Hey, Everybody!

How is my favorite blog community? I’ve been keeping a close eye on all of you for the last week but I intentionally left our blog wide open to Amanda as she went on mission to Guatemala with Compassion International. I am so proud of her. She went way out – I do mean W-A-Yย  O-U-T – of her comfort zone to take that kind of mission trip and see those horrible conditionsย  with her tender heart. Don’t get me wrong. Amanda’s always been courageous but she has as sensitive a heart and conscience as anyone I’ve ever known. It’s part of what makes her the wonderful person she is. She can’t look intently at something without taking it on. The only thing further outside her comfort zone than going to those projects and that vulture-infested dump was then asking if anybody wanted to help. That’s the thing about taking a trip like that. Your comfort zone is forever changed. I think God means to get each one of us to a place where we’re more comfortable asking for help than we are with closing our eyes, turning our heads, and letting things stay the same.That applies to any dimension of life, really.

We are convinced that God wants us to take time out of our regular routine around here at least once a year to highlight specific world needs and offer opportunities to help. You are never under compulsion. These are just opportunities for those in search of some. A platform of this kind comes with serious responsibility and stewardship and is meant for more than a social outlet for an isolated sanguine. It’s a frightening prospect apart from the grace and mercy of God. About four or five years ago, Travis and I also heard distinctly (and separately) from the Lord about giving to the poor at our Living Proof Live events. There are so many great opportunities for giving that we’ve chosen to spread it out a little bit through the various arms of this ministry. At Living Proof Live, we partner with Samaritan’s Purse. Here on the blog, we partner with Compassion International and, through the Wednesday broadcast, we partner, of course, with Life Outreach and Mission Feeding. Our efforts are pathetic if God doesn’t add the increase through the power of His Spirit but we trust Him to do so. After all, it was His idea. He is the one who said,

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? Then your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will quickly appear; then righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

Praise His faithful Name.

We’ll move now from the sacred to the virtually meaningless and then hopefully back to the sacred. Since I talked to you last…

*I’ve had a weekend off. Got to sleep in. Read, read, read, and go on a walk and, afterward, drive over to see my dear sister, Gay, where she serves Jesus. I am so honored to pursue Him with my very own blood kin. She was the dearest thing in the world to me growing up. We shared not only a room but a double bed. That’s what you do in big families with small bank accounts. The word “mine” wasn’t in our vocabulary much in those days and we were the better for it. We shared the same dolls and were dressed in matching home-sown outfits a good bit of the time. We were inseparable till life took its grievous toll. Believe me when I tell you that we both earned the right to self-destruct. We never quit loving each other even through periods of hurt and silence. We just quit doing life together for a while. God is restoring to us the years the locusts have eaten. That’s another story for another time but one of the biggest things going on in my personal life. I love Jesus so much for what He’s doing. (OK, so that one didn’t turn out meaningless at all. Often when I write, I mean to head one direction and end up in another.)

*I’ve had a fancy dinner with my man. Colin and Melissa gave us a gift card for Keith’s birthday to a steakhouse in Houston that we really love and we shared a crab cake, each got a wedge salad with crumbled blue cheese, steaks (mine 6 oz filet, his, a honking – or shall I say mooing – rib eye), cheese grit souffle, green beans, and croissant bread pudding for dessert. It was incredible and so much fun. My man was so handsome sitting on the other side of that candle-lit table.

*Keith shot in two sporting clays’ tournaments over the weekend and won first place. The man can shoot. I love it when nothing perishes.

*Curtis and the kids flew back from his parents Saturday night and I got to see them Sunday at church. I so enjoyed just sitting with my son-in-law in the worship service. It’s rarely ever just the two of us and I am such a fan of his. We are blessed beyond measure to have the two sons-in-law our girls brought us.ย  I got to have Jackson all afternoon until Curtis grabbed him to head to the airport to get his mama. I would love to have had Annabeth, too, but she’s pretty tanked after Sunday school and church and is most blessed by a nice, long afternoon nap. I’m the same way most weeks. I get to spend many Monday mornings with her anyway so that’s my consolation.

*Jackson had his very first soccer practice last night! Yes, Amanda and Curtis have entered the wild world of children’s sports. He was so proud of his shin guards that he slept in them the first night.I love the little dude so much.

*It’s still 100 degrees in Houston.Do NOT send me any pictures of autumn leaves. Melissa tried that yesterday and I called her mean names.

*There is a rat in my garage.

So, what are you guys up to this Fall? I’d love to hear about your plan for victory over the next several months! What Bible studies are you in this semester? Are you engaged in a small group or are you going solo? Do tell!

Sorry I’m all over the place. I think I’ve had too much coffee.


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  1. 451
    Kim says:

    I love your blog but rarely respond but felt that I should talk this time…and for absolutely no reason at all! This fall my small group will reconvene after the summer break and will participate in a church wide small group. Our pastor is doing a series called “Change Your Game” and for the first time ever the staff is preparing small group material to go with the talks. Should be fun to be small together with the whole church! I am also smack dab in my own study of your study on Esther and am loving it! Thank you for listening to God and using the gifts He’s given you to write these studies.

    I am hopefully going to find a job this fall after being unemployed for the past year. That would be an answer to a long prayer.

    I promise not to send pictures of leaves. They aren’t quite turning yet here. Couple more weeks and it’ll be beeeaaautiful!

  2. 452
    Linda says:

    Hi Beth! This time brings many changes, church being built, Praise God! We are in the mist of 5 day mission conference, great to see how God is at work all over the world. The bible studies that I am working on are, Faithful Abundant True and could you guess my other group choose to do, Anointed Transformed Redeemed. Thank you Beth for all you do.

  3. 453
    Jincy Gibson says:

    Dear Beth,

    I feel like we are friends. I have read all of your books and I love catching up with you over your blog. Thank you for pointing so many woman toward Christ. So neat! On a side note, I want to write a book – how in the world did you get where you are now?

  4. 454
    Casimir Zigulis says:

    Hey Beth,
    When I read your blog this morning I could not help wondering what God is up to today and your Daughter Amanda is such a wonderful woman indeed and when she goes wayout, you are right W-A-Y-O-U-T of this world and she is just a blessing to your ministry indeed. I was having a very hard time last night with my wife Janet and I was finishing up putting the computer together when all of the sudden I heard a loud bang in the bathroom, The Shoer curtain fell down and then Janet clogged up the toliet how bad was that Beth and I went out of my mind so I went to get my hand down to get out the cat litter that was in the toliet pretty discussing as far as I can imagine. hope that you will be able to reply back on this message.
    Casimir Zigulis

  5. 455

    Fall in Minnesota at the Menning house means:
    1) finishing up the canning season and cleaning up the garden
    2) starting my 7th year of homeschooling my 5 girls
    3) starting a new year of Awana in the new position of Sparks Director
    4) taking a weekend off from everything to spend it with the girls doing fun stuff (a drive to see the colors, going to the corn maze, swimming at the community center, going to the apple orchard, going to the zoo, having a picnic)
    5) (deep breath) finally finding the courage to go to a Life Skills class at church to deal with the issues of my past before they do any more damage

    Busyness ahead, but looking forward to it! Happy Fall to all!

  6. 456
    revjen says:

    It’s still hotter than blue blazes here in Florida too, but that did not deter me from putting up my fall decorations! I’ve almost convinced myself to spray paint the palm leaves red, yellow and orange just to have some color in the yard. It may be summer outside, but it’s New England fall in my house ๐Ÿ™‚ I say be brave, wild and crazy and decorate anyway. Your house should make you smile, and if fall decor does it, then go ahead!

    As for Bible study, I am currently teaching a class on John’s letter’s to the churches in Asia (Rev. 2-3)to a group of folks at church. It’s a great group; all ages from 17- 72 both men and women. I love it!


  7. 457
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Hey Beth

    Well this fall I am looking for a job and am scared to death about interviewing (which ironically I teach). I guess it is good to feel your students pain sometimes.

    My man just had gastric bypass surgery and has lost 30 pounds in about three weeks! He looks great, but he looked great to me before the surgery.

    As far as Bible study goes, I am one of our women’s Bible study leaders at our church and I want to do one of your studies. They call me the Beth Mooreite around here, so I may have to do someone elses study, but I guarantee we will be back to a Beth Moore study in the spring.

    Can’t wait to “see” you this weekend!

    By the way, I have a mouse in my outside storage building. He is kinda cute.

    Love ya!

  8. 458
    michelle says:

    Beth, thanks for sharing your heart with your siestas. God has given you an amazing gift of communication. We hear your heart and reading posts like this makes us feel like we know you! Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your life as it happens. Gives me hope that God still answers prayer–even if it isn’t on our schedule~Love, Michelle

  9. 459
    apurefire says:

    Loved the post. I love how you mesh the sacred and the mundane together so well. And why not? That’s just how life is. And just like God’s word tells us, we can rejoice in all things.

    This fall our Wednesday night women’s bible study is Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book, “Lies Women Believe”. We did “So Long Insecurity” last fall and this will further seek to strengthen our women in the truth of God’s love.

    I saw you in Richmond along with 25 other ladies from my church. It was an incredible weekend! One that has left a permanent mark on my soul. Thank you so much for taking us back to the basics and getting our foundation shored up.

    Love ya’!

  10. 460
    Cathy says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m a fellow Houstonian and I am so with you on the pictures of fall leaves. I’ve been having some serious talks with God about this weather. Does He not realize it’s the middle of September??? Come on, throw a girl a cool fall morning already!

    Enough whining though. Right now God is really working on me and I am so excited (and a little scared) to see where He is leading. I found Amanda’s blog last week through Angie Smith’s blog. I followed her through her trip. It’s one more link in the chain God is running through my life right now. This week I started reading Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! Why is it that sometimes God has to shake us so hard to wake us up and get us out of our comfort zones?

    Blessings to you!

  11. 461
    Janet says:

    We are just beginning your Here and Now…There and Then study of Revelation. Almost 100 women in our little town in the NC mountains are gathering to receive a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ, half tonight and the other half in the morning! So thrilled to be a part of it, esp. as this is my first venture into small group leadership. Please pray for me as I seek to be His obedient servant…Love you, Siesta Mama!

  12. 462
    Stacey Burton says:

    I always love reading your blogs! I am thankful that God even uses your blogs to reach others ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have been going through the 90 Days with Jesus Study – and really enjoying it. I went to the Living Proof conference in ST. Louis where you talked about our Image and Christ’s Image – I loved what you said : If you want to be like Jesus – you have to study Him, Love Him, be with Him. I am enjoying a closer walk with Him.
    Thank you for choosing to live your life “outloud” so others, like me, can learn. Grateful for your service.

  13. 463
    West Texas Girl says:

    Our group is striking out in “Esther” this fall. Due to the fact that we all work outside of the home, we do 3 days of homework one week; and then the next week, we do the last two days and watch the next video. Works pretty good for us! Personally heading to Colorado next week – gotta get away! Then many trips planned to San Antonio for the National Sporting Clays Shoot (my Sweetie – not me! But I get to shop!! Look out Shops at La Cantera!)College Station for a football game, Houston for the Nutcracker Bazaar, Houston for 1st Baptist’s Christmas program, Dallas for Thanksgiving and then it’s Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!

  14. 464
    Lori says:

    I laughed when I read the line – do NOT send me any pictures of autumn! We have been vacationing in the mountains of the Sierra’s in Mammoth, California and it’s so crisp and cool here, but I won’t send a picture!

    Our women’s bible study at church is just starting your study on the Patriarchs, so I’m excited to get back into study with all of them after our summer break. Thank you for all these great studies that we are learning so much from!

  15. 465
    Shelly says:

    A RAT in your garage?! lol and praying it finds another home QUICK. I had a rat in my garage once. I lived somewhere else till it was killed! Out of all the wonderful things you posted, I had to talk about that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your updates. Touched by the story of your sister. I was in Tampa last Spring at Idlewild when you talked about God restoring family. Still praying that for me and love hearing about yours! May God richly bless you continually sister.
    Shelly in FL

  16. 466
    Marilyn says:

    I could write a book on being out of my comfort zone! When the Lord started speaking to me about leading Bible studies, I said no, I’m not qualified, I just want to sit and absorb, be a wallflower, etc. (I should add, my Master’s degree is in leadership, but I didn’t think the Lord would use it this way!). However, He continued to call me and I could no longer ignore the call. For the past 5 years, I have been blessed beyond measure leading Bible studies and learning from the ladies who participate. We have a core group, but each “semester,” new ladies are added. The ladies have been asking for a study on Revelation and this fall, the Lord led me to your study “Here and Now, There and Then.” We started it last week and are looking forward to the Lord opening our eyes to this great book!

  17. 467
    Laura Beth says:

    Hello Sweet Beth and all sweet ladies on the blog!
    We are doing the Esther Bible Study at the YMCA and having an absolute blast! Yesterday was lifechanging for me! It was the session on Fear…I became a woman of Courage…Praise Jesus!
    Thanks so much for this blog…I don’t always comment, but I always read, and it is such a place of community and encouragement!
    Counting it all JOY!

  18. 468
    Ann says:

    Love the Random posts as I feel like I am all over the place this week. Planning a surprise party for my hubby, getting a troop of Daisy Scouts together (doubled in size this year), starting our Wm’s Ministry (studying Esther), and attending a study on David!

    I am so excited to take my 75 year old mother to the simulcast this weekend – her first Beth event – she has been leading a book study on So Long Insecurity and is have a life changing experience.

    In all the business of Fall, I am so Blessed! Sure would love to see some color in those trees!!!

  19. 469
    Kelly S says:

    I’d love to hear what you are reading lately..(for fun books).

    I’m on a reading roll lately, I’ve read about 6 books in 4 weeks. I can’t stop!

    My favorites

    LEFT TO TELL (AWESOME…book about a beautiful, godly girl who survived the Rwanda genocide)

    The Nazi Officer’s Wife (awesome) True story, Jew who goes underground to avoid the Nazi, ends up marrying a Nazi Officer.

    The Invisible Wall (awesome) True story of a Christian and Jew who fall in love during WW2

  20. 470
    tonya m. says:

    Hey Beth. Don’t worry about getting fall pictures….I don’t think there’ll be any to send! ๐Ÿ™ The weather has been pretty dry in “Almost Heaven”.

    Our family is embarking on an exciting fall. Our 2 year old, Isaac, is beginning a mini-preschool at our church on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We’re so excited for him to begin more involvement with the church body. ๐Ÿ™‚ Brad (my man who looks pretty good across a candle lit table, as well) and I are actually joining, with 15 other families, in a marriage study by Chip Ingram, entitled “Marriage, Built to Last”. It’s been several years now since our church held any type of growth opportunities for couples to join in together and so, we’re highly anticipating this.

    And last, but definitely not least, our church is a simulcast host church this weekend, with approximately 200 women (and a few men sprinkled in) planning to attend!

    Glad you had a weekend to sleep in and enjoy your family. Happy Fall!

    God Bless you!

  21. 471

    We really wanted to start a study a church this fall but kinda got vetoed for right now. So I’m looking to do a solo study. I’ve got your Revelation series and am planning to start that! Looking forward to it.

  22. 472
    Angela says:

    Well, I just got back from BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). This year we are studying the book of Isaiah! Chapter by chapter, verse by verse!!!!! And almost my entire church (over 80%) are going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace right now! I am soooo excited for that! We are also busy with our kids and their activities. My daughter is on Swim Team (year round) and my son just started playing the Bassoon in 6th grade! I am in the Atlanta area, so we are LOVING our cooler mornings and the leaves are just starting to turn. Thought of you as I was drinking my Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks this morning! God bless! Love you lots!

  23. 473
    His Jules says:

    Thanks for checking on us!!! This fall is busy for our church as we are out-growing our walls. What a great problem to have, huh?? I am currently teaching our Titus2 Class with a whole new group of women begining tonite! As for personal study, I am currently in the planning stage of a “Bible Study Fair” we are going to do in October where we put out a selection of 4-6 different bible studies and invite not only our church but the community to come and browse, watch a short session and choose a bible study to participate in for the next 6-10 weeks. My study will depend on which course I end up facilitating, I am really praying that God will lead each woman to the study which is for her at this time.
    As for personally, my husband and I are stepping into a new season, both financially, and emotionally. We are praying that this will bring us both even closer to each other and our LORD!!

  24. 474
    Jan says:

    Wow! Our women’s ministry is launching Believing God TONIGHT. We have 31 women signed up. Yea God! We are so excited for this opportunity and would appreciate any sister lifting us up in prayer to fully receive what God has for each one of us.

    Thank you!
    Littleton, CO

  25. 475
    Lisa Manfuso says:


    I am looking forward to spending some time with you and my galfriends at church this Saturday. Our church is hosting the simulcast, and girl, I am so looking forward to it! I have been without a “Beth” touch in a while, signing my crazy self up for full-time university, while working full-time, and this little old brain can’t handle much more…so unfortuately, I haven’t had many “Beth” studies or “Beth” touches lately. You do know that we are on a “first-name-basis”, right? Anyway…got to get back to work…but looking forward to Saturday. Lead the way, sister, lead the way…

  26. 476
    Cathy says:

    This Fall I am going to be a facilitator for Breaking Free.
    I was so blessed by God in the Spring when I did the study, that I am overjoyed to do it again in this capacity. I would appreciate prayers from anyone who reads this for God
    to be greatly glorified through our study.

  27. 477
    Siesta Stephanie says:

    I just started leading”Stepping Up” this past Sunday night. Monday morning I was down on my face praying and by Monday night life had me on the floor. Too much to discuss but I did speak with Kimberly at LPM and she prayed over me and listened. Thank you Kimberly and thank God for LPM. At the end of Monday and lots of prayer and thinking. I plan to continue with my class and have been studying. I have peace in other areas and well all I can do is go hour by hour or half a day by half a day.

    Siesta STephanie

  28. 478
    Beth says:

    Leading a book study of the book Plan B: What do you do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would?, by Pete Wilson. So many wonderful ladies in my group! God is performing nothing less than miracles in our lives, so exciting!

  29. 479
    Stacy says:

    We just started Kay Arthur’s Covenant bible study last night. It’s the first time I’ve done one of hers and I’m excited to see what God has in store for me through this study!

  30. 480
    Judi says:

    Hi Beth and fellow Blog Siestas!
    I’m one of those ones who reads the LPM Blog every day (it gets sent to my inbox) but never have time to comment or read the millions of other comments. But today I’ve been scrolling through, getting a cross section of what everyone is doing this fall and it sure is interesting!
    I’m looking forward to attending the Simulcast this weekend with some friends, about an hour away from where I live.
    I moved to this town almost a year ago and felt God leading me to start a women’s Bible study in my home in the spring. God provided 20 women and we did the “THere and Then…Here and Now” study.
    This fall, I felt that “Believing God” is what this town needs, so I put an ad in the newspaper and mentioned it also on the Christian radio station. Praise God – we have 50 women attending!!!! And yes, it is still in my home, which is very tiny! 25 come to the evening session and 25 come to the morning session and my sweet husband and son rearranged our family room so that we could fit lots of chairs in and it’s working wonderfully!!!! This is my 3rd time leading the study, and I’m believing God to start an explosion of faith in this city!!!
    Orillia, Ontario, Canada

  31. 481
    Brenda Johnson says:

    So glad you got some time off, you so deserve it.

    My husband and I recently switched churches (not an easy thing to do), and this church, RiverStone in Kennesaw, GA, offered two bible studies for the Fall. One is your Breaking Free study and the other a Precept study in Revelation. I have done the Breaking Free study three times, so opted to try the Precept study. We are two weeks into it and WOW, it is so different and very challenging, but I am up for it, I think. Kay Arthur is fantastic and I know I will be changed after this time in the Word with her. ~Brenda

  32. 482
    SHANNON says:

    Just remember when Melissa is dealing with snow for longer than she’d like, we’ll be enjoying lovely 50 degree weather here in HTown. It’s the only solace I can find as I sit envious of so many friends who get to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage that is sadly lacking in our beloved town.

    PS – loved your lesson last Tuesday night. Can’t wait for next month!

  33. 483
    Shonda says:


    I’m so glad you had a great week off. Fall in our house means lots of basketball games. Our oldest daughter is a cheerleader for the Homeschool Wildcats basketball organization. There was a cheerleading meeting last night and it has begun. Along with that, I am also going to be the Jr. High assistant cheerleading coach. What have I got myself into?

    Unfortunately, I can’t be in a group bible study until basketball is over so I’m taking off on my own. I am going through a study of the cross. What it means to me how I can apply it more to my life than just a symbol. I’m really looking forward to see where God is taking me with this lesson.

    I’m looking forward to this Saturday and what the Lord has for you to share with us. My mom is coming with me and she’s a minister’s wife and she’s never been to one of your events or even done a bible study of any kind. As of last Thursday, she has started Esther. I am so happy for her and looking forward to what God teaches her.

    Many Blessings, Shonda

  34. 484
    Trish says:

    Dear Beth, This is my first time to respond to your blog but I read it fairly frequently.God is calling me to write a book and to minister to other mom’s. I know it’s God b/c I can’t write a proper sentence.I have been through a crisis recently with our adult son and now with my husband. I read where you said in regards to speaking, “don’t get up there unless you cant’ not get up there”. I really searched my heart and God is still calling me. I feel so inadequate.I admire your obedience to God.You inspire.I live in Atlanta. I saw your simulcast from Woodstock church on Insecurity. I hope someday God will give me the words so eloquently as He does for you. That book has helped me stand up and say yes to God. I love to read about your life and the ordinary-ness of it.Thank you for all you do. You will never know, but God will. I attend Browns Bridge Community Church and am co-leading a womens small group this fall. We haven’t picked a subject or book to study yet, but the Holy Spirit made Himself known the first night as we shared our stories. Awesome. Love ya! Trish ps-I hope to get to see your simulcast this weekend. Will be praying for you.

  35. 485
    kristen says:

    I am not sure if you will even get to reading this since there are more than 500 replies!! But just tonight we are starting our bible study. We are in our 4th year, taking summers off. This time we are studying “Women making a difference in Marriage”. Previously we’ve done Esther and I am just craving to do another one of your studies. We might do Daniel next. In the past we’ve spiritually grown from Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love, dvd small group series… A MUST READ!! and i joined a summer morning bible study called “Discerning the Voice of God” by Prescilla Shirer. Really feeling God at work, not only in myself, but in my entire HOME! My three year old is constantly singing christian songs. Such a complete JOY.

    Just this weekend we are missing out on your Simulcast ๐Ÿ™ but have attended a conferance both live and a simulcast.

    so thankful for you. just praising God for all the luxuries we have, even if we don’t think so at times.

  36. 486
    Trisha says:

    Well, we had great plans for the fall! Our ministry has been planning to launch some new things, I’ve just taken on the role of children’s minister at my church, and our family is busy, busy, busy with West Texas football and adorable little boy soccer.
    But for whatever reason, the Lord has allowed a major shift in all that! I’m sitting in a hospital room with a very sick husband (who is a worship leader and director of a discipleship ministry to underserved kids). We are praying for quick healing, but doctors are saying it’s going to be a long process.
    As you know, these crazy life turns are challenging. We are learning about the power of prayer (to encourage as well as bring healing)! And God is teaching me about the “in sickness” part of the covenant we made 15 years ago! It’s hard to see my strong, mighty man in a hospital gown flat on his back! Praying for God to reveal His glory!

  37. 487
    Village Sister says:

    -Just ordered senior portraits, cap/gown & announcements for my son’s HS graduation next June. Seems he bring home a new packet of “senior stuff” every other week….looks like I’m destined to boo-hoo my way thru the whole school year. (I swear he was just 5!) [sniff]

    -Leading my SS class thru “Stepping Up”. LOVING it!

    -My Grandma celebrated her 94th birthday yesterday!

    -Looking forward to the LPL Simulcast this weekend!

    -No rats in my garage right now, but I did have a black snake in a tree right outside my kitchen window last week – was working his way toward my bird feeder!

    I really like these random posts! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Blessings & Love-

  38. 488

    Well, since you asked…..this fall we started another of your Bible studies at the pregnancy center where I volunteer. This is the 3rd study we have done together. First Esther. Then Daniel. Now The Inheritance. Not sure how many women we had yesterday morning. Perhaps between 20 and 25. I didn’t think I would have much to say this time as facilitor (since there’s no homework in this one)but God put something on my heart for the first morning. My sweet Daddy passed away a few years ago and I inherited one of his Bibles. This was a Scofield Bible that he had evidently used for many years by the looks of it. I was very touched to see that he had saved several newspaper clippings of articles about our son when he was serving as a Marine in Iraq. Also I found a photocopy I had made of our son’s Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal (with combat distinguishing device) in his Bible. It begins, “For heroic achievement while serving as Machine Gun Squad Leader…” etc. etc.and then tells about his heroic actions. I just could not help but think that maybe….just maybe…in God’s Word in heaven, He might be keeping little tidbits about our lives that He wants to never forget. I would just be SO happy to know that someday in heaven Jesus might walk over to His Word and pull out a paper, open it up and say, “I saved this so I could be reminded of your ‘heroic achievement while serving Me'” Also, I am going to use Daddy’s Bible every week in our Inheritance Bible study to remind me that in addition to it being an earthly inheritance, it is also my spiritual inheritance!

    Besides Bible study and my weekly day at the pregnancy center, I’m canning pears from our trees and putting pumpkins from the garden in the freezer. Oh and seeing the grandbabies when I can! ๐Ÿ™‚

    God bless you dear Beth! Oh…meant to say how very happy it made me to hear you are getting to spend quality time with your sister again! Precious!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  39. 489
    Sabrina says:

    I am going through Believing God with 3 other girls in our home this fall. We’ve all decided we’re tired of not believing God to be Who He says He is and we want to start living a present-active-participle faith!

    I am also going through “Here and Now…There and Then” with a large ladies group. It’s amazing how God uses 2 very different studies to show me He’s the same one true God.

    Thank you for your years of Bible study. I’m benefiting from your obedience.

  40. 490
    Debbie says:

    BSF started today! Isaiah is a new study for BSF and we had 400 women pack the church. Awesome! I’m very excited about doing this study.

    If I told you my summer schedule no one would believe me but my husband and I finally were able to take some vacation! Yea! We sat on the beach and read and relaxed. It was great! No snakes at the beach but we did see a shark! Aughhhh! The weather was super!

    Our daughter was married in June and now we’re ready for the next one–our son’s in Oct.


  41. 491

    Loved your update!! Where I’m at… waiting on God. Who likes to take His own sweet time.

  42. 492
    Laura says:

    Returning to BSF for the new Isaiah study and grateful to be back among friends.
    Trying to work in some reading (books by Beth and Lysa Terkeurst),
    doing a life coaching boot camp/blog group with author Becky Tirabassi and doing a short Precept study online.

  43. 493
    Toni Larkin says:

    Our small group from First Baptist, Forsyth, MO, decided to stay together after the Summer Siesta Bible study and read Embracing Your Second Calling by Dale Hanson Bourke. The books came in Monday and were given out over lunch today. We will meet in 2 weeks to discuss the first two chapters. We had seven members for the summer and have added two more who were not able to meet with us then.

  44. 494

    I have been soloing it for quite some time as far as a Bible study. But, God has given me an opportunity to do the Here and Now, There and Then lecture series study. Fascinating! Thanks for publishing it (I see it is with LPM and not LifeWay) and giving us non-Houstons a chance to study with you and your homeys!! Love ya!

  45. 495

    Hi, Beth! When you said Keith won first place in shooting, I couldn’t help but think of the movie I love so much, Sgt. York!!

    My 7th grader, Karalee, started the Kelly Minter Bible study, No Other Gods … so I am doing that with her. She is loving it and learning. I can’t believe my baby is in the youth group at church now. It hurts. Was that hard for you?

    I love you!

  46. 496
    Nancy says:

    Hi Beth. Just got done watching your devotionals on Life Today. The one about guarding your heart is blowing me away. How awesom it is when God tells us who he is. How quickly we forget. Thank you for being so honest. I don’t have any bible studies this fall but need to find one. I am in full time minisry and lately it has been a sruggle to really sit down and pray and hear God speak. Sometimes between the battles of family and ministry, I jus want to keep the covers over my head when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Every have those days? I do know that Christ is still on the throne. I know He doesn’t fail and that nothing catches Him by surprise but sometimes I jut need for everything to just stop so I can just sit and breathe or cry or scream. He’s so good. I know He’s still at work even when I give up. Well I pray that whatever you migt be facing today or feeling overwhelmed by, that you do not allow any lies from satan to bring you down. May the Lord continue to use you mightily and hopefully we’ll see you in New York City sometime soon. Blessings.

  47. 497
    Jessica Handley says:

    With the cool air that fall brings, I know it will also bring the cool refreshing air of God’s Presence. I just started a Bible study of the Armor of God at church. This is truely going to be a wonderful study preparing me for all the battles ahead, and reminding me of how God has brought me through the battles in the past year.
    I also love trying to predict what football team will win on Saturdays- this is my husband’s thing- but I love trying to participate in something he loves. I will be running (or shall I say walking) in my first 5k- and I am so excited about it. I will be the slowest there- but I WILL FINISH! With God, I know that ALL will be well, even if I can’t see it at the present!

  48. 498
    Dana Nichols says:

    I’m so glad you have had some good relaxing time! You deserve it, girl. I am looking for the leaves to change, too, but alas I am having to resort to the fake kind tucked here and there around the house, here in southwest KY. We recently moved here to this farming community when my pastor husband was sent to a new appointment. Farm wives are busy this time of year as the harvest has begun, so no Beth Moore studies going on right now. I’m re-starting Living Beyond Yourself solo (subscribed to the online videos at Lifeway though). I received the hardback To Live is Christ as a gift and I’m thinking I need some of that too. I’m missing studying the Word with a group of sisters! Thanks for checking in and updating us! Love you to pieces!!

  49. 499
    donna says:

    Hi Beth!
    It’s still HOT here in North Carolina, too. The Moms In Touch in my town just started back 2 weeks ago. A group of ladies praying for our schools and our children. I just started in February of this year. It has changed my life already. My daughter Hannah (the 16yr old w/autism) is in her sophomore year of high school. Her favorite class? Theatre Arts 1. Thank you Jesus for bringing my baby girl so very far.


  50. 500
    Brenda Taylor says:

    Hi Beth, I was wondering where you were, but enjoyed the blogs about the mission trip immensly. What do I have planned for fall? I don’t have a home church anymore, so I have joined a small bible study group taught by on of my longest and dearest friends. I am re-reading So Long Insecurity,(yes I said re-reading) and I picked up a couple of your studies at the Lexingon event. Of course I will cram in all the reading I can find between all that and my daily devotional. I know you don’t want to hear about fall leaves, (please don’t call me any bad names LOL) but soon it will be time to go on my annual trip with the hubs to our favorite spot in the Smokie Mts. It usually is a very special time for he and I to relax and reconnect (and shop!). Hope you have a great fall season. love and prayers

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