonder if bird dogs could get along with a kitty cat 🙂

  17. 667
    Janice says:

    This Fall I am doing several 6 or 7 week studies instead of one 12 week study.We just finished Ruth by Kelly Minter. Currently, I am leading Priscilla Shirer’s new study Jonah: Navigatiing Life’s Interruptions. We will do a Beth study in January. In November I think we will do the Frazzled Female. There are a lot of good studies out there and I want to do them all.

  18. 668
    lori says:

    Austin, Texas here!!! I am currently in a small group at church studying Linda Anderson’s Mom to Mom. This focuses on Deut. 6 (godly households), Prov. 31 (Woman of Noble Character), and Titus 2 (Women mentoring Women). Soon I will begin a church written study titled JESUS. This will focus on the book of John.

    Love to you Beth and all LP families. I pray for God’s grace and abundant truths to poor out over this ministry daily.

  19. 669

    Well, as I absolutely am too sick and tired to remember if I posted already on this…..

    I am leading (for the first time) our Thursday AM Women’s bible study this semester, and we are doing the old version of Breaking Free.

    There are 9 signed up, 6 showed up this week, but the other 3 had legit conflicts… praying they will be able to continue to join us! I think this is going to be a perfect study. It’s hitting very close to home for me, as just the intro video session had me groaning inside as God stepped on some toes of mine already! (its a good thing really) And there are a couple of others, one a dear friend who really needs this freedom in Christ, and to finally break free from her past.

    Praying fervently for God to be magnified and for only God being seen, not me!!!! And that the enemy wouldn’t have the chance to discourage any of these dear ones from completing the study and from gaining what God wants for them…..

    God bless,
    Mosinee, WI

  20. 670
    Wendy says:

    Sorry, I’m late! I’m doing year 9 of BSF, studying Isaiah.

  21. 671
    Rhonda says:

    We are getting ready for Living Proof Live here in Spokane, Washington. By the time you arrive the leaves will have turned to those beautiful autumn colors (that you don’t want to see yet.) We are praying like crazy to get ready for what God is going to do when you share what he has laid on your heart. I am so excited because the last time you came to Spokane our God work amongst the women here and showed his power and might. We are believing Him for the same thing but only bigger than we can imagine. At the end of September, the 30th to be exact, we have another city wide prayer time at our church.

  22. 672
    Lynna Evans says:

    God really touched my life at the Lexington Living Proof seminar. When you told the story of your sister, how many years you prayed for her. When you invited women to come down to pray, I got out of my seat and on my knees at my chair. I prayed like I haven’t prayed in a long while. I thought that God was tired of hearing my prayers about my broken relationship with my two adult children. I forgot the “Pray without ceasing” part! On Sunday after church upon arriving home, I had a message from my son inviting me to a Pee Wee football game my grandson Remmington was playing in at my town, after a 2 1/2 yr. silence. God has restored our broken relationship and we are building on it. My son and his family are not saved and we continue to pray for their salvation. My daughter hasn’t spoken to me to me in 4 yrs. and I will continue to pray for that relationship to be restored too, even if I am in prayer the rest of my days over it! Just wanted you to know how your story touched and effected my life in such a glorious way! I thought that I was like nagging God each day that I prayed for restoration with my family for years, but now I realize that satan was just putting the doubt and lies in my head. Thank you Beth! Love in Christ, Lynn Evans

  23. 673
    Erin says:

    I’m a twenty-something who struggles with studying the Word on a consistent basis. A few years ago, my mom convinced me to participate in your Daniel study with her, which was being led by my aunt at our church. I was skeptical at first, but was amazingly blessed and loved it!

    Since then I have done two more of your studies and this fall my mom, my sister and I will be doing your Revelation study together. This study is also being led by my aunt and Im thrilled to study along with some of my favorite ladies!

  24. 674
    Denise says:

    we start Here and Now and There and Then on Monday.. I did the summer Ruth and have drifted away from intentional personal study. I hate when that happens and you start feeling like something is missing and it is. Can’t wait to reconnect with our study group. I wanted to make it to the simulcast but couldn’t get it together. Are the simulcasts available somewhere after they air?

  25. 675
    Robin says:

    My Bible study group is doing Daniel. It’s a second time for me, but that’s good since I’m facilitating. We’re on Session 4 and getting so much out of it. I’m getting totally different things out of it than I did four years ago, that’s the excitement of Bible study! I’m also reading the book “Freedom of Simplicity” by Richard J. Foster, which a friend gave me in July and I began reading this month, no surprise a lot of it goes right along with Daniel. I love when God does that!

  26. 676
    Mollie Moody says:

    Beth, 9 of us from a Bible study group and from a small country church in northern Michigan went to Bible Baptist Church in Traverse City, MI to see and hear the simulcast today. We were so BLESSED!! How glorious the message and of course the worship was DIVINE!! You have been such an enormous blessing to all of us and have helped us so much in our walk with our Lord. Awesome, totally..for sure!

  27. 677
    glenwood says:

    I went to the Biltmore Estate to see the Flower Carpet last weekend. I was there for about 4 hours looking at the various parts of the estate.This weekend my DAR met for the first regular meeting. We were off for the summer.We are getting ready for our 75th anniv this Nov. I am attending Faithful, Abundant and True study at my church.We have done the first 3 weeks. Thurs PM I started a 7 week class telling how the different departments of our city government work. During the week I am one of the many looking for a job.

  28. 678
    Cheryl says:

    We just started Beth’s Here and Now and There and Then at our church. We had 45 sign up! We have done all of Beth’s studies.

  29. 679
    Janene says:

    I’m hooked on Bible study thanks to doing the Esther Bible study last fall. I was really angry and hurt towards my small town church. My husband and I had 4 miscarriages including one ectopic pregnancy. During this time I thought I was going nuts and would explode from hormonal overload. I looked for comfort in my church and found little. The truth was that I was inconsulable and I had so much junk to work through that it was wrong to look for it in any human. When people would try to comfort me I found their words offensive and would stew and grow more bitter. The women’s ministry in our church is pretty much non-exsistent so I finally just decided to go it solo and do the Esther study alone. In the end I was thankful I was the only one in the room I bawled my eyes out so much over the videos as God began to do a healing in my life that I can’t even explain. Now I am starting Daniel and doing the Paul study on the side with a teenage girl. I am so blessed to be in the word. I can’t imagine my life without it now. I’m praying that God will show me how to lead other women to love God and His word.

  30. 680
    Amanda says:

    I know this is a little behind but I am doing The Inheritance Study with my church- so far, it has been amazing, and so Spirit led- just what I need in this time of life. 🙂 Thanks Beth for pouring your life into women. I am currently studying in our “in house” seminary at our church (a 4 year intense study program – I am in year 1 1/2) and last semester I took Expository Teaching- wow is all I have to say- made my respect for what you do increase… I wish I lived in Houston so I could just be discipled by you and learn from you! Keep pressing toward the mark of the High Calling of Christ- He is our High Calling and GREAT REWARD

  31. 681
    Marilyn says:

    I went through the Esther study with 22 sisters this summer. At the end of the last session there was a HOLY silence in the room, followed by prayer, and another HOLY hush. We all sensed the closeness of the Holy Spirit in that moment. When we were finally able to speak, we agreed to pray about what God would have us do with the Word He had just spoken into our hearts. We plan to regather and check-in at the end of October to see what God is doing through us. Before I left that day, God spoke the specific names of precious ladies into my heart. I’m now sharing the Esther study with that group of ladies who are experiencing heart-wrenching personal marriage struggles. Thanks Beth, for sharing with all of us!
    My husband and I are attending the Desiring God National Conference in early October. The conference topic is the Life of the Mind and the Love of God. We’re expecting to be tranformed as God speaks His truth into our hearts and minds! God is Good!

  32. 682
    Melissa says:

    Our church group is doing a study by James McDonald called When life is hard that I will be joining in. Can’t wait to get started.

  33. 683
    Monica says:

    Just a coworker and me doing Believing God. I have done it already in 2006, online and alone. I know that God has something new to tell me but I still remember the 5 fingers of faith….We are doing this at our workplace during lunch. I think some people are wondering about it and we hope to do something bigger next; maybe they will join in late which would be GREAT! Our church is doing Breaking Free; and I have done that 2 times already. I am hoping we are going to get to do the new one on Revelations…..only one I haven’t done.
    I encouraged my very good friends to get involved with the Simulcast this weekend and they did and they LOVED it!
    Thank you!

  34. 684
    KanduGal says:

    Yes, it seems that fall is upon us. We did not get to have a final meeting of our Siesta Summer Bible Study. Most of us were busy getting kids off to college, school, and into band activities. Instead, we had to accept sharing emails to one another to close it out – but we did finish, Praise the Lord! We just loved doing Kelly’s study on Ruth; so much so, that the one who leads a ladies Sunday afternoon group decided to lead Kelly’s No Other Gods study for the fall. So now, most of us are in a NOGs group! I appreciate being able to look back in the archives to SSBS#1; have already been encouraged and blessed by Jude 1:24-25

  35. 685
    Peggy Jameson says:

    I would just like to say that I will never forget spending the day with you at the Rosemont
    Theater on Sept. 18th. What a day! Worship, absorbing the richness of God’s Love Letter,
    more worship, more learning. It was a mountaintop experience. It was such an emotional day. I can’t even imagine how you must feel at the end of a day like that.
    I was exhausted. But knowing you, (my family makes fun of me because I refer to you
    as “My friend, Beth Moore” ~ you would have continued to march forward!
    You, through the power of the Holy Spirit have been like a direct line to God in regard to “Breaking Free” from my addictions. I’ve said of you, “I think she has coffee with God every morning.” What a blessing you have been in my life. Your humility packaged with your sense of humor and genuine love for Jesus is a blast!
    I love loving Jesus along with you. It is pure joy!
    Love, Your sister in Christ, Peg

  36. 686
    Wendy McLeod says:

    We are into our 6th week of study of the Revelation study. I DO say the 6th week because YES, all 12 of us returned after that 5th DVD!! 🙂 What a study! The Word of God is amazing from beginning to end!! Beth, I do have to say that God used something you said in a monumental way in my life. When you made the comment about just beginning to get the marriage you have always wanted because you have always wanted someone to take care of you…..I SO needed to hear that!! I am coming up on 29 years of marriage and I desperately needed to hear those words….God used it in a profound way and I am thankful!!

  37. 687
    Lisa says:

    Mornin Beth!

    Just read your post. Today is Monday, and I am sure that you are up and enjoying your granddaughter. Are these grandbabies we have just not the best. I get my little darlin, Myriah, this afternoon. I pick her up from school and take her to dancing. She is only seven, but she has been in dancing since she was two and a half. She so loves it and I love watching her. She has such a talent. Then later, I will get to see her little brother, Brayden, who just turned two on 9/11. Complete opposites, and they are such angels. Myriah has dark brown hair, and beautiful dark eyes, and her brother has blonde, blonde, CURLY hair, and geen eyes. What loves they are.

    Went to church yesterday in a little town called Sweet, Idaho. My husband is the pastor there and has been for about two years now. Funny though. It was only five years ago, that he didn’t even believe in GOD. His sermon was so amazing yesterday. Some of the people in the church came up to me afterwards and told me that my husband was just brilliant. He also has another job that he puts in about 60 hours a week. But if he could
    manage to pay the bills on what the church pays him, he would do only that. As it is, he doesn’t take any money from the church right now.

    Well, probably should get my day started. Going to walk down my lane, smell the fall air, and talk to GOD.

    Love you Beth.


  38. 688
    Lisa says:

    P.S. If you find time in your day, could you please pray for my daughter, Heather. The mommy of my grandbabies. She has a lump in her neck, and we are going in on Thursday of this week to have a biopsy done. I have been sick with worry. I know, I need to give it to GOD. He has everything in control. But still, being a mom, you still tend to worry about our kids, no matter how old they get to be or what is going on in their lives.

    Thanks in advance.


  39. 689
    Kelli says:

    Wow – What a wonderful post of memories. It is fun to read and a joy to be a ‘part’ of your everyday happenings.

    We here at the Tate home have just finished blackpowder season. Hubby didn’t draw for any animals so he bought a bear tag and trudged around the mountains looking for bear sign. Unfortunately (wink, wink) he didn’t even see a bear! Maybe next time. BUT BIG NEWS! my boy (10 years old) got his first turkey hen all by himself. Shot it right in the neck and he was some sort of proud! I guess shooting clay targets is startin’ to pay off for the little guy.

    My sweet daughter had her tonsils out a week ago and is just starting to feel normal again as well as talk normal. She turned the corner right before the weekend with the scabs falling off. Now she says her throat doesn’t hurt near a bad. WHEW! She has been a real trooper but I hate to see little ones sick so I’m glad we are on the mend!

    Hubby and I have started attending a home church that is growing here near us as well as attending a regular prairie church that is about 45 minutes in the middle of nothing. It is hard to find a new church home that feeds everyone in the family.

    Bible study has been a life line for me. Started Kelly’s Ruth study again with a young group of moms. It is a good study to help them get into the bible without being overwhelmed by the bible. I also am doing Community Bible Study with Daniel right now and we will start a couple of the other studies near Christmas. I did Beth’s Daniel study twice and am looking to buy the DVD’s so I have it on hand for the future.

    Oh – I took time while hubby and son were hunting and daughter was sick to repaint, retexture and redo the livingroom. It is coming together slowly as my budget allows but I got the bulk of the work finished before hubby was home. He dislikes with a great passion chaos in the home for redecorating. I truly don’t blame him cuz I can create a path and be ok for days if I am getting a project finished.

    Hope Fall Weather finds everyone in a good place. It is nice to see the GIANT spiders come out and see the leaves change and listen to the little kids practice their sports! We do volleyball and football and it is a riot! Good stuff I tell ya!

    God bless you all
    Kelli in Colorado

  40. 690
    Michelley says:

    My church is doing the Revelation Lecture video series you made…so far FANTASTIC, Beth….THANK U THANK U THANK U
    !!!! I also work 2 jobs so thanks for less homework *wink* its all I can do to get to church on Sunday and bible study on Wednesday!!!

  41. 691
    Sherrie Watson says:

    I’m facilitating your Beloved Disciple bible study on John. We have just finished the first week and I’m so amazed how God is already working in hearts. One lady said that this was what she has needed. She has just felt in a rut and needs to change something in her life. She seemed ready to step out of the boat.

    My children are busy with school and fall baseball and softball. And there is always hunting season of some kind at our house. It is bow season here in NC and my poor husband shot a big buck Friday and is still looking for him. Needless to say we have been in an uproar all weekend and just haven’t felt settled. It is suppose to be 90 degrees here for most of the week so I would say he will probably find him one way or the other before it is over.

    I had to laugh at the mouse in your garage. My husband does taxidermy work in a shop behind our house and he has a mouse. He has named him Mr. Bojangles and he says that he keeps him company running around while he is mounting deer. He asked me for cheese to feed him the other night. I told him that would be better than the deer antlers he has hanging out there.

    Thanks for just sharing and being random. I feel like that is my world most of the time.

    Sherrie Watson
    Oak Ridge NC

    • 691.1
      Sherrie Watson says:

      Follow up – My husband found his deer. The amazing thing is the way God has worked. When he called yesterday to tell me he found it and just made the comment that maybe God wanted him to work a little harder. He said he thought he did and that he felt God was telling him that all good and perfect things come from him not us. He shot a deer last year opening day made a perfect shot everthing went perfect. This year was different. Just amazed that he pulled God right into that situation and has used it to also minister to our son and daughter about it being all about God.


  42. 692
    Susan says:

    I have just finished reading Max Lucado’s book”Fearless”. I wrote down every scripture reference regarding fear and plan to pray, meditate and study God’s word with each and every one of them.

  43. 693
    Catherine Jacocks says:

    Beth, Our group at Jackson UMC in Jackson, Louisiana has completed ‘A Woman’s Heart’, which thrilled me no end. We are now about to finish ‘Daniel’ and be deciding which one to do next. I am a retired speech/language pathologist – retired from teaching in a poor rural, but small personal school district. Language is my thing and you touch on so many wonderful subtleties of language. Even though retired, I still cannot read or view anything without thinking of how I would teach it to others. I love your resources and I understand your detail compulsions. Your studies leave me wanting more to the point that I do not want them to end. I am teaching a Disciple I Class, as well as taking Disciple III (UMC study), as well your studies. I love retirement!!! I have time for my grandchildren AND Bible Study. Your sister in Christ- Catherine

  44. 694
    Cynthia says:

    Dear Beth,

    We are now in week three of Breaking Free (we have college age folks over at our house on Sunday nights I use your studies, my husband uses well, right now, John Piper, about 30-40 folks show up—- we feed them…enough said?).

    ANYYYWAAAYYYY, the girls LOVED the gun demo on the video. One of our girls went out today and took pics of herself shoot her gun and using her sword. I would so love to send them to you!!! Is there somewhere you would get them?


  45. 695
    Tracy says:

    Actually, the Lord has been speaking to me about leading a Bible Study in my church. I’ve never done this before, but I am definitely hearing his calling. Of course, the enemy would have me believe that there is no night open, but I know that if it is the Lord’s will, He will let me know the night, and He will provide the people! Our church is in need of definite revival, and I think that maybe the subject of forgiveness might be needed. Any suggestions? Of course, I love all of your studies, Beth, and definitely think that any of them would give that spark that we need! But, so many choices–I can’t make up my mind!

  46. 696
    Melissa Lynn says:

    I just started BSF for the first time…love, love the book of Isaiah. We are only thru chapter 1 and God has met me there and done some work and some talking to me about some stuff…it’s all good and I love Him for it. Can’t wait to see what is on the other side of this for me! I’m ready to go deep and get intimacy back with Jesus that I’ve been missing for the past few months. So thankful He is patient and KIND! Love you Ms. Beth…you bless me!
    Melissa Lynn in Concord, CA

  47. 697
    Sandy Royals says:

    I am a fairly new LPL blog follower and was on the Prayer Team at the Richmond Conference. There, I was so thrilled to pray for women of many ages who had been oppressed and downtrodden and watch them getting free!!!! The Conference revived this tired soldier and was timely for me as I was approaching the Fall start-up of our Bible Studies! I, along with a team of faithful, lead a Community Bible Study in Fishersville, VA. This particular group has evolved and has been in existence for over 20 years. On any given Thursday morning, we have 60 or so women from many denominations and all ages sitting under Beth’s teachings and 30 or so women upstairs doing Kay Arthur’s Precept upon Precept! This gal cut her teeth on Kay’s studies!!! We are currently studying the new “Breaking Free”. At my home church, we are doing “Wising Up:..Proverbs”. Our Thursday group completed this last year and I really felt that my home group needed it. We are busting at the seams with women bringing new women every week!!!! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in our times. It is a great time to be alive in Him and serving Him! Thanks for being an instrument for revival for me!!!!

  48. 698
    Carol says:

    Just a comment of gratitude on how much I am enjoying your book, So Long Insecurity. I am greatly encouraged by it. I hope to meet you one day……. BUT, if I never do, please know how much I appreciate your efforts in writing and publishing this book. It is EXCELLENT and is helping me realize that I am not 100% crazy and there is hope for me. Many, many thanks, Carol (queen of insecurity)

  49. 699
    Michelle Ortiz says:


    You tickle me. I just love your sense of humor!

    I live and work in Los Angeles, CA and our small bible study at work will be starting Henry T. Blackaby’s Called and Accountable: Discovering your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose.

    I saw you for the first time in Irvine, CA this past summer and you and the worship team were amazing!


  50. 700
    Barbra Keeler says:

    Hello everyone!

    I know this is late, but I just realized that I had forgotten to “log in” my plans for this fall. Tomorrow morning, I will be leading the first session of Ladies Bible Study at our church. We’re doing “Believing God” by our Siesta Mama. This will be the second time I’ve done this study, but its been about 6 years since the first time. I’m praying that God will show up tomorrow morning and knock our socks off with His presence! I think we’ll have some new ladies joining us this semester and I can’t wait to enjoy the rich fellowship of other women in the Word!

    Thanks for caring!

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